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  • Drama: Personal Taste (International English title) / Personal Preference (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Gaeinui Chwihyang
  • Hangul: 개인의 취향
  • Director: Son Hyeong-Seok, No Jong-Chan
  • Writer: Lee Sae-In (novel & screenplay), Kim Hee-Ju
  • Network: MBC
  • Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: March 31, 2010 -- May 20, 2010
  • Runtime: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Jin-ho Jeon is a very stylish young man with the perfect looks. Jin-ho has also some faults which include being self-centered and obsession with cleanliness. Jin-ho Jeon then comes across Gae-in Park (Son Ye-Jin), a woman hurt by love and is now looking for a gay roommate/friend. Jin-ho wanting to live with the woman, then pretends to be a gay male.


  1. "Personal Taste" is based on the 2007 novel "Gaeinui Chwihyang" by Lee Sae-In.
  2. "Personal Taste" will takeover the Wednesday & Thursday 21:55 timeslot for MBC previously occupied by "The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry" (Ajikdo Gyeolhonhago Sipeun Yeoja).


Personal Preference-Son Ye-Jin.jpg Personal Preference-Lee Min-Ho.jpg Personal Preference-Kim Ji-Seok.jpg Personal Preference-Wang Ji-Hye.jpg
Son Ye-Jin Lee Min-Ho Kim Ji-Suk Wang Ji-Hye
Park Gae-In Jeon Jin-Ho Han Chang-Ryeol Kim In-Hee
Personal Preference-Jo Eun-Ji.jpg Personal Preference-Kang Shin-Il.jpg Personal Preference-Bong Tae-Kyu.jpg Personal Preference-Jeong Seong-Hwa.jpg Personal Preference-Ryu Seung-Ryong.jpg
Jo Eun-Ji Kang Shin-Il Bong Tae-Gyu Jung Sung-Hwa Ryoo Seung-Ryong
Lee Young-Sun Park Chul-Han Lee Won-Hu No Sang-Jun Choi Do-Bin
Personal Preference-Park Hae-Mi.jpg Personal Preference-Choi Eun-Seo.jpg Personal Preference-Im Seul-Ong.jpg Personal Preference-Ahn Seok-Hwan.jpg Personal Preference-Jang Won-Yeong.jpg
Park Hae-Mi Choi Eun-Seo Im Seul-Ong Ahn Seok-Hwan Jang Won-Young
Jeon Jin-Ho's mother Na Hye-Mi Kim Tae-Hoon Han Yun-Seop secretary Kim

Additional Cast Members:


Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2010-03-31 1 12.7 (8th) 13.7 (8th)
2010-04-01 2 11.4 (12th) 11.9 (11th)
2010-04-07 3 12.9 (9th) 14.5 (6th)
2010-04-08 4 12.8 (10th) 14.0 (10th)
2010-04-14 5 13.0 (7th) 14.3 (7th)
2010-04-15 6 12.2 (10th) 13.1 (9th)
2010-04-21 7 13.6 (6th) 15.1 (5th)
2010-04-22 8 13.0 (9th) 13.9 (8th)
2010-04-28 9 14.2 (7th) 15.8 (6th)
2010-04-29 10 13.9 (8th) 15.0 (6th)
2010-05-05 11 16.2 (4th) 17.6 (4th)
2010-05-06 12 14.3 (7th) 15.8 (4th)
2010-05-12 13 12.1 (5th) 13.1 (5th)
2010-05-13 14 13.2 (7th) 14.3 (7th)
2010-05-19 15 12.4 (7th) 13.0 (7th)
2010-05-20 16 14.3 (7th) 14.9 (7th)
Average - -

Source: TNS Media Korea


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Sandaru Galappaththi you're very cute i love you lee min hoo. <3 <3 3 <3

Ayodya Sandaru You're very very handsome in personal taste.... I love youu lee min ho

Ayodya Sandaru i love you jin hooooo soooo much...Personal Taste is one of my favourite comedy drama...

Arushi Udyanga I love lee min ho. He looks so cute in Personal taste.

Achini wasana This is the best Korean romantic comedy ever.Lee min ho is superb.

yeukai wowwwww great drama.I love the story line its real nice and lee min ho great acting.

sa mee ra I love that tv series. son ye jin is sooo cute and beeeeeeutiful. <3

Iamrochelle19 Personal taste is one of my favorite romantic comedy drama :0 Im no.1 fan of Lee min ho and Son ye Jin. Hope to see them again in a romantic comedy drama again :)

geraldine i love this story full of funny scenes and superromamtic.Lee min ho your the best

Aarthy i love lee min ho............... super love story this i love this romedy

kyomuhendo I love this story... Park Gae-in and Jeon Jin Ho

JapKorFan I really like this show. I've binge-watched it for at least 2 times already. LOL. The casting was good - I think they all fit to their roles, especially Lee Min Ho whom I really see as some guy who looks like he could be gay. No offense Minhotics. However, I can't really merit the show for best acting since there were a few parts in the show that seemed so awkward in my opinion - one of which was the scene where Jin-Ho was forcing Gae-in to go away and then suddenly he pulls her back; dang, that what was an awful scene. Generally, I'd give it am 8 in 10.

hibat Its pretty good

clara Pls I wan to start watching korean drama but I like the matured ones like secret garden or city hunter or secret love. Please send me movie names that I can watch. Meanwhile I like this one but not too much.

grace oyeronke I like the drama,especially the story line.The cast too were wonderful especially jin ho and gae in.In my own rating this drama makes more sense than the celebrated "the heirs".

AJ One of the best KDrama romantic comedies (despite the tiresome evil 2nd lead cliche) where the writing is snappy; the adorable leads are pitch perfect, and their chemistry is a delight.

sha it's awesome

suriji The female lead should have watched Haruka Ayase in Hotaru. Now that's a drama where the female lead was able to portray an immature slob yet very adorable.

dramaviewer This drama is horrible. The girl is untolerable, annoying and stupid. She is supposedly 27 but acts not like 16 but like she is 10! And she is a slob! When Lee Min Ho gave her the "game over" kiss you would thing that their relationship would move forward but it shuts down from there. She won't even let him into her house any more and she supposedly loves him! How lame is that? And why do Koreans do that in their dramas? They have like 10 episodes where the guy and the girl long for each other and then the kiss happens somewhere in epiosde 11 and then everything goes back to square one. Stupid. Don't they want to kiss more? Or at least hold hands? It's just plain dumb. The only great Korean drama I've seen so far was Secret garden and for a start the girl did not act like she was 10 yrs old.

RE I love and watch many times ... <3 I hope see lee min ho and son ye jin together again <3 they so perfect together <3

oyin help guys!!! I don't understand Korean. What happened on episode 14 and 15?

pete I love and watch many times. It is very funny and emotional. I loved Park Gae-In because she is very honest.

Man likes a honest woman and normal looking more than very smart and beauty.

Adey girl I really love this drama

Mimi Wow this is one of my favorite..loved every part of it

ki min park love this one... but i really didn't watch it yet.. hahaha i am looking forward to buy a copy.. of course, because of lee min ho oppa

yetty Very interesting and captivating movie, luv u Lee min ho

Sue Love this series, but clearly based on 1999 movie called Three to Tango.with Mathew Perry who plays an architect who pretends to be gay while designing a cultural center who moves in with a woman. ver funny cut movie

WUTTTTTT Exactly 44:56 episode 11 Kim Nam Gil(main guy in the drama, Bad Guy) is in the shot, right between the 2 girls having a coffee. that cameo was wicked cool lol

Hanin Guys guys guys.. for all of those who are saying its Dostana.. its not.. all indian movies are based on Asian or Hollywood movies so chill

chhavi @angela...yup i have also watched the movie dostana but this drama story is way much better than dostana story...

angela THIS IS DOSTANA! Well the same plot line except two guys in the Bollywood movie pretend to be gay to move into the apartment and fight for the girl. ANYWAY, sounds really good and will watch it when i get the chance swamped in dramas right now

michelle Am not seeing my comment, hope it's getting to u guys.

michelle I don't know How u guys do this but it's really d best.

michelle this movie personal taste is superb,I don't really watch seasonal movies that much bcos I dnt have d time too,but since I started this one I have been glued to my tv set,u guys r doing a Great job and Am loving it. Lee min ho has always been my favorite actor after I watched boys before flowers,I appreciate ur good works,keep it up,and he is cute though,would love to see him someday.

Joy Love love love....very refreshing.

Caffeinated Muse This is one of the dramas that made me smile and giggle. Thank you for your hard work. :)

nahid thanks for your series

Heidi Lee Min Ho is my favorite korean actor and I'm so happy to see Seulong's acting ! I'm Hottest but I also love 2AM members because of One Day ♥

Oluyinka Oluwatoyin Mary I loved it but in reality, i wonder why some friends desire what their friend possesses. Well, my whole family really & i enjoyed it.

Kathy I really wanted to know what was going to happen after though other than that this drama was awesome! I cried so much in the end :'(

kafayat hi, it such an interest movie and very!!!!!! educating..... is look funny but how a funny admirer turn to real affection. can you act lowly guy role who his love by a wealth and cute lady........

Saranya awesome drama!! beautiful screenplay!! nice acting!! something i could watch again and again & never get bored!!!

Eilaa This is the best drama I've ever seen, son ye jin did a great job , I really don't know why this drama wasn't a big hit , its just PERFECT !!!!!! and I've watched it like a hundred times !!!

Deepali Really awesome drama... loved it a lot.... was much much enjoyable, filled iwth emotions, n romance too

Lili I felt in love with Son Ye Jin in this drama. She is awesome!!!

SirMatthew its very funny LOL ..great drama..i didnt waste my time

nike I can't wait to watch it because lee min ho gat a magic in him anything movie he acts turn to GOLD!

Anderson Stephen Hi am andy, i really like your movies keep it up....reply as soon as you get this....oook

MMC I love it! It was the most gorgeous k-TV Series i've ever watch!! I love it when Jeon Jin Ho and Park Gae In are together!!They make up a great love team...

I only finished it for 2 days.... even i have classes....

I Really Love It!! I want a sequel!!!

but i will be pleased if they will make a drama as a love team again!!

Lee Min Ho and Son Yeh Jin addict!

They're both drivin' me crazy!True!!

백퍼센트 개인 환경 설정 중독!

May Lousette Tayad I have already watched this series four times! And I still want to watch it.. I just love this series!!

anandaRamartha Late about 2 years, I just finish watched it now :p.. I never thought this series has touched my heart enormously. Can't get enough to see Jeon Jin Ho everyday. Son Hye Jin n Lee Min Ho really make great couple here. The chemistry is real, and the role performed perfectly by both. One of the best korean drama ever. I don't care if in Korea it was not a big hit, but for me it is. Hope to see those two couple in another project together. Luv

georgina it is so great ! a very great !! mixture of romance and comedy .. it was really wonderful to watch from episode 1 to 16 .. !! i love you Jeon Jin-ho and Park Gae-in !! what a great job you have done !! very successful !! God bless. !! :) <3

seaway What a drama series this was. Son Ye-Jin's portrayal of Gae In was amazing to say the least.

Asian Korean Drama Aficionado This kept me laughing my heart out at the beginning but balances it off well with such a romantic plot.

fateme the best thing about this drama was yoon eun hye and lee min ho ! they make amazing couple

danielle i want to have personal taste 2

MinHo-fan It's really fun to watch! But I was wondering... what is the name of the funny song (bathroom scenes)? I really want to download it xD On youtube (

linda cute and lovely drama....i really enjoyed it.

shradha i luv luv u lee min-ho.hp u remain as cute as ever

Sophia One of the best Dramas I have seen!!!

dee sequel plsss!

Wanshim Personal preference is a movie with a grt love story.i lk lee min ho n son ye jin vry much in dat movie specially lee min ho smile

sauyin zhi Super great show. I love Son Ye Jin. Her performance is flawless. Lee Man Ho is handsome but he need to work on his acting skills a bit more. Over all, Lee's performance is better than I expected though. I real match of Lee and Son. I wish they will be casted in the same drama in the future.

druegnor Great Drama..especially for Son Ye jin (although lee min ho seem a bit off on certain scenes)..true..i've become her fan after watching watching all her previous drama..great acting also..

sauyin zhi I become a Son Ye Jin fan watching this drama. Great actress.

hanneynic i love it ...i like all the characters and the love team of lee min ho and son ye jin...wooh!i will look forward to see them portray more characters and watch all the dramas and movies that they will participate.

aces06 i love this drama so much it was so refreshing...i think it's my favorite drama.

atubang This is the best telenovela I ever saw (I am picky)! Excellent story line and characters- so entertaining & yet full of lessons. Actors are excellent and lee min ho is just drop dead gorgeous! My highest regards to the writer & producer. Sequel pls!

Maryam.A it's wonderful and i enjoy it alot. i watched 7 episode in only 2 days,and can't wait to watch the rest.. :)

buttermellow I soooo love it!!! Superb story, lovable characters, heartfelt acting. A feel-good series from beginning to end.. :)

shauzia i miss this drama

DaniellexD even if short episode but i like it:)))))))))

dianne RN the best series ever! i wonder why it wasn't such a big hit in korea. it's almost as good as BOF! aigooo!

Kevin-d-MaN-yakk woot panunuorin ko yan...visit me in avatar paltao pulilan bulacan.

Oca Jessica i'm very love this drama because the scene make me both sad and happy...

so proud with lee min ho & son ye jin! hope they will be back together in another drama again...:)

skirtenbela i love this drama, personal taste because lee min ho is one of the cast i love lee min ho he is one of the best actor i've ever known. I'm certified lee min ho addict!

danielle13 the episode 16 that was so amazing.but the loveteams are first time on bed scene

v_v Perfect drama i've ever seen before.. Perfect act from son ye-jin and of course LEE MIN-HO, i luv u both \(´▽`)/

wheng great drama!!!! i really love it!!! grabe nakakabitin!!!

Xying awesome !!! love this drama, Lee min ho is just excellent & so handsome !! congrats !!

Mary I can't believe it's over :( Hands down, one of the best Korean drama's ever. I wish Kim Ji-Seok oppa to be safe during his military. Great actress and actors. AND MOST DEFINITELY the Producers, writers, and director. *applause*

ck oh i love lee min-ho! his is really a beautiful face, pineapple hair or not.

Sijia i can't wait to see what happened after eps 12....aahhh...ep 12 was just soo exicitng at the end, i hate it when they cut off at the most exciting part....

NightLizard It is simple GREAT! Very very very funny drama, great acting, great actors!!! 6 ep - want more!!!

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