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  • Drama: Marry Him If You Dare (English title) / Future Choice (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Miraeui Suntaek
  • Hangul: 미래의 선택
  • Director: Kwon Gye-Hong
  • Writer: Hong Jin-Ah
  • Network: KBS2
  • Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: October 14 - December 3, 2013
  • Runtime: Mon & Tue 21:55
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


"Marry Him If You Dare" depicts the love and work of people who work in a broadcasting station. A woman, who works as a writer at the broadcasting station goes back in time and meets herself in the past. The woman gives advice to herself in the past.


  1. "Marry Him If You Dare" takes over the KBS2 Mon & Tue 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "Good Doctor" and will be followed by "Prime Minister & I" on December 9, 201.
  2. Main character's name 'Mi-Rae" is also the Korean word for "future," so the Korean title could be translated literally as "Mi-Rae's Choice" or "Future Choice".
  3. First script reading took place September 4, 2013 at KBS Annex building in Yeongdeungpo Neighborhood, Seoul, South Korea. The script reading included Yoon Eun-Hye, Lee Dong-Gun, Jung Yong-Hwa, Han Chae-Ah and others and lasted more than 4 hours.


Marry Him If You Dare-Yoon Eun-Hye.jpg Marry Him If You Dare-Lee Dong-Gun.jpg Marry Him If You Dare-Jung Yong-Hwa.jpg Marry Him If You Dare-Han Chae-Ah.jpg Marry Him If You Dare-Choi Myoung-Gil.jpg
Yoon Eun-Hye Lee Dong-Gun Jung Yong-Hwa Han Chae-Ah Choi Myoung-Gil
Na Mi-Rae Kim Shin Park Se-Joo Seo Yoo-Kyung Na Mi-Rae (Year 2043)
Marry Him If You Dare-Oh Jung-Se.jpg Marry Him If You Dare-Lee Mi-Do.jpg Marry Him If You Dare-An Se-Ha.jpg Marry Him If You Dare-Ko Du-Shim.jpg Kim Ji-Ho
Oh Jung-Se Lee Mi-Do An Se-Ha Ko Du-Shim Kim Ji-Ho
Na Joo-Hyun Bae Hyun-A Lee Jae-Soo Lee Mi-Ran black man

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Episode Ratings

Date Episode TNmS AGB
Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2013-10-14 1 8.4% (17th) 9.5% (12th) 9.7% (10th) 9.9% (10th)
2013-10-15 2 7.9% (20th) 9.0% (16th) 8.6% (17th) 9.2% (18th)
2013-10-21 3 NR NR 8.5% (19th) 9.0% (17th)
2013-10-22 4 NR NR NR NR
2013-10-28 5 NR NR NR NR
2013-10-29 6 NR NR 7.4% (18th) NR
2013-11-04 7 NR NR NR NR
2013-11-05 8 NR NR NR NR
2013-11-11 9 NR NR NR NR
2013-11-12 10 NR NR NR NR
2013-11-18 11 NR NR NR NR
2013-11-19 12 NR NR NR NR
2013-11-25 13 NR NR NR NR
2013-11-26 14 NR NR NR NR
2013-12-02 15 NR NR NR NR
2013-12-03 16 NR NR NR NR

Source: TNS Media Korea& AGB Nielson

  • NR denotes not ranked within the Top 20 daily shows according to TNS Media Korea or AGB Nielson.


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June Love the drama but totally disappointed in the end! I prefer jung yong hwa for he proved of his love at first sight till the end.

sandra I watched this drama mainly because of yoon eun hye. BuT tbh, i did not really like it. It was not very well written, and i just finished it cause i wanted to know how it ends. but jung yong hwa and eun hye have very good chemistry, better than with lee dong gun

Nezha lol i dont like this drama story except the actor and actress. well its just my opinion sorry! ^_^

jaden I love this korean drama because of the story. And also i like Park Se-joo because he is very handsome, and I always wait this Koreanovela in the afternoon <3

egyer i love this drama even though i really don't like the ending i love the show. i wish there will be a season 2 for this drama. as a continuation of the first one. the same actors as well. i'm really hoping :)

akatsuki I like this drama. I think it's very underrated. :( For me, it has a great and interesting plot. I have very low expectations for this drama because of the low rating and boring pilot ep. But as I watched the succeeding eps, I got hooked. :) P.S. I liked Kim Shin all throughout the drama, he portrayed the character really well.

blueAngel I haven't start watching this drama but I heard that Yonghwa is one of the main character, that's why I'm now searching first the content of this drama. I really hope that Yonghwa will be the partner of Eun-hye at the end. But base on what I've read from the comments below, none of the two we're chosen to be with Eun-hye in the end...sooo disappointing :(..... I really like Yonghwa to be partnered with Eun-hye, jungmal.But anyway, I will still watch this drama eventhough I know the ending already.... Yong-hwa, AJA!............:)<3

Crexenteyes03 I haven't watch the drama yet but let see what happened..

awesome This drama is more like Na Mi-Rae from future came and destroyed eveyone fate for nothing. Really nothing. I felt the worst for Soo Yo-Kyung. She and her husband supposed to be were just fine but coz of older Mi-Rae, she lost everything. :(

LOL WOW WOW WOW!! I'm left speechless. I usually don't criticize dramas I have seen. But this one? after years and years of watching drama, this is the first time I felt I understood the saying " I wasted my time". I felt like I have watched for nothing. just nothing..Lucky that I fast forwarded the last two episodes. wow! SPOILER ALERT from now on It's funny. I have seen some dramas with shipping wars. Half of the fan get disappointed and the other half are happy at the end. But this drama? Everyone is disappointed. I'm LOL'ing. It's really funny people attack their anti-leads and now what they get. Both groups get nothing. lololol It would have been better if half of the audience is disappointed. We should learn from this drama. hahaha

Disappointed To say MHIYD is a disappointing drama is an understatement. My hopes were really high for it but I seriously felt like I was slapped in the face. WHY! JUST WHY! The writer totally messed it up. It's a pity because all the actors were all doing a good job.

kpopkitty So far, I'm liking this drama. I'm up to episode 3. But omfg, Seo Yoo-Kyung pisses me off soooo much! She seems an utter cow, who thinks she's entitled to have both Kim Shin and Park Se Joo. I hate moles like that the worst. Every time she opens her mouth, it's to be so rude to Na Mi Rae, who is older than her. Talk about disrespectful. Every time I see Seo Yoo-Kyung, I want to stomp her into the ground. I hope in the end, Seo Yoo-Kyung ends up with nobody. With any luck, maybe she will end up with that idiotic anchor who has the annoying lisp. That would be some frontier justice right there.

hello This has never been done before so I applaud the director. I'm sure I was bored through some part of the drama however there's something about it that was pretty good to watch. Sure older Mirae messed up, but that's how it was planned. The bitter ending for sure tortured though who needed a conclusion to the loveline NOT the actual moral. Again I applaud to the director for experimenting with a different story rather than the typical ones.

samia actuaaly i just finishid watching and i found it really interesting.but i don't know why it was only 5% rating ?? i loved it but the ending euuhh ...yonghwa's acting was AWESOME .

random1 the ending was perfect. the whole show was about not being able to change the past and not knowing the future. when she reentered and they froze the frame to roll credits, i practically yelled "that's awesome" also: Yoon Eun-Hye is the best.

Flo Lay Marry me if u dare. Not happy about doubtful ending. Is there a continuation?

Flo Lay Not happy about doubtful ending. Is there a continuation?

牛鹿相爱时带上我 The only reason I watched this was to see Yonghwa, but I'm only at ep 5 right now, and it seems that Yonghwa has a chance to get the girl he wants in a love triangle for the first ever time in his entire acting life. Does he actually get the girl in the end? I need to know coz if he doesn't then I'm not gonna keep watching. It's not too late to stop it here and start watching Faith instead.

Evi M. Lionar I think this drama was interesting... Different from other drama.. Change our mind n' all the cast do a great job.. Love all the cast, expecially YEH n JYH... Support them in the future.... Fighting !! GBU

priscy it was mind blowing, infact i never see a movie with the likes of this. everything about the cast was perfect and loved them, i must say the movie director did a marvelous work. i was so worried when i couldn't get the chance to buy the season 2 and 3,like it was out of reach. but with the little i watched ,was interesting. lots of love guys

Johanna Of all the drama's I've watched, this was the most disappointing one. It was just weird and... Ugh, I can't even explain it. I watched it mostly because of Yoon Eun Hye, she is a phenomenal actress but this drama was just terrible. I was thoroughly disappointed, I can't even put it into words... I can't UNSEE it. I don't know WHERE that rating came from but if you want the truth, dock some points. It wasn't good... :/

Ingrid I never be so dissappointed to Korean drama like this one. I like Eun Hye & Yoong Hwa & also attrackted by Dong Gun's acting. But the end is very bad. Korean drama always be my guilty pleasure, but I really sorry for this drama. Wish a better end. Hopefully the writer make a better story in the future or maybe she should make another career choice.

mochii weird drama, bad drama

rey rey i watched this drama because of jung yong-hwa ,if he wasn`t for him i never even looked pics of this drama. i really really really really really hate the end of drama.

dear jung yong-hwa be more carful about your dramas.i like you :*

guns I liked Seo Yoo-Kyung more....... changing the past was very unfair to her.

jessa the drama is good i dont know whos the husband of mi rae. it is better if the picture on the last part is containing the picture of mi rae family in the future. i spend my time to watch this, im very exited but the ending is unpredictable.:(

sally I've never been so disappointed with korean drama before..but this drama haish :( I love both kim shin and park se joo character in the drama..i hated the ending part because i watch every episode and stopped myself from skipping to the end..but when i reach the end..everything was a blurr

sali i have't watch'd this dramas but it seem like boring, but i stil love you yonghwa, keeep fighting oppa ,saranghaeyeo.

jung yongnique the reson why ive been watch this drama.....its because of yonghwa...all of the drama that yonghwa have been casted i would watch it all.....but even though they said its not good......for me its very,the writer of this drama....plsssss write more dramas that yonghwa will be the main actor...and make sure that the role fits with yonghwa.........saranghae yonghwa!!!!!!!!aja aja!!!!!FIGHTING!!!for more good opportunities......

Yana I thought this drama will be excited cause it was from the writer of KING 2 HEART and BEETHOVEN VIRUS then I watch it and it sucker my whole time

Jazz honestly i find the whole drama meaningless, this is coming from a person who do not know any of the characters, i just stopped upon the drama and thought it was interesting but sadly it wasn't. Though I am watching another drama called rooftop prince and bride of the century

Jen Ng If I am a writer, I will not add the black man and old Mi-Rae lady characters in this drama. It is about future choice of Mi Rae, so she will go to see a psychogic reader to predict her carrier and find a good guy for her future life.

Also, the end of drama, if Mi Rae is end up with rich man (Park Se-Joo), I will love this drama a lot because he is a nice man to Mi Rae.

I know the write of this drama try to let these audiences predict for the end of drama, but it make these audiences hard to predict who is Mi rae end up.

Yoon Eun Hye, Lee Dong Gun and Jung Young Hwa are famous actors and actress. I am fell sorry for them to get low rate in this drama.

doo rim To sarah lee.. neither of the two of them. She married someone else..

Sarah lee I finished the series in one day. But I was really disappointed by the end. I do not understand if Mirae married PSJ or Kim. I am a fan of Yong hwa is the reason why I watched the series but I am disappointed. Someone could answer me.

nsmith This ending SUCKS ASS!!! THE whole point of the show was that even though she knew of the difficulties they would face, she would still choose and love Kim Shin. Does it make sense to go with a second lead?!! My heart literally aches thinking about the selfishness of one woman derailing 4 people from their fate. Future NA mi rae took NO responsibility for her own unhappiness and just wanted to feather her own bed. You know what really sucks? That she probably was the only one to have a happy ending, according to her original fate. The writer of this show should be shot! Talking about journalistic ethics and then giving in to viewer ratings in the end. Hypocrite much??? I will avoid anything by this writer in the future. I wish i could go back in the past and erase this drama from my brain.

cikb13 i'm watching episode 3 now but i wonder about the ending so i google first. from my observation, the ending is not good right? so i think i should stop here. i want park se joo (YONG HWA) be at the end but it looks like confusing.. ah, it's same like you're beautiful.. i only watch it till episode 5 because of the ending is not yong hwa.. ~

cikb13 i'm watching episode 3 now but i wonder about the ending so i google first. from my observation, the ending is not good right? so i think i should stop here. i want park se joo (YONG HWA) be at the end but it looks like confusing.. ah, it's same like you're beautiful.. i only watch it till episode 5 because of the ending is not yong hwa.. ~ T_T

PERTING O. TUGA I agree with @Cisqo Da Don, MI RAE ended up with KIM SHIN..... At the final credits scene, when FUTURE MI RAE opened the pandora's box, MIRAE stil has the same son.... and her fingers tremble because of that...... NOW, IF SHE ended up with SE JOO, she wouldnt have the same son because FATHERs carries the genes of a child! (I'm a doctor btw)..... And if yall still push with SEE JOOO, ending up with Mi Rae, then yall still on denial....

lara For me mirae ended up with se joo why? The child was not mirae but her brother which has the same name gun, so the picture in the pandora box was not her son. 2nd it was clear that mirae loved him bcoz she kept the ring meaning although she tell sj that he can change hes mind in the future , sj letting her keep the ring is an indication that no matter what happen he will come back for her plus the back hug... now shes a successful writer she is ready for sj and can give something in return for him... not a fan of yongwa but i think she ended up with hes character...there were many indication that mi rae had change her life for the the future..

CHarrie Im a fan of Yong Hwa the reason I watch it... the story is kind of boring no excitement, and the ending it so confusing. sorry it was just my opinion after watching all the episodes

Emilyn Cañares i think mi rae ended up with park se joo because park se joo said he will not go straight to his house because to will go somewhere that is to meet mi rae. It said that mi rae ajumma's future is different with mi rae present though some things are the same but their future is different. A bit confusing and i felt they should showed who she ended up with. :)

megha ahmed The whole story was good.just the ending was confusing.Mi ray kept the ring of PSJ and told she will work hard to be his perfect partner. the baby she had was not her but his brothers.But again she told Kim shin she may date him,maybe not.really confusing!!! But all in all,i loved the drama.including the ending. Because the choice is mine with whom i want to see Miray.and in my eyes PSJ was the one for her.....:)

Cisqo Da DON all yonghwa fangirls can always say that mirae ended up with PSJ, but it will never change the truth that mi rae had the same child.. and that clearly means she ended up with Kim Shin.. lol... :D

jung yong jae love the cast.they did a good job (thumbs up even Yong hwa got more mature here and eun-hye love her acting)but hate the storyline..when the story just start to get interesting suddenly it drop with so many ending I don't want to believe she choose Kim Shim. yup got that photo of her son but her nephew got name which suppose to be her son's maybe she choose PSJ..kekeke (I don't care so I will feel this story interesting)

Cisqo Da DON Worst Drama of all time right here..... And for the ending, She ends up with KIM SHIN... They still have the same child... If it was Se Joo it would have been another child because the father carries the genes of a child... -10/10 WORST DRAMA EVER!... Don't waste your time on this garbage..

K-GO I love the casts... they're very good at their craft but I must say this.. SOOOOOOOO Disgusting.. I watched the first episode and I felt the negative energy and I was right.. I had experience a combination of head ache and heart ache.. total waste of TIME!!!!.. I've never watched something as worst as this drama..I'm really sorry. :(

Otirocks Spoil alert: The ending did seem confusing, but how it makes sense to me so here goes nothing. Na mi rae wrote a book about "her choice". Meaning she dosent know what man shes going to choose. Thats why both love interests were in the store at the end buying her book when she so happens to be there after a 3 year break without seeing eachother. That break from seeing her "love interests" helpe her realise that the choice is hers and hers alone. "Meaning she chooses her own destiny". ( which is why she wrote her book NA MI RAE's CHOICE). She dosent know who she wants. It cod be eother one. I hated the ending anyways, but thats just how i took it:) hopethat eara the air for some of u guys:)))

Scene Voleur Totally agree, I do not like the ending also. Although it seems obvious that the lucky guy is Kim Shin. The start was engaging but did not progress well. Too bad.

nadjoong do not blame the writer . the writer already work hard . the writer is same with king 2 hearts drama . maybe the ending was not happen juz like we want . btw its nice drama .

mrp Is this drama a korean version of the Japanese drama, Juunen Saki mo Kimi ni Koishite?

ungu Seriously the last ending of this drama is so .....!! (i'm so speechless right now) and I laughed so desperate waching this drama... i mean, the first few episodes was good (and i think yonghwa will be the main actor) but the ending of this drama was so suck! the actors and actresses did a great job, I feel sorry for the actor and actress.

lia i stopped watching this drama. i had to force myself bt still ended up deciding not to finish this drama. sorry bt it's confusing. the story is not going anywhere. no chemisty, boring, dull. sorry :( the best drama of Yoon Eun-Hye is still coffee prince :)

charm since the story is too much of an open end to speculate and everyone is entitled for their own opinion.Bottomline is ,we can never changed the past(past is past)and never worried too much of the future but perhaps try to live what is today.though, the storyline is a little bit wasted as i try to go along but it gave me an insight that no one can ever dictate what will happen in the future..

Hang Sokharo Finally, I have finished it... Many people said the ending is confusing since they don't know whether Mi Rae married Announcer Kim or Jae Soo. In fact, she actually married Announcer Kim. Please concentrate on her son photo which Past Mi Rae keep it for Future Mi Rae, then you will understand its meaning. Past Mi Rae and Future Mi Rae have the same son!!!

Tine I HOPE I WAS NA MI RAE FROM THE PAST. Cause in that case I should have known that the ending SUCKS! And shouldnt waste my time watching this. The first few episodes was really good , the actors and actresses did a great job but the writer ??? I dont know what to say about the writer, what an ending! Aigooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo i'd earn eyebags cause of this kdrama for nothing..

DEAR WRITER, NEXT TIME WORK HARD. A lot of viewer was so disappointed because of the ending.

pink hmmm... good idea, lots of wisdom, but honestoy I cant really feel the emotional attach between the characters, or is it maybe because all of them also confused? haha definetly one story that I will pick to ponder about when I daydreaming

helena66 The plot seemed interesting at the start but i became so confused and frustrated at the end. If the intention is to make the viewers analyze and decide who was the lucky guy...not everyone is as intelligent to do so....

uhmmmk Despite being a powerhouse cast this drama was a big flop. Its one of those stories where the writer wants to be creatively mysterious kinda like inception story then ends up with only the writer who understands the story while others left confused and feeling unsure. Complete waste of actors, story plot was nice but it was just not developed thus resulting in decreased viewers and constant decline of ratings.

Megura If I can give some suggestion, you should make this drama into movie (should have a clear ending), to correct the wrong idea of this drama ending. and I think it'll help.

rm018 THIS DRAMA SUCKS! Really disappointed :( Even I love all the cast it's just a waste of time

Siia Last episode...Seriously?!

aurelia another weird story.. about the box.. pandora box... it is told that what future mirae did in her past didn't make any change in her future life, example: the contents of the diary didn't change, and no other scar make in her foot .. but why the box that mirae said to open while future mirae backs to her real life is exist??!? it means there is a relationship between their live... weird isn't it?! the writer should be fix that scene I guess...

aurelia and about the box.. pandora box in future mirae's house.. it's told that what future mirae's did in the past when she back doesn't make any change in her future life.. but why the box which mi rae said to open to future mirae when she come back to future is exist... it means their a relation between their life.. another weird...

aurelia it should be a good one drama since the actors are all well known and halyu... and i'm their fans either.. but the story is soooo confused... instead of happy ending it was just gave me confused ending.. whether mirae choose kim shin or se joo.. while mi rae gave se joo hope by saying to se Joo to give her a ring if Se Joo still love her and in kim shin's view, mi rae said that she would date and meet kim shin after he solves his debt... whose mirae chose after all??? weird...

sabin It's the worst drama I ever had watched,confused story. I had lots of expectations from that :( Although I didn't expect from prime minister & i,but it turns to be a good one.

mhiyd there was an ending...if you didn't know

kim shin and na mi rae ended up together... when the last episode ended(referring to na mi rae's face saw someone and smiled), there was a short credit,,after that.. the future na mi rae burrowed the soil near the hedges and received a box which contained pictures of them... after she saw it, a man held her hand(future kim shin, absolutely) :D

Ozmo Took a while to get started and really get into the story. Then I was hooked. A very non-committal ending, almost as if the writers couldn't make up their mind, so did nothing. I was pleasantly surprised and impressed by Yonghwa's performance, understated and conveyed perfectly. But there was no chemistry between any of the leads, and Yoon Eun-hye looked tired throughout. An unusual and cleverly worked story. Worth a look. Thanks to all involved.

d.gray-man hi, i'm watching the drama and i like it! yoon hye and jung yong best actress and actor. thanx for drama and my rank for marry him if you dare is 10/10. i like this drama. i love korean drama .

dadz . . . . .. . . . .if you were given a chance to travel back time and change something in the past, what part of your life is it and why? . . . . . . . . a very suitable question i've learned after watching this drama. and if you read my comment, just kindly answer this one . . .if i were asked by this question , this would be my answer .:"if i were given a chance to travel back time and change something in my past,i would probably refuse to such opportunity because i'm already contented of what GOD has provided me throughout the years of my existence in this world, whether it is good or something that is intricate . . . . we should not destroy the order of the world just to make ourselves happy, not knowing that the people around us are suffering . . . . . . fighting

Syuen Well... The ending's quite weird but it allowed us to complete the story with our own imagination. I think it is better this way as some have different opinions on who she will be choosing. But! I will be rooting for Kim Shin till the very end! Well...that was my opinion.

JJ Future Na Mi Rae is the best!! They learned a lot because of her. Sure she made things confusing but she made every character a better person. Love, friendship, patience, and trust etc just kept growing and their lives became so much better! Also, of course she will choose Kim Shin because they are destined for each other as Se Joo and Yoo kyung are! Plus, Yoo kyung became succesful by her own this time! ;). I'm also happy that the son didn't die and the brother Joo Hyun and Mi Rae stayed with each other since he learned to like Kim Shin!

Magdalena I have finished watching this drama... I think this is a good drama... but honestly I don't like the ending coz did not show who Mi Rae picks at the end. But I think she will pick Kim Shin that Se Joo... since I have seen that Mi Rae is more attached to him and also for the future Mi Rae informed that she will be married with Kim Shin and have a boy named Gun. So what I think that Mi Rae will still pick Kim Shin. But I wonder what happen with Yoo-Kung, I thought that the writer will pair him back with Se-Joo but the ending was Se-Joo is still longing for Mi-Rae. What I seen on the drama is Mi Rae really do not have feelings to Se-Joo, her heart is only for Kim Shin. At the end, future Mi Rae saw that Mi Rae have a child and I think that she will marry Kim Shin as the future predicts... Overall is okay and good but only do not like the ending... Congrats to all characters... ^ ^

meeeeeeeeeeeee i want to say some thing to the writer and director <i hope you read it.. if you or ..see this,i read some of the comments and see this rate that is less than exception.. but i want to say some thing.. why people watch movie or drama? every one have special reason.. someone for watching their favorite idol or actress or actor .. someone just because fill the free time.. someone just because the romantic and romance.. and someone for enjoying,learning ,and see what they maybe didn't see before.. and you should do something your heart say to you.. its not important if all of the viewers don't satisfied should think to your way your kim shin ..just choose correct thing.. i see many side of the life that i didn't notice to them..and maybe if i don't see this drama i make incorrect choice in my life.. but this drama could be better its my idea that you notice to the intellectuality well but you don't pay attention enough to show the deep of the try to show feeling between mi re and her brother well but the feeling between mire and kim shin and seju wasn't enough show just the surface and face expression and simple dialog..but we should touch the actor or actress heart.. 49 days its good example from the good movie that show feeling and have reality and lessons too.. ant a bout the end..I've surprised because the open ending that have really goal in it.. if mire choose kim shin or seju people concentrate to their feeling a bout it but now the could see some thing more than it..this help to support your idea..koomao..nomo koomao...

Carro I started watching the drama mostly because of Yoon Eun Hye and Jung YongHwa, but I don't like the ending, I'm sorry. She should've picked Yonghwa's character.

Megura I end up watch this drama 2 weeks ago. and this scenario really unique. I ever do like this, I write some novel and never write down the ending. because I think, every people will have their own will and their own perspective. and I let people to choose what the best ending that they really want to imagine. but, now, i thought doing this like a chicken. maybe its just the way I am playing save. don't want to be criticized by audiences. What I learned is, every story should have an ending. we have to struggle until the end to see what the ending will be. That's the point of striving of excellent. and again, every people have their own perspective. I did not judge anyone, its just my humble opinion.

alan wong as i'm a fan of yoon eun hye, my review would be slightly biased where i would dare say she managed to portray her character well from a clueless & happy-go-lucky call centre girl to a frightful & tense lady whom is not able to take charge of her life due to the divinations given by the future MiRae plus being 'forced' to like jung yung hwa...

hence, i really enjoyed watching this drama as the writer is questioning us viewers should we change what we are doing now if we know what the future lies ahead or stubbornly stick with our old ways which was well portrayed by lee dong gun..

ordinaryhuman I have learnt a lot about life in this drama. It showed me that I'm the one who will decide what my future would be. If we put such a high dream to be achieved, we should strive for it until we succeed. This drama is not like other typical korean love drama, it is more to show how we do manage our life, for us not to regret what have we done in the past, I don't think we should blame the ending for the whole episode, the most important is I've got something to learn :)

afrooz Woow.that was one of the best k dramas I've ever seen.I really liked it.thank you all the cast and staffs.all did well.I think every drama must have a lesson at the end.and this drama has a wonderful lesson.I was so worried about my future too.but I learned that I must'nt worry about the future or sad about the past.I just have to try hard now to have a good future.I don't regret for watching it.but also so happy and satisfied.I think the ending is not that important.and it wasn't sad at all but also has a happy ending.again thanks.we hope to see dramas like this in the future too.nomoo kamsamida.younghwa oppa do saranghaeyo.fightiiiing^_^ Marry Christmass^_^


this is not a sad ending as what others say. I have highs standards for dramas and i dont like ordinary romcom dramas. This drama is still different from the other ordinary dramas. I dont see why others cant see the moral lesson in this drama. Arent you used to dramas that have a hanging ending? you cant have every drama end in the common way you want.

Based on the bad comments i thought this will be as disastrous as big. But no. I have a smile on my face with it's ending.

bang shil This drama is different than other Kdrama that I watch and I enjoyed it but the ending its very disappointed bcoz i don't know who's Mi rae choose

Love Mirae's Choice... This drama is interesting... quite goods, have different story line... but wondering why rating is so low??? huhu... I have read all comment below, I thought this drama kind a boring, but actually this one of my favorite drama... although some people doesn't like and don't understand the ending, but I do understand...I like the ending... :-) when the future Mirae open the box with the key that present Mirae give, her son didn't die, but grow up to be good man. Not happen as what future Mirae's son...

"You can't change the past, but you can make the future a life with present..."

Future This drama is interesting... quite goods, have different story line... but wondering why rating is so low??? huhu... I have read all comment below, I thought this drama kind a boring, but actually this one of my favorite drama... although some people doesn't like and don't understand the ending, but I do understand...when the future Mirae open the box with the key that present Mirae give... "You can't change the past, but you can make the future a life with present..."

Ady Will there be a sequel? I hope so and i hope she picks Se Joo.....

rlight really?!!!!!!!!!!none of them?!!!i don't wanna watch the last 2 episode any more :((

Sonia I cant accept this ending . I feel so stupid for wasting my time enjoying this worst ending drama . Maybe only the writer understand the ending. When the 1st eps of this drama released . I'm having an important examination. I was so sad then . I am so happy when I start watch this drama after my exam month ending . However this drama such a good traitor !!! Oh My Goodness what are you feeling right now viewers . I'm feeling so bad right now . Can I be the future "Na Mi Rae" too so that I can avoid this drama earlier ???? huuuuhhh !!!!

Angry Anonymous I love all the actors in this drama . Eun Hye , Dong Gun , Yong Hwa . I expect more than this . But the ending make me mad and crazy . They do not even have a climax. What is the moral value of this drama actually? Dissapointed so much !!!!! horrible !!! disaster !!!!

LuLa Definitely NOT one of my favorite K-Drama. The scenes and story are rather boring. I'm a huge fan of Eun-Hye and Yong-Hwa but not in this drama. Sorry...

Dianne I really enjoyed this show -- everything except the ending. I just can't believe that they received such low rankings as the chart above shows!!! Perhaps they were against stiff competition from shows on other channels in their same time slot???!!! I hope that was the reason because this wasn't that bad of a drama...

c_u_t_e_13 i think that she ended up still with kim shin because at the end she would still want to go back from the future where she came from...though the ending left us hanging but still this drama is not that bad at all.

dadz i'm excited to watch this because of yun eun hye. as i've read others' comment' it was a good drama though, but the ending is not that interesting. .

rachel The final episode is 16th...? Oh my god I didn't know y this episode is the final cuz itn't clear about actors???? I love this movie but the end of it very bad I wish I didn't watch this movie if I knew about the end of it likethis...!

SARRAHYAS I thought this was scheduled to be 20 episodes drama? its not enough!!!! why end it in 16 episodes?

Meow The ending was bittersweet but it was okay cause if I would of saw mi rae with kim shin, God would I have considered it the worst drama! For me and my memory she stayed with se joo

Pookiethedog The first few episodes were the best! There were some sweet moments between Kim Shin and Mi Rae, and Se Joo and Mi Rae. For the first 7-8 episodes, Mi Rae, Kim Shin, Se Joo and Yoo Kyeong were truly the main characters. But then, the screen time between Mi Rae and Kim Shin got shorter and shorter, and the only interaction he had was either with Future Mi Rae or NTN's CEO's daughter. It's as if the writers pushed Kim Shin to the side and Se Joo became the main guy -.- As the show progressed (episodes 10ish), I felt like the story lost its focus, it wasn't on the "love" relationship between the two "leads" anymore. I expected at least 2-3 kisses between Mi Rae and Kim Shin, because there are ALWAYS kisses between the main characters...boy was I disappointed. It seems like for once, the writers decided to pair up the female lead and the "supporting" male character, Se Joo, though it's unsure whether or not they ended up together... I have a strong feeling that the original storyline was somehow modified during the filming of the drama, maybe because the ratings were so low.. Also, the last 2 episodes felt kind of rushed, maybe if the drama was extended by 1 or 2 more episodes, the ending would've been better? Anyways, this drama didn't let me down completely but I think it would've been better if the writers stuck with the usual main lead-female lead happy ending.

herbmom Honestly, this drama was just boring. It doesn't matter who she ended up with. She would probably always have Kim Shin in her heart, but he didn't have the courage of his convictions in his personal life. She could develop feelings for Se Joo, but he was a wuss the whole show. I really didn't care after the first few episodes. There was an underlying theme of the importance of truth in broadcasting, but a lack of it in their own lives. YEH is an amazing actress and she carried the show. Everyone else was one-dimensional and boring. Just my $.02.

1025_th i ve been waiting for the each ep every week but what i got is a boice n i love yong hwa but i didnt see the chemistry between se joo n mi i prefer kim shin for mirae..beside that the lead actor is lee dong gun n since the 1st tym mirae only had eyes for kim shin n they r love each other so it is not our fault if we wants mirae ended up with kim shin.

SungJun's the most fair ending.. good ending..

Alex I just finished watching the drama and I personally liked the ending. The fact that it didn't show who Na Mi Rae married, whether it be Kim Shin or Se Joo, was unexpected and yes, a bit frustrating, but awesome. Obviously we all wanted to know who she would pick, but that wasn't the center of the story. What had spun future Na Mi Rae's life around had been the death of her son, Gun, and it was from that moment on that her life went down hill which lead to her going back in time. So, it does frustrate me to not know who it was, but really, I liked both Kim Shin and Se Joo. Had it been one or the other, I would have been disappointed in some way. But this ending allows the viewer to fill in the gap to their liking while being reassured that Na Mi Rae's son grows up to a fine looking young man and she's with the man she loves, who ever that may be...

bsm The pictures in pandora's box were from Gun.. Na mi rae's brother!!!! so she was showing him that he grew up to be a handome boy :) and that they didn't stop talking to each other as it happenned with the future na mi rae and her brother!

EllpourEll I don't know why people are so angry about ! If she ended with Kim shin, you would say that the story was predictable. If she ended with Se-joo other people would be mad. So I think the end was good, the fact that Mi-rae didn't marry Kim shin or Se-joo is very good ! I really enjoy this drama. Why should her marry Se-joo? She didn't like him that much. I think the story is the best that way ! Thank you

Ps: Sorry for bad english :(

Valerie 안ㄴㅋThey did a good job at the end but,,who does she see they need to tell me before I go crazy over it.Other then that it was amazing .감사 ㅎ마 니 다 producers and writes. i love u all.You did good .BYE

wt gosh, an ending with no ending. what is this? i feel like i'd been fooled. why not seju? ....

May She chooses someone, we just don't know who. If you look closely, the man at the beginning of the photos is a teenager. I think that's actually her son grown up - especially since as older Na Mi Rae flips through them, the baby gets younger. Also, I agree with the poster who said if it's an alternate universe, the box shouldn't be there. That was just sloppy writing...

yu me i don't want to watch the last 2 episode na. base on your reaction it was disappointing! :( really she doesn't marry none both kimshin and seejoo? waaaaaaaaaaaa

oh min ji I can't believe how stupid the end was thank you writer jja jeung na

SweetGiRL If you keep watching at the very end of ep 16 after showing the pictures of the crew, there is a clip of when Mi Rae in the future opens a Pandora's box that past Mi Rae buried in front of their house. In that box, there are pictures, a picture of an unknown guy, with past Mi Rae and her baby which is "Gun". Which means she end up with a different guy. I am so disappointed!!!!! This is really Mi Rae's Choice, very disappointing ending because I am hoping for Se Jo to marry her because when they say goodbye to each other, she said, give back the ring to me if he still like her when that time comes. But why??? she has to end up with another guy... Oh man... I won't be able to sleep.......I want Se Jo to be with her in this parallel universe. So when young Mi Rae said to Ajumma before she went back, "we can't changed the past but we can change the future" is this the hint that she will not choose from them but just be somebody who has a good career and marry someone else.... awwwwwww... buhuhuhu

hyekyo Woooo what's that ending?? Did Mi Rae saw Kim Shin and Se Joo at the same place? I don't get it... did she end up with no one?:( i wish she end up with Kim Shin oppa.. coz they are destined to each other right.

tayoong I just want to say that yonghwa did a great job playing his character and would always watch whatever drama he will be on!! So does all the other main cast as well! But the main characterization esp the leading lady is so timid and YEH is good at delivering that kind of character but a little bit of anger and spunk would not have been misplaced the way KS character always verbally rejected her! ugh.She was always nauseatingly nice even when she was stood up and further rejected the next day( even if the guy has reason behind the way he behaved.. still..) the next scene she was always the one who calls or run after KS character..ugh again!! 3 years after( famous author and hopefully a stronger character?) hence " the future's choice"... KS who won against NTN and should be free of the million debt vs PSJ who told her to hold on to the ring in the hope that later on she would be able to really SEE him as someone she can be with. Her character is too weak to choose what her heart has already chosen for her hence the "hanging" feeling" at the end for me as it should not have been!! We all know who she wants to be with!! Oh well this drama did bring out a lot of controversial opinions!... if that's what this drama was trying to do then it did a good job!!

Tiho Crappy ending!! Too boring. And the whole time travel plot was ruined... Original concept but terrible handling. If nothing was going to change then what was the point of the whole mess of Ajhuma coming to the past? Only thing I enjoyed was watching the relationship between oppa and Ahjuma. Also the fact that Oppa got married and had Children. But I'm glad that Yoo Kyung did not get Sejoo!! To me she was a golddigger. I Would Like to see Eun Hye in a different role. I'm tired of seeing her mope around and cry all the time. She should play an evil role... a really bad villain or something like that

kl27 Dear writers of MHIYD , what a horrible ending! Thanks for wasting 32 hours of MY life just to see Mi Rae end up with no one! Everyone stayed single except for Mi Rae's oppa! The only thing that kept me watching was Eun Hye's fabulous acting! Why call it "Marry him if you dare" if she marries nobody! Concept was horrible and what was up with the "parallel universe ” ..I'm just happy I don't have to waste another Monday watching

maria elena stress drama...stress 's love tittle ??? beginning until ending...blurrr...ha3...dissappointed

Keybored Monkey Hello... I have came back from the last episode. I'm here to review. First off, Misleading title. The translation of the title is Mirae's Choice. I have no idea who the heck changed or thought it would be wise to title it Marry him if you dare. This does however attract many international viewer so... ANYWAYS, second, the genre type they go for targets teen (girls) hence the negative opinions. Third, letting them comment get to you. Definitely a great drama if you have time to spare. Though thus is a drama notorious for its flaws, it's enjoyable as well. Happy watching! :D

DramaKing Please Yong Hwa, stop taking acting roles and just focus on music. The only reason he is getting main roles is because he's an idol. But, the ending makes no god damn sense, we are told that there are parallel universes, so how in the world does future mi-rae find that chest in her time when she never buried it in the first place? This has to be one of the worst endings i've seen in years. This drama has more plot holes than the Terminator series, thank god it only ran for 16 episodes. Best actor in this drama award goes to Oh Jung-Se, he was one of the small bright points of this drama. Yoon eun hye is great as usual, she's the only actress that can rock that perm and still look decent. lol.

Kay @sq, I went back to check that out. I believe you're right. Without getting KS fans all shook up, the writer sneaked in those clues and only the observant, such as yourself, picked them up. Thanks for sharing.

LJ I really wanted to like this drama because Eun-Hye and thought the plot had an interesting story but just, ugh. Romantic comedy? Where was the comedy? It seemed depressing as hell. And if present Mi-Rae has no affect on the future Mi-Rae, how was she able to get Pandora's box? It doesn't make sense. This drama had so much promise, but totally dragged on and didn't have much of an ending. I did like that Mi-Rae decided to focus on herself and try to be a better person instead of relying on someone else, but wish that the drama had wrapped up with Mi-Rae and whomever (Kim Shin or Park Se-Joo) meeting at the end and starting up their relationship now that they both had matured and became better people.

5o5 Arrgghh! I can't believe I spent ~16 hours watching a drama with such an ending? did the writer of the drama him/herself not know how to solve the puzzle which he/she made? The parallel universe theory? let aside not letting the characters explain it shortly so that it can be understood by the watchers, why did you not apply it afterwards? the old Mi Rae found out that she will not change her future, that means she shouldn't find the box which the past Mi Rae hid in the garden! Also, the future (old) Kim Shin visited the past (young) Kim Shin and told him a different future than what the ahjimma told. Shouldn't he be surprised by that a little? or ask how did Mi Rae die? If Mi Rae is still single, why Kim Shin, Park Se-Joo and Seo Yoo-Kyung seemed to remain single? I mean, they are old enough to think of having a family. No one would stop at the same point for years like that (in my opinion). And yeah, the ahjimma seemed so weak and old as she grew old very qiuckly when she stayed all those days tin the past, and then she risked her life to travel to her original time (future) again, umm, shouldn't you at least show a really wrinkleeeed face (if you don't want to kill the char)? I am really disappointed. There were many things I wanted to point out but it no use, nothing will change. If a second season is made, I will not watch it because the first one was really disappointing..

Good luck,

neko_chan I really hate such endings... the same was with sunshie girl which I watched. how can somebody end a drama without proper ending?! i really don;t get it.

The drama wasn't high - level but I liked it. sometimes it was interesting and ajumma was really funny.the rest of the cast also did their best. I really like Eun Hye but how could they finish in that way :( disappointed. I would be much much better if more heart and attention was given to the script.

some people sholdn't write scripts if they don't have ideas...

Black Dog I've just ended watching this drama. I wasn't utterly disappointed or bored, but it certainly had its flaws. The premise was wonderful, however, the delivery... so-so. I was glad to see the overarching theme delivered till the end - that Mi Rae, in fact, didn't need a man to fullfill her dreams. I knew it'd be her choice to choose neither, yet my heart still ached when she offered Se Joo to take back the ring. Actually, the ending was perfect in some sense, since her relationship with Kim Shin went nowhere (really, there was no fire there), meanwhile Se Joo had all this time and effort and feeling invested in her.

Yong-hwaOppa Yong-hwa all the way:)

Darla I can deal with a lot of things like Mi-Rae accepting ring. I was still willing to go along with the plot. But the ending UTTER DISAPOINTMENT. The writer was average to begin with but the just straight SPLAT! How sad! Ugh!

Leechic I want Yong Hwa nd Hyun Hye to end up together . Please!

Miss ST ahhh finally this drama came to its end...I feel like I wasted my time watching this drama as well as I pity myself for waiting upcoming episodes every week just to know which guy will get Eun Hye. Such a depressing ending.. I felt like writers didn't put their heart while writing this drama. How could they disappoint viewers like that? Please its a request to all the drama writers, kindly think from the point of view of viewers who attach themselves with the characters of drama and how eagerly they wait for the meaningful ending of the whole journey they made with those characters.

SQ Believe MR ended up with PSJ. If you notice the last photo at the end, MR was posing with the baby in a background that has European-style gilded wood furnishings which seems more appropriate with PSJ's background. This style is also similar to PSJ's office in YSB. The baby in the photo also doesn't look quite like SJ and MR's baby in episode 12. This baby seems less cheerful and has down-turned lips.

SQ Believe she ended up with PSJ. If you notice the last photo which she took with her baby, the background looks like those European-style furnishing with gilded wood, which seems more appropriate with PSJ's family background. Plus his office at YSB is made in similar style. The baby in the last photo also doesn't look like KS and MR's child back in episode 12; this baby looks less cheery and has downturn lips.

Yongshin Bye... Marry Him if You Dare. Viewers, are you satisfied and entertained with this drama? De or Anneyo? I wonder what's really the original ending of this. Whatever it is, I am just 100% happy that it's over. My ordeal is now ended. This is totally, below the rating. My friends and my sister are right. I'm happy that now I can focus on Empress Ki. Ok guys,I am joining you now in watching The Heirs back to back with Empress Ki. I really highly recommend these two k-dramas. Adios! We just have to wait if what awards this drama will get. Super disappointed. In Tagalog, sayang lang ang drama. If the story line has a great impact and strong plot and not abrupt like Mi-Rae accepting right away the ring of Se Joo, what's that? She gave up right away not even trying to seek the truth and the reason. Come on, even though this is just a movie show some reality naman, di ba?

Josie Sigrid Villareal ahhhhhhh... I hate it.. why? I want a clear ending.. but, I think the author change the ending into an unclear one, so that the audience will be the one to guess, also because the aura seems to fall between Eun Hye and Yong Hwa, when in fact the main lover supposedly are Eun Hye and Dong Gun (opinion only)

Yongshin One last episode to watch but no enthusiasm at all. I read from some comments in the good drama, that the ending will be neither of the two Kim Shin & Se Joo end up with Mi-Rae. What? Oh dear, if this is the case, what's the use of the title? I'm sorry to say that this drama really doesn't appeal to me all the way. It was ok in the beginning but towards the ending, no sense already. Viewers, this is the end of our choice. The writer is going nuts with us, so probably that's why the ending is hanging up in the air. You have to continue if you still want it. Me, nope, sorry, this is not one of the best drama for this year. I guess for Yong Hwa, I was not fully moved on his portrayal of emotions. He acts more and can move peoples emotion if he is being paired or cast with Shin Hye. I guess he needs to learn more techniques if he needs to proceed in acting. I hope Eun Hye will choice a better drama next time like the one of I Miss You and Goong. Lee Dong-Gun, this is your come back drama and you did a good. I thought you're the lead man in this drama but I guess not. Well, Seo Yoo has changed alot in her character and she did it well. At first I don't like her in the beginning but when transformation came, I like her. To all the casts, producers, writer, etc. Thanks for producing this drama. Expect many comments. That's how showbiz is. You want to please all but I guess you didn't achieve it.

TITA And the worst screenwriting award of this year goes to........... Mary Him If You Dare "writer Nim.....Hong Jin-Ah! " BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...........

Warning for the future : Please check for this writer's name before watching any Korean Drama to avoid wasting your precious time over it.

Harumi I guess they dont want to disappoint the viewers if she didnt end up with yonghwa. Bcoz i absolutely agree that we all wanted the leading ladies to end up with Yonghwa! Haha! Why not make another drama where he is the main actor like another Heartstring, i guess we'll all be happy then. Im watching it bcoz of Yong. Hehe. Sooo love Yonghwa!

Sunnie I guess the point is she ends up happy. She had a kid... That's all she wanted the ajumma to know... She didn't say with who though, ugh!! Ummmm.... I guess she lived her life and we should live ours too not thinking of the future just the present. I still hope she ended up with Yonghwa!! LOL

Naz i got that Mirae's coming isn't useful and destroy the four lifes and loves.we result coming back in the past isn't good and doesn't bring the right things.i think in the end ,ajumma wants Mirae to be Kim's my thought.what do you think?

Okty She picked Kim Shin, If you think about it, the future MR and the present MR were not the same person because the present MR went off track and (kinda) dated SJ. But how did she get the pictures near the end? The writer probably left it like this and thought it was a brilliant ending, everyone hates it instead lol. A dude here, I wasn't rooting for anyone.

Nadia Are u f%#}~ng kidding me with that stupid ending,and I thought the heirs was weak story,but this drama break the record ,just bad bad

yoloswag Just finished watching the last episode and i have to say, this takes the cake for worst Drama of 2013.The writing is terrible, I've written better Fanfiction than this... They should change the drama's title to "Watch this Drama if you Dare"lol. Cheers guys, at least we still have Heirs to watch and Empress Ki is not as bad as i thought it would be. Onward to 2014, where new dramas are.

Rini Blah ... I watched these dramas because of YEH and Yong Wa.... Don't understand the ending... What does the writer want to write ??? I bet the writer wanted the leading ladies to be with the leading male but since the whole Korea wanted the leading ladies with Yong Wa --- maybe it's better to end it like this !!! Nobody with nobody ! ha ha ha ha ha .... One of YEH miserable drama... Still rooting for Yong Wa !!!! Cool hairstyle at the end of episode ! Love it ! :) :) :) : )

charli That was the worst. I am upset I wasted those hours of my life.

Karen Totaly hate the ending. I wanted to know who she was going to end up with. I expected little more. I am very dissapointed.

Kay Whoa, a total surprise ending. You are still left hanging, however, thinking MR just might still choose one of the guys in the future. I'm at least glad that YK didn't snag SJ. Also, why did they wait till the end to give MR a decent hairdo?

Kay @Yoloswag, I love that you are giving a guy's perspective. Too bad we don't have more male comments--or more people owning up to being guys who watch dramas. This show lacks in so many ways. The writer has used the shop worn premise, which guy will the lead actress end up with, and writes in such a way that from episode to episode you find your self flip flopping as to who that will be. This being done to drive the girlies into rooting for their favorite male lead. Bringing in the time travel/parallel universe thing is just a cheap filler. Nobody is stretching their acting abilities here, that's for sure.

yoloswag First of all i'm a dude, and that doesnt mean i'm jealous or anything, i know talent when i see it, i.e:lee min ho, jang geum suk, lee sueng gi, and many more. I got to say this is one of eun hye's worst drama ever. Even vineyard man was better than this, but for that i blame the writers. Only reason I'm seeing this til the end is because of YEH. Secondly thank god yung hwa turned down the role in Heirs because he would have killed that drama. I was waiting to see yung hwa prove me wrong and that he's main guy material, but his acting is still terrible, no emotions, flatlined, and mono tone. Kang min hyuk barely gets any screen time in the dramas he's in, and he shows more emotions and feelings than yung hwa did in 3 dramas, maybe he need to ask KMH for some pointers. Lol, but this drama was terrible, it started so strong with so much potential, but the writers, like netizens like to say "went full retard", never go full retard. No development of relationship what so ever. They laid an egg on this one. Ratings of 1-5, I give it a 2, anydrama that has YEH in it automatically gets a 2. Flame suit on.

xxooxx I definitely want mirae and PSJ to get together! The only reason why I'm still watching this show is to see what she says!

Patty I hoped Na Mi-Rae ends up with Se Joo. :) density is always changing and it would be nice to saw that. Really love this drama tho! I'm sad that there is just one more eps. tho.

Temp CN Blue Fan Hmmmm, Lee Dong Gun is not really my kind of guy. So i hoped Na Mi-Rae ends up with Se Joo instead. Drama is often so predictable when the main actor and actress always ends up together.. So this time i hope the writer could give us some surprises instead (:

Yong hwa x Eun Hye ! Fighting!! (:

caroline i'm not a fan neither of Lee Dong-Gun or Jung Yong-Hwa. so i'll keep my opinion on the caracters they play. if the writers wanted to keep the NMR KS couple they shouldn't make PSJ fall for her. so this has changed.why not NMR choice?? i support the NMR PSJ couple. at least he was always there for her. KS didn't move a finger to change something or be kind to her. what hapens? he comes in the last ep with a bunch of flowers and say sorry and thats it? everyone want KS now becouse they are sorry for him? that would suck after 15 ep where there was not a love story. a guy who doesn't fight for the girl does not deserve her so LIFE GOES ON. there was a kdrama where the guy came back from the future to make the girl he love fall for him and was a happy ending. so this drama should have happy ending too for NMR PSJ.

a CN blue Fan~ I hoped that Na Mi-Rae could end up together with Se Joo. Sometimes, it's good to have a change too. I like surprises where the main lead actress end up with the co-actor instead. Because it's usually the co-lead that makes your heart thump and make you feel that love is all so beautiful!!! Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Please end the series with Yonghwa and Eun-Hye! So that i can finish this series with a big smile plastered on my face ):

Yongshin Finally, one episode left. Make the ending be the same couple as the future. Kim Shin & Na-Mirae or else what's the point of showing & telling us the future? Again and I say this again, what is the future is the future, changing your partner just to your own benefit & afraid of death is not love at all. Na-Mirae, your future husband is not want you think he is, arrogant, etc. People says that Kim Shin will never change but can you see his improvement? Do you think Na-Mirae will be happy if he marry Se Joo? Wake up Na-Mirae. If the ending is Na-Mirae & Se Joo, I am not surprise if many will not watch this drama again. Honestly,I am the only survivor among my friends and even my sister stopped watching this. I persevere because of Jong Yung Hwa and with the hope that Na-Mirae will still accept Kim Shin with a brighter future. If I will rate this, it will be 6 out of 10. So long for the next drama of Yong Hwa. Better get a drama that will enhance your acting skill something fun, cute and with strong personality.

Naz if something should have happaned,it had why you flight around?the final episode is tomorrow.don't give fallacy ideas beacuse of your favorite actor. i want Mirae and Kim Shin be together so it's correct if not we can't choose any thing beacuse we don't know what happend in the future and we can't live with a lot of regrets for the past and future.we have to correct our mistakes in the future not the past.i don't say that beacuse i am a lee dong gun's fan,i really believe that and do that.if Sejoo was Kim Shin,i want Mirae and Kim shin be together.this drama is so great for me.i learn many things about life.i really congradulate and thank to the director and writer for that.if we can't dare to do sth we can't live and enjoy that.

blanche I really like this kdrama, but I suggest that if they decide to choose announcer kim shin for na mirae again, I guess that the flow of the story will get ruined. And how will you chose again kim shin if your future tells you not to go to that decision again. It will be nonsense right? Someone who is arrogant, cold and doesnt know where is his place over a kind, sweet and a man eho will be therr for you

Adriana I like the drama. New Destiny was create by the changes Na mirae did to the past. I would like Park Se-Joo and Na Mi-Rae to be together. He love her and she has good to start loving him. I hope for a great finally.

nadia Hello I said it before, and now I want to emphasize on kim shin-Mi rae couple. please kim shin is oppressed.

naz hello. i want Mirae and KimShin be toghether.destiny is destiny,if you will have a difficult life in the future you cant't change that but if you can change yourself not your love.

Yongshin While waiting for the two episodes for this to end, I am watching Empress Ki in good drama. Wow, it's so... nice, learning the history of the imperial dynasty of korea. If you like history, this is the best drama I would recommend. Sorry for promoting this in this site. I'm just starting to get bored. Just end this drama already. Kim Shin & Mi-Rae be together. If not, the story doesn't make sense at all. If this happens in reality, well, those who will end up getting married in the future and knowing who will it be and have a difficult life, if you are given a chance to go back in the past, would you change your husband just to live comfortably and with no death involve? If this will happen in this drama that Mi-Rae will end with Se Joo, although this is just a fiction, the reality and truth doesn't change. Scriptwriter, better stick to who are the lead actors & actress because that's how it was portrayed in the story. To all the staff and actors & actresses, thanks for entertaining us although I would say, this is not the best drama I've watched.

Rinz why the heirs is here? :p watch the heirs after eps 3, i bet you like it much.. MHIYD is damn good in eps 1-3, but i dont want watch it anymore before i know the ending. lol mirae must ending with se joo, they are look good together :(

aida dont like the drama if ending kim shin and mi rae. the drama is ridiculos...

maria elena All of korean dramas were same...the female actress who kiss with the male actor in the title's drama, they will be a couple in the end of the episodes of the film. So, in this drama : Kim Shin will be happy ending with mirae...eventhough we want mirae with se joo..

Berry I really ship yong hwa and eun hye unni! Please let them be together! They are so cuteeee together, whyyyyyyy? TT

Kay Two more episodes is plenty. This writer has jerked our chains long enough!

hyekyo For me since episode 1 it was really fantastic and awesome! I don't care about the ratings. I appreciate each and every of this drama.. i don't know but I'm do hooked up with this drama. Maybe because I like the 2 leading men..:) their acting was so natural. In heirs, I only watched episode 1 and 2. I got bored. And the story goes out with all the rich people. I don't know what's the story about. Sorry for the heirs' fans out there hehehe.. but I really preferred MHIYD..:)

tibetlover I can't believe this show isn't doing as good as Heirs or even better. I think this show has more depth than Heirs. I hope people will realize how good this show is soon enough! I love the emotional rollercoaster this drama takes you on. It's mostly fun but some very tear jerking moments. The casting was done phenomenally! I hope there's atleast 20 episodes!!

Pearl What if Mirae's love for Shin is because of what Ajumma told her about her future? I mean... If you watch the series again, Se Joo and Mirae has more sweet screen times than Shin and her.... Much more memories that they share. But seriously, if the writer decides that Shin and Mirae ends up together I don't think 2 episodes is enough to show how they patched up and healed.... Still, I ship Se Joo and Mirae, he knows how to treat a girl special, going out of his way ALL the time just to make her smile....

Aquinnah From my perspective I enjoy watching this drama not only because I like YEH and the actors, but I find it interesting because it made me curious of what will happen in the end. Not like dramas here in my country that you can guess right away what will happen in the end. YEH for me, is one of the best South Korean actresses I like because she can make me laugh and cry when she acts. Thanks Korean Dramas and YEH ! God Bless! Hope to watch more YEH dramas in the near future!

Tse Yoo eun hye is bad actress. She is acting same in every movie. She is looking like stammerrer , panicky and eyes looking same everytime. This movie absurd because of her.

Yongshin I read from some of the comments about the "Water" event thing that signifies that Se Joo met Mi-Rae first with that incident and fall in love with her but Mi-Rae didn't. So, what? Can you dictate and force love? If that's what you call destiny, I'm sorry to say it's not, because it's a one-sided love and it's not yet time for Mi-Rae to fall in love that time. She fell in love with Kim Shin instead. Try to figure out why she did & why her love for him is constant. Even though Se Joo cared and show his love for her, it didn't waver her love for Kim Shin. So, if the director or script writer will use that as basis of making an ending of Mi-Rae and Se Joo together, it's a big NO... NO... and it will destroy the whoe concept of the story. If you want to end it that way, well,make another story. As simple as that.

lmd i totally hate this story. i fall asleep.....i meanmake up your mind woman!

Miosotis Traducción DR live, and I am fan of Korean dramas, but this one has captivated me, it's a shame that not happen here, I have to see them on the internet! I love the couple of Na Mi Rae And See Joo!! I hope their can be together at the end of series!! I'll be follow up, waiting chapter 15 And 16 anxiously.

Keybored Monkey Episode 14 was fantastic! After this, we know 100% sure who she would end up with. For those waiting for the "water" scene where Mirae is saved by Se Joo, they used this at the perfect time. Hang onto your hopes! For those who want Kim Shin to end up with Mirae, you too!! About 2 more episode left till they untangle this organized mess XP

!!!Read here newcomers!!!  :D I definitely recomment this drama to those who are dedicated and patient. Just keep in mind that this isn't a high school drama! There is no physical fights but there is psychological battles. It's a sweet-innocent drama. Don't let negative comments influence your opinion on the drama or whether to watch it. You are plenty capable of doing that yourself! If you previously watched Coffee Prince, this is a good follow up. You should watch this in spare time also! Happy watching :D

Love this EP14. I love to see Mi Rae end up with Se Joo, and Kim Shin with VP of NTN that would be much better. EP14 is the best one.

Yongshin Two episodes left, Yehey! almost done! The long awaited ending. Kim Shin and Mi-Rae will still end together as future Mi-Rae will fix the effects of what she did, realizing that the events that happened to her is that she will still marry Kim Shin but with a brighter future. Please script writer, make this a happy ending for both Kim Shin & Mi-Rae with full of hope. For those who are still wishing for Se Joo to end up with Mi-rae, that will not be possible, you're contradicting the meaning of love. True love is true love, not a one sided love. Good job for the writer to end ep. 14 with a thrill. Guess what will happen next, Kim Shin will drop the pen and not sign the contract because he remembered what future Na-mIrae told him. Future Mi-rae will stop Mi-Rae from accepting Se Joo's proposal. Then everything will be fixed. Happy ending, right? Sigh.. once this ends, I will not watch this again. Sorry Yong Hwa, this is not your best shot but I would say you had improved. Many things to learn in acting. next time, choose the lead role w/ Park Shin Hye. Many of the Yong Shin fans are waiting for both of you to do a drama.

naz I really wish MiRae will end up with Kim Shin.i hate ajumma beacuse she uses herself for her profits in the future .it's too awful.

ohho Oh seriously..why dont they give us preview for ep 15?i dunno but i think 16 ep is not enough to see kim shin-mi rae or even se joo-mi rae to develop their relationship..aishshishishi..and as @jun said,im also curious what will happened to them.i think eventhough mi rae end up with se joo she will have the same fate no matter do kim shin.or maybe their fate can be changed a bit if only they change their character?r..hmm.. since i ship mi rae and kim shin i just hope they will end up togeher at the end.kekeke

shabby I want to see the happy endin of Yoon Eun Hye ang Jung Yong Hwa... go,go,go fighting... hope to see yonghwa and eunhye more drama together looking for the next tandem....

Jun aigoo.. i got more curious with this drama.. event the future mirae back to the past.. theres nothing change.. kim shin still will die? in the end kim shin will end up with mirae? or mirae with se joo? im going crazy to wait the two last episode next week.. no matter who will end up with mirae.. i still love this drama because of YEH.. her skills in acting is really2 good.. daebak.. hope she will have more drama next year.. saranghae YEH..

Daniela I like this Drama and of course I adore YEH. I'm really curious about the ending. I can not believe that missing just two episodes. I loved all the actors. And I hope to see soon a new drama with YEH and Lee Dong Gun. C'mon please KISS her!!!

MiraeSaranghae Look! I don't want to do anything till ep 15 n 16 aired. I'm going crazy just for this drama. One and only, I hope that seju and mirae will end up together and have geon so that mirae's oppa will be happy

sejumirae Seju and mirae will make a cute couple. They look alike:) tht's fate

Arabelle I want happy ending for Seju and end up with Mirae such a beautiful couple!

hyekyo I really love their acting.. so natural! Koreans are the best♥

Marjorie vasquez I just a few words to say, I would like for na mi re to stay with se joo they make a cute couple. It will be better if they stay at the end, kim she just be friends with na mi re:D it will be the best ending she is really a nice person and hansome looking. Well thank you and wish ya the best with the drama good luck sbs"! Fighting".

Min Love YEH so much. She's so nice. Good job

hyein SYK should end up with PSJ.. she sincerely loves SJ.. even before she knows that SJ is a rich man. SJ doesn't suit for MR bcoz they not in love with each other.. The old MR is just kind distracting their relationship and she lies to everyone as if she wants to change the future for her own sake... meh :\ I really love this drama and their acting.. they act naturally and i like NMR's brother in this drama..hahaha....♥

Tina i really dont want KS to end up with MR i want some thing out of our expectation! if she end up with KS then it would be just like others drama: love triangle and all that blah blah blah at the end main female and male lead still end up together like dream high, bof...

naz I really wish MiRae will end up with Kim Shin.if not it's against of love and life.please director permit that.

Kuwait I love eun hyee she did a great job in her drama , i like her acting and i really like her especially in this drama

She was amazing , so sad this drama will end , i want to see you eun hye in another drama as soon as possible i will miss my best actor , shes really the best female actor TT.TT

hyekyo Korean actors and actresses are great.. no wonder why Korean dramas spread all over the globe.:) plus the soundtracks they play so beautiful.. I wish I could go to Korea and my meet idols there. Number 1 is Miss Song Hye you noona..♥

hyekyo I wish MiRae will end up with Kim Shin oppa.. then Se Joo and Yoo kyeong will remain friends.. Coz if they end up together Yoo Kyeong is very lucky then! I don't want to be like that. Cos the writer must also based thecstory in reality. That a CEO will never fall in love in a average level girl.. aratji..:) marry him if you dare is the best for me..

Lily-Anne Se Joo is irrelevant. A distraction and a red herring. It's never been about him and MR. The reality is that she ain't in love with him. The writing is a mess and the love triangle a scam. Why bother using the time travel trope when all the show does is devolve into your run-of-the-mill melodrama. Future MR didn't really need to disrupt the lives of two people to change her future... and for her to blab about it to every Tom, Dick and Harry defeats the purpose of using that device... where's the suspense...

sandy fox I really hope that Na Mirae will end up with Park SeJoo.. thats all! writer please

yep This drama is such a chaos i seriously can't understand anything

refino Why didn't writer use " Water" event as something that can reflect to Mirae's Choice? Sejo have asked Mirae, that Sejo found and met her first but why she fallen to Shin not him.. Sejo should confesses to Mirae that He saved her life and fallen to her at the first sight.. Thinking it would be great line story and excited.. Please give some chance and space for Mirae to learn more about Sejo...

naz I want Kimshin end up with mi-rae please ! i really can't understand sejoo's fans ,they are so amature and boring.beacuse they don't want to be objective.

yuuki I like this drama, and I hope that the actors will have more and more and more dramas and films that they will act in. I really liked them! :) can't believe that there's left only 4 episodes :(

Kay I don't actually think MR will feel comfortable in the chaebol world. She's a jeans and sweater girl, not a glam type. Her writing is also important to her. How can she continue to do that? As much as I would love to see her in stilettos and fur, I don't think it's gonna happen folks. With what KS knows about the future, do you think things would end the same? He is in love with MR so I believe he will try and make things work out. YK is the glam type. Able to deal with the wealthy. Not sure granny would want SJ marrying her grandson, though. Back to the old conundrum--who will MR dare to marry?

MaYbE!! everybody is like mi-rae and park se-joo will not endup together and if the drama ends like that it wil be boring cuz almost everyone anticipated it, i hope the first female lead and second male lead endup together.

Ann Seju and mirae please. .. though it doesn't seem like mirae will end up with seju.. im still hoping.. the story will be absolutely anticlimax and cliché if mirae ends up with kim shin.. it's just as all of us have expected since the beginning of the drama.. Please make something beyond our expectations. .

ahjumma actually from the first episode i already can guess that mirae actually will end up with kim shin... but i just want to believe that na mirae will be with park seju.. pleaseee...

Yongshin Four episodes to go. Yehey! I can't wait until it ends. My excitement went to 50% from 90% because the beautiful story in ep. 11 got messed up in ep. 12. I am just persevering here to give support to Yong Hwa.Based on what many viewers would like to end up with Mi-Rae, the title for this k-drama should not be The Futures Choice, it should be The Viewer's Choice. If the Story Writer will still go with the plan of having Kim Shin end with Mi-Rae, then the title should be The Writer's Choice. Ha..ha..ha.. Now, which is which we don't know. As for me, what choice you already made that made up your future is what will gonna happen no matter what, the events and circumstances can change. Marrying a rich guy will not solve the future of Mi-Rae. Future Mi-rae, just accept it that you will still end up with Kim Shin but hope is there, ok?

zee getting bored with this drama when mirae ignoring seju.... mayb just wait n watch for the last episode...

zee park seju saved mirae's life at the beach.. mirae please.. end up with seju!!!

circular Mirae with Kim Shin and Seju with YooKyung.

Shinrae I want Kimshin end up with mi-rae please !

saturday it seems like mi-rae and park se-joo will not end up together but still finger crossed!!!

Katy What is the final episode to Marry Me If You Dare- Korean Drama

diane I hope mi-rae will end up with park se-joo.

yongshin Wants YongHwa oppa to end with YEH .. but still we know LDG is the one .. this is much better than heirs .. the story is different .. and sure JYH oppa is rocking .. OMG lot of improvements in his acting and style .. LOVE YOU JUNG YONG HWA oppa .. you are awesome .. Hwaiting .. !!!!! <3 <3 <3

beatingfaster i hope Mirae will end up with KimShin and Yookyung with Sejoo.

beatingfaster am i only one here seeing that Seo Yoo Kyeong is really pitiful. The world turn up against her, her fate, right to be happy, having a baby with sejoo(i am sure they will have a child) will be stolen or gone.

sandy I'm just watching this drama because of Yong hwa Oppa..fighting! I would appreciate it if Park Se Joo end up with Na Mirae. The reason why old Na Mirae meets herself in past because she's avoiding her self to be married to Kim Shin.

jo As for Lee, watched one of his tv show, many years back, is something like my bride is 18 years old? If I remember correctly. He has his own charm in this drama, but can't stand his character n attitude, even like his upright. The lady I love in this drama the most is the old NaMirae! She is gorgeous.

The young Mirae, saw her 1st debut was lie to me.. Can't stand her so stubborn. In reality it wont be good but end up hurt themself

jo Is not the destiny but choice of life you want to live on! like Yong Hwa like a little brother when watch he is beautiful, fall in love with his song I miss you. Love his vocal...

Rhang Im just watching this drama because of Yong Hwa and Yoon Hye i wanted them to be together in the end please. I am a YongShin fan but i loved this two actors also. Saranghae oppa Yong Hwa, fighting. :)

Rhang Im just watching this drama because of Yong Hwa and Yoon Hye i wanted them to be together in the end please. I am a YongShin fan but i loved this two actors also. Saranghae oppa Yong Hwa, fighting.

Yongshin I watched Ep. 12 today. Why is the story getting backwards again. Kim Shin going back to his old self and also Seo Yoo. Oh dear... I started to get frustrated now because the beautiful story from ep. 11 started to get ugly and Mi-Rae is now suffering. This is all because of future Mi-Rae. I hope past Mi-Rae will get stronger and hold on to her love to Kim Shin no matter what. with Se Joo, he will not kick out Kim Shin because he told him he can be of use for him. I wonder what will he do to Kim Shin? Kim Shin, he's not telling the truth to Mi-Rae. He just did it because he is just afraid if what if the future will really happen to him. This will be a happy ending, still Kim Shin w/ Mi-Rae and Seo Yoo w/ Se Joo. So, far what do you think is the lesson here?

Easter Lily Do you people really believe that the show is underperforming because Mi Rae is in love with Kim Shin and doesn't look like she's going to end up with Se Joo? What we overseas people like and don't like has nothing to do with the ratings. If you like something, enjoy it... the ratings are irrelevant.

maria elena i've been waiting this drama show with hope...hope..and mi rae and park see joo...plzzzzzz...park see joo cute and humble rather than kim shin...maybe not good in rating cause na mi rae hair like sheep...hi3...fighting park see joo

Yongshin Omo, under rated again. I wonder why. Actually, if Empress Ki is the same slot as this drama, no wonder why MHIYD is under rated. My sister told me that Empress Ki is a beautiful kdrama and she's watching it. Most of the viewers wanted to have Mi-Rae & See Joo together in the end. I am a fan of Yung Hwa but I guess upon watching the episodes, make me realize that Kim Shin will end up with Mi-Rae whatever angle of the story. You can't force love & you can't even change ones fate or destiny. My hunch is that Kim Shin will change his life and the future Mi-Rae will realize that Kim Shin in the past has changed and help him. Again, it's the events that will change not the person. I don't understand why many people really want See Joo to end up with Mi-Rae. Is it because they look good with each other?The more you insist, the more viewers will end up not watching this. I am sure.

kiss park se joo and na ma rie!! park se joo and na ma rie!! park se joo and na ma rie!!

mhayrodz park se joo and na ma rie pleaseeeee

kaka24 Im rooting for park see joo...pls make him the right one for na mi rae....i like kim shin but for the change pls...

Suzie She must end up with KimShin !! If nott,it wouldnt ´ake very much sense and im would hate this drama forever !!!! I love this drama but i want more romance between kim shin and mirae

naz i want that mirae chooses kim shin . dear director please do that.the dead happen without doing or stopping that .if mirae's son will die nobody can't stop that.

Rosel So sad for this series to be underrated in Korea, I's because it has the same timeslot as Empress Ki (which currently holds the no.1 spot on the Mon.-Tue. Drama slot). I really still hope for a plot twist writer-nim, since it is revealed on episode 11 that the one who will die in the future is Mi Rae and Kim Shin's son "Geon". I like Kim Shin...(especially now that his character is becoming nicer) but honestly, I DON'T want him to end up with Mi Rae, since everything (about Mi Rae's future) will be out in the open soon, I hope this time she'll choose Park Se Joo. Then just make Kim Shin a better person in the future or just make him end up with Seo Yoo Kyeong.

Ln I want to see mirae with park se joo in the end pleaseee.

lolita too pity to Yoon eun hye..I never seen her drama under rating like this, this the first time her drama out of rating/NR... known whether she was tired of constantly fame...hopefully this is not turning point of her career as actrees..

melissa deaf writer-nim,

plot twist puh-lease!!! and let mirae choose sejoo in the end....

sincerely, a fan who is hanging on when i realized sejoo is the 2nd lead

p.s. i also have a hunch that mirae's oppa was the guy who was killed as what future mirae is talking about

Una I don't understand why she likes Kim Shin. The script seems not logical and boring. I just watch this film because of JYH.

Zeyna Does anyone know who she ends up with?? I really want Yonghwa to be the main guy this time! I hope she chooses himmm <3

sdf Terry, you totally miss the point. Sadly, life in Korea is like that, people discriminate and are selfish. THIS drama is trying to SAY THAT THIS IS WRONG AND YOU CAN STILL SUCCESS and if you watch the drama, obviously show the characters' personality change and actually the present girl is STILL in love with the "future husband" and looks like she is going to choose him in the end. lol i wonder if you even watch the drama. I think you just wanted to hate this drama without reason or you just didn't think through.

Imane I think the one who was killed is Na Mee Rey 's brother (the first episode the Ajuma traited him like if it has been a long time no see ) ,the most important thing in Kim Shin's life is his work so being fired is the start of all the problems , even if i like se joo , i think she will chose Kim shin , & the Ajumma also started to regret her memories with Kim Shin ,so i think that she well help him to get succeed ........... I can't wait to see the end !!!!

KimShinsei Yoo-kyung, don't worry i am on your side. You are just a victim of selfish Mirae(2043).

Chi Can't watch this anymore... Don't wanna see se joo sad :(

anti dandruff Somehow I think this Na PD is the parody of 2d1n's Na PD... :P

tanooza vandari i dont understand.....who will mirae choose?? sejo or kim shin? i hope she will end up with sejo coz i love jong hwa and eun hye together

terry This drama is a very discriminating drama, it contribute Nothing to this society. Traveling back so you could marry a rich guy, because instead of working hard, you select to escape, hoping to marry into rich family to better your life. Another thing is when you reach 32 years old, you are too late too start dreaming about a better work. What a trash drama, hurting women group like that.

Belle I think the one that his husband killed was their daughter.

Puulena I'm rooting for Sejoo all the way...fighting! ❤❤ I won't stop watching till the end because of Yonghwa and Eunhye, love them both.

Mihu l like this drama, I can't understand why it isn'r rank. Why? Why? Why?

maike I stopped watching at episode 6 because of sejoo mirae moments. I like yong hwa from cn blue but damn i love lee dong gun!! After reading the last few comments her i think that i will be watching this again.

Also see joo looks better with the reporter lady

datgirl I love this drama but I'm tired of all the fan girls !!!!!

Jung Yong-Hwa is the 2nd lead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I understand that he is very good looking and that you want him to be the main lead but he is not. so please stop attacking the drama with your rude comments.

naz hi .iwant to marry him beacuse i dare.............. i love this drama.i think someone who are the fans of SJ couldn't understand of the meaning of the story .ajumma comes back to change the past not beacuse of that she doesn't love kim shin,maybe she comes to stop dead of her lover by choosing SJ.perhaps she prefers to die SJ INSTEAD OF KIM SHIN and supports her lover.if you can change your love with your mind ,in the fact you aren't a lover beacuse you couldn't dare to love if you use your mind.

asiangrl37 I did like this show but now im getting so frustrated. Is se joo ever gonna confess why he likes mirae(jeju island) and is mirae ever gonna give se joo even a chance? She seemed to start to like him when they first met but now...ugh ..annoyed.

tina mirae and se joo together plz!!!!!!!if it doesn't go this way i won't watch it.

riola I belive in freedom of speech and everybody should have their own opinions about things and have the right to comment about anything because we all think differently. Not everybody is the same and thinks the same because we have different point of views. Everyone has their own right to choose what they want to talk about. That' re individuality and uniqueness and they make the world a beautiful place to live. Sorry, no offend to anybody.

tiffany At first the story was really interesting but as the 10th episode aired it seemed future Mirae was really useless. i thought she came back to change the future but it seems the ending will be the same though. i wish NMR end up with SJ..

Gail I'm losing hope for Seju & Mirae and I have also lose hope for the kiss scene or possible (bed scene: lol) with Yonghwa and Eun hye, and more particularly I don't want Seju to fall for the 2nd lead girl, even though I love Yonghwa I had better stop watching this drama, and just waiting for his next drama that he's the main lead.

Yongshin Ep. 9 & 10 NOT RANKED again! This signifies, what? below the top 20? Omo... If this is not my loyalty to Yong Hwa as his avid fan, I will be out in the number of viewers. Viewers, let's not argue or insist of pairing Mi-Rae to Se-Joo to suit the viewers expectations because that will turn off the viewers more. Like me who is just watching plainly, getting the lessons of the story and studying their acting skills and following the plot, won't mind who ends up who. Just enjoy watching the drama. If you want to leave a comment, just talk about the story and the lessons you get. Make your comments encourage more viewers and make insisting viewers watch til the end. Ok?

Jocelyn Kee I love this drama. The story line is good and I love the cast. My hope is for Mi-rae to end up with Park Seo. Yong Hwa acted the part well so did Eun Hye. Some people might not like her but that's her acting style and I think she is a very flexible and a good actress.

mira Eventhough I live here in the states but I love watching korean shows.I am disappointed with the flow of the story line its not interesting to look at.I want Na mirae and Park Seo to be together at the end.If the director could change the plot I am sure many viewers will be happy including me.After watching episode 10 seems I dont want to continue watching the show.For almost 2 years of watching korean tele novela this is the first time I am not satisfied.This is just my point of view I am not korean but just love your shows.Hope the director will make the viewer happy.

Ali I quitted watching this show after episode 9 because it's obvious than Kim Shin will end up with Mi Rae, and Se Joo will probably end up with Yoo Kyung (I think thats her name). I really wanted Mi Rae to end up with Se Joo, like many others. I watched this show only for Jung Yong Hwa, and I think thats the same for many. If directors read comments or fan views at all they should consider changing the plot and letting Se Joo end up with Mi Rae, or they will probably be losing lots of viewers (including myself) the drama wasn't bad and Eunhye was amazing in this drama but I don't want to watch on if Kim Shin will get Mi Rae. Sorry.

Keybored Monkey Haha! Some comments make me want to laugh... I'm on the 10 episode which is the most recent, meaning I'm dedicated. Some how there is this feud between The Heirs and Marry Him If You Dare... I tried to forget this but I can't. For those complaining about Eun Hye hair, it is SOLVED. I don't see your excuse with it though. She chose the haircut to represent her character. Outgoing, cheerful, and the bonus: it made her less attractive maybe to let you know 'hey! I can get two good-looking guy to like me regardless of how I look!'. "Oh whatever, the storyplot suck and predictable". Uh, NO. If it was sooo predictable as you say, they should've cut all of the film they got and made a SUCCESSFUL movie. The story plot is different than the one I've seen. aside, there is some depth in the meaning of it as well. Changing the future, accepting fate, meddling with time...The cast were greatly picked. The acting very much complimented each other. If one cast fell, the other brought it up. I'll be honest here this isn't Eun hye best acting, but it isn't horrible, just not as before but I can totally accept that her acting in this was very good. Yonghwa acting skill is really amplified in this drama (the best I've seen). I never heard of Lee Dong Gun but he is immerse in his role as well. The pairing in this drama ISN'T as obvious as you guys say it is . Especially the one who said "I stopped at episode _ couldn't handle it". DAMN Right you couldn't handle it! I see her affection toward Kim Shin but definitely it's hinted that she has a crush on Se Joo. I definitely don't want Yoo Kyung (the reporter lady) to end up with Se Joo despite her love for him :( The character are really developing though.Mirae isn't dumb, if I were in her situation I admittedly would've done what she have. "Messy, just very confusing and unorganize". Want an example of messy, confusing and unorganize bonds between characters? Watch The Heirs. Marry Him if you dare= Underrated P.S: I watch the Heirs, isnt a fan of Tan, but love Young Do and Eun Sang.

Keybored Monkey Haha! Some comments make me want to laugh... I'm on the 10 episode which is the most recent, meaning I'm dedicated. Some how there is this feud between The Heirs and Marry Him If You Dare... I tried to forget this but I can't. For those complaining about Eun Hye hair, it is SOLVED. I don't see your excuse with it though. She chose the haircut to represent her character. Outgoing, cheerful, and the bonus: it made her less attractive maybe to let you know 'hey! I can get two good-looking guy to like me regardless of how I look!'. "Oh whatever, the storyplot suck and predictable". Uh, NO. If it was sooo predictable as you say, they should've cut all of the film they got and made a SUCCESSFUL movie. The story plot is different than the one I've seen. aside, there is some depth in the meaning of it as well. Changing the future, accepting fate, meddling

ann Upon watching 10th episode,i want PSJ and NMR will end up together..I didnt saw any chemistry with KS,.The fact that future NMR appealed from the past,because she realizes regrets in the present. For me..all of us,aspiring to be corrected those mistakes we've done before,if ever given a chance.. Future NMR presence is worth enough on handling it. That's why..i want to PSJ and NMR happily. Please do this favor for us not to lose our enthusiasm for the show..Ending should not on what we EXPECT,rather.. Bear it with a complicated one..

God bless...fighting! :-)

naz Hi. i want to marry him beacuse i dare.Lee dong gun is perfect person in this drama and Mirae should choose him if she wants a lovely life without any regret for the past.i pefer to select a few days with my love instead of live along by someone else.

to Will She is best korean actress ever.If you ever see her you are blind every year she get ''best actress of year'' award.And ''horrible actress''go fix yourself you fcking morron.You are just fcking whor

fateme i love YEH ! she makes a goood couple with both yonghwa and lee dong gun ! but i prefer lee dong gun :D

Will The leads in this drama aren't convincing at all. Especially the lead female. I'm not going to be extreme and say she's a horrible actress because this is the first drama I've seen her and even the make lead in. But, as far as this drama is concerned, I've stopped watching because Yoon Eun Hye gets so bad I can't take it. Along with Lee Dong Gun. The storyline and plot was really interesting at first but now it seems future Na Mi Rae wasted her time trying to change things. The writers seriously need to fix a lot of things if they hope to get this drama any better. Such a disappoint to go from an extraordinary drama like Good Doctor to this.

Rachel I think that this drama's story line is not interesting at all. After watching the first few episodes i feel like wanting to stop watching it alr, it doesn't attract the viewers attention. LDG and YEH doesnt seem to have chemistry and they shud work on the actors and actresses physical appearance (hairstyle and makeup).. Even though its drama but at least let them look nicer, YEH's hairstyle doesnt fit her at all. Im only continuing to watch this drama cos of Yonghwa, he's a really good actor and I hope that he can continue to shine.

kim hye ri What i love about this drama, is the goosebumps it gave. The chemistry between the main casts is so strong. And se joo played by yong hwa had a strong character and not only to prolong the storyline. The script is also well-made because the writer know what we expect, and they toy with our feeling. A surprising storyline indeed. The flaw in this drama is the pilot. It should be made more compelling and more clear. There are also many miss on how the logic should be. But if you throw that aside, you will got your favorite rom com korean drama that puts a smile on your face

MD This drama is lacking is so many levels. No story line, too many things going on and yet there is no balance to all the characters, it is too story wise is very shallow in my opinion, it is not interesting at all. The only good thing about this drama are the actors and actresses. I will always be a number one of of Jung Yong Hwa, so it is given that I want SJ and NMR to end up together. LDG is a great actor. But I just don't see any chemistry with all of them. And the plot is horrible, horrible, and horribly BORING. Sowie... And people are wondering why the rating is not picking up? Story sucks, cast does not have any chemistry, it's like a bad soup. But I will still watch it because of Jung Yong Hwa, so hopefully it's a great ending for us fans :)

Kay As of Ep. 10, it looks definite that MR and KS will be hooking up. Also, SJ and YK. In other words, future MR wasted her time trying to change her future.

JuliaFurmanek I hope she ends up with SJ. He is so much better looking, and at least the person she loves won't die.

JuliaFurmanek I hope she ends up with SJ because he treats her kindly and her future will be better than with that stubborn man. He is so annoying, Mi Rae knows what will happen and that someone is going to die but apparently she doesn't care. That's why I don't want to see the end, she is going to end up with the PD and she will become future Mi Rae which she doesn't want to become. Plus in my opinion SJ looks better than the PD.

vania I Love Drama .... Yoon Eun Hye, Jung Yong Hwa and Lee Dong Gun are the best ... ♥

J Isle Unique drama. :)

Sunny Amazing drama with a different story, love it.

A Rae I want her to be with Park Se Joo because in these types of stories, shows, most of them happen with the destined person. I want her to be Park Se Joo because I want to know what kind of future awaits for her if she does. And that he's a good guy and she's a good person as well. I just want a story where they can change destiny even if they r advised and some people are easily influenced

day the viewer ratings will go up if na mirae end up wif sj..i agree that people dont' like to watch due to avoid feel bitter about the ending..but I still watch, ope there is a light in another ep..

naz i really want to marry him beacuse i dare.i prefer that mirae's future choice will be kim shin .it's not beacuse of that i'm a lee dong gun fan ,perhaps i think the massage of this drama is deciding for future lifes and i prefer to have a lovely life even if i will suffer,beacuse all of us love someone who we want,we don't love someone who love us ,then if SJ loves MR,it dosen't mean she can love him and has a good life with him in the future maybe if that will happan ,it's more worse than before .there isn't gurantee for that .we can't choice our loves by someones advices or our minds,we just choice that by our heart and it doesn't change such as our first love.

naz hello i love this drama .it's different of otherones.i think some of the fans of SJ are so strange.they want mirae ends up with SJ beacuse they love him and think the low rating beacuse of lee dong gun but i dont accept that. beacuse lee dong gun is the best actor in this drama and the story is about choices for this drama i prefer that mirae ends up with kim shin as it's a good choice and he really loves her since in this episode kim shin dares to give up herself for her.that is the opposite of the thing that SJ does to reach her .i think he did so dirty beacuse of his power and ajumma's support.

jess I will marry him.. I dare.

sandy I really hope mirae end up with se joo.. haist. so far i enjoy watching this drama.

lolla_m I,personally, like Lee Dong Gun. He is cooler than Yonghwa for me. Sorry for yonghwa fans. But,Park Se Joo character here and circumstances that is built by the writer makes people wants Mi Rae and Park se joo end up together. Its not because lee dong gun or yong hwa as the main lead

lolla_m The low rating is not because Mi rae hairstyle I guess. It's because Mi rae will not end up with park se joo, so people avoiding feel bitter about the ending

lolla_m @sunnie : couldn't agree more. What you said exactly what I thought :)

Sunnie I really hope Mi Rae ends up with Se Joo but... He's messing up. He's being too cunning and she's not going to like that. Ugh. If Mi Rae ends up with Kim Sin then I hope Se Joo doesn't end up with Yoo Kyung because she really is a fox....

Kay Based upon what happened at the end of ep.9, MR will NOT marry SJ. She will find out that he was being untruthful about his background and that will not sit well with her. MR seems more inclined towards KS anyway.

Gzaeris I hope she ends up with sejoo please pretty please i hope i am right

the scoutkitten I really got sucked into this drama , partly because I Love the job Yoon Eun Hye is doing lighting up the screen and putting genuine emotion and passion of life ( found it funny that some people didn't want to watch this drama because of her hairstyle, I mean, it can always be changed, right ), partly because of Yong Hwa's caring personality (and the high hopes that he will finally end up with the girl he loves, something that the drama "You're beautiful" left us sore with, I'm not exaggerating, right, unnies?!), and partly because I Love a good time travelling story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well,frankly speaking, I think that one can guess what turn things are taking, however I'll gladly wait and watch it for it's getting more interesting with each new episode. Also, the story about reporters daily routine is a good theme and I like the way social problems are raised and dealt with. Good job, Cast and Crew! Fighting! Everybody,fight for the Better Future!

reverdrama don't understand people who don't like this drama cause the plot is very very interesting ,the characters are evolving you want to know which one she will choose and we want to know what happened in the first future so that the old namirea has come in the past .lee dong is sublime he is excellent i love his eyes and looks mature more charismatic and yoon eun hye is cute whith her hair and they form a perfect couple in this drama. until now the 8th episode averything is logic ... so it's one of best dramas it's fresh ,entertaining....have to be seen

gaem i just wish se-joo and mirae would end up or else the title itself will not make sense.

lucia-d Somehow Lee Dong-Gun looks like an older version of Jung Yong-Hwa. xD

N i heard that mi rae will change her haistyle...can't wait!

lu I love this drama. The characters are interesting and actors are good. The plot is getting better and I do hope ratings go up. It's a shame that people don't watch it because of Yoon Eun Hey`s hairstyle. Story does not seem slow to me, it's the way writers build up the twist so that we can understand it better.

Davia For the first time I am watching two dramas where I don't want the lead woman to be with the lead man. Both in this and Unemployed Romance. Not sure why they make the lead actor's character so unattractive and have her not with the other guy that she does have great chemistry with. Really weird and annoying. But otherwise this drama is really well written and entertaining. Eun Hye is absolutely wonderful in this.

maya saya sukakan drama ni!! tapi sejak akhir akhir ni.. saya kecewa... sebab mirea... mirea buat saya kecewa dan sama juga ajumma na kenapa jadikan sujoo sebagai mangsa ... poor sujoo... dia tak pernah putus asa terhadap mirea...dalam watak ni saya juga tak suka dengan kim shin sebab mulut dia celupar!! tak layak pon dengan mirea... saya lebih suka mirea dengan sujoo, harap harap mirea nampak semua pengorbanan sujoo.. saya nak happy ending...:)

Yongshin Although I am a fan of Yong Hwa, I don't care if he will not get Mi-Rae in the end because I only want him to team up with Park Shin Hye in a lead role. As long as he is part of this drama, I'm fine. Yong Hwa, to give my full support for you, I will watch this drama til the end. I hope next time, get a drama that you are the leading actor & if possible with Park Shin Hye. Please make this drama interesting, I'm already to the point of giving up in watching this.

Yongshin I'm starting to get bored on this drama. My sister feels the same way too. I guess I just have to endure because I don't have any drama to watch except The Heirs. To the viewers, don't put your hopes to Mi-Rae and Se-Joo. Even though the drama is entitled Marry Him if you dare, it doesn't mean that the storyline will have a twist. Who do you think is the leading actor? Isn't it Kim Shin? The story revolves around Mi-Rae's life. She will not change her choice because she will surely dare marry Kim Shin but will have a different life which is a good life. Who do you think is the supporting actor & who will end up not the lucky guy? Se-Joo.

Margaretha I stopped watching at episode 7. The plot is slow. Boring

noelle After the proposal and rejection of Seju, so it means, the rest of the episodes, the development of their feelings/love story (Kim Shin and Mirae)? sorry Im tired of their lovestory. No hopes for Seju and Mirae, Im better stop watching this drama.

nurul1012 could you pair mirae with se joo....well one thing....the drama say dare you to marry him/future i hope that mean she choose se joo....she choose him because without she try to do joo give his love without doubt...look at kim shin....he's cheated!!! mirae want to give kim shin second chance....but se joo just need one chance.....look....i dont know what the hell going to be the end....but please....make all of us satisfied and didnt regret watching this drama....

ghuj Please stop it! I cant endure how you are hating Kim Shin because you are a big fan of Yonghwa. I'm his fan too but Kim Shin deserve the lead role, so please stop hating him. Im his fan and I love him. I really like the story and looking forward what will happen. She will obviously ends up with Kim Shin and I wuold love it. Maybe if you watch a lot of kdramas , you will know just from first episode , or just looking at casts face that who will end up with her. And seriously See Joo and Mire ? He deserves younger, best example is See Yoo !! Its their fate and they looks so good together . The same with Kim Shin and Mirae, amazing match. Please try to comment positively and not negatively <3 Korean drama addict <3

Jangmi I don't know why this is constantly doing bad rating wise. It seriously makes my heart ache, because this is such a great show. The last episode felt a bit off kilter, but I think it’s because we glimpsed more of the …. darker/less sweet, sides of the characters. We’d already seen Se-Joo’s business mind and how cutting Shin could be when he wanted to be, but they hadn’t had much reason to be like that around Mirae until more problems with work arose. Now with episode 8, I’m happy to say I’m liking how our characterisations are forming – everybody’s their own person with their strengths and weaknesses.

It has talented actors/actresses and the plot is decent. Do the writers have to add makjang for people to watch? I don't know what it'll take for people to realize that this show is a diamond in the rough.

HuiTaiLang No offense, but I thought people wants Mirae ends up with Sejoo because he portrays by Yonghwa.

JJ Technically there is no predestined future. There are many possible futures, and Mi-Rae marrying Kim Shin is just one of those possible futures. The entire reason the future Mi-Rae went back in time was to change her own fate, even though hers was already in shambles. Just because Seo-Yoo is starting to fall for Se-Joo doesn't mean he'll love her back. In fact so far all I've seen is him distancing himself from her, ignoring her and brushing her off. The future Mi-Rae already changed things by having Se-Joo fall in love with Mi-Rae at first sight at Jeju Island. It's possible he and Mi-Rae can end up together. Fate is a rather tricky thing, after all. At times Mi-Rae irritates me because she doesn't take into consideration what her future self says, and it backfires on her. I'm totally rooting for Se-Joo and Mi-Rae, since that's what it's hinting at and they seem to be a perfect match for each other. She understands his way of thinking when no one else can. Example: When she watches his short film, he says it was stupid and his professor didn't think the idea of showing the man's back was good. But Mi-Rae said she saw that the man was feeling lost and the emotions were coming from his back as if he was trying to figure out what to do. They have many things in common and like some of the same things, which is more than I can say about Mi-Rae and Kim Shin. So far I haven't seen anything they have in common. Anyways, it's just what I think but if the PD's and writers make Kim Shin and Mi-Rae get together, I don't think a lot of people would approve. But again, it's simply my opinion. I like the plot of this story so far, however the relationships between the characters are making me rather frustrated. They're all jumbled up and confusing now that the future Mi-Rae has altered things, and the younger Mi-Rae is still a little naive. If Mi-Rae and Se-Joo don't end up together, I might just stop watching it.

Yongshin I've been reading all the comments and almost everybody wants the ending to be Mi-Rae & Se-Joo together. It's very obvious already that Kim Shin will end up with Mi-Rae because that's their future. The only thing that we need to follow is how they change their past to make it better. The solution is not to change the man whom Mi-Rae will marry because you will be contradicting the future that had happened already. Se-Joo will surely do whatever he can to get what he wants which he wants Mi-Rae for him but we might be surprise if he turns towards Seo-Yoo in the end because if you noticed, Seo-Yoo also wants to get Se-Joo's attention and feel in love with her and instead of helping Se-Joo, she will do her best to mess up everything btwn Se-Joo & Mi-Rae. I guess you all can already picture the ending. This will be a happy and a win-win ending. If you want a different ending, write your own story. If you want to watch a different K-drama, watch The Heirs, period.

Yongshin @Caitlin,thanks for informing me about the Heartstrings. I've already watched that two times already. I am hoping that JYH will paired again with PSH as the leading actor and actress in a K-drama. That's why I am watching both dramas The Heir and Marry Him if you dare because I am an avid fun of both and I am following the development of their acting skills. I admire them both on how they are improving. I still want to see a different role for both of them because to me they play the same role. I want something funny but cute. Anyways, please also watch The Heir drama, it's also nice.

SHARON Come on please let Mi Rae end up with Se Joo!!! Everyone's basically pissed off if she ends up with Kim Shin. So let Mi Rae and Se Joo end up together and everyone's happy! Or it'll really be just disappointing and a waste of time! It's a good drama but it needs a good ending which is Mi Rae and Se Joo together!! COME ON!! YONG HWA is the only reason i watched this drama. Please make them end up together!

GN I really want to know who the heck does she get with..... Kim Shin pisses me off and Yonghwa wooh HOT

ac The story is so annoying >_< I don't know if I should be still watching this.

Caitlin @Yongshin, you should really watch Heartstrings if you want to see Jung Yong Hwa get park Shin Hye, because they're the leading couple. I started watching this for JYH but I'm sticking around cause it's cute and funny and it's got a lot of the elements that I look for in a K-Drama. I'm only to episode three but I like how everything is laid out and the actors are really great.

othniel You shouldn't take 2 top star actors for the male side if this is the female side of the story... that creates bias for the actors (yea them males) role and not the story itself. I really wished for Mi-Rae to kick to her senses and go to Se-Joo, because that's the plot is all about, Future Mi-Rae came from the future to change it, and if Mi-Rae keep sticking with Kim-Shin, what's the purpose of story in this drama then? Aside from being to predictable, it gets annoying at times, it makes me want to see the ending right away to see if this drama even worth my time. Again this is drama that gets to you in a wrong way, questioning the whole purpose of the "from the future part", such good potential, I hate it all goes to waste, I'll definitely watch it to the end, but I believe this drama isn't the best there is.

sorour WHY did you choose two super star in that role!?

Yongshin Just finished watching ep. 7 & 8. In my own opinion, ep. 7 is kinda slow, honestly, nothing interest me. Ep. 8, it's a little bit ok. I don't know if ep. 9 will be interesting. You can already tell what's gonna happen next. The old Mi-Rae will continue finding ways to stop that relationship between the young Mi-Rae and Kim Shin & get people to help her but again the past will turn into a good outcome, of course with all obstacles, Kim Shin & Mi-Rae will be able to overcome it. They have a good chemistry and their personality matches. I guess better luck next time for Yong Hwa. Anyway, he and Seo Yoo are perfect match. It would be a happy ending for Mi-Rae & Kim Shin. If only they make this story a little bit more interesting, many will surely watch this.

Kayz I'm only watching this cuz of JYH, but at the moment I'm beginning to lose interest in this show! The ending is so obvious now, the girl ends up with the announcer! The only thing they will show onward is the obstacles they (the girl n the announcer) will go through to be together! I doubt their fate with change, i think it will go back to how it was originally planned out to be but with a bright future instead of the one where the future Na Mi Rae is from. Also, I don't like the fact that JYH has to play the bad guy, well the third wheel! They are all good actors but I guess the ratings are low cuz, well, maybe most people feel the same way as I do! The heirs is interesting! At first I didn't like it, with all the rich people with sky-high attitudes and all, but it turned out great! We know Chang Eun Sang will end up with Kim Tan but the journey they go through to be together is one to watch! Boys over flowers was good but The Heirs just may top it with all the attitude each character has! Just my opinion! :)

lolla_m This drama still has viewers because of the professional actress and actors in it. The story line is kinda annoying. I hate it because it seems Park Se jo will end up with seong hye kyong. If the point of the drama is about the fate will not never change, It just wasting time it made for 16 episode. It should be just 1 episode as a MOVIE!!!!

lolita This drama just good because the actors and actress are so good and professionals. But the story is lack. I don't mind if the story is predictable. But its really annoying when park se jo must with seong hye kyong (sorry for misspelling, I don't care tough)

gie I watching this drama just because of YEH and JYH 'ONLY'!!! no matter far all actor/actress do the best,especially YEH,she's totally during acting,as usual.storyline is unique.(we as human,will never be able to changing our destiny,because your life is your choice) at 1st time i really don't care about rating,but now,i really worry,it's just ep.8and rating getting lower in every eps. YEH-JYH fighting!!! and i really don't know what happened exactly,maybe someone can explain,why the rating is getting lower and lower again.

irellor i dont care about what the other people say regarding the ratings and the hair style of Yoon Eun-Hye, i still love and like to watch this series , no matter what. I love Yoon Eun-Hye so haters stop messing around...

Yongshin O dear, I am sorry to say that this drama can be predicted right away on what's gonna happen next and even in the ending story. True, nothing to be expected on the next episode. If it's not really for Yong Hwa, I will not watch this. I don't like Yong Hwa having a role of the 3rd person or kinda like supporting only. I am still awaiting that someday he will take up the leading role with Park Shin Hye. Anyway, there will be no more twist in this story because the lead role is already obvious. Kim Shin will marry Mi-Rae no matter what but the past will turn out to be a good story in the end. Would you agree? I watch also The Heir which I got hooked up. Many of my friends are watching it. Viewers of Marry Him, you can still watch The Heir until the end.There's no harm in watching because they have different days and time.

lenxhino Idk why it has low ratings in SouthKorea!! but Daaaaamn this is one of the best drama i've watched so far! the story is more interesting than Heirs i should say!~ Good choice yong hwa for picking this project! I fell in love with you again and again!!!!~

Naz Hello. i can't understand that ajumma why wants to change her future husband and love,instaed of that she can correct and solve their prolams that make them to divorce.i think that's better than change lover with someone.maybe she can see her future with shin but how about sejoo?is he really the true one for her?if she can't satisfy to be his side ,she will came back again and catch the someone else? we don't have any guarantee to the future life but if it is possible to come back the past,i prefer to solve the problams instead of run away and select the easy way just to have a rich and comfortable life without any love.

Khuncho Yoon Eun-Hye's acting is so good.

paper i agree with sarin..... its too predictable. mi rae will still pick kim shin and se ju would probably end up with the other girl (i forgot her name sorry).... i mean why couldnt they twist the story a little? you know just to get the viewer's attention? and to those people, please stop comparing this drama and the heirs cause the stories are different. this is about future stuff and the heirs is all about hot guys and high school and family stuff.

acid Hello,, I've watched this drama, I like it better than The Heirs.. The story is interesting enough,. And about the cast, (I agree with lalaloopsie) I'm glad Yong Hwa oppa decided to play in this one .. Hope the ending's not disappoint me..

Lalaloopsie Best drama now airing! And im watching a lot right now. Also way better than the heirs. Yong hwa was originally asked to play in the heirs but im glad he decided to play in this one! Also the role suits him more, i cant imagine him as a bully. I fell in love with him in this series!

ta-yooong This drama is drawing me more and more and cant wait for the next episode!!In the meantime,i'm watching the episode again and again!! It is not too angst of a drama that it will get you down after a while of watching. The love triangle right now is ambiguous enough to know who to ship for. Although the main lead characters are heating up but with the "future twist" you never know who will end up with whom:-)

Sunny Beautiful, lovely, talented Yoon Eun Hye fighting!

Sunny Beautiful,lovely, talented Yoon Eun Hye fighting!

sarin This drama is so predictable. Each episode didn't pull out enough curiousity from the viewer to make them want to know what will happen in the next episode. That's why people have lost interest for this drama. Most people who is still watching this drama might be the fan based of the main leads and that's not enough to make the rating goes up. It have to be the most wildly watched television drama series from all type of viewers and that means the drama plot has to be good enough to capture them. This drama is fell for that.

kaede I think the ratings should go up. But I still root for this drama for the unique storyline.

CW I've watched up to episode 6 and I really am enjoying this drama!!! It should receive alot more credit than it is getting it seems. It's well acted and directed, good storyline, entertaining far this is a winner!! Once again, everyone in Korea is beautiful, handsome.

CW I've watched up to episode 6 and I really am enjoying this drama!!! It should receive alot more credit than it is getting it seems. It's well acted and directed, good storyline, entertaining far this is a winner!! Once again, everyone in Korea is beautiful, handsome. People that are attached to looks to that degree need to find some other form of entertainment or go into the business, so they can show off their "skills". I mean, they know what the hair should look like right? Please.

lidya I love this drama, can't wait to see the ending. You eun hye is a great actress, showed her ability to act as usual. Each episode is interesting. Im hopping at the end will be NMR and PSJ pleaaassseee..

lidya I love this drama. Yoo eun hye as usual playing good. Each episode is intersting and I'm hopping a good ending will be NMR and PSJ pleeeaasseee...

Silkitte ^.^ i love this drama... the story plot was good enough :) Fighting Lee Dong Gun and Jung Yong Hwa (i love them both,i hope both of them got good ending ^.^)

FeKimi I think this drama is not bad at all... I don't see much Korean drama, but this is the first time I'm sensing some feminist issue in Korean drama! And, it's a good thing!! The difference of character between future Mirae and present Mirae is also intriguing. Some audience say that the plot is so slow... Hellowwww... It's Korean drama, the plot has to be dragging, it's like a formula... If you want to watch the fast pace one, better watch J-dorama... And, I'm rooting for Kim Shin (Lee Donggun) 'till death!! Being a fan of him since Love in Paris and sad because he didn't get the girl (he was a 2nd lead back there), so now I want him and Mirae to be the end-game! Go Kim Shin!!

N this drama is AWESOME...we have different tastes with korean netizens

jena64 Oh sheez, please guys, in the story, Mi rae is 32yo and she didn't even married yet because no one found she is pretty or whatever, if Mi Rae's hair is not ridiculous like that, she will be absolutely beautiful, and the plot story will just, all guys will fall in love with her, and DANG! That's so bored. Let it be.

Wine @ tobys if u are bored then you are not really watching ...again maybe u are an anti ...go with ur bias....we are happy with the drama....

Tobys This drams is boringggggggggggg

marieruu what is wrong with the ratings? omo. As of now, this drama is pretty good. I recommend this! :)

Wine Its the people in korea who have poor taste in kdrama thats causing it ...its not the hair coz the hair looks really good on YEH

lynn Eun hye's hair style is making the rating go down. It looks ridiculous!! Please Change Her Hair style. Watch the rating will go way up.

juleshwa KIM SHIN! Just him... :D Working class character.

crystal love this drama but im not sure who is the second lead? i think its once again se joo :(

suki43 I totaly love drama .. I wish she ends up with se joo ... I love both guys but I really eish for it to happen se joo is like ... dunno wat to say but I really wish she ends up with him

noir rating is'nt lie in this drama, i never expected yoon eun hye drama will be out rate. what happened here

ime i hope na mi-rae could decide the best choice for her life... i wish i were in her shoes, find my own self from the future.... having the same old me by my side...supporting...and have the change to make things right...

i love this drama, lots of things we can learn from it...

N it is such a good drama...totally don't agree with the ratings...keep it UP!!!

Lynne I really hope that Se Joo doesn't get rejected again, like in "You're Beautiful" :'( I mean, I love both guys for her, but I think ever since "You're Beautiful", I wanted him to win the girl in his next drama! (Heartstrings doesn't count, in my opinion, because he didn't really have to compete with any other guy). Rooting for both, can't wait to watch the next episode!!

ArthKitz I totally agree with the ratings of this drama. It was only exciting on the first episode, but the succeeding episodes gets boring and boring.

xxxibyukixxx Because of this drama have YONGWHA that why i have to watch this drama. Whenever i watch each episode that always confusing me by who will be the lead actor? I wish to see the lead actor of this drama will be YONGWHA. He characteristic get along to be the lead actor than kim shin.

roxanne ...i'm so excited to watch the next episode..hope to see the episode 5 and 6 soon.. i will always love Yoon Eun-Hye..!! hope the ratings will increase more!! fighting!! :)

yyyyyy I dont understand why i watch this drama.. surely I dont find any part which make me curious to watch....really one enough yoon eun hye play in this drama type...

Yiyi LOVE this drama!!!! i like the chemistry between SJ-MR and KS-MR. still thinking that MR would still end up with KS due to the KS change in ep.6. at first, i didn't like YK, but in the ep.6 I beginning to like the connection between SJ-YK too! *before, i didn't like her I-am-really-cute act*

as for the rating, hope it will increase and they can reach 20%! *amen* i really want to see LDG n JYH's crazy dancing on TV! hahahahahaa ;p


Tori Awe I hope Jung Yong Hwa's character doesn't end up another Kang Shin-Woo (He's Beautiful) or with Yoo Kyung. She's mean and IDC if she changes...I don't like her.

Kay THE WRITER IS MESSING WITH OUR MINDS! Will it be KS or SJ? Each episode has you thinking she is definitely preferring one guy over the other. Meanwhile, future MR seems not to be hitting the mark on her predictions---no NY job for JS and a subway train fire not a subway fire. She messes with JS to get him rattled by her ruination prediction, and he seems to take that info in stride. In fact, he is becoming a human being, unlike his portrayal in the beginning of this drama. So how is he to mess up his marriage to MR? And what is to become of future MR? She's slowly biting the dust and hasn't affected any real change in MR's choice? Lastly, I hope to see a hairdo change for MR before this drama is over.

josie I've watch so many drama... but this drama is really different from the rest that i watched... its like romance, comedy, and kind of fantasy... its really amazing that the writer of this is so write this... its another box office hit drama for those who are dramaaddicted like me... i cant wait to know whose gonna be the one its kim shin or park see jo..... but even who among them two... mi rae is so very lucky because both of them are very handsome guys.... i wish i could have them... and for the rating OMG its not true.... for me its one of the best drama i've ever watched....luv it......

April I hope Mirea end up with Kim shin. .love this drama

kloner AHHH... it so painful to see yonghwa lose the girl he love again. he just potrait that character the best that make me totally pity for se joo

Meri Kim I just don't get it. Why has this dorama get a low rating ? This is a interesting dorama with an unique story line. All all the casts play their roles very well.

Easter Lily If you can persevere past the first three episodes, the show actually gets quite interesting. I started watching it because of Yoon Eun Hye but I'm now liking the male leads too. It's hard to believe that the prig from the first few episodes is turning into attractive husband material.

Episode 6 was very good. I think the show is just beginning to hit its stride.

phey OMG for me this drama beats all!! i get goosebumps everytime i watch this. kudos to all! ratings won't matter now. this is so great!! i can't help myself lol!

Alice This drama is super good but I have mixed feelings D:, by how things are going right now Mi Rae will most likely marry Kim Shin again, according to all the hints given in the sixth episode. It literally hurts my heart to see Se Joo losing Mi Rae! :( The directors really should change it up a little so the drama isn't so predictable. But from the beginning I kind of figured Mi Rae would be with Kim Shin because Lee Dong Gun was the main male lead and the male lead ALWAYS gets the Female lead. :( Wah, I wanna keep watching but I don't wanna see Yonghwa not getting the girl and being the second lead again like in YAB. :(

Kay Ok, I am now eating my words. MR IS going to be with KS in the end. We are given hints of character change in EP. 6. SJ is showing his business side re the subway fire and KS is becoming more a team player and trying to hold unto his scruples by not wanting to fake a show at the expense of possible tragedy. You see how MR is becoming more drawn to KS. Unless something wierd happens to prove this otherwise, MR and KS will marry again.

puulena Jung Yong Hwa❤ I love this drama, it's a perfect romantic comedy! I watch it on drama fever ❤❤

Jasmine I don't care about the rating anymore. The drama is great and it's getting better and better each episode. I'm not even Korean but I love the drama. Im pretty sure that this drama is a sure hit internationally and it makes us. That's what matters most. To all the people who did the subtitles, thanks to all. To all the casts and crews, job well done! I can't wait for next week episodes!!!

Jasmine I don't care about the rating anymore. For me, the drama is great and getting better and better each episode and can't wait for next week. I'm not even Korean so i'm tnankful to the people who did the subtitles. I would even say congratulations in advance to all the casts and crews for all the job well done. The drama makes us happy and i'm pretty sure it's a sure hit internationally! That's what matter most...

san i realy love its story!it is too much great!!!onni,oppa!saranghe!!!! <3

Lolla.M Selin : you are thinking what I am thinking first. *high five * haha,but I don't think so

naz when you do sth ,you have confidence that your thoughts and feelings are true even maybe you will regret in the future and you want to come back the past to correct and change that, but if it's possible and you come back ,you aren't the person who had came the future and you do the same thing beacuse you have the same feelings when you should decide for that.if we can come back the past we might sth that they will be very bad effects in the future.if Mirae choices SJ for her future life,it's possible that she has been had more regrets . i think our first choices are true beacuse we grow up when we do true and wrong things.Both of them are necessary beacuse none of us never do just correct things.

Selin I think the future Mirae is actually Seo Yoo-Kyung but I don't know, we'll see :D

Tangerine No matter how things turn out differently, destiny is destiny. Remember Back to the Future? :P If you could change your past, how would you do it again? Hehehe.

Aurora I love this drama so much.yoon eun hye & jung yong hwa saranghe!

Cindy I hope she ends up with SJ but I wouldn't mind if she ends up with Kim Shin either. The question is can her future self really stop what happened in the past when she married Kim Shin.

Blair I want Yoon Eun-Hye and Jung Yong-Hwa together they are so adorable as a couple plz plz plz make them bet together <3

Kay Remember the old saying, "if you could do it all over again, would you do the same thing?" I think most people, knowing what they now know, would make different choices. Her future self is trying to shake her present self into that way of thinking. If the whole time machine idea is so preposterous, then why can't her changing her destiny be possible? Personally, I think fate will change. That night on Jeju with MR in the water scene, knocked the socks off of SJ. He is big time attracted to this girl. Mark my words.

naz i love this drama beacuse it shows your love cannot change by your prefers and your heart isn't obedient of your mind.someone who said Mirae has to select se joo couidn't understand the massage of this our lifes ,every thing can change but our loves .we live by them without any regret about the past and if we can come back the past ,our decides espacially our loves aren't boring even they annoy us.

Emanuelly I'm loving this drama! I am really delighted with Park Se Joo! A perfect man! I apply to stay with him if the Mi-Rae does not want! The Mi-Rae will probably not choose it. I think she does not have many brain cells working! But I did not want him to stay with the reporter boring! Korean Men like women spoiled and snotty?

koreanfan I really love this drama :) I prefer MHID drama over Heirs :) Heirs has lot of shades of BOF if you view it carefully and I m a fan of BOF but I never found a unique story like this and I wish see ju and mi rae end up :) I love all the characters..Many say that Eun hye's hair is bad..But I dont care about it!! I really wish this drama to get high ratings in the coming episodes :)

Lolla.M I don't mind if Mi Rae marry Kim shin or seo joo. But I realllllyyyy hate this drama if Park Seo Joo end up with Seo-yoo Kyung (her face is mix between Park Min Yong and Seo Hyun)

Evon I hope Eun-Hye will be with Yong-Hwa in the end. Can they change their future or not?? I love this drama so much.. and also like Yong-Hwa.. Fighting Oppa ^_^

Yongshin Hi guys! Since I am an avid fan of Yong Hwa, I still watch this drama. It's very obvious that Na Mi-Rae & Kim Shin will end up together since Yong Hwa is a supporting actor in this drama. He is not the leading actor and as the story progress, you can see that Na Mi-Rae likes Kim Shin. I know many viewers likes to have an ending where Na Mi-Rae will end up with Se-Joo. I guess all scenes are already filmed and probably edited already. So, the chance of changing the ending into what the viewers like might require another time to redo the shooting of the ending scene & edit it? It doesn't matter to me whatever is the ending because I am not really hooked with this drama. I just watch it because of Yong Hwa. Yong Hwa, you did a good job in your acting. Keep it up!

Mi$sa This DRama is A.W.E.S.O.M.E && <3 I really loVe iT (n_n) iT's whole something New BTW 10th O.o!! m absolutely not with this rating :( m with Yong-Hwa <3 Eun-Hye Couple ^_* Keep it up guys FIGHTing ^^

Mi$sa This DRama is A.W.E.S.O.M.E && <3 i really loVe iT ,, it's whole something New BTW 10th O.o!! m absolutely not with this rating -_- Eun-Hye ,, Yong-Hwa Keep it Up FIGHTing ^__*

replykia CW? if you compare SBS to korea the I'm going to assume its target is young adult. CW shows never won an emmy they have good looking actors and mostly their shows are mushy except for arrow and supernatural. And CW viewers are dead last when you compare it to NBC and ABC show.

Jessie First of all why you guys compare MHIYD with heirs their storylines are not even close!!! and if you don't like this drama then don't watch you don't have to.... and 4 the rating it seems like koreans taste is totally different from us I decided to not check the rating any more and just enjoy the drama !!koreans are missing one of the best kdramas ever....

tralala I love this drama !!! I don't care to other people who hate this drama ! I just enjoy it for my self

Kia This drama is awesome. No offense to the Heirs, I watch it too but it's kinda predictable. PSH gonna end up with LMH. Period. Rich guys fall for poor girl. Cinderella story.

Marry Me has a different taste. Not your typical drama. Goes back to 3 questions: a. Who will she end up with? b. Is Kim Shin's character gonna change? From bad to good? c. How will the future be affected?

The Heirs has an advantage because it's a star studded drama - about 10 idols star in the drama. I don't care about Korean ratings but we should tell our Kpop friends to watch it. Anyways, I don't watch dramas based on ratings - I watch whatever I like.

Plus, it's an SBS drama! SBS is like HUGE is Korea. It's CW or USA or something like that.

If you are fans of this drama, let's promote it to our Kpop friends. BOICES are divided because Yong Hwa and Min Hyuk star in 2 diff dramas. BUT STILL LET'S WATCH THIS DRAMA OKAAAAY????

Kay This isn't the kind of drama that will end up sorrowful so don't get all bent out of shape, people! Ratings, schmatings. Who cares. The show will run its' course, the viewers will invest, or not, their hours watching this, and the actors will get their paycheck and move on to the next drama. Ya win some, ya lose some!

Sonya I agree Ann G. Some "commentors" are not qualified to critique the drama because they really "DO NOT GET IT". So, please yes, you may comment but admit your limitations, not as if you are speaking for the whole world.

Alice I think the ratings are low because the plot doesn't attract many viewers, considering the plot is different from most Korean Dramas, also many viewers are watching this for Yonghwa and by the way the plot is going it doesn't look like Sejoo would end up with Mi Rae. Hope the directors change the plot to the way viewers would enjoy it, viewer ratings might go up then! :)

rere I love this drama eun hye character is amazing

restyburning I hope in the end na mirae will be with yonghwa.. but i know how the story will be in the end... fate can't change right? So na mirae end up with kim shin :" but that's ok i really like this drama fighting oppadeul and eonniedeul! Aaahh can't wait for next eps ^-^)

Violet Yong Hwa and Eun Hye!

wildwood Here! Here! (Or is it Hear! Hear!) Well said Ann G! I'm watching both dramas and don't see any reason to compare the two as the premise is different and both are well acted/well written. I do have a soft spot for fantasy so Mirae's Choice had me at the mention of fate/love at first sight/time travel but I never anticipated that i would be so invested in the characters. After episode 4 I can see how the original pairings brought out the best in their partners so it makes me even more curious to see why future Mi Rae is the way she is... so, I'm waiting (not patiently more anxiously) for the next eps.

Ttt Everyone please don't get too upset about the ratings. I learned that korean people in Korea have totally different tastes in dramas than us who live outside of Korea. So if this has bad ratings in Korea it must be popular internationally. I really enjoy this drama!!!

ANN G Hi everyone! I am a little late this go round, but I must say I am loving this drama. It's funny and it had me from the first episode. I am a big fan of all four major characters and I like that it's light you know. So far this year I have experience that a couple of times. I just get so tired of the over dramatics and you just want a good laugh here and there sometimes. I like how that when Mi Rae came back in time and she didn't even listen to herself. This kind of makes you look at the fact if you were to have a conversation with yourself would you actually listen. Ok, now I am going to say this, please stop comparing this with Heirs they are two different concepts and I am a big fan from Lee Min Ho to Lee Dong-Gun to even Choi Myoung-Gi. I am willing to support both shows because Heirs comes on Weds and Thurs Marry Him if You Dare Mon and Tues so why do you have to choose who to support. I wish a lot more people will support this drama. Also the last thing I must say and fans of Heirs don't get upset I to am a fan of Heirs. You say you prefer Heirs to this because it's stupid and typical, I could say that Heirs is your typical Kdrama story line as well overly rich and misunderstood rich guy and poor girl, but I wont say that because I am giving it a chance just like I am giving this drama a chance. So please stop comparing and just enjoy both dramas and if you don't want to watch either then don't rather telling other fans don't watch this because it's stupid or don't watch that because the story line is very typical. I look at it like this from Monday - Thursday I get to see people I am fans of and I get to enjoy myself.

Perianicoa The father and son looks a like. It's freaky O.O

Karol I really love Kim Shin as the main role <3

Suzy Seriously guys ?? You dont watch korean dramas or what? dont you know how its going on dramas ?? Of course she will end up with Kim Shin. I watch a lot of dramas so i will expect it ! And maybe you are just Yonghwa fans thats why you dont want her to end up with Kim Shin! But because of this stupid reason you cant say thats the drama is about nothing and its stupid !! I like this drama more than The Heirs because, The Heirs will obviously gets the best rating, just because everyone love Lee Min Ho etc.. And Kim Shin is a really popular actor in korea, so dont judge him you *****

Jasmine Too bad, no rating. I cant understand Koreans. Im not even a Korean but i love the drama why dont they give the drama a chance. Anyway, what can i do. All the casts job well done.

Jasmine Too bad, the 4th ep had no rating. Im not even korean but i love the drama. I hope Koreans should give this drama a chance. But anyway, what can i do. All the casts you've done a great job.

Jasmine Too bad there was no rating but the drama is getting better and better. They should give this drama a chance. But anyway what can i do, im not even korean but i still watch the drama coz i know it's a great one. Fighting!

iCaNhEaRyOu... I haven't seen this drama yet but I'm wondering by the picture whether or not YongHwa is getting the second lead AGAIN or not?

N AWESOME DRAMA!!! >,< they don't deserve that low rating...PLEASE UP!!!!!!!

Violet MHIYD just fiction drama. Don't take it serious!

Violet I hope nobody here tried to compare MHIYD with Heirs. This drama is the best drama I've ever watched and all the cast is great. We cannot compare this drama with Heirs, there's too many Idol. Sorry!

Yongshin By the way, I would like to add to my comment. Nobody knows your future except God, that's why this movie is only a fiction. Na Mi-Rae in 2043? Wow! I wonder how the story writer got this idea, predicting on how Na Mi-Rae will be in 2043 & Na-Mae Rae coming back to the present to change everything. Does it make you think also?

Yongshin I've watched this drama from the beginning until ep. 4 side by side with The Heir. I'm sorry to say, I prefer The Heir. I'm an avid fan of Jung Yong Hwa & Park Shin Hye that's why I support and even promote their dramas and movies. Storyline wise, I prefer The Heirs than Mary Me If You Dare because I like the story of The Heirs. MMYD sometimes confuses me and it's a fiction and doesn't depict the reality. How can I relate the story in our day to day life? Do I need a magic or some kind of going to the future thing?I am not surprise if the rating of this drama will go done. I don't know, if it's not for Yong Hwa, I will not continue watching this movie but in fairness, Yong Hwa had improved in his acting. I still hope and pray that Jung Yong Hwa &Park Shin Hye will do a drama together soon. Many fans will surely love it.

fayesha it's predictable story line ... ep 1 are soooo boring ... but i will keep it up until episode 4 because YEH ... just like korean people who not watching it again from ep 3 and 4 ... it's like they getting bored already by the story line ... i hope it getting better ... YEH HWAITING

Emma boice this drama is a big flop!! the storyline so damn weak and boring,it's really waste of time to watch it .. Sorry yong sorry eunhye ><

John I think this drama is terrific but seems to me that is for more mature viewers plus maybe somehow some viewers expected that Yong Hwa has a more important role in the drama but maybe they failed . so . . i say if the first and second episodes were different then maybe now the ratings were higher .

secret I hope Mirae and Se-joo ending together if Mirae ending with Kim shin . The script is looking very easy and don't to watch or invited to follow.

H GOD!!! what the hell with the ratings!! seriously!! I even enjoy this more than the heirs and I find the plot refreshing, korean's taste are just @#$%^& .. sigh!

illijillij I really dont get it. why does it have low ratings? Korean culture is really different i guess. but whenever i see the comments of international viewers, it seems very good.

And i really like this drama.

Go Future's Choice! I'll be waiting for a 20% rating and guerilla date guesting of Shin and Seju.


sailorvhen Yong Hwa and Eun Hye please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please.... they look good together!

Lisaa Boice! yong hwa oppa!! fighting!!! I really like your latest drama! I love your new style in the drama! oppa is very cool in the drama marry him if you dare!!! yong hwa oppa.. yong hwa oppa!! you're the best!!~ sarangheo oppa! i'm BOICE indonesian... <3

JeanLan I love this series!!!! Honestly my bet for Eun-Hye is Jong Yong Hwa.. sad to say Lee Dong Gun is the one for Na mi rae ...( writers and director knows best) . Nothing we can do just to watch and see what will happen next. This series is very superb! Hopefully it will end great NOT HANGING :). And hopefully Jung Yong Hwa will have a Lead Series next year 2014.. Many are his fans out there waiting for his come back lead - JUNG YONG HWA <3

Jacqueline LOVE this drama!!! The storyline is great & all the characters!!! I think ratings down because everyone is already predicting Mi Rae ends up w/Kim Shin including myself but this drama is way to GOOD to not watch till the end. My wishful thinking that Mi Rae and Se Joo end up together. Love the ocean scene in the beginning.

Reisnel Wow, love the chemistry of Yoon Eun-Hye & Lee Dong-Gun! You must watch episode 4 nice story, a sweet & touching moments between mirae & kim sheen. Park See-Joo, aja!

rere I agree with you the drama is awesome and is not matter which one she will end up with becuas at the end it's not the real life

rere I agree with you the drama is awesome

tassy188 I loved it! it's an awesome story-line.. people should not judge the cast.. its should be you judge on how they portrayed/delivered their roles. All the cast was way superb... the series is quite romantic comedy with mixed of futuristic thingy...

I like eun-hye she's way2 professional/versatile ....I like the fact that she's funny, cute not corny one...

Its should be we rate this TV series by their performance not because you don't like the actor nor the actress...

Even-thou, its not yet fully finish all the episodes but I could foretell that this TV series

" MARRY HIM IF YOU DARE "  would click perfectly --- rate 10/10...

You could judge them but you can't hide the fact they we're all good actors and actresses...


Genevieve The ratings are low because of the unknown, and people want something coherent. The plot is great and the style is different compared to most dramas; viewers are shown different relationship dynamics that make them fall in love and yet dislike the combinations. At this point viewers cannot tell where the boat will tip—it's not obvious at this point unlike other dramas where a person can say "Yeah Mi-Rae is definitely going to be with______".

That being said, the anticipation and how character developments are unfolding leave viewers discontent and wanting more (thus having low ratings).

Personally, this is the first drama in a while that has kept me interested; I like how it is progressing, and so far the plot seems interesting and unlike the typical dramas. Like others before me, I would love to see the Se-Joo/Mi-Rae combination...I'm a big fan of Jung Yong-Hwa. (And let's face it, I would choose Se-Joo because of JYH in a heart beat.)

Lindy vega I'm so upset eunhye won't end up with young hwa . I really don't even wanna watch it ...what's the point? Is berry disappointing .

gie i watch this drama just because of YEH and JYH.i watch all of them drama n movie.i love chemistry of LDG-YEH-JYH. as usual,YEH always total do it. at first time i don't care about rating.but until ep4 is getting lower.what's really happen?in my opinion,maybe about LDG role seem not get good attention from viewer. and why...,everybody compare MHIYD w/ the heirs.Yayyay,please it's not fair to compare,they have difference story line.

asdf10 I think the rating will get lower and lower as the drama goes, since dong gun more likely end up with eun hye. The fact that (80% possibility) eunhye won't end up with young hwa hurts me so bad and I guess korean viewers as well. It's a happy ending drama but the ending just doesn't meet with the viewers' expectations. As the drama goes, like in ep 4, there's more and more scenes where dong gun and eun hye together as well as young hwa and chae ah. I know that the plot of this drama is amazingly creative but you've gotta know what's the audience wants and that's important for the ratings.

nadh Hmmm...i can't understand why the rating keep declining while this drama is getting more awesome. i really enjoy this drama. so far, it is better than heirs. it's unfair! grrr...

  • try to ignore the rating 4 now

elice aisha the rating is down !?? 7,3% !??? please up !!

Yaspers Love the story and I'm starting really to feel the chemistry between the three characters; love triangle... sigh ratings pick up!!!!! Maybe its because of the heirs... which is good but still. I want them both to have high ratings!!!!!

Reisnel so disappointing the rating! how & why are the korean televiewers not appreciating the story of marry him if you dare? It's totally diffirent from their korean dramas. haissst

wildwood I thought that at first too about Se Ju and Mi Rae and because of the beach scene I still want it to be them, but I'm starting to feel the romance between Kim Shin and MR now too... I think this drama is going to do just as I requested and rip my heart up a little. Well, I did dare it. Can't understand the ratings but hopefully that changes soon.

cookies it's really sad that episode 3 doesn't have any ratings. i mean it's a really good drama! different than the typical korean dramas. and it makes us expect more from the upcoming episodes. and yeah, i agree about se ju being with mi rae. they have good chemistry even though kim shin and mi rae also have good chemistry but not as "sweet and cute" as se ju and mi rae. please don't let yong hwa be the second lead again cause that's just disappointing.

elice aisha why is rating lose ???! i'm so like this drama..

Celine I love Yoon Eun Hye and Lee Dong Gun together!!!! Great chemistry, great acting Marry Him if You Dare, fighting! <3

Lee Ri Joo Se Joo and Mi Rae fighting... I hope the ratings starts rocketing. Loving this drama <3

Shumail Ashraf its so amazing exciting and way better than heirs...but i don't get it why ratings are not going high...plot is much better exciting than heirs..then why not high ratings

sitta it has to be mi rae and park se joo

nadia Just Mi Rae and Kim Shin.

kat please be yong hwa...hope this will end with a happy ending...

Tia Wow most people want Se Joo and Mi Rae but I love the chemistry between Mi Rae and Kim Shin. Even though he's an asshole now. I'm excited to see how this drama goes

mariana Loving this drama, the ratings need to go up up uuuuuup!!!!

jencb cant wait for the episode 3..

elice aisha ooh my eunhye so gorgeous

xinpe Enjoyed this drama more than The Heirs !! Looking fwd to coming episodes !!

ebarajan We all want the couple Se Joo and Mi rae => reason why it won't be. If so the drama will have an easy story line." Marry him if you dare" cleary explains us that she married Kim Shin once and it all went wrong and will she dare to do it again? Since they can't help to talk about fate , I guess she will :-(

nadh ooh...i hope the rating tonight will increase

Rena Please let it be Se joo and Mi rae!!! PLEASE!!! If not I'll stop watching this drama. maybe.....

Rena I looked at some of the pictures. And I thought it was So Joo and Mi Rae. But some of the pictures had kim Shin and Mi Rae together and Se Joo and the other girl together. I'm confused. Let's just wait and see and hopefully it's Se joo and Mi rae. PLEASE!!!!!

najwa this drama is awesome but i'm might stop watching it in the middle coz i'm not rooting for kim shin and mi's just dissapointing...most of the viewer rooting for se joo n mi rae..

Jane I love to see park se-joo and na mi-rae end up together.

Marzienini I agree 100% with JEJE & Lehdgg2999 !!! The chemistry of YongHwa's role EunHye's is sooo match. Can't wait for the development between the two characters!!!!

msherfi Some people watch this drama actually for comparing this to drama "the heirs" :))

Because this time Yonghwa and Shin Hye split w/ different drama at the same time. This issues actually could make both (the heirs and marry him if you dare) will be booming if yonghwa as mainlead.

I am Eun Hye fans, but I am not too enthusiastic watching her drama as usual. well,maybe because of her hairstyle.

Lela Why change it?! I like it the way it is. Love this drama!!

jeje directors if you're reading you should make Park Se Jo the main lead you'll lose many viewers if you did the opposite it doesn't make sense because i guaranteethat most of the people watch the show because of the cute moments between them it'll suck for him being the backup guy , you should do some changes because he and mi rae share chemistry that Kim Shin and Mi Rae don't share.

Lehdgg2999 I really like this drama so far, BUT, I don't like it that Yonghwa is the back up guy. Mi Rae needs to end up with him! I don't want to watch this if that other guy gets to marry her. Yonghwa is my absolute favorite part about this drama. Directors PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make Yonghwa and Mi Rae end up together. Other wise it won't be worth watching. Thank you for your understanding :)) Yong Hwa :) FIGHTING!!!:) <3

Boicesone As others have already said I wish Yonghwa was the male lead I watched the first two episodes and it is really good :) But I'm actually on watching this for Yonghwa and I don't know if I should continue to watch it because Mi rae will probably not end up with Se Joo, hopefully the writers will change it up and let Mi rae and Se Joo end up with each other <3 Yonghwa ftw! ^^ Please don't leave Se Joo lonely writers! T.T

polaris good job for all actor and actress especially to Yong Hwa, Yoon Eun-Hye and Lee Dong Gun, i really want park se-joo will be couple with Mi-rae...can't wait to watch this drama....

cindyhedelin can't wait for next ep!

ana Pls. Yonghwa to be the main male lead! We want Park Sejoo and Na Mirae and I love you Park Sejoo!

Yong hwaa I really like the story but yong hwa is not the main lead she has to marry with yong hwa but she loves Lee Dong gun ı dont know if should ı watch it or nott -,- TT_TT

LoveIt Yonghwa & Lee Donggun can be brother in real life?? :)))

Violet This drama really is the best korean drama I've ever watch. None like other drama, this drama is cute and sweet. Only this drama can make me watch online without subtitle, and I watch it again for the second and third time with sub. There's no time for bored moment when I watch it. I'm also like Lee Dong Gun and Han Chae Ah, all the cast have chemistry with each other. Jung Yong Hwa and Yoon Eun Hye beach scene is the best part so far , excited to see more sweetness from this two. Even Yong Hwa just a second male lead, but his acting more improve and I can see the spark between him and Eun Hye. Lee Dong Gun always great on the screen and hope to see Han Chae Ah part for the next episode. So in love with this drama,get excited for the next episode. Hope the rating will go up to 20%. Hwaiting !

shutupihateyou yeah mirae is more likely gonna end up with kim shin but.. I CAN'T HELP IT!!!! I WANT SE JOO FOR HER!!!! who's with me?

so excited for the next ep~!

Lee Han Na I fell in love with Yonghwa's character after the beach scene. Love this drama but I guess it won't end as I expected it would be. Anyway, this is very entertaining and interesting story.

Brenda Awesome drama!!! Can't wait for next episode!!

FeKimi Aaaa... I'm obsessed with this drama just by 2 episodes!! I'm really glad that Lee Donggun is back! I'm rooting for his character in this drama, but I also want Mirae have some sweet-scenes with Yonghwa's character because the scene at the beach is just epic! Can't wait for ep. 3!

Yoon Eun Hye I really wish Yonghwa was the main lead. TT__TT

wildwood Awww! This is my next obsession I can already tell! I thought maybe I could take a break after Master's Sun but I'm so impressed with the acting and writing that I'm gonna be waiting anxiously for each new episode. Great acting/fantastic writing/directing! Adore it so far! (I'm shipping second lead which I rarely do- i usually like the main couples *jerks turned to nice are more interesting for me than the always have been nice guys*-but the ocean scene was so magical and I like love at first sight *his telling glance at her when asked really got me* soo I'm waiting to see if Kim Shin can convince me otherwise... Go on drama! Rip my heart out a little and make me cry- and then laugh again! I dare you!;-)

aydaaa oppa yonghwa sarang haeeeeeeee very lovely in new dramaaaaa <3 your fan from iran

Rachel Yonghwa is super cute in this drama! <3 Hope that after he finish this drama he could take another one and be the main character! He's acting skills have greatly improved and I think he deserves to be the main character :) Fighting!

ambar ohh i know that im really going to love this drama till he end.

steven Finally I can see u again My sweetheart YEH,most fav K-actrees,but your hairstyle x_X pleaassseeee.anyway,,this drama so interesting,I hope the ratings can be high er.keep fighting for all actors !!!

DerpBird wish yong hwa was main character that falls in love with main character this is bull :(

wine cant believe the ratings! hope the watchers/Koreans get to see how good and interesting the drama is...MHIYD FIGHTING!! Love the interplay of all characters!

YOU KNOW WHO my wish came true. after oppa ( jung yong hwa) rejected the heir i thought i can't see him in any drama, but this is wayyyyyyyyyyyy better!! fighting !!! ( wish i was korean! :p

ohho Oh.i just love this drama..seeing this reminds me of YEH in Coffee Prince.The first two episodes were good and i like it..hopefully the rating will do well and the storyline will stay good or much better..YEH fighting and good luck for your new drama!LDG fighting too! For the Mi Rae's haistyle (even it's not bothering me),dont worry..last time i read that she will has different hairstyle later :)

nadhirah I extremely LOVE this drama!!! <3 but.... why the ratings are dropped?

NanzieDragon It's so much more exciting than I expected!! It's actually good. Don't want to do a comparison between this and Heirs but I think I'd end up preferring this over the latter. DAEBAK! (As of Ep1)

xyz i dont like Yoon Eun-Hye hairstyle in this drama :"(

solar In the 1st episode the older Na mi rae talks about younger being a level 7 civil servant, in lie -to -me drama she is a level 7 civil servant if i am not mistaken ha ha

ali hi . i think this drama will be hit . actors are so great . YOON EUN HYE => FIGHTING & WE LOVE YOU . from iranian fans .

BuurningLJH HEY @YOLO! IM GONNA SHUT THAT BIG MOUTH OF YOURS. Yonghwa has improved a lot. O please don't judge him. And don't live in the past. Heartstrings was done about 2 years ago. Now it's different. Stop being a hater and biatch please. Anyways. I'm gonna enjoy this drama because I think this will be a good one. FIGHTING! ♥

Wine Today is the d day for MHIYD...Good luck!

김 나비 OMO i'm super excited for this drama to air. Ahh oh my Yoon Eun Hye is in it so i already know

there's gonna be laughter ..하하하

Oh Yong hwa also wahhh yay..

gwang soo lover yonghwa...jong kook is watching you..... keke

flying ladybird poor actors they get to read the scipt one month before and the production of the first episode is already airing. That must mean such a tight deadline for filming and editing. No wonder they have long breaks after filming to recover

Violet I'm so excited for this drama. Yoon Eun Hye, the queen of rom-com drama is BACK!.. Lee Dong Gun is back, Yong Hwa with handsome and cute face is back after 2yrs hearstrings, and beautiful Han Chae Ah. I Love all the cast. Can't wait for the first epi tmrw. MHIYD Daebak!

Pretty wira Can't wait to watch this drama...hope this drama will get the great rating

Keke Cant wait this drama Jung Eun Lee Dong Gun...

Joyskie Oh I can't wait for this to air..and pls those of u who doesn't like yonghwa's acting ,ur opinion isn't important,,so leave him the freakin alone,,,

Rachelle You Guys need to stop being such a freaking hater.

Maloosjoon @Yolo Please don't judge when you didn't watch Yonghwa's new drama yet. Even his music performances improved comparing to years ago,so his acting ability will be probably improved. Writhing these comments about Yonghwa without any thought, makes his fans sad. Please understand what you write here!

yolo Yung hwa is just a pretty face, he's a terrible actor. Thank god he's not the main guy. (Don't want to sit through another heartstrings performace) On the other hand I'm excited for Yoon Eun Hye!!

smartie LDG is back on screen again. So glad to have you back oppa. I am also a great fan of YEH. This drama would be bonus for me when I can see my two favorite stars paired together. Waiting for the chemistry between them. LUV LDG AND YEH.

heavy lee dong gun is back yeeeaaayyyy ^^

arezoo great to see yonghwa and eunhye together in this drama <3

kate wahhh!!!!!!! so excited for our JUNG YONGHWA' s comeback as an actor,,,---- #ParkSeju

yasuhiro I love Eun Hye, she is my favorite korean actress. She is so sexy and gorgeous, she is also very talented. I can't wait to watch this drama. Eun Hye, you are the best of best andI LOVE YOU..

yasuhiro Finally I would be able to see my gorgeous girl Yoon Eun Hye on screen again. I miss her so much. Her beauty and acting attracted me in Lie To Me. I have been following her dramas since then. Looking forward to her drama Future's Choice with Lee Dong Gun. Yoon Eun Hye saranghae...

steve Finally I would be able to see my gorgeous girl Yoon Eun Hye on screen again. Her beauty and acting attracted me. I was indeed taken by her beauty in Lie To Me. I have been following her dramas since then. I am so thrilled to watch her in this drama with Lee Dong Gun. Saranghae Ms Yoon Eun Hye...

sunshine YEH is so stunningly beautiful in these stills . LDG is always dashing and I luv them both. Waiting fo this drama come Oct. 14th. JYH is so cute and lovable. Getting excited....

nicole I am so happy that LDG is back on small screen. I miss him so much just can' t wait to see him with YEH my fave actress. I am so excited already. YEH don't look good in this permed hair. I hope she would change it later in the drama. LDG looked so cute and adorable. I just luv him and JYH is also very cute. I am just gonna sit back and watch this drama. I believe this would be a great drama.

gladiola very much excited to see this drama!! yong hwa oppa fighting!!! SARANGHE!! ((: <3

gladiola yong hwa oppa. fighting!! saranghae! <3 ((:

serena Wow, I believe Marry Me If Yoi Dare would be a great drama. YEH a.d LDG are back on small screen. I am getting soo excited. YEH is so gorgeous ans LDG is so dashing plus their chemistry would explode my screen. YEH please change the hairstyle. I preferred you with long straight hair.

LoveIt Is it just me or ...... but jung yonghwa and lee donggun are similar on look :) There's somethin on their face that same if u see

kev indeed that hair has to go :)

Wine Hey mila! i think youre blind dear ....YEH is a hallyuh star for your info... or you dont know what that means too? If she is ugly then her million fans around the world are blind and youre the only one who is not? Hahahaha youuuu ___ i dont even know what to make of you.... If you dont like her or youre an anti just go in the forum where your bias is....dont create havoc in this peaceful forum

eun hye's dongsaeng EUN YOO:) hey MILA,i guess your eyesight is really worse..what? EUN HYE noona? you just called her ugly?? don't you know that she's one of the most Beautiful and sexiest actress in korea?? if u don't have anything good to say here,just shut your mouth,,,,,just mind ur own face,,coz i guess u r so beautiful to call eunhye ugly:///

get lost you freak!!  :S

BY the way, I'M going to support this movie no matter what:) go yoon eun hye! fighting!  :))

tiffy Mila, You're bad and an ugly duckling yourself when you say a comment like that. Where in this world can we find an ugly duckling like YEH nowadays? Btw, millions of Asian girls and women dream or want to be "ugly" like YEH instead of other actresses. In my opinion, YEH IS A SWAN!! She is a nice person, a cute/beautiful and talented actress in natural way. So, be respectful to people and look at yourself before you make a hideous comment like that... shame on you!!!!!

Alice whoa man, Yoon Eun- Hye is totally sexy. Her acting skills are even sexier. Just because she's not your type you diss a whole nation...of extremely interesting, and beautiful people. And for gods sake why don't you look for photos of her her online. Elle magazine, and and stacks of other media/fans certainly agree.. she's alluring/ pleasing to look at.

Mila Man , yoon eun hye is matter how much make up u put on her she is still an ugly duckling . If she is one if koreas finest ,then Koreans must be be very ugly

Kaki Lee Dong Gun is baaack! And I'll watch anything with Yoon Eun-Hye!!! Love Jung Yong-Hwa too. I don't really know what to expect from the plot and title. All I hope is that it's not too typical...

Ishyang Am so excited... Lee dong gun u are back! Its such a long wait but thank God is finally coming!

dila i hope eun hae will end up with yong hwa in this drama!

tflaura hope that her hair changes as this drama progress :)

Maryam oh! i cant wait.i wanna see my yong hwa again. how is his role in film? oh God... it make me crazy....

Maloosjoon I'm dying since I watched the second teaser in which my Yong Hwa put Eun Hae in bed. Why do this to me???? I will die if this drama have a kiss scene between Yong Hwa and Eun Hae!

Jessie K Not feeling Yoon Eun Hye hairstyle in this series looks like a dark blonde overgrown pubs.. lol.. I'd still watch it though seems like a good drama with great actors only thing bad I can say for now is the main actress hairstyle.

scooper YongHwa... I will watch this.. it's been 2 yrs since his HEARTSTRINGS. Looking forward to see him act again.. YongHwa .. hwaiting!! go go ^^

Victory Wow! All my favourite actors and actress Yoon Eun-Hye, Lee Dong-Gun, Jung Yong-Hwa. I will 100% support "Marry Him If You Dare" .

Katt Her hair looks like ramen. I can't wait for this drama though... Too many good dramas are coming out soon!!! <3

Jattyongyong Yong hwa. ♥ I hope he can do filming again with unnie Park Shin Hye. FIGHTING!

sara oh plz eun hye..that hair........that co stars...oh my god

park rae mun Young hwa oppa fighting ^_^ all the best for u >>>>love u [sarangeeeh]

dora I don't know. It doesn't look very awesome. But I thought the same thing about the Master's sun and I got pleasantly surprised. Her hair is a bit... off. And I was under the impression that there was only a couple of years of difference between her future self and her past self. I guess I was wrong. I'll give it a go because, as I said, teasers and trailers are not very reliable.

boice love yonghwa look forward to this drama!because of u!yonghwa oppa saranghae!support u forever!you're the best!fighting!

boice love yonghwa look forward to this drama!because of you!Yonghwa oppa saranghae!suport u forever!u r the best!

shawn Same here. Even though she was just in I Miss You, it feels like it's been too long since she was in something! So I'm glad to see her back in another show!

That said, I'm unsure about the premise of the show. And I'm unfamiliar with her co-stars, other than Jung Yong Hwa. He's okay, but wouldn't have been my first choice.

wisa i'm glad to see yoon eun hye in a drama. Can't wait.

lalalala123 omg... plz eun hye not that hairrr....

--0- is yong hwa the second lead? he's a bad actor but i can't stand lee dong-gun, he looks like a surgery gone wrong!

goh kim tjui & LDG .....I'm happy,for new couple.

claudia ochiris wooooo!!!!!!! I will do everything to see this drama I'm anciosa to see him especially if <3 YONG HWA <3 goes in the drama

vania i'm happy for new drama of yoon eun hye, lee dong gun and jung yong hwa together couple..!!! 14 de octubre ya la quiero ver... me encanta i'm from peru...!!!

gothicbabe LDG and YEH couple!!!! yeah...\m/ can,t wait

ellie YAY!!! cant wait to see yonghwa in a professional drama rather than those annoying teenagary dramas that make little girls believe if a boy is horrible to you and degrades you then it means he loves you. I'm a big fan of YEH too so hopefully they bring out the best in eachother!

honey excited to see Yong Hwa acting again, really looking forward to see another great series espacially with Yoon Eun Hye. :)

Deesyd Future choice: Jung yong Hwa Past choice: Lee dong Gun... Hope yoon eun hye end up with yonghwa!!! Kyaaa.... So excited!!!!!!

MONICA estoy mas que emocinada, estaba algo trite por el dorama Herederos Yong Ha al final se cancelo su participación, pero me encanta en este nuevo drama y mas con una actriz de la trayectoria de Yoon Eun Hye, es mi actriz favorita siempre le da un 100 % a sus personajes y esto sera una experiencia única para Yong Hwa 'exitos!

eve I am really so excited with this drama cz Yonghwa oppa there are wellcome back again Jung Yonghwa!!!! I hope U be the best actor in kdrama

PAO RAMOS OOOHHH.....i am really excited about this k-drama coz it is the comeback of my super idol the hallyu star YOON EUN HYE.......i know that this will gonna be a one awesome show~

Dara Lee Dong Gun is back! His performance in Smile Again had something extraordniary. Especially his slight psychopathic parts. He acted the youth bum not bad and showed some kind of body control and authentic moves, what is a rare to watch behaviour from korean actors (japanese are here better). This was the reason, why I looked forward to his other Drama´s, but the good guy (Smile Again, even he was not bad in this Drama) and the chameur aren´t suitable for him. With this average acting he couldn´t prove my expectations. At the end of my research I saw that he stopped acting and I was frustrated, because I am sure, he has the ability to make a difference from a lot of actors. By the way, I had the feeling, whenever he wore a jacket his acting ability droped extremly. Now I hope, he will use his chance in a role as a young guy without stiff clothes. Don´t let me down. Fighting!

Mary Yonghwa and Eun hye! I love the pairing!

heavy nala Lee dong gun has starred many dramas before, and he is a good actor.......>< ♡♡

serena This is a drama I would not want to miss. I look forward to YEH's acting. I really hope she would put her best in this drama. I am excited to watch LDG's performance as I heard that he is a good actor. I love YEH and LDG. They are great combination. Also watching out fot JYW. Excited!

serena This is a drana I would not want to miss. I hope this drama would display YEH's best acting. I am also looking forward to LDG's great performance. Really love YEH and LDG. This is my first time seeing JYW act. Excited. ...

KC Yoon Eun-Hye and Jung Yong-Hwa in one drama. That is enough for me to know that I will definitely be watching this!!! <3

zichenmomo Jung Yong Hwa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I'm so excited ~~waiting for the drama

Michelle NOOOO. I really wanted Yoon Eun Hye and Jung Yong Hwa together!

mary joy balderama can't wait to see this drama, perhaps another award winning piece for eun hye

Ally Ohhhh! Jung Yong Hwa and Yoon Eun Hye,my favourite actors in drama together.It's such a shame that Jung isn't the male lead,but still if I can see him, it's enough. I love you oppa! ♥

Ally Ohhhh! I can't wait for this! Jung Yong Hwa and Yoon Eun Hye, I can't believe it.I was waiting for this like ever,to see my favourite actors in drama together.It's such a shame that Jung isn't in the male lead,but stil I will see him. ♥

noelle I like the new title.

grace Yonghwa I can't wait your new drama, I hope you're the main male lead!

UNE FILLE When I say second guy I mean Jung Yong-Hwa..........

ako si puto cant wait to watch the three main character together....they are my seems a good movie... <3

linda i like if title "Future choice" thanks

Yesha Bolmae Jung Yong Hwa is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kyaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!! The much awaited korean drama ! Saranghae Y0nggie.

Yeh_sha Bolmae Jung Y0ng Hwa at last!!!! I waited and ready f0r this !!!! kyaaaa!!!!! New Korean drama t0 be watched out!!! Saranghae y0nggie :)

diana Jungyonghwa is talented man on various way in real life. His role in this drama seems like perfect to him.

Kimmi It has been about 2 years since the last drama Heartsrings. These days, we are enjoying Rocker Yong thanks to the BLUEMOON Tour, but I believe all the boice are looking forward to seeing Actor Yong again. Yonghwa is such a talent, I firmly support him and hope he will make a great progress. Yonghwa fighting!!!

lollollol wow!!! Jung yong hwa is coming on drama!!! I 've miss him so much for 2years. well comeback, yonghwa!!!

lovelovelove Who is the third one? He looks so dark and tired. I only know Jung yonghwa and Yoon eun hye.

UNE FILLE The second guy look good with this hairstyle...........

Maloos I hope Yonghwa be more and more successful in this drama. although, he is firstly an awesome and highly talented singer, songwriter and composer, but he shine in his acting in dramas as well. Honestly I can't wait to see this drama. Yonghwa fighting! <3 Your devoted fan from Iran Viva CNBLUE!

heavy Exicted........Lee Dong Gun is back, however he has good acting skill, because he is a senior actor who has starred in many dramas since 1998, I hope YEH and LDG can build a good chemistry in this drama, Yong Hwa also a good raising star today, So keep it up ;)

hana Shortie, I agree with you. The plot reminds me to NINE. Hm, I can't wait to watch this drama so I can judge fairly. ^^ But overall, I like the time travel-concept dramas. :D

elena Hey I'm cnblue fan and I love yonghwa so im very excited for this drama and the storyline is awesome can't wait for the first ep from Canadian fan;)

a1989 hi . i hope this drama recive a lot of love and i wish became a hit drama because yoon eun hye is lead role . i really love yoon eun hye and i hope she recive a best actress award with this drama . i can't wait for this drama . yoon eun hye => FIGHTING ..... from all iranian's fans .

Suzy Yong hwa is amazing actor he just needs a lead roll to show it. I will be waiting to see him acting again

nainglinntun I want to watch this movie very very.........I hope this movie very good and I'm yooneunhye's fan.

gothic babe lee dong gun oppa!!! Fighting.. You're better than jong yong hwa as male lead.. Keep it up!! =)

serena This is really exciting to have YEH and LDG oppa on small screen again. I miss LDG oppa so much and I am glad I am able to watch him with my favorite actress. I look forward to his performance. I hope YEH would put her best in this drama. This is a drama I would not want to miss...... YEH and LDG oppa saranghae....

serena This is exciting YEH and LDG oppa returning to the small screen.I love both of them. Can't wait to see the chemistry between them. I hope YEH would put her best in this drama. I am also looking forward to LDG's oppa performance. Getting so excited....

xxx @KDRAMALOVER what does it make no sense? Just because your idol not main lead so it makes no sense? Lee dong gun has better acting skill and experience than yonghwa and I think yonghwa should learn acting skill from his sunbae in this drama, if you haven't watch his acting,watch lovers in paris or sweet 18.

Kuaci and the main lead actor so lookea a like #LOL Cant wait tough..

jeck i love yoon eun hye! can't wait to see this drama!

shabnama yoon eun hye is the best korean actrss because of her I loved k-pop & kdrama.fightiniiiiiiiiiiing......

ArchenFlores soooo excited to watch this upcoming drama. yoon eun-hye always driven me crazy because of her i became a korean fan. i love you ms. Yoon Eun-hye i wish i could meet you well i'm going to meet you soon :)

Trang I refuse to accept yong hwa as the 3rd wheel.

Just put my favorite actor with my favorite actress.

Berry I really really really wish the main lead is Yong Hwa!!!! Please please please please please! I really want to see Eun Hye with Yong Hwa! ><

Toota I was hope that jung yong hwa he is the lead charcter

tiwii i can't wait this drama!!!! I can't wait see yonghwa oppa ~!!!

dgl I'm so happy that Lee Dong Gun accepted to do the drama " future choice " !!!

steven Aaarrgghh~!!!can't wait to see YEH <3 my fav actress...

selen yong hwa anad eun hye omg super couple ıcant waittt

princess is YH will be the 2nd male lead star here? :(


safura yong hwa fighting!your personality is great and superficial like other idols...hope you the best you do deserve

Natalie I am very happy when I can see Yonghwa 's film again. Looking forward to seeing this film. I really want to see you on film. I can see this film instead of seeing Hearstrings many times. I love you

OMAYMA i think that this drama will be really good because YONG HWA OPPA <3 ACT IN

Rahma^^ i wish Yonghwa will couple with Eun Hye in this drama^^


Dyah I'm so happy Yonghwa wil appreance in drama again :) Love Yonghwa

jelly ann Good luck for your upcoming korean drama Unni Yoon Eun Hye Go fighting! i will supporting you and more blessing and oportunity to come into your life.... i love all your korean drama that i watch in the Philippine. Sarangheyo :)

jelly ann Good luck Unni Yoon Eun Hye Fighting! for your new upcoming drama this year, i will supporting you and have a good opportunity to come into ur life. i love all your korean drama that shows in the philippine...Sarang hae yo :0

maloos I am happy that Jung Yong Hwa will not be in a movie with Park Shin Hae!! :D Yonghwa oppa! I love you sooooooooo much! Fighting! :*

gtk Lee Dong Gun and Yoon Eun Hye has chemistry and natural, they are very compatible. looking forward to see you Lee Dong Gun.

EshY i really like Yong Hwa!! please i'm looking forward to see on again ^^ plzzz accept the role!!!

selen yoon eun hye and yonghwa ı cant wait for this couple kkk ^^

shabnam Woooooooooooooooow yoooon eun hye in KBS Afer my fair lady.I love her so much.I think she is best korean actress.

Joanah Super ansiosa para a confirmação da Yoon Eun-Hye no drama!!!!! :D

Dooda Screaming - Yoon eun hye and jung yong hwa in the same drama *Screaming* It's like a dream cames true

cnbJ I hope yonghwa can accept for the role. Bcause i really want to see yonghwa acting^^

Penny OMG, Yong MUST accept the role, he is very good, I love him!

KESHA i really like him! please i'm looking forward to see on again :) pls accept the role !

yong my hero please My old sister gonna kill me if you don't accept please T_T accept the role and give my sister new life she will die to wait you to act in new drama just act successful or unsuccessful drama she just wanna see you act .

winnie So possible Yonghwa's partner would be Yoon Eun Hye, interesting!

Shortie Sorry, I meant, earlier this year. Not last year :)

Shortie The plot reminds me of the tvN drama 'Nine: 9 Times Travel' that was aired last year. Anyone here thought the same way?

tiffany this reminds me more of the movie project makeover of ko so-young...

oudette there might be a chance that Yoon eun hye take a role with JYH; hope that Rumor become true

june i really hope he accept this drama. :)

CeltyHale Do it Yong Hwa! I need something new to see you in!

jjeennyy19 Argh!!I hope FNC is not teasing us once again..Hope he takes the offer..

Monika I also want to Jung Yong Hwa take the lead role. I would like to turn to sing. I hope he will work again in the future, the main role of a musical drama. And in the school environment. Or at least as music stars.

Kat I m excited, hopefully accept the role.

hikari wah.. is this true???

Kat The story seems like Taiwan movie "The Secret" with Jay Chou, a very good story, having inlove and tearful at the end of the story.

yonghwaloveuoppa 오빠 please accept this role (:

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