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  • Name: Kim Ji-Won
  • Hangul: 김지원
  • Born: October 19, 1992
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height:
  • Blood Type:
  • me2day: @jiwon-kim


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choronnie fell in love in her during high kick 3 and falling even further with every show she's starred in... ♥o♥

Shi-El she actually look like After School's Nana at some some how, esp on 'The Heirs'

janeko you are one of my idol in korean actresses you are soooo !!!!!!!! pretty. love her so much!!!!!!one of the best korean actresses!!!good luck in gap dong!!!!

Vincent In High Kick 3, she reminds me alot of Emi Takei, and sometimes Kim Tae Hee, but anyway, she is really pretty, and cute. I starting to like her at High Kick 3, too bad though, I never like her character in the Heirs, but at the last few episodes of the Heirs, for some reason, I feel pity on her character, and starting to like her.

fweety Is she Kim Tae Hee's sister? She looks so much like KTH in The Heirs.

Jahairah waaaaaaaaaaaah, we are same birthday ^_________^

noira She is not like seol hana or emi takei or any other actrees... she is only like her self... she have cute, uniq... & more important he have combination face like moon chae won..... she can play double character only by her face. Don't need hard work to do it.... I hope she could be next star in future...

sunny neul When I see her, i feel look Jiyeon oennie..


Maria When I see her, sometimes she look a like with takei emi @.@

hims No offense but Seol Hana is hundred times prettier than Yoo Rachel even thought it's portrayer were the same

lucky choi she always portray an evil character! ('the heirs' and 'to the beautiful you') wae?! i hope to see her as the protagonist in a new drama! she's so pretty and nice! Great actress!

리 태 희 김 지 - 원 당신은 당신이 너무 오래되고 예쁘게, 상속인 한국어 드라마에서 너무 다르게 보일, 당신이 성형 수술을 했습니까?

Gloria Nice actress,pretty face,splendid acting

ay She is the nice girl in What's up :)

kd Jiwon looks less evil here than when she was playing Rachel. Her role in The Heirs is to evil for her innocent face! I just realized she played in To The Beautiful You, Kang Haneul too..... She's so pretty and young....

seoulperson she is a really Good actress. I like see her in THE HEIRS ^^

qd i think the same way,kim ji won was very talented and beautiful....i hope end of the heirs kim tan will be married to ji won has being in my dream once,i felt like i dont want to wake up from my dream...hehehehehe

vane I think she should totally get a role where she is not the bad guy just saying she's too pretty for a bad role :)

the hairs She's way better and beautiful than Eun Sang.. just saying..

pink kim ji won was so cute n beatiful..I like her so much..

RaeAe_18 Well first that I saw her in to the beautiful you She has a pretty face even though she is a villain......

Sakuradesu She really look like Kim Tae Hee in the heirs drama. I even thought it was tae hee.

ME She's a really good actress. Firs time seeing her in a drama (The Inheritors) and she's doing great as a stuck-up mean little lady villian.

Song Joong Hyun Such a beautiful woman and have a fight with Krystal Jung ...

Crown Heiress She really looks good with Lee Min Ho. She doesn't look drab beside him at all. Her beauty and charm is at par to that of Min Ho's.

jan nee dehl iloveyou kim ji won :)

strik3 @soniaa same here... it reminded me when kim tae hee was as a acting villain character before (Stairway to Heaven)... particularly their eyes... I really like her then even if she's a villain back then when I was a kid... and I'm starting to like ji won now, too... need to watch more of her now :)

soniaa For some reason i think her like kim tae hee... i dont know why?.. but in heirs she really like kim tae hee young sister.....has beauty face. Being selfish character in heirs make her difference but still cute...hahah

Jan Nee Dehl such a pretty face. :) iloveyou.

chingu This girl look different than one in heirs.

Yanne This girl play the role in her way it has to be. Very excellent. I think she should play in innocent or kind-hearted role. By that way nobody will hate her for screaming in other drama then. Anyway she's kind of good actress actually. She needs more experiance and watch the way seniors actor/actress play their role.

VianaDewi704 OMG, She is Soooo beautiful.. She makes me to want have beautifully like her..

Na'Elym Happy Bufday Kim Ji Won !

evangelion maybe you were play a lot of villain role on dramas recently but it's really interesting to see your character. you have your own charm. i wish i could watch you get a lead role. Good luck

jb I could tell by her smirk and her voice she was also in To the Beautiful You

hello Oh She is the girl in to the beautiful you that's why she looks very familiar when I watch The Heirs...Very Pretty..

KJ She's so beautiful! I'm so happy to see her in The Heirs and Looking Forward to Romance

sby She wasn't selfish either. I remind yoy that in the end she did keep her pride and give up on him. Moreover, the story with her recovery was a touching one. Believe me, mean roles wouldn't suit her either way.

sby milo77, she was neither spiteful, nor vindicative in TTBY. I think it's not only my opinion that the character she plays there was not evil AT ALL. She was just childishl and a little cocky. She didn't use any underhander method and didn't hurt anyone. She can't be considered an antagonist, but a side character. I am really curious as to what other dramas have you watched that you haven't met a real "spiteful and vindicative" character. Nonetheless, that role was just a role and you should judge her depending on her portrayal of her character. As an actress, I believe, no mather the role, she has succeded in symphatising with the audience. TTBY was the first drama I saw her in and I liked her better than the main girl who looked so fake.

milo77 This girl is such an obnoxious brat in TTBY that I can't see her as anything else, too bad. She is very good at being spiteful, selfish and vindictive. Good acting or just comes natural...hehe...but she is sexy...

Aigoo_Hottest She's very pretty in High Kick 3 :)))

DOH She's reaaaaaaaally good in What's Up. She also play a great bad character in To The Beautiul You. And she's still likeable!

trisha i really like her curly hair in ttby i wish i had that curly hair

sbdy She's so cute. Loved her in To The Beautiful you. It's a shame not even her acting prevented me from dropping the drama. If she had been the main girl it would be a completely different story...

Bufallobiff I looked forward to her scenes in TTBY. Her sarcasm was adorable. Her interaction with the dorm Sunbae was hilarious......

fanyshroom08 she's so pretty.. She has such a cute angelic face. I believe she is going to be a famous actress. She's perfect.

kalina she is sool cute and beautiful girl today she is 21 yers she is soo cute <3

H@n i agree that she can't play the lead role in TTBY,, look at her.. she's too pretty, not saying that sulli is not.. but her beauty is for being a girl only, can you imagine her hair being short? her clothes for men.. doesn't suits her at all... like her the way she is in TTBY snd also i like the way sulli starred in that drama..

enchanted Best in WhaT'sUp?

  Looking forward to see your more improve acting skills in TTBU in coming dramas and new dramas

@goodday@ i like lee hyun(cha eun gyeol)and kim ji won(seol han na) to be together or loveteam,.they look so cute and they have lots of aegyeos..maybe in wgm?..hehehe MBC PLEASE READ THIS!!!:)))

miku she can't play the jae hee role on tthb because she has really obvious girly looks and body features....she's really pretty...yes, she is..and i like her acting..she's good...but sulli's innocent and pretty looks (and body, i think) fit the role the most...:)...

Karim She should have played the main role of 'TTBY', not Sulli!!!! Her acting is really natural! She's really a pro! Jiwon's face looks so pure and innocent!!! She's too innocent to be a *****!!

knowsu i thought she's half japanese because of her eyes that complements her angelic feautures.. sweet girl.. :)

Jhules She is so cute because of her angelic face. Nice voice...

Leena Wong Beautiful .... PERFECT is the word to describe her! Love her! Love her! Such an adorable little darling!

Furuhanu Love her! She will definitely go far! :D

Priscilla I really hope she comes out more in the future involving singing and acting.

TaengBLZ She doesn't like an angel, she is an angel... <3

rhinohno she looks like angel

a.n.jell i really like her and can't believe that she's a newbie...she's so good in what's up?....i can see that she's gonna be one big star...

K@T@M! she's so pretty :)

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