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  • Name: Park Min-Young
  • Hangul: 박민영
  • Birth Date: March 4, 1986
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 164cm
  • Blood Type: O
  • Twitter: @sweetestMY


  • The Cat | Goyangyi: Jookeumeul Boneun Doo Gaeui Noon (2011) - So-Hee

Drama Series

  • Healer | Heelreo (KBS2 / 2014-2015) - Chae Young-Shin
  • A New Leaf | Gaegwachunsun (MBC / 2014) - Lee Ji-Yoon
  • Dr. Jin | Dakteo Jin (MBC / 2012) - Yoo Mi-Na (present day) / Hong Young-Rae (Joseon Dynasty Period)
  • Glory Jane | Yeongkwangui Jaein (KBS2 / 2011) - Yoon Jane
  • City Hunter | Siti Hyunteo (SBS / 2011) - Kim Na-Na
  • Sungkyunkwan Scandal (KBS2 / 2010) - Kim Yun-Hee
  • Princess Ja-Myung | Jamyeonggo (SBS / 2009) - Princess Nak-Rang
  • Korean Ghost Stories | Jeolseolui Gohyang (KBS2 / 2008) - Myung-Ok (ep.1 "Nine-Tailed Fox")
  • I am Sam | Ayi em saem (KBS2 / 2007) - Yoo Eun-Byeol
  • High Kick! (MBC / 2006-2007) - Kang Yoo-Mi



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arun ur shorty makes u beauty n ur smilling face mskes me ur fan saranghao unni(iz dat min i lov u na haha) i realy mean it ****

sam your look so cute <3 my favorite drama is City Hunter

promise unni i love you so much keep up the good work and if am to suggest you and lee min ho look prefect together i wish you two didn't break up

fangirl Um, Pinocchio is NOT better than Healer. Pinocchio is a good drama, but Healer is ADDICTIVE! kAnd the leads have WAY better chemistry in Healer, trust me.

The chemistry in Healer can't be beat.

Nezha hope to see you in another romance action drama like city hunter and healer again!

i like ur role in that genre of drama! cz i got that feeling best when i see u in that genre drama!

nadhila_99 congratulations on the upcoming drama ( gossip girl ) Good luck always. . .. I love you unnie minyoung

Blossom Hey gorgeous, looking forward to see you in Chinese remake of Gossip girl. all the best and take care

Kekeb4li Keep fighting Minyoungie...we always luv u

PiYuMiUmesha Miss you eonni, come back soon.we love you

faridhawami Park min young you very beautiful. I miss your beautiful voice park min young. I wait for the next drama.

난 정말 당신을 좋아합니다. 당신을 사랑합니다 <3

Lahee Happy birthday to woori SweetestMY...birthdays are for fun,enjoy a sticky bun...saranghae

VaMy_Healer You are so lucky when Ji Chang Wook loved you in Healer.An eternal love I've seen <33

faridhawami you are very beautiful. your beauty very natural at all. saranghae park min young :*

naisy She has a very nice smile! And when she cries, it melts my heart! I LOVE HER IN HEALER!! Good luck!

evagreen Min young love, Sylvia love you so much, I'm always happy seeing you. U look so cute have watched all your films and I adore u in all, u are my number one Korea actress, pls don't stop smiling, you rock girl, I'm practicing to be always happy as you. Love you plenty.

mkl First, I'd like to say what wonderful growth you've shown in your acting skills and ability to move my heart in your drama Healer. It really shines through in your character. A superb drama, might I say! This was a perfect role for you and I'm glad you went with it. Best wishes in future roles. :-)

nadhila keep the spirit of the park min young. Do Not care about those who criticize you are not a good thing. you are an artist who is very beautiful, sweet smile, smart, friendly and smiling, fasyenebel. we always love you, Success....park min young

ita park min young is such a wonderful artist with a realy beautyful smile. wish to see your smile again.

HyoAe You are a great actress unni You have proven it again as Chae Young Shin. Enjoy Ur Holiday Unni,Happy Holiday!

Nana Park min young, thank you for your wonderful acting in healer. I loved you sooo much in city hunter, but this time I think you were wonderful, I love the singing and dancie you did it was awesome, you are so cute and talented. I thought you and lee min ho were the best couple, but after seeing you with Ji Chang wook I've changed my mind. You guys were awesome. You rock girl, I wish you the best of luck.

Nelly Sabando Im gonna miss you right now.i was so in love with your acting. I hope it wont take long to do a drama or film again after the healer..saranghamnida PMY...

Michelle Hi Park Min Young. I saw you in S. Scandal and I enjoyed the drama very much. You were awesome, and talented. Congratulations on your last years KBS Drama Awards. You and JCW deserved it. Your latest drama Healer is one of the best I've seen. Love your carefree, cute and funny character. You and Ji Chang Wook had such wonderful chemistry and appeared to be a PERFECT COUPLE! I and many of your fans hope to see you both in more future dramas. (cross my fingers!) In your recent interview with KBS Entertainment, you mentioned that you would like to get married. Have you consider JCW? I believe he's a wonderful guy with a great sense of humor! Gosh you both are so so good and so matching. Best wishes to you and JCW.

lamarana lee Min young unnie you are one of my best actress in korea.really love you.unnie fighting...!!!!!!!

Cynthia She kinda looks like Jessica Jung. Both gorgeous <3

Ashley Gorgeous, you are the best. Love you

hanna saranghae Park Min Young. we just want to let you know that we will always support you. We love from Philppines. <3 . We wish and pray for more roles for you. Ajja

Anna Dear Park Min-Young, you are simply the BEST. I saw you at "Sungkyunkwan Scandal" for the very first time, and I fell in love with your acting, you were magnificent, beautiful, your acting was super fantastic, and I love that drama. Then, I saw you at "I am Sam" you were so fantastic in that drama. And Now, I'm watching the "Healer" you are one the BEST Korean actresses I've ever seen. Keep up the good work, and best of luck to you.

Karina Firts time i saw you at bigbang mv (haru-haru).. your acting is very natural, that's why i adore you so much.. keep your hardwork unnie, love you..

nlana Park min young-ssi stay cool, sweet and stay smile for your fans, we love you <3 you're like moodbooster for mee :)

You make my day sooo happy and valueble :))

We love you We love you Park Min Young. Fighting. you are super cool and talented. Your role as Chae young shin is loveable.

Siwan She is pretty and she's fine. But somehow I don't find her attractive in the Healer.

stella I love her new drama's perfect :)

Ashley My sincere congratulations for winning Excellent actress award and best couple award. You deserve it. Keep up great job.

AG_04 Hi Unni!I'm your super duper fan,especially the MinMin couple but sad to say that you and Lee Min-Ho Oppa broke up.But it's ok I'm still a fan of your's,but I hope that someday You and Lee Min-Ho get back together in the arm's of each other because you two got the perfect combination for being a couple even in real life.I hope that my wish come true someday.I <3 U so much,Unni<3!!!

charles dj Loved you a lot in city hunter

nlana park min young you're rockkk !!!

lialyn abella Healer and pinocchio are both good drama i watch them bot coz im also a big fan off park min young and park shin hye..also lee jong suk

PiyuMiUmesha Keep rocking Chae Youn Shin. Love u exited 4 the KBS awards. Min young Unni fighting!

Aya Hii! I'm from egypt , i love you so much ..i'm a big fan for you really you are beautiful .. i like ur smile..but i miss ur long hair in city hunter but you still beautiful as usual <3 Love you :-*

john nguyen you are amazing and i feel that you and ji chang wook have good chemistry together :) the only thing that would make it perfect is if you took off that wig and show your beautiful hair!

Happy Min Young-sii you're daebaaak !!!

I'm bigfans of you~~

lover I miss your long hair too. You were more beautiful with those long hair

Mariana You are doing a great job as Cha Young shin! so lovely character. I am amazed

oh god Oh my gOD. Dear Drama Critique or whatever bullshit name you made up to sound legit, stop acting like your opinion is the only right one, if healer was such a waste of time then why the f**k did you come here to waste some more? First of all I find healer more suspensful and thrilling than pinocchio but that doesn't mean i don't love them both. The only thing similar about both of these dramas is that the proffesion REPORTER is involved. that is all. stop being a f**king idiot and comparing two completely different dramas. nobody asked you to do so, you're f**king pathetic. LOVE THIS ACTRESS THO reason why I came here was to see where else can I watch her!!! Shes lovely!!!

KDramafan Please, ignore one of the comment below about Pinocchio being better than Healer. They're both completely different dramas & airs on different days -__-" Healer is not a waste of time to watch. Park Min Young's character in Healer is refreshing & fun to watch. If you're wondering whether or not you should watch it then I would say go for it.

M2x Those who're comparing PSH and PMY .. Get a life please ..

M2x Omg i miss your long hair ㅠㅠ

PiyuMiUmesha You are rocking in HEALER. Can't wait to see you tonight in 3rd ep.


Drama Critique After watching Pinocchio, watching Healer is a terrible waste of time. Both are about reporters, past life incidents, and two actors+1 actress main casts. However, Pinnocchio has way better casts, story, and actions than Healer by far. Park Shin Hye's performance in Pinocchio clean-sweeps Park Min Young's performance in Healer. The main casts in Pinocchio are well matched, but the main casts in Healer are mismatched. If they were aired by the same station, we could've already named the winner.

PiyuMiUmesha U r awesome in healer. Chae Young Shin Fighting!

sisi park min young is very cute

francis PMy ur so beautiful im starting to love you noW..

Jessica I love you pmy! I am so happy to see you again! You are a true person! So happy that you didn't end up with lee min ho! He didn't defend you from your bashers! I love you pmy!

Love PMY You are the most adorable. Waiting to see you in Healer

JOY You Re Beautiful Nd Active

cindy unexpected ending of city hunter so horrible and disappointing.but happy to see you both in one drama.hoping someday you both together in real life

cindy beautiful and watching your movie

Maureen Mizuno I really like her a lot. She is so talented and seems so likable. She is naturally beautiful and not hard looking. I have always enjoyed her performances in anything I have seen her in. I was so happy when she and Lee Min Ho were dating. I thought they would be so good together. I sincerely hope they have another chance at it in the future.

Xan would you marry me Park MinYoung? i love you... XD

Zia Guys, leave your comment on Min Young's upcoming drama "Healer" AsianWiki page as well. Lets love and support her next project. I am truly awaiting Healer starring Park Min Young, Ji Chang Wook and Yoo ji tae.

vickydove i love u very much, expecially your role as kim na na with lee yoon sung(lee mi ho ur boyfrnd) with ajussi in city hunter.always suport u. U are d best

emmy you are just so cool,smart and pretty. ur past doesn't matter now. I am gonna focus on d present. l luv ur smile so much. wish u all d luv n happiness lyf has. lukin 4wad to healer. hwaiting!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!

teemafeena are you that jealous of her?i think you are the ugly one...stop waisting your time writing onreasonable comment on peoples blog,go find some work to you alot MIN YOUNG

Floweret Looking forward to Healer. We love you

hana Can't wait for your new drama Min Young shi... I'm happy i can see you on tv again this year. But i have to wait till dec...but still i'm grateful. I wish A BIG SUCCESS for you PARK MIN YOUNG and your upcoming drama HEALER.....  :-D <3

Polar Bears I'm glad to say that I'm the biggest fan of you, Min-young. Too sweet.,

Raisa I miss Kim Nana. Best wishes on all your new projects. Re: City Hunter, who decided on that horrible ending??? Whoever it was, he or she should be fired.

Dom I like you but you are not my type .............he he he he joking; I m mad of you .... I wish if you are sis........

Zia I am hearing that you are planning to cast in a drama " Healer" along with actors Ji Chang Wook and Yoo Ji Tae?! I will be so happy to see you in another drama. All your fans are anticipating to see your new projects. Love you very much

Blossom Today, you were so lovely with your airport style at Incheon. Looking forward to more photos from photoshooting <3 Love you. And you promised to make another project until the end of this year. We are waiting for it dear Mn Young.

Lily I liked her way better before she changer her face sooo much... Now I do not even watch her shows. I tried watching City Hunter, but I just couldn't......

Ajan She's cute and adorable. Go Unnie. Fighting! ...

Suzanna Cute and pretty, but not a fan of her acting abilities. She'd fall flat on her face in a market other than Korea where they have a limited acting pool.

Zubair i like you so much and u r gorgeous

afi i almost never like drama but this one really touched my heart... i love the way you acted in the drama very much... absolutely full of heart...

Zia Love and miss you. Comeback soon

min ho I love u so much my darling....park min young kim nana

Adediwura Blessing wow..ah really love you and the way you kind of addicted to korean movies....and i hope that one of these dayz i will get to meet my u

stella a new leaf was a good drama but hope see you in another drama or movie 2014... :)

Young bee Hi, park min young i really like your acting and i also like you very well i am your number 1 fan love you

kimberly hi park min young i am your fan from philippines your movies is so very beautiful and i like most is the city hunter you and lee min ho looks good and because i love lee min ho because he so very handsome and he looks gentleman well i hope you are good bye and god bless you im your number 1 fan.

cornelius I pray for a long (If Christ is yet to come) health, wealthy, and peaceful for the special & extra-ordninary extra beauty tallented Park Min Young .

K.Anne Hello! You`re such a good actress :) You`re so pretty

Vanquisher I like u very much because your very pretty, i like the way you smile ,you become so cute girl

Blossom You are the best, love you gorgeous <3

hana I'm happy you choose A New Leaf as your comeback drama. Lee Ji Yoon is so cute and bubbly.,and you and Kim myung min Chemistry was so so GREAT!.I never thought that i would love this pairing,but looked at myself now..i'm hooked with both of you Kim Seok Joo n Lee Ji Yoon....Love Love Love <3 A New Leaf THE BEST!

jasmine I think if you chose "you are all surrounded"or 'doctor stranger" was beter because maybe they are more popular and they are for sbs...but ilike your new drama"a new leaf" too... It is interesting...:)

meeyoung Park minyoung.....I love you.....I am a fan of yours....I wish you could go back to lee minho before he goes to someone-else

ali Hi, I hope you play like waiting forever stay healthy

Oreoluwa bello I love bear na na she is cute i hope u ur next film will be a big hit...fighting!!! am one of your fans frm nigeria

Gift PMY the most beautiful woman in he world she is so coo and pretty with her smiling face ......... I intend to buy all her films ...i love dis names kim nana floppy ears nana bear nana and chicken nana so funny

Guy I really want to see The Cat. Seems like a real thriller. Sometimes I feel like my love life could be made into a Korean horror movie. You are a sight to see for sore, tired eyes. Soothing, with a kind face.

Onyeweke Victor Hey! Chicken,bear and floppy ear Na Na :) so much love those names! Your my fav korean actress,love you loads! Hope to see you and 'Min Min' do another movie!

teemafeena Hy sweetestMY...cant wait to see u in a new leaf,hope it comes out soon!

vio vio Congratulations sweety ,more beautiful movies and much happiness!

rafel adesina wow,kim nana,bear nana...i love you with all my heart...that city was a great one,hope to see you and lee-min-ho(lee yoo sung) another movie sure lee-min-ho is ur boyfriend in the real rafel from NIGERIA

adegboyega adeola adenike park min young unnie you are the best i pray your new drama a new leaf will soon be release in nigeria i am looking forward to it my first drama i watch when u were there was city hunter nd it was really interesting after that i watch glory jane and i am sam you are the most beautiful actress and you are also my favourite actress i am your fan from nigeria i really hope to know you better park min young unnie i am 14 years you are the best

CICI Hi, Park Min-Young, Welcome back in your new drama "New Leaf". You look wonderful and already your acting is excellent.(as usual) I'm looking forward to watching you with Jin Lee Han.You're one of my favorite actresses. Fighting!! :)

12hariam21 i love kim nana..,you're the best actress..,you're MAY1 and only favorite actress..,prettiest min young fighting..,i like your charater in a new leaf..,it really suits you:)) i like the way you cary yourself there..,i love your outfits:))

kdrama i hope you can have a drama again together with yoo ah in... :)

1stson Lots of love from Nigeria;I love you bear Na Na

nanachu Weew.. the cherry Min Young just come back :)....From the casts, I think this drama will be serious drama..Need to wait it...

Akinola Ridwan Oh my big sister, saranghae, oh i really miss you much, since it has been a while we talked last. I really miss you please be back soon. Always love you dear. Please all Park Min Young fan please always vote for her, in world lovable and popular celebrity, we can help her, we can do it. And we can make her best among best

Lidia Saw all your drama loved you in Sungyunkwan and City Hunter, looking forward to seeing you again.....

dana ca't wait to watch your new drama ,, park min young you're my favorite actress

yas finally we can see you in a new drama!!! cant wait...!!!

MySelf Finally Min Young shi...a new drama in 2014! I'm happy to hear this news :-).it's been too long you know?:'(.anyway,i'm excited for your new drama, A New Leaf.!welcome back Dear ;-) Love <3 n support you Always.. :-D

shaff greetings...hope you are doing good?cant wait to see u in your new series...MUCH SARANG

Oliver Loved your acting in Glory Jane and Sungkyunkwan Scandal hope to see soon ;) and new drama this 2014 :D

Redson Happy belated birthday, nuna! :)

Sung Wishing you special happiness, wonderfully memories and all the best on your Birthday and every day!

shayolika Happy Birthday!!!! I am a big fan of you.... Love your cute face

julie ajut Happy Birthday to you Min Young....I like your acting in City Hunter....wishes you longlife and be blessed.just stay forward.hwating...:-)

teemafeena birthday wishes to charming,loving and everlasting park min young...wish you long life and prosperity and good health....stay cool,,,hwaiting!!!

Loueli Kals hello, love all your movies and you do a good job and I love your warm smile too.

Loueli Kals hello, love all your movies and you do a good job

mehran I waiting for your comeback.

caseysone hope you act with seung hung oppa or kim soo hyun oppa,top bigbang also can daebak fighting

yas is it true that she will not act in You're All Surrounded? hope its not true...

lolita why, oh why??? You already promise us to comeback to small screen ASAP...please fulfill your promise...

sian I'm upset you cancel You're All Surrounded!!

Young hee You are so cute unnie <3 can't wait for your new drama :)

fattyshaff HELLO...come back quickly,we cant wait any longer...JEBAL,,,and also HBD in advance

shafii HI min young....dont know if to be happy or not about your new movie with LSK,but i think x a nice idea cox to some extent i like LSK nd u also as my best K-actress..i will always support you if you go for DOCTOR STRANGER or YOU ARE SURROUNDED::::wish u succexx in your new movie!!!

Lovely Min Young shi, waiting for your comeback, did you decide to take the role in "You are surrounded"? lots of love

hesan from iran Dear min yung, I love your "City Hunter" drama that play with Lee min ho. really with this drama I saw you for first time. I congratulate you for this excellent role that played. I hope that you will be succesfull in the feture. with best regards.

yoomin min young. I'm addicted to your drama skks. I'm a die hard fan of yoochun and also to you. I'm hoping that you can be together in real life 'cause both of you really look good. opinion only, but i hope to see you both in another drama. Saranghe <3

sunny I think you will be lovely in a action or detective drama too....hope see you soon...

hana Min Young shi...please accept role in sbs drama "You're Surrounded".i cannot wait to see you become A detective/ must be so cute and adorable ;-). comeback quickly ok! :-).. Saranghae <3 <3 <3

MySelf Min Young shi...,please accept sbs drama "you're surrounded"! I'm sure You will be the cutest and the loveliest detective/cop In the WORLD ;-) Saranghae <3 <3 <3

Nana Min young .. we love you and waiting for your drama ... have a good day

juliano Please sign for SBS's drama after "Three Days", please!

Davin Van der Min young sshi please don't receive that drama becouse too much drama about medical than make people bored,,than it u will be pair with lee jong suk,,?? oh no he is realy weak be a man don't like him,,,hope u make a choice for a drama from the whose the actor ,,ok!

Beautiful Beautiful lady, we are waiting for your comeback, love and miss you :)

sunny hope see you in doctor stranger 2014.....come back soon...... :)

noy PMY miss to see u on the next drama please comeback soon,,

I love PMY Sungkyunkwang scandal man of honor and city hunter favorite dramas

I LOVE PMY Damn cute and sexy u drives me crazy :*********

sunny I am so Excited to seeing you in a new drama 2014...!!!!!!! come back soon we miss you :)

sunny I am so Excited to seeing you in a new drama 2014...!!!!!!!come back soon we miss you

nazhin park min young i mizz u!!! :)

bhamjhay i kim nana....min young i love your eyes and your acting when you go back in television i miss you so much....

CatFish please do a rom-com again, avoid sageuk, MBC's wed-thu dramas, and MBC&SBS weekend dramas, those dramas are not worhy to watch recently. I'll be happy if you play SBS's wed-thu.

Milena Min Young, you are the most charming and the most talented actress. looking forward to seeing you in 2014. <3

chalcy COME BACK!!!! I really want to see you in a drama or movie.....My favorite korean actress...Fighting

nazy I wanna see you in a new great drama again.....we miss you plz come back soon...hope see you in 2014 :)

Miss Happy New Year noona! B a beta christian and act 2. 2013 was empty witut u. Hop 2 c u sooner in a drama or movie

Elizabeth Eonni, i really miss you why don't you act in more drama or are u quit, please don't quite wish to see you in new drama this year luv you, and happy new year.

hana Min young shi...,how long we have to wait?? 2013 feels so boring and empty w/o you. meaningless year for me :-(.hope you gonna choose a drama soon.i'll be waiting..:-).by the way, Can't wait to see you endorsing n modeling for ISENBERG in's gonna be cool...:-P.Min young shi FIGHTING! ;-)

Nargiza Min Young, we miss you! please come back soon

ann-j hope min young do another drama series with lee minho.. i miss them both.. <3

sally Hope see you in a new drama happy

Zuali MIN YOUNG!! Come back..!! We miss youuu T^T

nana we miss you......when do you want to come back?????

yonnaa Where is min young now?.. model, movie, drama... where are you?

ibtihal Min young sshi you are the best of the best >>>>>> fighting

Blossomnagr She will be back soon :)

jasmine where is she?why she doesn't act in a new drama?

pandji kim na na you look so pretty :)

georgina Is her career dead already?!...Where is she?....No more offers?...Did she changed agency?...she was with Kingkong Entertainment before, right?

yesmin Kim Na Na youre the best i love u're acting oh in City Hunter u acted very well evean when u were with kim young joo and my fav Lee min ho

uchenwa. Kim na na,I really really love ur acting style especially city hunter,wish you will stay with Lee Min Ho oppa till the end. Great future ahead. Nigeria

irellor I hope to see you on a new series

drama or comedy. You are one of my fave

actress in korea im from philippines

Blossom Dearest Park Min Young, be happy and stay with us as much as you can. Waiting for your new doramas. Love you because you are very talented and super cute <3

jasmine best korean actress = park min young

mina so cute and nice

marion you are as cute as a button. your act in "city hunter" is amazing. i hope to watch other dramas you star in. both you and lee min hoo make the cutest couple ever. you are an inspiration.

joyce ann hi!!!!i like you in city hunter!!!!!!!:)) and also i like your smile..killer smile..and so cute.

Ke Chan i like your smile!! so cute~

kHariSma sUpERr pRettYyyyyy ....

Avitalkka Minmin Couple Why do you like that? City Hunter is the first series I saw and immediately fell in love with you and I am glad that you were a pair of not only the series but in reality I hope you'll get back will be together I miss you lee min Ho oppa I can not believe what you do not consent to a second season of City Hunter? Why? I am very disappointed. I am very sad

bhavana iam an indian....but i love korean dramas,especially those of park min young and lee min ho....i really love both of them soo much....waiting for lee min ho new series HEIRS....and park's new drama...........

Keeve Franklin I am a Filipino but I really love korean Dramas, especially those of Park Min-Young. Omo! I love you already. I'm an avid fan of yours. City Hunter is the best action-drama I've ever watched. Hoping for part two! More power to you.

kadesha Min young shi..its already August 2013..miss you onscreen and reading new stuffs about you..hope you come back with a mindblowing drama..saranghaeyo!

Chase It's a year since your last acting. I need to see you in a drama before 2013 ends!

regina Drama 2013 please !

Faith Ahnyeong noona! No matter wat pple say, u r reali beautiful. Fighting!!

Magob I miss you so much, when you will be back?! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE You Forever and Ever

park young shou park min young is a sex girl

Nagrima She is very talented and lovely. I watched almost all her movies and waiting for her new doramas! Best of the best!

Shiela Park Min Young is such a great actress and I do hope that she will surprise us with a great acting together with Lee Min Ho again..I really find City Hunter the best of all the Korean drama I watched..It was a complete package that's why many fans love her..

princess anna you know what, i really do love you park minyoung.. You're just every guys ideal girl, because you're beautiful, perfect and hot. and i wish to be just like you! <3.. I really want you to end up together with Lee MinHo.. It's still not too late right? oooh, i really love park minyoung

vivi I love lee min ho and park min young.I realy wish u both end up 2geda. Minmin couple

hana it's already may 2013....i wanna see you in drama ASAP!!! missing you so much :(.hope you come back soon.....i'll be waiting.saranghae :)

Daragon OMG Just wathed City hinter and she was amazig hahah :D and so it Lee MinHo! How ironic that both of them did a drama when there was a DOCTOR THAT TRAVELLED FROM THE FUTURE TO THE PAST XD and they both are the characters that are fron the Joseon era buwhahhah

Very ironic :'D I love it tho hahha c: woop! I loved her is Sungkyunkwan Scandal, I am Sam and also in City Hunter c: WOOOP Keep up the good work gurl ;D

gift alex i really love her in city hunter, wish to see her in other movie

nepthali aia the best tandem is Park Min Young and Lee Min Ho

ginarafael i really love park min young.. God give her a beautiful face and a very good talent in acting.. i want to see again her doing a romantic comedy drama with yoo chun!! i really like there tan-them..

MohdNurIlmi I just want to see Park Min Young and Lee Dong Wook.. By the way, Park Min Young Shocking face above Look So Cute..

fafa I really wanna see Park Min Young and Yoo Ah In as female and male lead in another romantic historical drama! Korean producers/directors, Please cast them together! ^^

hnin lei U are so amazing actress,i love min min couple and min young unnie Hwaiting~!

Hannah Park Min-Young you are amazing. I've seen other shows with you in it but your talent and the passion you put into acting is amazing. I love City Hunter. Warm regards- Hannah

barbara Park Min Young is a good actress , she is pure , talented and i love her acting skills!

The first korean drama that i watched was City Hunter with Lee Min Ho, and i have to be honest, she was amazing . City Hunter will be always my fav korean drama .

Park Min Young figthing ! For the new drama ? I want to see you in a new drama! PLS xD

Nuna Missing her every moment, every time n everyday :-( wondering n waiting for your comeback..

Mike I hope you work with Director Kim Ki Duk. you are a beautiful, wonderful actress.

Tracey Park Min Young you are the best and I love it when you act together with Lee Min Ho you are a perfect match

jeraiah me too. hmmmmmmmmmm................ your my very2 favorite................ i hope you can read my message and reply it. hmmmmmmmmmmm...

mr troll really, her acting in city hunter was sweet and pretty BUT rough

Megan- I really liked Her in City Hunter ,i want to she her in more dramas :cc

Pls , ly PMY<3

DINA one word to discribe you : SWEET ! :)

imam OMG Park Min-Young is very cute cute cute X)

;-)bubbly Hi.,great acting in Skks, Minyoung. Yoochun is PERFECT for you..i think yoochun is in with love you  :-P his eyes shows that he love you  :-)

Nuna I'm missing u Park min young... Anybody know what she's been doing lately? Hope to see her in drama or movie soon... You're so Good in SKKS drama..the first drama that introduce me to the Great n Lovely actress with the name Park Min Young.. (^_^) i'll keep cheering for u from the distance. fighting girl..saranghae

Courtney OMO! I fell in love with her once I started watching City Hunter, planning to watch I Am Sam just because I love it when you act along beside Lee Min Ho <3 PARK MIN YOUNG FIGHTING!

Kunaenggo I just fell in love with her

Dhia Beautiful face,lovely smile, hardworking n diligent,.n a great attitude. thats what Park min young are..(^_^) Love her 4ever.,

I always go to minmincouple. to find latest news 'bout her.

titin waiting your next drama with lee min ho...

titin when playeed city hunter II with lee min ho....

Nuna Hi my lovely Park Min Young..are you busy with your study? There's no any latest news 'bout you...i really2 miss you.., I'm waiting,.....

Tijsme15 BigBang - HaruHaru

veian park min young...I love u

waiting your next drama..


Yushmen I like you park min young! I really really really like you so much! Dont be lonely to your life ok! Just enjoy your career. And take care! =^_^=

Nuna Hi my dear Min Young  :-D ..,just wanna say that I LOVE U..,i want u to be HAPPY always,SMILE always, lovely when u do..  ;-) i Hope for continuessly good luck in your did a good job there.. btw,guys.,Let's vote for Park min young in Seoul International Drama awards 2012  :-)

  • i starts to notice pmy in sungkyunkwan scandal..2010

① kim yoon hee ⑵ kim nana - ch ③ yoon jane - gj ⑷ hong young

    rae - tsdj

ragih i love you so much KIM NANA

cutiemae88 because of you and MinHo, I became a kpop and kdrama addict! I sooo love all your dramas and movies. your acting is very effective, it touches viewers feelings because you can show each of the character of the role you played naturally. you take care always! wish you more projects! ♥♥♥

Anna you are so nice . I love you so much! You like huge star as like as sun! Te amo

Hana Park min young Glory Jane is airing in Malaysian tv's mon-fri 8.30pm-9.30pm on 8tv.i've watch Gj on Kbs world last november,now i'm happy that i can watch pmy/gj again..... She's so cute.....

Missi Sorry I really hate the way you act ! I saw most of your dramas but I like none of them !!

keira I like her acting in sunkyunkwan scandal, but in other films i guess her acting Not that good, but not bad too. She has a pretty face and bright smile She reminds me to '4 minutes' leader ... They look similar face When i watched dr.jin, i think her acting was not natural,, she looked like Only following the scripts without the emotion in it, just opinion

I hope pmy can make a her best in the future bcos she's one of my favourite's korean actress

JOSEPH I LIKE YOU VERY MUCH KIM NANA.......................

mohsen hi i like to sex with you call me

Boyrain wow so cute I like Play you in D.r Jin U are a great actress . And mY favorite actress Good Luck


William Loved PMY in City Hunter! Looking forward to more dramas with PMY and LMH in them <3

jafarabuu parj min beautyfull (♥_♥)

sharifa natila yahiya i miss MINMIN COUPLE' in television,

 love forever' you are the best among the rest . . . .

natalie lim hmmmmmmpfffff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your my IDOL forever,. . . . your the best actress . . . i wish i saw you in

     personal :)  i love you Eonni !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we ove you ALWAYS :)

mahvash i love you . you are very beautiful i like play you in city hunter i hope you good luck always

elaine she's pretty she's cool she's perfect!

   love love love the tandem min-ho !

Mary Grace Pepito i hope the city hunter have apart 2

stef mana i love you park min young /..........................

im always watching city hunter just bcoz of you..............


jbcris hi..miss park min young I'm your my biggest fan..I love wen you smile...y u break up with Lee min ho

jo you are a great actress keep it up. praying for more projects for you. i have a collections of all your dramas and even movies. God bless you always.

Phey I really admire u. :)

Reanne She is very beautiful and I really like her in the movie : City Hunter :))

mama syafiq actually i love her acting in sungkyunkwan scandal but i more love her in city hunter...

napbie What's her next drama series? Can't wait :(

Wou chaii II Park min young i really like you..

Min young love Hi,Park min young..,saranghae:$,.be strong k.,can't wait for your next project..i hope to see u soon..;-) For your love life.,i just wish you found someone like Lee sun joon (sungkyunkwan scandal).,someone that can be by your side,and support u no matter u always.,

kim nana so what if she did surgery. she has the money and whatever makes her happy i guess its not a problem. Her acting is indeed great and should be remarked and not her physical appearance.

Magz wow you're really really pretty.. mua!

Magz Wow.. your pretty.. mua!

henky cute girl, i very love u in city hunter

Ritchie Really beautiful and cute :) i want to see her in person :)

Lance I wanna see her!!!! . SOON..

KIDO i really hope to see Park Min-Young and Lee Min Ho acting together in a movie or drama but i hope this time, in this future drama, to see more cutes scenes between them, Prak Min-Young you're really a good actress, and what the problem with the surgery? She is cute, and we can make whatever we want to look a really taff girl, keep it so long...

Elfed hmm.. i really reaaly like park min young... she is a good actress and have a good personality... i wish that she will soon have a upcoming tv drama again... can't wait... :D, God Bless PMY!!! :D

maia i recommend you to watch Sungkyunkwan Scandal..she's so great there and the male casts too. they are so lovable. The story is amazing. i still can't get over the drama. keep on repeating it every night.

miyuki she'e the one of the most beautiful women in korea.

miyuki she's my korean idol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)

miyuki she is so beautiful! and i like her beautiful smile.

REE she did surgery,but still ugly!!!!

cOol_dHadz Seeing you personally Kim Na Na (Park Min Young) would be the best experience in my life that I would treasure.. ^_^ Mr. Impossible Dreamer

cOol_dHadz Park Min Young you are so beautiful, If I have another life, I wish I was a korean, so that I have the chance to see you..(But I know it's Impossible) ^_^.. Hope your heart is as beautiful as you are.. Stay safe and Happy...

romelbrenio i like her ,I fell in love with her char in the drama "City Hunter", wish i could find a girl like you Na Na(Park Min-Young)

adarsh like dis drama..actress is xo chweet n gorgeus..liked her lip!!!!

loyalfan_1 After watching this most beautiful drama, truly PMY is an amazing actress. Her performance is just outstanding beyond words can express. She is very committed towards her work and indeed made this most beautiful drama a big success. Many have contributed and work very hard. She has shown so much improvement by leaps and bounds compared to City Hunter. Would love to see her again with LJW for her next projected drama in 2012. Wishing her success.

Zylark saranghe kim na na! :D

jenifer Lee Min Ho you're so handsome and I like you most when you smile.You are so cute! Park Min-Young you're such an angel.You are so gorgeous,beautiful and amazing

jenifer i really love watching CITY HUNTER.I love both of you LEE MIN HO and PARK MIN- YOUNG.Hope to see both in a movie or drama it.

pat you are really beautiful i hope you are the best

pat you are beautiful on that party & a beautiful happen

Min young love Love u park min young.i'm your fan since skks.,i'm so proud of u as kim yoon hee.:-)u have such a beautiful smile n i wish u will be happy n smile always...i will support all your drama n movie.Keep up a good work ok;-).hwaiting my lovely angel.your fan fr. Malaysia

V Cuty Hunter is amazing!!! I love Lee Min ho and Park Min Young!!!

ninej05 shes very pretty . especially in cuty hunter:) i like her ..

isabella I'm a fan of CITY HUNTER! You are so amazing! I like the way you act! You look good together with Lee Min Ho! Stay pretty! :)

Sandeep She is very pretty & very cute!! I like her acting in Glory Jane.

Elie She was great in SungkyungKwan Scandal, She was great in City Hunter, She is great in GloryJane/Manofhonor and she will still be great and awesome in her next Drama. To all the haters, stop trolling around , you know you love her, bunch of hypocrites, you go around dropping all this stupid comments.

JKL ur a good actress ur the second winner ppl vote on ill make sure ull b da 1st one..

JKL im ur big fan...Sarangada!!!:)

Imsrams Kim nana muuuaaaaahhhhhh .....ur reallyyy uuuuuuuuuu hey kim na na IKove you

siswanto I Like acting you kim na na

Luna She is really pretty. I love Minho and Minyoung. The Min couple. Awww i wish City Hunter had a better ending and said they got married and he gave her the ring hismom gave him.

Screw-Driver She had a plastic surgery on her face? Nevertheless, she makes me hot and wanna screw her. hahaha

Maya you're a good actress but i hate all your roles :)

Brakken I fell in love with her immediately after I watched the 1st episode of Glory Jane. I didn't know she was in City Hunter and Sungkyunkwan Scandal. She's the prettiest Korean girl in my book now.

roa (ant) suyaon !!!!!!

roa ant i'm not fool .. ok??? i'm just telling what is true.

ant roa said she is beautiful.i disagree

ant roa is fool

ant ugly!not beautiful !

roa kim na na i really really like you !! ^^

Ace Lovely..park min young....

Veer If u r anything like your charactor in city hunter in real, u deserve every happiness in the world. Unlike any other movie/show, after watching each episode of city hunter, u r in my thoughts long after the show is over. Wish u the best.

p I wish you happiness . You're my favorite actress & also Lee Min-Ho is my favorite actor

p I heard that she's dating actor Lee Min-Ho . Congratulation to both :X I wish you to be lovely couple :x

znash Nice Korean series KIM NA NA ^^,

Bernard She's sexy. One of my favorite

echie sorry~ park min young talent agency aren't KingKong entertainment right?am i wrong?

Yun-Seong she is HOT . . .

charlie wow...ur nice and the way u act CITY HUNTER

June I really hate you!sorry for disturbing here

nh To Comment #11,

Park Min Young was very good playing the leading lady in the TV drama 'Sungkyunkwan Scandal' with Micky Park.

arthur this is a joy to write to you i am arthur you a very beautiful sunset so nice to come home to arthur i love and enjoy your work arthur

hi tea don't cry wait awhile city hunter will definitely come back to two are look really good.....

shungju i like the way you seems always're pretty and your smile is so're amazing actress...hope i can see more of your tv dramas and movies....i have watched all your tv dramas and movie.....and now watching city hunter.....the actors whom you acted with are so..lucky...

Dri-C I fell in love with her char in the drama "City Hunter", wish i could find a girl like you Na Na(Park Min-Young) I like her sooooooooooooooooooo much... she's so so beautiful.

snow_angel i saw her in city hunter and thought to myself, she's very pretty. i have to see if she's in other dramas

Saved2K I don't care about her surgery. I care about her honesty in admitting this. That's why I love her even more. She's great in SKKS and also in Cityhunter.

Hope to see more of her in comedy romance in the future maybe with Kim Bum

viwong she is amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzinnnnnnngg........!!!

jethro Hi Kim Na Na your perfect............

jethro i like her in every part of her and she is very cute,wish i had a chance to see her and talk to her........

charhana ur the girlfriend of jo in sung...right???

lalaland I liked her character in "I am Sam". She's really cute in that drama with the high school suit....Absolutely love her in City hunter!!

jj i love her character in City Hunter!^^

kurumi i love her in City hunter! Xd haha <3

Cecilia She is a great actress but I hate her character in City Hunter so far -_-. She's always mad at Lee Min Ho!

yuii Hmmmm I wouldn't exactly say she's "pretty" but imo, she's more to cute. I really like her big, round and innocent eyes ^___^

Lydia 안녕 용인 민! 당신의 행동이 나를 위해 이상적입니다. 열심히!. 내가 너보다 어린이야하지만 나는 '포기하지 마세요'네 얼굴 내 동생 너무 귀엽다 조언 싶습니다. 나도 여자에요. 그래서 당신은 내 의견을 볼 때 더러워하지 마십시오. 평생 내 여동생으로 행복하세요. 난 당신의 가장 큰 팬이예요.

wateves i todally agree with you hyukri!! i want her on "a comedy romance with joong ki or a drama, action, romance with yo ah in" she's a very good actress hope more PD will notice that!!

hyukri I instantly liked her when I watch sungkyunkwan scandal! She's very pretty and i like her personality she could be cute, pretty, feminine etc. but she can get along with guys with no akward situation..i wish to see her in more new dramas..and i want one of her co-main starts in sungkyunkwan scandal to be his leading man in future..hmmm maybe a comedy romance with joong ki? or a drama, action, romance with yo ah in? LOL ^_^

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