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  • Name: Lee Dong-Gun
  • English Name: Emmanuel Lee
  • Hangul: 이동건
  • Birthdate: July 26, 1980
  • Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
  • Height: 183cm
  • Blood Type: A


  1. Enlisted in the South Korean Army on June 15, 2010 and was discharged on March 28, 2012.


  • Love Now | Jigeum sarangha-neun saramgwa salgo issumnika? (2007) - Park Young-Jun
  • My Boyfriend Is Type-B | B-hyeong namja chingu (2005) - Young-Bin
  • Family (2002) - Ha Yeong-cheol

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Ima my all time favorite actor & singer......... I wish to watch his new drama @ movies soon.... Fighting!

B.Romy old fashioned

joanne I don't say that simply to anybody... Chapeau bas... you re amazing and I m hoping so badddd I could meet you one day.... Fighting...

oeij linawaty Welcome back Lee dong gun, i wait for you the latest drama in 2014. I really like going to acting you in WHen its at night (kim bun sang), very funny and character. But i do not like the haircut in the drama, I love the hairstyle in drama smile again, stained glass and the final 16 episodes haircut kim shin. Hairstyle is perfect with LDG look younger. I really can not wait to see your new drama....SEMANGAT Lee dong gun

reshma He is really a superb actor ..Hope to see him soon in a new drama ..

shafa kim shin is the greatest person i have seen in korean drama,, and your act make it perfect. i really love it

tikuk Im Donggunie oppa~ ㅋㅋ I love your acting since your drama "Friends" eventhough you're not a main actor at there, i still like you >< ㅋㅋㅋ Lee Donggun oppa hwaiting!! :D

Lucy I like Mr. Lee Dong Gun, and like his drama, future choice. Wish Lee Dong Gun happiness future, fighting !

Iko Marry him if you dare, I don't really like his hair style but I loooove his acting. First time I fall in love with his acting is at Lovers in Paris and then Smile Again. I like his cool character but touchy heart. I love when he was acting like hiding his feeling. I look forward for your next performance. Fighting!

Alina I watched in December a few drama series he plays in and I enjoyed them a lot... Lovers in Paris /If In Love Like Them/ My Boyfriend Is Type B/When Its At Night/Marry him if you dare. He has such a great face, a cool character and excellent humor... I also think he is very sexy in the love scenes (sorry :-D)

Happy New Year, Lee Dong-Gun! xoxo

alina "Marry him if you dare" is the only one drama i know that he in, but in other some he really get me crazy cause i'm sure i saw u in TV before. after hard thought finally realize that u was in "majimak insa" aka 'last farewell " Music Video of Bigbang.

Dianne Thanks for your great portrayal of Kim Shin in "Marry Him If You Dare"! I'll always have great memories of this drama and your performance... Your new fan from Alabama in the USA...

serena Lee Dong Gun, I fell in love with you in the drama Marry Me If You Dare. You not only have good look but I am really impressed by your great performance in this drama. You displayed such fine acting. I am beginning to love you. I hope you would do another project with Yoon Eun Hye with more romance this time. I look forward to all your future projects. Saranghae oppa.

Iliana his work on Marry Him If You Dare got him a new fan! Will look forward to his new work!!!

Daexi I like his kimshin character waiting to see his new series love his acting so great!

Maria I have fallen for your acting , your character in Marry him if you dare is amazing , hope to see you soon in more Dramas , all the best !

Gloria Villanueva It' good you've been doing a series with Yoon Eun Hye. Hope you're comeback may gain more projects to you. Hoping your comeback is a big success.

Asha I first saw him in Lovers in Paris then in Marry him if you dare. i thought he was Yong hwa.. They are actually alike but an older version of Yong hwa..

shelo He looks like Jung Yong Hwa. An older version of Yong Hwa..

arielleBae I'm attached to his acting. I cannot say that he's the best actor, but I'm sure he's always at his best. More happiness to come. From one of your Filipino fans..:))

ArielleBae I'm attached to his acting. Seems natural. I can't say he's the best actor, but I'm sure he's always at his best in everything. Aja! More happiness to come. From one of your Filipino fans. :))

Lisa So nice to see you back, you are the best actor as always! All the best, happy today & everyday ;)

marina i am so glad to hear he is back and happy to hear he is staring in a drama with my princess Yoon Eun Hye.<3 the last time he was with my Sun,Kim Sun Ah.

maaa haha @kimlim hahah don't see that at all.. that guy's face is so blown and orangy..

kimlim Is it just me or he does kinda look like yong hwa from cnblue?

icha it's good to hear that Lee Dong Gun will come back on drama series after several years off. he's one of my favorite korean actor. can't wait to watch his movies again.

maggiewu It's great to see him acting again! Fighting n I miss u a lot!

Kuaci Lee Dong-Gun and Jung Kyung-Ho, somehow resemble each other..ahh..

serena Annyeong Lee Dong Gun oppa, it had been quite a while siince I last saw you on screen. Oppa, I miss you very much. I am so thrilled that you are returning to small screen. I look forward to your come back project Future Choice with Yoon Eun Hye. I believe would be another of your great pieces. I have enjoyed all your past dramas. I can say you are my best and favorite korean actor. I love your acting style and looks. Getting excited....

gloria villanueva How is he now? No news from him. He's been discharge from the army, but still no news. No coming seriehs or movies?Hope there is.

peaka @LoonyLizard well...he enlisted on june 15, 2010...so, i'm assuming he'll be discharged around june 15, 2012.

Atina he's coming to Jakarta with his uniform,,so cool!!!

LoonyLizard Does anybody here know when he's due to be discharged from the army?

Diana He was in BigBang's MV for the song "Last Farewell". sexy presence.

Lena Lee Dong-Geon is one of my favorite actor. I love his role being played in Lovers in Parish. I really enjoyed the drama. sad to know the news of His brother. Pray and hope that he and the entire family will be strengthened by harmony and hapiness. Wish them all the best.. A special and flying hi from Timor-Lete ( :)Lena, Lee Dong-Geon Fans) :)

yustisia I love lee dong geon when he act in sweet18 (Until now). .and feel sorry for his brother. . I never heard any story of him again,i need some fresh news about him. .so please,if there is any news of him,tell me via my e-mail. Thanks :-)

Yustisia Indonesia

kay i'm really and truly sorry to hear that he losted his brother i finded it out today while trying to find a soap to watch and that i think he good at acting i so loved his soaps special sweet 18 even throw i just read the sub title eng since i'm not korean i'm pakistani.

NightLizard He was so...so...touching and caring in "If in love... like them", that i would call him a great actor just for this role! :)

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