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  • Name: Zo In-Sung
  • Hangul: 조인성
  • Birthdate: July 28, 1981
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • University: Dongguk University
  • Height: 187cm
  • Blood Type: B type


  1. His Family name "조" is more commonly spelled "Jo" in English, but Zo In-Sung spells his family name "Zo" -- Talent Agency Sidus HQ
  2. Zo In-Sung started his mandatory two year military requirement on April 6th, 2009.
  3. Zo In-Sung was released from his military service at 10AM, May 4th, 2011.


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Grace we are waiting for your come back... :)

alwayssmart @Firefly Jo In Sung is so selective about his works, he only chooses the role that he is interested in. His fans are used to it. Don't expect too much about this.

And I think he is satisfied with his A lister position in Korea right now, as he said his goal now is doing his best at acting.

Shay Zo In Sung ssi... please, please do "It's Okay, That's Love". Can't wait to see you in another drama!

MoniW I am from Australia and really enjoyed you'r performance in Frozen Flower. You are an excellent actor and it is a great pleasure to watch you. Thank you very much.

Huong Nguyen In Sung, I hope you can read this. I love your acting. That Winter The Wind Blows wouldn't be such success without you. Keep it up. I'm looking forward to your next project.

Firefly He's amazing actor !!!! Felt so great every time i watched his movies and dramas .... He has a charming eyes , so lovable smile ,and just looking at this actor you'll be amaze of a good looking and charming and warm person ..Hope he'll given more good dramas and movies just like That Winter , the Wind Blows... You'll get in love again without depressing and frustrating ending like Frozen Flowers and What Happened in Bali .... Looking forward for this great actor to boom and get notice ..... Not really a fan on any actors and actress before , my daughter told me about Korean dramas to lessen boredom and just watched once and .....now I got hooked .....LOVE IT ....FIGHTING ZO IN SUNG ........

Genesis What can I say??? When will you be doing another movie? Frozen Flower was the last movie that you did, and this is totally horrible for a fan like me. That was the first film I ever saw you in...and I've been hooked every since. It doesn't matter how old that film but honestly I keep revisiting it...the acting was so amazing...not only you but the entire cast. It was such a difficult storyline to bring to life and you and the other leads did a helluva job....applause for Ji-Hyo and Jin-Mo from Frozen Flower.

Anyways, unfortunately I do not get SBS, KBS, TvN under my cable provider, so I can only watch Korean dramas on MBC America...which sucks. I have to credit seeing movies like Frozen Flower for my newish found interest in Asian dramas, movies and entertainment period. I sincerely hope that you will be doing another movie soon as you are an incredible talent.

I will keep wishing for your continued success in life and in your acting career. Best of luck to you.

An American Fan!!!! Fighting!!!!

Judy I think Zo-In Sung is incredibly sexy and his acting amazingly credible. I live in Los Angeles and turned down acting opportunities to pursue a different career but after watching these actresses play his counter part helped me to realize what I missed out on; through HS emotions in laughter, love, hate and tears, his acting has has help me rediscover my inner self and perspective. I wanted a career helping others, such as defending innocent people wrongfully accused and spending time in prison for someone else's crime but acting is so much more than that, it helps all those thousands, millions or billions of people who watch these shows in bringing enjoyment to them.

Bravo, Zo-In Sung, you truly bring something amazing to the screen and all of us who love you and appreciate your talent hope that you will continue on to even a bigger and greater career.

looh ZO Moddee se Khoddee


Sitri Oppaaa u look so handsome, make me love love love.. oppa saranghae... SOMETHING HAPPENED IN BALI is my first I see you in korean drama..

rossel guevarra hi ooh soo i'm super inlove with you you are very handsome! how i wish that your destiny will be oo young because your suit to each other she is the most pretty and beautiful girl that i ever saw among your movies and series novela..... the girl is very lucky to have you......

Jenna In Sung Oppa, you're one of the most handsome and talented actor in South Korea. I have been your fan since What Happened in Bali and started watching your dramas and movies since. I love you in Dirty Carnival, Frozen Flower, and That Winter The Wind Blows. I can't wait for your next project. I hope you have a new drama or movie coming out soon. P.S. I love your smile.

Dianne Of Jo In Sung's dramas/movies, I've seen "Frozen Flower", "The Winter the Wind Blows", and I've just finished watching "Piano"... In ALL of these, he is one of the most talented actors around, and he's someone who can portray completely different parts with the same professionalism. My question is ... why hasn't he been involved in more dramas/movies in these last years?! I realize he was in the Army for 25 months, but there are several gaps in his bio that just don't make sense. I hope he will be in more dramas/movies in the future, and I wish him all the best in his career!!! He is a very special actor that I enjoy watching... Always your fan from Alabama in the USA...

zahra zo in sung you are awesome , how amazing you are ! i saw A Dirty Carnival and Just wanted to come into the movie and I bow to you , I hope you will always succeed and health and aficionados in ur life , after working hours I'll be sure to see ur other movies , I'm waiting for the ur next movie , im from iran and i like ur act ...

LeeMinHo Is It Me Or Zo In-Sung Look Like Jang Keun-Suk......But Either Way i Love Him In "Love Impossible"... He is one of the korean actor who has everythings that what actor needs.... <3

CH4Ssy This is the first time I watch Zo In Sung drama (The winter, the wind blow) he has everythings that what actor needs.... Talent, skill, appearance... He is one of the korean actor who can play the face expression very well, therefore he can create variety atmospher in every scense. Well... My husband is not a big fan lf korea drama, however, he says that Zo In Sung is really a good actor and he watch The winter, the wind blow until finish.

graham Hi, I'm from India and i'm very late to watch your dramas and movie. I just know you (zo in sung) from the movie THE FROZEN FLOWER. it's my first watched movie. i'm surprised the story was extremely fantastic and clearly every single dialogues and pics were mind blowing. I was expecting your next movies to release in india too.

And Next i've started watching your drama That winter the wind blows. It's unbelievable that i finished watching complete 16 episodes in one day in my college. And i'm crazy to watch again and again this drama for the next 7 days. and i've watched another drama of yours SOMETHING HAPPENED IN BALI. I felt somewhat awkward at first and then i mesmerized your way of proposing the undefinable girl about love.

And Now i'm going to watch spring days. i'm afraid to watch your dramas because of my own craziness on your dram addiction. but i (my heart) felt to watch it...

And one more thing i don't know korean language. but eng subs are great...

kim eun jo in sung is amaizing actor and he is one and only my crash and he is perfect actor for me ....we love you saranghe.....you are only in my heart.....i'm your fan

Daria He is amazing and utterly charming. An ideal man. Hope I can meet someone like his character Oh Soo in That winter, The Wind Blows <3

Joo_Lee Jo InSung is so amazing. Omg I just realized he was in Frozen Flower. I'm so slow. Loved him in That Winter the Wind Blow. I don't care if he did a gay scene in Frozen Flower, he will always be my favorite idol. :L (But why did he do the gay scene) I just can't see him the way I saw him. But I still love him <3

kim love to see jo in sung with song Hye kho in another movie

Keiko Omori ZO IN-SEONG

                                              IN HIS:
                                          20's adorable
                                          30's irresistible
                                          40's gorgeous
                                          50's extraordinary
                                          60's and thereafter Legendary

8/12/2013 4:26 PM Manhattan, USA

nel i love this guy!

Patricia Hope Zo In-sung, you are the man!!!! I got hooked already with "That Winter, the Wind blows"... I became more in love with love... I just love the way you portray your role and Oh Young in this series..... My day or rather my night would not be complete if I am not able to watch you on TV. I look forward to a happy ending of your love story here.... Now I know, why my friends are also hooked to Korean movies and tv series... I just love the way you smile... you are just sooooooo handsome.........Please maintain your current haircut... you look so clean and perfect with your haircut...

koreanlovers He's handsome! Perfect figure with sharp nose & tall body

msPeachy He was great in TWTWB. He and Hye-kho looked so good together. Best on-screen chemistry I've seen.

Glucklichgurl I really liked his drama that winter the wind blows. He's very good looking and a good actor as well. Looking forward to your new drama. :)

Christine (Indonesia) Annyeong, nice to see you back to camera. Since your record in drama 2005, 8years where have you been? Looks like you are out of job "not in project even for drama/movie and model catwalk"? It's too waste your skills. But now, you've got the great drama, scenario, and the great director.... Wow you are total on this drama, your emotion, faces, tears, body language.. all is feels live feels talk feels deep in touch the heart. Good job. You deserve to get more project. Blessing you.

Izza Ailell I love "That Winter, the Wind Blows". Brilliant acting! I've never been so touched. Zo In Sung's tears proved once again how he can move people. I hope he'll be given more projects.

del Definetely brilliant acting in his recent drama That Winter,The Wind Blows..i don't know how to praise him enough for his outstanding role, all his talents literally erupted in this drama.hope to see him soon in another project!

Deasy Hyun Hwa Oppa,you're look so handsome. I like you're recent dram That Winter, The Wind Blwos.

alma I really like his unusual beauty, kind of fragile for a man with almost feminine full lips and perfect skin... First I watch him in A Frozen Flower, an awesome movie. I was instantly attracted by the display of his incredible magnetism. He was equaly attractive in erotic scenes with man and with woman ... After that part I keep watching his career closely...

louren I love your acting in that winter the wind blows...I felt the true love...gosh..you portrayed the role beautifully...it touches my heart...the story is amazingly perfect for both of you...

Satya I saw your The witer wind blows.....beautiful...your body language also fine..

immy003 he is my new favorit actor now i really love his acting sepicialy in That Winter, The Wind Blows,

liese definitely one of the better, more natural actors in korea.

soad He is definitely one of the best actors in korea. Not only good looking but also talented. I think he is a good man too, as Song Joongki, Kim Bum, Jung Il Woo and many more young actors emulate him. Since Bali, he has improved so much in acting and I love his movies A Dirty Carnival and Frozen flower. His new drama is a masterpiece also. Looking forward to his next projects.

cath He looks like Jang Jeun Suk, Lee Min Ho and a little of PArk Yoo Chun.. They are my favorites.. I like him more and he was the reason why i watched korean telenovelas.. Please act natural, don't over act it..just be simple.. with just your looks, you captured the audience already and just sink in to the character your potraying consistenly.. I like you. Hope to see you more in movies and dramas.. take care of your self always..

Hrucs He is a good actor but sometimes I feel he takes it to the extreme that you can actually see the acting and it doesn't seem like it comes naturally! Still, he is a good actor! This is the first movie I saw with him in it! Nice!

erao The definitely the best actor.... Top list in my Korean actors..... His acting is very excellent... portray every role with such conviction...

Eleonor Why your so handsome!! I wanna marry you! "just kidding"? haha but it's true :))) more power to you idol. .

Shantika Why is he so tall and handsome... ??? and why his acting always awesome ??? What a perfect guy :* Love ya oppa ~ <3 <3 <3 <3

sumi I love the way he act that right he is definite good actor .so handsome guy.I ealyy love wacth his drama.especiall the winter the wind blows I hope this drama happy ending.Love you

steph oppa! saranghae! love the way you act..

thia a DAMN GOOD ACTOR!!!!. I am amazed...I'm so impressed with him in his latest K drama.

Gabi Omo! i totally skip the gay scene from Frozen Flower so good thing i still have a clean sight of him. ugh i knew he was familiar with that sexy face ^.~ u guys he is NOT gay,, its called being actor!

Anyways im loving the latest drama..Dae to the back!

maly I can't believe you're 31. Oppa! you're so cute <3 Marry me.

michelle oh my godd i just realized he's the gay guy from the frozen flower omfggggg i can't see him the same way now.

Emily Yang I think he looks similar to Jang Keun Suk ???

ziah he is so handsome..............and the best actor for me.............

kiiiiki What a great actor! Loved him in The Classic. And he's so handsome!!! Gah, what more could you ask for?

fitri you are very great actor and i love him with ha ji won

hannah Wheew! I really really love him,. are you single??? ahahahha :) LOL

purplequeen Well, here it's another gorgeous hallyu star.. How come he can be so cute and hot?

Luz he looks like Jang Keun-suk in that picture OMG.....

PrimaOptima I love this guy! What will he do next?

insung lovers jo in sung you are the most handsome korean actor and i miss you so much

jis lovers he is my idol and i think his smile so cute....

Thara I miss him a lot. Wish Jo In Sung will be in a romantic comedy drama soon :)

Liz Will forever be in love with him and his character in Bali.

mahoo i love u in springday...your handsome guy

Ge Oppa........you are so handsome.....i really like you i'd a big fan from indonesia....nomu...nomu chuwae

i've watched you're act in spring day....whoah gosh you are so adorable i've never see a man act like you.....you're so deeply...!!! I hope will find man like u caracther on spring day.....!!!!

Keep doing greet job oppa

Eddy Good and strong character in 'Spring days'. I can feel how difficult it was for Jeung eun to decide whose to choose as both are 'so good'. Your act was very touchy Love ya.

cullen @hades. thats not a lie...he's having sexs with jo jin mo the other actor in frozen flower....gosh them both homesexual!!!!

so handsomes but horrible...!!!

hades hey.....kpop!!!!! you're tottaly lier......!!!!stop spoiler bullshit like that..............get lost................!!!!!!!!!!

Kpop is he a gay? i see him hv sex with the "actor" in frozen flower

mich simply the best: a hottie and an actor, in its truest sense, at the same time. love you forever, Insung ssi!

nonsibi Yes, cool tall dude! 1 more year to go..

timo definitely a good actor! looking forward to see him! Cool dude!

Chloe love him, definately good actor, hope to see him in many other movies in future... :)

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