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  • Movie: Little Black Dress (English title) / My Black Mini Dress (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Mai Beulraek Minideureseu
  • Hangul: 마이 블랙 미니드레스
  • Director: Heo In-Moo
  • Writer: Kim Min-Seo (novel), Heo In-Moo
  • Producer: Jang Suk-Bin, Jung-Hyun, Kim Woo-Sang, Kim Jung-Bok, Ahn Soo-Yeon
  • Cinematographer: Yoon Hong-Sik
  • Release Date: March 24, 2011
  • Runtime: 107 min.
  • Genre: Women / Coming of Age
  • Distributor: CJ Entertainment
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


"Little Black Dress" depicts the friendships, jealousies, hopes and failures of four 24-year-old girls. The girls first met as first year students in college. They seem to be enjoying their 20's, but inside they all have worries.

Yoo-Min (Yoon Eun-Hye) still doesn't know what she wants to do. Somehow she gets a job as an assistant to a top writer. Yoo-Min wasn't even sure if she would take the job as an assistant, but after seeing an expensive black mini dress at luxury department store she buys the dress with the writer's credit card and in the process accepts the job. Yoo-Min's job turns out to be more of a babysitter for the writer's twin sons. By chance, Yoo-Min runs into high-school acquaintance Young-Mi who also works as a writer's assistant.

Hye-Ji (Park Han-Byul) is busy playing around and living the life of a socialite. One day, she is scouted by a talent agency. She then becomes the face for a high profile ad campaign and shoots to stardom. Her other 3 friends become jealous of her.

Soo-Jin (Cha Ye-Ryeon) holds the most jealousy over Hye-Ji's sudden fame, because she has tried unsuccessfully to become an actress. Soo-Jin has failed many different auditions. Compounding her problems, her father's business has gone bankrupt.

Min-Hee (Yoo In-Na) has rich parents, but her parents got divorced. Min-Hee now wants to study abroad, but her poor English skills holds her back.


  1. Based on the novel "My Black Mini Dress" by Kim Min-Seo - first published April 13, 2009.


Little Black Dress-Yoon Eun-Hye.jpg Little Black Dress-Park Han-Byul.jpg Little Black Dress-Cha Ye-Ryeon.jpg Little Black Dress-Yoo In-Na.jpg
Yoon Eun-Hye Park Han-Byul Cha Ye-Ryun Yoo In-Na
Yoo-Min Hye-Ji Soo-Jin Min-Hee
Little Black Dress-Lee Young-Woo.jpg Little Black Dress-Dong-Ho.jpg Little Black Dress-Jeon Su-Kyeong.jpg Little Black Dress-Ko Chang-Seok.jpg Little Black Dress-Lee Chun-Hee.jpg
Lee Yong-Woo Dong-Ho Jeon Su-Kyeong Ko Chang-Seok Lee Chun-Hee
Suk-Won Yoo Seung-Won writer director Soo-Hwan

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Twinten We have to agree with Ki again, it doesn't even come close to "Take care of my cat". We expected a friendship movie but there was very little friendship in it? So little support and understanding, no happiness for each others successes, how can that be called friendship?! At one point there seems to be a moment of realisation they know far too little about each other. And you hope for improvement after that... in vain. And to hang up on a friend like that... we could just see the next scene coming... That leaves a bad taste! Felt quite frustrated during a lot of scenes, friendship shouldn't be this superficial!

dahryljane jang daebak! I really love this movie.. from story-line to actresses who played it.. we've watched it together with my friends(were 4 girls also.. hehehe) and we really loved it.. its so realistic.. all friends must watched it.. really great movie.. 2 thumbs up..

Chi A I enjoy Yoon's movie. I'm also happy for all the awards she has received. SHE is a good actress. I also want to ask her she would not like to receive an award from Jesus Christ, who died for her sake. I would appreciate if she reads a passage from the Bible: John Chapter 3 verse 16. Thanks and keep up your good acting.

Nancy Lamn Yoon Eun Hye looks ugly here with that short hair and her big round face. I do not know why she is so popular. Just like her latest TV drama Dare To Get Married, I do not find her that appealing.

najihazaid You know what? I keep repeat DongHo english line to in-na. This movie really amazing and lot of laughter

sayakahikaru Yoo In Na, Yoon Eun Hye, Park Han Byul Kya~^^ My favorite actresses all in one movie (especially Yoo In Na) <3

Joanna Yoo In Na is really good! I like her much! I hope your relationship with ji hyun woo lasts. :)

YEH Warrior 1894 I LOVE THIS MOVIE! I watched this because of Yoon Eun Hye Unnie <3 I love her, she's my idol!!!! Go Eun-hye Unnie. FIGHTING! ^____^

rainfairy wow i really enjoyed it .such a great movie i loved it <3

achui oh my GOD......its just sooo amazing........watching this girls living their life out.i love it..........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

katya It was truly wonderful and really touching. If you have a chance to watch it, don’t miss it.

Quynh At first i came because of yoo in ah then i said maybe i'll watch it and than i saw dongho and i'm like I'm totally going to watch this ^^ DONGHO Oppa FIGHTING!!!

joyce yoon i love yoon eun hye very much i dont like her hair too in that movie yonn eun hye unnie fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! may more blessing come to you

monAbee Yoon Eun-Hye && Park Han-Byul. ♥lovelovelove♥

Nay mj nez I watch this movie because Yeh ..... I don't like her hair in this movie , but I still like yeh<3

kira the 3 actresses outshined Yoon Eun Hye's acting LOL...i didn't notice her in the movie at all

fey ya fire YEH hairdresser!!!!!!!!!!!! HELLow..24 yers old chique hair is like that?please,.i love yoon eun hye so much ..dont make her look so old with that hair style!how original!~!

KGirl Dongho!!! <3 <3 I'll watch this just because of you. I can't believe you didn't tell me you were in a movie! <3 <3 Kyute!

eiffel OMG, i want to watch this movie just bcoz YEH...she's really cute.but, why her hair like that?i wanna see a beautiful YEH.tsk tsk tsk

Yuya,,x Dong ho <3 i only watch this movie because of youuu <3 you are the best <3 iloveyouuu <3

goshika Hello amazing movie. are there any other korean movies similar this movie? pls help, love to watch!!

hiromisky 31

I had the opportunity to watch this movie in a film festival. It was truly wonderful and really touching. It felt so real, my friends and I related to every single character because we have experienced the same things in our lives and friendship. I totally recommend it! If you have a chance to watch it, don’t miss it!!!

hiromisky I had the opportunity to watch this movie in a film festival. It was truly wonderful and really touching. It felt so real, my friends and I related to every single character because we have experienced the same things in our lives and friendship. I totally recommend it! If you have a chance to watch it, don't miss it!!!

MissBerryJane Search on youtube my black mini dress eng sub I watched it and it was really an amazing movie <3

xxMochix im there only one ep? i watched it and it was pretty good but is there other eps? cuz that doesnt really make's a pretty shortfilm then! i want it to be continued....... T.T

inha_90 this movie already out with Eng can find it on youtube...

Memo Sounds Great..^^

I'd Love To Watch it..=)

Donald i think the movie seems awsome even though i havnt watched it ung ung,i advise you to watch it araso!!! chuka.... annyong' kkkk

peter joen i think the movie seems awsome even though i havnt watched it ung ung,i advise you to watch it araso! chuka.... annyong' kkkk

peter joen i haven't seen the movie but i think its awsome ^_^ chuka


GeeGeeGeeGeeGee Hah! All I can say is Haters will always be HATERS. I SAW THE MOVIE AND IT WAS AWESOME.

asohang i love u yoon... :*

asohang love u yoon eun hye u r awesoom.

Chochay Yoon Eun hye, i think this is a nice movie. :)


Mikami From the trailer and previews, this movie looks week. It relies too much on the charms of its actresses.

Ki Watched "Little Black Dress" today - I was surprised how little empathy I felt for the girls and it was most likely due to a weak script and poor vision by the director. The movie feels like a halfhearted knock-off of "Take Care of My Cat" (one of my favorite movies ever), but with the locale transported from the poorer areas of Incheon to the upscale areas of Seoul. Unfortunately, the movie failed to deliver anything to bring out interest in the plight of the main four girls.

The movie begins like it its going to be a modern take on young women (think "Sex in the City" or something similar), but like someone with severe A.D.D., the movie jumps from different types of problems to different types of problems, all the while falling into typical drama fare (pregnancy, money problems, is he cheating on me? ... etc etc) without any sense of sizzle or freshness to the story. By the time the movie ended I thought to myself "why was the movie even named 'Little Black Dress' or 'My Black Minidress'" - then during the end credits, a brief clip explains how the movie got the title. The explanation was lame like the rest of the movie.

Liio i can't wait it... YOON EUN HYE...

sasa yes, i like cha ye ryeon and yoo eun hye play in this film


babeyelmo LOOOOOVE park han byul and yoon in na!!! can not wait for this!

camila Que linda yeh!me encantan su trabajo!es genial!

lalalara DongHo is here!! i'm definitely gonna watch this.. :))

abegail if you loVe eUn hyE you sHould gUys noT comPlain aboUt her haiR...

the thiNg is hEr actinG and PersoNality not her haiR..

if yoU can't aCcept her jusT b'coz of hair your nOt a fan!!

Rainy Stop complaining about her hair .... look here ... now I bet you dont care about her hair no more >_<

iwantthat Many comments on YEH's hair. YEH's role in that movie is an ugly, plain jane girl which is why they gave her that hairstyle.

ximena me encanta yoon eun hye!!! amo........

Maria Cielo porque yoon eun -hye no vuelve a trabajar en goong

Maria Cielo por que yoon eun - hye no vuelve a trabajar en goong

Duyen im with you on that her hair is a mess

Ms GB Look, Yoon Eun Hye will always be my girl ever since Coffee Prince but please tell me that's not the hairstyle she will have for this movie!!!! Someone fire her hairdresser, please!!! I beg you!!!

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