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  • Drama: City Hunter
  • Revised romanization: Siti Hyunteo
  • Hangul: 시티헌터
  • Director: Jin Hyeok
  • Writer: Tsukasa Hojo (manga), Hwang Eun-Kyung, Choi Soo-Jin
  • Network: SBS
  • Episodes: 20
  • Release Date: May 25, 2011 - July 28, 2011
  • Runtime: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Lee Yoon-Sung (Lee Min-Ho) works at the Blue House for the National Communication Network Team. He graduated from M.I.T. in the U.S. and possesses elite skills as an I.T. engineer. At the Blue House, Yoon-Sung meets Kim Na-Na (Park Min-Young), who works as a bodyguard there. The two people fall for each other even though Yoon-Sung was warned not to fall in love. An elaborate plan for revenge is his ultimate mission ....

Lee Jin-Pyo (Kim Sang-Joong) and Park Moo-Yul (Park Sang-Min) worked as bodyguards at the South Korean President's home the Blue House. While the president and other high ranking public officials were visiting Myanmar an explosion occurs there set off by North Korean agents. The explosion did not harm the South Korean President, but other South Korean officials were killed. To retaliate for the killing, five high ranking South Korean officials plan a covert operation to go into North Korea and kill North Korean agents. Without the president's knowledge, bodyguards Lee Jin-Pyo and Park Moo-Yul gather men who will take part in the dangerous mission. The men will be dropped near the North Korean coastline and then enter North Korea to carryout their assassinations. For their return, Choi Eung-Chan (Cheon Ho-Jin) promises to have a submarine waiting for them to carry them back to South Korea.

Meanwhile, the five high ranking South Korean public officers, who initiated the covert operation, changes their minds while the operation is taking place. The officials decide to give up on the 21 special force members taking part in the covert operation.

The special forces members complete their tasks and swim into the ocean looking for the submarine to take them back to South Korea. They spot the submarine waiting for them and attempt to board the submarine. A sniper on the submarine kills all of the special forces members except Lee Jin-Pyo - who survives and swims back to South Korea.

Lee Jin-Pyo, carrying out a promise to his fallen comrade and good friend Park Moo-Yul, goes to Park Moo-Yul's home and snatches away Moo-Yul's baby, while Moo-Yul's wife hangs clothes outside. Lee Jin-Pyo then moves to Thailand with the baby. Lee Jin-Pyo sets up a camp in the jungles of Thailand, while growing and trafficking illegal narcotics. Jin-Pyo also raises the baby Lee Yun-Seong and eventually trains him into an elite soldier.

Lee Yun-Seong, now a young adult, enters a village in Thailand and spots a Korean man, Bae Sik-Joong (Kim Sang-Ho), being shaken down by Thai gang members. On a whim, Lee Yun-Seong comes to his aide and helps Bae Sik-Joong escape. Lee Yun-Seong takes the Korean man back their camp. It turns out Bae Sik-Joong is quite a cook and he prepares dishes for Lee Yun-Seung and Lee Jin-Pyo. Lee Yun-Seong also spots a photo of a young woman named Kim Na-Na that Bae Sik-Joong carries with him. Lee Yun-Seong takes the photo and places it next to his bed. He becomes emotionally attached to the woman in the photo even though he has never met her.

A few days later, Lee Jin-Pyo loses a foot while saving Lee Yun-Seung from a landmine. While Lee Jin-Pyo is recovering, he finally tells Lee Yun-Seung about his birth father and how he was killed by his own government. Lee Jin-Pyo then vows to exact revenge upon the five government officials responsible for his father's death.

Seven years later, Lee Yun-Seo finally arrives in South Korea. Prior to arriving in South Korea, Lee Yun-Seo studied at M.I.T. in the United States. He was also warned by Lee Jin-Pyo, prior to entering South Korea, to avoid falling in love because blood will be shed all around him ...


  1. Based on the manga "City Hunter" by Tsukasa Hojo - published by Shueisha in the Weekly Shōnen Jump from 1985 to 1991.
  2. Filming begins late March, 2011.
  3. "City Hunter" takes over the SBS Wednesday & Thursday 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "49 Days" and followed by "Protect The Boss" August 3.


City Hunter-Lee Min-Ho1.jpg City Hunter-Park Min-Young1.jpg City Hunter-Lee Jun-Hyuk1.jpg City Hunter-Hwang Sun-Hee1.jpg City Hunter-Goo Ha-Ra1.jpg
Lee Min-Ho Park Min-Young Lee Jun-Hyuk Hwang Sun-Hee Gu Ha-Ra
Lee Yun-Seong Kim Na-Na Kim Young-Joo Jin Soo-Hee Choi Da-Hye
City Hunter-Kim Sang-Jung1.jpg City Hunter-Cheon Ho-Jin1.jpg City Hunter-Kim Sang-Ho1.jpg City Hunter-Lee Seung-Hyeong1.jpg City Hunter-Baek Seung-Hyeon1.jpg
Kim Sang-Joong Cheon Ho-Jin Kim Sang-Ho Lee Seung-Hyeong Baek Seung-Hyeon
Lee Jin-Pyo Choi Eung-Chan Bae Sik-Joong Song Young-Duk Park Ho-Sik
City Hunter-Lee Kwang-Soo1.jpg City Hunter-Yang Jin-Sung1.jpg City Hunter-Jeong Jun1.jpg City Hunter-Choi Sang-Hun1.jpg City Hunter-Choi Jeong-Woo1.jpg
Lee Kwang-Soo Yang Jin-Sung Jung Joon Choi Sang-Hun Choi Jung-Woo
Ko Ki-Joon Shin Eun-Ah Kim Sang-Kook Seo Yong-Hak Chun Jae-Man
(cameo) (cameo)
City Hunter-Kim Mi-Suk1.jpg City Hunter-Park Sang-Min1.jpg
Kim Mi-Sook Park Sang-Min
Lee Kyung-Hee Park Moo-Yul
(cameo) (cameo)
City Hunter-Yun Ye-Hee.jpg City Hunter-Choi Sung-Ho.jpg City Hunter-Shin Young-Jin.jpg City Hunter-Maeng Bong-Hak.jpg City Hunter-Choi Il-Hwa.jpg
Yun Ye-Hee Choi Sung-Ho Shin Young-Jin Maeng Bong-Hak Choi Il-Hwa
first lady Jang Pil-Jae Kim Mi-Ok Na-Na's dad Kim Jong-Sik
City Hunter-Lee Hyo-Jeong.jpg City Hunter-Min Yeong-Won.jpg
Lee Hyo-Jeong Min Yeong-Won
Lee Kyung-Wan Min-Hee
(cameo) (cameo)

Additional Cast Members:


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Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2011-05-25 1 9.5 (9th) 11.8 (6th)
2011-05-26 2 10.0 (9th) 12.2 (7th)
2011-06-01 3 11.9 (4th) 13.6 (5th)
2011-06-02 4 12.6 (5th) 15.0 (4th)
2011-06-08 5 13.0 (4th) 15.7 (3rd)
2011-06-09 6 13.2 (4th) 15.4 (2nd)
2011-06-15 7 13.6 (3rd) 16.7 (2nd)
2011-06-16 8 12.7 (4th) 14.2 (2nd)
2011-06-22 9 13.8 (4th) 15.2 (3rd)
2011-06-23 10 14.4 (4th) 16.4 (3rd)
2011-06-29 11 17.4 (3rd) 19.5 (1st)
2011-06-30 12 18.3 (2nd) 20.5 (1st)
2011-07-06 13 18.5 (1st) 20.5 (1st)
2011-07-07 14 18.3 (2nd) 20.6 (1st)
2011-07-13 15 17.4 (3rd) 19.6 (1st)
2011-07-14 16 17.5 (3rd) 18.8 (1st)
2011-07-20 17 17.9 (2nd) 19.6 (1st)
2011-07-21 18 18.6 (1st) 20.3 (1st)
2011-07-27 19 17.2 (3rd) 18.7 (3rd)
2011-07-28 20 19.1 (3rd) 20.6 (1st)

Source: TNS Media Korea



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MGM I totally enjoyed watching City Hunter esp because of Lee Min-Ho. However, I was very disappointed in how the story ended. Too abruptly not satisfying at all

Mhiz Horla Awwww!!! I love city hunter, and i also really love the fact that Lee Yun Seong is the person people called the city hunter. Oh my God! Lee Yun Seong is my main crush, I love you so much Lee Yun Seong. Keep it up! Kudos!!! Also, Kim Na Na, I also love you so much, I love the way you act and I love every move about u nd Lee Yun Seong, also Kudos!!! Lee Min-Ho & Park Min-Young (Kudos) to you both. I love you

sondrabrehon I watch city hunter everyday. Park min young and lee min ho are wonderful actors. I watch it all the time. They both are nice looking people. I started watching boys of flowers . I can't follow it because it's not written in English but I'm trying to understand it. I am a retired teacher and I still work at school off and on. I have been asking a few Korean students questions if I don't understand some of the words. Your caste are great also. I hope that you continue to do well and keep acting. You are very impressive and so is park min young. I wanted to see the ending with you marrying kim na na and to see your family happy altogether. I laughed at some of the scenes because it was funny. However, I didn't want to see the prosecutor killed. Please take care of yourself and good luck in the future. I will be looking forward to your other dramas.

                                                                                                  Sondra Brehon

rosbar im not fully satisfied with the ending yet i still love it very muCh....i so love u lee min ho...u r superb! job well done..great acting & story...still happy with the ending knowing that he is alive!...min ho my ultimate handsome/ good looking...

GomNana I miss this drama especially Kim Nana :'( She is the most enjoyable character in the drama , park min young eonnie did a great job potraying her , if only the ending is better and shows Nana and YoonSung happy i would totally in love with this drama but that damn writer wrote a bad ending :(

I hope there will be city hunter 2 with the same casts and characters , it jusy can't end like this!

GomNana I miss this drama especially Kim Na Na :'(

she is the most enjoyable character in the drama , uri park min young eonnie  potray her perfectly , she suited nana so much .. 

i wish the ending would show Nana and YoonSung happy , but tha damn writer made a really bad ending , how dissapointing!! I hope there will be city hunter 2 with the same casts and characters....

GomNana @MimiSanAgustin what? are u blind? too girly?? hahaahaha you must be a hater ! park min young is perfect for the role of Kim Nana , because of her the drama gets more fun , unlike lee minho who is dull and too boring in this drama (no offense but he was really not fun in here , too serious and a jerk in the drama ) don't start a war please !! it really hurts for Park Min Young fans ... would u like it if your bias/idol to be ridiculed in public? you don't want to hurt too right so please shut your mouth !

Mimi San Agustin Lee Min Ho, tall & handsome young actor and veteran actor Kim Sang Joong, BEST action and drama ACTORS I've seen! Kudos! Great job!

Mimi San Agustin Great show but WRONG choice for female lead actress, Park Min Young. She's way too girlie for her role that made her acting so BAD! Obviously she doesn't suit her role.

Oguntola Ezekiel Am only curious about the r/ship btw Kim Nana and Lee Yun-Seong . did the actually married in this film cos that last scene btw them somehow silent. Lee Yun-Seong , did his biological fathe accept him and th e mother ? honestly the team did a great work. kudos to u all

Aj Writing is erratic with plot holes, but the actors all do a great job in a very satisfying thriller.

kari No matter how many action thriller dramas i see, Lee Minho's City Hunter is absolutely irreplaceable, no matter how many actors who tried to do the same as city hunter (like healer) this drama will always be the original & the best, this was a character that suited LMH so so well, a hero who saves the world but none knows how he looks like even if he's one of the people wandering around you or even siting next to you, LMH is a great actor, love him in romance & love him so much in action, for those who haven't seen Faith, you're missing a great action historical nailed it Lee Min Ho ssi, you deserve the awards you're getting for your dramas 10/10 for you

KSH @ Toto Hi! i suggest you master's sun (horror movie but soo good!), Faith(with lee min oh ), i can hear your voice and who are you

HL toh Lee min ho acting is good but the real good actor, kim sang joong.

kevin lee i wish there is city hunter 2 the actor and the actress have done well best kore movin i ever seen

orlarhmy Its was an interesting and hillarious movie young sung and kim na na keep on rolling u are awesome

lindy woooooow this is the best korean drama i have ever it so much lee min ho and park min young were awesome

bilques if u really wanna see him in action again,watch 'faith'

Cristina I think it's the most beautiful korean drama. I love it and i already have watched it 5 times and i would do it again! The end is kinda sad, after you cry a lot thinking Lee MinHo died, then there's just a short scene showing him and NaNa happy. I would love to see at least one more episode with them being happy. Would be amazingly awesome!

kaumadi chathurya i think this is the beautiful and amazing drama. i like too much lee yon seong.

Zia Love this drama, love Park Min Young and absolutely recommended to everyone to watch it.

Andreea The kdrama of my soul! The best action drama I ever seen. I love MINMIN couple too ♥ and I hope that LMH and PMY will make another drama together. They are absolutely perfect! Music, actors, script, all all A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

oybabe best korean drama i have ever seen,...intriguing, intresting,romantic,e.t.c.i just love this

kam Lee Min Ho and Park Mim Young re the BOMB. Kim Young Jo n Sa hae luv u guys Never gets tired of watching CITY HUNTER

faaa the best drama ever!

katie Only seen the first episode Lee min ho so hott I'm this lol

alolele This drama is by far the most amazing drama I'v aver seen .I hope to see Lee Min Hoo in an action drama again.

Ljn Dramas like city hunter are the reason why I switched from American TV shows to k-dramas. The humor, the romance & the action are all fit so well in it. It's one of those few dramas that leave an imprint on you & make you want to rewatch them over & over again.

Lornagalila Omoideto, hontoni otokomai ja kioskette ne

jonah City hunter is my ultimate favorite Korean drama. I really love it. Action, romance, comedy. Very nice story. Love all the casts. They portrayed the roles very well. This is where I begun to like Lee Min-ho (not in the BOF). Since then, I watched all drama of him. Minho is my ultimate Korean crush. This drama is great, I highly recommend it. You should watch it.

urna In love with this drama! Action + romance + comedy and the main characters have great chemistry!!!!! Wish they were still dating!

Would highly recommend

jtr Our family is on the third time watching it...about one a year. We love it. Quirky, funny, enough action to keep the guys happy, ten stars. :)

mary rose i've watched it and i realize something very important.....thank you for this movie....most of all to lee min ho , my grandma love it very much

LOVE ive watched this drama a MILLION times, and i never get bored of it! I loved LMH AND PMY both onscreen and offscreen, MinMin was so cute in the Behind the scences, the best chemistry ive ever seen <3

bere:) I just fell in love with lee minho as Lee Yoon-Sung!<3 It's definitely his best drama and one of the best k- dramas I've ever seen!:) He's so handsome*_*<3

purplepumpkin I just fell in love with lee minho as Lee Yoon-Sung!<3 It's definitly his best drama and one of the best k-dramas I've ever seen!:) He's so handsome!<3

keyzia I'm from Indonesia, I love all the movies you played, in Indonesia many fans waiting, keep working, and I will faithfully wait for the next your role ..

Blossom Sunny, Lee Yun-Seong did not die at the end. He is alive together with Kim Nana.

sunny I am in doubt that yoon sung died in the end or not??? the ending was amphibole

Eun Jung I just finished watching City Hunter tonight. It was the third time I have seen it. Right after I saw it the first time, about a year ago, it became my most favorite show ever. Since then, I've seen MANY Korean Dramas. And still, City Hunter remains my all-time favorite. I've seen five of Lee Min-ho's dramas and his role as Lee Yoon-sung is my favorite. Lee Min-ho's character, Lee Yoon-sung, is the greatest hero ever! My favorite co-star with Lee Min-ho is Park Min-young. And I love Lee Joon-hyuk's character, Kim Young-joo. There are so many talented actors in this drama whose characters are unforgettable. This is a tremendous drama! I love the music, too. Everything is very well done!

Nargiza Love City Hunter, love Park Min Young, love Lee Min Ho, the best ever

hyuxxx Lee Minho + Park Minyoung + Goo Hara of KARA + Lee Junhyuk + Lee Kwangsoo = <3333

Michelle Darong .. . Hi..! I'm from Philippines...This is the 2nd time that i will submit a comment about.._____, CITY HUNTER!!!!!

I reallLy appreciate this drama ever... of all the Korean Drama, for me, no one can beat this.. Very nice concept..tounching super duper...!!!!,  but the Finale Episode is so "BITIN". I hope that there is a 2nd Part... I bet Min-Min couple.. Very very much exciting drama...again I hope that there will be a part 2..

sharon oh my gosh i truly love city hunter av neva fall inlove wit any korean movie buyt wit city hunter nd faith Aigoo, i love lee min ho is de best actor like seriously. i can't wait for his movie gangnam blues, good luck love...

Angel City Hunter and Faith are my favourite and totally the best dramas of Lee Min Ho! It would be amazing if Lee Min Ho could actually star and be a main character in dramas like that. It's just amazing!!

jeffrey for me both city hunter and faith are the BEST of lee min ho's drama, waiting for his movie gangnam blues. good luck *USA*

Francisco DeCastro Park Min-Young is the most beautiful Korean actress out there. She is beautiful, gorgeous, and everything else that are synonyms to those words. She is simply stunning. I could stare at her face all day long. Wake up and look at her face, and continue to stare at her face, and go to bed staring at her face.

By the way, in this series, Lee Min-Ho's character was really mean to her. Even though he liked her and loved her, he made her suffer from all mean things he would say to her. He would love her, but then tell her to go away, and be a complete jerk to her. I will never understand that. At least it did not last forever and he started being nice to her. But still, it made me mad. How can someone be mean to such a gorgeous girl?

yas i love city is nana look so beautiful in this drama


blossom Love Park Min Young so much. she is the best! Only because of her I started to become interested in Korean Doramas. Very talented. Take care and see you soon in doramas.

Anon Good drama but they made the girl waaaayyyyyy too desperate. Shes way too clingy and has no self respect.

Gito I love this history so much :)

pearl i'm not a fan of lee min ho,but he really cool in this drama.. i can't take my eyes off him..really love this drama~~

nienatomei can i know what type of cars that used in this drama ? the grey one. is't veloster ?

irellor i love the story but still i want more episodes for this , there are some questions that need some scene explanation, over all ; it all worth it to watch

jeny mh kim nana est tro mimi!!!!! jla kifff

ng woo the ranting...welldone city hunter

Nana I have watched many korean drama but city hunter remains the best.i have watched it many times but never tired of it. Lee min ho is just awesome,he really tried in this drama.

Jasmine city hunter is the best korean drama and min min is the best korean couple!!!!!!!!!!!

sho the best drama ever.i watched it more than 10 times but i still enjoy it everytime i watch it

Carrren Homecillo the best and my favorite drama ever!

MyAnh MY FAVORITE DRAMA EVER!!!!! The story and the actors are super great. I would totally watch it again. I recommand it to everyone :) Im so in love with minho, super handsome, cute and lovely!! WOOOOOWWW! Coudnt have better.

Wolfgirl My favorite kdrama of all time! It's amazing! much better than the stupid superhero tv shows that I've watched! the characters are well written and the acting is amazing! I love love love love ... love this drama sooooooo much!! everyone should watch this !! \(^^)/

sepide first korean action drama that i could convince my sel to watch..just because of lee min ho..and i din't regret it..not saying that the show was perfet..but it was really good.. lee min ho had became more comfortable and relax while playing and ther was less exaggeration in his act..he was able to act with out saying a dialogue or doing any thing special ..just a look in his eyes woul do it..the ending seems incompelete but i like that it wasen't 100% happy endeing!

Lh3a this has got to be one of best drama that i watched....<3

OzFan4KDrama I finally finished watching the movie. The ending looked hurried and incomplete but aside from that, it was entetaining and fun to watch. Or maybe it was just me, hoping for it to be extended to a few more scenes. I love the fact that Lee Min-Ho's character gets to do all the dangerous tasks of City Hunter and never gets caught once (except being shot by Kim Na Na). You know like stealing his blood sample, intercepting the 200M won or installing the camera in the prosecutor's dad's room to name a few. And not once did a strand of his hair get out of place. He's such a good looking guy, a real charmer. Love the rooftop kissing scene. Can't wait to start on "Faith". Ciao.

OzFan4KDrama I am in the middle of watching this movie and I must say that it got me hooked right from episode 1. I decided to watch it because of Lee Min-Ho who I have been following since seeing him in Boys Over Flowers and Personal Taste. I will definitely watch Faith & Heirs when they become available. I like the character portrayed by Lee Min-Ho in City Hunter, a man with the heart to fight for justice without the shedding of blood. I loved the scene when he first came out on screen as a grown up man on top of the elephant. I love the bickering scenes he has with Kim Nana (glimpses of his bickering scenes in BOF and Personal taste). I love everything about his character here because it portrays goodness, kindness and love. I may sound biased but I really am a fan.

Sarah Wish there was a second series!! Lee Min Ho is not only HOT but a great actor too!

Michael lee I love the series

Christez what an interesting film,full of suspense and all that ..can't wait to see him act another

marshall diengdoh Mr.Jin Hyeok,i have a great story about a war because of politics and corruption happen in Meghalaya (INDIA) there is a revenge struggle to fight back,its so fantastic story similar to the drama city hunter,if u like to make the next part of the city hunter-2 am ready to co-operate with the project.

marshall its really amazing if u can make the city hunter-2 ,please make it to satisfy the world.

mae I hope the movie city hunter aired again.

Bobtasie I rily lovd cityhunters a lot. Ma best characters are lee min ho nd bear na na. Lee min ho ur acting was superb, so as bear na na. Kip it up. I loved d way u performd justice nd ur tryin 2 save ur love from ur stepdad nd i also lovd bear na na's courage too. I give a big kudos 2 city hunta nd boys ova flower

Michelle Darong ..Hello!! i am from Philippines all i can say is that, i reaLy2x love this drama.. i really hope that there will be a part 2 of this drama.. it is very nice and so much interesting..the role of Lee Min Ho in the drama series really fit in.. very detective.. i've been watching City Hunter again and very nice.. i hope this drama would come up here in Philippines, that's all...God Bless and so Keep up the good work guys at there..!!

Shura It's the best Asian series which I've ever seen. I'm glad that in my country people have a chance to watch not only American and Russian films, but most of coutries in the world. And Korea one of them. :))) Well done!

P.S. Yeah, I agree with girls, Lee Min-Ho very handsome man. :) But I think that most of Koreans are cute :)))

Dareen TC what a good korean drama , so interesting for this drama, Lee Yun -Seong and Kim Na-Na together ... for me they will be a nice couple :) i like park min young much much much !!!!! xD she is so cute and i like her smile .. a great smile ! like it much : D her smile shown happiness~ 1 question - can any1 tell me , at the end , Lee Yun -Seong and Kim Na-Na together .. is it just a illusion?? or he is dead ? personally hope them together for a nice ending ^.^

Llora because its the most expensive tv series in Korea, I dont think City Hunter will have another season.. Too bad.. :)

Lerra City hunter is the best drama that i ever seen!

middle I think of it this way:

First, the movie makers used the same title (City Hunter) for a different story, lots of different aspects, though it still use a few that similar to the original Japanese Manga version.

Second, the situation in our entertainment does not apply a story as fun as City Hunter (manga version) because of many different aspects, such as the storyline and the personalities of the characters.

Well, I think I won't see this TV series since it lose its original funny side.

Then, I can't blame for everyone who likes the male protagonist. He is handsome, I can't not agree, as a Korean way, not as a Chinese or as Taiwanese way.

I myself think it is not good to judge a thing with poor selected words.

Still, Ryo Saeba in manga is funnier than the Lee Min Hoo's one. Well, I don't mind if everyone else like the second. Might it be my sense of funny and my tolerance of romancing a rough but funny story are little different than the most of you here whom like the TV series.

Well then, that's it.

Allie One of the best K drama out there... I enjoyed it so much... It was soooooooooo Awesome

zigmamgs I really liked this K Drama City Hunter. and I hope there will be new skuel to finish the story in this drama, (City Hunter Season 2). The most important two actors are so mismatched couples Minmin.

If you made 'City Hunter 2' it must be really AMAZING.

rodelyn i love cityhunter,,,,and im also hoping 4 cityhunter part2....ilove minmin couple very much

peanut If you made 'City Hunter 2' it must be really AMAZING.

syari Why not made city hunter 2, that's still a lot of opportunities coming story, especially if lee min ho park min young to marry

simmer down People need to calm down. Best drama ever? Hardly. It was good but not THAT good.

Primm I like this plus the animes City hunter/ Angel heart The one Im not that happy with was City hunter the movie with jackie chan

ericjoy30 CITY HUNTER IS THE BEST K-DRAMA! There really are lots of questions left unanswered, and I'm not that satisfied with the ending. But overall, CH is still the best! Plus the MinMin couple! I AM REALLY HOPING FOR A PART 2 PLEASE!!!

Jack A really great series. The first Korean drama i have ever seen and i was sucked in from the very first episode. I watch all 20 of them and am 100% satisfied with the series.

Well done to all the actors, a fantastic job!

Adamson I love City Hunter so much! It was more of an action filled drama and at the same time a little bit of Romance. I haven't finished all the episodes yet (i'm still at chapter 14/20), but as you go along, it becomes more exciting ! SEASON 2!!

Sourav Nanda Plz make a season 2. Lee min Ho rocks in action role and in city hunter.Plz make a season 2

Sourav Nanda I love your serial so much Lee MIn Ho!!!!!!!!!! City Hunter Serial is excellent.I dont know why korean drama ends in one season but Plz make season 2 and season 3 following this.

donna yoboseyo!!!!! i love your movie...i can't express what i feel.. hope to see you inperson...signing u lee min ho... nice loveteam with kim nana....

alda city ​​hunter movie aired again !! because I really like the movie city hunter ,, I hope the city of hunters running next week ,, And running At 09:00 p.m :v

hendri city ​​hunter movie aired again !! because I really like the movie city hunter ,, I hope the city of hunters running next week ,, And running At 09:00 p.m <3

vylly city ​​hunter movie aired again !! because I really like the movie city hunter ,, I hope the city of hunters running next week ,, And running At 09:00 p.m :D

winda I like City hunterr ,, When the movie City Hunter running again ? If you can quickly and that can be aired at 09.30 !! The film is very good and creative :)

Indonesian i agree with comment #305 and i am very dissatisfied with the ending. :( how about the ring that given by Yoen Sung mother for Kim Na Na.. i sincerely hope for the City Hunter 2, to clear the ending of City Hunter eps 20.

YuQhyChan I LOVE CITY HUNTER !!!! I'll wait for the 2nd seasons :* because I want the end so clearly .. please explain about Lee Yoon Sung and Kim Na Na's Relationship thanks :D please make it :D I'm Ur Big Fan

Anynon So lee min ho didnt died at the end?

Im watching this drama 5 times a row

And is there gonna be part 2?

inna city hanter kapan di tayangkan kembali. city hanter q kepingin nonton lg.................... cepat ditayangkan lg ya................q mohon.......................kalau bisa ditayangkan pada pukul 16.30

shawn I just finished watching this on netflix, and have to say it was a really good show because I watched all 20 episodes in one week! Now that it's over I miss watching, so hopefully there is a second season as I'd like to see more of what happens to them after the chaos.

Although by now I guess there wont be since it's been a year, I don't know how shows are done over there.

I thought the ending could have been more explained, but as long as those tow ended up together and happy that's fine.

Also wished they hadn't killed the prosecutor.

sharifa natila yahiya minmin couple I LOVE YOU ' forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wish there will be a part 2, i love this korean drama . . . . .

         ASTIG!!!!!!!!!!!  . . .BoOOoooom ! ! ! ! ! nakakakilig silang dalawa <3, khit d qOe mEdyo

naiintindhan yung love story nila dito sa korean drama nato!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              grabe tlaga pag IDOL mo yung isanag taO,. . . . LIKE na LIKE
qOE tlaga to' thum's up!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Miriam Hope there will be a 2nd season coz it was very nice and I liked it very much!!!

Aya MBC i like this korean drama (about account of the trip n actor) i like personality of Kim Nana n Lee Yun Seong, but i fell less statisfied The End, i hope season 2 soon, Pleaseeee... *:)

XYZqOo i will never 4-get minmin couple in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!! the best and perfect 4-me :)

natila lim i realy realy love it' tlaga, OMG i will not forget minmin couple in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

natila lim ilove this drama 4-ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the best tlaga pumili ng korean drama ang abs-cbn! :)

aidi Part 2. We N eed it

Kate Angela Bayoneta I'm a big fan of Lee Min Ho!!! i will miss you city hunter!!!I hope that there will be part two of city hunter!!sana ipalabas ulit sa studio 23!!great job Lee Min Ho and Park Min YOung!!

nay rofi'atul hasanah awesome .. love citty hunter verry much !!

Patricia Kurnia is there 2nd season?

Zaia Pascua -I am a big fun of city hunter.. hoping for a part two story.. Ive already done the volume 20 story.. Lee Min Ho and Park Min-Young. are very good actor n actress.

sassygirl989 they really did a good job on picking lee min ho to act as the city hunter. he portrayed the character really well! he's so deym cooool~! he rocks~! hoping for City Hunter Season 2. ;)

Rianne Lee Min Ho is a very good actor. He acts well with his co-actors in every drama he is making; especially here in City Hunter. :))) I find Park Min Young and Lee Min Ho as a good couple, because when they're together, sparks are flowing instantly. =)

chellecoderes I really like city hunter.. Lee min ho was really a great actor of all time! Go go go! Im a big fan of yours., keep it up! Looking forward for city hunter 2! ^_^

jerome lontok congratulations. very exciting and intelligent movie. i hope there is a special episode for those characters who were not seen in the ending episode., how they responded to what happened in the ending and how they have lived afterwards, and how about the schools, the workers, the two children who once lived under Kim Nana's apartment? and other characters, what happened to them? how about Cheong Jae Man's hitman kept in Lee Yun Seong's house? The Blue House? the guard chief's speculations about Lee Yun Seong? How about the Triangle, how is it going afterwards? thank you for the next episodes

Nhalen Lee Min Ho is really a nice actor Keep it up!!!

zacfever This was the greatest korean action movie! on the other hand its not a good example coz it taught revenge where the bible says, REVENGE IS IN THE HAND OF THE LORD, anyway, its just drama..atsetse ; )

ana so da best teaga grabe ka-inlove itong panuorin

alan dua jempol jaa dahhhhhhhh...................!!!!!!!!!

si minah endingnya gak jelas... aneh banget

eshy bf hm film ne baguz bangatz......mendidik lagy.....bza jdy contoh buwt para pejabat ,supaya jgn kerjaannya cuma perkaya diri sendiri dengan uang yang bukan miliknya n gunain tahtanya sebagai pejabat yang bijakzana jgn cuma hanya sebagay kedudukan ja alias tikus2 berdasi......!low gitu dasinya ma kursinya sekalian dilalap dche byr kenyang sekalian....versy es.mocy..... CITY HUNTER is the best :)

jafar harusnya mah indonesia nonton nih film inih selain bagus juga mendidik agar koruptor tidak bisa terus2san jadi banyak

krosky i super love the story. i even watched it for three days only because i cant stop watching it. super addictive. and i hope there will be part 2. i love lee min ho! your so handsome. hope i can meet you someday ! haha in my dreams !. love it love it love it !

indah cakep bgt filmnya qu ja ketagihan pa lg yg main oppa lee min hoo

shengcaijin i want part 2!!!!!! please..

babie looking forward for season 2...with lee min ho and park min young as the lead roles again...:-) they look good together.

Frenzy For Those Who Disappointed The Ending It's Alright If Kim nana Ang & lee Seong Yun Is Did Not Show The Love If Each Other So Why Is Isnt? They Are Not Concentraited In The Lovers Because The Main Role Of The Drama City Hunter Is To "Revenge"

khimmy lupet.. love the cast :)

furry a like city hunter

cherry ann lapeña no wonder min young min ho!!!! very much nice couple!!!!!

sha I really like it..,I love MIN-MIN COUPLE.,,,....I hope their will be CITY HUNTER 2 coz the ending was hanging and i was not satisfied....,,,..,but still it was very nice story...,,.I absolutely love it..,,,:D....;D...,,:D

vicky i love kim nana

vicky plus episode to 21-40 plise.. i like it.. plise me..

vicky plus episode to 21-40 plisee.. i like it..

rima lone you LEE MIN HOO..... ^___^

nancy amazing korean drama...i like it...

last min ho min young good couple.sayang dah putus

shinta very very love this drama :D . Lee Min Ho and park min young I LOVE SO MUCH :)

Jenny i really love this drama specially the songs, every night i watch city hunter . <3 ^_^

Temaryh city hunter 2 !!!!!!!! Please !!!! I REALLY REALLY LOVE THIS KOREAN DRAMA !!!! The Best ! The ending is soo hanging !! Please make part II !!!! :) Lee Min Ho is so adorable, charming, handsome, cute...haha and HOOOOOOOTTTT !!! :)))))

bgs I hope lee min ho and park min young will be actor in CITY HUNTER 2 if City hunter 2 will be release again

Nanny It's a gReat c!nemaanD Ilike so mUch.. Kim Nana...yOu're a n!ce girl... Lee min..yOu're myinspiRation tO go tO acTion

Jer I'm disappointed with the ending. Yoon Sung and Kim Nana aren't given a chance to talk. I've been waiting for their love scene but they're not given the chance to. :( Anyway, the whole story is good. Just not satisfied with the ending. More power Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young and the whole City Hunter casts. :) Looking forward for another Min Ho and Min Young tandem.

mhine _18 i relly love city hunter..that korean drama captured ang captivated my heart..:)

j-ssa i hope that there is a part 2 in city hunter. bec. the ending was not clear it just stop when lee yoon sung and kim nana meet at the garden neither

dede luv--luv--this show. Really enjoyed the series.

Sahara Boy If you see the faces of Kim na na, Ahjumma, Ahjussi at the end, they were all happy. City Hunter therefore survived the gunshot wound and they went altogether to the US to live a peaceful life. The only missing is a romantic ending with kissing scene between City hunter and Kim.

lol who did say it's a movie? idiot it's a tv series.... part 2 ^__^ ...


mar carlo ramos part 2 plsssssss !!! ilove this MOVIE CITY HUNTER

mar carlo ramos part 2 plsssssssssssssssssss!!!!!! ilove this movie

lee don i hope there's part two coz the ending is not very clear and i was wondering what happened to nana and yun seong hehe

Mil-Shariff Angare there must be a part 2!..tsk tsk tsk..Lee Yun-Seong did not give the ring to Kim NaNa..wheeew..tsk tsk tsk..=(

Mil-Shariff Angare there must be a part!..tsk tsk tsk..Lee Yun-Seong did not give the ring to Kim NaNa..wheeew..tsk tsk tsk..=(

dunn cee i learned something big from this story that would surely helps in developing a better me..... because of this movie, i started watching korean movies especially li minho and park min young's... as what others plead, please produce it's part's somewhat worth-watching and even more.... good luck for the production of part 2....and more power!

mary quince i wish to see lee min ho in person! :) hes the greatest!

mary quince im from philippines and i really want to know if there will be a city hunter part 2?, because you had a hanging ending, the love story between kim nana and lee yoon sung?, hope they will get married in part 2..hope there will be a part 2..please please please?.. i really love lee min ho and park min young, they really are perfect! and the story is too exciting and so fastinating! im a big fan!

moon_bliss3012 love the story and specially the cast but the ending i did'n expected it was un finish.., i thought city hunter will finally give the ring to nana..? but nothing., but i stoll like city hunter, hope for another one., please hope for city hunter part 2 for the un finished story..., :)

jpl justice please give us city hunter 2.......... there many missing parts....

honeymae i love you city hunter...especially lee min hoo and park min-young!!

honeymae i love the story of the city hunter...can you give us a part 2 pls??

therie thanks and more power to this site...!

therie Love to see this Korean Drama (City Hunter), especially Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young, they're so great. Hope to see their tandem once again...!

xhapod I like city hunter I hope that ther's a part 2 Im not satisfied with the ending but it's good story

harold part two please......!!!!!!!!

harold ........ am,,, you know what,, i really, really love korean drama cause i love korean,,, and my idol is lee min ho and park min young... i think i'm fallen in love with with kim na na or park min young.... i hope that i'll see you in person.. HOPING MORE..... AND HOPING also that there is a part two.... pleassssssssssssssse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sarah I HOPE THERE'S CITY HUNTER 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3


jonahmoko This korean drama is a must watch ..

schellborja is it true that the two main characters are real lovers ?

schellborja this korean drama is so nice ... breath taking!!!! i love it .. wish to see them in person c: love it ...

schellborja ... [phil].

edcel i really love city hunter!!!!!!!i hope i can see park min young and lee min ho together in personal!!!!!!!!!!!!


Chrisma I really love this korean drama..this drama really captured my heart.grabe,sobrang bagay c min ho & min young!!! pero nabitin ako sa ending... :(( sana may part 2!!!!! :)) 2 thumbs up!!!

ye_yeh hope 2 see kim na na soon....

ye_yeh wow! i like park Min-Young...

pyolita so overrated..

jc mi-ho i love junpyo..

isa cruz i love lee min-ho he is a good actor!!!!!!!!

love it..

can you be my bf ahahahaha.......

rydayiminlove Im so puyat. I cant stop watching this show! Awesomeness!

john Best movie..but im not satisfied in the ending... its a very unlucky thing...zzZ! :( but the movie is great im so happy!! xD PART 2!!

majo i really like it!! The team up of min ho & park min is so nice!!!! nakaka kilig!!! hahahaha kaso yung ending bitin!!! hehehe The Lord Bless you guys!!!

KimNana i wish there is a part 2. im not satisfied with the ending... but i love the story Daebak!

Nove ..i love city hunter and lee Min ho too'"i'm really enjoy wacthing it

Zuicidalheart Well.. I like it a lot.. But THE ENDING.. No comment.. hahaha. i just don't get it. HMP!

ma i hate the ending dapat may part 2..but i like the story..

ma wow..its so very nice..park min young and lee min ho..nice love team...i hope may part two..bitin ung ending ehh..

!C3 I LOVE CITY HUNTER!!!.... Lee Min Ho keep up the amazing acting. You are such a nice guy. Park Min-Young you are beautiful and so talented woman.

It is so sad you two end your relationship. You have this chemistry that your fans loved to watch you in TV. Hope you both will end up together in the future.


tonz_scifer EPIC ending... huuhuhuhu Im very saaad :'(

linardi park min-young i love so much

leonilyn lee min ho & park min young love you....i like city hunter movie..

Odulf James Please make a Season 2 for this Drama !!! :(( please !!! i love Kim Na Na (Park Min Young) ,.,., hahaist

yuna when did copying ever became creative?? if koreans are so smart then stop copying / using japanese manga / anime ok Korean are so damn good so stop imitating can they do it?? i doubt it IMITATION is their innovation!!

cathy cath very nice drama!! super like!!

JesDi this one a bit far from the real manga, anyway the story was quite amusing specially now a days... all in all everyone like it, the sad part is... it does't have season 2 im afraid, like everyone were asking for...but that is something im not sure.. LOL!!!

marjorie i really enjoy the movie...

IAmJustAFan Hello, I just want to ask if somebody knows what does the ending want to tell us? I am just curious. And I want to ask also if "CH" will having a season 2? :)) thankyou.

aman i lyk lee min hoo ..wish i could see him in reality


Junjun_GASPAR City hunter is so amazing!!! >i like it...i love u park min young,i wish i could see u in personal'. I wanna kiss u! >hehe:)

hanna22 so in love with you Lee min ho.. wish to see u :(

regina bautista mangio wow i love this korean drama city hunter but hoping that there is a part 2 can emphasize more in ending pls. it looks like there is lack in ending..i love them both ..lee min ho and park min young

izabela City Hunter have season 2????

cathlien done watching city hunter so much excited to watch it kasi but still ill watch it on TV <3 i love leemin ho and park min young

Yu Jin i hate the ending. honestly, the story line will make you expect more and that's just the ending?? my god! it's a good thing Park Min Young is there, i love her :D

Zylark It's sooooooooooooo good! can't sleep well so i finished it in 1 day..I just hope that in the end they showed what happened to their love story ^_^.

LeeMinholic I've finished watching the drama. I<3it SO SO SO SO MUCH! No word/s can explain it. Thanks for the great tv Series! I never liked Min Ho during BOF days. I love him now, because of City Hunter<3

UnknownBliss Just done watching City Hunter. Man, it's so damn good! LEE MIN HO was sooooo cool here and became more handsome! I even love him more! Honestly, I experienced different kinds of emotions here. It's like all in one! But I think the story was kinda different with City Hunter manga's story. Anyway, the important thing is the story was epic! My favorite Korean Drama so far!

Scarlethe City hunter was the best I watch it day and night LEE MIN HO ur the best cute ka Png selfish tpos magiging mabait laging un ang roll mo katulad sa perfect match at boys Over flowers

jhoi woow ! i love the trailers ! ;D O.M.G

the story was sso cool ;) my whole family would watch it ;D its like an history.. jhOi lovelots!

cartriwa501 prosecutor kim young joo is the best! the hottest! cool! love him so much... but why must he die in the end of this drama.. so upset :( but no matter what, he always the best and great prosecutor ever! ^^

fofo I love this drama i cannot watching anther drama after the CITY HUNTER and Of course I love LEE MIN HO i want to see him only once time :( i hope for him the best and more successful in his work ...... i cannot wait to see him in new drama :) :) :)

lee lee min ho is superb in his acting skills. wonderful story, choice of music is outstanding..a must-watch tv show! i just don't like how the story's hanging.

helen grace duron i love this drama............its super nice the CITY HUNTER.................also i love lee min ho..........MIN HO OPPA SARANGHE :)

Krypton_joseph city hunter was so amazing !!!!! wonderful to see etc.

Krypton_joseph i hope there is another verion

rizka say hi.. from indonesian greet :) whatta great drama!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love lee min ho and park min young!!!!!!!!! they are nice couple much..

hum... but why sbs's production made many dramawith sad ending?! its sucks. there it goes?! TT________TT

oh ya~HOPHOP! i love choi jung woo and cheo ho jin ajjhusi.. because they're a famliar actor ^^

CITY HUNTERRRR............. CAN VISIT MEET AND GREET AT INA??????????? c'mon babeeeee~

  • sorry if me freakkkk i loveessss drama much!!!!!!!* :'* <3

LOL Watched it and I still don't understand what the big fuss was about. Are you people that easily entertained? LOL.

iRock this drama is so awesome!!! i really love Lee Min-Ho eversince on Boys over Flowers! i have seen mackerel and personal taste!! he's so handsome that im gonna die! XD

Ashley u think this drama was amazing!! i love the action sequences, the story, and the acting by all the characters! this was a drama that made me anxious to see the next episode. most dramas get boring in the middle and then pick up but this drama stayed interesting the whole time! and yea there was not too much of an emphasis on the romance but honestly i thought it was kinda sweet! i love this! watch it!! its soooo goood and LMH looks really sexy!

Hye-ra this drama is sooooooooooooo PERFECT !:""">

Chassica Jung i love this drama, and also i love Lee Min Ho ! and also the girl, she's so very pretty//...

Jane This drama is overrated, i just dont get it. The story is packed with action sure, maybe that's what entertained people but the fans gushing about the romance, what romance? i think the main couple kissed ONE time and it was not even a real kiss and then the lead guy didnt show a lot of interest in the girl, he was too focused on his mission and then the ending was so ridiculous with no real indication of what has happened to the main characters. Lee Min Ho is at his best in romantic dramas like BOF and Personal Taste in my opinion, in CityHunter he looked feminine and out of place, i simply could not buy him as an action figure, i hope he goes back to doing romantic dramas next because most of his fans love him in romantic comedies.

Lee just need to the name of that song...President's daughter run away while Kim Na Na was walk away from her observation under Episod # 2

Lee Can someboy tell me what is the name of song under Episod 2 which Kim Na Na protect President's daughter at Disco?

ojazzley this movie is really awesome.. Lee Yun-Seong and Kim Na Na are very best couples ever. Keep it up! Hope can watch it again..

ojazzley this movie is really awesome.. Lee Yun-Seong and Kim Na Na are very best couples ever. Keep it up!

Hope can watch i again..

Jaspis i love you Park min young..  :) the story of this movie is cool..

iiidaaa my GOD... it's so cool... Min Ho,, i hope i can meet you...

hanayo AMAZING! =))) Lee Jin Pyo's character is the COOLEST for me =)))

FICHAN I like your acting Lee Min Ho ....... wow you're cool ........................ Lee Min Ho,,,,,,,,,,,, I'm a big fan as you yes when you visit Indonesia ????? Lee Min Ho film whenever you like City Hunter exist anymore? I love watching you acting action ....? a fortune if I could meet with you ...... greeting fans Lee Min Ho yeah for you .........

blendz should av shown more in te end, was'nt enough...

jeff One of the best drama's I've ever watched. It has everything--sweet and dramatic romance, cute comedy, eyepopping action, fantastic acting, extreme plot twists, and views of extreme corruption. This is a lot like CSI, except they're not investigating murders, but signs of political corruption.

I've never cried during a drama before. I got close in East of Eden and IRIS, but I didn't. I definitely cried in this one, and I will forever remember this drama as the first drama that made me cry.

minhopark Oh yes, City Hunter is the best one I watched. I like it very, very much. They have good chemistry. I hope they will have another series together.

ZetSyK City hunter is nice korea movie,….. WoW… Lee.MIn-ho… Park.Min-Young are the best Couple…………..

ZetSyK City hunter is nice korea movie,..... WoW... Lee.MIn-ho... Park.Min-Young are the best Couple..............

lukhaz 'i like city hunter'

ayumi i love min ho oppa really you are very beautiful

ida nice story actually. romantic tragedy. i watch it at first bcause it's title, cause i love roy saeba. but it's 300% from what i anticipated from it's title. it says city hunter by tsukasa hojo, but where is my roy saeba?? kind of dissapointed. honestly i enjoy this drama but i don't like "city hunter" as the title it's not even close to the real city hunter. roy saeba is not Lee Yun-Seong

assh city hunter... WOW!!! it's s0 nice... really like it....

saeba Ryo To Ray: i dont think here there is any City Hunter haters, and ofcourse what is manga is manga and what is movie is movie, but both they keep at least some resemblance to the orginal main character, in both manga and anime Ryo is a playboy and looks like a man whit all the words, and not like some kind of gay passarella fashion model,plus his caracteristical weapon was always the colt python 357 magnum, thats like the S on superman chest or the bat on batman,this so called city hunter, the only thing that shares whit the true city hunter is the title of the series,and that was just to lure fans of the series to watch,and ofcourse they got the youngers and foolest ones,now the fashion is all emo gay characters,look around everyone loves L and shits like that.

hanna city hunter is an amazing koeran series ever... not only loves story of course..tragedies/actions

t_r_e_s_z_ ..''CITY HUNTER..''very nice movie i really really like's awesome and fantastic..''.. more power LEE MIN HO...and godbless<3

xcodex I love this drama. It's different with original anime. But i like this story too.. I've been waiting for session 2. Bcause bad ending at last episode.

john ric hhahah i really love this drama, but I didn't finish watching it

nukie Well this city hunter not the same like tsukasa hojo manga, coz city hunter that i know is a playboy and always doin sumthing funny. But i love this drama even the ending so bad..

sarah amelia azizah I like city hunter....

Ray to all city hunter haters:go take a mirror if you give a fuck on it, movie style is movie style, anime ver is anime ver, i am an anime and manga lover too, but simply, i damn you guys for stepping pride, they do make this in a basic on the manga, but they never say they COPY it

Melisa Viriya I hope there will be city hunter 2 because the ending isn't really good. I think all people will waiting for it too :)

Noor Just finished the drama....well sincerely I don't understand the hype about is obviously not the best drama...lee min ho don't have any muscles and yet play a rambo!!!!...anyway apart from lots of inconsistencies and really difficult to swalloww scenes is quite with many such dramas the best are the villains and I really felt lots of empathy for the Lee Jin-Pyo(the father like figure)....he was light years ahead of all the characters in this series in his maturity and acting...simply awesome....I commend the drama for anyone who hasn't seen it...just put you brains in the fridge and shall really enjoy it(lol) is quite childlish in the script but that is not the most important thing...Just enjoy.

alfiyah lee min ho so cool in this drama

CityHunter this is a SCAM! is a bad use of the name of City Hunter and what the original character represents,the used the name to "lure" City Hunter fans to watch this,since other way none will know about this movie,i dont give a fuck if the story and fight scenes are good, even wen some makes an adaptation of a known story or character doesnt have to stick 100% to the original one,but this one is 200% opocite! the only thing that has from City Hunter, is the name,cause the rest inst not even closer, Ryo Saeba is not look Emo-gay,is that how true korean man are in this days ? wearing pink pants?and where in the fuck is his colt python 357 magnum? he supose to be an underground sweeper, who likes beautiful woman,i dont expect he chases gals like he does in manga or anime, but he could still act cool and smooth doing playboy,,many heroes has remakes ,adaptations ,etc,but they keep the essence of the character, superman comes from kripton, he wears a red cape and a S on his chest!, batman his family was murder and he dresses like a bat to chases criminals on the city using all his gadgets,Ryo Saeba,is a hihg skilled sweeper,he is orphan from child,her parents died plane crash accident and Ryo was the only survivor,his characterical weapon is his colt python,he has a man resemblanse.and dont dress afeminated despite on theera will live now,for what ive have seen,mostly of the so called fans of city hunter are younger women,who likes the "new" type of asian man that looks emo-gay,because i have mature female friends,who are agree that this so called city hunter looks gay,and some of them are fan of the true city hunter,those who liked this version are mostly young ones that likes yahoi stuff,like my Mary,she likes to draw death note male char kissing and fucking,and she loves emo gay city hunter...

eden I hope there will be a part 2 of the City Hunter.

eden City Hunter is the best drama series this year 2011. Am looking forward for another action drama of Lee Min Ho. He's really amazingly great...

salma please make part 2 i love city hunter..

salma please make part 2 i love city hunter

Chris I really love this series. Please make a part 2!!!

sara it was a great drama it was one of the best k dramas i`ve ver seen i love lee mih ho he is great cool handsome but i didnt like Nana she was not good !!!sarangeo yoon sung a

jenny dont hav any idea of d ending bt awsome drama luv it ........

arezoo it was fantastic :) i guess there should be another kind of city hunter with new plot not exactly the second season of it because it ended well, a bit upseting but acceptable.

fida why the last be side??.


but I like it. your stile is ok.. impressive flm, barge ahead hopefully more and more siccess!!


safridar_fida why the last be side??


film yg keren! dgn gaya yg ok..

Luis OMG!!!! there really needs to be a season two of city hunter!!!! like a city hunter in the U.S... Kim nana n the city hunter didn't even kiss much come on !!!! SEASON TWO!!!!!!!!!'

roseamanelle First impression,quite boring. but,the next is very interesting!! I love the fighting scene,very cool. I wonder if Lee min ho and Park min young like to play as a couple in Tae-guk serial drama. they would be a perfect match. I love Park min young in Princess Jamyung. I love even more Lee min ho in City Hunter,your acting is getting better,you have a good expression.

Toto Except for the ending, this is a very good serries. i know many fans of the manga hoping that lee min ho completely imitates Ryo saeba as perverted but super strong sweeper, but hey this is an adaption, not everything could be converted to a real life player. The point is this serries is good and fun too watch, and hopefully there is a second season for this and they can fix the horrible and flat ending on the first instalment

ENDAH amzing drama ... keren .....

Maglev my first time watching K-Drama, awesome!

linda Best korean dram i have ever seen....Lee min ho is such a good actor...action scene is epic.

rahi I can't understand why must k-dramas have happy ending?sometimes really it makes any sense. some times if the hero's death will affect more. and I can't understand love in k-drama. the love in k-drama is cumbersome, painful and annoying. this kind of love come of sexuality and hormones.they at any cost must get the love, even if the life's One often be endanger.the meaning of love is affection, forgiveness, sacrifice that there isn't in-drama at all. in this century; this type of relationship are ridiculous and vomiting. it is unbelievable.

Clarence My Favorite IS Lee Yoon Sung And Kim NaNa Im Belived Lee Min Ho And Park Min Yung Lee Min Ho Dram is-Boys Over Flower To Park Min Yung-High Kick and The Best City Hunter My Favorite Drama

sara i think Lee Yun-Seong dead in ending of this drama what is your idia?

TheOne City Hunter is about : 1. Hand Gun 2. Woman 3. Cigaretes 4. XYZ board 5. Underground people 6. Long cape 7. Small town that undercover by CH, like Batman and Gotham City hahaha LOL

Watcing this movie made me want to read the manga and anime of CH again. Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young is the best couple actor and actres ! Keep up your spirit guys!

TheOne Wooah... This is my first serial movie of Korean, because the name of Tsukasa Hojo n City Hunter! Guys, this is just a movie, just enjoy it! Maybe the producer wanna see about our comment and who knows that they will think to makes City Hunter Season 2. But i believe Tsukasa Hojo will not dissapointed us as CH Fans. Maybe if they make season 2, the story will be get closer with manga/anime. You guys know Angel Heart manga ? Kaori are dead right? Maybe Kim Na Na will show up and Ryo Saeba have his couple again hahaha ! City Hunter is not always to be alone. What about : 1. The Father hate CH and close his money ? you know in manga saeba ryo is poor guy and he got the money from XYZ board. 2. CH got stress about Kim Na Na and his playboy sense blow up, to forget Kim Na Na. 3. CH have a special enemy from military and to destroy the enemy, CH should have a gun. Well, this is just my imagination. But once again, who knows? Thanks to Tsukasa Hojo as a writer, this is a great korean movie i've ever seen!

Bruna What is the name of Chun Jae-Man (Choi Jeong-Woo)’s body guard?? please and thanks

Bruna What is the name of Chun Jae-Man (Choi Jeong-Woo)'s body guard?? please and thanks

Bruna What is the name of Chun Jae-Man (Choi Jeong-Woo)'s body guard??

Thara I really love the character of Lee Joon Hyuk. Kim Yoong Ju sure is a superb, intelligent guy ... <3 him!

Ryuca Realy love this drama, i highly expected there’s 2nd season and special episode for city hunter :)

jineung hyeong this story are so was so amazing from the others..hajiman,....there's no subtitles in english...

Amazing I have no idea what is the ending....???

maje i love city hunter because of lee min ho. he's very handsome. and i like all the fight scenes in the drama. although i'm not really happy with the ending but its okay. im expecting another drama that stars lee min ho.

jhen matura i really hope that they can produce a part 2 of it...

ahhbayah You , the director , need to learn about general Aung San . Don't do like that . He is a Great Hero of Burma . He is not a terrorism . So take care of this dialogue ....." Aung San is the name of terrorism..this country is decided to punish it. why they are so rude and insult to our leader General Aung San. Don't br rude on our Independent Leader General Aung San . Why your Korean has poor knowledge .

Oway Myo Hey!!! guy!! You make big big mistakes in this movies As Comment #20 Phyoe Min above and you also mentions the name of our National Leader Aung San as terrorist.Why? Why you offense on Burmese people.Aung San is Burma's beloved national leader,If we mention Korean as something bad blur blur by the misinformation in our media,how you feel on it?? ,and you should know about Burma if you put the information about Burma even as part of it,you all have responsibility for it. General Aung San is not terrorist and he died in 1947 by the terrorist before the events you mention in the movie. Episode 1 Part 1 - 5:36 min said " Aung San is the name of terrorism..this country is decided to punish it. The best way I want to suggest you ALL should apologize to Burmese people publicly. Keep the creative power of Korean Movie favor among Burmese people !!

maia the ending was a bit upsetting..but it wasn't the real ending as reported..its because of the heavy rains & floods somewhere in korea, they just made it that simple..

jann The season finale SUCKED big time! That's all I can say... storyline and acting was superb... but the horrible ending just ruined it for me.. I was so disappointed! Great show but i regret watching it.. what a waste! I expected so much and got so into it... The story had so many twists but nothing made sense in the end.. Why ruin a great show with a terrible ending?!?

Yizhen The love to watch ur latest movie city hunter. Fantastic.keep it up... Hen xi huan .. Hen pioaliang... Ni hen ke ai..

liu-c city hunter ..... I like the way of fighting its beautiful .... Just the acting of actrese who be kim na na didnt match so it make something less. Seems she was afraid looked ugly.

liu-c city hunter ..... I like the way of fighting its beautiful .... Just the acting of actrese who be kim na na didnt match so it make something less. Seems she was afraid look ugly.

liu-c city hunter ..... I like the way of fighting its beautiful .... Just the acting of actrese who be kim na na didnt match so it make something less. Seems she is afriad look ugly.

liu-c city hunter ..... I like the way of fighting its beautiful .... Just the acting of actrese who be kim na na didnt match so it make something less. Seems she afriad look ugly.

merdewi Anneyong haseyo! It is an excellent story in terms of its plot but it does not reflect a true democratic's sad to see the top level officials are corrupted and greedy..i will not allow my children under 21 to watch this drama because of too much violence, revenge, constant fear and hatred.. and too little love to show in the story..the president doesn't seem to truly acknowledge and appreciate his illegitimate son 'City Hunter' who has done a lot to eliminate corruption and injustice in the nation..

zaim overall city hunter is a good story.. but unfortunately the ending was bad..what happen to the president after his corruption has revealed..jin pyo die for seong did not couple with na na. the bodygard that was tied????? what did yun seong do after his mission for revealing the 1983 case..did kyeong hee return back to president..why mu yeol accept kyeong hee even he knew that she was pregnant...

Alex Thank you so much for the best drama I've ever watched! Each and every episode was packed with so many exciting moments. The plot was so good, clear and logical. The viewer was able to piece together exactly what was happening. Another plus is that every episode ended up with great cliffhanger! When I was watching I thought I would have a heart attack and I've never been even close while watching other dramas (and I have to confess that I've watched it so many, I don't even remember). Anyway, the cast was first-rate, professional and hilarious and, what's more important, the main role actors was so good coordinated, especially Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young. Their chemistry was so strong, I really loved to watch them!! They're fantastic!!! ^_^ So, once more, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for creating such an amazing drama!!! With much love <3

yin3735 hot damn.... just got this film. cannot wait to finish it.

hanae yamashita Yes I did start watching this mainly for Lee Min Ho, but I ended up rooting for the whole cast, and man did I fall for Lee Jun-Hyuk! Perfect drama. Out blew my expectations and kept me at the edge of my seat throughout. Watched it twice in a raw. It's that good! <3

CRYSTAL Turn back times. Relapse for that moment. I’m not quite sure how the story twisted goes but caught my attention on one part and got me thinking that beautiful flower embroidered “HANKY” has a meaning to it, knowing who’s from (Lee Kyung-hee) and gave one that she loves. One for the President Choi Eung-Chan, one for Kim Na-Na and lastly one for her only son, Lee Yun-Seong. That’s the “CLUE” of unleash the truth where started and everything fall in place which I hope to see on the Finale. Just a “HINT”.

Kathleen I enjoyed watching CH tremendously! Kudos to the koreans for giving the world your very own adaptation of the Japanese manga - I doubt I would have have watched it if the main character, Lee MH had portrayed the original not-so-fine characteristics of city hunter in the manga! The korean City Hunter espouses fine values such as rationality, forgiveness and love which society and the world at large need. As korean drama series are very popular in Malaysia, I'm glad to see that you have not sacrificed your own fine values for the sake of keeping it similar to the original. Thank you for the courage it takes to do that as I'm very sure you knew you were going to draw a lot of flak! This courage is also so much korean which is why I am very much a korean series fan. As a critical fan too, I hope you would take note of those plot-holes already highlighted by other fans. A sequel is not possible, isnt it, as the protagonist's surrogate father has claimed himself to be the City Hunter before he dies in the final scene but i hope you would not do a rush job with any finale in other drama series as I hope to see more quality shows from you in future.

CityHunter the drama is just plain beautiful. the characters were all fully developed and consistent within their personalities, but it still allowed the viewers to interpret the characters for themselves. I feel like almost every detail in the drama has a meaning. It all contributes to the big idea of the story. The moral, i believe, is extreme hatred leads to harm for yourself and others around you. maybe because i'm analyzing too much, but this drama is beautifully crafted. KUDOS to the japanese mangaka

leeingna really really LOVE IT........ Lee min ho is the best actor in korea......his acting is very adorable n cool n the story of this movie is cool...the best korean movie in 2011 Good luck for CITY HUNTER n Lee Min HO

kim haesbi i love korean drama,.. i dont like city hunter drama ending! how about Lee Yun-Seong and kim nana relationship?

kay ps: i've noticed that some people mentioned ryo as a detective. for god's sake were u referring to the right film.? he's an underground sweeper. he receive task like assassinating a boxer by putting a special type of bullet right through a person's ear hole that it didn't look like a killing by gun shot at all. do you call that detective task?? okay back to the director/producer's saying.... actually it's kinda interesting now that he said something like that. if he could make a sequel (or at least special movie version) for this drama and put the answer to what i've been asking before, it would put the debate to an end. imagine something like an incident that made yun-seong's character to be just like the ryo character we already know before.. in fact, that would be genius if it could be brought like that...

kay from what i read the producer/director of this "city hunter" said that he think this drama as a prequel to the original story, and said that whoever read/watch the original japan hit in the past would understand why he made the kind of character now we see in this k-drama version and made some adjustment based on the difference in culture, habit, trend, age etc thus city hunter k-drama version is born.. so he really was referring to the original work.. not just coincidentally pick a title then since he respect the asian, if not world wide known brand title of "city hunter" then he put a credit / buying license like somebody here trying to say... now that's some brave thing to say... might explaining why the character so oppositely displayed mr. producer??

kay If lee min ho is a really talented artist, i challenge him to try to act just like ryo.. and not just him, i doubt any artist could do that. A real actor for me is a person who can drastically change his characteristic, following the character he must meet. In the case of this city hunter, korean version, it doesn't matter if lee lost his calmness and coolness by acting as womanizer, and thus some woman say "ewwww" to him... Ryo Saeba, the real city hunter is a master of expression, at one second he's the world's most pervert man with his sick eyebrows and tongue and silly foot pose but at the next second he could be the world's most charming guy.. No man could be like him. If lee at least tried to be like ryo, and he fail at least he's already tried taking the character into heart.. I could consider him an actor there. Actually i don't blame him. Blame the director for that!.. and his choice of story line that has nothing to do with the original. Best drama actor so far is still kimura takuya for me coz he could at anytime leave his coolness side, just like that! in order to dive deep into the characters he were playing. Finally, stop making live action if you feel far from being on par with the real one. Actually the same goes to all japanese producers too, although at least most of them already tried to mimic the real one, though still in the end lead to failure.

janet for one to fully enjoy city hunter, one must abandon his/her brain--if he/she has.

RyoSaeba THIS IS NOT CITY HUNTER! some toke the name and used it to atrack fans from the orginal manga/ovas/series, the plot can be amazin ,fight scenes emotions, a good show to watch, but is an insult to the name of Ryo Saeba this emo-gay like character (im not homofobic or emofobic) i say is an insult cause Ryo NEVER was that way,this version of the CHARACTER is a crap, i even prefere the silly version of Jackie Chan cause at leas it has more resemblanse and dint look emo gay, none is arguin about the series is not a sucess or bad story, but REAL City Hunters Fans we are pissed some made use of City Hunter name to created a total opocite CHARACTER to the one the original creator made,and there is another much bether version of City Hunter Character the movie is called Mr Mumbble. that Kdrama will be much more taken if or they dont use the name of City Hunter, or change the cast to not mae the main character to look so emo-gay wich is nothing to do whit the orginal one..has i say before it doesnt have to follow same story or plot but any decent movie that comes based on other kind of story keeps the base and resemblance of the characters intact and this one doenst,tha would be like making the version of wolverine, taking off his carecterist tough behavior ,claws and hair cut, or superman whiout the S in his chest or no cape etc.

Moo Chai cool story but the story ultimately unsatisfying. I hope there are series to its 2. Kim Na Na You are very beautiful

Tai How is the name of the actor that plays Go Ki Joon's brother?

Jeremy i think the ending for kim nana and yun seong is self-explanatory. Remember they have an agreement that when the whole thing end, yun seong promise to find na na? So the scene where they were seen smiling at each other is the promise that both of them made. Looking at the extent of the smile, you can sort of infer that they will be together. I know viewers always love to see "obvious" happy ending but vague ending gives more space for thinking. In this show, the ending for yun seong and nana isnt that vague, you just gotta think towards the more positive side. Since both of them deeply love each other, why would they not be together?

Jacky Overall was good. Hoping for a season 2! *which is impossible* But yea, the only thing that the drama was missing are the following aspects:

1. Where is the bodyguard of cheon? Still tied up in the basement? (I know he is supposed to be released, but just show it!!)

2. Lack of ending details, ( What did Na Na and Lee Young both concluded? Break up? Wait each other? Being together? ). Im confused, cuz I cant conclude that they arent together at the end. Basically the ending scene or the car scene purpose (the car and lee young) is just to show lee young as the main protagonist of the drama or series, or the last one remaining to be shown of the drama. But my guessing is friendship or broke up?

winovisa I hope City Hunter played in Indonesia  :)

paula city hunter daebak,but i'm not satisfied with the ending what happened to nana and yoonsung?the plot told us that yoonsung's omma and ajjushi moved to USA.But how about yoonsung and nana?they only smiled each other and seeing each other.Why in the end Yoonsung ride the car alone without nana in seoul at night?hmm..i hope Lee Min Ho wanna play in City Hunter season 2 again.Cos without your appearance maybe city hunter won't become awesome hehe.It's all my comment about city hunter.I just wanna say.CH awesome.Lee Min Ho oppa daebak too.hehe^_^

abokusu well i prefer Jackie Chan`s City Hunter LOL...

clueless really...what a clueless and pointless ending. so many untied loose ends, i was hoping to find out what happen to the president and young sun, instead 'after the previous president died' coming out of his own's daughter's mouth? lol~ weird and badly plotted ending, would have given it a 8/10 instead, but now, 5/10 due to the ending.

Sumana I love this drama.The manga-story is really good, I must say.But in some places the acting and direction lacks a lot and needs 2 be discreet.Although i love lee min ho and park min young is really good,still there were things that could have made this drama so much better.

kyrie this drama is so exciting to watch..full of emotion, but I'm very disappointed with the ending..WTF??!! What happen to the ring that his mother gave to him?? both him and kim na na should have a beautiful ending..

Bibi I watched 3 of Lee Min Ho's last dramas (Boys over flower, Personal Taste, City Hunter) during June-July 2011 and I loved them all. To be honest myself and my sisters couldn't stop watching the episodes after episode. I could feel, that Lee Min-Ho's acting got better after each film. I wish him all the success, which surely awaits him in the future and hope he will always stays true to himself...

Martins 1983 don't you see that this korean money making "shitty" thing pointless plot has absolutely NOTHING to do with the original storyline from the roots ? Hana yori dango tdrama and jdrama were different from the manga but they were linked and they kept key scenes and the main personalities of the characters, same to other dramas like Otaru; Gokusen; Kozure Ogami; ect... What about this so called "city hunter" ? Ask people here who have ever watched the anime or read the manga, if emo-wreck plastic nosed boy's character has anything to do with Ryo Saeba. And don't give me the same shit that pd gave : "this is the youth of Ryo Saeba", when lee's character is supposed to be in his early 30's -pretty close to Ryo Saeba's age. The boy always play the same type of characters : emo juvenile boys with bad wardrobes. They give him roles like Ryo saeba, adult roles but he always comes off as a juvenile emo starving looking boy...Ryo is a funny, goofy and very lusty man (a male, not a teenager) who turns women (and people) off by his attitude and doesn't care about fashion and doesn't wear ridiculous mask (wtf ???) at the same time he uses guns like nobody and fight like nobody. The only woman he loves is Kaori and their couple which is complex deep and is the life of the "city hunter" story, has nothing to do with the nonsense showed in this shit.

mini first of all great acting!!!! even though i have alredy watched personal taste already i was not impressed by ur acting. later i started city hunter which i liked tremendously!!! and there was something familiar about ur smile bt it was still a hunch{"cud he be the guy 4m personal taste? naah this guy is so much better!!!"} bt by the end of first episode i was sure it was u. do u know what gave u away? u were not wearing socks!!!!!! {which had bugged me in urs previously mentioned drama} it seriously irks me to see u dressed so flamboyantly{4 heavens sake u were wearing bright pink pants!!! isnt that supposed to be guys nightmare?!!} anyway u have a great body just do something about ur dressing sense and who knows u might end up on my mobile wallpaper?!!! keep smiling{u r cute when u smile}

CRYSTAL Episodes 14: What fascinate me the most? Flash back mission in 1983 was classified is now about to unfold. Lee Min-Ho is very vicious in a good way and very clever man. He detected and uses all these gadgets (new technology upgrade, updated devices) techniques to spy on. As someone said, he is pretty well skilled. No doubt about that. On the other hand, I could imagine if Lee Min-Ho and Lee Jun-Hyuk joined force, they would do a good job together to catch and cease the bad guys cuz they pretty much handy. Well, I just cross my finger, knock on the wood to see what will reveal on the next game. Sorry I’m just having my moments. Sounds fun and exciting to me. I’m enjoying this. THANK YOU CITY HUNTER, YOU MADE MY DAY.

1983 Relax, for crying out loud. The Koreans did not "ruin" the "masterpiece" that is City Hunter. Did you really expect it to be exactly the same? I, for one, found the Korean adaption to be enjoyable in it's own way.

And as far as I know @Martin, plastic surgery doesn't have anything to do with acting abilities. If he wants to look better, then let the man look better.

XYZ I was pretty impressed and excited by this drama in the beginning, but I have to say the ending is kind of disappointing. And it is not because there isn't enough "lovey dovey" elements in it, but that it just doesn't make sense anymore! So I guess the writer wanted to give the audience some twists by setting up Yoon-sung as the president's illegitimate son. And it was hinted in the last couple of episodes that the president missed Yoon-sung's mother. Then WHY in the hell did he not say anything to her when he looked her up in the 1st or 2nd episode, when he was trying to find out the whereabouts of Jin-pyo? And why was he so surprised that Yoon-sung's mother married the other bodyguard? Didn't he know from the beginning? (Or why would he tie her to Jin-pyo?) There were a lot of unnecessary side-plots and the ending is just too weak. I'm really disappointed because I was really hooked in the beginning and to see it fall flat on its face... Sigh.... Lee Min Ho was absolutely gorgeous in this series though. Much better than BOF. Sexy body too!! XD

p.s. I can understand why all those City Hunter manga lovers are upset. They really have nothing in common with the manga AT ALL! And what's the point of showing what a great gunman LMH is? Because he never got to shoot ANYTHING since he returned to Korea, except the practice target!!

cityhunterhawaii @CityHunterNeedForSeason2

Thank you for your insight. I figured that the brother helping the General would be happy that his brother's honor was restored.

It was mentioned in the final episode that Nana's father did pass away right?

I wondered how the Veterinarian was doing after Kim Young Joo's death because she would have no one to console her. Especially since Nana would be leaving for the states but I guess that is not an important thread to the main story.

I would have been happy to see Yoon Sung give Nana the ring. Although in that final scene between them, I did not look to see if she had the ring on.

Anyone have any idea when the series will release on DVD?

Martins @Naira

Yes I felt these feelings while watching "CH" the anime for example or other drama. CH is a worldwide classic which absolutely doesn't fit into live action works in my view ! I watched it during my childhood and I think this shit has absolutely nothing to do with the original work ! You can change some things making your remake because the mediums are different but don't kill the vibe and spirit of the material the drama is taken from ! As I said Lee's character is a reminiscence of his previous ones -emowreck with gay clothes ! He has absolutely none things which define Ryo Saeba and made him apart and charming, same to Park's nana ! As a drama Some characters in this show disappeared like that and you don't even know what's the point of the three main plots -the revenge, the mother, the father....

Ps : he should stop this plastic thing his nose is getting bigger than his head !

azimuth.13 this drama is cool but for the ending i think is not good as i hope, i hope that both of them life together as couple of city hunter or they are die together. many my friends feel the same with me about the ending, but for all is good! and Lee MinHo you rock dude!!! :)

nuraina23 It doesn't matter if it deviates from the Original Manga Story what's important is that we're entertained and for the time being we're thrilled, excited and anticipating for the whole plot of this drama. If you're going to deny that you haven't experience such emotions while watching it..forgive me for saying that you're being a HYPOCRITE.. basis why I can say such words??..because we're HUMAN BEING having UNIVERSAL FEELINGS no matter what RACE we may belong.. THNX!!

CityHunterNeedForSeason2 @ At Cityhunterhawaii

I understand what you mean I also wanted more episodes, however a lot of your questions were answered in the last episodes I think - The brother who was helping the General Steve Lee, gained his goal because he only wanted to regain his brother's honor

 and at the end we saw a memorial that stated 'soldiers who would be remembered'

- I think the man who you saw moving in bed was actually Kim Jong-Sik, father of Kim Young-Joo, Nana's dad stayed in coma unfortunately - Was the Veteranarian able to deal with the loss of the Prosecutor? Sorry man XD on this one I can't reply, but she didn't hold City Hunter responsible for his dead that is for sure - I thank that Yoon-sung recovered quickly after the confrontation with the general, you remember when Nana shoot him for the first time he recocered in no time - About Choi Jeong-Woo's right-hand man, Yoon-sung said in one of the last episodes that he wanted to hand himself over, after revealing everything to Yoon-sung they probably sent his to the prosecuters

Hopefully I helped you out, I also enjoyed this drama and hopefully there will be season 2 !!!!!!!!

cityhunterhawaii City Hunter was an amazing k-drama. This was the first k-drama I have seen with amazing action sequences. This is not to say that other k-dramas have not delved into the action realm but City Hunter really delivered when it came to suspenseful, action-filled moments.

This is my American need for closure talking but I feel unsatisfied with the Series Finale. I hope there is a continuation of the series which would explain why City Hunter ended the way it did.

The final episode of City Hunter felt extremely rushed. Like many others have already said, it seemed like the producers tried to cram too much into the last few minutes. I think they should have extended the allotted time for the final episode so that necessary plot holes could be addressed.

We loyally watched 20 episodes in hopes of finally seeing Nana and Yoon Sung together. Instead of a warm embrace, the last shot we see of them together involves simply smiling. Yoon Sung did not even give Nana the ring which his mother told him to give her. After all that the two main characters have been through, you would think they would finally embrace or kiss seeing as how they no longer had to worry about danger at every turn.

A few other plot holes:

What happened to the brother that was helping the General?

Was the Veteranarian able to deal with the loss of the Prosecutor?

How much time passed between Yoon Sung getting shot and the final scene?

Nana's father passed away but he actually began moving in the final episode. A heartfelt scene between father and daughter would have been appropriate.

What did Yoon Sung do with Choi Jeong-Woo's right-hand man? They just had him tied up. I certainly hope they turned him into the authorities.

Anyway, for all the questions left unanswered, I am still impressed with City Hunter. Great k-drama... great actors and actresses... a story that was always told in a compelling way. I sincerely hope there is a continuation of the series.

cityhunter u guys have any idea about the background song that displayed in the trailer ( an english old song ) because it sounds fascinating to me n i really hope to know the title of it. Thanks

Jenny Lee Min Ho is so cool and just right for City Hunter. Fell in love with him all over. Please say there is a sequel cos' I couldn't wait to see Lee Min Ho'sCity Hunter to combat the baddies. U did a great job for bringing alive the characters (all casts) my salute.

Igb L aduY it's cool but ending is'nt satisfied for me,,,,

Jenny "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet." I really enjoyed watching this drama but would have preferred to see more romance before it ended. :( Overall it was a good action-packed suspense thriller with a small dash of fluff. I was devastated after what happened to prosecutor but I suppose they needed to tie up a loose end for the ending to come together. Ah well. Summer love..

Blessyzai I don't care what others say about City Hunter. LEE MIN HO is the best. I also like Park Min Young. I hope there's part 2...For me, Koreans can create their own drama but they used the name of manga series, I guess for formality sake so that people will not accused them of copying from it. But I also think that they have to revise some parts so that it will not be predictable...

krit I TOTALLY LOVE THIS.. CITY HUNTER!!! i love the action scenes. i love the love story plot. i love the drama added.. i super love the actors and actresses.. great acting there LMH!!! everyone worked hard.. CHUKHAHAEYO to all!!!!

i have never scene the manga.. but whatever.. manga is manga. this kdrama though taken from a manga, is definitely not a manga... and that,i can never understand the sentiments of some people here who don't like the kdrama City Hunter.. but, needless to say.. that's you're opinion, your feeling.. we cannot force you to like it.. but, please don't ridicule us, who have come to love this kdrama.. we also have our own opinions and our own feelings too. let's just respect each others point of view, neh?..

Martins lol G.y boy fans are so hilarious ! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ! Anyway I can see through the ratings some people were not fooled by this so called "city hunter" remake. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA the PD said he expected 30% thing ratings something like IRIS did knowing that it came from a classic and the original work has a lot of fans. Thank God some people felt rick rolled and told the PD just wanted to ride on the famous name of the manga and covers.

leeminhofan_63 damn you all haters. if you are just gonna comment some nonsense then go comment them somewhere else, is it not obvious that no one but haters want to read those comments of yours ,you people are making me sick. just DON'T comment if you have NOTHING good to say.

Chicago I do not understand the feminization of young men in Korea. Can someone explain.

Chicago I love k-dramas. They are ridiculously formulaic. But, so is most entertainment. The adage "there is nothing new under the sun" is incredibly evident in the entertainment industry overall. K-dramas are beautifully directed. The people are gorgeous (there is no one better than Hyun Bin). Much of the acting, writing, directing is top-notch; worthy of emmy awards (popular prizes given in the USA to best performances, writing, directing, etc. on television shows). I am completely addicted and cannot wait to visit Korea.

I'm a middle-aged African-American woman from the USA. I've never read a manga or seen any anime program in its entirety. I enjoyed City Hunter on its own merits. It was entertaining which is all that I expected from the series. LMH is a beautiful man; he is an absolute joy to watch. I found the revenge plot extremely annoying. However, the writing, directing, and especially the performances carried the story. All of he performances were thoroughly entertaining. Besides LMH, I particularly enjoyed his sidekick and the five older men. Their experience as actors was evident in their portrayals.

I happened upon the anime City Hunter while googling. It was evident within just two minutes of viewing that the anime and the series were entirely different. In just two minutes, one could see that juvenile sexuality was a key story element. Reading others' comments reveals that the hero is a pervert - I do not know why that is a good thing. However, because it is such a beloved manga/anime, I am going to watch a few episodes to see what the fuss is all about.

I really thought that the title came from the romanization of the Korean language; I had no idea there had been a Japanese manga/anime City Hunter upon which the series was based. K-drama English titles can be really strange to me. I still do not understand why BOF is titled as it is.

Love K-dramas! Keep 'em comin'!

Noriko17 But then as a compliment I really loved the fight scenes, it's so action-packed. And the theme song Suddenly by Kim Bo Kyung? To die for! I always cry when I hear it playing haha. I watched it on youtube and always choose the HD ones because I love the slow-motion effect on the fighting scenes (and the kiss scene too) it's awesome. So sad I didn't have the chance to watch MinMin to be more lovable in the end. Hope to watch them on other dramas (though I really hope they make dramas together ahahaha:)

Noriko17 not satisfied with the the first few episodes they portrayed love between Nana and Yun Seong, but the later episodes just didn't.I loved watching it because of their tandem (and the awesome fight scenes) but the story focused more on the revenge and jin pyo and on finding yun seong's family. It just didn't give more time for them to be more lovey-dovey in the end. Furthermore, they didn't give much enough time to elaborate the outcome of all the characters. They just pushed it onto the last two minutes!!??! What kind of ending is that? Nana and Yun Seong just smiled and looked at each other and then the next scene was just yun seong riding on his car, ALONE. What was Nana, an extra?WTF

Meeme I have a Question // will there be season 2 of drama city hunter ?????? :( :( :( :(

Preetam And I will pray they will never think about remaking classics like Ogami Ito or Zatoichi. They just destroyed "city hunter", they completely butchered the original storyline and the characters and nobody can tell me that's not true ! This is a fact. And now I can tell with that Japanese works don't flow well into korean culture and language. But just because they want money they remake japanese classic mangas and choose sick looking emo wreck min ho as Ryo Saeba. Do they know who is Ryo ? lmh is pretty much a reminiscence of his previous characters. The same emo-wreck character with some stiff acting here and there looking sick and wearing gay clothes. Please leave japanese classic mangas alone

leeminhofan_63 @martin

what do you think of your self? how dare you say to our lee min ho that he is a gay boy, you are the gay boy over here. you have absolutely no rights to say that others are gay. if you are going to comment such things about city hunter then go comment somewhere else cuz no one here wants to hear your childish blabbering. though the both plots are different i think it is really nice and all haters can only hate cuz thats all they do we absolutely dont like all those hater's out there.

lee min ho oppa fighting:):)

Leave a Comment @Martin

Hey buddy.. think before you speak alright? We don't want to hear such negativity. It is true what [justsaying, Annonymous, City Hunter, etc] said.. If you think you can do a better job at recreating City Hunter... you should create one first...we will see who's drama is better but then again it shouldn't be about someone else being better.. it should be ******EACH AND EVERYONE OF US DON'T NEED TO BE BETTER THAN OTHERS OR OTHER MOVIES/SHOWS DON"T NEED TO BE BETTER THAN OTHER SHOWS, WE JUST NEED TO BE THE BEST THAT WE CAN BE OR THE SHOW OR MOVIE CAN BE THE BEST THAT IT CAN BE****** and I truly believe that's what this Korean version of City Hunter represents. Please just be positive  :) City Hunter the Korean Drama version was amazing too!!!!!! Lets all hope for a season 2 :)

justsaying @martins then why don't you go make your own damn drama. try and stick as close as you can with a budget that can't meet actors/actresses schedule. since when have you seen a movie that really stuck to the story or manga? stuff will be skipped and especially when it turns into a korean drama, best believe that it WILL be more dramatic than just how the manga is. sorry that it didn't meet your demands, but you're not the only one that's watching it. boo frickin' hoo.

Annonymous Martins :

What you're saying there sounds pretty offensive towards Korea. You are assuming "ALL KOREAN FOLKS" create these kinds of dramas? That doesn't sound right at all, you're pointing fingers to all Koreans. This is what you stated, "And I pray korean folks will not think of remaking "mason ikoku", "Ranma 1/2", "cat's eyes" or other works ect... " But you're assuming only "Korean Folks" remake other series? Another thing is if you absolutely dislike this drama then just don't watch it, it's as simple as that. Just because it isn't EXACTLY like City Hunter doesn't mean you blame it on "ALL KOREAN FOLKS". I'm pretty sure many other "Nationalities" do the same. For example, DragonBall Evolution and Dragonball and its series, do you notice the differences between those two movies? Dragonball Evolution was created not by "Koreans" but by "Americans". Even though the movie wasn't near as good as the original Dragonball series, we should still respect them for attempting to create a successful DragonBall movie(I used a poor example but you get the point). You should atleast respect the Koreans and their attempt remaking City Hunter with changes. I myself enjoyed this Drama, it was worth the watch and wait. The original City Hunter manga/anime is good too. The characters do not need to be EXACTLY ALIKE physically, throw your own creativity in there and improvise. Just understand it from that view and remember don't state such ignorant words and be open-minded. Thanks!


Martins And I pray korean folks will not think of remaking "mason ikoku", "Ranma 1/2", "cat's eyes" or other works ect... I mean they really bought "CH" rights thinking they could remake it with plastic nosed starving looking boy as Ryo Saeba ? And they make him wear gay clothes WTF ? With their bof shit they made MG look like a masterpiece and they went like "I want money so I adapt City hunter"....

joseph ending is too short..... city hunter should die so i can be with kim nana/park min young

Donut-England CIty hunter is a drama that captures and pierces the hearts of watchers. The action, drama and storyline just keeps you hooked and i would definately recommend 100% for others to watch.

Obviously it cant be compared to the original manga/anime because-its a k-drama, and korean dramas have a whole style of its own. Having said that, the drama is absolutely AMAZING!!

Martins As a drama which has nothing to do with "City Hunter" it is filled with plotholes and it doesnt flow smoothly : for examples I absolutely felt NOTHING for the pointless revenge plot, YS/mother relationship fell flat, YS/Nana relationship felt juvenile and needless, the "crazy" dad who wants revenge became flat, secret-dad storyline fell flat, some characters became pointless and they disappear like least the three main plots -revenge, mother, dad- fell flat (something that TBDAW succeeded at)

Then who in his ------- right mind use a pointless and unconvincing revenge plot or secret-dad-thing as a storyline to make "city hunter" (the storyline stinks !) ? Who in his right mind use starving looking plastic juvenile people like lee min ho and park min young to play Ryo Saeba and Kaori (their romance sucks !) ? Or who in his right mind think that japanese classic manga City hunter can be adapted especially by korean folks ? lee is an amator compared to Ryo and Park character as a bodyguard is absolutely ridiculous ! Sorry to tell you that but now I am convinced that Taiwanese people are better than korean at remaking japanese mangas no matter all the means used by koreans to make their works look beautiful. I know Tv and books are different mediums but sorry only Japanese people and Taiwanese are good to keep the vibe and spirit of mangas. With Koreans I feel they absolutely ride on the sucess of other works !

vk WOW I liked it, such an interesting drama, fight scenes were great!!! Above that we also had some romance in it , great director

I'm also a great fan of City Hunter of Tsukasa Hojo, I watched every single episode of it !!! Advetures of Ryo and Kaori were great but an adaptation of a real live series must be different, moreover it is an Korean City Hunter so it should be different in some ways I guess

Hopefully they will make a movie of it with the same characters but maybe this time Lee Yunsoeng should use his gun more often

But well overall it was an interesting drama with fighting scenes, romance, handsome cast, dramatisme, original story and so on I give it a 10

I are anonymous I've read and watched the Japanese City Hunter . They are both different but they are both very good . You can't do any most of the fights in the jap ver anime/manga in a drama . It will look simply too unrealistic and also the living culture in Japan is VERY DIFFERENT from Korea . Imagine if you re-enacted all the scenes in jap ver City Hunter and placed it in a Korean Drama ,it will look awfully awkward . If most of you haters do not like the City Hunter(Kor Ver) live with it and pray that the Japanese will make a Live-Action ver of City Hunter which I doubt will arrive anytime soon .

lilyflower Best drama of 2011. It has everything a great drama needs. I do admit it's different from the original manga/anime, but its differences are what make it more unique to the K-drama genre. :D Haters are always going to hate, though...

To haters, if you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all!

Lee Minho fighting!! >w<


I am a big fan of City Hunter manga and anime but I also like this drama. And I have to say it's good that it's different, cuz if it had exact same plot, it'd be a disaster (1-because some stuff you can do in manga/anime are very hard to pull off in real action movie, 2-because it's really boring if you just take the same story). Besides, when you make a manga into anime, anime into drama, you will always see differences whether big or small. What else did you expect? Even if a live action drama was made in Japan, it'd have different colour to it then the original series. and since this was re-made in a different country, it's obvious that more of certain aspects will be lost, because of cultural differences. This is inevitable.

As for using the name of city Hunter to get attention, don't be mistaken. While city Hunter manga (or anime) was a masterpiece and very popular in Japan, it's not that big of a name in Korea (certainly not enough to just take a name for that). Most people watching the show on TV in Korea wouldn't even know it has Japanese manga origin. (also, use of foreign material is not generally favoured). So why did they call it City Hunter and credit to Japanese manga? Because in show business, the intellectual rights are given for settings surrounding the story and general plot only. So the producers are being nice and respecting international intellectual rights. I know it's stupid since pretty much everything else is different but that's the way laws are set up. As a good example of this, consider Into the Mirror (Korean Movie) and The mirrors (Hollywood remake). The story is like 99% different. You wouldn't think it's linked in any way. Yet the setting and general theme is similar so the Korean movie is credited and Hollywood producers had to pay them.

In the end, it's just a title. Don't compare the story line by line to the original. Rather watch it for what it is. If you like it, then keep watching. If you don't, stop watching it but don't bash it. Thanks.

Saeba Ryo I just want to say as Original City Hunter fans, it's to bad that this drama using "City Hunter" title as a selling point to gain popularity, when the truth is very2 different from the original. Some ppl call it "Creative", really? then why not using different title, plot & story (of course with same concept) to begin with. I'm not k-drama hater, I just cannot stand when someone ruin the "Masterpiece". It's like someone singing Metalica's songs with opera voice.

jonny I can safely say that this drama is one of the best i've ever watched, i was hooked onto non-stop. There wasn't a second where i doubted it or felt like doing something else, it kept me engaged and balanced both the action and romance, not to mention combining them both together! I LOVE LEE MINHO AND PARK MIN YOUNG SO MUCH NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CITY HUNTER FIGHTING!!! and you can tell by the ratings it's immensely popular. ignore the haters, no use arguing with children.

arina for some reason i x enjoy watching lee minho on bof...but his acting got better in PP and watching city hunter..i hv to say that LMH is actually a good actor..not only a pretty face..hopefully with age and experience he'll be one of korea best actors..i hope to see him in movies in the future

mat3058 I love City Hunter! Best drama for 2011 all the characters are awsome

Lovey @Martin - bwahahaha - jealous much? Poor you!

Here's the real truth. Lee Min Ho is gorgeous! Cit Hunter is the best drama of 2011. It has action, drama, romance, sweetness, cuteness. Director is great, writing is better than most k-dramas, and actors are intense in their portrayal...meaning...a winning trifecta! Lee Min Ho's screen presence is without a doubt bigger than most actors around. He's oozing with so much sex appeal. Live with that!

Chin Best drama ever! Writing, directing, acting - all great!

kathy I feel like all the haters of this drama hate it because it's so unlike the manga. I honestly like it for being different. It would be so boring if the storyline was exactly the same (not to mention tragic). Besides, the actors are not bad at all, and the lines are really good. And the main characters are all good looking! WOOT!

nastaran I LOVE LEE MIN HO, and i am such a big fan of lee min ho from his boys over flowers to personal preference . I have one question about this drama,please answer me neutrally!:D Are U suggest city hunter for every one even whom don't recognise lee min ho?do you think city hunter has many proponent because lee min ho act in this drama?

Martin If you really want to see what is really "city hunter" and its characters watch the anime or read the manga -this is a classic- and you will see how this shit is absolutely SHIT and the characters in this "drama" make the ones in the original material shine even more !

Martin Korean people destroyed a classic called "city hunter" with its wonderful characters. I absolutely hate korean drama makers after butchering this anime/manga of my childhood. I thought they would learn from their mistake after screwing Hana Yori dango but I was wrong. The worst is they used plastic big nose gay boy lee min ho to play a classic manga character Ryo Saeba.

cyrangee City Hunter is a ONE EPIC DRAMA! The damn cliffhangers are so freakin' epic.

Seriously Epic! 

One of the THE best dramas I have ever seen in my entire lifeee.... !

Omg , 2 eps left? Noooooo! Well I really hope it has a happy ending (Yoon Sung and Na Na) <3 


Citlali Tsunenaga I am so addicted to this drama i been watching it for more than 10 hrs straight

pam love the drama like all other korean dramas I have seen. i love the songs they put in and i am such a big fan of lee min ho from his boys over flowers to personal preference and now this.

rhom just respect others decision. If they don't like this drama then what's the problem with that.

Lee young sooooon damn it --- all u haters!!! not worth of comparing or watching? just ----- u all!!! its the best and unique Korean drama in the decade!!!! All the actors did an excellent job and they all have their own style of showing their characters and emotions, I used to like Lee min ho in good actor way, but now i like everything by who he is!!!! At the end Korean stylish clothes rockkkkS! Yeah baybee love this movie and --- all the haters

nauraxx okayy so i just started watchin these korean dramas and it takes some effort to find episodes with eng sub but the effort is so worth it.. coz srsly this series is awesome and the main character lee min something is gorgeouss!!!:D btw wats boys over flowers????

nastaran i think city hunter has many proponent because lee min ho act in this drama! i love lee min ho,but i am not cretain this drama is so cute! Is'nt it???please answere me!:D

Trollface Who is the lady who is like a mom to Minho in the beginning when he was a kid?! I needs to know!!! D:

Edie Blount City Hunter is one of the BEST series I've ever seen! Bad Love has sort of stolen my heart (in spinte of all that extreme tragedy), and Full House is just too CUTE, but City Hunter is the perfect blend of action, drama, and that special romantic twist. The chemistry between all the characters is just amazing, and that "President" is one BEAUTIFUL man. In spite of the differences between Lee Yun-Seong and his 'dad, Lee Jin-Pyo, they have each others back when the they're up against the wall-- I LOVE that about these two! I can't wait to see every episode.

B Bakarak This series is impressive. This is a team and a good one. Every level of this production is top notch. The writers, director and actors are all working in such a rythm that it has an amazing affectiveness. I am not one to be easily impressed.

Sungmi For all you people dissing the drama: First of all, learn English. I know I sound harsh, but you sound really unintelligent. If you want to speak badly of the drama, at least do it in correct grammar/spelling in your own language. Second, who cares if it doesn't follow the original manga/anime? It's a creative, well thought out storyline with a great plot. As far as I know, the manga/anime was like most sit-coms are: very little storyline, not much connectivity between episodes, and similar plot devices throughout that are designed for cheap entertainment. Finally, why be down on the characters? Yoon Sung is in fact pretty skilled with a gun, as well as with martial arts/hand-to-hand combat. Nana isn't a bimbo like most girls in dramas (in fact, Min Young is one of the only actresses I've seen who doesn't play bimbo roles, which is the only similarity I see to Sungkyunkwan Scandal). The characters have depth and are very capable.

If you're really upset that this drama isn't just like the manga/anime, I suggest you just stop watching live-action dramas altogether and focus on manga and anime.

julee22 Personally I LOVE this drama. I haven't read the manga series or anything, but i don't think we should put the blame on it being portrayed wrong. This drama is adorable and awesome still, and frankly, if it's so different from the original, then it's different from the original. I started watching the drama just because of Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young but the plot made me able to go on :D If you think the characters are sloppy, then don't watch it. I believe they were chosen as these actors because they excel at displaying these emotions.

Besides, a lot of Korean Dramas have the same basis anyways.

Oba Different from the original version of CityHunter. He supposed to be funny, lust (when saw pretty girls) and serious on the job they take. Korea version a bit soft and being emotional when handling task. I like Lee min Ho though just think that the way the director shot the film leads to negative outcome.

Kenshiro I agree with u-lee and Ryo Saeba. This drama is not worthy of its title. It is different in every way from the original City Hunter series. The characters, the storyline and even the action; they're nothing like the original. Besides, the main character makes too many mistakes and is not a good marksman. The only part that was taken from the real series is the "XYZ" code which was used by the servant at one point of the drama. Other than that, this drama tarnishes the names Saeba Ryo and City Hunter, let alone the whole idea of "being a pervert".

Ma Nge In this drama the actress Park Min Young was lost her unique character because she is always perform only one way. There has no difference performance between SungKyunKwan Scandal and City Hunter. Why did the director choose this actress Park Min Young???? Is that according to SungKyunKwan Scandal image????? The theme of the City Hunter is good. But the scenes which the actor and actress performed together was disappointed. The actress performed for City Hunter or Lee Min Ho. I like korean drama series but sometime I have lost the feeling on this play because of like that actor or actress. I was embarrassed the other actors who were portrayed together.

koreanne This is the best Kdrama I've ever addicted to. All actors have their own unique characters. Superb storyline! Exciting with suspense, drama, comedy and action all in one show! Two thumbs up :) !

shamim well well well i like the drama sooo much its good actuaaly looking forwad to send this drama in tanzania, because now also they watch a korean drama but this city hunter darama i think they will like more bacause there is love theme inside of kim nana and min pls i would like to subttitute the drama to tanzania. love you always lee min hoo. shamim from korea!

Jenny I Love this Movie and I am waiting for new Part. THis is the Coolest Korean Action Movie Ever. I love Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young... Did Somebody (Lee Min Ho and other actors) want to Come Myanmar? I love Both of you guys.

cityhunter @ryo saeba : who cares if the story line didn't match with the real one? but still city hunter is very interesting. and yes, maybe some of us watch city hunter because of lee min ho. they use lee min ho to make this drama become more popular. LEE MIN HO FIGHTINGG! CiTY HUNTER too.

Ryo Saeba Story sucksss very bad,,,where is XYZ,Kaori???? City Hunter agency job is sweeper for godsake,,,they do the job for client and money(not always) and they're very poor,,,they're action are not for self revenge,,,,and Ryo Saeba is orphan,,,,please remove CITY HUNTER title from this drama stupid director and writer,,,,,,90% people like this drama just because lee min ho

Daesong I am verry GLAd that it reachest the No.1 spot.. a very interesting story.. I love the story and the whole CAST... More power city hunter...

renee2563 I am enjoying this drama to the fullest!!! Lee Min Ho is amazing in his acting and he has gotten better. The action scenes keep you on edge while the romance plots keep anygirl hooked to keep watching. I just love the couples and love triangles in this series!!!! sarahangeyo ahssuuji!!!

e-Rheen WOW.. HOW AMAZED DRAMA.. I LUVVVV IT.. Min Ho & Min Young are the best Couple..

Jessie LMH~I love your performance and your smile,especially to PMY,I hope youcan have a happy ending in this film and get with PMY together.Finally,I hope you can come to China,because many Chinese fun love you so much!I love you too!!

hae City hunter totally rocks!! The pace is nice, the plot is nice, EVERYTHING IS NICE WAHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Must watch!!!!

Bimba I can't wait to see what s going to hapen next, it s just gettin better and better ,i just addicted to it !!!

tashi Lee Minho looks so good in this show. Good acting. Good production. I like it:)

YG-lover OMG!! Lee Min Ho did a great job!! This show is so addictive, once you start you can't stop!! Great suspense!! Lobe it!! 5 stars for sure!! :D

onepiece its an amazing drama.... you cant stop once you start watching...

yz I really wanna watch ep9!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~

Cecilia I am so addicted to this drama! I LOVE LEE MIN-HO! I want him to get his revenge so badly! Each cliff-hanger at the end of each episode just kills me inside! It is an amazing story, even if I didn't really like Kim Na-Na for the first like 6 episodes due to her stubborn personality and anger towards Yoon-Sung. Hwaiting, City Hunter! SARANGHAE! XD

lise A great drama, great actors .To bad that only 20 episodes of it will be aired , lee minho really looks like a city hunter can't wait for the next ep ,city hunter fightingg, lee minho oppa fightinggg u r great, love yaa^^

CK Hope the movie will be better than other versions !! The original story is not bad at all, so I'm really hope this Korean version can do its works. Like ur acting anway, do your best !

my heart le min-ho How much time should we expect to see the final episode in the rush to please the series is really great and the work of Raya, especially since Maine is a hero to me would like to change the system displays the series and five days of the week, the best for all world Who sees the city hunter drama

Kannitha Awww.......... Min Ho.... I can't believe we're all watching this drama juz because of ur face........This is so weird...but I don't mind!:)

Phyoe Min Hi guys, This movie has some mistake and big mistake. Here is simple movie mistake. Please check this photos. ( | car number which is shown by red circle is written by Thai Language). I'm Myanmar by the way and I found one of screen capture which shared by my friend on facebook where there is The first Asian UN secretary General U Thant photo in one of scene. Korea bombing case happened in Myanmar (1983, Oct 9) and secretary general U That was dead on 1971. My friend said that while the president and other high ranking public officials meet with U Thant. (I haven't watch detail yet but I searching this movie information today) I don't understand why they put U Thant in this movie. KBS made big history mistake. isn't it? (Here is a screen capture pic which show former third UN secretary U Thant in one of scene )

mamae If you are tired of heavy boy meets girl tearjerkers, i highly recommend City Hunter. It is action packed with drama plus Lee min ho who is awesome as an actor at the same time so hotttt. He has gone a long way from being a flower boy... fighting...........

minominoluv The first epi. just finished a few minutes ago in Korea. I've just watched it!! MinHo's action was very gorgeous, awesome, fabulous... XD I'm sure that you must love it !!!

Dalia I'm watching this tomorrow I don't care if I don't understand a word but I can't wait for subs

RobthePhilosopher I am looking forward to this. I am a Lee Min-ho fan, he was great in BoF and Personal Preference And this is also Goo Ha-ra's debut drama so I am excited :D

sobeastlyinlove oh my! Min-Min love team! 'can't wait to see this new KDrama!

abegail wOw what a greaT teAm up!!! i'm lookinG forward to sEe min-yOung and Min-hO to be a loveTeam... i sTart to liKe min-yOung in sungKyunkwan sCandaL and i'm a reaLLy biG fan of Lee min-ho>> hoPe for the suCCess of thiS draMa""" :)

patch "Lee Min Ho as Saeba Ryo the perverted detective ? Can't imagine that..."


we-so-fly anticipating this! Park Minyoung's and Lee Minho's acting im looking forward to! The plot seems rather interesting

TsukinoSara Park Min-young and Lee Min Ho, they meet again! Last drama they play in I am Sam

minah im so excited to hear this news ,,,my request is granted i can't wait....thanks and more power to your site.

Avalon when will it be brocasted in Asian countries??

jen OMG i love this!!!...another role another big hit:)

u-lee Lee Min Ho as Saeba Ryo the perverted detective ? Can't imagine that...

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