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  • Drama: That Winter, The Wind Blows (English & literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Geu Gyeowool, Barami Boonda
  • Hangul: 그 겨울, 바람이 분다
  • Director: Kim Kyu-Tae
  • Writer: No Hee-Kyung
  • Network: SBS
  • Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: February 13 - April 3, 2013
  • Runtime: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Oh Soo (Zo In-Sung), known as the best gambler in the Cheongdam neighborhood, lives a meaningless life. His parents dumped him at an early age and he lost his first lover. Meanwhile, Oh Young (Song Hye-Kyo) is the heir to a large corporation, but she lives a lonely existence. She lost her eyesight at an early age and her father recently passed away. Their fate soon becomes intertwined.


Oh Soo was abandoned in front of an orphanage as a baby. Later on, he lost his first lover. Now, Oh Soo works with Jin-Sung (Kim Beom), who looks up to him. Meanwhile, there's another man named Oh Soo who takes care of Oh Soo's residence and cooks for him. One day, the employee Oh Soo tells Oh Soo and Jin-Sung that his father is the CEO OF PL Company and he has a young sister named Oh Young (Song Hye-Kyo). Oh Soo and Jin-Sung doesn't take him seriously.

Oh Soo is in a relationship with actress So-Ra (Seo Hyo-Rim). She's obsessed with Oh-Soo, but he doesn't love her nearly as much. So-Ra is about to go abroad for one year for work and she's afraid Oh-Soo will leave her for another woman during this time. She concocts a scheme to frame him for embezzlement.

Meanwhile, Oh Young's father is the CEO of PL Company. She is the heir to the company, but lives a lonely existence. She is blind and separated from her mother and brother after her parents divorced when she was 6-years-old. Now her father is gravely ill. She doesn't trust anyone, especially Hye-Ji (Bae Jong-Ok), who caused her parents to divorce. One day, Oh Young receives a letter from her older brother Oh Soo. From the mailman, Oh Young learns that her brother has sent her letters regularly and her stepmother Hye-Ji has hidden those letters. Oh Young then decides to visit her brother without telling her stepmother. She takes a taxi and asks to be driven to the address written on her letter. The address turns out to be a residence hotel.

Oh Soo wakes up from the sound of his doorbell ringing. He sees a woman standing outside of his room. She tells him that she is "Oh Young," but Oh Soo doesn't recognize her. She then asks him who he is and he tells her that he is Oh Soo. Meanwhile, Oh Soo realizes that she is looking for the other Oh Soo. He tells her that her brother is at an institute and will be back by 3pm. Oh Soo then goes back to sleep. When he wakes up and checks in the lobby, he sees that the woman is still there. Oh Soo approaches her and she asks him to read the letter sent by her brother. Oh Soo now realizes that she is blind. He takes her outside of the hotel and reads the letter to her.

While reading the letter, he notices a group of guys running towards to him. Instinctively, Oh Soo gets up and runs. While Oh Soo is running away, his employee Oh Soo appears and begins to follow him. Shortly later, employee Oh Soo is fatally hit by a car. Oh Soo is then caught by the guys chasing him and Oh Young is standing nearby hailing a taxi cab. She is unaware that her older brother Oh Soo has just died in front of her. Oh Young is leaving because she just received a phone call that her father has passed away.

While Oh Soo sits in prison, So-Ra and her lawyer visits him. They explain to Oh Soo why they set him up. She tells him to spend a year in prison and then live with her in Switzerland for good. She has about 7 million dollars from the embezzlement scheme. Oh Soo tells her that he won't ever go back to her, even if he is killed by the person she swindled.

One year later, Oh Soo is now out of prison. He learns that he has no money left and that So-Ra's sponsor has hired a gangster Moo-Cheol (Kim Tae-Woo) to get back the 7 million dollars he believes Oh Soo stole. Moo-Cheol tells Oh Soo that he has to come up with the money in a 100 days or he is dead.

Oh Soo doesn't have a place to stay so he goes to the rooftop room where his employee Oh Soo lived. While standing infront of the rooftop room a man approaches Oh Soo and asks if he is Oh Soo. After confirming that he is Oh Soo, the man named Jang Sung (Kim Kyu-Cheol) identifies himself as a company attorney for PL Company and a friend of the late company president. He has been searching for Oh Soo, because his blind younger sister Oh Young is all alone. The attorney believes Oh Soo is Oh Young's older brother. Meanwhile, Oh Soo realizes this is could be the way he can repay the money.


  1. "That Winter, The Wind Blows" takes over the Wednesday & Thursday 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "The Great Seer" and will be followed by "All About My Romance" in April, 2013
  2. Based on the Japanese drama "Forget Love".
  3. Related titles:
    1. Forget Love | Ai nante irane yo, natsu (TBS / 2002)
    2. Love Me Not | Sarangddawin Piryoeopseo (2006)
    3. That Winter, The Wind Blows | Geu Gyeowool, Barami Boonda (SBS / 2013)
  4. Filming begins October, 2012.
  5. Actress Song Hye-Kyo, director Kim Kyu-Tae & screenwriter No Hee-Kyung previously worked together in 2008 KBS2 drama "Worlds Within......".
  6. First script reading took place on November 4, 2012 at SBS Ilsan Production Center in Tanhyun, South Korea. Main cast, director and screenwriter all attended the reading.


That Winter, The Wind Blows-Zo In-Sung.jpg That Winter, The Wind Blows-Song Hye-Kyo.jpg That Winter, The Wind Blows-Kim Beom.jpg That Winter, The Wind Blows-Jung Eun-Ji.jpg That Winter, The Wind Blows-Bae Jong-Ok.jpg
Zo In-Sung Song Hye-Kyo Kim Beom Jung Eun-Ji Bae Jong-Ok
Oh Soo Oh Young Park Jin-Sung Moon Hee-Sun Wang Hye-Ji
That Winter, The Wind Blows-Kim Tae-Woo.jpg That Winter, The Wind Blows-Kim Kyu-Cheol.jpg Kim Young-Hoon That Winter, The Wind Blows-Seo Hyo-Rim.jpg That Winter, The Wind Blows-Im Se-Mi.jpg
Kim Tae-Woo Kim Kyu-Cheol Kim Young-Hoon Seo Hyo-Rim Im Se-Mi
Zo Moo-Cheol Jang Sung Lee Myung-Ho Jin So-Ra Son Mi-Ra
Choi Seung-Kyung That Winter, The Wind Blows-Han Jung-Hyun.jpg
Choi Seung-Kyung Han Jung-Hyun
Sim Joong-Tae Kim Jung-Hyun

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Episode Ratings

Date Episode TNmS AGB
Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2013-02-13 1 10.1% (17th) 12.2% (11th) 11.3% (14th) 13.0% (10th)
2013-02-13 2 12.0% (14th) 14.0% (6th) 12.8% (10th) 14.5% (4th)
2013-02-14 3 12.3% (15th) 14.4% (8th) 12.4% (12th) 13.8% (5th)
2013-02-20 4 12.5% (8th) 14.0% (5th) 13.4% (4th) 14.6% (4th)
2013-02-21 5 12.9% (9th) 15.3% (6th) 14.1% (4th) 15.5% (3rd)
2013-02-27 6 11.5% (14th) 12.8% (7th) 13.0% (5th) 13.9% (5th)
2013-02-28 7 11.8% (10th) 13.5% (6th) 13.9% (5th) 14.9% (5th)
2013-03-06 8 11.3% (9th) 13.9% (5th) 13.3% (6th) 14.8% (5th)
2013-03-07 9 13.5% (8th) 15.5% (6th) 14.4% (5th) 16.1% (4th)
2013-03-13 10 12.3% (6th) 14.7% (5th) 14.2% (6th) 16.1% (5th)
2013-03-14 11 12.1% (9th) 13.6% (6th) 14.9% (5th) 16.9% (4th)
2013-03-20 12 11.6% (9th) 13.6% (5th) 13.3% (6th) 14.4% (5th)
2013-03-21 13 13.6% (6th) 15.4% (5th) 15.3% (4th) 17.3% (4th)
2013-03-27 14 12.7% (7th) 15.1% (5th) 14.7% (5th) 16.2% (5th)
2013-03-28 15 13.6% (6th) 15.6% (5th) 15.1% (6th) 16.9% (5th)
2013-04-03 16 15.4% (5th) 19.1% (3rd) 15.8% (4th) 18.2% (3rd)

Source: TNS Media Korea& AGB Nielson

  • NR denotes not ranked within the Top 20 daily shows according to TNS Media Korea and AGB Nielson.



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iner It can be that it's just me but for me it was obvious that jin sung will bring the flowers to the original brother soo because the conman oh soo has nothing to do withlambs ears because its oh young and her real brothers precious memory and beside the fact that oy told it to os he has nothing to do with it.

asgee The abrupt ending and unexplained incidents leave viewers like me high and dry. From the time Oh Soo(OS) was stabbed by Jin Sung, he was as good as a missing person. Then he emerged in the next spring. How did Oh Young (OY) accept his unexplained absence? Even if OS is assumed killed by his debtors, wouldn't OY be saddened by this? Instead OY lives absolutely happy without OS. I supposed what kept OS alive was that Jin Sung could not plunge the knife into OS a second time and the desire to see OY, no matter what. Over spring OS recovered and so does OY from the surgery. Why did OS take so long to show himself? After all both had pledge that it would not be the end for them yet.Should I speculate that OS deliberately leave OY alone so that she could find the will to live on her own, which he so wanted her to have? As for OS himself, he need to make a decent living so that he could hold up his head, so to speak, before he seeks out OS. Leaving the past behind, Jin Sung is no longer the young man with the ready smile. Although he lives the life he wanted for himself and his family, he is haunted by the past. He send flowers to OS thinking he is dead. He lives in guilt by bowing to the demands in Pres. Kim's blackmail. Again, more should be shown for viewers' satisfaction. I can safely guess that OS has no wish to seek the truth from Jin Sung. What a tragic ending in a brotherly relationship! The ones who should be put to rest is the thug Pres. Kim and Jin So Ra, who in my opinion is the one who messed up OS's life. It was a great consolation that OS and OY found that opportunity at the cafe to speak up and wonderfully OS proposed they start all over again. These two souls deserved some happiness together after living such tumultuous lives.

From executing heart-melting smiles, to scheming looks, to guilt, to loving looks, and so on...Jo In Sung made this movie come to life. Song Hye Kyo is equally excellent in portraying blindness. I love the bitter-sweet theme in the story as well as in the opening song. Haunting and powerful ballad. Deabak!


cain I decided on watching this drama after seeing so many positive reviews but after watching this,i was utterly disappointed..i had not watched such an ultra boring drama in a long long time..i think the only good thing was the cinematography and the two leads acted average ..but disappoinments so many..the plot is very weak,there is no character development for any of the casts,endlessly dragged on drama,,could have been over in just 8-9 episodes,so many music fillers..i was so disgusted when she starts loving the lead as a man even when she still thinks he is her blood brother..i mean just to make them fall in love,this is extreme and illogical..also suddenly at the 15 episode out of the blue she starts forgiving ms wang when through the whole series she was treating her with such scorn..also when she learns her real brother is dead,she is occupied with anger thoughts of betrayal by the male lead..i mean how selfish and irrational..more than anything the pace of drama is extremely slow and the dragging on is too much to bear

Josephine Okay, I like melodramas, but this one is "over the top" — king of Melodramas, but not in a good way. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the scenery and the cinematography was mostly great, and the acting was superb (but over done, mostly thanks to the script and director, I think) — I liked the characters, and I liked the actors, and I even liked the story somewhat. So, what happened? Obviously, the screen writer was either compelled or self-propelled to stretch out what should be a very short drama series, like the original Japanese drama (under 10 episodes I remember). Those extra 6 episodes really show in: repetition, drawn-out scenes, long music video fillers, more repetition, and then some more repetition on top of that. Oh Young, who should be a sympathetic character, was likeable and strong at first, but became morbid, depressing and overly stubborn -- she didn't grow, she just got stuck. Oh Soo showed major character development and that kept the drama interesting, and the love was interesting and different. It's just spoiled by over wrought script writing that moves slower than an American afternoon soap opera. Sorry, I'm just disappointed, because with this cast, this level of cinematography and this interesting a story this should have been the best—and, instead, to me, became a dreadful waste of time with an unfulfilling climax. PROS: Great actors and acting, great cinematography, good story CONS: dreadful pace, over written script, too much filler, extreme repetition… and viewer frustration:)

heyitzmaureen THIS IS THE BEST DRAMA EVER CREATED THAT I WATCH!! best couple ever! and the best OST too! (Im still listening) I hope they will work together again soon. I loved the way Jo In Sung stared to Song Hye Kyo. I promised you this was the kind of drama that you can watch it over and over again without getting tired. I will never forget this drama. like EVER

Nellabear I really loved this show. Had me crying in the last two episodes. But for the last 6 months ii believe that when they made reference about carrying flowers to oh soo i believe that they were making reference to young's oh soo besause if we could remember wen oh soo(tree) cae from prison jin sung carrried him to the river where his ashes were scattered. it puzzled me a bit as well but after thinking it over i came to that conlusion.

CL I'm a recent Zo In Sung follower and am trying to watch as much of his work as possible after seeing That's Okay, It's Love and A Frozen Flower. I liked this one, too, but I'm not totally clear on the finale. Sorry for the spoilers for anyone else watching this a year late, but did Jin Sung think he'd killed Oh Soo and spared his own family? Did Oh Soo somehow survive and never tell Jin Sung so he'd go live peacefully in the countryside? I saw someone else's 9-point breakdown, but I don't think they're talking about leaving flowers for Young's bro, Oh Soo. He'd already been dead a year, yet they never started that tradition before, only w/Hee Sun's sister. And Jin Sung didn't seem close enough to the other Oh Soo to be as remorseful as he looked in that scene. If Jin Sung thinks he killed Oh Soo, Hee Sun probably has no idea that's how it happened. Maybe someone commented on this a long time ago, but any other thoughts on how this happy ending came about?

Hla I really like this "That Winter The Wind Blows" it is the best drama and your acting is better than I have seen in previous dramas and I love the song Gray Paper by Ye Sung. I hope in the future you make more movies with Song Hye-Ko.

Sagar 7 yeah Me Too it made me cry and thinking for couple of days.. of what really happend

PS: i am still listening to OST of the Drama.. its one of the best (y)

Afia i like this of the best korean drama which is so meaningful and touchy..nd honestly it made me cry finally

Sagar 7 This is the best korean drama series..... it had all the aspects of life.. love, romance, comedy,friendship, betrayl and blah blah.but one thing is sure u will not get bored coz this drama is yes very suspenseful... tbh i would be curious for the next episode.. its more than worth the watch... thumbs up to all the actors especially SHK.. she looked both beautiful and was very deep in the character.. i mean she played a blind girl character for all the 16 episodes.. kudos!! ZIS had a charisma which will help him to get a more female following.. and the rest cast were very good.. casting was excellent.. a nice watch.. 10/10 my ratings..

can we have a debate on the last episode of what happens after 6 months...??

fad this drama is so boring.... I skipped many part of the episodes like crazy..I would list the drama as the worst korean drama i ever watched

Cecurut Temeweng The best korean drama in 2013 !!

LOL who stayed up all night watching this drama?? highly recommended!!

ERIC greattttttttttttttttt drama if you watch this drama you going to be curious about what will happen in the next episode

Jacq I really loved this drama so much! I would love to thank Jo In Sung and Song Hye Kyo and the other actors and actresses and so are the production team. I've finally finished watching this drama after 4 days of staying up late at night. I almost couldn't stop watching because I was always curious about what will happen in the next episode. To be honest with you guys, I kind of hate kim bum's character in this drama which is Jin Sung after watching the final episode. Probably because of how he betrayed Oh Soo by stabbing him. At first I thought Oh Soo would die and the ending would be a sad one. But it turns out I was wrong! Oh Soo didn't die! Why? 1. Hee Sun would never forgive Jin Sung for stabbing Oh Soo if he did died. 2. When Jin Sung and Hee Sun was talking about flowers to give to Oh Soo, I'm pretty sure that the meant the real Oh Soo which is Oh Young's real brother 3. It's impossible for Oh Young to kiss an illusion version of Oh Soo in the last scene. 4. Oh Young mentioned that Secretary Wang knew that Oh Soo was working at the cafe. 5. No one have the same bracelet as Oh Soo and an illusion couldn't be so vivid. 6. The waitress at the 3rd last scene of the last episode looked like as if she knew something good was gonna happen. 7. If it's an illusion, Oh Young wouldn't look so happy. 8. Again, if Jin Sung did left Oh Soo to die after stabbing him, Hee Sun would never want to see Jin Sung even after a million years! She would hate him so much! 9. If he did died, Jin Sung would have felt guilty all his life! He would never be able to get rid of his guilt and he would probably suicide in the end.


I really hope that this really short review/comment would help you guys on understanding the ending :)

For those who haven't watch this drama until the end, I'm really sorry for spoiling some parts of the ending!

For those who haven't watch, I hope you would spare some time to watch this drama.

Not just that it's meaningful, but it's also beautiful and touching!

Beware of being blue after you finished watching! *Prepare hundreds of tissue boxes :p

Let me tell you one truth, This is the first drama that made me cry so much!

I've never cried on any kdramas except for this one and my girlfriend is a gumiho!

Well, I've actually watched a lot of kdramas such as you who came from the stars, Emergency Couple, The heirs, Prime Minister and I, You're All Surrounded and many more! But none of them made me cry! #iaintlyingatall

Sienna Two thumbs up for TWTWB! SHK and ZIS are worthy of an award for a very well executed roles. I enjoyed every episode. All characters did a great job! I would like to see more of SHK and ZIS together in another drama or dramedy.

an Best drama ever! It made me cry, laugh and fall in love. The actors and actresses are great,

You won't regret watching it, promise. <3

Hye Kyo Song Hye Kyo is THE BEST ASIAN ACTRESS! Her facial expressions are ALL PERFECT,FLAWLESS & PROFESSIONALLY done!! She is also the most beautiful Asian actress!

"Song Hye Kyo" is a REAL TALENTED & GIFTED ACTRESS who impresses the viewers by her brilliant acting! Kudos! She is NOT like idol-turned-to-actresses who RUIN the dramas & in the END get a lot of awards!! I love her so much! LOOKING forward to Hye Kyo' next drama! :))

just someone not that i want to spoil ur fun and all because it seem that there are still alo that seems to like this drama so far , things just turned downhill for me. i dont reallt know what this is... maybe cuz this might be the first "serious" drama i watched. but yoonie is REALLY annoying me... i mean comon alright shes blind and all but no one. NO ONE is THAT clueless shes acting to much likea child and her bevaiour is so pg its unbelivable! does she really trust soo like that. only reason im waching is because i sincearly hope she will come to her senses and tell soo that SHE'S been playing HIM all along and like phych im not blind at all! and already know all about his money problem and such, but she was just using him cuz she was uhhh bored and a bit curious on how far soo was able to take his act... buuuut but that wont ever happen...

and if yoonie was even a tiniest bit of a douchebag against soo then it would have been more realistic why he fell in love with her. aaaaahhh! what evs i still want to know the ending though.. then ill just watch emergency couple and u who came from the stars in peace <3

Fernando Alcantara I finally finished it. One of the best mini series I have completed watching. They could have made the ending a bit more romantic and meaningful as the two of them have waited 6 months before seeing each other again. One thing I loved the most is how they all come back together as one family, friends and respect to one another. Understanding what the background of each player. Whatever happened to his mom abandon her son is something the writer seemed not very interested in explaining. But thanks to the writer making it short, concise but meaningful. Well done to all the cast and production members. Love it so much!!! and thank you for a wonderful work.

Paulene Jamie Last more episode to watch after work... I'm just surprised with the role of song hye gyo, though yes she played her role properly (actually I'm a Special Education graduate) so I understand the feeling of being ostracized by a community or ignored having a disability. Yes, disabled persons has the tendency to be stubborn/impatient and even do not want to ask for help, in most of the sped schools that I have observed since there actions comes from what they feel/past experiences. But song hye gyo being strategic, sarcastic and intelligent is not that realistic but it made the storyline very interesting. Zo in-Sung is so handsome, they make a perfect match. I hope they go in public.

The storyline was great, I didn't expect song hye gyo will accept this role. She's just a great artist for me. Twho thumbs up to all the staff and the writer.

I always don't get enough sleep because once I finished another episode it puzzles me so I continue watching.

Ron Lim It is not very often that I get to follow a really good Korean TV drama and " That Winter T W B" was one such gem. To the producer and director a very hearty thanks for bringing to the fortunate viewers a very heart - warming tv fare. Special mention must also be made for a very commendable scriptwriting effort.  And of course to the two lead players: the very beautiful and talented Song Hye-Kyo and the powerful and handsome Zo In-Sung without whom the show could not get high marks. Both of them gave powerful yet tender performances, first as loving, albeit fake, siblings and subsequently as lovers.  This is one well done Korean drama that the host country should be proud of! I needed to thank you for this wonderful read!! I definitely enjoyed every bit of it. I have got you saved as a favorite to check out new things you post…

Refi Honestly, such a good drama! Beautiful acting and the direction was W-O-W! Song Hye'kyo is one of my favourite actresses now. But everyone else were a beautiful cast too! Zo in sung, you were beautiful.

gl Best romantic drama ever! I am so so so in love. Love the chemistry between two leads. Jo Insung Saranghae <3 After watching the drama, I became one of your huge fans. Fighting!

msLinux The best Korean drama I've ever seen. A masterpiece. Song Hye-Kyo truly deserves the best actress award.

Dramagirl I didn't get the ending Can someone pls explain it to me??

immy one of the best k drama i like it

Clarkdale44 The most dramatic emotional, heart warming drama i have ever seen.... I have watched its remake Love me not before this one. I actually liked this one more then its remake. It is true... Original is Original.

I must admit the character of Song Hye-Kyo. She looks so adorable, she is just perfect for such role. Zo In-Sung is great as well, they look nice together. Great chemistry. The storyline and casting is tremendous and beyond my expectations, making this the best korean drama i have ever seen in my entire lifetime. Its must watch for anyone who likes melodrama/romance.

Zoinsung So so in love with you oppa Oh Soo, you look handsome. Best drama ever.

janerdelle Top 5 Best k drama in 2013

1. That Winter The Wind Blows 2. Gu family Book 3. Master Sun 4. Heirs (currently watching) 5. Good Doctor/ I can hear your Voice

Seinjin Hands down my pick for best KSeries in 2013! Visual masterpiece, the scenery/location capture was just beyond words, the casting, story, start to finish were fabulous! Sour Gripes are allowed but am not going to mince words, use those sour grapes and make whatever cocktail you choose. TWTB "ROCKS" Zo In Sung can have any or all of my four sisters :D and for Song Hye Kyo "she's my ultimate korean muse" shame. Those 2 leads would make absolutely genetically perfect babies together!lol Good job

Astghik I don't agree with those who say that it is the worst drama....To start with the fact that I haven't seen the main lead in other dramas, but saw the lead actress in "Full house" (to tell the truth liked it very much too), that is to say I am not the fans of them...but really think that it's a masterpiece...there are very few films that attract me so much that I can forget everything and watch only them. That winter the wind blows is one of them...Fortunately I had the opportunity to watch all the episodes about 2 days...Perfect actors, perfect couple, perfect plot, perfect act, perfect ost and so on...I listen to the songs of it till now. Ad for the actress don't forget the fact that she plays the role of a blind girl, that's why her expressin doesn't change. Thanks to Koreans for such beautiful doramas that attract viewers even from Armenia. I advise everyone to watch it. It's worth to see.And in the end I am for the happy ending and am sure that it is so

raghad Oh i agree with who said it is the worst drama but in the same time i completed it until the last episode because of kim bum i like him, however the main idea of this drama is good but the drama is so boring

Cassandra What a good drama!!! Love the actors, the environment and the plot. I wish episode 16 wasn´t the end... PS: Continue with the AWESOME work!


    • Spoiler alert**

don't read if u plan to watch this drama

i'm a bit confused about the ending...what happen after he's stabbed and he just pop up out of blue...what happen to the bad seem like the director forced to solve it in 16 ep or whatever...

but over all i admit it was a great drama this year...

henrietta kangleon I love this. I can't count anymore how many times i reviewed this. Great chemistry for the 2 lead actors. If i'll win the lottery, i'll produce a part 2; this time they're married and have kids ;-)

yhoona I really like this korean novela :) i always waiting for this before going to sleep. Best korean drama ever! :) i'll miss the characters especially oh young and oh soo <3

Nica Elarde I really love this drama !!! but i'm still curious if Oh Soo is alive or the ending is just a dream ?? oh I hope he's alive with a happy ending :)) super duper love the serie :P

Apple This drama makes my heart melt. The actors and actresses portrait their character amazingly. I can't afford to miss one episode of this heart melting drama!

Ivory Sy Best Korean TV Series of 2013 in the Philippines~

Caterina One of the worst drama i have ever seen. The leads can't act, Jo In Sung was mediocre and the lead actress has always the same expression. I seriously don't understand pepole who praise this drama, likely they are fans of the "actors" or they never saw real actors before.

zya the best korean drama of all times! i like the love team of yonna and xander.:)

mercycoll this is provably the best among the best of Korean drama i have ever watched!!! congratulations to the actors, writers and directors who made this project possible!!!!

Chaii Lynneth Abejuela The movie was so NiCE!  :) This is the best DRAMA ever...

Jane Wills One of the best dramas i've seen! I really love this! I'm hoping to have another series from this lovely couple (Zo In-sung and Song Hye Kyo). Their chemistry's so strong, I can't even skip an episode!! I love this drama so much! More power to kdrama!

Magdalena This is the great drama that I have ever seen. The romance and love story is very good. The scenery is also lovely and beautiful. I give two thumb ups for the main character, Zo In Sung and Song He Kyo. Their love chemistry is very great and very touching... And also for the other characters are good as well. The story has a good plot and happy ending. Love it so much.... Daebak!!! Really love and enjoy this great drama. Hope that this drama wins the best drama in 2013. And also get an award for the main leading characters. You must watch this drama... This is really a great and romantic drama. Congrats n Fighting!!!

zil currently watching thisXD and im so inlove now to kim beom! i like his chemistry together with eunji(although, their not the main characters here)

Vay this is a great romantic-melodrama! Highly recommended you all to watch this beautiful won't regret. The acting of the cast was superb, especially the main leads..Jo in sung-Song hye kyo..their chemistry was freakin' great..they are a very good-looking couple and perfect together. The cinematography of this drama was freakin' wonderful. and the soundtrack of this drama is very good. I hope this drama will get many awards, because this is a very well-made drama and has a perfect and beautiful couple (jo in sung-song hye kyo)

zhayuri22 a very heartwarming drama. there must be a part 2 , 16 episodes is not enough. I love the cast, their acting and the story..the best!!! Hope to see So In Jung and Song Hye Kyo do a project together again :)))) Saranghamnida

Anti Aging Complex Wow! At last I got a website from where I be able to genuinely take useful information concerning my study and knowledge.

lodesa almario i love that, the actors and the actresses

Pearl Hoping that they will make another movie/drama together, Zo In Sung and Song Hye is a very best pair. I can't wait to watch another drama that the two are together, such a good couple.

golden wow! love this one. definitely one of the best. congratulations to all the actors! you would definitely feel Zo InSung's and Song Hye Kyo's acting. Kim Beom and the others were great here too! The story will touch your heart while making you anticipate what's gonna happen next.. After watching, it made me more grateful for everything in life. Great lesson. Great love!:D


) im from philippines. and we've been watvhing this korean drama series. :) i so <3 the flow of the story. :) .. i salute all the people behind this show. :) it was really really great

ame trailer makes us confuse about the story,but surely its gonna be exciting to follow the story till the of drama.Its gonna be a successful drama for this year!

araG thumbs up for this drama every episodes are really interesting and it really makes cry a lot. I love the ending also it makes my heart stop beating i taught Oh Soo died then I remember Oh young's brother HAHAHA. Very touching story <3

Krysa Perfect acting - not only two main actors, but all cast!

wengdg such a great drama! I love the lead actor and actress, they are so beautiful...all of their scenes together are all beautifully crafted. I have never seen a korean drama as picturesque as this. The plot is well written, though I really believe there is a better ending, but I should admit it, i like the ending thus I am completely happy and satisfied. I really wanted to watch this again in the future. I agree both of them and the supporting cast should win an award and of course this drama as the best drama for 2013. Hope to see ZIS and SHK in another project again please please, it would really be wonderful. Congratulations to everyone in the cast and crew..great job people!

Evan Really perfect until the end. It really confused. Either that the last episode, every episode is perfect .

malangmalang perrrfectttt drama

Raha This Drama is really perfect specially their acting Zo In-Sung portrayed veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy wonderful Hye-kyo unni too I realy love this Drama

sunam beautiful story actor/actress but ending's not the good ending for this type of touching drama..

Thk I love everything about this drama until the end. Even though I like happy ending but I thought the ending in this drama was forced to turn out happy as many of us wanted... I didn't like when oh young decided to commit suicide... From the beginning, she showed a strong personality who wanted to survive even she knew the secretary is evil. After going through all the hard times knowing Oh Soo didn't take her money and is seriously in love with her.. She still wants to die????after that, everything seems to fall apart... Jin sung seems to be a smart person from the beginning but turns out to act too hastily in the end.

yen this is the best drama...perfect beautiful couple...amazingly great pair...Zo In Sung very handsome...Song Hye Kyo very pretty....and they played the role touches your can felt the loved portrayed by seen so many korean drama but this is the first time I extremely liked the pair...they are so beautiful on

yen this story was very beautiful, you can felt the loved...Zo In Sung and Song Hye Kyo are perfect beautiful couple..and they played the role excellently...the best of all korean drama ever...super excellent pair...amazingly great drama....

Lizzy Oooohhh sooooo !! Loved his acting loved his face love how hes talks love EVERYTHING! AND Young omg she's so pretty ! I allready started craying at the begining. I think that there was harmonie in thier couple, so sweet ! Even though the ending was not satifying it was still a happy end One of the best drama i've ever watched.

louren one of the beautiful love story...I felt their love to each other..the lead actor/actress portrayed it well...the lead ...I felt his true love to the lead actress...gosh...

Hiriri Hi, can someone please explain to me the ending to this drama? I need clarification D:

Xcurior Happy endings are great, but I prefer an ending like 49 days had. I still felt fulfilled and good about the ending, but it was also very sad at the same time. That kind of deep, complex feeling is the best for me. A simple happy ending is happy, but it doesn't invoke as much emotion out of me. That said, I can't stand the endings where everyone dies or something -- just killing off characters is not the way to make the ending sad(like the end of S1 of Iris)... It would just be like wtf / disappointing then lol.

Ka Vega OMG!!! the last episode was so sad, i can´t believe it is over!!!! This was the best Drama of 2013, I am in love of In sung, he´s soooooooooo hot

In-Sung I love you! Let's do another drama!

Dalal I am going to miss this wonderful should win all the awards .. Best actor, best actress ,best drama, best director, best ost , best supporting actor, best writer...IT IS THE BEST!

oh young i think it's the best korean drama so far...

Solair OMG!! What a Drama! I'm going to miss it. Korean's pride!!!

kim I am sorry Guys!! I am not very amused Jung Eun-Ji and remmeber guys i am not a hater i am just saying my oponion!

ohsoo lover i think the ending is obviously and perfectly happy. both are alive and live happily. for the jisung and hee-sun scene where they wanna give flower for oh soo means flower for decoration which is they put on the table of ohsoo's restaurant.

Dianne Best Korean Drama I've ever seen, and I've seen some I thought were fantastic! I thought their ratings would have been even higher because each Episode got better than the last every time! Jo In Sung and Song Hye Gyo should win Best Actors, Kim Bum should be Best Supporting and the Drama should win BEST ALL AROUND. I just watched the last Episode, and I didn't want it to end... I will watch this again in the future... SO GOOD!!!

Park Lioshi I DON'T WANT THIS DRAMA TO END (T___T)'' The Last Ep. Has Been Showed already.. Plz let it be happy (>___<)

Na05 Time flies so fast...and It's already end. Superb for the acting of the actors. Also for the director and especially, screenwriter. It's just a really excellent melodrama. Love It...

Suriya Whenever i watched Korean dramas i always hope for happy ending...but most of them really make me regret watching...even though i love to watch the drama to the end..i am really touched with this drama and their waves of winds really cooling me...but for this drama like other viewers lets give us face,,,,,please let it be happy ending and everyone is waiting for them to be together...thus American movie will make sure that their hero and heroin will end up happy ending even they are dying nearly dead....but depends on certain scenes where sometime you really can accept the ending but .please make me watch your dramas, since you know your drama now are most popular to watch and that is what people always want to cry happily....

Arezu although Zo In-sung acting is perfect, the storyline & espesially Song Hye-Kyo character is so much annoying. she always says i wanna die, kill me, i wanna kill myself........... , she really makes me sick of her. there r a large number of ppl around the world who have loads of problems but they dont always talk about dying! i hope no drama like this ever be made again.

Yuri Ju I am pretty picky when it comes to Korean dramas, but I have to say, this drama is one of the best i've seen in a long time!! Every episode kept my interest going for more. The main characters are not annoying. They aren't afraid to say the words "i like you" or "i love you." Unlike other dramas, where you'd get so annoyed. Just tell them you love them geez! haha. They aren't too snobby or just plain out retarded like other dramas I've seen where the girls act so pathetic.>.<. And the main guy is not a big jerk to where you want to slap him. XD All the characters are likeable. :) Even the bad ones... haha.

the plot of the story is also really good! I just hope the ending doesn't disappointment me..... Other than that, this drama is just plain out good! Enough Said! ^__^; RECOMMEND!

TWTWB Lover Im just hoping this drama will have a truly happy ending. please im begging you. they should be together as they have past so many obstacle in their life. however, this drama, That Winter, The Wind Blows is the most amazing drama that i ever watched. Loving "oh couple" #OhCoupleForever besides, Song Hye Kyo, Jo Insung, Kim Bum and Eunji are amazingly talented cast. I LOVE IT so muchh..

kate really love this drama..!..i will be a happy ending!...the main characters to this drama..deserve to be happy...--pls...NO SAD ENDING, can't wait for the last episode!!!..:-(( - Philippines

immy003 oh my god zo in sung is my new favorit actor i love his acting and i love this drama ,i hope that will be a happy ending

djbullock Everything about this drama works for me. Love the entire cast... even Moo-Cheol and Secretary Wang. Major props to Zo In-Sung... he never disappoints... the camera loves this man.

ohwell omg!omg!just finished watching ep15.i am speechless!why youngie has to do that???i just hope there will be some twist.since im the only one watching i have no one to whine to..huwaaaa...


'( :'(  :'( :'(  :'( :'(  :'( :'( the last part of episode 15 is hurtful!!! It REDUCED ME 2 TEARS!! :'(((

I hope she will stay alive!!!! I really CANNOT WAIT 2 watch the FINAL episode!!!!!!! I am a person of hasty disposition so waiting is so hard 4 me!!!!!!! there was no preview as well!!!! they really have acted brilliantly!!!!!!!!!! I felt pity for Mu Chul as well because he was badly in love with that girl!!!! Oh my gosh!! I believe the word and dialogues of the cast in the episode 15 are PERFECT!!!!!!!!!! Fabulous!!! God bless you the script writer!!!!!!!!!!

nana 16 episodes is not enough! :'( I am gonna miss the cast!  :'( I BADLY want Oh Soo and Youngi 2 get back together and start afresh!! what will happen in the end?! these 2 actors really go with each other!! I wish they would fall 4 each other and go out! :))) I cannot wait 2 watch the last episode!! I watch this drama in "epdrama" and I have got 2 wait so episode 15 will have sub!!! :(((( waiting for anything is hurtful!!!!!! :((

ria7aza I hope this drama happy ending.Because of small oh soo and young a life miserable. I hope eventually they can live happily, so they can bring hope to the viewers at home. Due to the kindness and sincerity will eventually end up beinga happiness I love it ' Oh couple'

cara_m I'm one of TWTWB crazy fans but I feel sad because OST no.1...Gray Paper by Yesung is so rarely played in this drama... :'(

anna i got a hunch this drama would have a sad ending, but i hope i'm wrong, cause if it's right i would not want to watch it.....

claire as I started to watch this drama, I realized that the reason I watch it is not because of the story/plot, but more of the actress (Song Hye Kyo) and actor ( Zo In Sung). sometimes, they are so good that all that matter is you can see them, share what they feel, or get involved with their life. and I think song hye kyo is one of the most beautiful actress in the world. Great drama, great cast! i hope the writer will put a justice to the ending, not just simply a tragic one.

bree a very touching story :) a heartmelting yet so pure..beautiful indeed ! i love you zon In sung and song hye kyo :)

May Eww how could song hye kyo like so in sung if she think thats her brother and how could she like him after he lied to her because he wanted money

jaja the story line's really awesome. the actors and actresses are natural, especially SHK.

Gos21 The drama is really great. If it's going to end as the movie, I will be pissed off.

jo a great drama indeed,@pay you are wrong,no high rating?it is currently the number one in its timeslot even beating the high budgeted iris 2..i bet you are not watching this drama no wonder your comment is not appropriate,im encouring you to watch it and surely you'll love it the ist you watch and crave for more

nana My name is Nana and I am 18. My dream job is acting and I admire the cast of this drama I like this drama I like the name of the drama as it goes with the plot and some scenes I LOVE the cast's acting I passionately LOVE how genuinely Oh Soo cares for Youngie I deeply LOVE how vehemently Oh Soo insists upon making her live I LOVE the way he looks at her I WISH I had someone like him in my life,I envy her

tiyoki i'm hook to this drama........great acting and i love the cast.....hope it has a happy ending........

Vicky I love this drama and waiting for the 12th episode to release with english sub. I am from India and big fan of Korean drama and I really want happy ending to this drama. If I see sad ending in any drama my mind will not work at least for weak. Please. please give the happy ending to this drama.

charizze I super love this kdrama!!Song Hye Kyo portrays the role of a blind woman very well and all the actors and actresses are just so outstanding. Zo In Sung and So Hye Kyo have very good chemistry and the story is very heartwarming. I definitely wouldn't dare miss the upcoming episodes. :))

blue mountain I love love love this drama.

blue mountain This awesome drama keeps me in toes. The best of korean drama 2013, no doubt about it. love these very real talented actors. P.S. That lead actress, wow! seriously her beauty is out of this world n she portrayed her character so well.

ohwell I really enjoy watching this drama since it's a very good drama. But im just a bit disappointed when i knew it's a remake drama.oh well.but since the story,the acting is good so i will put the disappointment aside.pls dont get mad at me!lol.peace!now patiently waiting for ep12.i just hope if youngie need to die.pls make both lead die together and hv a chance to treasure their love together..or else pls gv us some happy ending for both of them.i just hope miracle would happen just like scent of a woman.

SHKF Lovely drama! Love the chemistry between SHK and Jo In Sung....

Pay I got a bit of a typo in there. I meant "I don't get why some people don't like this drama." what comment fail. It was just a typo, ok? I love this drama like everyone else. Damn my first comment ruined it. >.<

Pay I don't get why some people like this and it's not first in ratings. Right? This is the kind of drama that makes you cry when you are sad and happy. That sort of feeling, I love it. But I feel like it will have a sad ending, though I am hoping it will turn around. ^^ Watch it! It's really good! :D

Dalal When ever I watch new episode of this series..I feel that I am a hidden character living with's soo emotional with strong plot and direction. i don't understand single word without translation because I am Arabic girl however I watch it raw first and surprisingly I enjoy it . Well done and bravo

Wayan Can't wait for the EP # 12 !!!!!!! .... Best korean drama ...perfect couple ...Jo In Sung & Song Hye Kyo .God please make this drama happy ending ;)

Mika Can anybody tell me what smartphones they use in the drama? Thanks.

alyssajoyce song hye kyo my favourite actress

sumi jo in sung my favourite actor. he is the best actor amazing hye kyo really good too.I really like this drama so romantic .I hope this drama happy ending..this drama captured my mind .so good this drama bun too

erao fantastic drama.... superb main characters.... that is why can't just get enough of this drama.... after this drama i pray that they both be paired again to a new drama.... i love them both song hye gyo and zo in sung... avid fan..... both made my day complete....

luvia I really in love this drama...please be happy ending.....

tiffy omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thid drama is so romantic, they actually have chemistry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!please!!!!!!!!!!!! give it a happy ending!!!!!!!!

Gene I am addicted to this show. I was so sure I'd stop watching as I was so upset he was lying to her and I liked them together but as siblings! But I am hooked, loving and hating it all at the same time. The fine details of this drama... ahh...beautifully filmed. Fantastic cast and crew! (So hard not to write a huge paragraph right now!)

dmp13 i am absolutely loving this drama!!!!!!

Kevin I can't wait to watch the next episode. I love Zo In Sung and Song Hye Kyo together. I am a big fan of Song Hye Kyo. They are great stars.

Lovesonghyekyo&zoinsung Zo In Sung and Song Hye Kyo they're perfect couple. I love them to the max. The director of this melodrama korean soap opera did a very good job seeking best actor and actress. The goddess face of Hye Kyo and In Sung faces you will never get tired watching them. Tall and handsome, pretty and flawless even if they are both in their 30's. Both characters made me cry, happy and attracted everytime I watched them, very good in acting and they really know how to portray their characters. I can not wait to see this every wednesday and thursday on Viki application in my ipad, I keep checking if the english translation is done but sometimes I can not wait to watch so even if I do not fully understand Korean language I still watch them and watch it again after the full translation english is done.

I am hoping that this melodrama will end a happy ending. What I notice about korean drama people love to watch with an happy ending. I feel happy and it gives me satisfaction if the story have a good ending.

I just want to thank all the actors and actresses and directors, crews who made this drama very beautiful. I never egt tired watching korean drama even if I am not korean. I am you number one fan here in US. Please keep up the good work , you make me happy.

Zo In Sung and Song Hye Kyo - Perfect couple, I love you to the max!! Keep up the good work. Fighting!!

nana I am 18 years old and I immensely enjoy watching lee min ho's dramas so I can hardly fall for a drama in which lee min ho has not starred.what I mean is,I am a picky kind of person and ONLY JUST I can see what I want in min ho's dramas BUT this drama,that winter the wind blows,has somewhat captured my attention.the cast are good. the main actor has acted well and I personally think that he really goes with the main actress. The reason why I like the main actor is that he DOES NOT HAVE boyish features. I also reckon he is a person of manly disposition. hope 4 the success of this drama :) :) ACTING IS MY DREAM JOB!! SO THAT IS WHY I REALLY AM PICKY AND NOTE THE WAY ACTORS STAR!!

dreamcometrue Love this dramaa..

rima i'm addicted to this drama it's so interesting

ruzikie I can't breath every time i watch this drama. Omoooooo, oxygen couple XD

SSK i hope (very very much) this drama wiill be happy end... love Zo In Sung & Song Hye Kyo so much, great couple this year ^.^

erao a very interesting drama... good acting and exciting story plot... can't wait for the next episode... this drama captured my heart and my mind..

D"Silva Best drama I 've ever watched in my life... Especially with expert actors like Zo in Sung and Kim Bum, and great actress like Song hye gyo.. really interesting... hope that zo in sung would find happy life in this drama... he is so pitiful

keiichin Amazing actors and cast! Exciting plots!

Can you see the way In Sung looks at HyeKyo?! Their acting is too great!!! Specially InSung, his different facial expressions...Really really good!

Though I prepare myself for a tragic ending. :(

Davia I'm really enjoying watching Zo In-Sung, Song Hye-Kyo, & Kim Beom. Also Kim Tae-Woo & Kim Kyu-Cheol. It's interesting how all the female characters except for Oh Young are crazy. Anyway these great actors really pull one into the story.

L Loving this drama so far...definitely recommended! it's the only Kdrama i've been following since Rooftop Prince xD All of the cast is awesome too~

@LC ... yeah it's a remake of Love Me Not / originally a jap drama, but i'm hoping for a good ending (xP yeah right w/ the melo but you can always wish)

Anso Love this drama! But its the very similar version of Moon Geun Young s Love me not movie. Same plot, same story.. Movies ending was so so sad :(. Hope this drama turns out better towards tha end :)

Anso Love this drama! But its the very similar version of Moon Geun Young s Love me not movie. Same plot, same story.... Movies ending was so so sad :(. hope this drama turns out to be better towards the end.:))

junti Everything about this drama is great. The actors, plot and sceneries. So looking forward to a happy ending I hope. Addicting!!!!!

black_blood wow.. This drama is too good. And the cast too is great. I like that the main cast has +ve roles.

KBF I was awaiting to watch this drama only because of kim bum. Long time no drama's of him were on air. This drama is really awesome. Also was pretty shocked to watch Song Hye-Kyo again after watching her in Full House long back. She is the prettiest korean actress so far according to me.

ixtyjjang The story is the same with the movie "Love Me Not" right? I love this but to think Love Me Not did not end up with a TOTALLY happy ending (just so-so) I'm now afraid on how this drama would end. I don't want an end where they'll both die.

yuyu Amazing, I can't wait for watching next episode. SHK and ZIS really amazing

T4eminxxx Amazing story!!!!! It took all of my attention eventho I just watch the first episode. Usually movie starts with a boring kind of intro but this is another way round. If people would literally understand lol. Blood and all of those punch stabs and ridiculously bad scenes are my favourites because god knows how much i love to see blood. Anyways thanks director for an awesome movie and the team that was working hard too xxxx

@drogbazoka If you're only watching it for Eunji, then that is really a pity. Her acting is really awkward and stiff here and she looks like an rookie among all those talented actors/actresses :( I was looking forward to this drama also because of Eunji (Reply 1997) but she disappointed me and now I'm in it solely for Jo In Sung and Song Hye Kyo. Their acting skills are amazing :)

DramaSnob I just started episode 2. I'm impressed by the beauty, poise, and acting of the lead actress but impersonating an heir to multimillion corporation is hard to believe with the DNA test now available. I hope the writer will find a good excuse why the test is not done. Kim Beum is very handsome and so far his acting is quite good but In Sung is too pale, he almost looks like bloodless. He should get a tan or ask for a darker make-up.

Keith Why only 16 episodes? How could they compress the story since it seems to be complicated. Zo In Sung pretending to be Song Hye Kyo's brother then later on He will be her lover. It seems so complicated to be compiled in 16 episodes.

pipay So far so good...if not great drama! acting wise and good storyline, I'm already looking forward to each episodes.

Mike Cinematic Director and Screen Writter Duo of Padam Padam are back. Wishing SBS would make this Rank One for its ensemble casts and outstanding OSTs.

black_blood I watched the first two episodes. It was great.

park I watched the episodes and my I'm already addicted. In Sung and Kim Beom OH MY so handsome. Few years ago In Sung was the boy next door handsome and now he's a dashingly kind-of-edgy handsome. Given you can tell he's already in his 30 but boy he still looks drop-dead-handsome. and Plus I think he's a little skinnier in this series. One thing though, I hope the series has a twist in the story so it will be different from the movie.... The movie was quite depressing....

hania Omo, omo! I really addicted to this drama! Song Hye Gyo and Zo In Sung so daebak!

I already watch 2 episodes and really want to see again and again!

Keith I've already watched episode 1 and just started episode 2 even though there is no sub title. Their acting great. The camera angles are vivid. I'm just curious why was 2 episodes shown in one day? is there an episode today?

jejfan agree carmel!!!! Seo in guk and eunji!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss replay 1997! kim bum already has kim so eun ^.^ but I am looking forward to this drama!!!!!!!!!!

carmel kim bum looks like eunji's older brother. They don't look good as a couple.

Vea What?! Today is February 13th. I can't wait to download the torrent of this drama! >< Kim Beom looks are so different now. :3 I just can't forget that cute face of his and still matured personality. Hwaiting, Kim Beom oppa! <3

princesshuanzhu O my god!!! In sung looks really really different now. His face, that wrinkles, strong facial expression. He changed from in sung i first saw in bali drama, though he is still handsome he looks like different person now. I adore the handsome face of young insung. Yeah in the end, everybody changes.

drogbazoka When you're all waiting for Song Hye Gyo, Zo In Sung or Kim Bum, I am waiting for Jung Eun Ji. Yes, only for her. Eunji, fighting!

Wayan Jo In Sung !!!!! Oh My God ... I really excited to see this drama ... Can't wait anymore ...Miss him so much

Thanks God ... He back now !!!!!!! I hope the ending not like " Memories of Bali "

NM17177 OMG!!!!!! can't wait to see Zo In Sung and Song Hye Kyo together. hope the ending will different from the movie..

Liza★ I can't wait until February 13!! I'm so excited for this drama

liina The drama is from the same novel as the movie love me not Which moon geun young played the lead in.. Love the cast i am more excited for kim bum and eunji.. Love the lead to wonder if it will have a sad ending like the movie or that they will change it and make a happy one.. Still can't wait for this one :)

lemna gibba Kim Bum better get the girl.

Tin Even the scenes were like taken from Love Me Not. Can no longer hide my excitement. Although it hasn't started yet, I'm wishing for a nice ending. Please don't tell me that the guy will be stabbed to death also. Haha

Tin The story is somehow similar to Love Me Not movie. The girl who had lost her eyesight and the man who is a gambler and all that. This must be a nice comeback for Song Hye Kyo.

Innocent Woman Oh my gosh! Can't wait to see this! I'm so excited! Haha! After all these years, Song Hye Kyo is still pretty! Wow! i hope this will be a great series! :D

kirara Feels like Love me not.. but i'll watch this series

kiiiiki Zo In Sung and Song Hye Kyo in a drama together? OMG I'M EXCITED!!!! Gotta feeling this is going to be a hit :D

Keith The most awaited comeback of the two greatest and popular actors of Korea is finally coming!

gellai Oh my geee!!! Ju In Sung and Song Hye Kyo I've been waiting for them for ages!!!! Finally its here! Ju Insung is my first love in my Kdrama world.

kim SONG HYE KYO!!! <3 She's finally going to be in another drama! :) Looking forward to it!

@michysanjya kyaaaaa.... My Man will come back!!! miss u sooo much dear Jo In Sung. wish the drama was very good. daebak.

JYumi YEY !! another drama with my beloved unnie-idol EunJi !! SOOOOOOOOOO Happy.... An early gift for my bday tomorrow ! <3 <3 <3

Crixa I care less whether the drama will be good or not, for as long as Song Hye Kyo and Jo In Sung will be together then count me in! My two favorite actors in one drama, I can't even process right now. This is daebak! :)

Natalie I hope Song Hye Kyo & Jo In Sung will make an impressing comeback drama!! Can't wait for Song hye kyo go playing a blind woman too,, Fighting!

Min.Sung OH HECK YEAH !!!!!!! KIM BUM AND EUNJI !!!!!!!!!!!!! another reason I'm looking forward to this drama!!!

joecaipil Based from the "plot", i think this was made a korean movie befor, Love Me Not, if i'm not mistaken. i hope this would be good.. :)

Simon Wow, it's a pretty good cast!

leafes a pink eunji also will take the role too in this drama right. i hope it will broadcast in kbs so i can watch it.

rosie Wow..... can't wait to watch her again in new drama. She was inactive for so long and miss her so much. Zo In Sung with Song will creates great chemistry together.

mahsa woow !!! its perfect <3 i love zo in sung and love song hye-kyo <3 god  ! its will be AMAZING

Min.Sung Song Hye Gyo going playing a blind woman. I cannot wait for this! This is the kind of drama I'd like to watch!

lim i can't wait for watching Zo In Sung and Song Hye Kyo together. And in a project of my favourite korean writer. i believe it's gonna be great

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