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  • Drama: Jang Ok Jung, Living by Love
  • Revised romanization: Jang Ok-Jung, Sarange Salda
  • Hangul: 장옥정, 사랑에 살다
  • Director: Boo Sung-Chul
  • Writer: Choi Jung-Mi (novel & screenplay)
  • Network: SBS
  • Episodes: 24
  • Release Date: April 8 - June 25, 2013
  • Runtime: Monday & Tuesday 21:55
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Drama series follows the turbulent life of Jang Ok-Jung (Kim Tae-Hee), who is also known as Lady Jang Hui-Bin, one of the most famous royal concubines in the Joseon Dynasty. She began her career as a court lady who stitched clothing as a fashion designer of her time.


Jang Ok-Jung's mother was a slave, but her father was a middle-class merchant seller. When she was a teen, her whole family went on the run from slave hunters. Her older brother was lost during this time. Her father was also beaten to death and Jang Ok-Jung's mother was returned to her owner. Afterwards, Jang Ok-Jung lived with a friend of the family, Madame Jung Kang (Yun Yu-Seon). During this time she learned how to sew at Madame Jung Kang's linen shop. She also met for the first time Crown Prince Lee Soon (later played by Yoo Ah-In) around this time. Crown Prince Lee Soon spotted pickpockets stealing from Jang Ok-Jung and came to her aid. They spent a moment together while taking shelter from the rain. Crown Prince Lee Soon fell in love with Jang Ok-Jung then. Even though Lee Soon was the Crown Prince, he was basically powerless at the time. Power was actually wielded by the noblemen. This drove Lee Soon to become a powerful king one day.

As an adult, Jang Ok-Jung runs her own clothing boutique named "Booyongjung". Her handmade clothes become quite popular and in demand. Jang Ok-Jung hopes to free her mother from slavery with her earnings and eventually go to Qing with her.

Jang Ok-Jung then puts on a fashion show. Her mother's owner attends the fashion show and ruins everything for Jang Ok-Jung. She berates Jang Ok-Jung in front of all of her clients, informing everyone her mother is a slave. After the show, Jang Ok-Jung's business quickly goes downhill. A customer then requests Jang Ok-Jung to make clothes for a royal family member, which she promises to do.

Meanwhile, Crown Prince Lee Soon struggles to gain power from the nobility. He only trusts Prince Dongpyung (Lee Sang-Yeob). Lee Soon is now of age to marry. His mother and the man he despises the most, Nobleman Min Yoo-Joong (Lee Hyo-Jeong), decide that Lee Soon will marry nobleman Min Yoo-Joong's daughter Inhyun (Hong Soo-Hyun). Inhyun has been raised to become a queen from a young age and she has never once doubted her fate. Lee Soon's mother and Nobleman Min Yoo-Joong are nervous though that Lee Soon may reject Inhyun due to her father. Because of this, Crown Prince Lee Soon's mother and Nobleman Min Yoo-Joong concoct a plan.

Crown Prince Lee Soon then sees a woman in the garden. That woman is Jang Ok-Jung, who is waiting to take his measurements. Crown Prince Lee Soon thinks she looks familiar, but he can't place where they have met before. The Crown Prince then asks Jang Ok-Jung if they have met before, but she says no.

Jang Ok-Jung later goes to her mother's owner to buy her freedom, but the slave owner refuses. Jang Ok-Jung asks the slave owner for a reason why her offer is refused and the slave owner tells her to go ask her uncle Jang Hyun (Sung Dong-Il). Her uncle is a highly ambitious man, who hopes to use Jang Ok-Jung for his own ambitions.

Meanwhile, Prince Dongpyung, the man Crown Prince Lee Soon trusts the most, takes an interest in Jang Ok-Jung. Prince Dongpyung then arranges a party where he can spend more time with her. At the party, Crown Prince Lee Soon is also there.


  1. "Jang Ok Jung, Living by Love" takes over the SBS Monday & Tuesday 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "King of Ambition" and will be replaced by "Empire of Gold" July, 2013.
  2. Based on the novel "Jang Ok-Jung, Live for Love" by Choi Jung-Mi (published December 5, 2008 by Eureka M&B).
  3. Filming began in early March, 2013 at the Hwaseong Haenggung Palace in Suwon, South Korea. First scene filmed involved actor Chae Sang-Woo as King Sookjong, jumping over a wall and out of the royal palace.


Jang Ok-Jung - Korean Drama-Kim Tae-Hee.jpg Jang Ok-Jung - Korean Drama-Yoo Ah-In.jpg Jang Ok-Jung - Korean Drama-Hong Soo-Hyun.jpg Jang Ok-Jung - Korean Drama-Jae Hee.jpg Jang Ok-Jung - Korean Drama-Lee Sang-Yeob.jpg
Kim Tae-Hee Yoo Ah-In Hong Soo-Hyun Jae Hee Lee Sang-Yeob
Jang Ok-Jung Lee Soon Queen Inhyun Hyun Chi-Soo Prince Dongpyung
Jang Ok-Jung - Korean Drama-Han Seung-Yeon.jpg Jang Ok-Jung - Korean Drama-Sung Dong-Il.jpg Jang Ok-Jung - Korean Drama-Kim Sun-Kyung.jpg Jang Ok-Jung - Korean Drama-Lee Hyo-Chun.jpg Lee Dong-Shin
Han Seung-Yeon Sung Dong-Il Kim Sun-Kyung Lee Hyo-Chun Lee Dong-Shin
Sookbin Choi Jang Hyun Queen Myungsung Queen Jo Kim Man-Ki
Jang Ok-Jung - Korean Drama-Bae Jin-Sub.jpg Jang Ok-Jung - Korean Drama-Ah Young.jpg Park Ji-Won
Bae Jin-Sub Ayoung Park Ji-Won
Hyun Moo Princess Myungan Sul-Hyang

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Episode Ratings

Date Episode TNmS AGB
Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2013-04-08 1 11.3% (11th) 12.9% (7th) 11.3% (8th) 12.8% (5th)
2013-04-09 2 9.1% (17th) 10.6% (10th) 9.1% (15th) 10.0% (11th)
2013-04-15 3 NR 9.6% (13th) NR NR
2013-04-16 4 7.3% (20th) 8.7% (17th) NR NR
2013-04-22 5 NR 9.5% (11th) NR NR
2013-04-23 6 8.3% (20th) 9.7% (12th) NR NR
2013-04-29 7 8.2% (19th) 9.6% (13th) 8.2% (19th) 8.7% (17th)
2013-04-30 8 8.1% (18th) 9.7% (9th) 7.8% (16th) 7.8% (19th)
2013-05-06 9 9.1% (15th) 10.8% (8th) 9.3% (16th) 9.7% (15th)
2013-05-07 10 9.3% (12th) 11.2% (7th) 8.0% (15th) 7.7% (18th)
2013-05-13 11 9.6% (14th) 11.5% (7th) 9.2% (17th) 9.3% (17th)
2013-05-14 12 10.0% (11th) 11.7% (6th) 9.3% (13th) 9.0% (15th)
2013-05-20 13 9.7% (13th) 12.3% (6th) 9.6% (14th) 9.4% (16th)
2013-05-21 14 11.1% (6th) 13.5% (5th) 9.2% (10th) 8.9% (12th)
2013-05-27 15 11.6% (8th) 13.2% (4th) 11.1% (10th) 10.8% (13th)
2013-05-28 16 11.3% (10th) 13.0% (5th) 10.5% (10th) 10.0% (13th)
2013-06-03 17 12.2% (5th) 14.2% (5th) 11.4% (5th) 11.2% (6th)
2013-06-04 18 11.7% (6th) 14.1% (5th) 11.3% (6th) 10.9% (6th)
2013-06-10 19 10.7% (8th) 11.6% (5th) 11.0% (7th) 10.5% (7th)
2013-06-11 20 9.8% (16th) 11.5% (9th) 10.0% (14th) 9.3% (17th)
2013-06-17 21 9.5% (15th) 10.1% (13th) 10.2% (11th) 9.9% (13th)
2013-06-18 22 8.8% (18th) 10.0% (13th) 9.9% (16th) 9.9% (17th)
2013-06-24 23 9.5% (10th) 10.4% (9th) 9.0% (14th) 8.2% (19th)
2013-06-25 24 10.3% (8th) 12.3% (5th) 10.3% (9th) 9.7% (14th)

Source: TNS Media Korea & AGB Nielson

  • NR denotes not ranked within the Top 20 daily shows according to TNS Media Korea and AGB Nielson.



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Rot to the people complaining about this drama being fake. ARE YOU STUPID AND TRYING TO PROVE IT?

like seriously if u want the real story go read history morons. if u want something real u already failed when you started watching dramas.

ishika i really in love with this drama.. n 4 those who said this drama is fake n just watch dong yi bcoz its the real story from history.. but did u guys really knew well about their history who happened in the past? history can be made up.. n they can made jang hee bin was an evil lust for power n so on.. plz try to make a lot of research about her n try to think why is her tomb was place near the king n the queen? n why the lovely dong yi tomb was place very far away from the king.. f the king really loved dong yi she shud be place near the king tomb not jang hee bin.. :) even in the annal said that when jang hee bin was sentnce to death she died while the king was holding her.. that make no sense she was evil n its show the king love her dearly..

somesome what a damn dumb korean drama.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it' s really dumb from the real story. in the real story Suk bin choi is a nice and good character, jan hee bin is the bad one . what a fake drama .

kkkorea I totally agree with sen dude . this drama is a total waste of time . watch the best drAma in the world {DONG YI}.

sen i don't know why u guys even like this. please guys , watch the true one!!!!!

sen worst drama ever.....! all lies . don't ever watch it. It's not the true story. watch DONG YI ,it's the best and the real one

someone How is this drama more realistic than Dongyi? I never believed in Choi Sukbin's candy personality there, but this one is ust plain ridiculous. At least in Dongyi, none of the main characters, be it Sukbin, Heebin or Inhyun, were truly evil. Heebin was the villain but they actually showed her as having humane emotions and well you can actually understand her, even if it is a little. Here Sukbin is just mean and childish, has no depht, same for the other queens, except for, maybe, Queen Inhyun, but she's still unfairly mean. Every woman in the palace is evil except for Heebin, it makes absolutely no sense. King Sukjong couldn't have been THAT obsessed over Jang Heebin, he's not a righteous king or whatever he's just a sissy lover who knows no one else but his sweetheart. And the inaccurancy of this drama is only further pronounced at the burial thing. The King and Heebin weren't even buried next to each other, that's bullshit. The King had SO many consorts and he actually had children with other woman before Heebin even died. Besides, in this drama everyone is so obsessed over Jang Heebin, everything in the palace is about her, while in others it isn't like that. I couldn't sympathize over any character in this drama, save for, maybe, Queen Inhyeon (despite her being mean, she was still pitiful) and Prince Dongpyeong (it probably has to do with Lee Sangyeob being the actor).

ma di I'm a guy considered very masculine, and normally don't watch korean dramas, I cried and contemplate my life for the past 3 days because of this drama.

ann when the time i feel bored i watch tv then i tried to watch korean drama.the first movie i watch is nice story then later on everytime i feel bored i always watched korean drama but sometimes i disappoint because some of episodes are not appear in you tube then the ending is not good.. but the start is so " kilig '" but the tragic ending just come always ugly..now i love korean drama but plz..make a good ending to your making story..

trie I really cried alot for this drama, evry episode alwys make me cry. Too sad ending ever,, Kim tae hee i love u

damayanti lee sang yeob i love u...

cha lee sa It's amazing drama.. I'm really like it.

Natalie I really like this drama. I couldn't even sleep because keep thinking it. It just happened like water when I accidentally watched this drama. I know I've fallen in love with this drama since the first episode and I could not stop myself to watch it. I know that maybe people would not agree with my opinion, but I really do not care. I've been watching Dong Yi and I liked the play but then I get confused when I watch Ok Jung. I thought about it all night and told myself to not watch Jang Ok Jung because I was the one who love story with a happy ending and I know that the end of the story of Jang Ok Jung would be tragic. It is sad and painful when I watch every episode and I knew that I had been dissolved into it. I prefer Ok Jung than Dong Yi and I'm sure that Ok Jung is the one Sukjong's true love. It was evident when Ok Jung died and the king decreed that no one who should become queen consort. So just Ok Jung is the only concubine who could take the place of the queen and even historically, King has five concubines in addition to Dong Yi, I hope that it is true and the thought that the King would not be able to forget Ok Jung and lonely so he has several concubines. Love between Ok Jung and Sukjong really incredible and I cried when watching the end of this story.

I love this drama so much, I wish that Ok Jung and Sukjong were happy together at end.

Georgia "The sky will fall on you..." Oh my gosh!!!!! I sooooo soooo loovveee that scene!!! I cried my heart out!!! I'm a sucker for a happy ending but this one's an exception!!!

Margaret Mayer This movie has left an indelible memory in my mind. It is without question great performances by Kim and Yoo. For women, it reminds us of the follies we contrive when driven in love. I can feel the pain and the torment of the characters in their respective roles. Yoo has the makings of a great actor and Kim also shows me her box office draw, My Princess, was also well done. I watch this performance all the time but only when I can take the torment of Ok Jang goes through. The most wonderful scenes are when they are together.....I wish a film just based on their love was all I had to see. Thank you Yoo and KIm!

Ophine08 There are things that l learned from the history. They can be made up by political reason at that time. No one know if the history we read from our history book is 100% correct. The things that l love about this drama are the great twist how they can make loops in the history, into a new intetpretation. And because of that we start to think that's such posibility can be happened. Other things that l love about the drama, no character is really villain nor really a hero. Everybody has villain and hero side. Even the queen mother isn't really a villain, l can understand her worries. JOJ is not a heroin either nor the king. They are just human in this drama, make mistake. About the acting, KTH, is fairly good, not really a disappointment, YAI as always, he is fantastic. I love how he transforms from one character to another, even the way someone walk, he studies it carrefully. I watch this drama because of YAI and l regret that l did't watch it before. I watch it after l watched Secret Love Affair. YAI is really the best !

laughter Wow i really enjoyed this drama, the ending was so sad yet so lovely, it shows that the king was ready to do anything for her even putting his throne and reputation on the line for his beloved and she in return love him enough to give up her life to protect him, even though i cried alot, i kept wondering if i'll ever find a husband who'll be ready to do anything for me like the king as portrayed in the drama. Kudos to all the actors and actresses don't mind all the haters here, they have no brains for reasoning thats why most compared it to dongyi, dongyi tells a complete different story, its based on history and joj is not, i love both dramas, and became a fan of kth, i'm already a fan of YAI. Its doing well in my country Nigeria i and my friends with my sisters, we love it. Producer keep more coming. I've watched it morethan 50times, from last year to this year . Its really good, don't get discouraged people.

milena Don't watch it! I cried all my tears after finishing, so sad ending, I'm disappointed (((((

Stephie I'm not too sure about the history of Korea, but I know I love korean drama. So history aside, and looking just at the story, character, the romance in this drama...this drama is the best one I've had. I love it so much,...so much! It's joy, warmth, and pain I felt throughout the drama was at times suffocating. Because of the tragic love in the end I cannot bring myself to see another time, but this drama is stuck in my memory...and those feelings I had watching them, it still makes my heart clench every time I hear the ost or see some of the clips and pictures. I love the character Jang ok Jung, and I love the romance she had with the king. I would say there is no evil concubines in the drama, just women who wants to protect themselves or their loved ones.

Thea This is related to Queen In Hyuns man..:D

AJ Good semi-historical narrative of the terrifying, soul-destroying power of political and psychological corruption--and a brilliant king always ahead of everyone else who will do what he must to protect the throne even if it breaks his heart. Great cast, excellent leads whose love story is both joyous and heartbreaking. Side note: when a woman is portrayed in "history" as a mean, vicious vixen, as so many have been, I am always suspicious because of sexism. This version of her suggests Jang was a victim of political conspiracy. If that is a possibility, then Jang's story is a tragedy. I'm willing to withhold judgment of her because we simply do not know for sure.

Annie The drama had an interesting premise but was kind of uneven. Still kudos for trying something different.

Special mention to the actor playing the prince/king (Yoo Ah-in), he did a great job. It was a different interpretation of a king from the usual sageuk.

sarah this drama is toooooo good

Kim I love this movie kim tae hee and yu ah in is great in acting

LazerKim I love this drama, for me it's the best romantic drama I have ever watched. If this drama was shown before Dong Yi maybe people commenting here would say otherwise. Who knows what really transpired during that time of King Suk Jong? The characters in this drama were based on history but this drama plot may be fictional and even Dong Yi may be a fiction as well! If Choi Suk Won can have a good story of her own then why can't Jang Suk Bin have her own too.

There's one good reality in this history, Jang Ok Jung was buried beside King Suk Jong, which for me showed that he truly loved her. In fact even in Dong Yi King Suk Jong showed her love to her before Dong Yi got into the picture. So I believe this drama is realistic enough in terms of enduring pain for the person one can love. People were just influenced by what they have seen in Dong Yi as Jang Ok Jong was evil. I don't care about ratings for as long as I enjoy the drama I'm watching. Not all good dramas gets high ratings anyway.

My hats off to Yoo Ah In for doing this role of King Suk Jong, he's really is a good actor. For me I think this is the best character that he played and I hope he'll take another sageuk drama in the near future. I always like Kim Tae Hee regardless of what role she plays she's always at her best.

I fell in love with this drama that I still am watching it for the fourth time around!! Just can't get enough! For those who have not seen this drama, don't be mislead by the negative comments here, let's be open minded with what we see in Kdramas.

Paulene Jamie Guiniling 3 more episodes of Dr. Jin then next would be this.... After reading all the comments, suddenly, I got curious if the story is nice, of course for me I love Ah In Yoo when it comes to Historical stories... and for KTH, I love her role in My Princess..

Let's see what would be my reaction...

Marie So is this like the opposite of Dong Yi's story. Remembered this Jang Hui-bin character as the antagonist there. LoL!

jj Jang Ok-Jung is Jang hee-bin's fictional version who didn't follow historical story. If you want to watch Jang hee-bin's story,try watching "Jang hee-bin" who cast Kim hye-soo as Jang hee-bin. Kim hye-soo's acting is really outstanding which made her award daesang in KBS drama award and also in baeksang award, and could not compare with Kim tae-hee's acting.

Kdramafan Granted I am a big fan of choi suk bin so I would not give a very positive opinion to this one...but for other reasons...I was looking forward to watch her in this drama as a villain, i think the girl just rock either you think of her as a heroine or villain she is awesome... Just think of all she accomplished her background was the lowest a slave and she overcome that and raise to the position of bin, which was reserved just for nobles and semi nobles...JOJ was seminoble, and was not the first semi noble in becoming queen she was actually the third. Choi suk bin was the first one in all joseon history to accomplish that on top of that her son became one great king together with his grandson Jeongjo, and she indeed did good things for the lowest classes direct or indirect, I don't know about her motives but facts are there. I think she was one intelligent gal so to see her playing the roll of villain, I was looking forward for that..sadly this drama didn't gave me that they just paint a super one dimensional character that was evil from the start...just as I don't think jag ok Jung was pure evil I also don't think choi suk bin was either, I know this is not about choi suk bin.. But taking the route they took was a big fail for the drama....contrary as what they did in dong yi where they developed a very nice an interesting character of the main villain JOJ..they lack the same touch for choi suk bin and queen mother in this drama, by the way queen mother was already dead when JOJ became concubine of the king...on the other hand I think this is one of the best performances of Kim tae have...and picture and cloths are nice...not very happy with character development and story telling...have a great 2014!!

SenDo Why Why Why this drama have a low rating. It's a really really great one! And Kim Tae Hee is doing a great job in her character. Why someone thinks she has a bad acting skill. I think she's fit well with her character.

This drama is show the truth nature of human and have a beautiful love story. I really love it! But the ending is such a tragedy TT

Damian I Love historical dramas the beauty of sageuk is to learn about the past but this drama is NOT HISTORICAL.... I cried for Jang Ok Jung and hated Choi suk won and then I did a little research EVERYTHING is MADE UP!! except for Jang Ok jung excecution everything else is false... The king did love choi su won to the point to have 3 sons with her..and one princess..(the most between all of his wives and concubines).and one of her sons became a GREAT KING!! Jang Ok Jung was not a nice person she even tried to kill her own son...! I agree with the commenter below me the drama should had been call other than Jang Ok Jung this drama has nothing to do with the real JOJ.

Racheal osiebe Is not bad at all just, just that the title should have not been JOj but anyway nice ending,you guys have tried.

dadz . . . . . i love this drama a lot . . . i think i had shed a gallon of tears already . . the ending made my life more miserable. i can't get over the ending . .that's why i really hate true story because the ending is most likely a tragedy . . . . . it's great though...

taiwo oluwakemi The story is very interesting and even emotional but Sookbin Choi should also be punished and dismissed from the palace

sulthanah I like Queen Inhyun so much. I hate JOJ. She's so greedy.

wawi @nicole Jun 30 2013 3:03 am

This is NOT a historical drama. This is a FICTIONAL DRAMA. You need to grow up like ASAP!

Olympus Great DRama, I cried a lot at the ending..... one of my favorite...

john For me, one of the best drama I've watched. Congrats to YAI, KTH, and all the people behind it. Waiting for your next project.

Asnawiah I would like very much these drama because actors are very experienced actress! episode 1 and 2 alone is best, what else could look all right???

mayakho I closeee my eyes fr history, stop my self reading fr wiki, then let my fantasy gone wild. That way, I'm able to enjoy joj as a drama. Suprisingly, love it

Christinaa Ohmygosh. Loved the drama. It made me shed MILLIONS OF TEARS!

Stacy What a great drama!! Kim tae hee and Yoo ah in are really great!! They really portrayed their roles very well! This drama is so good! I really love their chemistry!! You will laugh and cry while watching this drama!! So to those who haven't watched this.. WATCH IT NOW! :)

bulbul The chemistry of Kim Tae Hee and Yoo Ah in is really great.. Totally romantic.. I love strategy King Lee Soon in Governing. I love the way King Lee Soon express his love to Jang Ok Jung. And every sacrifice that jang ok jung do. And I totally love this drama. I wonder why there are so many people hate this drama. This drama is DAEBAK.. :D

bulbul I like the chemistry of Kim Tae Hee and Yoo Ah In.. :) So Romantic.. The story line is unpredictable.. and I love King Lee Soon strategy in governing.. I wonder why there was anybody who hate this drama.. It's totally awesome.. :D

PolarBear Totally hated!! What a waste of my time...there are many other great dramas to invest my time.. If you are going to change history..At least do it well... come on the king didnt even had a beard.! Was he an eunuch in the palace? just eunuchs and very young man didn't have facial hair. too commercial for me it was a drama made for young girls and people interested in looks. Silly me i though this was going to be a great period drama. People liked just because the actress and actor .. the plot and characters are done very poorly.

robin I love this drama. I love KTH and YAI. They were awesome. The chemistry was oozing. I watched this like 3x. I know the writing was not that good but still I liked it because of YAI and KTH's acting. I hope they will make CF, movie, drama again.

FaWa Seriusly , it's a great drama . You will cry , laugh . When first time I watched it , lady Jang's life is really similar to me . It's just .... a great ... drama . You guys must watch it . Although the ending made me tearing for buckets . Till now , it's 4th time I watched this JOJ . JOJ , fighting!

Magdalena This is a great drama you must watch. I think the drama want to show how deep is the love of the king and Ok jung... it really a deep bond of love.. Daebak... Yoo Ah In and Kim Tae Hee really good actor and actress and their acting is marvelous. Although Ok Jung must die in the end, but she died to save the king and her child... Love need a sacrifce.. and the plot of the story from the beginning till the end is also good. Congrats for this drama... I really enjoy this drama very much.. Figthing~~

Lina One word for Yoo Ah-In DAEBAK!!!! Tho the ending of this drama is sad... and well, TRUE the plot is abit disappointing but still I love both the actor and actress

Nanna Very disappointed here, despite the bad reviews I decided to give it a try guess what people was right, First is deviated from history a lot, but thats ok is a Kdrama not a documentary but even as just another love story it fell short, the plot is weak, too many wasted characters, the situations are little realistic, the writers sided with JOJ and justified all her bad deeds but then made a villain of queen mother, Queen, suk won. and did not gave us a justification for them? Why it was Ok for JOJ to do bad things, but the others weren't allow to do the same? Just because she was the prota.. the Queen did nothing really wrong, but was catalogued as villain.. Queen mother was just too bad and cruel with no reason, Suk won was not even villain but childish character,but even without being loved she manage to easily overthrown the loved one of the King and obligated him to killed her? What? and even after what she has done to his `love` he goes and have a bunch of kids with her..C'man!, I Wasted my time. I want my 24 hours back :D just kidding.. but seriously. as someone here said.. the ratings are higher of what i would expect!

DramaLover Choi suk bin was never evicted from Palace...It is recorded in annals of Joseon that The king even bestowed her Ihyeon Palace in 1704, and celebrate the wedding of Yeoning Geum with big expenses, the nobles even complained about it. XD. It looks like in 1711 she was in Palace when Inwon came down with pox. She was taken out in 1716 when she got sick, that is written in her memorial tablet in Paju. also that same year, according to the annals Sukjong (the King) received a note from Yeoning geum informing her mother's illness had worsened and asking for more medical help. She kept her title of "Bin" even after she died. And according to the diaries of the royal secretary she was given a royal ceremony for her burial, according to the tradition, . It is recorded in annals of Joseon soon after her death the king refusing meals and being in deep sadness, the attendants had to insist a lot for him to eat. I don't know if he still loved her but for sure he did not hated her. (and now I going to my leave my romantic imagination led me a little) Interesting thing is that after he was informed of the bad condition of Choi suk bin health, he left more of his responsibilities under the crown prince, and named him regent in 1718 I don't know how he used his time but it just make me wonder she died that same year! Yeoning Geum was made crown prince in 1720 three months after his father death it was a request of Sukjong to his older son. Any way Jang hui bin Real live for me is more interesting that the one in this drama. But I agree that in order for them to get audience they have to come up with new things, although I believe they could have done it better. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suk-bin_Choe

DramaLover Olivia P. I disagree with you in a number of things, basically you are using drama to explain historical facts which is a mistake.. The drama is fictional, so you cannot use it to explain historical events or reactions of the people involved. You can not watch this drama has Historical, most of it is made up... First.. Jang hui bin was not a slave she was from chuning class her background was often suited for concubines of the King, she did not suffer all the bully she endure in the drama, apparently she met the King in 1682 when he saw her in his step great mother residence, he was already married with Inhyeon, the same year Queen mother expelled her out of the palace, LEGITIMATELY she did not tryed to kill her and do all the things you watched in the drama, she made an edict as the head of the internal palace and Jang Ok jung had to leave, she was not a concubine but a favored sangong meaning she was not part of the royal family, Jang hui bin stayed out of palace in her own house until after Queen mother died in 1683 then in 1684 Inhyeon brought her back at the request of the King and in 1686 she was given the title of Sukwon, soon after Jang hui bin realizing she was loved by the king she started to use this to bullied Inhyeon and Inhyeon responded back bringing in another concubine. The things that you brought up that king made her son crown prince, it happened way before Jang hui bin death, Actually that was why King kicked Inhyeon out because she refused to adopt Jang ok jung son, that would mean Jang hui bin as the birth mother of crown prince would be even more powerful so the king kick her out. but by 1692 he took Choi suk bin in and in 1693 he gave her the title of sukwon and had a baby with her, then in 1694 he had another baby with choi suk bin and brought back Inhyeon, he had yet another baby in 1698 with choi suk bin and another with other concubine but no more kids with jang hui bin since 1691? How come? if she was loved over all his other concubines. Doesn't make sense. It makes sense that he loved her in the beginning but got tired of her and deposed her because he probably missed Inhyeon. Now Jang hui bin did not died in Kings arms,A the annals of joseon did not recorded that.... that comes from the novel of 2008... what annals of joseon stated is that she requested to see the king but he did not wanted to see her. so he did not showed up. also he was not buried with Jang hui bin, Sukjong requested to be buried with Inhyeon his second wive. And was buried with her, later they buried Inwon in the same cementery. Jang hui bin was buried in the middle of nowhere and was given a Myo type of tomb (for low ranking and commoners) she was moved to the same cementery where the king and Inhyeon were in 1969 because the government wished to expand the city and resting place was on the way so they decide to put her there but she is not in the same area or even near to them. she was striped of her tittle and after her execution her residence in the palace was destroyed and the king forbade her son to even mention her name. Over the time Sukjong even disapproved her son with Jang hui bin and was looking for an excuse to take away his title but did not find anything. and jang hui bin son took the throne but he did nothing to clear his mother name as other kings did when they felt her parent were innocent. true he just reigned for 4 years but for example when Jeongjo took the throne the first thing he did was to initiate an investigation of his father innocence (although i personally believe he was guilty) or Yeonsangung he restore his mother as her title of Queen but Gyeongjong did not even attempt anything , he didn't even worried to prettier her mother tomb. So lastly yes the fictional love history they did for the drama is nice, but is just fictional, and you are the one who should open your eyes and not let pretty cloth and pretty faces to deceived you. I did watch the drama, but did not liked, for me even as fictional story was a disappointed!

aya i was crying my heart out while watching the last episode. she might not be the best person but it took more than guts to climb your way up in order to be with the person you love. these series made me thankful that i live in the modern world.

Kimberly One of the best Kdrama I've ever watched because the two leads are THE best couple in kdrama history! Both actors acted from the heart. Their strong and sincere love for each other is so compelling and touching. Kim Tae Hee and Yoo Ah In are exceptional in portraying 2 people struggling within a rigid Joseon society and palace, just to be with each other and to love each other. Superb acting by both! Love them so much! The supporting cast too was excellent granted one or two were not so good and some of the more beloved and talented ones had their screen time shortened considerably to cater to public preference. But all in all, I Love this drama!! Like many here, I do not understand why there is so much negative review. I suggest that you Watch it and be your own judge. I for one give this show 9 out of 10!!

hyphuw This series was disappointing. The only thing that made its viewers watched this is because of its leading actor and actress. I’m a fan of Yoo Ah-In since Sungkyunkwan Scandal and Fashion King but this time, I guess he wasted his talent. The story line has no twist at all. Though Fashion King has a sad ending, it made me watch up to the last episode. No offense, but this is the first Korean drama that I had to skip some unnecessary episodes. Plus, the court maid “Choi” is not of beauty compared to the queen and Jang Ok-jung. My God, they must have chosen a more competitive one.

Hyphuw This series was disappointing. The actors and actresses were good but the plot has no twist at all. Kim Tae-Hee and Yoo Ah-In doesn't fit together. I'm a fan of Yoo Ah-in since Sungkyunkwan Scandal and Fashion King yet this time, I guess he wasted his talent. Though Fashion King has a bad ending, it is far better than this one.

Lin Da Wei This drama is not for those who hate the sad ending.At first, i also dislike this drama because the unfair deeds and plotting made me angry.but after watching the last 4 episodes, i was deeply touched.The love the king gave to JOJ is unique.But Dong Yi is really an ill-tempered one in this drama.I highly recommend this drama though Dong Yi is more interesting than it.It includes very deep emotional feelings.Kim Tae Hee's acting is not bad

kezia Just finished this whole drama. And i wonder why there were many negative responds. Yeah, this drama don't tell us much about fashion, but it focus on their love. Jang Okjung and the King.

Such an amazing fresh love story! Yeah, this kind of love line is rare and almost never before. Some may think this lame, but i can feel the true love. How Okjung apply King's Sake Policy, and all things go on. There's appeared 3rd man and woman, and many incident that disgusting their relationship, but they still in love.

This kind of strong love i didn't find in serial Dongyi and else. There just an ordinary. This is extra, in my opinion. It's my conclusion after melting all the time they shared love. awwww ♥ Getting Jang Okjung as my idol khkehek ♥♥

Eunhwa I was just finished with this drama. Personally i really love this drama for making me stick to it for the last 48 more hours, despite all criticisms about misleading from the real history. Kim Tae Hee did not do really good in here. Yoo Ah In was exceptional. And i always like Hong Soo Hyun's actings (including The Princess' Man). She looked natural, graceful, and pictured how a queen act really great. I personally think that Jae Hee's character was a waste, and they should have put into a bit detail into Han Seung Yeon's. In the first half of episodes, i was a bit disappointed that the story line was all about romance between Sook Jong and Ok Jung, that it forgot to combine with his role as a King.

And i was a bit confused to read the synopsis about this drama in other websites like dramawiki and wikipedia, when the drama completely did not really tell about Ok Jung's involvement as a fashion designer and cosmetics-maker. It was just a mere bonus about her background.

I haven't watched Dong Yi before, but i read a bit the facts about King Sukjong period.Please note that this drama arrived from a novel, that's why it went through a lot of modifications. So if you expect to learn about the real facts of the Jang Ok-Jung's life and everyone around her, go find other reliable resources.

I gave this drama seven out of ten.

NaRa I disagree with OliviaP. This drama is NOT historical drama. It is a story from a novel where the real history already have some modification in the book. Although the characters are same as history BUT the story of this movie was not based on the real history. You can watch as a normal love story but not as historical drama. If OliviaP wanna to watch historical drama, I suggest you to watch 'DONG YI'. You said watch without prejudice but you are the one showed it.

Personally I dislike this Jang Ok Jung in love drama. The main reason is the choosing of characters especially Kim Tae Hee casting was SOOOO POOR. In history, Jang Ok Jung was a pretty lady but Kim Tae Hee was not. I see the Jang Ok Jung in Dong Yi drama is more prettier than Kim Tae Hee.

The production of drama seems without mission. If we look as normal love story, she die at the end. But if look as historical drama, it is totally misleading. No matter how the story want to blame the Queen or other characters as evil, Jang Ok Jung herself also one of the evil. She is not a kind in person. A woman can rise a high rank in palace, sure she not a kind person.

If this drama purposely scene Jang Ok Jung based on historical, I will consider to finish watching it to get knowledge of the real Jang Ok Jung based on history. But, seems it is so ridicilous to show only Jang Ok Jung was the only good person in the movie, and others were bad, it is a misleading story. This drama was disappointed.

Tina Im only up to episode 3 but after seeing these comments i dont think i need to watch it anymore and i wonder of JOJ son actualy become the king or not and was JOJ evil

Mahdi Hekmatipour Most People talk about Kim Tae-hee,casting by is good.but story sucks.i can't contact to the story just because Lady Jang looking fine in this drama,in my mind she's evil and this interpretion of those 4 people history (sukjong,queen inheyon,choi Suk-bin and jang hee-bin) is unbelievable,sukjong look like a man tied to ok-jung.he's not king,but a lover.why King Taejong Brought 10 or more Concubines for Sejong when abdicated the throne to him?because he didn't want that sejong being like sukjong in jang ok-jung drama.The Story that i saw in dong yi is more believable and king acts like a king(except those scenes that are for comedy and laugh).anyway when i read most comments they talk about beauty of Ms.Kim.it's so ridicilous to show Dong yi and Lovely Queen inheyon so evil in this drama due to show lady jang more kind,fine,...Rating is more than enough for this drama.

Laura Jang Ok Jung Drama it's so amazing, i really really love it, history about love is very romantic and tragic but many lesson in this story can we get. and the end this story make feel very very sad, why can be like that, jang ok jung loving lee soon until the last her breath. this korean drama is very best in other else. caaiyoooo ^_^

oliviaP SERIOUSLY, WATCH IT!!!! <3

First of all, I want to remind you guys that this drama is HYSTORICAL one. It may stray a little bit in details BUT it should stick with the major story. So, i'm happy to see Ok-Jung is sentenced to death after all (in a sad way tho).

Second, i respect all people in this drama and whoever had the idea to come up with the script. Ok-Jung was a women who loves someone waaay above her, she fought against it, she embraced it eventually. And she fought for that love. Yes, she made mistakes and sins. She did it because someone did terrible things to her first. How would you react when someone tried to kill you? To make your family suffer? You won't just sit down and have a cup of tea, you fight back! Although I can bear to watch the transition, but I'm glad I sticked with it. And i'm tremendously happy to see she finally came back to her sense. And thw king, despite every wrongful things she'd done, he forgived her. Because he understood. I definitely LOVE the last 4 episodes. I love how she accept things peacefully. How she and Queen In-Hyun forgave each other. It's beautiful. I'm not a korean, i dont know a lot about their hystories, but when I see what was written in the Wiki, I can relate the hystory and the plot. It makes sense! It's a beautifully sad ending. What a better way to die in the arm of the man you love. And if she's truly a criminal, why would King Sukjong still made her son the crown prince? Why would her grave is next to the king and queens? Open your eyes and see from different light and perspective. Try to watch it without prejudice, you'll find yourself enjoying it.

I'm in love with this drama. It brought me love, smiles and bucket of tears. It's never easy to live in love.

Elsya46 It was not an epic drama so far. I hate the ending of the drama. Unsatisfied :(

Freeman Baker I am confused, has anyone seen the Korean Drama “Dong Yi”? Dong Yi and “Jang Ok Jung Living in Love” is the story of these people, Lee Soon (King), Jang Ok Jung (Queen), Queen Hyun and Sook-bin Choi (Dong Yi). Same people, two different dramas and two very different outcomes. Dong Yi (in the drama Dong Yi was portrayed as a sweet little bulldog) and in this drama Jang Ok Jung she is the sweet lovable one. When watching Dong Yi, I disliked Jang Ok Jung and loved Dong Yi, Now in this drama, I find myself disliking Dong Yi and loving Jang Ok Jung, What is a person to do?

John The ending is telegraphed in episode 18 and after this there is no point in watching the rest. The writers took the story of Queen Yoon totally out of context with so many inaccuracies and yet the ending has to follow what happened in history ? Nonsense. The writers could have created a much better drama. The jealousy aspect seemed totally contrived and unconvincing. Acting was excellent. Script was good until episode 18....pitch the rest.

huna bachry i love kim tae hee very much , i always waits her new dramas ,, n joj was amazing drama , but i dont like the ending , make me feel so dissapointed , feel so sad , i imagine joj n king suk jong will live together 4 ever , but it isnot like what i expected ,, however kim tae hee was acted verywell ,!! i always waits your next drama! love u the most beautifull actrees in korea (kim tae hee) chayooo !!! by : huna from indonesia

Missy Lousy drama. So many pushed lines. Wasted spaces filled by the tacky lovey dovey scenes between the supposed OTD and the fashion things which don't contribute much to the making of JOJ except where she took measure of LS. Too many wasted characters (Myungan gongju for example) and what happened with DPG's love (except the part where he gave OJ poison) and LS' illogical thinking, he's a kid or a king actually? And CS turned up SO late and lame. Also IH needs more airtime to explain her intentions. With only 24 eps the production team should do the maths well. Fast and neat script is nowhere to be seen. Only pushed lines and good actors & actresses here (except CSB, she needs to learn more).

Keonie Why? Why? Why couldn't the director and writers do something different. Think outside the box and make it a different ending. It's the same ending again and again. This would have been a good drama if they spiced it up even a little bit. I understand they wanted to follow what was stated in history. However, this could have a different spin on it. Something new and different. Take on the other side of the storyline. Be creative.

Kiki Has anyone noticed how much IRONY is in this drama??

1. At the beginning the Queen Dowager wants Lee Soon to meet Lady Inhyeon "by chance" sever times so that he will consider they are fated. On the day her plan is put into action, fate makes it that he meets Jang Ok Jung by real chance and they get to meet coincidentally several times, just as Queen Dowager wanted with Inhyeon.

2. When chatting with Lady Inhyeon, Lady Inkyung said she likes men with a warm voice and a warm heart. Lady Inhyeon says it must be Lee Soon, since she was convinced he was a warm person, and Lady Inkyung answered that she considers him a cold person. Later, having become Queen, Inhyeon learns that Lee Soon is indeed a cold person, as she says to him.

Jen According to the annals, jang ok jung really did die in king sukjong's arm. Its a fact. While, after evicted choi sukbin died in her own private residence. King sukjong kept her title mybe because her son was named wang seje, or the next in line crowned prince after heebin's son. If heebin really did do something terrible, like cursing the late queen, why would the king still care and love her enough for her to die peacefully in his arms?

ninaseyo Whoever said that this drama has a lousy ending just because it didn't end the way they wanted, oh well, Life's a b****. Things doesn't really go what we always wanted and happily ever after doesn't exist. For me, the ending is GREAT. It is patterned to the history as they say, so why bother changing it? It is wonderful as it is. Actually, IT IS A HAPPY ENDING. Jang ok jung died in the arms of her one true love, isn't it a very beautiful way of dying? Knowing that the man you love, loves you even more. Knowing that Jang ok jung will die, I still cried a bucket of tears watching the last episode. That makes this drama so good, you can't even control your own emotions. Yoo ah in proved that he is one of the best actors in South Korea nowadays and Kim Tae hee surely more than just a pretty face. Everyone of the casts did their best. I so love this drama, i can't even accept it really ends.

Png family SUPER LOUSY BAD ENDING EVER DRAMA. I always love and praise Korean drama because I think is well written. I was very disappointed not because of sad ending but is just un exciting. How can the 3rd wife be so easy to frame Jang ok Jung when the whole drama always show that each plot the bad people will be found out. The director has a lot to reflect then just following history. Ending should have viewers want to see in mind. Really wasted my time watching so no wonders the rating low, anyway, just want to vent out coz is really Lousy, unthoughtful ending to a show.

Sarah Yusoff I dont get it. What makes u so sure that this drama is so unrealistic? and what makes you think that Dong Yi is realistic? err did you guys live in the area? Even in this drama, the people in the area thought Jang Ok Jung was a bitch cause they thought Jang was "seducing" the King but actually they were fated to meet few times and Jang was a really nice woman back then, before the revenge begins. My point is, no one knows the real event except the king, Jang, the queen and dong yi herself. In my opinion, this drama makes more sense.

The writer has done a very good job for the layers of the plot tho something is missing. I really love this drama and it proves to me that Kim Tae Hee is not staying flat but rising up and same goes to Yoo Ah In too. Seunghyon did a good job for being a ***** lol I was very mad at her well who doesnt right? It's been a while to watch a drama like this which doesnt even care about the people or rating but wanting to show their good quality. Im cool with the ending. I prefer sad ending more than happy one cause sad ending leaves me awe rather than the opposite one ^^

NeoKangchi I have not seen Dong Yi yet, I'll get around to it one of these days. But this is one of the best romantic K-dramas I''ve seen. I haven't cried that hard since the ending to A Thousand Days Promise.

I honestly think people should stop comparing this to Dong Yi and look at this from a fresh perspective. I think if this was not based on an historical figure was just made up fantasy people would have given this a major thumbs up.

yanti Wow this drama received such a huge comments...well me too... I love this drama!!! but it is so sad that it has to end this way. Kudos to all actors...and any one related to it. Yoo Ah In is better in this kind of drama rather than a modern drama...

Chris Well, dongyi fan will hate this, the love line, drama and action scene of this drama will never match up to dongyi, for those who want to prove me wrong, watch Dongyi first. The good thing about this drama is it's good cast but story was not something we can be satisfied in the end.

Sely Tha I was always waiting this drama would have a happy ending but unfortunately it's not. But after all I like the drama because the story line can bring our emotion through its eps.I like their acting kim tae hee and yoo ah in as couple, but not kim tae hee and her mother because I still can look their awkwardness. I appreciate this drama because it's the real one, the true history which can be showed up through drama and it makes me love Korea more. But I still have another question that I think it hasn't been finished up, like how about jang hee jae and chi soo.

The conclusion is I'll be waiting for kim tae hee's next drama/ movie and of course yoo ah in *I think I'll continue to watch fashion king and my princess kkkkkkkk*

Powerstruggle All you people who keep saying you hate this drama because it didn't follow history are seriously missing the point of a drama. This is not a history channel documentary, it's a drama based off a novel. Nobody knows how the actual story of Jang Ok Jung went down, all we know is whats given to us. For all we know this show could be more accurate than previous dramas about this historical figure.

Ok onto my second point. This show is unrealistic? I beg to differ, this show has real human emotion in it, how the characters react to the situations and everything is very realistic. The politics change everyone in this series, no one gets out easy and rides out in the sun set with a happy ending. The show was about love, politics and sacrifice. The only thing unrealistic about this show was the overtones of supernatural material like the praying and shamans etc.

Why would the writers, directors and producers bother doing what they've seen done in other Dramas about this person? Do you people really want to see the same stuff over again just with different actors? Me, I'm happy the creators were ambitions and did something new with this subject matter. Such a same a series this well acted is being tossed aside, all because a majority of people didn't get what they think is "history"/ historical fact".

pary Dong yi is so better than this drama.Jang hee bin`s employment and her hunger for power tell us she was a bad person but this drama shows the opposite.And queen inhyun and Dong yi are bad in this darama agaist the history...

nicole How could the writers ruined queen in hyun and sukbin's characters? and the king only loved ok jung? when ok jung died in the REAL HISTORY , Dongyi/sukbin has two sons already yet in this drama they made it looked like sukbin is not even pregnant. and king sukjong had so many concubines in the History. this drama should be classified as FICTION not a historical genre. No wonder koreans didn't like this one. Anyways, i like Kim tae hee very much, I just hated the drama for being too unrealistic. I waited for too long for this drama for something like this? URRRRGGGGGG! wish next time they will make it more realistic.

nicole How could the writers ruined queen in hyun and sukbin's characters? and the king only loved ok jung? when ok jung died in the REAL HISTORY , Dongyi/sukbin has two sons already yet in this drama they made it looked like sukbin is not even pregnant. and king sukjong had so many concubines in the History. this drama should be classified as FICTION not a historical genre. No wonder koreans didn't like this one.

Mary Noonan This is directed to the writer. Watched the whole series. The real story was much better. You should have told of the conflicts faced by the characters. The real villain was king Sukjong. He played with people's lives. He changed the parties like a fiddle. All to maintain his royal authority. He did four changes in the ruling party. With each change came Purge. When he got rid of Jang ok Jung he had seventeen hundred people killed. The man had no conscience. Imagine how many families he destroyed with his purges. He loved no one but himself. He used the women around him for his own selfish purposes. To portray him as a kind loving person is a dis service to people watching. I've seen paintings of him and he was damn fine when he was young. His son with Yi Dong on the other hand was not good looking at all. Huge nose yuk! As far as Jang Ok Jung goes her life was filled with losing the favor of a guy who had a roving eye and was loyal to no one but himself. She was not a sweet person if we are to believe the folk stories. The truth lies somewhere in between. Jealousy is a terrible thing. They moved her grave in 1969 to be next to him and the Queen. The ghosts are busy fighting . Rather iron to put him with two woman who hated each other. I bet he has not a moment of peace which he so richly deserves.

leejim i hate this drama its over twisted the history, they just ruin dongyi to make lady jang nice, and cause more complic to dongyi drama & history. if dongyi had a ulterior motive to frame up lady jang, why dongyi refuse to become queen and live in a humble life...

Jenny This drama was good overall, but I still like Dong Yi better. The actors did a great job!

exotic_gurl Now this drama puts the whole story into a whole new light. Was Jang Hee Bin what history and folk tales say she was? Or was it just that history was written by her enemies, and she was made to look like an evil concubine as a final act of humiliation? There's something interesting about all this:

Let's look at where she was buried. She wasn't buried in the Jang family graveyard. Her tomb is next to the King's and Queen Inhyeon's, which is strange since only the King and the Queen were buried together. The concubines all had smaller tombs and were buried in other places. In any case not next to the King. This is even more strange, since she was sentenced to death, so she should have been considered a criminal, but still she was buried next to the King.

Choi Suk Bin, which is said to have won the King's heart in Dong Yi, is buried in a completely different area. However, the king having outlived both of them, still chose to be buried next to Hee Bin and not Suk Bin. Isn't this strange, since Suk Bin lived longer than Hee Bin, and still the king hadn't forgotten her and wanted to be burried next to her.

This makes me question whether Jang Hee Bin really was what history says she was.

craig This drama is amazing, because it fulfills the role of a drama - to tell a story. The story is what makes this drama great. If you see the big picture, and not the little events that make up the story, you'll realize how simply beautiful and tragic Jang Hee Bin's story is. It is the unfortunate story of how a lowly girl fell in love with someone no girl in the low class would've dreamt of, the King. It is a story of how her love guided everything she did, how it blinded her, made her desperate and anxious, how it made her commit crimes and sins and how it ultimately killed her. It is a story of how fate works. Of how the King, the highest in the state was destined to a lowly girl, how his reign and political decisions were all influenced by his love for one woman. It tells of how no matter what, they wanted to keep holding each other's hand till the end, and so it happened. It's a beautiful story if you look at it from far away. If you'll look up close, you'll only see some events that are typical of sageuks.

Tepi After watching this drama I began to wonder if the Jang Ok Jung actually was like this. She wasn't evil but just need to struggle to survive, to love the King. However Sukjong was the most powerful king of Joseon History, he wouldn't love her, protected her and appointed her as a queen once just out of foolishness of Love. She might be the best concubine along with dignity. Anyway I wish it was true.

I respect Queen Inhyun a lot. She was probably or absolutely the Best Queen ever.

Whatever, Big Thanks to all the Casts and stuffs in this drama. It is my first historical drama and I think it's the best too. Love YAI ft KTH couple, and alsp love Prince Dongpyeon! <3 <3 <3 Recommended to watch.

kira the writer/s of this story wasted soooo much potential in this drama. What happened to:

-jang ok jung's "genius-like" talent of being able to sew pretty dresses - chi-soo's love <3 - JOJ and Sukjong's past (childhood lovers) - sukjong's trust - EVERYTHING - whatever happened to LIVE IN LOVE???!! they should change the title if they made that ending :< - Dongpyung's forbidden and one-sided love

although most of these were shown, it was not brought up to its full potential.


Lawrence if dis JOJ live in love is a prequel of Dong yi,why d hell it has a sad ending???well,i thought dis K drama will be different from history up to d end....but in my opinion,not only the K drama itself was ruined by having dis major disaster ending.....but also ruined the characters,actors were portraying.....why bringing up the names from joseon history,if u can't make a satisfying show.....I felt really bad,dat dis show made up Queen Inhyeon & Lady Sukbin good characters into wild ones for just a waste....I was expecting for more,I need justification!!!!LOL......anyway,Dong yi is still the best korean historical drama for me....& best love story as well.....

isabel32 WATCH IT! Definitely watch it! It's one of the best dramas I've seen, despite the mediocre ratings and criticism as to why they twisted history. This drama shows you a version of the history that would seem as plausible as the Dong Yi and the recorded historical version, and it will make you question history. The actors are all great. Yoo Ah In delivered the best performance of his career. Kim Tae Hee did well too, transforming her character well. The other one that caught my attention is Lee Sang Yeob, who played his character seamlessly and profesionally. The storyline is amazing, great politics, plausible reasons for things to happen, real reasons for conflicts. It's also a very interesting insight into the customs and traditions of the Joseon era, which I haven't seen so fully detailed in any drama so far. It's a perfect sageuk!

Jess [Spoiler Alert] All those of you who say the ending was bad and that it needed to twist history even more and make it a happy ending, don't know what you're talking. If it were to have a happy ending, it wouldn't be twisting history, but twisting the real story, taking out the essence of the story itself. The fact that she was condemned to death by the king, her beloved, makes the story what it is. If the drama ended when she became queen, it would be just a boring story of how one lowly girl managed to become queen. But that's not the essence of Jang Hee Bin's story. Jang Hee Bin's story is a tragedy. It is the story of how a woman loved the king so much as to commit sins and crimes for the sake of that love and how she ultimately got killed, the king himself, whom she loved, giving the order of her death. That's why I think the writer would have never taken out the death ending - it's a crucial part of her tragic story.

palm_tree I was pretty satisfied with the ending. I mean, of course no one likes a sad ending, but it showed me really how deep JOJ's love with the king and vice versa was. It put her in a good light, I suppose. I'm glad I followed this drama all the way through! Worth the watch because Yoo Ah In and Kim Tae Hee can really move your heart.

Dianne Since I didn't know Korean history of the Joseon period, I was so sad when this drama ended the way it did... I kept hoping it would end differently right up until the end. BUT, I thoroughly enjoyed everything else about the drama -- the actors played their parts superbly with the feel that they were the real people, not actors going by a script. I'm so thankful that I found Korean dramas about a year ago... they are sooooooo much better than watching some of the filth that is portrayed to be entertainment here in the U.S.A. Thanks to everyone who had a part in this drama... you are greatly appreciated by your new fan from the State of Alabama in the USA...

Ramen Omg the ending was heart breaking. SPOILER! Read at your own risk. :) I don't mind if Ok Jung dies but seriously, ending with the king crying? Poor Ok Jung was framed by Choi suk won! At least should have ended the drama with the king killing whoever framed Ok Jung in killing Queen In Hyung ... *sigh* Writer-nim, what are you thinking?This drama is really good, I love the actors and actresses but the plot fucked up the whole drama, such a waste and ended up a waste of time. It felt like everything was rushed, such a grand intro but crappy ending? Really?! Well, it's too late to say anything now, I just want to state my opinion ... Sometimes I wish I have the writer's phone number so I can text him/her or call him/her how to actually write the story to make it loveable for the viewers because that's what dramas are for right? To suit viewer's taste but this drama's plot is just like "nop, I am against to what you all think, good ending? NOP, NEVER.". Well, this is at least what I think. Such a waste of good actors and good actresses, they've did a really good job. Hwaiting, Kim Tae Hee and Yoo Ah In and the other characters :) But seriously the ending? The worst I've ever seen(I've watched a lot of dramas too) So yeah ...

Feronica This drama is really worth it to watch.. I recommend this drama for people who loves watching Korean saeguk. The casts really professional. First I really like Kim Tae Hee on this drama, when she became the queen I really hate her, but she changed after that, and I love her character again. I feel pity to her. Why she has to die ?? although it's already written in history I really don't want her character to die. Kim Tae Hee fighting !! Hong Soo Hyun fighting !! I'll wait for your next project !! ^^

dramafreak I didnt see the last epi yet and all this comment on how the bad ending is making me dont wanna watch it. I dont like sad ending

Chibi WOW, WORST ENDING EVER! Worst writer ever too!! Wasted the good actors and actresses.

ken96 F U, how dare this drama have such a bad ending :'(. This is not what I want. JOJ and KLS should end up together. Why this drama 's ending was based on the historical's ending, y, y?! You should have mae a different ending:/

Anjie14 Dong Yi is still better :(.... I don't like how they changed up so many things..

x but still even though that is my opinion I did like the drama and it did help me understand why Jang Ok Jeong is the way she is.. :( felt bad for her.

Briana I agree with one comment above, that this drama should have ended when JOJ became a Queen.. That will be a happy ending.. Never mind the fact that in the later years JOJ was dethroned as a Queen and reduced back to being a Royal Concubine.. Worst, punished and executed by having to drink a poison..

pimnipha I love yoo ah in and I love jang ok jong

kdramalover I personally think that the drama is AMAZING, but what would make it more amazing is that they JOJ and KLS end up together and the ending ends up good that way the drama wouldnt lose viewers!!!!! JOJ fighting!!!!!

Korean Dramas always end up good right?!?!?!?!?!?!!?

strawberrybaby This drama does not have a good rating in Korea, because it's twisted the history (reality). Maybe it is okay for other people who's not Korean because this drama is only fiction, just for entertaintment but not for Koreans it's but their King n Queen, their nation history.

palm_tree Don't be discouraged viewers! Just give the last few episodes a chance. You've already come this far, so you should finish it. Who knows, the ending might move your heart, but you'll never know unless you give JOJ a chance. Don't give up!

Elaine Love it up until 18 This was really exciting for me until then .I love K dramas but this was a big let down. I cant believe that a person who was treated so cruel would become so mean and forget about the King. This plot was really interesting until it turned into sour grapes. It is not about fashion or romance. There is such great acting in this drama but it is a shame it had such a lousy plot. This will be the first drama I will not finish watching because I really got frustrated with it. I give 2 thumbs up to the actors who really did a great job. But I give two thumbs down to the plot it is not worth my time to see such a bad ending,

Omnidramagod Seriously the people upset about this because it does follow what they want is foolish. Seriously mostly all Korean Dramas are bitter sweet especially romantic ones.

The title is fine, it says "Live In Love" which what she's doing, it's the Kings Heart that's changing. She's doing everything to please her love (The King) so how is the title off putting? She's putting her life on the line to be at the top with her lover, The King is just thinking about his nation and politics which he has to put over his love for his woman.

The Kings job is to protect his country and it's people, the people are not happy with his decision to marry Jang so he simply has to change his method. He has to worry about hate from the West and South parties and even his own blood related family, they just see him as a mere tool in power. He's not selfish at all, nor is he a womanizer, he's doing whats best for his kingdom and his country.

If you want a happy disney ending then go watch a disney movie. This is about love, politics and the sacrificies one must make in order to achieve greatness in both areas.

M It's lonely at the top. In reality if people covet the position you are in and want to take you down, you always have to be on your guard, but this is ridiculous. I loved the beginning of this drama and the characters does give the title justice, but after seeing ep 19 and 20, JOJ's character became a hypocrite. The whole foundation of this plot crumbled when LS and JOJ decided to distrust everyone even with one another. I am glad the rating fell because it gives a bitter taste to the audience and I will not be watching more of this stupidity....I love Kim Tae Hee's acting, but I will not be finishing this drama. What a BIG LET DOWN.

rochelle.bernard96 Maybe my opinion doesn't count since I've only seen like..9 k-dramas, so not a lot, but this drama is unbelievable (in a good way). The absolute best I have seen. It's so good and it just sucks you right in. And normally, I'm not a big fan of the romance genre, but I just love the prince with Ok Jung.

Mary First drama I stopped watching . Did some research on both the king and JOJ. To the victor goes the spoils. I feel JOJ comes off as bad in history . However, that being said I am not convinced. The King is the rat here . He used all the women he had and played them and the parties who supported them against each other. He changed women and parties like most people change their socks. He had something like four wives , three Consorts and four Concubines. I am all for leaving an heir but that,s ridiculous. His first wife lost three children through miscarriages. His second wife had no kids and neither did his third. I think that he was just a womanizer with a lot of power and money. Not a nice person at all. A manipulator who only took care of his own needs and wants.

Bianca Just change the Title, it's not suitable with the story.... If still insisted using the title, the story should end when ok jung became the queen.....

LeeLy Kim Tae-hee should not be feel bad for what happens with the audience of the film "Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love". She acts fine and well. She should keep giving her best with fun and talent, and smiles happily every day no matter what people say about her acting.

It's not her fault if the watching rate is going down. IT'S THE PLOT that makes the in-love dreamer spectators flee. Yes, her audience --by watching and falling in love with KTH-JOJ-- just want to "live in love" with Yoo Ah Ni/King Sukjong. Do not deny! Many of us still have young minds with teenager's hearts. We live by proxy. We wish Kim Tae-Hee/Jang Ok Jung to live in love until the end of the movie-- beyond the book and the historical facts. BUT I think we cannot dictate ... . Let's give a space for people to create with their imagination. We can to watch or not to watch.

In fact, in this movie with certainly 2 most beloved and fetish actors, Kim Tae Hee and Yoo Ah Ni, many of us wish them to live in love and to make us forget about the Jang Ok Jung in the Korean History, the femme fatale, the villain concubine.

When there is gap between the audience's expectations and the movie plot, for sure, people are not happy. Maybe it's a good sign for the Hallyu wave: the Korean industry has set up their spectators' mind on a certain type of movie. It is somehow difficult for Hallyu actors to escape the Hallyu way of dramatization. Could it be a sign of maturity for the Korean Movie industry? Maybe, for some topics like JOJ, it's best to hire not-high-profile actors to act ...so that the artistic side of re-imagining JOJ will be carried on without people feeling betrayed ...and so that the fans won't be deceived by unknown actors ... . It's somehow ironical ...fame kills art ...fame dictates movie's ending ... .

I miss these beautiful Korean Movies in the 90's, just before the Hallyu wave arrives ... . I do not know any actors, their names or fame ...But they have made me dream about their histories, love and vision.

Jam Holy smokes.... what happened to our dear JOJ? Why her character was butchered? What happened to the writer? Do we have new writer? I thought this would be a totally different drama ( as what you promised) from the history.... How come it's not aligned with the title now? Why? Because of the rating, but look at what happened, the rating went down.... how ironic. PD thought by bringing in SB(idol) will pull up the rating? I don't think so! I want my JOJ be back to her loving, smart, dignified and hopeful persona (which you built in the first 10 episodes). And writer, please be creative with the remaining episodes. I just find ep 19 and 20 unbelievable... it seems like I am watching a different drama! WTH!

Alafe am so disappointed at the directors of this drama. It was obviously a plot to deceive viewers that it was a different concept to the originally known history. Its really annoying to find this happening. If u wanna do something, be plain about it rather than the title being different from the story line....... 2013 Korean drama has not been impressive as the previous year. total let down.

1tqz Apparently Kim Tae Hee is a very good and well liked Actress, I must also give credit to Actor Yoo Ah for his excellent role. I am glad this drama does not portray him as a flirtatious character.

Davia So the title "Jang Ok Jung Lives in Love" was obviously a ploy to get people to watch this drama. If they had titled this drama appropriately "Jang Ok Jung Live in Misery' at least I could have had some respect for this drama and would have known what I was letting myself in for. I don't appreciate being manipulated and spoon fed a story of how much this king loved her when obviously (in this story) he didn't really. There are always signs of a persons true character and a good writer would have shown inklings of the kings duplicity from the start.

Kim I love this drama because of the passionate love that the king gave JOJ. I really feel upset if in the end of this drama 'he just the king and not a man'. Author/Director, please dont forget that JOJ went to the palace to look for and love Lee Soon the MAN and not Lee Soon the KING. I want a happy ending. I want JOJ to leave the King and make Lee Soon to remember how to be the man that JOJ used to love.

Berry This drama is really good but for my opinion I think they should have good ending due to the lack of viewers. If it has bad ending then it's not special anymore, it's just another jang ok jung following the history. So if it has bad ending, not many people will watch and like this drama, please be a good ending, I want to like this drama. Kim Tae Hee is perfect for this role, hwaiting!

Jelibean Guys, this is loosely based off of a true story and a novel. The novel takes a different approach than what is written in history. History records that Lady Jang was a jealous, power hungry woman who plotted to be Queen and the death of Queen Inhyun in order to keep her seat. Queen Inhyun is recorded as being a good-hearted woman. However, since this all happened hundreds of years ago we will never know the truth. That is why one author wrote a novel on the side of Jang Ok Jung as a woman who enjoyed fashion and her only sin was loving the king. This is not a prequel to anything it's a different take on a story recorded in history.

norma Screenwriter you messed up the plot. What happen to fashion and the love story which was exciting to watch earlier? Paranoia and jealousy always kills the story. Now it is boring to watch.

Ella i pity JOJ...she suffers so much..the mastermind is still the x Queen and her farther Lord Min..they are just looking for the opportunity to destroy JOJ to come back to palace. If King choose the x Queen and Dong YI..i hope JOJ will find her true love outside the palace. She doesn't need to think too much about King. I prefer she pursue her skill as famous fashion designer..rather than fighting for one man!! and make more money..or go to China with Prince DP or Chii Soo. The Director can create more interesting plots..and doesn't need to follow the history..i think most of us hate this drama if it end with sad ending... It seems that the theme of Live for Love is not relevant!!

Sandi Rifana Jang Ok Jung. I just have one sentence for her "She will be loved." <3 <3 <3

Thary Happy Endding, Please!!!!

Rrep I dont know if fan of Dong Yi like this drama... as i dont.. but i like how the king is in this drama, in then end, he is the most cruel and evil, manipulating as he wish...

Bremas Director ~ Happy Ending Pls ! :D

jay I love this drama. Hoping for a very strong ending. This is JOJ,LIL so I don't really care about what happened in Dong Yi. If I want an accurate history, although who could really attest which was accurate and true because it usually depends on who was the winner at that time and what they want to tell. So going back, if I want historical facts detailed then I should had watched documentary, right? This was based on a novel, so to the writer, just give your best ending. An ending that would leave a good and refreshing marks in our hearts. FIGHTING JOJ,LIL!

Ayu I love this drama,, can't waits to next episode... Hope to finely be happy ending :3 :3

SheenSheen Episode 18, this is not what happened on DONGYI, maybe their intentions are good, but from what i've seen there is a huge dissimilarity of story(between dongyi and Jang ok Jung). I dont know their history, but I heard a lot about the story of Queen Inhyeon, she was detrhoned and exiled because of Jang Ok jung , but later on she will be back to the palace with a Big Bang!!. But in Jang Ok Jung, Queen Inhyeon was dethroned by the king's decision. Only 6 episodes left before the end of the show. So what is the role of Lady CHOI here? no sense aty all...

chris Hi..forget about the history..anyone remember Dong Yi, I can say that this drama is a prequel to Dong Yi

chris hi..well, forget about history first..anyone still remembered the drama called " Dong Yi" I can say that this drama is a prequel to Dong Yi, well, ok Jung will be punished during Dong yi's era whereby she tried to kill dong yi after becoming obsessed with power and the king dumped her for Dong yi lol...anyway, i think she will not die in this drama cuz it doesn't involve Dong Yi...so I expect a happy ending^^ but what's the point of this love story when in the she became bad..such a waste of time

kira i totally agree on what kristina said. if this drama will follow history then we already know the ending. it would be nice to follow history but i prefer if it would focus on JOJ and the king's love story. i thought that was the point of this drama. oh well. it makes me not want to watch the next ep. truuuuuee ~

hyungsang I also agreed wit Kristina! My opinion and wat I have to say is like kristina

cee I totally fell in love with KTH's character... the fact that her character is one of the few who made this drama a BLAST... JOJ is a kind girl that really love the KING from what i have observe from the film but the rudeness and the cruelness that she had shown. Rooted because of the people who always bullied her. But any ways I just hope that SBS will consider to have a better ending for this drama... thank you for eveyone who is behind this beautiful drama. SARANGHAEYO!

Peg I love this drama, even when I know it will end in tragedy and death. KTH & YAI have great chemistry together and really bring this drama alive. The truth is for the hopeless romance fans who hope for the happily ever after will be disappointed, there is really no such thing. Furthermore being a King, YAI never can really indulge in love ever after. This drama really rocks with wonderful costume and great supporting cast. Good work SBS!

Davia So basically this drama should have been titled 'Jang Ok Jung Fooled by Love'. If you are thinking of watching this don't believe the title. Basically you will most probably fall in love with and be routing for Jang Ok Jung, be fed a lie as to how much the king loves her and then be upset as you see the him betray her. This drama is very similar to Fashion King in that one of the leads is fickle and the other one gets murdered.

The Korean audience is evidently pretty brutal in putting down the lead actress because the story doesn't conform to what they were told happened historically. That just shows how blind prejudice is because Kim Tae Hee is doing one of the most breathtaking performances that I have ever seen. So much so that I can't bear to watch this anymore and see the betrayal evolve not only dramatically but personally against Kim Tae Hee.

Kristina I like the drama... I've been looking forward every week for the next episode.... I'm so loving it that even if there is no subtitles, I still watch it.... But Episode 15 and 16 upsets me. I was hoping to see the love story of Ok Jung and the King. But it seems like it is already fading from the plot. Oh well, I guess because this is suppose to be a historical drama. I was hoping to see another side of the story. After watching episode 16. I feel like I don't wanna watch the next episode anymore. Maybe I'll just wait till the whole drama ends and watch the end of it. Since the story is following history. I already know what it's all about.

soona this show is soooo interesting. ok jung is the type of woman i usually hate .. if inhyeon was the main charcter. i'd literally rip ok jung's face. however.. since she's the main character. i am soooo loving her. het wittiness and cleverness never fails to amaze me. i pity queen inhyeon since she's the type of charcter who's smart but never ever gets the chance to show it. she's really kind too. i'm liking this drama more and more by the daw. i can't wait to see how this show will end since according to korean history, jang ok jung will be sentenced to death by the king. i hope this one won't portray that..

Missy I'm waiting this drama to end by the end of June and just have a nice dawn-to-dawn JOJ marathon. But I had the recap peeks and naw, I feel sorry for queen inhyeon more, day by day. Taking shid for her father, left in the wedding night, her man never looks at her―forget about the heart, and etcetera. It's not just me, right?? Plus, it's HSH!! Ah, I feel like I need to have a romcom after JOJ ends.

CICI I love "Jang Ok Jung, Living by Love". I think the acting of Kim Tae Hee and Yoo Ah In is amazing and they have great chemistry together. You Ah In is the sexiest King ever and so romantic. It's so nice to see so many top notch actors and actress in the same drama and it is obvious everyone is giving their all to make this an epic drama. I highly recommend watching it. I am really impressed with the writer and director too. I know historically how it ends but I wish it could somehow have a beautiful ending for Jang Ok Jung and her King.

carlota JOJ really drive me crazy. I can't wait to the following episode. Anyone out there those who have watch the whole story, pls write down the ending of the story. JOJ is the best korean drama history based. I am looking forward to watch or preview about the ending of the story. PLS korean crazyfans.

yoo oh ar jang ok jung's true colors are shining through...anyways we cant blame her if something happens to me like that im sure i have to fight back, im not a martyr!!! but i know we are hoping for the best side of JOJ to be portrayed a little bit longer,i think its too early for JOJ to have her vengeance....

Ro Bin It's already a great drama but I know that SBS favors sad endings. In their last 10 or so drama's of the Joeson Dynasty, they ALL have a sad ending. After the Queen of Ambition's ending, I am ready to enjoy the drama but know there will be a let down at the end. Here is hoping I'm wrong.

Robin For me, KTH did a wonderful job in this drama. The emotions being so in love with king was shown with subtleness. The change of character, the emotions, facial expressions were perfect, not under acted neither over acted. She's just perfect for this role. Plus of course the undeniable beauty. For me, she's really a SMART ACTRESS. She knows where she's lacking and how to tackle/fix it.

Syncx I love this drama so far but I'm scared that shes going to be like she is. Depicted in Dong Yi and I really disliked her mom and her brother. I hope in this one she has a baby and like to change the endind to a good one because if they don't then this is going to sucks but I just can't help but watch hoping for the best, looking at this it shows how she became so evil , not excusable but understandable T.T fingers crossed

Daffy I love the story. Everybody in this drama is good accept for Kim Tae Hee. Her acting is so poor, so bad although she is very beautiful and elegant. I like the show, but KTH ruins it for me. I will still keep watching regardless.

Venus I can't stop replaying the episodes of this drama whole waiting for new episodes to come out. If online dramas are counted as ratings, it'd be ranked first trust me. People in koreas doesnt appreciate this show because just because they don't like jang hee bin and saeguk's drama. I am totally obessed and addicted towards Jang Ok Jung, living in love. It's a must watch drama, geddit?

I hope the ending isn't disappointing

nell Since i have been searching who is Jang Ok Jung in korean history and how she is behave and ended in "Dongyi Drama" - Knowing all about her make me think if i should or not to watch this Drama. Anyway i love KTH and the King actor, i will watch this drama, and i really hope is not going to be disappointing.

Hana Yoo ah in is such a brilliant actor. I enjoyed every minute watching this drama.I just hope it will have happy ending not like fashing king.

Lilee (Translation from French)

I dreamed I was Queen of Korea I lived long ago In the Kingdom of Flowers and Bees Dressed with silk and sweet flowers I walked and smiled to you, my prince I was dead 300 years ago Mon poisoned heart still searches for My lost love in the dark foliages Of the royal graves Lost in the snowy hills Give me one more chance to love This man with his ravaging smile For whom I was the only love Oh, social class, barrier to innocent love Taking me to kill for love Wake me up in another body And allow me to re-live another and great love With you, far from power and vanity I will be queen and full of your love You will build a castle for me Where we will have our children I will sleep in your arms And you will kiss me under the moon Bright and in love How many years should I long for you With my feet in the cold water of this dark earth Where thousands of nights had passed by But my heart in love longs for you day and night.

For Jang Ok Jung

bombaskimchee This is my first time watching a saeguk.usually I can't sit throught any historical dramas because theyree are soo boring. But this drama has been my crack lately. The chemistry btw Kim tae hee and the sexy king in Ep 8 is on fiyahhh. *sizzle* I'm sad this show doesn't have better ratings. If ur hesistant try this drama out!

sonyeorilakkuma Although this drama is well constructed and all, it doesn't make my style. It is somehow a bit too modern for a sageuk and the History isn't well depicted. The objective of sageuks it's to depict Korean History and show its beauty to everyone. That's not what's happening. People are criticizing the History because Jang Heebin was evil and greedy. It is REALLY weird to watch this drama to me, because I'm attached to Korean History and I actually do know that Jang Heebin was intelligent and beautiful enough to manipulate the King and kill Queen Inhyun. I just don't feel well with it. And I think this explains the low ratings.

noni love YAI and KTH acting............one of my favourite saeguk dramas beside The moon that embraches the sun athough i liked it just because KSH (Ga in Acted just not good,sorry to say)....keep fighting Jang Ok Jung....never understand why the rating is low.......

Sandy I have a feeling this drama is going to end in tradgery. Hopefully this drama doesn't go by the History... It is sad knowing the king will have another Queen coming in soon. Sigh...

santy Love Yoo ah in..love the drama..love kim tae hee

jiyheon i dont like the rating.. it so underrated.. the drama is wonderful.. great...this is a must seen drama for me...hope their rating go high...really love every episode they produce :) FIGHTING Jang ok jung!

ysvetlana I haven't seen this drama...but i'll definitely watch this in the future...the story was interesting...I've seen so many dramas that involved the evil jang ok jung as the main antagonist...but this one is different, the writers are now trying to break her image as the evil queen by showing her good side...and also it is good to know that sukjoong used to love her before...

LAPM I don't where to begin with JOJ. Other than I am SO massively pushing it like candy to girlfriends. I started in on Kdramas (the grown up ones) back some time last summer and didn't even know I was sinking hard and fast. Netflix carried the Hallyu series and those went over well moderately. What really had me wanting more of the period Kdramas came in the form of Chuno. That was a massive withdrawal perido so I had to find something... FAST! Found Seondok but something about that story and its cast that didn't gel with me. RN1 came upon a midnight clear some months later and boom! the occasional "sure will do" became a full throttle search for outstanding scripts, casting, cinematography and scoring. <-- how I watch films.

When you fall in with Dae Jang Deum and RN1, those are hard acts to keep up with. SO new I was to this whole telly drama stuff, I was so enthralled by those two series, I was writing the studios, the distributors, and bought the series in whole to OWN. (Not a true addict until you've added your favorites to your collection! LOL). So over time, I was all over some other period/historical offerings through Dramafever and Hulu looking, searching for something that would keep up. Ran into a wall of the K-Poppers, the formulaic, or helter skelter. Found gems with characters (Gye Baek - where you fall for the supporting cast, like Cha In-Pyo's Moo Jin and quit the show promptly after he dies according to schedule). Spent some time with the "grown up" contemporaries doing the IRISes / So Ji Subs / Ji Jin-Hee / SSH following actors (as opposed to serials), but I knew I am totally historical. Nothing popped... so went on an hiatus waiting for something worthy to come along.

Until about a two weeks ago when I found 4 epis of JOJ... I've not been this excited about a historical of this caliber since the treasure finds of last December. Went through rather waiting for the shoe to drop, for something to go horribly wrong (it turns shamanic, a badly colored redhead pops in, SOMETHING along those lines and other pet peeves about formula), but was SO, SO happily proven to the contrary. Needless to say, with the 10 years between JOJ and DJG, I am so glad that some writer out there took this to SBS, feeling the need to appeal to an older crowd, and the production set came about.

YAI - what a transition from supporting actor to the indomitable JJH in "He Who Can't Marry", as this gangly kid, doing what gangly, barely out of teens kids do in dramas to full on male LEAD. Whomever the casting director is for JOJ, I just want hand over an Emmy because what an OUTSTANDING selection. YAI has totally floored me with his leading man performance. He's beautiful to watch in motion - he's both falliable as and perfect in character. I was ready to hang him in Episode 7, but he was promptly forgiven in 8. There are not enough superlatives for just how wonderful he's grown as an actor with a craft and heading into more serious, mature scripts. That he's physically filled out as well, makes one smile. Like a cheshire cat!

The dire problem about that KPoppers face is the typecasting - there is no sense of development, growth in career, or that casting agencies / personal agents are out scouting for the right script to give them that BOOST out of perrenial teenybopper roles and transitioned into more serious work. Something that will get them a more solid base if not at home, certainly us international addicts. It works, probably pays well to remain in that kind of vacuum if one never aspires to come out of Seoul.. YAI has popped out of the road and I SO, SO wish him such good, happy wishes even beyond JOJ. In the meantime, we're jealously hording the episodes every week for gratuitous screen time he has.

KTH and YAI are like LYA and JJH were to Dae Jung Deum. See their faces together and you know, KNOW Jang Ok Jung. That said, am buying the series head on after they release it. I just gotta have it.

Episode 8 was like the Superbowl went off in our Kdrama weekly get together. Great script retorts delivered by KTH. Especially along the lines over how she really to find the man but instead found merely a king. We applauded, laughted, cried, and whomped ourselves through 8. Kind of went quiet seeing that the last we see is Prince D witnessed the kiss heard/seen/FELT around the world!! But man, did we LOVE some YAI in SAN DIEGO, CA last week! The horrible thing about the waits it's feeling as we are letting go of family. Over the weekend had to play lazy with YAI all first 8 twice over. LOL!

Yes, SBS, FB have heard all the good, awesome stuff on JOJ. So, SOO, good that a writer out there has taken to writing for an appreciative, albeit < 20s. Keep up the GREAT script. PS Wish I had never read into the "historically" correct story. So am hoping that SBS takes poetic licensing to the crux/end of the tale. Make Queen Inn take the fall. Better yet, the Queen Mum from hell. LOL!

Gems among the supporting cast: Prince Dyongpyeung and Court Lady Cheon.

hyunhyungsang I love this drama soooo much!!!!! Ep.9 & 10 are the best episodes!!!!! Omgeee!!!!! Sooo interesting!!!! I will absolutely buy this drama!!!!!!!! Gosh one of the best!!!!! I cant wait for more of the romance!!!!!! Ahhhhh!!!!^-^ I lovee it!! I love the actors soo much!! Ok jang and the king!!!!♥♥ I love this!!!!♡♥

KATRINA Hi, I am a fan from the Phil...Many followers here are watching your episodes...You got the best writers , characters, and all....so I wonder where this dumb ratings came from???I the reason why you are not watching it because of history, then don't cling on to the past...it is much better to have twists and turns ....much more fun and exciting than always using and doing the usual way..keep it up guys!!!never mind the ratings!!!as long as you are globally recognized and followed...

rejean angelie This drama reminds me of another good or perhaps the "best" historical kdrama The Moon Embracing the Sun" Goodluck to "Jang Ok Jung", may you enjoy the ratings as "The Moon...." did.

Lolippe I think drama is best and yoo ah in will always my idol

yoo oh ar best drama series so far..i hope i will not be disappointed with the ending coz we all know how cruel jang ok jung in joseon history...it wud be much better if they omit jang ok jung and titled it as" Live in Love"..

She Who Shall Not Be Named Sigh. I can't believe the ratings for the show are so low domestically when it is gaining so much favour internationally. It's a shame really but I guess Korean's are just missing out. I'll never judge a show by its ratings again. On a better note, *swoon. Wasn't the ending to episode 8 the sweetest. He was just... *melts into a puddle. Their love transcends even the rigid class system. They're going to have a long road ahead to be together though. But I do feel sorry for Prince Dongpyung. I guess his unrequited love was never meant to be. Anyway, can't wait for the next episode to come out... even though I don't even know what they're saying =='. Now would be a really good time to learn Korean. I just love the colour, costumes, personalities... how Ok Jung and the king are so obviously in love but not consumed by it EVERY MOMENT OF THE DAY. It's a nice change. Best drama EVER! (But that might just be the fangirl in me)

Kit OMG.. This drama is good... I never thought I will be hooked into the story...it's very romantic... I love it! It's worth to watch...

kaddict OMO! I'm loving this drama and the chemistry of both leads :D Hwaiting!

ardent There is no dull moment in this drama. I always look forward to every scene between Yoo Ah In and Kim Tae Hee. The kissing scene between them at the end of Episode 8 is very touching and unforgettable. First of its kind in a sageuk!

lalalalalalaand Jang Ok Jung is definitely going to be on my list of favorites... This is one of the best ageuks I've ever seen, besides Queen Seondeok, Sungkyunkwan scandal, and Dong Yi

KT Please, please make Jang Ok Jung a good person. Every drama and folk stories she ends up evil. I hope it's different because it would be disappointing to see an end to a love story between Jang Ok Jung & the king.

Cherry OMG! I just watched ep 8 ... But I love Prince DongPhyun too!! >< I really really really wished that it's a happy ending! Or else I will have mental breakdown and die lol, hahahaha But chaebaaaaa, please have a good ending!! This drama is the best I've watched so far!

VIda Wonderful actor and actress. Jang ok Jung is my favorite drama right now. I can't stop thinking about this drama. Im watching it over and over again :) wishing for Monday to come faster :) I wish the rating would get better soon cos this drama is a must see. Worth every minute :)

Davia The ending scene in episode 8 is one of the most romantic scenes I have ever seen. I loved how he stepped into the washing pool to show that he did not care about class distinction. This grabbed me by the heart so much more than any flashy or idealized love scenes.

Davia This is drama is so fabulous!!!! It was great and now even greater! This couple have the best chemistry together on the screen.

Tina Park I'm a Big fan of Kim Sora who play Kim Tae Hee's mother. Being Korean American and big fan of Korean drama I like to see her come out more and she should have bigger parts in this drama. She's still beautiful for her age!! Maybe Korean dramas would have a bigger followers from America if they use more Korean American actors like her.

Deekshha where's Jae Hee??? but i'm hooked onto the drama... worth every second, every minute of it.. love it

Eve I like this kind of drama, another historical drama...like Lee Min Ho & Kim Hee Sun's "Faith" <3 Can't wait for the next episodes! :D

hyunsang Love this cant wait till ep.8!!!!!!! Tmrw!!!! Ahhh please hurry!!!!

yooasakura I really dont understand why this drama has a low ratings...wake up koreans!dis s a must watch drama series...the actors are great!!!

Anonymous I really don't understand why this drama doesn't have good ratings. Although it's picking up a bit slow, I think it's still interesting. Since I do like romance, I like the fact you can sense the chemistry between Yoo Ah In and Kim Tae Hee. This drama is one of the better dramas airing right now.

I love SK This is one of the best dramas that depicts the rich Korean culture in full-fledge.

Sw Jang Ok Jung is the one of my favourite dramas!!! I really like the plot that show the other side of Jang Ok Jung(Jang Hui Bin) Love this couple!!! Yoo Ah In&Kim Tae Hee❤ Can't wait for the next ep.!!!

sayakahikaru This drama is so good the acting is just superb i dont understand why there are some NR notes i mean i just cant stop watching it XD Kim Tae Hee and Yoo Ah In are amazing actors <3

hyungsang Omgeee im soo excited for theee next ep.!!! I love thisss drama soo much!!! And I love these two actors!!! They are both very pretty n handsome!! A very cute couple, one of the best for me that Ilove!! I watch this because of these wonderful actors!!! Awesomeness!!! Love this draMa 4ever!!! I wish a good and happy, lovely, wonderful ending!!!

lee nana this drama is the beast i love it and i cant wait the see the romance between these two i am so exiting yeeyyy and why everybody talking about t.o.p i dint get it.....................................

lee nana this drama is the beast i love it and i cant wait the see the romance between these two yeeyyy and why everybody talking about t.o.o i dint get it.....................................

Deekshha Yay!! Kim Tae Hee is back with a bang.. Don't know anything about Korean history but this drama sure makes history look good. On top of that fashion at those era quite interesting...Wish the team all the luck... Another great drama which I can hardly miss.

Davia Wonderfully entertaining. Worthy of the great KD tradition so far unlike some of other dramas of late. The perfect ratio of romance and drama that can often be lacking in the historical genre. Also Yoo Ah In is once again proving himself to be an intensely passionate, powerful and gifted actor.

Ahyeon I hope the writers put a spin on this drama and not follow the known storyline of Jang Ok Jung's life. Which shed Kim Tae Hee's character in a bad light. Hopefully, it will be different and a happy ending.

tiwi i love so much with this movie . i wait

robin I love YAI and KTH's chemistry.... the way they stare at each other, so beautiful!! Ep 03 was awesome! Excited for Ep. 04 and patiently waiting for the English sub.... FIGHTING JOJLIL love birds...lol...

armi i like this drama ....... can't wait for the next episode ... yoo ah in you're the best .. i love u oppa

Lalalala I'm sure this drama potrays Lady Jang Hee Bin from the other side, when Dong Yi potrays her to be a bad person. I hope there is a drama about Lady Mishil too! :)

Jae My guilty pleasure. Favourite drama at the moment. Can't wait for Yoo In Ah's character to fall deeply in love with Kim Tae Hee's character Jang Ok Jung.

skrwitch My favourite mon-tues drama airing right now! ^^

kdramahunter Yoo Ah In and Kim Tae Hee are very suitable couple... when i watch trailer first time, they looked very nice i am fallen in love with them...... i don't know about jang hee bin much... but in this drama jang hee bin is not wicked one right??????

Reag Magalona So excited to watch this I'm a fan of Yoo Ah-In! He's so freakin' hot even in robes! Missed that smoldering look I hope this drama is worth watching. I painstakingly watched Fashion King just because I like Ah-In and Se Kyung so I guess I would watch this just because of Ah-In. Just hoping the crew can deliver a better story of Jang Ok Jung, I liked her even when she was portrayed to be bad in Dong Yi, Jang Ok Jung is so glamorous and gorgeous. I actually goggled Korea's history every time I watch a sageuk just to better understand and familiarize with the character. I am a fan from Phil.

leafes i wondering in this drama, Concubine Jang's character is like what. since i'm already saw the awful and ambitious one in Dong Yi

Gezz, Yoo Ah-In is being trapped in love by three women. As a Joseon king, he can't avoid polygamy. that's the culture

rainfairy looking at the cast i guess this is going to be big .cant wait :)

didie ahh.. ive watched dong yi before and i dont know if this story is about before lady jung become a bad person. looking forward to watch it.

sohyun woow..really wait another story from sookjong's women!! and i think lady jang bad cuz she's really love sookjong.

ANGEL in dong yi lady jung is a bad person.. in this drama... is she good? which is which

Shirley I like Kim Tae Hee. Everyday I search her name to get updated new about her. I have watched all her films many times. I like her, even though that films got bad comments from viewers.

Kim Tae Hee, you never never give up to be an actress, pls!!

I am eager to meet you on screen, newspaper... I expect, one day you will visit our country (Vietnam) one more time and spend more time to communate with Vietnam fan.

Take care!

voodooqueen126 It's going to be hard to get emotionally involved in a romance where you know that in the end the hero is going to have the heroine drink poison...

Alem Yoo Ah In. After discovering Yoo Ah In through the very riveting drama Fashion King, I watched ALL of Yoo Ah In's movies and dramas that I could get hold of on the internet, even including Sharp 1 on You Tube which has no subtitles. He was so cute there. I hope that he and Song Joong Ki will have a drama together where they are bitter rivals. It would be the anti-thesis of their being awarded Couple of the Year.

Alem I will follow this drama primarily because Yoo Ah In is in it. The other reasons are secondary.

robin Regardless you're a sweet JOJ or a villain it doesn't really matter to me as long as I could see you again in the drama. I miss you so much. Your NINE TAILED FOX, LSIH, IRIS, MP, etc. were all AWESOME, for me! TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!

gina I am soooo happy that queen Inhyun would be portrayed by Hong Soo Hyun! love her since princess' man. and love Inhyun since Dong Yi! Would Jang Ok Jeong be bad girl in this drama too? love dramas about villains))

Rin Finally i can see Kim Tae Hee again. Can't wait to see the drama.

ImSunYong Well, I just wonder. Jang Ok-Jung is a wicked concubine, right? She used whatever the way was to get to the position as a Queen, wasn't she? Sorry if I am wrong, because my first impression of Jang Ok-Jung through the drama Dong Yi isn't very good. Why Kim Tae Hee plays as Jang Ok-Jung T_T

R. Smith I am so excited with this drama! I will always support you and I know this will gonna be a great drama because you're a very good actress! I find your acting very convincing! Just do your best and don't mind the haters... I love you Kim Tae Hee!

Queen Bee can't wait to death to see kim tae hee oenni at this drama, ooouuucchh i expect 8 april comes faster...miss u tons kim tae hee oennie,

Tae I can't wait to watch this. This is on my must watch list. Kim Tae Hee is such a natural beauty and Yoo In Ah is so hot. I can't wait to see them as a couple. April is coming so slow!!!

Vea Yeay! Kim Tae Hee and Yoo Ah In, both are my favorite Korean actors. This drama will not be aired in my country so I'm glad that d-addicts existed. I can't wait for this drama! Hwaiting! <3

Princess YAI I hope this will be shown here in the Phils. I love Ah In very much. He is such a great actor. I hope he is going to be more like Moon Jae Shin in this one.. see you soon Ah In! Mwah!

nathalie cant wait to watch this drama she such a good actor she is so pretty i cant wait :P

Megumi Watanabe "I'm a big fan of KIM SORA (Kim Seo-ra)" I find her to be so graceful in acting, she was great in all of her 2012 dramas, she's getting more popular in Japan as well. When is she going to appear in a movies since she has a beautiful face and would represent asian actress in a graceful way to the world. "fighting"!

Keith Most likely it will be aired in GMA7 here in Philippines since its historical. Because ABS-CBN does not show Historical. Even they have shown Sungkyunkwan Scandal, the story was not based on history.

she im happy for YAI's come back !!! i miss him alot and tae hee as well !!!!!! hope that t.v stations here in Philippines decide to air Jang ok Jung live for love !!!!

Missy HSH & YAI here as queen inhyeon & king sukjong. I'm not a KTH's fan but I'm also cheering for her in this role. But I might say I ship HSH's role more. I'm curious about how this will change the stereotype of jang huibin-queen inhyeon-choi sookbin.

chanana22 omgggg!I just silent screaming right now. Kim Tae Hee and Yoo Ah in are perfect pair! Cant wait!

Nua yay! Yoo Ah In! im happy for your comeback! after Fashion King, i'm waiting for your next drama and I hope this "fashion designing" drama will be the best like fashion king! I'm going to become a fashion designer one day!

may Why do they have to casts the two of my favorite actors? They should have casted a newbee actor so that I would not feel disappointed to whoever will play the second lead but If I were to choodse between Jae hee and Yoo Ah In, I prefer Jae Hee to be Kim Tae Hee's love interest.

Lee Tae I just found out that Kim Sora aka-Sora Jung will be playing the Kim Tae-Hee's mom. That's great news, I really love watching her on TV, plus she's from the states

babu101 gash!!! did T.O.P turn down drama...haist! but its okay,we know that his busy..and it's okay if its yoo in-ha..i'm looking forward for this drama..^_^

Tin I'm rooting for Yoo Ah In! Hoping that he will be picked as the lead actor. That would definitely be exciting to watch.

Hwa Kim tae hee and TOP omg.. this is gonna be epik!

babu101 KIM TAE HEE!!! i'm waiting for her new drama and here it is...im so excited!!!! i think T.O.P will do in here..

Soshi_Genie I hope either Song Seung Hun or T.O.P will accept the role ^^

gita i hope yoochan will be the role with kim tae hee...please.......

or song seong hun in more drama

Neri I hope T.O.P will accept the role ♥>_<♥

sukaku kim tae hee will always be my idol... waiting for her works

Zamen She is my idol. I always wait to see her drama. March 2013~~~~~please !!! Kim tae hee.

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