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Two elite National Security System (NSS) agents, Hyeong-Jun (Lee Byung-Hun) and Sa-Woo (Jeong Jun-Ho), who were sworn blood brothers, both fall for fellow agent Seung-Hee (Kim Tae-Hee). Sa-Woo attempts to suppress his feelings for Seung-Hee and wishes the couple the best.

Hyeon-Jun is then sent off on a solo mission to Hungary. In Hungary, Hyeon-jun accomplishes his mission and while in escape mode becomes wounded. Shortly later, Hyeon-jun finds out that he was betrayed by fellow agent Sa-woo. Seung-Hee attempts to help Hyeon-Jun escape, but a car explosion separates the two and both are misled to believe that the other person are dead. Hyeon-Jun is then saved by an unknown voice and learns of the secret society "IRIS".

One year later, Hyeon-Jun returns to Korea to seek revenge. During this time, the two Koreas are set to reunify, while the group "IRIS" are intent on stopping the reunification.


  1. "Iris" has a reported budget of over 20 billion Wons (1 USD = 1,200 Wons), making it the most expensive Korean drama to date (10/2008).
  2. The series is a high-tech spy drama and will be filmed in various locations including Hungary (Budapest, Balaton, Tihany), Russia, Japan, US, and China.
  3. Actor Lee Byung-Hun will make his first starring TV drama appearance since the 2003 SBS series "All In".
  4. Actress Kim Tae-Hee will make her first starring TV drama appearance sine the 2004 SBS series "Love Story in Harvard".
  5. Filming began March, 2009 in Akita Prefecture, Japan.
  6. Japanese distribution rights for the drama series "Iris" was sold to TBS for a record ¥ 400,000,000 / ₩ 5,300,000,000 ($4.3 million USD).
  7. "Iris" will take over the Wed. & Thurs. time slot previously occupied by "My Fair Lady" and will be followed by "The Slave Hunters" on January 6, 2010.
  8. Related titles:
    1. IRIS (KBS2 / 2009)
    2. IRIS: The Movie (2010)
    3. Athena: Goddess of War (SBS / 2010)
    4. IRIS 2 (KBS2 / 2013)


IRIS-Lee Byung-Hun1.jpg IRIS-Kim Tae-Hee1.jpg IRIS-Jeong Jun1-Ho.jpg IRIS-Kim Seung-Woo1.jpg IRIS-Kim So-Yeon1.jpg IRIS-TOP.jpg
Lee Byung-Hun Kim Tae-Hee Jeong Jun-Ho Kim Seung-Woo Kim So-Yeon T.O.P
Kim Hyeon-Jun Choi Seung-Hee Jin Sa-Woo Park Cheol-Yeong Kim Sun-Hwa Vick
IRIS-Kim Yeong-Cheol.jpg IRIS- Yun Je-Mun.jpg IRIS-Yun Ju-Sang.jpg IRIS-Hyeon Jyu-Ni.jpg IRIS-Lee Jeong-Kil.jpg IRIS-Jeong Han-Yong.jpg
Kim Young-Chul Yoon Je-Moon Yun Ju-Sang Juan Lee Jeong-Kil Jung Han-Yong
Baek San Park Sang-Hyeon Oh Hyeon-Kyu Yang Mi-Jeong Jo Myeong-Ho Jung Hyung-Joon

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vic seriously.......i dont tink i'll ever get ova the shock of the end of the iris 1 n 2....buh wat can i say d movie is 1 of itz order nt 2 feel 2 bad i'll try to see dis as just a movie...n i no all ma lovely actors n actresses re still alive.....i love u all...u guyz re d best...wishing u d all best in ur career.

Nic Fraz Best drama i have seen in my life. Better than all those american tv shows and all that other BS. Give it a try. You won't regret it. Lee Byung-Hun's acting and action scenes was the highlight of this drama. There is nothing this man can't do. You will never get bored of it, and if the first episode doesn't hook you up, the second episode sure will. You will forget sleep, but you won't forget this drama. I watched all 20 episodes in two freakin days. That's a record for me. It was so addicting. The ending could have been better, but I won't complain about it like the other guys did here because they have completely forgotten what this drama offered them in the first 19 episodes. It will put you in the edge of your seat. One hell of a show. Perfect thriller. Better than all those big suspense hollywood movies. I WANT MORE. It doesn't have to be IRIS. But another thriller show just like this one, with Lee Byung-Hun. Don't listen to all that other crap. Try it for yourself and see. It is the bomb. IT EXPLODED. YOU WILL LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

laughter Nigeria Iris is really a good drama but the ending is just not right, Hyun jun should'nt have died like that, oh poor seung hee if there was a sequel to this i'm sure Seung hee would go crazy. The writers are just so cruel. Nigerian fans including me and my sisters are upset with the ending. I think i found the perfect korean actress for me Kim tae hee! she is so pretty. I have watched her other dramas that i found at the dvd shop.

Grace I love Iris1 so much. LBH and KTH were awesome. LBH is so manly and KTH so pretty and both of them were great actors. I hope there would be IRIS3 with LBH and KTH as leads.

Elishma I really love this movie...i kept on watching it over nd over again,especially the two main actors hyeon jun nd seung hee,i really love those two.But what i dont get is that why dident we gt anynews about hyeon jun nd seung hee after that sad last period in season guys just brought new actors in season 3 nd 4 without any news abt them,we dont still know if hyeon jun is dead or not after the wicked snipe on his skull...please i really love this movie,nd we are waiting for the season 5 nd we will love to see hyeon jun nd seung hee(kim tae hae) coming back again for IRIS at season 5...together with kim sun-hwa because we saw her at the end of season 4,which made us believe they should be season 5...please we will really love to see this characters again....and once more i will say again "I LOVE THE MOVIE"..

paulene Once again, I really can't move on with the last episode... It's like, I was very tired and hoping that the last scene would lighten up the love played by the two agents but unfortunately it ended up as one of the unexpected storyline you can't imagine..

What a tragic ending yet one of the best.

TOP is very handsome, btw.

Paulene I love the story line.... Kim Taae Hee can adjust to any drama... I hope there's another team up with Lee byung hun...

They played their characters as lovers naturally...

Clement I love the stories, but i hate the ending :( it would be good if iris 2 will still the same hero hyeon jun and choi seung hee. I Really Like this drama alott ! I hope they will film Iris 3 where hyeong jun doesn't die. :DD plss. I hope they make a drama with a happy ending. but,iris 1 really make me feel so down ! what a sad ENDING ! I hate the ending ! well, nvm i will continue to support those great actors ^^ Hwaiting ! Byung Jun and Hae tee ! Saranghaeyo !! ^^ Muahh !

Jane S. I watched the entire season 1 of IRIS, and that f*cked up ending just seem to hunt me so badly. I can't believe they had to ruin everything like that, even though it would also have sucked pretty much if Hyeon‑Jun and Seung-Hee just went away and lived a normal life. But I really hoped they would have continued as the two main characters in the second season, I mean, when the hero dies, the story also dies, in my opinion. It would have been an amazing ending, IF, Hyun-Joon had survived, and the story had continued with the hunt for Mr. Black and with the same hero & heroine, they could at least have mentioned Hyeon‑Jun and Seung-Hee in the sequel. I can't believe it, and now I just can't seem to forget his death, there ruined everything! The hero doesn't die! Only if the story ends, but it didn't end! That would had been like if James Bond died in one of the first movies, and got changed with some lame action hero, it would just never be the same again...

David Ocema I have watched both seasons of IRIS and I was about to compare it to 24, except the ending is so cruelly tragic, I mean my heroes keep dying at the very end instead of walking away victorious.

kenny Iris1 is amoung the best in my collection....i can watch it over and over again,Very interesting movie......i was moved all through the first series......great movie! But wud have preferred it didnt end tragic

Sherman I can suggest a sequel.. -TK1 gets shot in the head but it was only a flesh wound and suffered some concussion due to the impact of the bullet. -Leaves in the countryside of Korea. -Got found and blahblahblah and here it goes again :D

peter oh the ending was just lame /the last scene in the car/ , I am about to watch iris 2 and hope some questions will be answered otherwise it would ruin the whole feeling for me from whole series...

Rob I tried watching IRIS 2 but stopped because of boredom. Decided to re-watch IRIS 1 for the 4th time, and still loving it. The actors were perfect as well as the plot, director, scenes... just perfect. I hope if they'll have IRIS 3, they should get the services of everyone in IRIS 1....

jinks weeehhhh! y did he die..grrrr! i hate the ending.. don't want to watch iris 2. don't want the characters in season 2,,,

Dindini best movie i've ever seen...both 1 and 2

analize wang I got disappointed with IRIS 2,, I thought it would be as interesting and excitng as IRIS 1. but I think it is a big disappointment... Kim tae hee is the best unlike Lee da hae who's just a trying hard action star. I preferred to watch IRIS 1 again and again..

Idowu Gr8, tragic endin, can't w8 4 s2...

Domino IRIS is one of the best action/dramas I've seen. I loved it. There were so many good actors & actresses and the story was great, filming was great, music was great. I hoped for a different ending because I wanted to see Lee Byung-Hun and Kim Tae-Hee again. Also many of the actors and actresses made me feel attached to their characters to want to see them again too. Stellar series!

CICI After struggling to watch IRIS 2, I have an even greater appreciation for the writers of IRIS: Kim Hyun-Joon, Jo Kyu-Won and Kim Jae-Eun, the directors and actually the whole team. I have watched IRIS twice and am watching it a 3rd time because the cast was so great and it's one of my favorite action films ever. BTW, don't you think comment #90 should be deleted?? It's quite the turnoff and not appropriate for this section.

hanan best drama ever. it deserves 1000000 star rating,I strongly recommend everyone to watch it

X-tian-Go Kim Sun-hwa shot Hyeong-jun

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Yusuph I am curious that this film ended in a very sorrowful place like this but all i wanna ask right now is that does the film has 3 or what happened to Kim Hyun Jun after all he has went through ..Tell me Ok

sassygirl989 @azwan. he doesnt die driving. someone shot him. and that we dont know if he really died back there. i think this is a good ending, they left us thinking up til now of what happened after, and who the hell shot him.. i just cant wait for the season 2~!!

Jason Bourne Ladies and Gentlemen.

I wonder that how many parts do there exist of this tayinsiz film?

ran i dont like the end, i hate sad endings

Sathrain I love this series. So good.. And I want to continue IRIS.

kurophin kim seon hwa who has killed kim hyun jun . i can't wait iris 2 :D

lengskee great series but obviously the manner of shooting was copied from 24. but what a tragic ending!

gerel best drama! :)

azwan i really love iris..but not the END ==" come hyun jun die just like that...from begining,so hard to die,, when ep20 die while driving..zzzz...

smilemore yay I am going to buy this drama because it looks cool! and I want to see TOP! ^^

ayumi Iris is one of my favorit drama's ! T.O.P hwaiting !<3

ayumi T.O.P so handsomee and cool Ö x Your acting is really great ! Saranghaee <3

lorem Well, I read a comment above and just had to post something in response.

24 is a insulting show. It undermines the principle of "trust", and one is left with a sense that everyone, including ones own family and friends, are potential enemy. While the logic cannot be repudiated, the effects of repeated exposure to such content cannot be healthy. IMHO, it serves to undervalue those basic core values upon which a benevolent human society rests.

So I do sincerely hope the Korean TV/Movie creators steer away from the approach Hollywood had taken. And that is; not to create shows just for the buck.

Korean culture it appears have some wonderfully refreshing basic values, in themselves a natural resource.

josef please help me i want to see IRIS drama version franch

ymjcsfaith Hey is anyone interested in buying IRIS drama dvd? It has both english and chinese subs. If you're interested, please drop me a comment at my website! :D

NAN Just have a chance to see it, can't leave it just second...

squall Cut out the last 5 minutes and this is one of the best drama's ever!!

I mean seriously, we watch these dramas because we want the fairy tale ending, not some stupid senseless ending.


Combine Bourne Identity, 24, Romeo and Juliet, and Kill Bill, with the absolute BEST action-adventure music this side of the original James Bond opening scene with the bullet. Yes, the plots tend to be lame, but the action is as kickass as one can see. While 24 may have more sophistication in its plotlines along with the technology, and Americans tend to be a bit less campy with regard to romance, this is one catchy show that I can't stop watching. I am up to Episode 12, and the only reason I quit watching is sleep. I have already ordered this on DVD, ALONG with the soundtrack to the main theme.

(And yes, Hyeong-Jun's character is like Jason Bourne's character, as far as similarity in foggy details as to previous parts of one's life. What strikes me is that Lee Byung-Hun hits his marks as good as Matt Damon).

So guys, put aside politics and real world stuff and enjoy the ride; ladies, bring along your tissue box. I've got 8 more to watch in season one alone, makes me really want to learn Korean so I can enjoy it even more!



p I love IRIS & Lee Byung Hun & Kim Tae Hee & Kim So Yun & Jeong Jun-Ho. But Korean Dramas make me sad. I'm sad beacause we have lot of things to say to world but no real drama to show. Persian dramas are not about our life. I don't know why & for whom they produce them. Anyway I love korean dramas & congratulation Korean people you developed your culture with your dramas.

samir i like this movie but ending very bad!!!who is

Baby Suck ending...

Khanh This movie was pretty thorough, but investors still suffer from a bug: in Volume 4 was shot at Lee Byung Hun is clearly shot from behind but at pick up pick up ammunition from the front and back injuries seem to be front shot from the right than if shot from behind through the front, there is no bullet inside

Jeeper Story line end so sad. Hyeon-Jun can't say the last word to Seung-Hee and sending the ring to her. It is not fair ending this way. I love Lee byung hun and kim tae hee.

joyday at last episode, who shoot Lee byung hun. May i know about it. ending is so bad. but i feel good.

kb24j I spent the last two days watching this drama and the ending sucks. There's still questions needs to be answer. Who is the leader of Iris and what happens to the main lead at the end. It totally piss me off when it leaves me hanging like this. I heard Iris 2 will be out Oct, 2011 hopefully all the questions can be answer.

Zenshiro They say Lee byung hun is coming back, but i guess he will come back in flashbacks of the scenes before he died... Such a pity, he was a great guy in acting, and i'm a great fan of hyun jun. I hope he comes back alive or someone ressurect him!

honey Does anyone know if the decision about the lead actor has been made?

Is Lee Byeong-Heon going to come back in part2?....

Please say he will....please......

i beg you, IRIS director....i can't get enough of him...

mimi there has to be IRIS 2.....I can't wait to see more of Lee favorite actor of all time.

annpink some of the K-Dramas have sad or upset endings but they are still good,, as for Iris i liked a lot if some of you really listen it gave clues about his death some one from family life did not want him alive they used him,, it would be neat to have his girl come in for a small part with a child,, ?? I believe Mr.Black will be in the new one but then they could change it.. I hope to see him more Action Drama again he is good even with his fun side. for me Iris was up there with Swallow the sun,, they say Swallow the sun is a spin off of All IN but i dont see it.. if you wonder about this go to it where i buy Korean or more dvds it under tv drama..

Mai I love this movie! I can say it 100 times. It's sad how the ending end, but I hope there is a part 2 to Iris! Lee Byeong-Heon is sooooooooooooooooo damn hot! What an awsome job.

spoof i think Lee Byung-Hun died because of another project or in IRIS 2 he will only be shown in flashbacks and stories of other people.

or because of the sequel of G.I JOE Movie ^.^

Brooke i don't understand why it has to end that way i mean why is the lead actor died? the ending was so damn frustrating!!! i want LBH in IRIS 2 pls pls pls.......

cesz mendez im happy that i will be part 2..may be..the girl will have a children with...Kim Hyeon-Jun

ilunga I thought that Iris was a fantastic drama. I have watched many Korean dramas and this one deviated from the usual Korean drama. Iris was actually different. As much as I love Korean dramas, having devoted a lot of time to them (I'm not even Asian), I was getting used to the same plots. These are the three common plots to a Korean drama, no matter how good or how bad, and I am sure everyone will agree with me. 1- A Romeo and Juliet love: Something, possibly fate is making it impossible for the lovers to be together(Ex: Soul-mates). 2- Someone you have fallen in love with is sick and dying and there is no cure(Ex:Mr.Goodbye). 3. Couple hate each other and then because they are forced to spend so much time together fall in love( Sassy girl Choon Hyang). Not all Korean dramas are exactly like this but they somehow follow these scenarios. I love Korean dramas, I want everyone to know that.

What I loved about Iris (there is nothing not to love) is that the plot was well established. The screen writer and director had a strong plot that did not leave many holes. I could actually believe in this plot, the circumstances of the drama were realistic. The characters were static and we could see a change in their personalities, which is extremely important to any character whether in a book or movie. The reasons they changed made sense. The director made it extremely obvious what their struggles were and we could understand their inner- dialogue without them saying them what they feel (so many Korean dramas I have seen do this). The settings were impeccable, the director gave us a reason for why they were where they were. The music was heart-wrenchingly beautiful, they had a mix of modern and old. Basically Iris wasn't only a story of romance but it had mystery, suspense, action, and beauty. The ending, which everyone hates I actually love! Yes, I loved all the characters except for Hyoon Joon's best friend... but I thought the ending was very daring for a director to do. You have to see it from an artistic point of view. How many writers/directors are daring to kill their most loved character. In movies, we always want a happy, fairy-tale ending. But live isn't like that, sometimes the ones we love must leave this earth. The director did what he did for good reason, for all we know, Hyoon Joon could still be alive. We'll just have to wait and see. Because I live in America, i will wait for forever.

pukima-tiuniama-chibaikia This drama is a turn off. At the last episode, i do not know what has happened? Lee Byung-hun just died off by people sniping him from the sea? I mean, at the last part, he was driving along the coast with sea on his right and land on his left, but the right car window broke, so he was sniped from the sea? More importantly, who is the head of IRIS? Jesus, this is a turn off!

To the director of this drama: You cannot just end the drama following the schedule of the actor/actress! We are your audiences and customers you know? Wasting our time watching your rubbish ending story is just not right!

To all potential audiences: Dont waste time watching this movie ...

axela I LOve kim tae hee ........ who is mr. black in iris??? iris 2 iris 2 iris 2

kue kue i think ,the end of the movie is badly ended .,who do main actor kill? then ,,,,who is the leader of this gang?

charm At the beginning Im really expecting that in the end, Byung-hun Lee and Kim Tae Hee will be getting married and have their kids. But sadly Byung-hun Lee died, that made me unsatisfied with this korean drama. What really bothers me is that, if there will be its next series which is the IRIS 2, who will substitute Byung-hun Lee as the leading man of Kim Tae Hee? I really love their chemistry.. will u please make Byung-hun Lee be alive again in IRIS 2? please.

lil_bunny i dont understand .. how come an actor died at last? who kill him or was he shot or wat ? how come , i really want to know

cassiopeia to :Yuki (Comment #32)

"..the company offer Hero from SS501 group to be their hero for IRIS 2..."

Hero is not from SS501..he is from TVXQ

LOLsim He must die, either in IRIS or IRIS 2. He is going to be in GI Joe 2, that's why. IRIS 2 is a spinoff, meaning Kim Tae Hee might appear as who she is in IRIS but it is not a continuation of IRIS. Lead actors are both different. If he lives, they have to put him in IRIS 2, which he can't. So, it's better that he dies at the end than dies early in IRIS 2. I think it is a good idea so they can bring in new actor. Else it will become like the US drama 24 where we started to get sick of the main actor.

no need The ending is frekin horrible. There's absolutely no reason for kim to due unless it's a plotting for IRIS 2 (i.e. Mr. Black is still out there). A lot of the story is unreasonable too. There's a lot of actions in the drama, but the details of the storyline is absolutely horrible. It's such a waste; since the over all actions, camera, composition, are all pretty good. Somebody compared it to 24. imho, 24 far exceeds IRIS in terms of storyline and attention to storyline details.

Yay Wow, is all I have to say after just finishing it. Finally a really great action/drama show. Really wish there was something like this on American TV, but I'm stuck with stuff like 24 and Lost :(

a_n_a TO: sq900

Next time, be careful with your comment...

Not everybody is as good as you when it comes to English...

Please be understanding!

Enna Come on guys, it's not necessarily a "bad ending" just because it's not your usual princess gets the prince and they live happily ever after-story. Iris is a great action drama imho.

sq900 my god everyone please I have no clue half of what everyone is trying to say please learn proper english


thats my email ^^^^ does anyone want to discuss this with me !! cuz i cannot get it outta ma head!!!

hotknees i cannot get this out of my mind!!!

its driving me nuts!!

when kim dies, is that the ending or will there be more?!

how could they kill him T-T

Korean Drama Lover To the director and script-writer, if you do this bad ending story again in IRIS 2 (if any), then I will come out from Heaven for a while and find you in the hell and hit you very bad. After that I will come back to Heaven and meet my Kim Tae Hee in Heaven.

If you don't want to go to hell then let the current leading actor and Kim Tae Hee get married and WE don't want another new actor spoiled their relationship.


Korean Drama Lover Very bad bad ending!

I'm very sad. Glad...I don't waste my 20 hours of time just to get the bad ending story.

When I feel something is wrong in the middle of this episode then I just skip watching from episode 7 to 19.

What are miracle! In the last episode what I expect is happened.


Thanks God....I was escaped from wasting my time watching this drama with bad ending.

If you are not a kind of love story watcher then proceed this drama with bang bang gun.

But if you are kind of a romantic-heart-lover then don't ever watch this drama even for just 1 episode.

Just find another drama. This is really bad ending love story drama.

I really hate this drama!

I don't know what Kim Tae Hee feels when she acting with this bad ending drama. Even I thought she was with terrorist site at the end.

What a bad directing. What a bad storyline.

You really make me feel sorry to Kim Tae Hee because I thought she was in bad side. But she didn't. Hope the director can improve your directing skills if you want to make a good surprise story to watcher.

Thanks Kim Tae Hee...I know they have to choose you to make this drama hit high ratings even the storyline and the directing are bad.

Love to see your cute face again.

Hope I can meet you in the heaven....Kim Tae Hee.

Hope you know me then...

ems must say IRIS is at the top of my list of dramas i've watched over the years. i enjoyed every minute - very intense, graphic and epic... good stuff!!  :) the love triangles were different, but in a good way, sweet and emotional -- killed me every time they played a flashback!!

    • but** i have to agree with most of these comments and say the ending bit the big one!! uggggg whyyyyyy??

so sad  :*( oh well! i'm ready for an explanation - maybe some kind of sequel or continuance? <3<3<3

koreanovela love! so sad Hyeon-jun died. i think when Baek-san said to him that he was punished since he ate the forbidden fruit, he referred the relationship between Hyeon-jun and Seung-hee. And this can only be answered by a sequel. I just wondered who can match Byung-hun Lee's acting as the main character.. i wish it owuld be better and have a happy ending :(

melanie IRIS is the best. Sequel is needed. Like you, am also a Korean drama addict. I watched many Korean drama only IRIS and Green Rose satisfies me. Ko Soo (Green rose) and Kwon Sang-woo is the best replacement for LBH.

I loved KTH, even her acting somewhat lacking though but there are scenes her acting above satisfying. Kim Seung-woo is good also together with Jeong Jun-ho and Kim So-yeon. TOP is also good.

Why is it Jeong Jun-ho will be in sequel if he's dead in season 1, unless you give us a good story line then be it.

Iris, live on.

Jollie Ok - I am an Asian drama junkie - esp Korean & as far as I'm concerned this was the very best drama I have ever set my eyes to in Korean drama history. it was epic and i spent close to 2 days doing nothing else but feeding my drama addiction.

But completely agree - the ending was just terrible. so many lose end, it was pretty obvious they wanted a Sequel - which seems to be a money making scheme vs proper ending. i mean we wouldve been disappointed sure but they could have brought in Byung Hun Lee as a different person or something. him dying was just not on....

would give it 9.5 on a scale of 10. purely cos i didnt like the ending!! but worth watching for sure!!!

Yuki email me at thanx..

Yuki hahah..okay..for ur information...the ending is hyun jun is dead rite... because the director have to do so in case of LBY has a to go for a shooting of film GI Joe..s o he cant make it in IRIS thats why he has to dead ...same with TOP.. he has other contract to do..this all about according to the actors n actress schedule... untill now..hero for IRIS 2 is not choosen yet..the company offer Hero from SS501 group to be their hero for IRIS 2... but he turn it down...due to his very tight schedule... IRIS 2 will be start shootin in May 2010..

any information asked me..maybe i could answer...^^

ysa the best?! :))

jexy ! gosh! is this the show who rated highly in korea! ..

it was hopeless!

gosh! YOURE BEAUTIFUL is the BEST!.. not this fricking show ..

t.o.p SUCKS! LOL

i hate this show! .. its a disaster!!!!!! ;((

Anne COOL Drama Series! =) been watching it since episode 1.. ^_^

youngjun i really like LBH's acting..TERRIFIC.. KTH..well just ok..sometime the expression/emosion wasnt enough but this couple dont really seems to hav a good chemistry anyway..i really hate the ending such an anticlimax.. but it is real there will be IRIS 2?

Tony Okay, I've just finished Iris, it's very good. But .. Cmon, the ending, what the fuck? Weirdest crap ending ever, I did not understand a CLUE! - Please contact me if you have a good explanation why that crap ending had to be crap.


kevin wu san, i thought his voice in gi joe was pretty bad. he is much better in iris.

akamepeace This drama is undoubtedly the best korean drama i've ever watched...even my brother who always criticizing me because i love watching korean drama got hook with it..

but...for my opinion..this drama will be better without the excessive love scenes between the main actors which made the story kinda slow...and there are too many flash back scenes...not just part of the scene but the full scene which made it feels redundant..i always get bored during this scenes so i usually skip them (that's the advantage of watching it on PC instead of TV ^_^)

nevertheless...the action scenes in this drama are the best along with the background musics which nicely fit into the scenes...

If this drama have less love scenes and flash back scenes...i would definitely give it a 10/10 but because it does have them (a lot)...i give it 9/10

Aviao To San:

LBH already reached international stardom status, yet you criticised him over acting~? LOLX, i dun know how you watch drama, well, better dun watch drama, go watch movie.. if it suits you!

xica lee IRIS the best korean drama i ever watch..... its so wonderful, amazing, awesome...... you must watch it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


amlh To: San ( comment 17 )

1. Do you know the difference between overacting and a good acting??? 2. How many movies did you watched that you can say that you really did understand the story??? 3. Did you even tried to watch some of the episodes??? Try to review all this questions so that you will finally realize that what you just wrote on your comment does really sucks... by the way, try to go to acting lessons so that you'll finally understand that all the actors and actresses in the drama " IRIS " really did a good job!!!

WATCH THE DRAMA GUYS!!! YOU'LL LOVE IT!!!! (except for those who doesn't know the meaning of good and bad acting^^)

hishgee hi i like this tae hee is the best actor in th korea.good luck

kitty Hmm

I'm not agree with San..(Sorry 4 San..) I don't think korean actors overact all the time.. They are try d best to perform as a characther needs in this movie.. Most of actor/actresses in IRIS drama quite are good in acting.. if they look over acting, maybe it d way they show their talents in not a big problem...

kabao IRIS is one the the best dramas i have seen... it's great... I love it

RamenLover I have no idea if this drama is good or not ... BUT that has to be the coolest trailer I have seen in a long time. I want to watch this!

san I hope all you can understand what i write, i dont understand how you can say this is the best drama??..i have seen some of the trailers..and it sucks!!..i am sure they try to show lots of good parts of the drama, so people will want to, if that sucks..i am sure 100% that all of it sucks..Byung Lee was so good in G.I, I thought he would be good in this but like always, he over acts in this one too...why is that can anyone tell me??..why does korean actors overact all the seems sooooo fake..they need to take acting lessons..

The Hunter oh my! All about Iris is WOW. As if I am watching hollywood movie. The characters, costumes, scenes ect. are amazing. Hope to see the characters in person .

Cherry Firstly, may be i liked this movie because of Kim Tae Hee ..But, now it changed.. I like the seem different compare than other Korean Drama i ever watched..

The actor, Byung-hun Lee has a good characther..good expression in acting. I CANT WAIT THE DVD release in M'SIA..

pepper hmm.. my student told me about this new Korean drama that they have in korea now. I wonder how the story goes. I want to watch it in korea, but unfortunately i dont have time to go there.. >_< But i just do hope that one day i could meet one of those actors that they have in this drama.. Zillegah!! ^-^




Soulmate this drama is da best in korean history,,,i just Love it,,,^^ i so would like to go to korea,,,damn this country is amazing,,, bad that korean don't wanna foreigner actors in korean dramas like in one of the main roles...~ before this drama i really don't like Byung-hun Lee and now i like in love with him,,xDDDD and TOP,,,lol,,,i in love with him abt 6 years,,,xD no doubt that i like him in this drama,,,so wanna see 19 with him and iris movie,,,i think the movie will be da best in whole world,,,go go go,,,xD

NUT_BB wow!!!!!

coming soon in thailand"


BIGbang WOW ur lucky zsanett maybe you were talking talkin to T.O.P!!!(the comb-over one!) because he can speak english! Although top DOES lok like an actor. ^^ what were you talking about with them??

Byung-hun Fan I didn't know Lee was still doing TV series. Don't know much about the rest of the cast, except Jun-ho Jeong who was absolutely amazing in "My Hero, My Boss".

BJNinja i cant wait for this the trailer looks cool plus Choi is in it T.O.P is cool plus the other actors look awesome ^_^

Slim Can somebody tell more about this film? Where were the filming and etc.

evilive wohooooooo T.O.P is in it yeeey LOL

Zsanett Ohh I forget something XD Well... I don't know but I don't think that their in the main cast... Actually I don't know so much information about the film :S

But in the end of our speaking I said "Thank You" in Korean and they were surprised and smiled :D :D

Zsanett Actually I don't know their name, I spoke with somebody who doesn't look like an actor, but he was the only person who speaking english, because I want to speak with two actor in suit, but they don't speaking english, so their called that person... I'm such a stupid beacuse I don't ask their name... And that guy don't speak english very well, like me ^^" But I took some pictures of how they filming the actually scene :D and! maybe I saw Lee Byeong-Heon but I don't sure about it XD He was sooo far ^^"

RamenLover Zsanett that is really cool! I have to ask who you spoke with? Anybody famous (main cast) ?

Zsanett Today they filmed in my Home country :D (Hungary - capital city: Budapest) I was there, and been watchig how they filmed, the actually scene :D I was talking with some actors :D I was moved beacause I able to talking with korean actors :'( ^_^

Nycx More info please! :D

I'm dying to watch this.

I love KTH! :X

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