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  1. Yoon Eun-Hye enrolled as a graduate student at Chungang University's "Division of Korean Digital Image" on March, 2012. Her first assignment as a graduate student became the short film "The Knitting," which she directed, and the short film was invited to compete at the 2012 Busan International Film Festival in the Korean Short Film Competition.



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  • Popularity Actress Award ("I Miss You") - 2012 MBC Drama Awards - December 30, 2012


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LuLa She is seriously my favorite actress, she is amazing & so talented I actually want to see her act again with Gong Yoo. I hope in the near future they team up again, they are sincerely amazing.

androuchka I would love to see you acting with So ji sub oppa, Lee min ho and Hyun Bin...comeback to the dramaland please this year if possible, i miss you unnie

sandra I am willing to sell my soul to the devil to see a drama with Hyn Bin and Yoon Eun Hye. Make It Happen! SBS MBC KBS ABCDEFG!!!

ploat YES!!!!! SOMEBODY FINALLY SAID IT!! I WANT TO SEE HYUN BIN AND EUN HYE IN A NEW DRAMA SOON!!!! hyun bin just finished his drama and so busy with his ads and cf's and fan meeting and eun hye her new movie so next year both of them having a great comeback together?? please let it be trueeeee

Ship i really wanna see her and hyun bin together in a drama together lool one of my dream couples in a drama pleaseeeeeeeeee make it happennnn!!!!!!!!

Steffany Villanueva I had watched all of the TV series of Yoon Eun Hye. and I really Love it all. I admire her a lot. I'm a big fan of yours! I love you.

Phoenix Lee I can't hardly wait to see you on your new drama series..! Soonest for sure...^_^

Faye She's so pretty. It brings me interest watching her dramas ^^

Sooki_yaki0001 I luv ya yoon eun hye wish to see you some day and I'm your fan support you

ma. vida amor vieja i love you yoon eun hye.. i wish i could see you in person.. i want to go to korea just to meet you.

Christine Joy I love you Yoon Eun Hye (Eonnie) I'm your fan. I hope that i can see you someday :)

Anna Marie Fualo M an avid fan of GYEH, love the drama series CP, i just hope they will be given another chance to work together in a drama, they really look good together. I love GYEH forever.

t sarangae unni, lots of love from sri lanka, be happy always! God bless you!

samantha Rose .more DRAMA and MOVIES for YOON EUN HYE .. Please! One of the most watched Korean actress ..she's great and awesome actress .. I love her acting skills .. FIGHTING always unnie .. !! ^___^ you're the best .. I watched all of your drama and movies .. Its really AWESOME!! fight.fighting unnie .SARANGHAE <3

ema606 i just love her dramas. i never got bored with any of her drama. she has good choice,she totally gets deep into her character and thus plays well.love her fighting eonnie

YEHfan Yoon Eun Hye is a great and excellent actress. All she needs is a good script and an awesome chemistry between the two leads. I loved her chemistry with all her leading men in all her dramas. The chemistry was so natural, believable and hot!!!! From what I saw she was very good in the kissing scenes with the other leading guys. I also know what you mean about her crying, I can’t get through any of her crying scenes without crying with her. She has this ability to just suck you in and when she cries, I cry along with her.

Niru I really like her! she's awesome. I first saw her in Coffee Prince and I'm in love with the movie. She and Gong Yoo are perfect together

YEHfan When it comes to guests on Running Man, there has never been a person more requested for than Yoon Eun-hye. If you watched enough Running Man, you would have realized that the name "Yoon Eun-hye" appears more often than most of the guests who've already been on the show. The Running Man members themselves, especially Yoo Jae-suk, occasionally drops Eun-hye's name during episodes and the re-enactment of the classic "Of Course" game is almost always referenced. If you don't know why Eun-hye is THE most requested for guest, you'll have to go back to the days of SBS's X-Man, when she and Kim Jong-kook were the variety world's power couple. They were like the Monday Couple of X-Man. The situation has escalated to a point that should Eun-hye appear in a future episode, the Running Man ratings for that week will undoubtedly go through the roof. But ratings aside, here are 4 more reasons why Yoon Eun-hye should appear on Running Man.

YEHfan Yoon Eun Hye’s Go Ah Jung in Lie to Me is so relatable – she’s that hard working girl next door who doesn’t seem to have the time (or care) to get married, and who’s secure enough of herself that she knows exactly who she is. She will not get jerked around by some chaebol – she sees him as a person rather than a “status” since she holds on to her morals. I enjoyed her spunk in paying back Kang Ji Hwan’s Hyun Ki Joon, and then going on to prank the other guests because the opportunity was there and it would be oh-so-hilarious. I loved her in the bathroom scene, when she rushes to pee in the suite. She’s a natural at these kinds of roles – the spunky girl. Not rich spoiled girl.

dscorpion YEH: Down-to-earth, beautiful, heart of gold, multi-talented.

You're simply ADMIRABLE!

Wishing you for more success and good health always!

Lou please make another kdrama for Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Han . Please please!!! Their first team up was a hit! Why not make another one for them? Please team them up for another drama. Please . Thank you .

abieislove Whats new with yoon eun-hye?.. I love watching all her dramas, hope she will have another drama this coming 2015..

Jen Nguyen If Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye are reunion, I am the first person to cry out for happiness. You couple GYEH can act different drama or movie. I just hope to see your guys in short interview or some new pictures, but it is so hard to have it. Please listen our request and love to GYEH couple.

shindo YOON EUN HYE & GONG YOO please make another kdrama together. We love to see again with GY.... surely it will hit another mark if you make film together because many people loves to see you together. It has been seven years since coffee prince was aired in tv but we still enjoy watching CP again and again and again..... please hear our request

bless Great news!!! Glad to see that Yoon Eun-Hye is confirmed for movie "After Love" with Park Si Hoo. Both of them are very good actors. I admire her courage to openly face the great hostility against her and finally accept the female lead role. I want to wish to both of them: GOOD HEALTH AND GOOD SUCCESS WITH THE MOVIE "AFTER LOVE"!

June I would enjoy to see you in the "After Love" drama with Park Shi Hoo. It's too bad that you had to close your website due to unwanted criticisms. I loved all your dramas and movies!! Via Youtube, I was able to see you singing and dancing with the Baby Vox concerts, X-man programs, charity work, designing clothes, shoes, painting, drawing ,modeling and now a director for Dear.me band. Also, owner of "Jacob's Ladder" coffee shop. So busy. You are my favorite all time Korean actress. Keep your head up high, choose the right. God's blessings to you for all that you do! You are a special lady. **** UNIQUE****

Jen Hope you accept the Role together with Park shi hoo.. (After Love)

vania Yoon Eun Hye forever with u ... fighting

Mark I'd been watching lots of Korean movies, but my first KDrama series was Lie To Me. I just completely fell in love with YEH. As much as I've watched many many many other KDramas since, I have yet to find anyone close to how much I just adore her. I think the reason is, the more I know about her, the more I'm just in total admiration. She's beautiful, extremely down-to-earth, heart of gold, multi-talented (act, sing, artist), travel to very poor areas giving her time and money to those in need...etc.

So yeah, I watch other Kdramas, but I'm always looking forward to seeing YEH in her next project. By far my favorite actress.

Amy 11 K-drama gender-benders Ranked by Realness: Gender bending is an incredibly popular K-drama. Some of these dramas are more convincing than others in terms of how believable the act is. Here are our rankings of who sold their boyish features best: 1. Coffee Prince Believability score: 20/20 Yoon Eun Hye is the clear winner when it comes to selling her androgyny. She captures both the looks and mannerisms of a boy, and she sells her performance.

Sandii I think that Yoon Eun Hye's versatile look and down to earth personality helps with creating amazing chemistry with her male co-star. What I appreciate from her is that she tends to re-create herself emotionally and physically with each project that she does. I don't see any other K-actress who looks different in each project/drama/modelling as she does (with a simple change in the hair department), and I think it contributes to matching with her male co-star. ------- You're right about YEH always having chemistry with all of her co-stars. I think that's one of her appeal that makes people keep watching her dramas no matter how high or low the rating is. No matter how ridiculous the plot is she always invest herself into the character she portray. In "Coffee Prince" she cut her hair & learn the way of man's talk & walk, in "Vineyard Man" she tanned her skin, in "My Fair Lady" she colored her hair and in Lie To Me she wasn't afraid to cut her hair when the drama progressed to immersed herself into her character. And I believe she won't be afraid to portray a retarded or a killer character if it's needed. I think YEH good qualities beside her talent is that she doesn't hold back & she doesn't think of her image when it's come to acting. That's make her a good actress in my book.

Kim K-dramas are always toying with our emotions. In one episode we might go from rolling on the floor laughing to sobbing uncontrollably. But for the K-drama actors creating these scenes, mastering the tears isn't always so easy. Some actors are too stoic, only showing a single tear that kind of looks like someone put eye drops in two minutes before filming. At the other end of the spectrum are those who go too far, wailing like a sack full of dying cats. Even the most talented K-drama actors struggle with emotional scenes from time to time, but there are some who just happen to be natural criers. Here are 12 of the most convincing K-drama criers—the ones who can pull tears from us every time.

  1. 1. Yoon Eun Hye in Coffee Prince:

Much like her kissing, Eun Hye wrote the book on K-drama crying. In every drama, every time, she makes it feel real.

Oh Ha Na Happy anniversary! Let God make you more and more beautiful movie for us, yours fan!

Mitch G. Very beautiful & good actress :)

Myba YEH is a woman with so much talent just has not had the opportunity to explore it in all ranges, even she has a lot to explore, she is unlimitedly full of talent that I do not doubt for a moment in their abilities to perform any type of paper and that special thing she has done really unique in its field, so I'll be patient for your next project.

YEHfan Comment from a YEH fan: What I've gathered from the past eight years of watching Korean dramas is that, while the players, both male and female, are nearly always extraordinarily talented and fun to watch, the time constraints and week to week writing, and shooting schedules are often the source of weakness in the scripts and character development. As time is measured and ever moving, while deadlines are constantly to be met, it is the writers and directors who are ultimately responsible for how a drama moves and comes out in the end. Even for an obvious talent like Yoon Eun Hye, not knowing the behind the scenes realities can often confuse the viewer. We like her. We will continue to like her, and the more that one learns about her background and personality, the more smitten with her one is likely to become. We root for her and we have sometimes felt let down by various works that have seen her qualities and abilities under and misused. All actors and actresses have suffered the slings and arrows of poor production and vacuous script writing. This is not a new thing. The one control as far as a performer's input goes is their own effort and ability. And not once can any informed viewer say that this area has been in any way lacking on any project throughout the career of Yoon Eun Hye. The production may fail her, but she will never fail the production. Not to worry though as she will get plenty more chances because she will be around for a long, long time...

Suzy Yoon Eun Hye is without a doubt my favorite Korean actress. She was the main star of the Korean drama I ever saw, and she was so impressive that I was compelled to watch all of the dramas starring her. Up to now, I am still have not been disappointed with all her work, she has played everything from a gawky princess to a tomboy and in every role she played them perfectly and so realistically. I can recommend every single one of her dramas.

Ganee When journalists asked Yoo Seung Ho about who’s the actress that he most enjoyed working together. He replied that Yoon Eun Hye-noona is very easy going person, he really enjoys working with her the most.

mj You are one of the very few actresses who has made a huge impact on me .I've been watching Korean dramas ( more than 140) for a while now and the roles you played on coffee prince,princess hours,vineyard man keeps coming back to my mind quite often.Your screen presence is amazing and thank you for those wonderful characters...

a fan from India...

Jen Nguyen I feel sorry for the one who is jealous with Yoon Eun Hye. You know, the more you are be angrier and hater, you will be sad and not have a happy life. Just think about life is too short. So, we need to forget all issues, forgive mistake of others, and enjoy this life. Hope you can understand more about the value of life.

Jen Ng I feel sorry for the one who is jealous with Yoon Eun Hye. You know what the more you are be the hater and angrier, you will be sad and not have the happy life. Just think about the life is too short, so we need to be forget all issues, mistake others and enjoy life. Hope you can understand on what I am mention.

Mitch G. You're sooo pretty & a good actress...I keep on repeating your 1st korean drama GOONG, Princess Hours...Very popular & addictive korean drama i watched..I'm looking forward for another matured love story with the goong crown prince, Joo Ji Hoon...I'm sure lots of korean watchers esp. those goong fans will be very excited to see both of you in a drama together again..You really look like a princess to me...Stay cool, happy & pretty girl....=))

aasma87 I think you are a really good actress and your life story is really inspiring. I look forward to all your dramas and watch them with fervor even though I am not a Korean native but you are the reason I started watching K-dramas.

I hope you all the best for your upcoming dramas as well as movies and wish you to be safe from jealous people and ill wishers.

All the best!



nanah hey my chan...................I really love your movies, you are awesome. sarang hae......

Mitch G. She's very pretty...Looking forward for another drama for yoon eun hye & joo ji Hoon of Goong..

Mary May Castro There's many reason why I really like Yoon Eun Hye. and maybe one of the reason is she have a good heart and that's really important......... I LOVEEEEEEE YOUUUUUUUUU and I promise I'll be your #1 Fan no natter what happen :)

yeah! Comments from a YEH fan: GOONG(2006) Shin Chae Gyung (main role)- playful childish princess It was funny and made me LOL numerous times. It also had me getting angry at the characters and falling in love with them. That’s how I know it was awesome! Yoon Eun Hye was beautiful as always but Shin Chae Gyung childish acting sometimes got to my nerves. Though the drama is your typical modern day Cinderella story, Yoon Eun Hye’s acting and portrayal of a pure innocent teenage high school student which she got her life upside down by the arranged marriage with the crowned prince made the whole show a pleasure to watch. The OST, the clothes, the scenery was all like a new World for me. The Vineyard Man (2006) Lee Ji Hyeon (main role) - striving sweet city girl Ji-hyun, an extraordinary girl who will show the world her great achievements someday, left home to work in a small village. It's surprisingly entertaining because it creates a fun environment from start to finish. The high dose of humour helps a lot, as does the strong chemistry between the actors. The characters are nicely developed. Fun stuff that's worth seeking out. Eun Hye is EXTREMELY GORGEOUS. She’s both believable and admirable in her role and loved her marvelous acting about how she learns to releases her inner beauty and her arrogance added humour in the drama in a sweet, warm way. The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince (2007) Go Eun Chan (main role) - Tomboyish but adorable Coffee Prince is one of those drama you can’t do other than loving and re=watching all the time. My Chan, a 24-year-old tomboy, is the “head” of her household. When her family was entangled into more debts, she seeks employment at “Coffee Prince”, which only hires handsome guys, and disguises herself as a boy to get the job. Eun Chan is very mature and logical and tries to keep an optimistic personality. She‘s very lovable character, making her almost impossible for people to hate. She bonds with her male co-workers. In my opinion, no girl has been able to act as a guy better than Eun-hye. She didn’t only cut her hair, but also adapted the mannerisms of a male. She did such good job that sometimes I forgot that she was actually female. Moreover, her chemistry with Gong Yoo was indescribable. They portrayed a love between a man and a woman so realistically. The writers & actors did a wonderful job with their characters, and their acting was SUPERB. Take Care of the Young Lady (2009) Kang Hye Na(main role) - spoiled & bratty but good hearted Hye Na is a horrible spoiled brat, but has a definite innocent child-like aura to her that makes it forgiving. Life is easy for her and she gets what she wants. Although she was at first self-centered, she matured throughout the whole drama not just at the end, so that’s the best thing that happened is the character development Yoon Eun Hye as usual impressed me with her magnificent acting, she really can pull off any role and I really loved how the main leads truly fell in love and their relationship. Lie to Me (2011) Gong Ah Jung (main role) - workaholic and strong-willed Eun Hye Ah Jung gets entangled in a web of lies when she mistakenly lies that she’s married to Hyun Ki Joon, a hotel manager. Ah Jung considers herself a servant of the people. She has plenty of energy and has a tomboyish charm. Eun Hye makes for a very convincing every day woman. You have to appreciate that kind of freedom. You just can’t help kind of relate to her. Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon looked fabulous together with a lot of humour potential in the pairing. Their combination doesn't just look like it should work but explode with fireworks. They had amazing senses. And for me the coca cola kissing scene was the best. Missing You (2012) Lee Soo Yeon (main role)- feared but still cheerful romantic Eun Hye Seeing YEH previous drama we see that most her drama are on the rom-com side, but this one is a melodrama. So prepare your tissues. It was BEYOND WORDS !! I was amazed & stunned by her great acting and impersonates her character as if she was real, she proved that she's a talented actress that can pull off such a complex sad agonist character like Su Yeon, I praise her for that. It wasn't all tragedy though: She had great chemistry between both Yoo Seung Ho and Park Yoochun. They had intense passionate kisses, and good chemistry together that progressively developed throughout the drama and made their characters much more rich, as well as their interactions. She seriously never disappointed me, I hope she keeps improving like that in the future. Her acting was flawless. She strongly portrayed her role, and it was worth the tears. Marry Him If You Dare (2013) Na Mi Rae (main role) – ordinary lady wants to reach her dream Mi Rae is a bright and lovable 32-year-old with a frizzly crimped hair who spends her days scraping her job. But one day her future self appears in front of her to persuade her to believe in herself and reach for her dream. It’s really entertaining. I really love Eun Hye’s acting, she just always surprises me in her superb acting and her attraction for Kim Shin feels so real.

mimiya @YEHfan .... I agree w/ u on these reasons to love her --->>> ...3)...She is ****Convincing as a BOY****....... ........ 5)...She's a ****Good KISSER****....... ........ 6)...Good Chemistry w/ her male leads ....... ........ 7)... Her ****CLASSY Style****....... ........ 9) she is a Natural ....... ........ 10)...we want to befriend her characters (Quirky, Awkwardly Endearing) ....... ...... ...... ...... I disagree about --->>> ...2)...IMO , it is the opposite ! ...not much natural beauty..... she is Photogenic and needs the makeup to make her look STUNNING as a Model.... But... she is Pretty , Cute and has a nice Body ....... ...... ...... ...... ....... ...... ...... to sum it all up --->>>... she has ***** CHARM , CHARISMA and TALENT ***** ......and .... I love her QUIRKY & AWKWARDLY ENDEARING ways !!!

YEHfan Here are 10 reasons Yoon Eun Hye has won our love in every drama she's ever done. 1. She can rock a bad haircut… Many Korean dramas feature awkward female characters in serious need of a makeover, but no one goes all out quite like Yoon Eun Hye. This woman seems to have no boundaries when it comes to painful styling choices, and we love her for it. Remember the bowl cut from Coffee Prince? 2. She’s stunningly beautiful… If you only knew Yoon Eun Hye from her acting, you might assume that she wasn’t much to look at. Take a look at her modeling, though, and suddenly you realize how much effort it must have taken to make her look frumpy. She has a natural beauty that shines through in her photo shoots. What I like the most about her is that she has had little or no plastic surgery, her teeth she leaves a bit crooked, her nose is her nose, maybe a little lip plumping, but she is captivating. 3. But can also make us believe she is a boy… There are a LOT of cross-dressing dramas out there, and 99.99999% of the time, it’s absurd to believe that anyone would mistake these women for men. A bowl cut isn’t a replacement for an Adam’s apple, and it’s a testament to Yoon Eun Hye’s versatility as an actress that she was able to pull of Go Eun Chan so convincingly. I love Yoon Eun Hye. I've seen every one of her shows on dramafever and even some movies that aren't on the website. She is an amazing actress and so inspiring, one of the few actresses that I simply can't wait to show up on the screen. I'm excited to watch her new drama, I know she will do soo well. YEH FIGHTING!!! 4. She is a good person in real life… Yoon Eun Hye has been consistent in her charity work. Sometimes it can be easy to assume that celebs only give as a publicity stunt, but Yoon Eun Hye has a pretty consistent track record that proves otherwise. She has been working with orphanages since her teenage years. Who doesn’t want to support talent like that? My favourite Yoon Eun Hye character is Yoon Eun Hye, as seen in Road of Hope. A truly beautiful person, who also happens to be a gifted actress (especially in romantic comedies) and a great fashion model. When I look at Yoon Eun Hye, I just feel really good...you could totally feel that she's a good person who you wanna root for. She treats everyone well, from her staff to the people who works behind the scenes and they have attested to her good nature. 5.She knows how to kiss… THANK YOU, YOON EUN HYE. Many Kdrama leading ladies hold perfectly still and let the men do all of the work, but that has never been Yoon Eun Hye’s style. She understands that kissing is a passionate two-way street. One of the major reasons I love Yoon Eun Hye is for her kissing ability. She's one of the very few Korean actresses I've seen that could make a kiss look passionate. 6.She creates chemistry with her male leads… This goes beyond just kissing. She builds strong chemistry through all of her interactions with male leads, whether it’s arguing or laughing or bantering. This consistent spark makes her eventual kissing scenes even more believable. 7.Her classy style… Sometimes celebrity styling can go overboard, but Yoon Eun Hye is consistently edgy and sophisticated. I want to become her best friend and then raid her closet! Yoon Eun Hye has the "it" factor. She has that natural charm and confidence that translate well onscreen. There are so many other actresses who are far prettier, but YEH possesses that "it" factor that far outshines "pretty". 8.Her crying face… Her crying face gives me a crying face. I just can’t resist those sobs! And it's true, I get teary whenever she cries on screen. She's that good. Also can't help but smile when she laughs and get tingly when she kisses fill-in-the-blank hot actor costar. 9.She is a natural … Whether she is acting or modeling, there is a sense of ease about Yoon Eun Hye that is disarming. Haven't watched a Yoon Eun Hye drama I haven't liked!! She's an amazing actress!! I liked all her dramas very much - she's such a lovely and expressive actress. 10.We want to befriend her characters… Yoon Eun Hye is known for her quirky, awkwardly endearing characters. We would love to hang out with these people in real life! Just the best. She can literally give justice to the role she portrays whatever is thrown on her. For me, she can go to a corner, act a role that can make the audience laugh, then move to another part of the stage and make the audience cry. She is that awesome! Love her to the end. Wow! Those are my reasons too! Those are just few from the thousands reason why I'm so excited to watch her! YES we love YEH!!!

lisa i love yhe she is one of the most beautiful and gorgeous woman in the world she is simple and kind …. i always watched her movies and dramas any leading man are matches to her keep the good work yhe tc and GBUA

Elisa YEH became my idol since goong day.I love her carisma and acting is her God given talent.i never get bored wif her dramas lyk some pple claim they do.To me,YEH is the most beautiful,respectful,talented & everloving actress in korea....its a #fact

Milky Cayetuna Yes it's true .. Im not from korea Im a filipina the first reason why Im watching koreanovela Is because of my idol yoon eun hye.. She is my role model When I become a full grown woman I want To be like her..

Kristine Me too, I will go to Korea someday hoping to meet Ms.Yoon Eun Hye. I hope you work with my another favorite Korean actor, Ji Chang Wook! Lovely to see both good-looking Koreans on-screen sometime.

Madonna Ramos Reading the comments of all the fans,and watching yeh drama repeatedly to the extent of going to bed very late it worthy because I agree that yeh is a very rare gem.she has the. Face of an angel,you can sense that she has a pure heart,there is humility and generosity in. Her personality,as a behaviorist and took psychology I analyze her personality bases on her acting,photos,there is no comparison to other Korean actress,after watching some of her dramas she is a genuine and versatile actress,that is why I can't understand those people who gave bad comments,Korea should be thankful to Yeh achievements because of this there are a lot of people all over the world who want to visit the country because of her.a tually I'm looking forward to come to Korea just to meet here. Because we have. The same faith and same advocacy to help the needy.keep up the good work .God is always with you whatever your undertaking in your career hope to see you in Korean drama again with park Chun because your both A 1 actor and actress.sarangmeda..

madonna ramos YEH is really a gem,I watched a lot of Chinese and korean movies and dramas YEH acting is superb and versetile actress she can perform different kinds of roles which is very rare in an actress,I agree to her fans and now I considered myself as her fan.i was able to study her personality as a behaviorist YEh has an outer and exterior qualities that you

of the storyline.dont blame to them.u was able to watch some of her dramas all the casts especially YEh was so great.keep up the good work and your charity work and zGod will bless you abundantly in all his provisions.I pray that the Lord will give somebody that will match your pure heart just pray for your critics that's part of showbisnessHope you will have another drama of ji Kwan and Mickey.

fan.gyeh Yoon Eun Hye and Gong Yoo always be in heart to all fans GYEH including me. We love your couple a lot.

Love.YEH Hey,Your coment is right. YEH does not care about money. She can give her money to help these poor people. Also, she is very humidity and friendly to every one especially to these handicape and poor children. That why I am love her a lot and I am ready to wait for her new movie.

HEY I'm so happy that YEH will be in the movie Chronicles of a Blood Merchant. Although she is not the main female lead, I think her role as Ha Jung Woo's character's first love seems interesting. This will be a good experience/opportunity for her to work with good movie veterans and learn more about her craft. They also say that YEH is doing the movie for free as a friend to actor/director Ha Jung Woo, YEH really is a kind and generous friend.

I also like that in the group picture of the entire cast/crew for the movie, YEH sat at the corner instead of beside Ha Jung Woo and Ha Ji Won. Although YEH is also an A-lister like the 2 HJW's, YEH knows her place and so gives the center stage to the main leads of the movie. Such is her humility.


I loved all her dramas from Goong (Princess Hours), Vineyard Man, Coffee Prince, Take Care of the Lady(My Fair Lady), Lie to Me, Missing You and Marry Him If You Dare.

She captivated, entertained and inspired me watching her dramas. I will patiently wait for her next drama and will support her 100% no matter what ratings and critics says.

Because Yoon Eun Hye won my heart. She is the only Korean actress I really like, love and will always follow. A true Korean icon and role model to women from all ages and walks of life.

You truly are an inspiration to us all. We miss you YEH and we love you!

liza sarang kang ji hwan i love you kang ji hwan saraaaaang kang ji hwan kiss :* love you somath my baby tayangan ulang donk lie to me drama korea lbs tv k-drama

kong ah jung yoon eun hye its beutiful saranghe kang ji hwan

yehfan Reading all the translated articles from her interview brought me to a whole new level of understanding and appreciation for Yoon Eun Hye. Just when I thought I couldn’t love this young lady any more than I already do, she just gave me more reasons to love her even more. Her inner self glows with that imperishable quality of a gentle and quiet spirit, a caring heart that seeks the good of others above her own. She is a big star but her greatness is built deep on a foundation of humility and meekness that is evident not only in her words but more so in her actions. She is so selfless, making no effort to glorify herself with her own words but generously gives praise to others. Many women seek to enhance their beauty by every means possible, but YEH possesses the kind of beauty that lasts because it emanates from the affections of a beautiful soul within. I pray to God that Yoon Eun Hye would find a man who would truly treasure her for the very rare gem that she is.

bella Yoon Eun Hye has beautiful face and heart. Believe me, I will always be your fan until death,

Jng If I were Yoon Eun Hye, I will very thankful for all comments of YEHfan. I always said it in my life " Listenning and improving are two improtant key in life". Also, I do not care about what other people judge me because that is their opinions. The most important, I will do how to improve my life better and help poor people and children around the world.

I know you are very smart Yoon Eun Hye, so you will understand what I am said " Just thankful for comments even it bad or good. Listen and improve is a key for successful life.

yehfan To YEH, Your positive character and determination amidst life's difficulties will always be an inspiration to those who do not have the same courage you possess. During these trying times, showing us your feelings - whether good or bad, makes your personality shine even more brightly and that's what true fans love about you. Don't worry so much about those who put you down or even those who disregard your achievements. You're our one and only YEH! And no one will ever make us change our admiration and respect towards you!

neri YEH walks in beauty but not everyone sees it nor appreciates it. As one of the most-watched Asian celebrities of her generation, YEH finds herself thrown into the arena of public scrutiny every time she makes an appearance. But while critics have been generally kind, not everyone sees her with the same set of approving eyes.

All too often people judge celebrities based on their appearance - how nicely they are dressed, if the hairstyle goes with the dress, what or who they are wearing and if they look good in pictures. Even us, ordinary mortals fall into the trap of measuring ourselves against those standards. But isn’t this all just external? Beyond the flawless makeup, expensive clothes, hairstyle, fancy nails, designer shoes, jewelry and accessories, there is a kind of beauty that cannot be bought by money, manufactured or re-engineered by science. Contrary to popular notion, looking good actually begins from the inside, not from the outside. Outward beauty may appeal to the eyes for a time, but it’s what’s inside that attracts and connects to people’s emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual levels. In my life I have seen quite a few women who have that kind of imperishable beauty; among celebrities YEH is definitely in my books and it’s easy to see why.

YEH’s beauty glows from within and unless people take time to look beyond skin deep, they will miss the true vision of a beauty that’s unfading, the kind of beauty that the latest technology, fashion, cosmetics, precious stones or medical surgery can't produce. YEH’s inner beauty emanates from an attitude of humility, kindness and quietness of spirit. It flows from a heart that understands and gratefully accepts who God made her to be and stays true to her calling. Because of these inner qualities, no matter which way critics’ thumbs may go, in my eyes YEH will always be one who “walks in [true] beauty.”

yehfan Some fan comments on YEH...

YEH walks in beauty but not everyone sees it nor appreciates it. As one of the most-watched Asian celebrities of her generation, YEH finds herself thrown into the arena of public scrutiny every time she makes an appearance. But while critics have been generally kind, not everyone sees her with the same set of approving eyes.

All too often people judge celebrities based on their appearance - how nicely they are dressed, if the hairstyle goes with the dress, what or who they are wearing and if they look good in pictures. Even us, ordinary mortals fall into the trap of measuring ourselves against those standards. But isn’t this all just external? Beyond the flawless makeup, expensive clothes, hairstyle, fancy nails, designer shoes, jewelry and accessories, there is a kind of beauty that cannot be bought by money, manufactured or re-engineered by science. Contrary to popular notion, looking good actually begins from the inside, not from the outside. Outward beauty may appeal to the eyes for a time, but it’s what’s inside that attracts and connects to people’s emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual levels. In my life I have seen quite a few women who have that kind of imperishable beauty; among celebrities YEH is definitely in my books and it’s easy to see why.

YEH’s beauty glows from within and unless people take time to look beyond skin deep, they will miss the true vision of a beauty that’s unfading, the kind of beauty that the latest technology, fashion, cosmetics, precious stones or medical surgery can't produce. YEH’s inner beauty emanates from an attitude of humility, kindness and quietness of spirit. It flows from a heart that understands and gratefully accepts who God made her to be and stays true to her calling. Because of these inner qualities, no matter which way critics’ thumbs may go, in my eyes YEH will always be one who “walks in [true] beauty.”

gracie Someone wrote this somewhere that truly depicts who Yoon Eun HYE really is to all her fans who respect and admire her from all over the world after watching her dramas/movies on TV and online. I just want to share it here....

Each and every YEH’s drama has been very significant, be it commercially successful or not, because in her every drama, she was able to show to people her personal traits which are truly commendable and worth emulating.

1. Goong – HER STRONG WILLED and DETERMINATION – though her capabilities as an actress has been questioned even before the drama start airing, wherein petition for her to be removed as the main character has been made, it never stop her in taking the role for she believes that turning down the role will only prove her detractors wrong. Since she never gave up and determined to succeed, everything now is history. Chae-kyeong is undeniably has become one of the most loveable and known character in the k-drama history.

2. Vineyard Man – HER HARDWORK and PROFESSIONALISM – I have been reading over and over again how the PD of this drama has praised her during the filming. Even in scorching heat under the sun, she never heard her complain, which I think is so rare for an actress like her. Even her senior co-stars predicted that she will go a long way in the industry because of her work ethics and warm personality, and their prediction turns out to be right.

3. Coffee Prince – HER PASSION – for me, her believable portrayal of Go Eun Chan cemented her status as an A-list actress, wherein praises for her acting is beyond words. She has since begun became the point of reference for every cross-dressing character. Too bad, YEH has set the bar too high, wherein I have never seen any actress who had acted as a cross-dresser any way closer to YEH as Go Eun Chan.

4. My Fair Lady – HER HUMILITY – criticism about her pronunciations/enunciations has become the hot topic during the airing of this drama, and she, too, acknowledge it. The mere fact that an A-list actress like her is so vocal about her limitations and shortcomings, made me adore her more, for she just proves that, no matter how great she is as perceived by other, she can never be perfect for having those limitations and shortcomings, because she is just a human like us after all.

5. Lie to Me – HER LOYALTY – her detractors may say that flop may be the first word that they may remember whenever Lie to Me will be heard, but for me LOYALTY will comes first in my mind whenever I will be reminded of this drama. YEH’s track record may have been tarnished because of this drama, but the fact remain that YEH has decided to take the lead on this drama after TWO YEARS of waiting because of the promise that she had made with the production’s CEO who may face great financial loss due to an unforeseen incident related to now been shelves Love Song drama, which is a rare gem in the entertainment industry, although honestly, I don’t want this to repeat again in the future.

6. Missing You – HER FLEXIBILITY AS AN ACTRESS and GENEROSITY – her portrayal of Lee Seo Yeon in a dark melodrama genre has silenced her detractors who believes that she can only pull-off rom-com dramas, she may not been able to have an acting award for this , however, no acting controversies has been cast against her, it is because she really aced it. Generosity would be an understatement to coin the term when she, together with her male co-lead in the drama gave an all-expense overseas trip to all the drama’s production staff and crew. I think they are the first and only actress and actor who done it so far.

Lastly, in her world when everything is just make-believe, she continually proves that “humane” entertainer like still do exist, who will always be an exemption to the k-world rules.

Grace I think YEH is my favorite actress is because when I see her on screen for anything where it be cf, drama, game shows, etc my eyes follow. I think this girl has something that makes me want to know her, there's no barrier between her and the audience.

Melyn YEH congrats to your new Cafe but please come back to the small screen we missed you...grace us with a new drama soon..

rivanaraja Yoon Eun Hye is always the best and creative There is a large company such as other women supported Yoon Eun Hye trust in themselves and love of his fans

Annie Always so good on screen and unafraid to give her role everything. J'adore.

Annie An actress with so much natural charm and unafraid to do any role. Love her in all her roles.

marie star You are the most beautiful Korean actress for me Ms. Eun Hye :) Saranghe

starrr hehehe You are the most beautiful Korean actress for me :)

suhaila sarangae yoon eune hye, i wish u good luck i lov your drama special i miss u, kupushku i am from tanzania zanzibar

Jen Ng I am sorry Yoon Eun Hye to write this comment because I just want to share all my emotions to all victims for Korean ferry sink bad new.

All of fans Yoon Eun Hye around the world, please pray for these victims and their families will become happy soon.

Pray for god help.

mervebozcan YEH is my favorite actress,she is very talented and beautiful.Her last drama is very disappointed but this is not her fault just story was bad.i will wait for her future drama and i will always be NERİ ^^

Jess Tanaka really miss GYEH..more drama @ movie of GYEH please..

nizza I like yoon eun hye and ju ji hoon .. Miss them both so much .. I wish they're together again in new drama next

Sheng more drama with goong yoo please..i love both of them...

LoveKdramas Yoon Eun Hye acts very well, she should get more awards! I love her in ''I Miss You''!! She Acts REALLYYYY well. She should deserve more!!!!! She is just beautiful!!!! <3 <3 EVERYBODY SHOULD WATCH ''I MISS YOU'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

chai Among her leading actors, i should say that Ju ji-hoon is the best for her. they must be together again.

Jen Ng I love Yoon Eun Hye so much because she acts so nature,beautiful actress, and kindness heart. I wish she gets good rate all her dramas, but I am a little disappoint for low rate for her last drama Marry Him if You Dare. For my own opinion, the drama is not make sense to me and result of drama doesn't know who is the man that she chooses for .

I hope she will get good drama in 2014.

Lilbit She persuaded me to love comedy. I'm not the comedy type, but she's the best. I'm also surprised at the low rating. Amazing actress; that why I like to judge for myself.

Usbaldo Mortonson V Wow...I seriously expected Yoon Eun Hye's rating to be close to 100%! I'm completely floored to see this low of a number. Beyond shocked to the point of losing my faith in humanity. You sorry, sods, you. This is a complete outrage. I'm beyond words. A complete outrage! Upon my word...

sanaoon I want to see her in another drama with Gong Yoo;)

redddish i really like her! she's so beautiful..,i hope she has new drama and ill promise to watch it. i love you!!

JESSA Im her fan. I LOVE YOU YOON EUN-HYE . i`ll watch your all movie i want to see you in personal. I know there are still millions of JU JI HOON and EUN-HYE fans out there hopefully waiting for another drama having them as the lead actor and actress. i`ll watch your movie princess hour its so amazing and im your no. 1 FAN. I LOVE YOU..... SARANGHAE....

aya I'm her fan. and among the actors she was paired up, i can say that she must pair with Ju ji-hun again. Their pairing is really fantastic because they have a great chemistry. I know there are still millions of Ju Ji-hun & Eun-hye fans out there hopefully waiting for another drama having them as the lead actor and actress. I hope this message/wish will be granted <3

Jessenette Delgado I really love Yoon Eun Hye..... after watching coffee prince i made efforts to find her biography and everything about her made me like and love her so much.... i in the near future if God will permit and finacially able, i will go to korea to see and meet my idol Yoon Eun Hye............ I will be your fan forever....... SARANGHAE..........

Cristina i love this korean girl...im your no.1 fan forever

mbPhilippines Hi Eun Hye! the very first drama that i have seen from you was the Princess Hour, since then I've following your latest update,photo shoots/fan page/shows abroad etc. your such a great actress and a good person in and out, keep up the good work, i love your acting in Missing you, just disappointed of your latest drama Marry Him...good casting but not the story...boring, i thought after missing you you will be discreet in selecting your role please never do it again, don't waste your talent with such kind of story also choose a lead actor that has a good chemistry with you, like Jun Ji hoon, Goong Yo, Park Yoo Chun or may be try to be pair with Lee Min Hoo, Song SeunHun, Kim SooHyun, Yoo Ah In or Bi-Rain surely you will have a good chemistry with Rain co'z you're also a dancer and singer...hoping this message will reach you.. God Bless! saranghae...

zojan Yoon eun hye is my # one in the list best korean actresses, very versatile and natural,I watched all her dramas and movie and I really like and love them, and watched..again..and..again and again.. A little bit disappointed in marry him.

rose shell garcia I'm hoping that there will be coffee prince part 2 with your leading man gong yoo

T4x1 Eun hye,... Pls come to Jakarta, Indomesiaaaaaas! Saranghae

engineer I really hope you could continue the supposed to be Goon 2 :) #Hoping

Denise please have a sequel of princess hour together with ju ji hoon i really love your chemistry with him

FanFromPhillipines Hi Yoon Eun Hye/Gong Ah Jong/Princess Hours I want to see you. But I think i cant see you anymore because my eyes is getting blurred. Please come and visit me in Philippines before i die this is my last wish.Thank you..

hershean tuscano Hi Noona I like you very much because of your beautiful face, and very good acting,one day i want to meet you... i love all of your korean novellas & dramas...

jane she is great and beautiful give her more projects with beautiful story and very handsome leading men for korea to produce super blockbuster series like song seung hoon and ok taecyon make a dream project for her she is worth it plus make her do a very good hairstyle honestly the last one marry me if you dare her hairstyle there was a disaster, it did not do her beauty any justice or better yet ask them to make a korean version of fated to love you like i suggested use song seung hoon and ok taecyon as her leading men i am sure it will be a blockbuster worth the budget

maira I love you so much my prettiest unni ^.^

Aza Riana Hi Unni I'm Azza from Indonesia and I part of your big fans. you so pretty and beautiful. I love you Unni, please follback my twitter @azzaDW I hope you follback my twitter :)

Eina Hi Unni eun hye..you are so pretty... When i watched some of your dramas you are a good actor even in Princess Hours.. You with joo ji hoon... I am 10 years old, a no. 1 fan of you,joo ji hoon,and kim so hyun in philippines jolo, sulu.. I love you unni!

Pete Bestinghouse You sods are sure hard to please! Yoon Eun Hye is the best actress of her generation and has yet to turn in anything less than a first rate performance. Whether you like her characters, or the stories that she's in, is a completely different matter. This is a top tier actress, and if you don't think that she is you are not very perceptive. University life is not for you and never, ever will be. Fortunately, there is still many a floor in need of sweeping...

Lacy Quest Miss You was good... The rest... I don't know

Triana she has a good ability and has got much awards but here's only a few that displayed.. i love her so much...

Sowl i like you in Princess Hours... Princess Hours only. :(

alex Liked her better in Goon and Lie to me. Coffee prince is crap for me.

But i can watch her drama and enjoy her cute charisma. She is most charismatic actress in korea. Beautiful ? nope.

jeloinabasnillo hi yoon eun hye since i watching princess hours i never stoped watching all of her movie and drama shes the only korean actress that i really reallly like ..................... your so beautiful ...............mwah mwah

Ticy I first saw Yoon Eun Hye in Goong, since then I never stopped watching all of her movies & drama. She's the only korean actress that I really really like, her kind and bubbly personality is perfect and her latest lingerie photo shoots made me admire and idolize her more. She doesn't even look 29, she's probably the prettiest korean actress I've seen so far.

Sarah Yoon Eun Hye ... I'm a big fan of you & KJH (LTM) ... Hope to see guys together in the next drama series/movie project.

jenny really love #pricesshours... thanks thrz a replay

sahel i love you very much! you're the best korean actress :-)

Fitri You're the best Korean actress...

Park Mai ssi Hello! I'm an ultimate Yoochun oppa fan! And I really love chunhye couple! You guys make such a beautiful pair. l love that fate makes its way for both of you to meet again after xman!!! ❤️ I been really distracted these days stalking you eonni and yoochun oppa, finding clues and all in forums. Is oppa's song he composed himself "walking with her in the rain" dedicated to you? I am really moved by it. I will be extremely happy when you guys make a public declaration that you are dating/in a relationship!!!!! Han Jung Woo and Lee Soo Yeon hwaiting!!! ❤️

lisa Yoon Eun-Hye you are most the beautiful & talent actor in Korea. So nice to see you and Lee dong gun together in this drama. Always keep your smile & take care. Love you both!

Nancy She is an amazing actress, she can do the so many different roles, she is so pretty and real in her acting, she is one of my fav actress on my top 3, she needs more movies too. All here dramas are guarantee of good stories, she's is 2 years younger of me but I call her unnie really wonderful actress, unnie fighting! Love from Mexico

Elizabeth she is the best actress in korea. keep up the good work girl. l would love to see you acting with hyun bin as lovers. believe me the two of you makes a hot combination

Leonor "En-En" Modina You're not just pretty but a good actress as well. You act naturally that catches the heart of the viewers. And I just wanna say that I'm a big fan of yours and I do believe that we will meet someday.Keep up the good work and God Bless!!!!!

angela I really like Yoon Eun Hye's acting skills that make you feel that it is not a drama/movie that you are watching but a live footage of real life if that even makes sense lol. I would really love if HYUN BIN & YOON EUN HYE do a drama together i.e. they end up with each other and ALSO IN REAL LIFE. Please marry each other lol ;P

vania yoon eun hye my favorite actress the best ..... and the new drama is spectacular Marry Him If You Dare ...♥

lynel tumanda im a big fans of yours.. im happy for you

vania yoon eun hye you are the best of the world saranghae... unni .. i am happy or new drma marry him if you dare with lee dong gun and jung yong hwa.. fighting..♥


gladys i love you yoon eun hye and happy birth day in oct,03 i love you so much i love your all KOREAN DRAMA AND ALSO YOUR NEW DRAMA <3<3:)

roseannBacani annyeonghaseyo... I like you the way you act... you are absolutely famous here in the philippines...muah, muah..Fighting

vhatyma anyongaseo............

hi............ yoon eun hye beautifuland good acktrisis the best...................... coffie prince, my fair lady, princes hours, and lie to me,,,,,,,,,,, i like it................

GOOD JOB YEH............

thanya i hope someday you and lee min ho will have a drama together :)

ali i love your film. i miss you. the legend of seven cutter.pricess hours.coffee prince.lie to me

daniella Ever since I've watched you, i can help my myself but to admire you, you are so beautiful, a very good actress, im starting to watch all your dramas and movies , and i just cant still get enough of you...Haisst, i wish i could see you in person, Take care Ms. Yoon Eun Hye,

kaycee Hi miss yoon eun hye i love you so much..I wish someday that you will visit the Philippines because you're my first Korean idol,i watch all you're dramas and movie and you're so beautiful and good actress in Korea..

anj_86 Lee dong gun and YEH will be partnered in a drama. If this will be real, I am gonna watch. I am so big fan this two actors.

lyn yun eun hye you are the best

fateme i love her BIG BIG heart ! she is nice to everyone ^_^

roza I am interested in yoon eun hye. she is something different between other korean actresses. she has a lovely aound.

Cookie I started watching Korean Drama 2 years ago. My two daughters suggested that I watch an episode with them. Well, the rest is history. Now I watch it every day/night. One day, I searched for top Korean Dramas and Coffee Prince was one of them. Ever since I watched Coffee Prince, I became a huge fan of Yoon Eun Hye. I watched all of her Dramas and movies. I can't wait to see her next project. I categorize Eun Hye with Meryl Streep. They both transform themselves to the character they are acting as. That is what are unique about them. I love Eun Hye. I will forever be her fan.

princess I was impressed by your acting skills on coffee prince. I also watched lie to me, you were really good there too.You are really good at acting.

  • I WISH YOU and GONG YOO become couples. (in real life)

princess I was impressed by your acting skills on coffee prince. You are really good at acting.

  • I WISH YOU and GONG YOO become couples. (in real life)

denise Hi Ms Eun Hye, I enjoy watching all your dramas especially Coffee Prince, My Fair Lady, Lie To Me and I MISS YOU. You are a very talented and indeed fantastic actress. I like you best in I Miss You. You and Park Yoo Chun acted very fine together and look good as a couple. Both of you are my favourite. Looking forward to seeing you and Park Yoo Chun in yet a movie.

Many Hi Yoon eun hye unnie! I love ur role in I Miss You with park yoochun so much! Hope to see u in more dramas and movies with park yoochun oppa again!!!

Ma. christine olino yoon eun hye you are my idol, your movie ( missing you ) is very beautiful, thank you for that movie.

Tom C lol...talk about crazy...i hope my son finishes up his directing studies soon so we pursue Ms. yoon eun hye to do a movie for us. I know she will be so good at a comedy drama action and my son has some ideas to make her into a bigger star than she is now.. Always a big fan...

dash yoon eun hye you really did amazing in your dramas.i want to see you and ju ji hun again.i hope my wish come true

ronia mae i love yoon eun hye! you are my idol so much i love how way your fashion and you act w/ park yoo chun...

WIlliam Unnie,you're will pass 30 in next year,so why don't you find a boyfriend ?wish i know you :)

Nikita Very like your act in all of your movie unnie .. And you're so beautifull .. :)

alphy Miss Yoon Eun-Hye you are my favourite KOrean actress. I love watching your drame My Fair Lady. I have seen it many times.. and now I am watching Coffee Prince. You are great.

From your fan from Aus.

jara acoon youre my preetiest idol among them all:)) iwish icould meet you \\\


CherryCarrots i get her confuse with Park Shin Hye! They look like sister until i found out they are not the same person!!

julii anita unni you're my idol

joeciel i am your fan girl unnie! ! i really love princess and hours,lie to me and i miss you ! i can say that you are so talented and very good actress ,and everytime i watch your drmas, i nver got disappointed,'coz you are great , ^^ you have a charisma whenever u act and i am always fond of your love teams . . . sooo romantic!

keep up the good job unnie ,i will be your fan grl forever! hwaiting . . !

debbie i love u yoon eun hye i lke you heheheheheh and take care always

Kim Jong Kook When will you marry me?

Anne Hello Yeh i really like your personality and i really love to watch Lie to Me 20 times ..My family love you and Kang ji hwan ur the best couple...Hope someday u wil be in real life and get married..fighting

humplin i'll forever be your fan girl....keep it up!!!!!!well, i've watched all your dramas and as a fellow girl i just wanna say that"no matter what,you are the best"..love you much and always praying for you and wishing luck in everything....

debbie i lke yoon eun hye u r funny girl heheheh

debbie yoon eun hye i love so much and take care always hehee i love ur all movie especially in lie to me and miss you hehehe god blesss u <3 muahhhhhhhh

Nikko Paolo I MISS YOU Soo Yeon. You are now my ideal woman. I wish to see you in person. Keep it up. Mwah.

hnin lei Yoon eun hye unnie,i love u so much,i love all your drama,i love your smile and acting so much,you are a good actress,i am your fan forever,i want to cry when u cry in missing you drama,your latest drama missing you is so good,i love that drama

fateme hope to see you with hyun bin dating in real life ! :D

hannah We look forward that someday lee joon gi and yoon eun hye will have a project together... and we hope that our request will come true..

maria Yoon Eun Hye...you're the best, you act perfect like a guy in "Coffee Prince", i love you more and more after watching your korean dramas one by one, i've watched all your dramas except "I Miss You", i've heard from my friends that it was also a great one..i'll gonna watch it ASAP!!!

Setsuna Love her sooo much in Missing you! Great actor and natural pretty! So pretty that I even started to copy her style. I tried to buy the same shock pink lipstick that she was using in the drama I miss you, but it was totally sold out of the market because of her... @_@

Grace arias I'm a mother but I love this girl one of my best dress actress and good actress(/^o^)/♡

jayde your a great actress.. i cry seeing you cry all the time..

maimai yoon eun hye is a very good person that's why she is so blessed!!! wishing her all the best!!! hope she finds her true love soon,someone as kind as her and all...

angel eunhye YOON eun hye and yoochun gave five days trip overseas to all of cast and crew of i miss you :;D

mogh yoon eun hye once bought shoes (puma shoes) for entire my fair lady crew ! she did the same ( with jeans ) for lie to me cast and crew ! how generOUs she is :D

kat yoon eun hye, i will always love you :) ! u r good at everything acting , singing, panting, dancing and u r not only a pretty girl but u r a girl with a BIG HEART ! i will always ADMIRE u ! ::*****************

Bonnie Lynn Katzell Muench Phenomenal actress, seen you in Personal taste, Coffee prince and now watching I miss you... Awesome acting Keep up the good work and God Bless..

cutie Is she the one from the playful kiss with hyun?

astrid OH MY GOOODD !!! you are the only one my Idol in Korea. I love you, in other way (u know what I mean) seriously, i love you in every single movies you've played.

santino YEH is so sexy in her drama I Miss You ...so seductive and sensual...love it..

miss wow BATH SCENCE in I MISS YOU ep 6 made me cry ! your such a great actress ! im proud of me becaz im a fan of great actress like you miss eun hye :*

Luh She always acts with handsome guys. Even in CF (with TOP).. How lucky she is!!

fateme we are gonna see another great drama ((i miss you)) ! i can feel that !

givey only matched pairs with joo ji hoon

melanie hi Yoon Eun hye i just finish watching lie to me..wow!!its very awesome!! i love you!! you're so beautiful!!

santino hoping that your next screen partner will be either kim hyun joong or joon il woo..i want to see her again with goong yoo and joon ji hoon...

ain_reina everything they said represent my thoughts..hehe..love Yoon Eun Hye {^^}v

christine I love lie to me. . i think it should have part two.. because it so beautiful and fantastic..

Patience She is very beautiful and lovely.funny.i luv her most on coffee prince.

LILY i'm looking forward for a new drama of YOU AND GOONG YOO. You two create a great chemistry a perfect match... god bless you both...im pretty sure it will be again a blockbuster around the world... just like the coffee prince superb... you give your heart in the drama ... two thumbs up... you two act naturally as if its true...I LOVE IT...AWESOME... As goong yoo a leading man to you can easily touch the heart of the viewer that they will watch over and over again... i'm a GOONG YOO EUN HYE fan already i've watch many korean drama already but your team up its very different to far different from the other leading lady of goong yoo same way with your leading man. there is something in the name "GOONG YOO EUN HYE... LOVE TEAM"

love you YOON EUN HYE !! play in more dramas !! plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz im crazy about you and always check net to see that u want to go to asther drama ! i love you ! take care :***********

ANJIE Yoon Eun-Hye and Lee min-ho in a romantic comedy kdrama pls..... please...............................

fateme most beautiful girl in korea !!! i think u r better than all of the other actresses like ha ji won or shin min A and park shin hye or song hye kyo or kim tae hee ( i like them but i love you more ) waiting for new drama of you ! princess of asia <3<3<3<3

fan Yoon Eun-Hye. An not asian, am an african and girl you rock! seriously, how do u manage to act such different characters so beautifully? OMG!! i couldn't believe it when i realised that u were d same girl in 'you're beautiful' and 'coffee prince'. That's some raw talent right there! Amazing stuff dear. Keep up d good work. Am now a fan of all ur koren dramas. Never been dissapointed. All ur dramas rock! wwwwwwwwoooooooow

Joven lee A. Dancil Hai Eun Hye I like your face it so cute. Your good in acting like a child i like it. Then the way you act it so cool. And I admire you. Take care always. God Bless you.

Archen Flores Yoon Eun-Hye is not only Pretty but a very Good actrees I love her so much <3 <3 <3

kimgabby yoon eun hye i like you very much. me and my husband love to watch lie to me. i hope there will be part 2 of that tv series. you're so beautiful. hope your romance with kang ji hwan will continue in real life. I love you.

Alex love u the most forever! no actress like u in my mind. hope u and kang ji hwan oppa will play together again, or make part 2 Lie to me cos just want to see both of u marry each other in that drama and in reality!!!

Carla Manila Eun-hye u are so adorable..especially in LIE TO ME! you and Oppa kang ji-hwan looks so good together.. i hope you make another series or movie together! :)

MARILYNTING take unni you really good actress and singer too , i like all your tv drama hope you do with gong yoo again in future. good luck unni!!!

anne hai ms.yoon eun-hye ur so beautiful..im frm the philippine me and my sister we really admired u,because we lyk u d way u act..were very enjoyd watching lie 2 me.cauze the show is very great.keep up d good work ms.yoon eun-hye! godbless=))

blacktastic Hy yoon eun hye unnie,I admire u since u play role as kang hye na in take care of the young lady drama..u're very awesome and I really like chemistry between u and yoon sang hyun oppa,both of u very compatible I think

joy I really like you. your such a best actress my dear. TC

analyn_templonuevo i really like ms Yoon Eun- Hye ..i wish she would paired up with lee min ho or lee dong wok..

ili yeh im ur fan till my last day !!!!! u r really lovable lady !!!!

TEna i saw lots of movies on youtube . most famous people when see fans they start running like that fans are killers! but i saw yoon eun hye onni talking with them and smiles at them wave her hands for them U R such a classy and humble woman !

erl5 i really appreciate the korean drama series.. lie to me... i hope they will do the part 2 of the series...

marie YOON EUN HYE... your the the best!!!! part2 of lie to me plzzzzzzzzzzz......

Sean Herbert Siy Yoon Eun Hye is impressive young actress of Korea. She is best in acting especially in "Lie to me" movie TV episodes.

cutiemae88 never heard of an actress as generous as she is. you are really beautiful inside and out YEH. keep it up! we wish you more projects!

John Mark Kennedy Yoon Eun Hye Your SO BEAUTIFUL .. i love you :*

Lie ann I love yoon eun-hye so much. I've watch a lot of her drama: princess hour,my fair lady,coffee prince and now currently watching Lie to me.,hoping to find the little black dress..i wish her the best and good health.,hoping to be paired with Lee min-ho..please!.please!.please!..hayy,..just keep it up,.FIGHTING!

jasminne have to listen to my sister,you're so pretty,i never missyour latest news sister i beg you deep inside,so my sister to see the words i Jasminne of Indonesia,wil always waiting to hear the latest news sister sister is my inspiration please read sister,thank you GAMSA HABNIDA EONNIE

izie im so agree with bigfan ((i love yoon eun hye and sth is weird about her is that she always make good match with any men who yoon was played in drama with or she had taken some photoshot with !!!!!!! ilke kim hyung joon. yoon sang hyun - joo ji hoon - kim jeong joon- gong yoo - kang ji hwan - lee min ho in personal taste and hyun bin ... i was forgot ......................... t.o.p !!!! they made really hot match .... i love to see her new dramas with hyun bin and kim hyun joong !!! they look amazing together !!!))

Roya Hi. I'm realy Love u And also your playing. I come from lran. I watch perince coffee Shop. That is wonderfullll. Your'e so beautiful. :)

CaRLo Your My fair Lady~!!!!!

ali YEH i like u so much,

Dee88 Love this girl, can't wait to see you in drama again . God bless and more power . fighting

anggia dita Hai unni,I'm your fans from indonesia,I'm like your film lie to me,so sweet,last time coming at indonesia.ok unni.

Kaos Bola Online realy..realy beautifull..You always look young

Karen Almost done with "lie to me". Love it! Her chemistry with Kang Ji-Hwan is really good. She's very pretty. IMO she looks like a Korean version of Miley Cyrus.

bigfan i love yoon eun hye and sth is weird about her is that she always make good match with any men who yoon was played in drama with or she had taken some photoshot with !!!!!!! ilke kim hyung joon. yoon sang hyun - joo ji hoon - kim jeong joon- gong yoo - kang ji hwan - lee min ho in personal taste and hyun bin ... i was forgot ......................... t.o.p !!!! they made really hot match .... i love to see her new dramas with hyun bin and kim hyun joong !!! they look amazing together !!!

Gasenadia Funny and down-to-earth portrayals of hard-working, everyday people. That's what has attracted me to this tremendous actress. What range in Lie to Me! From comedy to bathos. The sizzling chemistry in Coffee Prince. Sorry the illegible subtitles and high school setting stopped me from watching Princess Hours. Many blessings from Puerto Rico.

ebbyba yoon eun hye!!!just lov u so much.....hope for great life n career always!fighting girl !

elmer I'm a guy,..yet I'm sooo freakingly obssesed with a korean actress..(what will I do?) I even have dreams of her being my girlfriend! (I'm doomed..) this all started when I watched her in My Fair Lady/ Take Care Of Agasshi..I guess her role in that drama amuses me..high tempered brat who would do anything impulsively..but because Yoon Eun Hye was a certified cutie, she was able to give a different light to Kang Hye Na's character. After that, as long as I'm not busy, I would find time to watch and follow her in everything, ( drama -old and latest-, interviews, etc..) as long as she's in it. Even in her character as a tomboy makes me want my girlfriend to be dynamic and charming as Go Eun Chan. I even laughed like crazy in her two dramas Goong/ Princess Hours and The Vineyard Man (I've just watched it lately though ). Right now, I' watching her Lie to Me ..I'm not yet done but the guy there was sure lucky to have kissed my dream-girl plenty of times huh?..(-.^)..Jealousy!jealousy! But well,.the guy she would end up with.. (in real life) would be half lucky and half doomed for sure, -lucky to win her heart.. yet doomed to carry out the burden of having a very popular girlfriend -chased by men.. (good for you dude) :p . She really have the ability to make all the character she portray stands out and lives a mark. She is the only korean actress that captures my deepest interest. If only I'll be given a chance to be with her..i would really steal a kiss from her gorgeous lips and stare like forever in her calm, innocent, expressive eyes.The more I see her in her dramas, shows and interviews I realize that she really has a very adorable personality coz you can read it through the way she talks, stare , act, smile, or even her gestures or habits..all these sums up to one reason..Yoon Eun Hye's aura is very captivating,.what will I do now?..it's already too late for me to stop loving her. -------(Sigh.......)---- </3 --- But anyway, Happy Valentines my Dear Yoon Eun Hye, Agasshi.

bebs shes a natural

fateme i love yoon eun hye and every single drama that she played on !!! i think she is the best korean actress!

Bouncy I absolutely love her acting. The characters she portrays aren't always the best but she manages to pull them off. My favorite performance from her is in Coffee Prince. The whole cast did an incredible job. The lines they gave her were very powerful. She's one of my faves.

guilas hello ms. pretty sweet yoon eun hye. I've watched all her dramas and she's really an amazing actress.

hope to you see you in person. looking forward for your new drama.. :)

Radge I like her so much...very nice in acting hehehe keep up the good work lady

Ann OMG! I love her from drama "Take Care of the Young Lady", she's the best actress! I hope she is gonna act in another drama soon :)

amira amilin yoon eun hye. you are so cute and funny. i hope you will be the best korean actress.

Lianna Hello!I've never followed any drama here,but accidentally when I turn on the TV WOW!Koreans acting amazed me. You're so sweet I couldn't resist following the episode. Would like to congratulate the Korean talents of their God given gifts in acting. Educated actors,actresses must not neglect the knowledge they obtained,Knowledge is Power! True knowledge is to fear our Great Creator!Beauty is inside the heart!I've know you as a sweet girl ,hope you remain the sweet simple image. Many loves you,God loves you!゛A good name is better than silver and gold ”Thanks to every one involved to the success of the drama.

green yoonenhye is my idol.I want her to see someday to meet her.She is very beautiful wowan and i love her movie my fair lady(lady castle) and i love yooneunhye(dash girl)song <--- this is my favorite song..

alliana hi yoon eun hye" i hope u will fine and what to see u in person u r my insiration idol. u so cute unique brillant sexy perty in korea. my fovourite actress now

mayeth g. Would also love her to be paired with Choi Si Woon of Super Junior if possible. Fighting

mayeth g. I have seen you in Princess Hours, Coffee Prince, The Man form the Vineyard, My Fair Lady and Lie to Me, I could tell, you are perfect in every role, but love you the most in Coffee Prince. I hope you could be paired with Kwon Se-In in a romantic comedy or with Goong Yu. Love to meet you in person, if not, just to see you in more dramas in the future. God Bless.

Goongster YEH great actress, dancer, model and singer ;D Still drowning in X-Man vids xD

Delivers all her roles in perfection~ 100%! Cheukahae Eonni! Hwaiting!~ :B

butlerleo03 your my inspiration i hope someday i can meet you...

hartman i really like your acting., your so cool and cute.,ur my crush.,

kristine i'm waiting for ur up coming dramas.. in princess hour ur like a little princes.. in coffe princess well u really make ur char unique for being lesbiian... in myfair lady u really grown up... wait for ur next dram.. GL...

kristine i'de waited for your up coming dramas.. i lyk u in the princess ur so cute....

renj mercado wow, astig. may comment na

vern has just watched "Lie to me",it's one of the best k-drama i've ever watched,from now on, im already one of ur big fans, you're so pretty and brilliant actress.!!God bless always..more projects to come!!!

nana Yes she is my favourite korean actress. Looking forward to her new movie!

ryeh YEH is my favorite actress...she's so awesome......

jc I have been following all her dramas including the xman variety shows. She is versatile in acting and modeling. Am looking forward to her new movie with chow yun fat.

irandokht you are so cute i love you so much. i watched Princess Hours and Coffee Prince and My Fair Lady and Lie to Me you are the best actress

harliechan I love yeh since watching Goong. Love her in Coffee Prince and can't stop watching Lie To Me. So far I've seen all her work except for Vineyard Man. Great actress and seems so sincere and down to earth. Love her work :) Keep fighting! Watched lots of her on Youtube.

justAfan i love YEH ever since xMen!! young warrior she has the power, strength, wit & on top of that --beauty!! :)

clsf love yeh, best actress with a BIG heart, makes every role comes to live, humble, kind and generous, deserves to be every so success

Jim Yoon Eun-Hye reminds me of Marlo Thomas on "That Girl". Yoon Eun-Hye has that very likable personality.

asian my favorite Korean actress.

Matt saranghaeyo!!saranghaeyo!!!! Such a gorgeous girl...really beautiful..

brahim i love eun hye beautiful you

funkyboy this girl makes me laughh..i hope more korean girls like her..honest, funky and funny , love u yoon eun hee..

yi yaing She's awesome, funny and beautiful.. i mean really beautiful, i really have no idea if she did surgery, but she looks like herself and not like the other typical korean beauty celebs, cause i hate that dolly dol look!!!

Joyce I love her acting esp in Goong and Lie to Me. So glad to see her back on stage...

zy i love her acting skill especially lie to me drama keep it up and God bless you

hwang soo-hee my favorite actress and role model xPP 화이팅!!

yazz aja aja fighting >> i like your acting an u'r epoooo

choonyang the first kdrama i watch was goong and i start to like and watch her every drama since then. she is really cute i mean beautiful. i wish YEH and JJH could team up again..^_^

choonyang i really love YEH

mali-chick the first asian drama i watched was coffee prince ever since watching that i believed that you were a good actress at the moment im watching lie to me and i love it keep performing your best regardless of what others say you still have fans all around the world trust me im one of them ^^

yoon eun hye FIGHTING

Ajianne Eun Hye is one of the best actress in Korea. She's pretty :) and really good in acting!

jenny How can anyone hate her? She's an amazing actress, and all of the dramas she's in are amazing. YOU GO YOON EUN HYE!!!

Kenzo YOU ARE A GREAT ACTRESS, don't let all those who are jaelous of you, get you down, BECAUSE you are very talented and a real actress

No One She looks like a guy......

bella I am a huge fan of her. I've watched all her dramas and i think she's an amazing actress especially on her role on the drama Coffee Prince. Oh i just loved it soo much! i wish to see more of her in the future, i hope.

cullengabriela great act and woderfull talent..................u always memmorable in my mind....!!!!!!!!!that's why all of ur drama was so...so...good.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SARANGHE

MEK BTW- I have seen all your dramas and movies....i mean all of them...

MEK I wish you would do more drama and movies....I'm one of your biggest fan...You are the cutest!

Arya_kennedy I'm the biggest fans of YEH ever! U have always my support! ;-)

ayu fujikage I really love Yoon Eun Hye esp in Goong as Shin Chae-Kyung with joo ji hoon many mistakenly identified PSH as YEH but for me there are lots of differences of course YEH is prettier neeh^^(sorry for PSH fans) i still wasnt able to watch the full series of the k drama my fair lady

Skr i like Yeh so muuuch and i very like when Yeh in "Goong" she looks cute, funny and beautiful I hope Yeh play together again with JJH, they verrrrry compatible and best couple 4ever

prqpaporn i like her in the vineyard man because she played smoothly . She is very cute . l am waiting to watch her in " Love song" loue yoon eun hye mmmuuuuccchhh.

cherrypie omg i've watched mostly all her dramas except the vineyard one....i love this girl she's awesome<3

fatima i even bought her dvd's. darn so good, but havent watched fair lady. and the personal preference did not work out also the love song. i wanna see her again in TV!!

Lark I've seen Coffee Prince & Princess Hours so far, and I've just started My Fair Lady. I am such a huge fan of hers!

sasha wish u all the best

i like for your drama

good luck^^

risa good luck for ur drama.. wish u all the best come to indonesia please.. hehe.. thank you very much

Deozee I really love yoon eun hye,especially in coffee prince.she's so funny

NightLizard Funny, beautiful girl and I can say that she is a great actress too! She can be so different! :)

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