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  • Drama: The Great Seer
  • Revised romanization: Daepoongsoo
  • Hangul: 대풍수
  • Director: Lee Yong-Seok
  • Writer: Nam Sun-Nyeon, Park Sang-Hee
  • Network: SBS
  • Episodes: 35
  • Release Date: October 10, 2012 - February 7, 2013
  • Runtime: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


During the late Goryeo period, powerful scholars on the theory of divination based on topography select Lee Sung-Kye (Ji Jin-Hee) to build a new Joseon Dynasty.


  1. "The Great Seer" takes over the Wednesday & Thursday 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "To The Beautiful You" and will be followed by "That Winter, The Wind Blows" in February,2013
  2. First script reading takes place August 22, 2012.


The Great Seer-Ji Sung1.jpg The Great Seer-Song Chang-Ui1.jpg The Great Seer-Ji Jin-Hee1.jpg Kim So-Yeon The Great Seer-Lee Yoon-Ji1.jpg
Ji Sung Song Chang-Eui Ji Jin-Hee Kim So-Yeon Lee Yoon-Ji
Ji-Sang Jung-Geun Lee Sung-Kye Hae-In Ban-Ya
The Great Seer-Jo Min-Gi1.jpg Oh Hyun-Kyung The Great Seer-Lee Seung-Yeon1.jpg The Great Seer- Lee Yeong-Beom.jpg The Great Seer-Choi Jae-Woong.jpg
Jo Min-Gi Oh Hyun-Kyung Lee Seung-Yeon Lee Yeong-Beom Choi Jae-Woong
Lee In-Im Soo Ryun-Gae Young-Ji Hyo-Myung Dong-Ryoon
The Great Seer-Kang Kyeong-Heon.jpg The Great Seer-Ahn Kil-Kang.jpg The Great Seer-Ryu Tae-Joon.jpg The Great Seer-Lee Mun-Shik.jpg The Great Seer-Jo Han-Cheol.jpg
Kang Kyung-Hun Ahn Kil-Kang Ryu Tae-Joon Lee Moon-Sik Jo Han-Chul
Bong-Choon Monk Moohak King Gongmin Jong-Dae Moo-Young
Lee Won-Jae The Great Seer-Kim Ku-Taek.jpg The Great Seer-Do Ki-Seok.jpg The Great Seer-Yu Ha-Jun.jpg Choi Tae-Joon
Lee Won-Jae Kim Ku-Taek Do Ki-Seok Yu Ha-Jun Choi Tae-Joon
No Young-Soo Lee Ji-Ran Woo Ya-Sook Shin-Don Lee Bang-Won
Lee Min-Ho The Great Seer-Yoon Joo-Hee.jpg
Lee Min-Ho Yoon Joo-Hee
King Woo Lee Sung-Kye's wife

Young Cast Members:

The Great Seer-Lee Da-Wit.jpg No Young-Hak The Great Seer-Son Na-Eun.jpg The Great Seer-Park Min-Ji.jpg The Great Seer-Lee Jin.jpg
David Lee No Young-Hak Son Na-Eun Park Min-Ji Lee Jin
Ji-Sang Jung-Geun Hae-In Ban-Ya Young-Ji

Additional Cast Members:


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Episode Ratings

Date Episode TNmS AGB
Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2012-10-10 1 NR NR NR NR
2012-10-11 2 NR 8.1% (20th) 7.0% (20th) 7.7% (19th)
2012-10-17 3 10.4% (17th) 11.7% (10th) 10.6% (10th) 11.8% (8th)
2012-10-18 4 NR 8.4% (19th) 7.6% (20th) 8.5% (19th)
2012-10-24 5 9.4% (15th) 11.0% (18th) 9.3% (13th) 9.8% (9th)
2012-10-25 6 9.8% (14th) 10.7% (10th) 9.7% (10th) 10.8% (10th)
2012-10-31 7 10.1% (16th) 11.9% (9th) 9.8% (15th) 10.6% (8th)
2012-11-01 8 10.3% (18th) 11.6% (11th) 10.1% (14th) 10.6% (13th)
2012-11-07 9 8.7% (17th) 10.0% (16th) 8.4% (18th) 9.4% (17th)
2012-11-08 10 9.9% (17th) 10.5% (15th) 8.7% (18th) 8.9% (16th)
2012-11-14 11 9.6% (16th) 11.2% (13th) NR 8.3% (17th)
2012-11-15 12 9.8% (18th) 11.6% (15th) 9.0% (17th) 9.2% (15th)
2012-11-21 13 NR 8.8% (16th) NR NR
2012-11-22 14 NR 9.0% (20th) NR 9.4% (19th)
2012-11-28 15 NR 9.3% (16th) NR NR
2012-11-29 16 NR NR 8.8% (20th) 9.1% (19th)
2012-12-05 17 NR NR NR NR
2012-12-06 18 NR 10.7% (17th) NR 9.9% (19th)
2012-12-12 19 NR NR NR NR
2012-12-13 20 NR NR 9.1% (20th) NR
2012-12-20 21 NR 9.0% (17th) NR 9.1% (18th)
2012-12-26 22 NR 10.2% (18th) NR NR
2012-12-27 23 10.1% (19th) 10.6% (15th) 9.8% (17th) 10.3% (16th)
2013-01-02 24 10.4% (20th) 11.9% (14th) NR NR
2013-01-03 25 10.3% (20th) 11.8% (16th) 10.8% (14th) 11.3% (14th)
2013-01-09 26 NR 10.5% (17th) 9.4% (19th) NR
2013-01-10 27 10.7% (20th) 12.2% (15th) 10.2% (17th) 9.5% (20th)
2013-01-16 28 10.3% (16th) 11.5% (14th) 9.3% (16th) 9.2% (18th)
2013-01-17 29 11.6% (16th) 12.8% (14th) 10.2% (17th) 10.3% (16th)
2013-01-23 30 9.6% (17th) 10.6% (15th) 9.6% (16th) 10.0% (15th)
2013-01-24 31 11.1% (16th) 12.6% (11th) 9.0% (20th) NR
2013-01-30 32 9.3% (16th) 11.2% (13th) 9.1% (17th) 9.2% (18th)
2013-01-31 33 9.9% (19th) 11.4% (14th) 9.6% (18th) 10.4% (15th)
2013-02-06 34 10.0% (17th) 11.4% (10th) 9.5% (18th) 10.0% (17th)
2013-02-07 35 10.3% (18th) 11.4% (10th) 8.8% (19th) 8.9% (20th)

Source: TNS Media Korea& AGB Nielson

  • NR denotes not ranked within the Top 20 daily shows according to TNS Media Korea and AGB Nielson.



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good tarot Highly descriptive article, I enjoed that a lot. Will there bee a part 2?

rskdrama I like the story of this drama. But the actor choice is not so good. Ban Ja and Hae In are such good actresses, but in this drama they just don't fit at for ji-sang- his best acting was Kim su Ro. After that protect the boss, royal family- i didn't like at all. He isn't good in this as well. A little disappointed with the star cast!

JC When Lee Sung Kye begins to get closer to the throne, you think back and realize how important Ji Sang has been throughout the journey. He's the mastermind in overcoming the most difficult obstacles and cleaning the path for his king. He's like a divine being sent down, the great seer!

DC The relationship between Ji Sang and Ban Ya was so disappointing, I was really looking forward to it. They finally reunite after all those long years, still sharing similar feelings. Then moments later she completely doesn't care about him anymore, to pursue her "fate" ... Good thing we still have Hae In, lovely Kim So Yeon, let's see what happens with that.

Jammer so many pretty korean actresses to play the role of banya, but a big big why this lee yon ji ??? she's very ugly, from the queen to banya arggggggg, thanks to kim so-yeon (hae-in) somehow a sole pretty face in the cast of ugly ladies :)

Magdalena This is a wonderful drama. The story is good and the main characters are great. They are Ji Jin Hee, Ji Sung, Kim So Yeon... The acting of Ji Jin Hee and Ji Sung is marvelous. I love them so much as they are great actors and got best acting in this drama. I like this drama.. The romantic love story of Ji Sang and Hae In is lovely and love chemistry is great. And I am happy that the ending is Happy Ending. It is recommended to watch this drama. This is the great historical drama that you will ever watched.

Samantha I want to watch it but I don't know where here in the Philippines No connection of Full Episodes all I can watch is Trailer etc. in Youtube

Is it Nice?

Byla i like this drama. but a bit dissapointed for last eps . what happen to SAMBONG and the queen? sung gye should know they are the betrayer . overall,really love this drama.THUMBS UP.:')

nugu the story line is very choppy!! a lot of scenes/characters contradicts...! the writer is just so inexperience! I won't hire this kind of writer in the future!

EL30 Although this drama has gathered so many good actors and actresses, but the story line is totally a letdown, a good start at the beginning but it drags the mood till the end. The ending is a total disappointment, I think it is really hard to have a proper closure especially for documented history.

Krysa I LIKE this drama, but I LOVE Ji Jin-Hee as General Lee. Absolutely adorable role.

Gemaniar I'm glad it's almost over. From the beginning, I just want this series to ending faster than it can.

R Tomassi Too much violence, like Iljimae. But Iljimae was a better better one.

shigano iori I love watching Historical Drama. it helps to understand history than just reading history. Although there are some mistake in the drama but it was great to know the history.

Davia It doesn't make sense at all that Hae-In would believe Jung -Guen that Ji-Sang killed her father. She knows that Jung-Guen will do anything to get her. This is nonsense.

pp Kom so yeon, perfect acting. :)

CiCi As much as I tried to like this drama, I find a few things too confusing to connect to the story due to some of the main characters. I really think even after all this time Lee-Jin should have been kept in her role as Young Ji "The Princess" since she was such a powerful force in the beginning. A little make-up added could have aged her a bit if needed but seeing that others didn't age I don't get the point of her being replaced. Sorry, it still bugs me cuz I think she was the most interesting and prettiest female lead from the start. There's is a saying "don't change horses in the middle of a stream" for a reason. I feel for the actors and actresses here because someone in charge seems to not be not paying attention. Very few of the main characters have not aged, except now the Queen is the only one with graying hair. The King looked no different either but he's dead now so that's a forgone conclusion. The High Priestess and Lee In Im among others look the same from frame one. So, when I see "12 years later", and "five years" later on the screen, it's seems a bit redundant. Anyway, I really like Ji Sung and Ji Jin Hee a lot and they seem to be the most consistent in holding this thing together. My love for Korean Historical dramas keep me hoping for the best.

random This show is so awesome..I dunno why the ratings are not higher :| Ji Sung is so adorable too :|

him Kim so yeon is so pure and perfect. I love her very much in this drama. she like a child. :)

Davia Ep.17 - I am disappointed with this drama for the first time.

First of all why would the queen go to visit the Priestess and drink her tea when she knows that the Priestess has been trying to hurt her for a long time now. Then why did no one question the tea?

Secondly a king who is already so paranoid is very unlikely to give all political power to a monk, who looks crazy by the way, just because he predicted that he would have a son. That is a 50% possibility anyway.

This was such a well written drama until now. It takes the power out of writing when the writing becomes only about dramatic effect.

who me i really love this drama.but its not fare that you change princess ji young character with different actress.i love lee jin.

Davia This is such an exciting drama and looks so far that is could be one of the best dramas ever made.

The writing is just audacious. The esoteric references are knowledgable and so interesting. The set designs are very creative and beautiful.

The General is such an amazing character. I hope that Ji Jin Hee receives an award for acting for his portrayal.

I wish they had not made the mother Princess such a harsh character in that she had no qualms in torturing people. Also Ban Ya is quite despicable as an adult. Love the older monk. It was interesting that he said that the younger monk was only extending the corrupt rule. Not surprising that it would be corrupt when one sees what spawned it.

soe The great seer, good drama. Ep 13 is perfect. Like it :)

you Kim so yeon Fighting. You are so pure. I like you very much.

love Ji sung and Kim so yeon, great couple. Perfect together in this drama.

oil Ji sung and kim so yeon are so cute. They are perfect together. Fighting great seer.

joy I really love thís drama. The most curious about Ji Sang's lover. Who wíll be Ban Ya or Hae In? I want to be with Ban Ya. I really love Kím So Yeon but I thínk she ís passíve líttle and Ji Sang shared much thíngs when they are young. I hope they wíll be together.

pp I like ep 10, Kim So yeon is so pity in Ep 10. Her acting is great. Good performance.

kim I like the great seer drama. I like Kim so yeon acting. She is very cute. I hope she can show off her acting very well.

CiCi I really liked this drama at the start but from the episode where Ji Sang and others are grown, it has become confusing. I don't understand why the director or whoever decided to seriously age Ji Sang's mother, who's in prison when the King, Queen, High Priestess, to name a few, all remain the same. Why only change and age her? Also, although I really liked Kim So-Yeon's acting in "Iris", she seems mis-cast here. Her constant pouting and frowning (maybe it's just bad directing) drags down the scenes she's in and she also doesn't really look like a student. There are a lot of characters that keep this intriguing though like Ji Jin-Hee, Ji Sung, and Kang Kyeong-Heon. Lee DaWit and No Young-Hak and Lee Jin also did a great job.

I am hoping this comes together because I love watching Korean Historical dramas.

rainfairy im going to watch this for ji sung ....he was awesome in p t b

tina @msGB : I think he was Lee Da-Wit (david lee) ... he played as young si-hoo at iljimae..

MsGB Does anybody know the kid who plays young Ji Sang? He looks familiar but I just can't places him.

peony88 WoW alas!!!! Watching the Great Seer and JJ Hee acted very well in his part as the chief as well as the general, , 1st time watching his different character in this sageuk dram, much different from his role in Dae Geum & Dong Yi, JJ Hee a very versatile actor, and WoW I love him in this cast..... I am watching episodes 3 now... Good choice of selection as him for this movie...

all the best....

jєѕѕα™ 주원사랑 (@jung_kYro) at first, i decided to watch this because of Ji Sung and Kim Seo Yeon..but when i started to watch this drama, i'm impressed with the entirety of the show. It has a good plot and cinematography. a MUST-watch!

cristina i love ji jin hee so much & can't wait to see this!

G-Jae OMG!! the guy from protect the boss. girl from iris. princess from king 2hearts, man from dong yi. guy from a thousand days promise... hell kind of cast...

pp I like kim so yeon very much. fighting kim so yeon.:)

jєѕѕα™ 주원사랑 (@jung_kYro) i love ji sung so i will definitely watch this..

aisha I love historical drama! Will wait for this one! :)

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