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  • Name: Lee Byung-Hun
  • Hangul: 이병헌
  • Birthdate: July 12 1970
  • Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
  • University: Hanyang University, Chung-Ang University (graduate school)
  • Major: French Literature / Theatre
  • Height: 178cm
  • Blood Type: O


Lee Byung-Hun was born in Seoul, South Korea on July 12, 1970. He grew up in a wealthy family that consisted of his businessman father (who passed away in 2000), his mother and one younger sister. Lee Byung-Hun's sister, Eun-hee Lee, would go on to win the Miss Korea beauty pageant in 1996. Lee Byung-Hun has described himself as a mischevious chlid while growing up.

In 1991 Lee Byung-Hun competed in an open audition for television network KBS and was accepted. He then made his television acting debut in the 1991 KBS drama "Asphalt My Hometown." Lee Byung-Hun didn't make his mark in television until the following year, when he appeared in the 1992 KBS drama "Tomorrow Love." His performance as Shin Beom-su provided a mixture of toughness and softness that appealed heavily to female viewers. While Byung-hun began to achieve success in the television drama realm, he initially found little success in the big screen realm. His early films like "Who Drives Me Mad?" & "Run Away" received muted responses at the box office and from critics. It wasn't until 1998, that Lee Byung-Hun started attracting the attention of critics with his performance in "The Harmonium in My Memory" (starring opposite Do-yeon Jeon). Two years later, Lee Byung-Hun would appear in Chan-wook Park's landmark cold-war film "Joint Security Area." Lee Byung-Hun's performance as Sgt. Soo-hyeok Lee, a soldier who crosses over to the North Korean side nightly to visit his "enemies," struck a deep chord with audiences and critics alike. The movie would go on to gain more than 8 million admissions and marked Lee Byung-Hun's first major blockbuster hit.

In the early to mid 2000's Lee Byung-Hun experienced more success on the small screen with "Beautiful Days" and "All In" and on the big screen with "Bungee Jumping of Their Own." His next blockbuster hit would occur in 2005, when he starred in Ji-woon Kim's mafia film "A Bittersweet Life." The movie premiered at the 2005 Cannes Film Festival and received strong praise from the film festival circuit. Lee Byung-Hun then made a push to become an international star. He made a cameo appearance in the 2007 Japanese box office hit "Hero." This was followed by his first ever performance as a villain in Ji-woon Kim's "The Good, the Bad, and the Weird" (a Korean film shot mostly in China), the 2008 multi-national film "I Come with the Rain" (directed by Vietnamese director Anh Hung Tran and starring American actor Josh Hartnett), and a supporting role in the 2009 U.S. film "G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra." Lee Byung-Hun has also kept some of the mischievousness from his childhood days. The Korea Times reported that when the cast and staff of G.I. Joe visited South Korea, the director of the film, Stephen Sommers, asked Lee Byung-Hun for tips on speaking with the Korean press. Lee Byung-Hun instructed Stephen Sommers to greet Korean reporters with the expression "Naneun baboda" - which Sommers did[1]. Sommers found out later that "Naneun baboda" means literally "I am stupid."

Lee Byung-Hun's next project is the highly anticipated television drama "Iris," which will have a big screen version released immediately after the television series concludes.


  1. Lee Byung-Hun will marry actress Lee Min-Jung at 6pm on August 10, 2013 at Grand Hyatt Seoul in Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea.


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Mia Terminator looks really cool. He fits the role perfectly. Good to see a Korean star in american movies. I wish him more luck and he's damn hot.

Khadijah Yabani Well despite everything, I still respect him. He is one of the actors I really enjoy watching their movies. Don't look down. Your fans are on your side. Sending this all the way from another world. Cheer up Min-chul

cristy i really really love him.. i don't care about his scandal.. all i know is i love him..all his movie. the he act..the way he stunt

Lina Personal life aside, yes, I concur with tp & keto. He surely deserves the much coveted title of being an international actor. His acting is Awesome! I'll always enjoy watching him act. He certainly has earned my respect and I garnered my support.

Keep Up the Great Work!

joy what ever happens . still loyal to you. i'm your fan ! always remember that god has a plan for every people in the world ! as to you. don't loose hope !

SweetTea Disappointed in him after the scandal.

keto In the case with Dahee, LBH is a victim.

Yes, he is married, but that doesn't mean he can't bring aged girls at his home for the drinks when his wife is away on vacation. He just flirted (that's natural for most guys in this world).

Those girls intentionally knew he is a playboy, that's why they made a plan to blackmail him, but they failed miserably, because they became stupid with their silly decision of their own.

LBH just tried to defend himself and his wife by calling police so that those girls won't make another move.

I read on other articles where people defending Dahee and badmouthed to LBH because of his past and that he is married. But all he has done for you to hate him is that he is just being a playboy (which is natural for most guys to be, even after marriage). There is one in your family/relative/friends circle.

I respect LBH for his work as an actor. He has been trying/working very hard since the 90s that's why he has become an international actor. I will support him.

Jrjrur Wow' we have the same birthday.

san dala I like Your acting

mataula that was great bro but you disapoit me,by that sudden death.

tp This gentleman is an extraordinary actor in masquerade. You guys should watch this movie of his to see how amazing of an actor he is. A superb performance!

Kim woo suk Love your acting lee byung hun

emma kelvin i love lee byung hun. He is my best actor.. Am one of his most acurate fan from nigeria... Hey leee i thought you where gonna marry kim tae hee. You guys fit together.why not marry her

Koje Happy married life. You and your wife acts awesomely. Sarrangae

beautiful-heart Your wife is beautiful!!!

Ilija Watching All In, great drama I hope the ending will not be disappointing like in other k-dramas, his sister is ugly how come she was miss korea lool

Ferdy One of the few best actors who still rocks the screen here in Korea and in Hollywood...outstanding and intense acting whatever role he played...

Rain Norman lee is awesome.iris isnt cool with out u,mr.lee u rock.

Nurudeen He is so much wonderful. He made me love korean movies and i wish to watch him more in his latest movies. Happy married life.

P M C You are incredible in Red 2. I loved you As Storm Shadow in both G I Joe movies. I wish you every happiness. Congratulations on your marriage. May God bless you and keep you forever in His care. I will be praying for you!!!


Sous I love Lee Byung Hun and i am his biggest fan, therefore as soon his movie RED 2 came here i forced my friends to come with me to cinema to see it LOL I really enjoyed the movie and the last dialog he said in the movie was really funny. i might go and watch the movie again

Gabby Byung-Hun lee you are the coolest ninja ever!! I love you in g.i joe! I hope to meet you one day even though I'm American and live far away :) my friend jiwoo is a big fan of you too she is from Seoul too! I love you byung keep of the good acting!

Tobit Arinze Woaw.. I cried when BHL was shot at the end of IRIS season 2. To me, his absence has rendered IRIS empty and boerin. Mr Lee, you are my Korean favourit actor. Keep it up, God gat your back. I wish you and min a happy marital life in advance. I wish I will be there to witnes it all. Tobit Arinze from NIGERIA.

elttle gorgeous male specimen

Norman Hello everyone! Is there a Lee Byung-Hun fan club in Singapore??

tshoyang teayang He makes me in love with him. i really love this guy (from bottom of my heart). and i'm really sure that he is the best korean actor ever. his fighting skill is the best especially in IRIS. i really wish to see him in person.saranghae oppa.muahhhhhhhhhhhhh<3...

Alya Nahahahaha, the hottest ahjussi I've ever seen ;)

CICI Lee Byung-Hun, you were so awesome in IRIS that IRIS 2 looked really empty without you and way less interesting. Come Back!! please.

Lillie-Rose Also, I wanted to say thank you, you have no idea how much you helped me!

Lillie-Rose You are seriously my inspiration! I'm 15 years old and a 3rd dan black belt in Taekwondo, and by watching your moves and how great you are, it helps me get better and faster. You were amazing in G.I Joe, and if you ever come to Australia, please let everyone know!

Dyan Lee First saw Byung Hun Lee's acting in the Good, the Bad and the Weird. Marvelous! Liked him in every role since. In GI Joe: Retaliation, he steals the show. More camera presence than anyone else in the film. Hope he becomes a big star in America.

Megan you are so blessed. i love you so much ! i hope one day you will come in Rwanda, Africa. you have a stunning smile. i always look at your posters when you are smiling and i smile back at you.

surfing santa Aloha Lee,

Wish you well for the coming years and hope we can surf or do another video together. It has been a long time. Your work is awesome. Take care and stay healthy. Sam

LAPM Three days to get through IRIS. And I don't know if director (s) are just keen on making emotional wrecks of viewers. If so, congratulations - you've accomplished that. Almost keen on writing them to take back the ending and rewrite it and leave it as a cliffhanger now three years after the fact. And in the midst of announcements that IRIS 2 is coming out. Sometimes, it is just good to opt for a cliffhanger, that the hero went off into the sunset - where, we'd not know. But that there is something to hope for is better than knowing that he definitely gone.

There is so much to laud BHL for - while IRIS has me mourning him, I am so glad that it is just a series and that he is bound for something more and beyond it. Hopefully, with a happier ending. Outstanding in every performance I have seen him play thus far. In films, there is a maximum of 1.5 - pushing 3 hours of him but he is often alive and well... in dramas, the hours are countless but we lose him. Doesn't seem to be a happy medium!! LOL!

So jazzed that he is as versatile as he is so outstanding as an actor. There are a few people in the world that leave one feeling so good knowing that he is in the world... even if way out there somewhere... but that he walks among us, is a gift. BHL is one of these people. You are appreciated, mourned for (LOL) in the unhappy endings, and cheered for when you are left standing, as the enigmatic hero, in these productions.

The best, the very best for you, Mr. Lee. Seriously. The more of you in cinema, at home and international for us US fans, the better. Loved out of San Diego.

Waridi I saw a drama called iris your are great! I wish you a merry christmass and happy new year 2013

Mdy Just got to know about LBH. He is a great actor and I'm looking forward to seeing more of him, he has opened my mind to the Korea; I'm actually learning Korean now. Sa rang hae yo Lee Byung Hun!

Elizabeth I first got acquainted with Lee Byun Hun when I watched Beautiful Days. For me it is still one of the best Korean dramas I have ever watched. His acting was awesome. He is surely one of the best actors of all time. That is why I fell in love with Korean dramas and movies. I am addicted to anything that comes out of Korean entertainment world. Their music is soooo good. I do not listen to anything else these days and neither do I watch any other entertainment except Korean! Thank you for making us have respite from the drudgery of life! May God allow you to reach the peak of your aspirations.

Cassie5 BEST OF THE BEST! Lee Byung Hun is one of the best actors! Gotta admit that even though he aging, he still look as handsome as ever <3 Been a fan of him ever since I watched Beautiful Days when I was 3 years old :) Lee Byung Hun Oppa or rather Ajjushi (Haha xD)! Fighting! I look foward to your many new films in the future! :)

From your devoted fan of 10 years <3

valeria i love this actor ,it 's my favor ,i like yuor acting,im sorry because in romania not see this all movie,{sorry for my english],I hope see much movie and dorama with Lee Byung Hun.Cansalmida,Valeria from Romania

Martins Guy u are just too with that film iris.you take my heart.....

Martha Wow! ah luv u and am nt only wishing to see u buh to get married to u. Da moment ah heard ur english accent, ah sure went wild with excitement. Ah reali wish to do a film with u some day!!!!!

Ademola IRIS film has really taught me more about Life! I love Him so much


maimai I really love your smile! Iris and All In is my favorite..Looking forward to watch Your G.I. Joe movie..Hope to see more of you in drama too..Sad that you are still single at your age now. Hope and pray that you will meet your dream bride soon. God bless you!

Mrs Byung Hun this man is really something. he makes me in love with him. i really love this guy (from bottom of my heart). and i'm really sure that many would agree with me that he is the best korean actor ever. his fighting skill is the best especially in IRIS. I REALLY100x LOVE THIS GUY! i really wish to see him in person. HE IS THE BEST!! LEE BYUNG HUN! SARANGHAE!!

NewKDramaAddict I am so going to break my movie going rule to see the new GI Joe movie! Two of my favorite actors are in there too!! Can't wait!

jacky OMG!!!!!!!LEE BYUNG HUN is the best actor in the whole world...this man makes me crazy his eyes express everythings he want to say,..i love him soo much in iris hope someday im gonna meet him in person....thank you so much

chemizt can wait your G.I JOE too. best Fight scenes ever. :) I'll watch it.

ahnah yesterday i watched your movie I SAW THE DEVIL and OMG... your fantastic... great acting... perfect... love it much... hope i could see you again in IRIS 2... see yah on theater this june oppa--- i'lbe watching G.I. JOE 2... muaks...

ravenjohndiwa love youre fight scene im 26 and a mother of 2 but i like you...

ravenjohndiwa congrats to you great actor..lee byung hun..

lei very good actor in (iris) i love to repeat it again and again. Love your smile :)

zhey hi.. im your fan ,,keep up the good wrk .. :)

darlina Helloo lee byung-hun,

i was born in malaysia, now i live in singapore. i love korean drama. i like to watch korean drama IRIS...IRIS IS VERY BEST AND INTEREST! LEE BYUNG-HUN IS MY ACTOR FAVOURITE. LEE IS SMART AND BEST ACTOR. I HOPE MET YOU IN SINGAPORE AND WATCH IRIS 2 AGAIN...SMILE

Yalin I really...like Lee Byung Jun very much. He's my superstar. The way he act is so cute. I want him to act together with Kim Tae Hee again in the next drama.

Urnaa HI

Currently I'am watching his movie,,,, I am not so like to see Korean drama,,,, But this time,,,, I've just view this movie recklam ans I desire to see this,, maybe he's acting skill effected it,,,,, Whatever I like him and his acted IRIS, I love it

mg mg Greatest actor i've ever seen in korean drema.

safira hallo oppa!!pleasee come to indonesia..

maria IRIS is the best Korean drama I've seen so far...Lee Byunghun is really great:)can I ask when we'll gonna watch the part 2???I've been waiting for it since last year when I watched IRIS..hoping for an answer..thank you!!

patricia1212 bonjour,j'ai adoré "A bittersweet life",malheureusement en France,on ne trouve pas facilement tous vos films,mais j'aimerais beaucoup les voir....Vous êtes un super acteur,bonne continuation.bises

zoopmitty does anybody know the name of an older show from the late 80s or early 90s. it's about 5 students (3 guys and 2 girls) in their high school or college years. the main guy of the group looks to be Byung-hun Lee but i'm not sure. two other guys live together as room mates and the main guy i think lives with one of the girl and her family. your help will be greatly appreciated...

Katie Your work in "I Saw the Devil" was absolutely haunting. I've been a fan for awhile, and definitely enjoyed "The Good, The Bad, and The Weird," but you definitely made a lifetime fan with your latest work. Just...wow. Congrats on your well-deserved success!

ebaby awww, LBH u r the hottest actor ever...absolutely hot! dnt realy knw why u and SHK broke up due 2 diff in age cos u luk 10yrs younger than ur age...u hv an amazing body and ur smile is breathtaking...you r 2 much!! ebaby frm ghana

kimberly le I love your tv shows, drama, movies. You are an excellent actor.

didi He is the most amazing actor i have ever seem..love him soooooooo much!!Cant wait for all his future works!

Zenshiro Greatest actor i've ever seen in korean history. Ganbate Lee Byung Hun-san! watashi wa fan desu

:D Extremely hot, especially for almost 40 years of age.

sher hello storm shadow!!! u are awesome in G.I. Joe Rise of the Cobra.. u do love making action films.. well, that is good for u.. uhmmm, i already watched ur Korean drama "iris" and i finished it just a few moment ago--through DVD-- i'ts a good action drama film but to be honest, the concept of the story is nothing but like a Hollywood movies or films.. Sorry to the fans.. there is no originality.. its nothing but like CSI ( Crime Scene Investigation) and one thing i hate about this drama is that the subtitle is a suck!!! my goodness.. grammatically incorrect and funny translations..hahaha.. no offense fans..well, i don't have that what you so-called "K-crazy" but still, i like korean dramas..

suzy i speechless,breathtaking,this man going me nuts!!!makes me crazy.um from indonesia.get bored with the hollywood movie,so broing,now i have an option,watching his movie or drama just make my yearning gone.i promise i will follow him.either in his carrier or his life.just come to indonesia anfd make movie here.in indonesia there are alot of places,beautiful places that can be used to make a great scene!!!!please come to indonesia!!!!

JOHN RAY Where can I buy music concert DVDs for Byung-Hun Lee? I just caught a portion of his conert "Legend - Rainism" on Korean MC/SBS TV and was completely impressed. I have begun searching internet for music concert DVDs without success so far


J. R. RAY jrray@aol.com

binggacious i beg to disagree w/ neonz coz it is not obvious at all that the age gap between LBH & KTH is 10 years. actually LBH looks younger than his almost 40 years coz well, primarily he is an actor & a model so it is expected that he takes care of his body, skin & looks & he is precisely doing just that. so, for me he doesn't look his age & he is even more handsome now compared to when he was younger. i think he is aging gracefully. great actor, great in iris (he won the daesang for it) numerous awards & pride of korea!

Fertry I really love this guy. He the best actor ever and looks so damn HOT. I can´t believe that he´s already 40... ô.O. I mean look at this body. He´s a sex-god xDDD

esgreen you are the MAN.....

qistina05 Hello Byung-hun Lee,

I believe I crazy watching IRIS . We normally watch action movies or drama from hollywood but now we have change to Korean channel. Thanks to the help of a subtitle we really eager to know more about a very COOL Byung-hun Lee. Thanks to KBS world and the producer of Iris . What a great and good job. The rating must be high i believe in korean . Lee byung hun (LBH) really have a great and outstanding performance and i guess, most of us agreed that LBH are the main key for this IRIS drama. Pls keep LBH on the top list for the next IRIS (2) and Kim tae hee as this two really make the IRIS happening ...in Malaysia we have a "'Korean village" and i think I might send all my girls to the korean language centre ...hahahah... Oppss for Yoon Sang Hyun i wish the gossip is true ( in love with Yoon Eun Hye), I love his eyes....and for U , LBH keep the great performance and i hope there a "'LBH fan club in Malaysia..

Wish u a wonderful x''mas and happy new year.

Neonz Lee byung Hun's a great dude! However, I found it revolting that in iris, he and tae won, who plays seung hui, was 10 years apart in age! He's like her older brother! D:

Gemma RamenLover, you are so right he is MAgnificant in The Good The Bad The Wierd! He shows a very swanky, cool performance and you cannot help but fall for him in it! he is also in the new drama "Iris". And the new film "I Come With The Rain". Both look amazing, if i do say so myself and I would definetly reccomend G.I. Joe to anyone who hasn't saw it yet. Byung-hun is a a very talented actor and I love him to bits! GO BYUNG-HUN LEE!!!!!

NightLizard Great actor! Love his works!! Wish him all the best!

Paula I'm excited to see his performance in GI Joe: Rise of the Cobra. Korean actors are awesome and I love their music videos which are like mini movies. I'm watching it tomorrow I'm so Pumped!

RamenLover Hey cjl10000, Movie wise if you're interested in seeing more of Byung-hun Lee his best films to check out (in my opinion of course) are "The Good The Bad The Weird" (the first time he plays a villain and he does it with a lot style - you'll most likely swoon often at his performance), "A Bittersweet Life" (a mafia themed movie with Byung-hun Lee playing a bodyguard to the #1 boss and he's ordered to watch his boss' mistress while he goes away on a business trip and of course he falls for her), and "JSA" (classic film involving South & North Korean border guards who meet nightly and become friends despite the politics swirling around them), and "Bungee Jumping of Their Own" (pure romance film with a strange twist).

cjl10000 I am only just getting acquainted with Byung-hun Lee, but I saw a few clips from the new G.I. Joe film, and was impressed. He's very handsome, very athletic, and all-around hunky as imaginable. Does he do his own stunts, as well? Jackie Chan is insistent upon it whenever possible, and Jet Li (another major hottie), does a lot of his too. He's a total riot in interviews, not because of the fragmented English (that's sort of endearing actually), but because he seems so uncomfortable in the role of Ladies' Man. For promotion of "Romeo Must Die", he blushed when talking about being so close to AAliyah, and confessed to a skin allergy to her make-up. I dunno why, but I thought that was very funny!

    I am actively looking for other films featuring Byung-hun Lee.  I have long admired Hng Kong, Tokyo and Shanhai for their films, but they're usually to martial arts pictures.  I just saw "Love of Siam," and was taken by it's emotional complexity.  Forgive me, I am an American, who is dating an Asian and have jut begun to understand how relevant and how compelling a good Asian drama can be.  Thank you so much!
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