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Song Seung-Heon @ "Obsessed" screening
(photo by AsianWiki CC BY-NC-ND 3.0)


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  • Name: Song Seung-Heon
  • Hangul: 송승헌
  • Birthdate: October 5, 1976
  • Birthplace: Suyuri, Seoul, South Korea
  • University: Kyonggi University
  • Height: 179cm
  • Blood Type: B
  • Twitter: @SongSH
  • Facebook: OfficialSSH


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N how to watch third love? what website avail for indonesia?

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yesa i want to...

            hold your hand
            laugh at your jokes
            walk by your side
            snuggle on the couch
            look into your eyes
            talk about whatever
            dream of the future
            and kiss your lips
                                    ... every single day

yesa my love for you grows more w/ each passing day... the thought of your handsome face takes my breath away... those eyes fill my soul w/ happiness... those luscious lips I would like to kiss...

odette_the_swan-princess Everything about you is really BEAUTIFUL! You are an inspiration and will always be an inspiration. How I wish I could see you in person. I really love all of your roles in all dramas and movies. You are truly great!

yesa love your eyes!

yesa i so love your eyes!

Rita Franks I have discovered that old friends (sometimes relatives) can make the most dangerous enemies.

Amor Can't wait for your next drama. Please my make it soon. I love Korean dramas and your "When A Man Loves" is top of my list. And you're number one among all others.

rachel I finished watching you in this wonderful love story and a man that loved totally with so much passion I feel in love with your character thanks for this drama I am searching for more .

Rita Franks Happy Holidays to you.

Ange You kill me when you walk...........I like it.

Amor SSH, I watched your dramas and your movies because I like everything about you. But i am so scared to watch Obsessed because of it's review. I may not watch it but I have it queued in my lap top. I am looking forward for your coming movies and dramas. I like you best in When A Man Loves. Hope you'll make more dramas like that.

Jung Injoo New drama please!!!! :') i love him so muchhhhh, he is the best actor ever!! Playing drama with kim taehee again or song hyekyo!!! Kekeke :p and autumn in my heart is the sad drama ever ...

dora Please make another drama, romcom might be better. Your fans maybe tired of waiting. You always be the right actor for the great drama. Love you, gorgeous!

dora Please make another drama. Your fans maybe tired of waiting. You always be the right actor for the great drama.

Arta Song Seung Heon ur really incredible <3. I hv seen all ur movies and still isn't enough. . I really would like to see you in person .. to see how you really looks like live coz I am one of ur biggest fan in Europe. I don't have a words to describe how much I like you as a actor .. ur just the Greatest one I have ever seen.. wish u all the best hope I will meet you one day hugsss

annie ahn nyung Song Seung Heon, i love ALL your movies...watched most of them more than twice, especially When a man loves, ep 3 was filmed in GUAM and i had wished to have met you...You are awesome and very talented and ofcourse handsome...keep up the great work!

Love from GUAM, AnnieV

Maru cool man ...I love your Act (When a Man Loves)

Joyce Yagoda The woman he is interested in marring is the only person, who needs to know about any plastic surgery. The reason for that might be, she will be the one carrying, any future offspring, of his.. For anyone else, is a person's right to confidentiality.

kathy wu Hi, So far my favorite Mr. Song's drama is My Princess. I watch it many times! He's so charming in that movie! I'm interesting to know that did Mr. Song has any cosmetic surgery? Or he 's nature handsome. Because I was told that many Korean actress had plastic surgery. Were that same to the male actors? But no matter what Mr. Song is a very charming actor. My princess is a comedy, I think he play even better in comedy!

nasya please upcoming dramas with kim tae hee again or shin se kyung! u and kim tae hee are my fav since watch My Princess

Angel I have watched all his dramas and my favorite is still My Princess. He's so talented, and he's the most gorgeous man I've EVER seen.

Dobra Radut I am a fan from Romainia. I llike your movies especially EAST OF EDEN. Congratulations you are so talented as an actor . You are unic. I wish to see much more movies with you. I sugest you to visit Transilvania from Romainia ,you have a lot of fans here. Bravo.

Ju I chance upon your show currently showing on our TV channel and immediately was curious who is this handsome, suave and amazing actor. Didn't realised you are so famous, my daughter love you since 10 yrs ago and the colleagues in the office was like obsessed with you. Everyone agrees you are super handsome !!! Now I myself waiting to catch up with all your shows. Keep up the good work. You will still have many fans in many golden years to come.

Joyce Yagoda I saw in the Hollywood reporter a synopsis of your film and you. Hollywood speaks of the Korean film industry as innocent love stories and this a big breakthrough. Hollywood seems to like you. Congratulations on it going to the Cannes award. At the end it showed a portion of a film with a blond, blue eyed actress. I said, absolutely no! Not a Korean Film. It turned out to be one of our Oscar nominee, also going to the Cannes.

Marblegirl The costumes and look seemed to echo the Vietnam era. The pacing of this movie was horrible. The movie opens with the background sounds of surviving a fight with the vietcong. So, that's the back story. The entire script lacked subtext and detail. The actors had very little to work with in terms of script development. The entire movie was awful to watch.

Jennifer Castro I watch obsessed and i love it. I was very attached to the character of song seung heon and it was the very first time that i watch him and im very much inlove with him. Im gonna watch his other movies in the past, but i like his style especially his hair in obsessed his so handsome and very good actor..

Nly Cuizon pac's my one and only Song Seung Heon stay cool oppa :)

Arahenryalee Song ajjushi i really love u all u drama i love ao much..u know my fav drama all the time is East Of Eden..u like a hero for me..i hope there got another project for u to reunion with Lee yeon hee aka ur grace /guk ja/guk young ran..i really love i two..much love for u ajjushi.

azzurro I haven't seen Obsessed yet but from all accounts Song Seung Hun did a great acting job. He should be praised for going out of his normal comfort zone. Having said that, I really liked When a Man Loves and all his other dramas. I hope I won't feel disappointed when I eventually get to see this controversial movie. Like other people I, too, was surprised at the sexy scenes in Korean movies compared to the rather straight laced Korean dramas.

However, I watch him because I think he is a good actor who is trying to expand his talents. True fans will want to see their favorite actor no matter what drama/movie he chooses
to further his career.

Rita Franks When you know your value, you don't have to beg People to like you, to be your mate, to spend time with you, or to love you. Be confident in who you are.

dreamhigh I am agreed with Lynda, I love SSH pretty much before I watched hot screen Obsessed movie. Now I am not a big fun of him anymore.

melisa @Lynda and Suzy......I'm agree with you...

lynda As much as I love song seung heon, I think I don't want to watch his movie OBSESSED. I've seen bits and pieces and I have to admit that I'm very disappointed with the movie. He's a very talented, handsome and sexy man and he does not need to be doing this kind of movies. I've watched all this past dramas and I loved him for who he is but that movie has gone way past the limit. It really actually turned me off!!! So Oppa Song Seung heon I hope u will not continue to do this kind of movie and continue to do more dramas like the past for us to watch. Fighting Oppa

lynda As much as I love song seung heon, I think I don't want to watch his movie OBSESSED. I've seen bits and pieces and I have to admit that I'm very disappointed with the movie. He's a very talented, handsome and sexy man and he does not need to be doing this kind of movies. I've watched all this past dramas and I loved him for who he is but that movie has gone way past the limit. It really actually turned me off!!! So Oppa Song Seung heon I hope u will not continue to do this kind of movie and continue to do more dramas like the past for us to watch. Fighting Oppa

Gloria Stern I have the perfect movie for you to fit in your career right now.. A remake of An American comedy. (1983) entitled: "Romantic Comedy" = about two writers trying to team up but love/hate gets in the way.. Check it out.

SUZY I used to love you sooo much.but now I hate you!!! why you did the sex scene?? Korean actors cannot live without doin sex in their movie???

Nan Connor I can't find enough beautiful adjectives to describe this wonderful and distinguish MAN of a MAN!!! Song Seung heon Oppa is not only a HANDSOME man, but truly a genuine NICE man~"Always" very consistent with his actions toward fans and the like. Caring and will make time for passers by should they stop him for an autograph...WOW!!! And, what an actor!!! 'OBSESSED' divulged the highest level of his acting as he delivered the role of a military, SUPERB ACTING OPPA!!! Seung heon's first R-Rated movie hit the ceiling in ratings and held steady for months following. As 'OBSESSED' makes its round in other countries, whispers continue to echo among movie goers and media folk alike~how incredible Song Seung heon delivered his role~"Always" with GREAT STYLE and a lot of CLASS!!! Thanks Seung heon Oppa for your hard work!!! 'THIRD KIND OF LOVE'...FIGHTING!!!~*❤*~

nawel i love his drama so much.

SNK Would like to meet him in person

SNK I have had so many conversations with this Man in my mind . In reality , if I were to meet him words may fail . I have plans to fly to Korea to meet him . Would he have time for me? would he talk to me ? would we be able to go past a :hello How are you : . all these thoughts have crossed my mind a thousand times Above all would it even be possible to make an appointment to meet him in person? would he make friends with someone new and continue to remain friends for a long time to come ? I would like him to come to my country and meet my family . My family would love to have him over . would it be possible ? My husband and sons would love to meet the person their mom so admires . All these questions can only be answered by one person SONG SEUNG HEON , the man. Will he see this? ah......................... one too many to imagine

snootyme Flew across to watch OBSESSED . was well worth it ,

snootyme "obsessed' a one of a kind movie and so are YOU " one of a kind " . You made the erotic scene seem so special ,that one would not squirm in his seat while watching it :) . . It takes a good actor to make it seem so :)

casey Acting with park ha sun please☺

Jocelyn Song Seung-Heon - Love you at Autumn in my heart and When a man loves. You are an amazing actor. Wishing you greater success in your acting career and a happy life.

Korean lover I love u, happy new month

Rita Franks Wishing you a very special August.

nemia A real hunk!!! Fortunatelly same birthdate as my brother! Wish to see and chat with him! Crazy wishes!!!!!

lovely Saranghaeyo!!!!!!!

tp He's quite cute. He looks forever young since scent of summer back in 2003. Fighting!

raineal I saw the trailer of your movie obsessed! aaaahhhhhh huhuhu I nearly breoke my monitor! aaah huhuhu wae! huhu well i know your sexy and really a good actor, but i don't think I can see you in that scene aaah huhuhu, I STILL LOVE YOU ! AHHA

nesi first time i saw your smile!!!! i was so obessed ;) lol but yeah your hella kind of a guy... " like the song says.. I THINK I WANNA MARRY YOU" salang hea mates <3

Rita Franks What people like about you! 1. Your eyes 2. Your lips 3. Your Personality 4. Your Voice 5. Your face 6. Your style of clothes 7. Your sense of Humor 8. Your way with Words

    The way you talk

9. Your smile. 10. Your Attitude 11. Your body 12. Your Kindness 13. All of the above.

Rita Franks Life is a rose garden. Pretty to look at. Strong fragrance. Includes thorns. Also Sunshine included Along with rain. Hopefully in moderation!

Pikachu Seung heon oppa! I've loved you since Autumn in my Heart. Stay handsome! <3 :*

Belen B. Lacerna Song Seung Heon,

I really admire you! you`re such a wonderful guy .... and a passionate one! You can easily manage such any character for you to act.... a good actor then ^_^ I like most " my princess & autumn tale" i think i`m falling in love ^_^ Keep up the good work.... i `ll always support you ...

Kimberly Song Seung Heon,

You are by far one of the most amazing actors I have ever seen. You have such poise and know your way around any character even though it may be difficult for you. I just finished watching When A Man Loves... and I was BLOWN away by your acting and appearance on the show. Your reactions to the situations at hand were fantastic. I sure wish there was a love story like that for me.. One like Han Tae Sang and Seo Mi Do. Thank you for all that you do.

Vill A perfect man...good job. Love your drama :)

Panou Vang Oppa!! Saranghaeyo!!! You're the BEST KOREAN ACTOR out there. I love your dramas and movies<3. I wanna see new dramas coming out! :3 FIGHTING OPPA SONG SEUNG-HEON!!! <3<3<3 I'll always support you!

bn Best and most passionate korean actor

Maya Eleria Hi oppa,hope your next drama,movie will be with your ideal girl songhyekyo.I miss your loveteam.I think Descendants of the sun and House Full of happiness is well-fitted for you and songhyekyo.may I call your loveteam songsong couple?goodluck.stay nice,humble,generous and approachable.Please don't forget to thank God for all His blessings given to you and to your are very blessed.take care.May God Bless You Even More

mkl Anxiously waiting to see you in another drama! I miss you.

Rita Franks Now that you have fulfilled your fans wishes, dreams, and fantasies, emptying your cup. It is time to fill your physical, mentally, and spiritual well being so you are healthy in all aspects of your life. Wishing you well.

palyn i love ur drama when a man loves a woman.

Anne You are so handsome ,,,, I really admire you,,, Your so perfect in your drama my princess and When a man loves......hope to see all your drama and movies i'll find time in my busy sched....

Rita R. Franks A Diamond in the making! Lump of coal... Birth Time, Heat, Pressure....Life Experiences Diamond in Natural Form ... Diamond Found Facet...One of the small, polished plane

   surfaces,of a cut gem.

YOU ARE A DIAMOND. Your many facets, of who you are, we can only see a few of them. Thank You for sharing some of them.

Rita Franks When you walk through fog ( cloud on ground), it touches you (envelopes you). But you cannot touch it, grab it or hold it.

Isata He is so handsome. I love his drama. ..

koreanconvert You are my favorite Korean actor!!! LOVED East of Eden (still my all time fav after 100+ dramas!), and hope there is a way to see your new movie Obsessed with English subtitles!!! You are THE BEST!!!!!! As The Celebrity magazine interview says, you have the perfect face, and I honestly DO feel you can make me feel more than one emotion at a time!!! Continued success stay humble and sweet as you are now!!!

Rita R. Franks Spring only comes when winter is finished!

Rita R. Franks You are an Ambassador for your country....Do not forget!

Rita R. Franks Although you are in the "Theatre World" as an actor, etc.; you are an "Ambassador" for your country to the world.

Rita R. Franks You had posted a picture of "A flower over one eye" some time ago. Was it one of your "lighter moments"?

amel_tunisia you are perfect soooooo handsome and stylish

amel_tunisia you are perfect soooo handome and stylish :)

parisa you're perfect.

Sonam Sonee Love your series. Any more interesting project coming up... Was so attached 2 u since he was cool... U r the best....

Sonam Sonee Love you series. Any more interesting project coming up... Was so attached 2 u since he was cool... U r the best....

Joyce Gutierrez saranghae Song Seung-Heon! <3 You're really cool! Saranghae! Saranghae oppa!

lucille caylan i was being mesmerized of him when i've watch his series"when the mman loves" the only actor that i devote rime to follow his rendevouz. the man who could be so asoring to watch " tough guy" oppa.

MHinLasVegas Have become a huge fan. Song Seung-Heon is one of the best looking actors on any continent. Sexy voice and walk..a true joy to see.

Rita R. Franks Posted 17 hours ago regarding the Ferry sinking is a loss of the young people in that accident. My prayers go out to the families. "Blessed is HE beyond any blessing and song, praise any Consolations that are uttered in the world. May there be abundant peace from Heaven (in the heights) and life. amen (It is finished).

Ella Song Seung-Heon I think I am in deep shit, for following in love with you.

Cherry Lyn Love all your Drama Movies. My heart melt whenever I see you act…:)

allen looooooooove this guy, good actor cute, humble and gentle. i felt teh emotions with him in when a man loves. you have very cute eyes.

catherine perocho i luv ssh!!! one of my favorit actor,, wishing u in good health more dramas...

catherine perocho favorite actor the way he act especially in my princess....fighting oppa!!!!

Victoria Martinez Your are very good actor and handsome.

John He was so badass in East of Eden. Good actor!

nayaphilippines you're one of the best and most handsome actor in the world for me... and i wish i could find someone as awesome and wonderful as u.its rare to find a good man to share a lifetime with..i wish u love and happiness..and hope u will settle down with someone whom u truly love to be ur wife and love u forever..good luck!

bahar your role in drama movie really amazing and I enjoy a lot

Tanks you

faiting I don't know is it correct

sreyna I just watched, He Was Cool. Great movie, I was laughing up a storm. It reminded me of the movie, Crybaby. Johnny Depp starred in the movie when he was really young. The raw talent was visible then. This Korean actor, Song Seung Heon is his counterpart. Somebody needs to visit his fans in California. LIKE Lee Min Ho did. Hint. . Love you Song Seung Heon. Sexy, beautiful smile. Love the eyes.

Luvlee I love watching your drama series - When A Man Falls In Love. You're really great! Hope you come and visit our country, PHILIPPINES.

christina hello I am christina and I want to know that when you act the movie called my princess do you have a crush on leo seol

Karen Discovered you while watching Kdrama on Netflix instant watch. Have now watched your last three TV shows. I hope Netflix adds more because you are so HANDSOME! I'm major crushing. I agree with the GQ model comment.

Kenyonna Stroble Awesome actor! Im in love with the series because of Song Seung-Heon! I know I will melt if I ever meet him! Be blessed and keep doing an awesome job!

joyce philippines just want to see u up close...hope u come to the philippines...:)

Gerrie Rioja You are a great actor. You move and carry yourself like a GQ model, in my opinion.

tinnarod i like you song seung heon

grace hi! your drama series "when a man...." is currently showing here in our country the Philippines and i always look forward to watch it after a day's work. you are a great actor and i am sure your production group will consider making a part 2 of the series as so many tv viewers are captivated by this novella. more power and i hope to visit korea soon.

Lillian When a falls in love... Wonderful story of a gentleman, true friend, and sparked my interest to see more your works... Browsed the internet and found My Princess... Quite interesting kissing scenes (korean movies don't have much of those) LOL... Later i found out that Kim is your wife... Which explains the "kisses"... Right now am watching East if Eden... I guess it will be best to just go to Korean Town and buy the dvd's,,, am gonna have a blast !!

Sylvette Jacutin Hi Mr Song Seung Heon! I love watching your movies and tv dramas.In fact, Ive watched it over and over again especially My Princess and When a man loves... You're just watching you! Can't wait to watch your new movie "Human Addiction" Hope it would be soon. God bless and more power...,

Raquel Mantala hi mr.ssh im one of your avid fans here in Philippines...more movies to come especially drama.. i love watching when a man falls in love .... God bless

Yen Annyeong MR.SSH ~ I am happy watching your drama's and movies ! :) And I am happy listening your song.. :) So inspiring~~ Keep it up ^_^ Godbless! :)

Heavenlen Hi Mr.SSH....Iam happy watching your movies,so inspiring and I like the way you smille.Keep up the good works and hopefully you'll gonna make the part 2 of when a man falls inlove..I like it,I saw the sincerity of the real love and real man in the image of Han Tae relates that life's has change.Thank you so much for making millions of peole's happy through watching your movies.God Bless!!!!

Heavenlen Hi Mr.SSH....Iam happy watching your movies,so inspiring and I like the way you smile.Keep up the good works,hopefully you"ll gonna make part 2 of when a man falls inlove i like it,I saw the sincerity of real love and real man in the image of Han Tae Sang...thanks so much for making people's happy through watching your movies.God Bless!!!!!

Santana J. Hello. Mr . Song Like your drama and your song so much and like your polite your smile too. Wish you happiness always. Take care.

kd love your act in he was cool and summer scent..although there are not many people love these movie and drama.but i'm more prefer your act in these dramas compared to your others famous dramas..maybe because of your partners as well that make a perfect match in my eyes^^..hope you will have another collaboration with son ye jin.pleasEE!!! ~Peace :)

Rha Dear Song Seung-Heon

Love You..

pavitra Hi Song Seung Hun, i was so hurt when i found out you are going to do human addiction....i cant bear to see you with any women in intimate scene or even holding her hands and even its only an act....thats why i am not going to watch that movie.....but i still wish you all the best and hope it will... More Reply

honeylette i forget to ask you when your going to have a part 2 for the drama series MY PRINCESS? or even WHEN A MANS LOVE A WOMAN? i hope there will be sooner,i can't wait to watch it..and for sure a lot will going to love it as much as i do..please...please..because your doing good and makes us happy as well..its pity i did't won your calendar..but its ok, for now talking to you and watching all your movies is highly enough..i will support you all the way..hoping you will stay as cool,charm and hot as ever..take god care of your health..happy holidays oppa !!! love much

honeylette hope your doing fine as really make my day i wish i can see you personally..our eyes makes me smile and feels me better..your really know i forget my problem and feels me well when i watch your movies or drama series.i don,t sleep until i finish what i started to watch..anyways,just hoping you can read this letter of mine if you have time to do so..take care always and please stay as cool and sweet as you and kisses..see you again in my dream !!!

Hilda Sanchez Hi oppa...Thanks to you for making my heart to beat and to love all your doings...Im happy to watch you on tv always wishing that one day You and I we'll meet personally....I believe ...I can feel it....Thanks to you for the feelings! .....

Hilda Sanchez Hi...Merry Christmas Mr. Song Seung Heon...I

really like your get up I mean the way you dress so clean and young..of course your acting which I love the most..I'm your avid fan on tv series titled My Princess and recently The Man When Falls in love aired now in the Philippines my beloved most country at ABS-CBN CHANNEL 2 I love your role so much...I really do support you from now on..stay handsome and fit you look awesome...I wish one day we'll in person...Im not tired to wait You....lots of care always and GOD BLESS YOU..Please visit me at my Facebook wall Hilda Sanchez ...SARANGHAE.....

pretty lady You're so sexy when u smile :D

helisa Hi..i'm from indonesia n i'm fallin love with u since i'm watching "when a man falls in love"..i've not really like korean drama before..big love n hug for u..i wish i can meet u someday.. ^o^

Dita Maharani Hope that you always had continued success in your live. Can I ask you something...what do you want for 'tomorrow'?.what's your next dream?.god bless you always

tp I've just finished watching Dr. Jin. It was surprisingly good. SSH has aged quite gracefully since Scent of Summer despite it's been 9 years apart. He's such a handsome actor indeed. Best wishes to you. God bless you.

pinky mangubat just to say that we are your avid fan here in the phil hope to see more movie or drama series from you we are following your movie and you really touch our heart in when the man falls....your so handsome....

susantika I like when a man falls in love very very much..where song seung heon act very well ..two thumbs up..

yoj It's really great when a man falls in love with a woman! :D

Kim shy rye He was cool? No! He is cool and always. The fist k movie I ever watched is he was cool. Loved his great acting. He doesn't seem to age one bit I think he looks better as time passes. Fighting!

Aprilsong/Phil, Hi Mr. Song Seung-Heon! I'm an avid fan of korean mini series.... I admired your role in "When A Man Loves"... Cool, cute n very gentleman... And I hope , that its what you are in real life.....I hope you will find your "soulmate " n life... God Bless....

Hanna Lee Seung-heon oppa.. You are so cute in When a Man Falls Inlove!! You did a great job for this film and hoping you'd be more blessed to have many film like this.. I am hoping to see you in personal when I get back in Seoul,S. Korea.. take care always and keep inspiring me <3

Malou De Luna Hi song seung malou from philippines. I am one of your fans. Your acting is so amazing. I love watching when a man falls in love again and again. Thanks for inspiring me to love, hope and do good to other people. I think your a cool person. Hope to see you more in another tv series project.

Catherine L. Nilla Song Seung Heon, you are amazing! Hope to see you before I leave this earth :-)

Maan Galauran Hi Oopa Seong Heon! I really love the way you act so natural and very funny especially your expressions. i love the series My Princess I hope you get to do drama series again with Kim Tae Hee my favorite actress as well hope it will be part 2 and 3 of My Princess... God bless and more success! Btw what is your real Fb or instagram name thanks much!

paria sryyy Mr.Song Seung-Heon can i have your Personal face book......plzzzzz

paria Oppa!!! Hi my name is Priya. I am from Iran. When I see films that you've been playing., I laugh., I'm crying and I am in love. I live film of all time. I am one of your biggest fan., We're very far apart., But I hope you always love and health., I stand waiting for my heart to beat again along with your movies.

당신은 항상 내 마음에있을 것입니다

Jogie may Leonado Oppa!!!, I really captivated by your smiles.. After I finished watching "My Princess", I'm still watching it over &over again.. I'm hoping that your going to have another drama together with Kim tae-hee, a lot of people are waiting for it... Wishing that there's "My Princess 2!", miss your sweetness and killer smile.. Hope 2 see you!!

Lui your a handsome and great actor I so love your role in When a Man Falls in Love. Beautiful Story, Heartwarming.

Evelyn Muñoz. Your a great actor and so handsome!!!

glessie gine Hi Mr. Song, how are you. When a Man Falls in Love is really beautiful, it only just begun last Monday here in the Philippines but I'm so captivated to it. Can't wait to watch again later.

verna ubana your so handsome and talented.

SHK lovers oppa . Please Marry Song Hye Kyo :) i knew you like her . so please run and get her , she's so pretty and adorable her attitude is good too . don't think twice ! Hope you yill marry her .


rhene_noer cute oppa sweet can u visit to Indonesia???

angel Please I just finish watching this korean drama, and I had watch this in a second time around. I hope you can continue this show, i'm looking forward for MY PRINCESS part 2 ....please.. i just love this show so much................ i hope the cast can visit the philippines also...

Soe Soe Nyo He is very good in acting and Myanmar audience love him very much

richa heon My favorite actor :) Oppa love you :*

Vie song seung heon, you are the very definition of the words "HOT" and "SEXY". you are very talented; i am always looking forward to watching more and more of you both on small and big screen. you are definitely one of my favorite korean actors.

sally Hi Song Seung Heon

HBd to you. More healthy and wealth. More successful in your career been a famous actor. Lord Jesus blessed you always.

Honestly I loved all of your movies. Especially East of Eden movie. Your acted with Lee Yeon Hee as a couple touched my heart. When I read that Guk Ja's father wanted to matched both of you I agreed :-) hope oneday you n Lee Yeon Hee can meet the next romantic movie. Then you can date again :-). Keep figthing n praying to find your soulmate. God much knows the best one for your life. But if you. pick Lee Yeon Hee to be your wife I will give you many thumbs :-)

Ok Song Seung Heon. Keep improve your talent. And don't forget thanking to god

Jocelyn Kee Happy Birthday Seung-Heon Oppa! I wish you success after success in every movies and drama you undertake. May God bless you in every area of your life.

I want you to know that you a very talented actor. I love all your dramas. Besides that you are very good looking, and charming. I love your smile.

People may think being a celebrity is glamorous. But I think it comes with a big price. You have to very work hard with all the pressure from the film director as well as the expectancy from your fans and not forgetting the public image.

Oppa, be happy in what you do. Do not let the pressure and expectancy of others weight you down. Be strong. Have enough rest, proper and meals and have time for yourself. When you have problems, do talk to someone whom you can trust and can help you. I will always support you. Hugs!

julieJ congratulation from israel 5.10.2013

hamideh My favorite actor!!!! Oppa I love u

Ann De Stefano Hi!!!! Happy Birthday Hope u enjoy ur special day. I saw u in My Princess and was immediately star-struck. U are absolutely breathtaking . do u have a fan club??? Can i get a poster or an autograph from u? U make me LOVE Korean dramas. I'm addicted. i am going to learn Korean so I can visit u and try to hold a conversation.U r soooo sexxxxy!!! lol. I've never been married ( hint-hint ) Please continue making excellent movies. U r so talented. Keep up the good work. Ur true fan, Cookie xoxoxoxoxoxo

Luci I have watched 6 of your drama series and you proved to be a seasoned actor. Continue to hone your skills, there's so much more I'm sure. May I suggest you also improve your kissing scenes? Is it you or your director? I noticed there's not much feeling. Anyways, advanced greetings on your birthday, may you have a thousand more.

betty hi,

i hope that Song Seung-Heon will ride this.

you are a great acter ,You make viewers believe you, and experience what you are experiencing I hope you are like this person in reality and not just a choice of excellent roles. I was first exposed to your game in the new series When a Man ​​Loves And since I was looking to see more movies and series you did. I was amazed to discover that avery role is powerful even in the series like my princess ... I hope you Will continue to make amazing films and series in all areas of comedy, action, romance .. You just heartbreaking .... Successfully, betty

ivettemv You are my favorite Korean Actor. I have seen 6 of your dramas. And 2 of your movies. The first Korean drama that I see was yours. Summer Scent. I love the drama. I'm from Puerto Rico and in our country the stories are always the same in the dramas. But you Koreans are the best. And your actors are so good. I like you a lot. And I hope to meet you some day. Your are my favorite actor and also handsome. God Bless you.

saimon My always and forever favorite actor and great actor. I wishes you all the best. Next Movie(Human Addiction) "Good Luck".

polynuhai my cute Oppa. you never let me down. the moment i saw your Autumn In My Heart drama (back in 2005) i fell for ya. i wish you nothing but the best. as your fan i'm forever here to support ya. good luck on your new movie Human Addiction. Fighting Oppa.

fatoomchan you stole my heart ... and i can't breath ...omg this first time i falling in love with someone T^T

fatoomchan Seung heon what you did to me you took my heart T^T oppa i really love you so much and i can't stand it ... from Arab fan

美忆(Maye) Seung heon sir, I started to notice you 10 yrs ago but... Sorry to say that moment I do not understand Korean or mandarin. Nowadays my mandarin is catching up n I started to look for all your movies n dramas. Yet sad to say I'm still waiting for Korean language class to start so that I really can indulge in Korean dramas n Korea culture as well. Thank you for bringing me laughter n emo. I'm a shy person n seldom go out. Your dramas fill my time. Been to Korea twice but din really have time to do much there as I don't understand Korean. Tell you the truth, I fell in love with you n Korea , your country. N hope someday we will meet in Korea n have a nice chat with you.

Take good care n hope we can communicate via email in person.

Kristina My favorite actor!!!!

Ada Oppa I love ur movies!

Iwed I'm deeply in love with you, oppa... Wishing you had a great life :*

Invisible Girl Song Seung Hyun oppa.. we love you :x

evalnt Song Seung Hyun oppa, im in love with you

funmi adewoye Oppa, you look so different in when a man. Loves.I love your drama and I hope u will come to Nigeria some day

serena Annyeong Song Seung Hyun oppa, you are the reason why I am addicted to k-dramas. I am from New Zealand. I fell in love with you in Summer Scent and especially in My Princess. You displayed so much charm which made you so attractive and sexxxy. I have already watched When A Man Loves. Oppa, that was indeed a great drama. Hope to see you in thrillers or action movies. Saranghae oppa.......

Thresa kai I'm waiting for your new drama. You are good actor.God bless you.

pori i'm waiting for your new drama. you truly a great actor. love you

Dee Where is my comments ???? I always write for this great actor and when I come back to visit his page i dont find my comments !! But its ok ,, I will keep coming back and write new comment for him ,, he deserve that ,,, I love you always and forever my favorat korean actor ,, no my fav actor all over the world <3 from middle east love you

Stephanie You are a good actor. And a handsome man.

bahareh Hi,l amnt Korean girl and 30years old,I think you are good actor,and wishu luck.

Christine (Indonesia) Holla, Annyeong Oppa, thanks for present in my twitter. I am dreaming, that you will playing together with Ha ji-won in one drama romantic that will born your real love to a woman. An I hope that my dream can be a real, due both of you is a matched couple for real. Since I have a love for you, I always want the best for you in all your aspect life. God blessing you as always.

Christine (Indonesia) Annyeong Oppa, thanks for present in my twitter. I am dreaming, that you will playing together with Ha ji-won in one drama romantic that will born your real love to a woman. An I hope that my dream can be a real, due both of you is a matched couple for real. Since I have a love for you, I always want the best for you in all your aspect life. God blessing you as always.

nadia i love u so much more ahjussi ..... wanna meet u really really want :*

mana oppa you are the most handsome guy i have ever seen.whish u luck..

Anahita hello..i think you are a good actor and your "my princess" drama was so beautiful and romantic... fighting!!!!!!!

takoua hi oppa my name is fati from algeria i love you so much you are really cute actor

Roopa he is toooo handsome!

Anonymous Latina Amazing actor and I truly consider him one of my favorite actors of all time :)

Qiy'ki hae young Oppa....I like to watch this drama more and More....its really good looking, so impressing, good act .... best wishes For you

Nicole Have seen Autumn in my heart but I enjoy East of Eden and My Princess best. I think you and Kim Dae Hee match best. Oppa you are soooooooooo cute. I like your smile. Hope to see you couple wih Song Hye Hyo perhaps in a romantic comedy.

Nicole I have seen your drama Autumn in my heart but I enjoy

mahsa So cute :-* And gentleman ;-)

Lssie HOT ahjussi <33333

Rapunzill You`re so cool & cute!!!

Eun Jung About six months ago, I saw a Korean drama for the first time. It was Summer Scent with Song Seung-heon. He became a favorite actor of mine from the first time I saw him. Of his films, I have seen So Close, A Better Tomorrow, and Ghost. Of his dramas, I have seen Happy Together, Autumn in My Heart, Summer Scent, East of Eden, My Princess, Dr. Jin, and When a Man Falls in Love. Of all these films and dramas, my favorite role of Song Seung-heon’s is Lee Dong-chul in East of Eden. There is something extra special about Song Seung-heon. He is extremely handsome. There is more to him than just good looks, though. There is a combination of strength and softness in him that is very appealing. He is a man of steel and velvet. There is a quiet magnificence about him. When he is acting in films and dramas, he brings his characters alive with tremendous believability and with an energy which reaches beyond the television screen, leaving a great impact on the viewer. He is a treasure. I hope to be able to see all the films and dramas he has been in. I hope he continues to act for many, many years.

cathy (california) Your acting is really nice. Very natural and very professional. Korean drama is so addicting. But i love watching your show. Hope they pair you with a very good actress who can really act well.

Chris I really don't have time to watch Korean drama but your drama is one of the few I watch because you have so much emotions in your facial expression that makes me connect to the drama.

nadee I'm nt a korean girl..But I fall in luv with the korean dramas because of the acting skills of this guy..He's just wonderful...Love Han Tae Sang

ria i lhave so much respect for thsi guy.. and his acting skills. first drama ive ever watched was autumn in my heart... i loved the drama back when i was 10!! haha now i cant believe im watching his latest drama "when a man loves" seriously his acting is so good thats why i got hooked with korean dramas.. im not korean but i love it

kat well done on achievements... Korean dramas seem to interest me better than American thank you for your work and my entertainment !

Kat well done on all your achievements ... you are an excellent actor Korean dramas seem to be more interesting to me than American so thank you for your work and my entertainment !

SSH4FEVER Love Song Seung Heon Oppa! East of Eden was one of his best! The movie "A better tomorrow" was awesome too! I'm currently watching his new drama "When A Man Loves"....He is killing it...fantastic acting!!!

Terry Gordon I love his eyes very expressive. I've watch summer scent and I like him so much also in Autumn in my heart so gorgeous same in summer scent. He's indeed a very good actor one of my favorite Korean actors aside from Seo Do Yeong.

Enchy I really like your acting in My Princess. i can't stop to stare on you i will definitely watch all the drama you are in! all the best for you Seung Heon

Misu Awesome actor! Most handsome actor in Korea!...... Wish u All the Very Best! You are my all the time favorite actor. Love you to watch you acting. Hope to see more drama by you.

bahi Soo coooool he's My Favourite Actor

Nazira Rahim Wow!!! I love ur new drama * when a man loves * all movie n drama in ur acting I never missed. Very awesome your acting. Fantastic .... whatever style hair you do still perfectly.. 10☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ I GIVE U. ALL THE BEST. ..

bitten Oppa, please take more romantic comedy role.. it suits you best! fighting!

soso song seung heon i love you you are the handsomest man ever n a perfect acteur saranghee

marites Song Seung Heon , Indeed you are a magnificent, awesome and terrific actor. So far I have watched 3 of your movies (Summer Scent, My Princess & Autumn in my heart). I really admire your acting and your handsome face. You foreplay your role so very well. I can't help myself being hooked up to all 16 episodes for more than 14 hours.I cried a lot too. Although the ending of the Autumn in my heart made me so sad, yet i still considered it so beautiful because of your acting. I will definitely be watching more of your movies. Good luck and more power to you SONG SEUNG HEON. . . .

novi indonesia saranghaeo oppa seung heon.. i dont remember ur face when i saw u play at "my princess" ur face is surely different i think when i watched lastly... :p but ur face still handsome... love u more oppa... wait for ur new drama after dr. jin.. ur so cool oppa.. :) :D <3 <3

Dianne P.S. ... The clothes and suits you wore in "My Princess" were magnificent. I don't think you wore the same outfit twice! I wondered if you made it part of your contract that you got to keep the wardrobe?! :) You are one good looking man, especially in that wardrobe!!! :)

Dianne Finished watching "My Princess", and I loved it! Couldn't stop watching -- almost watched it straight through. Amazing acting -- you made it seem so effortless and so much fun! My favorite drama of yours is still "Scent of Summer" -- I cried and laughed and cried again. That was a wonderful love story!!! Thanks for making so many great movies that we can watch and love watching you in them!!

dan I loved watching SSH since "Autumn in My Heart". Seems like you haven't aged but you've improved a lot since then. sarangye, oppa!

Linda B. I love seung-heon song.....I can't stop watching your tv drama series and movies..u are the best...

Peter East of eden is the best!!!

kimpur seung heon u r da symbol of manhood. After ur My princess only i knew u. N i was realy impressed n have fallen in luv wid u. I really wish 2 give u a popo.i had bought autumn in my heart's cd but didnt want 2 watch bt i will surely watch it now. Ah i luv ur face n ur smile.saranghae

eiman i just love my princess! i hope there will be my princess 2! Song Seung-Heon is a very good actor, his role is very formal, he didnt wear t.shirt or boxers his abs and muscles were not given emphasis! :(( i wish to see more skin! lol!

shen Oppa,sarangheo...first saw his autumn in my heart....since than he has been my favorite....loved him in my princess...wish i could meet him one day....Love you ,,,,,,,,oppaa

Mildred are certainly mistaken..he's not the prosecutor in city hunter... The guy who played on the latter is no other than lee-joon-hyuk..

non by this time,you really are cool SSH..i didn't bother to check the cast of the movie So Close,although i once tried to find out who was tha actor played as Su Qi's bf,i just found out it was you..i consider you and ju jin mo as ones of south korea's great actors but that movie ended up a tragedy.anyway,i hope to watch more of you on the big screen(i can hardly watch tv series even when i was still teaching,how much more that i'm now a domestic helper...lmao),with a happy ending story..happy natal day SSH!!!wish you a long blissful life!!!

Sandy Ramírez Happy Birthday to one of favorites Korean Actors with a so beautiful and tender smile. :) :) :)

Pop I like you so much.You are a actor so beautiful and good act.My princess i like it.

Ruthie A fantastic Actor!

nastaran i hope u become more succesful. be happy & shine 4 ever

joyce So glad i found this site again..just want u to know that although dr.jin is over it will be useful in the field of medicine and history..another inspiring..informative drama u just made..but seeing u in ur great fighting skills and in comedies with love interest of course thrills me and wanting to see u more and more..including those gorgeous,killer smiles and ur voice that really makes me so crazy on u..luv u forever SSH..hope to see u again in ur next projects..keep smiling.!

pooh Seung-Heon Song show off his charismatic acting skill in Dr Jin. Dr Jin is fantastic drama.

Hannah I really really LOve you!! :) I like He was cool!! :) Ji Eun Sung!! ♥♥♥ ☺

Kaos Bola OMOOOO song seung hoon very handsome ^^k

Petite I have never watched any of your previous dramas so apologies for not knowing about you or Kim Tae Hee. But after watching My Princess, I am so in love with you and Kim Tae Hee as a loving couple. You are so handsome and with such a cool acting skills. Kim Tae Hee is very beautiful and she has good acting skills as well. Great work to both of you. You and Kim Tae Hee are such a cool couple in My Princess but I believe you both have great chemistry together. I hope you and Kim will become a real couple and don't pick Han Ga In as she is already happily married. Pick Kim Tae Hee as your potential wife.

Good luck to your career and may you continue to produce great works. Better still good luck in pursuing Kim Tae Hee as your wife. All the best to you both.

haryati I live in indonesia, im very like your drama especially scent of summer, great i like it, your eyes remembered to someone. Like your eyes too and hope to see you

grace hi'seung heon song your very handsome.good actor i like your face very atractive.i love yuor este of eden and my princess dram.yuo sime my blood tyep

yumi One word to describe you: SEXY. I think as you get older you look more attractive & more manly (your face is more chiseled) than when you were young. Keep it up. Love your superb acting skill. You were incredibly awsome in "Summer Scent" & "Autumn In My Heart".

emmageorge I am now in Hong Kong attending an event and your drama ''My Princess'' is now on Hong Kong Television. Since Hong Kong is such an international city I am sure you will be ever so popular. Congratulations on your new drama Dr. JIN and I am looking forward for that. I noticed a comment on this site and simply remember, as actors you probably know it all so well, any comment is actually a very good thing. No one would waste time if you draw no attention. To know your craft as a great actor plus being dump as 'Barbie's other half KEN, you are truly on the world stage. With all the best wishes...emma

Jackie The perfect definition of a male bimbo. Hello Ken.

Kris My Princess are fantastic..... Great power comes great responsibility...... I will always love watching it..... The actor and actress are incredible, they are funny, professional and act so good....... They are amazing........ Especially Song Seung-Heon... So cute and spectacular.... Don't imagine that he can do the job..... I love him in the TV series Autumn in my heart but i love him more in my princess...... God Bless Song Seung-Heon..... More power.....

mehrnaz Hello

When I saw  your drams had a crazy  acte and I've been feeling and character

you are so lovely and charming and I love your voice ..

Very beautiful eyes
 your acting amazing
You are the best and my favorite actor and I'm  your fan

I hope to see you

Duchess A y0ung face at hir age! So hands0me! It seems that him & Lee Hyun Suk are very much alike. I taught it was him who act prosecutor kim in City Hunter. . . .@.@

Sarah You Are Handsome & I Like You So Much, I Can't Wait For Your New Drama Please Do Your Best...Have A Great Life (^з^)-☆

SSH LOVER!! OH MY GOD!!! U look soooooo good in MY PRINCESS… ur soooooo handsome… i really really hope u play in other dramas like my princess… ur a really good actor… plsssss appear in other dramas toooo Ur definitely in my top 5 korean actors… xxxxxx

emisa you're the voice i hear inside my head the reason that i'm siging i need to find you i gotta find you, you're the missing piece i need the song inside of me.. I love you.. really..

joyce hi seung, famously known as "Mr.P"/"OOppa"..,you're indeed a great actor..and not just that i like your singing voice very much,soooo romantic!!!moreover your tv dramas made me realize the true meaning of love..and made me understand that a person in love will do everything just to win that "someone"'s heart.i just hope that in time i'll meet the person who will love me truly...or if he is already visible in front of me..i hope he'll show me how much he loves me just as the way you portrayed your character in "my princess".. this year..i am wishing you the best in your career..the best and inspiring stories that you could share us through your movies and tv dramas..,theme songs you will be the one to sing..and stay fit, cool and adorable.continue having a good heart.godbless and happy new year!!!

sara Actor song seung heon in KBS “Brain” final decision is NOT to appear. but why?

sara Actor song seung heon in KBS "Brain" final decision is NOT to appear. but why?

ljarreza If i am not mistaken, this guy is the one who is acting as a prosecutor in the korean drama city hunter. Right?

Jennifer HI. Just finish watching my princess so cool

dian setiati Until now I always watching ' M̶̲̥̅Γ̲̣̣̥ PRINCESS' on dvd ....again..again..and again ...I learn how to love somebody...make me love M̶̲̥̅γ̲̣̣̥ husband better.

ann Song Seung Hun is great actor and smart. Song Seung Hun is so beautiful, sexy, charismatic, charming.

Rio Hi Oppa!!!Just finished watching your drama..My Princess and I would like to commend on your great's trully amazing how you move people through you great performance as an actor and how you make you character believer and somehow relatable....even if the story line is somewhat beyond our reach as commoners...just seeing you and watching you act as Mr. P makes us believe that there really is someone out there who will trully love a woman like that and treat her the way she should be treated...your an amazing actor....a job well done!!!Aja aja aja Fighting....!!!!!

emisa you're the voice i hear inside my head the reason that i'm siging i need to find you i gotta find you, you're the missing piece i need the song inside of me

Elizabeth Cant believe everyone got to know him through My Princess. I love him in "He Was Cool" cause he certainly was. Oppa,sarangheo!

Cathy It's a disappointment that you and Kim Tae Hee in My Princess drama didn't win the year end award.Anyway, do not give up. Better luck in year 2012

memen kim tae hee is very beautiful and you are very handsome song seun heon, nice match.hoping that you two will be a real sweetheart in true life.what else do you want from a woman?kim tae hee is perfect w/ you,especially,she's single.Forget about ga ha in.she's already are much more better w/ kim tae than any woman in korea.luv u both!GOD BLESS!HOPING AGAIN THAT YOU AND KIM TAE HEE WILL MAKE AGAIN A LOVE STORY DRAMA COMEDY.TNX

Cathy I have not seen any of your movies, Song Seung Heon but I am certainly impressed with your acting in My Princess. I hope to see part 2 of this drama and more of your series. You are a good actor. Keep up with the good work

Anusha the character Mr.P was so good... i like tat character... i have seen ur movie... he was cool... but i didnt know it was u... until i check ur details... anyways it s good watcing u

Martine This is my first time I watch your acting drama. You are so handsome and cool. I am going crazy with your smile... You have a beautiful smile and sexy lip. I became one of your biggest fan after watching "my princess", you and kim tae hee are perfect match, i wish you two will make another film. I hope can watch your next new drama in comedy,funny,romantic in love story drama with Korean traditional Costume & some more..couple with Kim Tea Hee

Ina This is my first time i watch your acting drama "My Princess". Your acting drama damn very good and very cool. Please up date your acting drama or movie cause i like to see your face.... sssoooo..... cooolllll....

emisa You're so cool.. موفق باشی

wied Song Seung Heon , You're best actor, Im Really like u.. wish to see you in Indonesia.. (^_~)

jb hi, please give me updates on the latest projects of SHS, dying to see him again soon...

mi SHS..u r just truely hot... u were really good in EOE ,one of your best ever...u and your leading lady made the drama so good.... hope to see u in more movies n drama...maybe in an old day drama, as a warriors a king.or a slave hunter.... hmmmm u will rock those roles...

faith he can't act. being good-looking is not enough.

jb first time to watch song heun sun in "my princess" and got hooked, so goodlooking... now watching EOE after "autumn in my heart"... still searching for his other dramas and films.... part @ please....

jb I join the rest of your fans in waiting for part 2 of "my princess", so heartwarming and fun to watch, hurry please...

emmageorge Before I forget, if 'youthful looks' are what the Korean public favour, you look best with a fringe. Just my opinion, it's not you are not looking good with the 'Elvis' look! Cheers, emma

emmageorge I have left a comment for 'My Princess''s writer and congratulate her. I would also like to send the comment to you for my view on Korean's film industry - {Quote "Congratulations on your win of 'Secret Garden' and I did manage to obtain your DVD just to follow your work but again the English subtitles, no comment! We have a couple of movies based on soul switching and this is not new but you have handled the plot beautifully and dramatically. I must admit that I am not fancinated with all the actings and it is probably I do not understand korean or asian culture. It feels like everything is revolving being young hence regardless how great an actor or actresses be their acting career are very shot-lived. Correct me if I am wrong. It looks like it's aiming at 'young market' or 'young at heart'. It's totally nothing wrong with that if it makes great ratings (it's very Japanese!!!) but it is just not my cup of tea. Please write more great scripts for Song Seung Heon, he's one true great actor and also not forgetting Kim Tak Hee. Hope to see your future work with him or her, especially him, call me bias." Unquote} I have finished your East of Eden, I come to the conclusion that you have brought the best out of your co actors (your love interest). All the make up to age the actresses are not convincing. Unless it is necessary for everyone even the old characters to look younger??? I maintain the fact that you are a very great actor and hope your entertainment industry appreciate great talents despite of their AGE. Best to all your endeavours.

Risse I like you …you’re a handsome and a very talented actor… =)

cherix Hello Song Seung heon... i watched ur my princess drama with kim tae hee! it is really great, very romantic full of teasing..! i enjoyed watching & laugh alone =) u'r a perfect couple i wish their will be a part2 of it. love u....

sara I think he is the korean version of Gregory Peg

sunny jond Hope I hv a baby boy like U .. :D

snow i like your eyes & your smile.

nurul zubaidah love you full mr park, so much...:)

nurul zubaidah love you full mr park, so much.. :)

emmageorge The blu-ray DVD that I purchased from Hong Kong of My Princess is real disappointing. The English subtitles gone haywire half way then its 'Chinglish' one has to speak Korean or Chinese or read Chinese to fully appreciate the plot. Lucky for me I have Korean associates for this one but no one has time to keep translating. The English subtitles are appalling and it is no different from the other Korean DVD that I purchased in Asia. May be the Korean series are not intended for western markets and I just wonder would it be better if I purchase through some English speaking asian countries like Singapore or Phillipines. I started on East of Eden, true to the Korean style it's very sad and depressing, the English subtitles probably will fail me at some stage and continue... Despite all that your acting is unmistakably perfect, you are a true great actor and I wish Korea will start producing their own DVD with up to standard English subtitles for the western markets or other Asian speaking countries. I simply have the feeling that some countries simply acquire the right from the Korean Companies and produce their own DVD and resulted such poor standard. Regardless, all the best!

Flo Park Hae Young Oppa ...

You look better day by day ... Hope I can hug you someday ... Cause it seems like you have such of a warm hug and of course, nice shoulder ... :)

annamae hai!im one of ur fan here in phil. ur so cute..

emmageorge I am now in asia (Hong Kong) on a business trip and I managed to purchase your Blu ray 'My Princess' DVD and the English subtitles are much better and your acting is faultless. I have also logged on your personal website and noticed that you have your suite auctioned for a cool Taiwanese $41 millions for Red Cross. That alone shows how popular and well liked you are. What an achievement, none of our movie stars have such an impressive record. We have some very top Hollywood movie stars, like Olivia Newton John and Hugh Jackman in our charity functions as I am an active committee member and we have never had such a record. Congratulations!!! I also bought your East of Eden but it's a pity that it's not in blu-ray. It's a very big series and it probably will take me a long time to watch it. I will do that when I hit home. All the very best to whatever your future endeavour and with my very best and sincere wishes.

rindie i love u song seung heon

taty rien 멋진 영화는 나에게 영감을 수있는 … 난 항상 볼 것이다 다음 훌륭한 영화를 기다리고 .. 저는 한국어 과정을 때까지 … 한국 영화에 대해 정말 열정적 .. ^ ^

taty rien 멋진 영화는 나에게 영감을 수있는 ... 난 항상 볼 것이다 다음 훌륭한 영화를 기다리고 .. 저는 한국어 과정을 때까지 ... 한국 영화에 대해 정말 열정적 .. ^ ^

anahara u are a man of dream's all girl,..i love u so much expect can meet someone like u,..oppa park hae young, seung hun,.. u'r performance is really good,..make me fly in to my dreams,.. all the best 4 u,..make spirit in all my days,..make me smile and back to keep my imagine,.. love u park hae young,.. spirit song seung hun,..i wait the next u'r performance. u r so cool and good acting and invite my country,..really really expect,..indonesia,..

juju wow i like movie he was are so cool..though in my princess also look cool... be cool forever

kelly b i really love watching the two of them - SSH and KTH. i've been waiting for their team up in years. and their chemistry on screen is beyond my expectations. more dramas to come, i hope, for the two of them.

emmageorge Congratulations my princess is a great piece of entertainment among Korean series. I must admit I am not a fan for Korean films and series simply because I have never been introduced to them. I watched many series via DVD with English subtitles while I am holidaying in the Asian Countries and am most impressed by your performance. The success of the series should be credited to you and Kim. I searched your profile and acknowledged all your accomplishment and glad that you are so loved. You are a great actor and never lose sight of it. I will definitely follow your work from now. I have also left a comment on 'My Princess' Asianmediawiki and hope Korea produces more light hearted memorable work in stead of 'death related' endings. With very best wished, ever success and happiness!

Olivia Song Seun Heon me like I love her performance I admire him for that

Jessica Been watching K dramas before,they just passed by my interest like other movies, unlike My Princess I like it the first time I saw it and been kept on replaying my cd. Know what SSH and KTH you've done a good performance, you touched our hearts! Both good looking actors, they're so compatible! Wish they end up together in real life!

ppa Hello,I'm one of your's fan in myanmar.Your eyes and eye-brows are attractive for me.I like watching your movie (East of Eden and My Princess)so much.I invite you to come my hometown.i hope you can visit to my country.

reza i wish to see you in new drama with yoon eun hye in this year

abisree man love ur movie '"he was cool"!!!!!!!!damn good n "my princess too"

aqwa subari you look damn charming in my princess...

eve Song seung Heon performed in "Autumn in my heart" and "East of eden" is the best 'n i love it.

sara i hope to see you in medical drama

jeanne song seung heon...the most charmng korean guy i've ever known.. he is blessed with many talents..and i can feel he has a good heart.. i wonder what it's like to meet him in this life or at the next life. he inspires me in so many ways..i think one of the reasons why i feel blessed is because of seung heon..i hope in God's will,our paths cross,and then...i'll don't know what to say..c:be well always seung heon..stay happy. i hope to see you more often.. God Bless...

trisha hi song seung hun i love your korean drama my princess.. u and kim tae hee are good together !!! i love u so much ...mwahhhh

Fe his handsome and a good actor. i really love watching My Princess!♥

mitchie i love my princess ♥ God bless :)

jeanne i like just the way you are..there's something beyond your good looks.. the softness of one's're beautiful.BE WELL ALWAYS.. you're doing great..c:

chaepenn i like you since autumn in my heart w/ song hye kyo and now w/ kim tae hee in my princess. how i wish that someday you do a series w/ chae rim.


toy you are so fine and you have the best smile, with that pink kissable and your leading lady look so good together maybe in the future you and her will do another soap pretty soon. Love ........your smile, just make my heart melt

babes I admire you a lot because you are handsome and a good actor. Your leading lady in "My Princess" is so pretty you can court her why not? We are waiting for the part 2 of it.......

David Stop talking about My Princess !! You should see him in East of Eden or A better tomorrow !!

avid fan he is soo good looking!!!! and my gosh, he's so cute with tae hee in "My Princess"!!!

*enirehz* i wish MORE projects to come to you and your princess ^_^ and make a part 2... ^_^ i will waiting for the part2... god bless....

sha seung heon song .. and kim tae hee

i hope there will be part 2 of MY PRINCESS <3

sha i really love my princess.. i hope kima tae hee is your real life princess <3

undari my princess is very a good drama, and funny too.please make part 2, love u song seung heon

ARLENE I like your character role in "My Princess". How i wish to see you in the future.

ella he's so cute. :)))) i love her movies and dramas. :D

Mae B. i'm simply addicted to Song Seung-heon .. excellent acting during My Princess.. i hope i can keep in touch with him :(

marie joy ang cute nya kahit matanda na sya. haha, 15 pa lang ako pero sya 35. akala ko nga mukhang 28 lng sya eh

hans omg!her body was so hot wow!!!!!!!!

orland jae jerusalem cute niya sa my princess.gusto ko talaga ang movie ninyo.wishing 4 the best and you are a very good actor

beck omg! you look so hot in my princess.

chie i love my princess..its so nice and so cute.. you are a good actor Seung-Heon Song. keep on smilling because so cute, specially when u smile =) keep up a good work..god bless!!

banjo hello,OPPA i love my princes ahah:)

Vivien (Australia) I loves ssh acting and smile. Because of you we will visit S. Korea in near future. Hope you end up happiness to your real sweet heart, princess Lee Seol. Best wish in your career.

kyla mae your so handsome.................i fell in love with you....!.

hunee i really like u... i fell in love with u on My Princess.. ur so cute.. be visiting Korea soon.. wil find u.. whew..^_^

my2cents I like him. Although I am not his fan, his acting is so powerful and only he could do the trick to me, keeping me come back , grabbing more.

Cullengabriela I really want to cry when i see u face.....but u realy makes me laugh in he was cool especially in my princess hkhkhkhkgkgk so crazy.....u awesome.....;-)great job....i love u

Donna Jane Chang Detalla me and my father had just finished watching your TV DRAMA the MY PRINCESS.... i salute you.....your are the best in acting and i can't deny it that you are one of a are so cute and so handsome....specially when you smile...and you are so elegant....i hope there is a Part 2 as a continuation on your drama...that shows your wedding....i want to see some more of your movies...the drama is the best.... take care always....and god bless.... GOOD LUCK :-)

Jen Goodness!! Ur facial expression is adorable, I just want to grab u from my screen ha ha ha !!! I really like the story of My Princess, you look effective in the role My God!!!The role really suits u. I look forward to seeing more of ur work....

خديجة أني معجبة به جدا هل من الممكن أن يتزوج عربية جميلة ها ها ها :)

katrina I really love the way he acts in all his MOVIES!!! His ''ONE OF A KIND''.Wish you all the Best!!GOD BLESS!! Aja!

p He's the best actor. cute beautiful handsome charming lovely & soooo kind. He was so lovely in East of eden. I like him. I'm his fan.

marvelousmimi My Korean daughter-in-law has gotten me hooked on Korean dramas.For the past year I have seen fantastic actors in major roles, but I must say your expression, when you smile, has put you on the top of my list of favorite Korean actors. I wish you much continued success in your career.

bgfan I didn't pay big attention on you and He was cool plot a year ago when first strated to watch K movies. Lut now I have to admit there are only two actors I like because their Asian faces- Jet Lee And You= All my other favorites I like is course they have a slight european look in face features. I really notised you after the fourth ep. of "My princess" because I liked your version of a good looking aristocratic behavingq sligthly arogant and most clever diplomat.I just like such kind of men. My favorite amongst your roles is that one in "The better tomorow" I adore this kind of ironc arogance you presented.They suit you so well! Back in seasoned dramas you were such a good in acting but in diffrent characters- I think so becouse I am not bored watching them now for the first time.. I like your kind of natural speaking- not rising the voice - sfft and somehow hesitating but luckily not shouting like in recent dramas. Pleaseq go ahead and do more new things - it will be a pleasure and I will follow.

moira That is one of the best looking men I have ever seen - but is he pure Korean?

muaonline My Princess is a great dramas. I became the biggest fan of SHS because of this drama. Seung Heon Song is a handsome and wonderful actor.

Pixie_lene I was so sad watching the last episode of my princess but at the same time was watching it 5 times already, specially the kiss literally changed my name in my facebook account to song seung jonalene, since I became one of his millions of fans. SSH, you cradle the heart in me.

princess SSH is so hot. Can't believe it he is 35 this year. Just wish he will end up with Kim Tae Hee. You are my favourite korean actor. SSH is just so cool..... and handsome.........

Paranoïde Heeey :) Great drama! My princess was great! But still east of eden is my best drama ever :) !! So! What's next? SeungHun? Your fans are inpatient :) ;)

inday bergado song seung hun, i became one of your biggest fan after watching "my princess", you and kim tae hee are perfect match, i wish you two will make another film... you should date her...good luck and wish you the best...

Paranoïde Hey!! How are you? Hope you're fine!! Wish you the best!

I LOVE TOU kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss mmmmmmmmmmuai kkkkkkkk

Paranoïde Hey ! Song Seung-hun! Hope you're fine!! I'm one of your biggest fans! I love you so much!!! You're my best actor EVER! And that will never change (: Keep the good work! You're amazing! And I'm waiting (Like all your fans) for even more amazing works (: Fighting!

KIMMY SSH is sooo fine, and honestly one of the best actors in Korea, he has expression and engages the audience. A lot of actors now a day's are expressionless and bland but he is far from that! Ever since i saw him in autumn tale he has been my favorite Korean actor of all time. Since then he has yet to dissapoint in any of his movies and dramas. La la Love him! <3

Jayme Hong There's no doubt that he's hot, but honestly his acting is not matched with his looks, don't get me wrong I'm a huge fan, and his acting got much better than his beginning, he's so great to look at, but needs to work on "the depth" on his acting, he doesn't have that power to pull the audience and convince them with his character....

LITA I really like SSH acting in endless love and he is so cool n your eyes.....

lisa dang he is 34 years old but he look like he is in his twenties ...way to keep fit ! .....he is hottttt

ac i just love this actor. he is so cute

izz iwana njoy watching my cute!!!!

izz iwana so cool,so cute,so proyective...i luv it!!!!! all the best 4 ur up coming dramas&film SSH...

Cheah Song Seung Heon ..Wish you good luck year of 2011..hope can watch your next new drama in comedy,funny,romantic in love story drama with Korean traditional Costume & some more..couple with Lee Da Hae hehehe... me & my colleague looking for Korea funny,romance & love story release our stress after coming back from our office work...this is one of the way to enjoy our self before continue our struggle job on the next day...hope the producer & the writer can look into its. Thank you for your consideration.

me love this actor and i enjoy all of his dramas

dlove saranghayo~! <3 ur doing a really good in my princess right now ;D keep up the good work even tho you probably won't read this, FIGHTING~! ;d

Jennifer you're so cool, so cute....wish you the best...

bcd one of the best actor

fatima Hey even though i am not korean but I do luv korean movies and dramas and Song Seung Heon is one of my best actors he is coOl and GoOd looking! i wish u all the best now and forever

evilive love him. he is one of my fav actor. he is damn good. hope more and more to see from you.

AIDA omg one of my favourite korean actor's birthday is on the same date as mine! OMG lollll anw i like this actor :D manly and cute hehehe

Emine Happy 33th Birthday Seung-Heon Song..Wish you can become a succesful actor!!Keep ur good work.

Emine You`re so cool & cute!!!U are very good actors dramas..Wishing u the best=)

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