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King Gwanghae (Lee Byung-Hun) has been the King for the past 8 years. He now suspects that someone within the royal court is attempting to poison him. In response, King Gwanghae orders his councilor Heo Gyun (Ryoo Seung-Ryong) to find someone that looks like him to sit in his throne.

Heo Gyun then comes across a clown named Ha-Sun (Lee Byung-Hun), who performs lewd shows in front of drunken noblemen. Ha-Sun indeed strongly resembles King Gwanghae and is even able to imitate the way King Gwanghae speaks. Heo Gyun takes Ha-Sun to the royal palace without giving any explanations. At night, Ha-Sun takes the King's seat, while the King slips away to his mistress's home.

A short time later, King Gwanghae collapses and is taken to a safe house. Meanwhile, Ha-Sun continues his ruse as the King until the King can recover. Slowly, Ha-Sun's own personality comes out and the people in the King's inner court notice the changes. The King appears more humane to those around him and far less volatile. While Ha-Sun's true voice comes out, enemies within the King's inner circle plan their next move.


  1. "The Masquerade King" retells Mark Twain's "The Prince & The Pauper" set in Joseon era South Korea.
  2. Earliest Korean working title was "Gwanghae" (referring to King Gwanghae 1574–1641) then changed to "Naneun Joseonui Wangyida" ("I am the King of Joseon"). Korean movie title then changed to "Gwanghae: Wangyidoen Namja" ("Ghwanghae: Man Became A King").
  3. June 9, 2011 - Director Kang Woo-Suk & lead actor Jung Jae-Young dropped out of the project due to differences with production company CJ Entertainment.
  4. November 14, 2011 - Lee Byung-Hun accepted lead role vacated by Jung Jae-Young.
  5. Filming began February 12, 2012 at Namyangju Studios in Namyangju City, Gyeonggi Province.
  6. Filming finished June 14, 2012.
  7. On October 20, 2012, "Masquerade" passed 10,000,000 million admissions in South Korea, becoming only the 8th film to ever do so. As of October 20, 2012, "Masquerade" has sold a total of 10,041,564 tickets.


Masquerade-Lee Byung-Hun-King.jpeg Masquerade-Lee Byung-Hun-Beggar.jpeg Masquerade-HanHyo-Joo.jpg Masquerade-Ryoo Seung-Ryong.jpg
Lee Byung-Hun Lee Byung-Hun Han Hyo-Joo Ryoo Seung-Ryong
King Gwanghae Clown Ha-Sun Queen Heo Gyun
Masquerade-Kim Myung-Gon.jpg Masquerade-Kim In-Kwon1.jpeg Masquerade-Shim Eun-Kyung.jpeg Masquerade-Jang Gwang.jpeg
Kim Myung-Gon Kim In-Kwon Shim Eun-Kyung Jang Gwang
Park Choong-Seo Warrior Do Court Lady Sa-Wol Eunuch

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Ga-bi Epic movie! My favorite movie now! Long live king Ha-Sun! It is a really good movie and a must watch.

k@ph superb movie! i cried a lot! no doubts it has many awards. for Byung-Hun, my respect for you! you really are a good actor. drama, comedy! awesome acting!

Yenicall The best historical K-movie I've watched by far! Lee Byung Hun was really really good in this movie. That clown, indeed, is the rightful king!

bulbul What a great movie is! How can I put it? It is the best plot korean movie I ever seen.. I wonder how Lee Byung-Hun could act different character in this movie.. The story are very touching and make me cried a lot.. :')

columbus Excellent Movie! I am really amazed with this film, great actors and superb plot. There were actually multiple applauses inside the theatre while watching this film DAEBAK! This is a must-watch, one of the best Korean films. I enjoyed it a lot.

Tara I am totally speechless!!!What a film!!!!!!I can not rate this films enough.One of the best films i have ever seen and i have seen a few.The acting was superb!And yes i did cry at the end.Thank you for making this film,and it is a must see for the whole world in my eyes!!

Melissa This is an epic movie. Very well done. The acting is superb and the story is great. You can download it on itunes if you're interested in watching it!

Victor AMAZING MOVIE...I just hope its original (it resembles the American movie, it?)

wellington nogueira This is a masterpiece that should be seen all over the world! Thank you to the entire production for this amazing film!

Perfect World aMazing movie...a Great masterpiece...Love Lee Byung-Hun @ Han Hyo Joo great plot...great acting...

MsGB Mind.....Blown...... Just got finish watching this movie, Loved It!!!! It was soooo freakin awesome. I went through so many emotions that I don't know what to do with myself! My new fav movie of all time!

Zelaii My reaction on the trailer:

  • speechless*

So what more if I watch ths movie. Do I become a mute now because of its awesomeness?

Ki Very well done! Must say that I thoroughly enjoyed the film. It's pretty much a period thriller, but there's bits of humor sprinkled in the film that worked well. Also props to Lee Byung-Hun. Playing two characters might seem like a gimmick, but he really pulled it off well. By the 30 minute mark, I forgot I was watching Lee Byung-Hun and was zoned in on King Gwanghae and Beggar Ha-Sun. Han Hyo-Joo's screen time was relatively modest, but she also impressed. Favorite scene with her is when the fake King coaxed a smile from her. The smile lasted no more than a second or two but looked priceless. I wouldn't think twice about watching this movie again if opportunity comes up. Storyline also keeps you on the edge of your seat for the whole runtime.

toluwaleke both byung hun and hyo joo are part of my favorite,so will be waiting to watch my own iris favourite and dong yi together.i gonna be uuuuuu

Yogesh odyssey opera awaiting for the release<<<>>>

lydia gamara she's not only a superb actress. she's a star of many talents. watch her in youtube - playing the piano, singing ex. sudden burst of tears. she also came to the phil to visit a squatter area. she even embraced and fed the poor children. that's why i luv her more. i you luv her too vote for her. search, Top Hallyu Korean Star Voting. choose her name then click Vote at the bottom of the list. voting till august. we may vote once a day

MsGB It's like this is the drama and "I am the King" w/ Joo Ji Hoon is the comedy. They both have a "prince and the pauper" plot.

Lydia Gamara I am a Han Hyo Joo avid admirer because she is not only beautiful but also very talented. She also is able to maintain a clean image to the public. I am hoping this movie and her every movie shall soon be seen in Philippine theaters.

Miiih~ Lee Byung-Hun + Han Hyo Joo


It's going to be PERFECT!!!!!!!!

Miss Byung Hun i really love lee byung hun. his acting is great, and for me, he is the best korean actor ever. i'm preety sure that his acting will give a great impact in this movie. LEE BYUNG HUN HWAITING!!

maidee This movie sure gonna be successful again as how her other movies happened to be! Keep it up! Your really are great!

OhLaLa Im craving for HHJ acting. I really wish this release sooner

Mayendra fhu Oh han hyo joo, i do love you, hehe:-D,

HHJfan yay ~ i love han hyo joo so much... she's my super k-actress ever... i love her project... hope this film will release sooner... (amin)

rosika wow… i’ll be waiting for this movie… you are my fav actrees… byung hun is also my fav actor… wish you luck… :)

rosika wow... i'll be waiting for this movie... you are my fav actrees... byung hun is also my fav actor... wish you luck... :)

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