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  • Movie: Spellbound (English title) / Eerie Romance (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Ossakhan Yeonae
  • Hangul: 오싹한 연애
  • Director: Hwang In-Ho
  • Writer: Hwang In-Ho
  • Producer: Ahn Young-Jin, Ahn Sang-Hoon, Lee Won-Tae
  • Cinematographer: Lee Doo-Man
  • Release Date: December 1, 2011
  • Runtime: 114 min.
  • Genre: Romantic-Comedy / Fantasy
  • Distributor: CJ Entertainment
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


From a young age, Yeo-Ri (Son Ye-Jin) sees ghosts and, because of this, unexpected things occur to people around her. The woman then isolates herself from the outside world. A magician named Jo-Goo (Lee Min-Ki) attempts to reach out to her ...

Jo-Goo is a street magician. One day, while performing magic on the street, Jo-Goo notices a woman in the audience. He follows her after the show. She walks down an alleyway before stopping. A door in front of her opens. Jo-Goo then comes up with an idea. He approaches her and asks her if she wants to take part in his show.

One year later, Jo-Goo performs in big theaters. The show has an edgy horror theme which audiences seem to love. While on stage, Jo-Goo calls out to a ghost from a closet brought on stage. Yeo-Ri performs as the ghost in the show. After the show, Jo-Goo offers to take the entire staff out to an expensive dinner on the condition that Yeo-Ri accompanies them. All the staff members look at her, but Yeo-Ri replies that she already has an appointment. Since Yeo-Ri joined Jo-Goo's show she has yet to go out with them.

Back at her house, Yeo-Ri brings out a birthday cake to eat by herself. In her living room a tent is there. She talks to her mother on her cellphone. Her mom and sister moved to Norway years ago. Her mom starts to cry, feeling guilty and also worrying that Yeo-Ri will always live alone. While she sleeps, Yeo-Ri feels something strange and wakes up, facing yet another ghost.

After their next performance, Jo-Goo insists that Yeo-Ri join them for dinner and drinks. This time around, her excuses are not accepted and she is forced to go with them. During dinner Yeo-Ri becomes drunks and sits next to Jo-Goo. She starts to blabber that Jo-Goo lacks heart and then suddenly rips his shirt.

The next day, Yeo-Ri remembers what she did and calls Jo-Goo. Yeo-Ri offers to pay for the shirt. At that moment, Yeo-Ri again sees a ghost. Jo-Goo hears a strange sound over the phone. When their conversation ends, Jo-Goo becomes worried and decides to go to her house to check on her.

Jo-Goo wil now learn about the difficult world that Yeo-Ri lives in. Can Jo-Goo help her to find a way out or will he be chased away by the ghosts like all of the other people in Yeo-Ri's life?


  1. Filming began December 27, 2010 in Ilsan, South Korea.
  2. Filming completed on April 4, 2011. The last scene filmed was of ordinary high-school student Yeo-Ri who drowned and stopped breathing.
  3. "Spellbound" opened #2 at the South Korean Box Office - selling 420,806 tickets on 565 screens during its opening December 2-4 weekend. The following week, "Spellbound" became #1 at the South Korean Box Office - selling 590,232 tickets on 676 screens during December 9-11 weekend.
  4. "Spellbound" passed 3 million ticket sales mark on January 12th, 2012.


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Son Ye-Jin Lee Min-Ki Park Chul-Min Kim Hyun-Suk Lee Mi-Do
Kang Yeo-Ri Ma Jo-Goo Pil-Dong Min-Jung Yoo-Jin

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suga this movie is wonderful. It made me laugh a lot of times and at some point emotional. I totally recommend it to everyone. You will not regret it

ace Really impressive horror rom-com. The two leads have pretty good romantic chemistry and excellent comic timing. It helps that the script and direction was really tight too. They had good material to work with and it showed in the end product.

Miquel I had watched this movie and wanted to wacth again, I love the lead actress, She is so beautiful..

Hope to see her in next movie..

Ree Wow. One of the best movies I have seen. It had me laughing like a maniac for most of the movie and included almost all elements of film making it a true delight to watch. Excellent acting especially by the leads, strong direction and a well written story elevate this movie to a class above the rest.

The only possible gripe I could have was that I was hoping for a more humorous role of the ghost in the final scenes.

Final score: 10/10

P.S. My favourite scene is when Lee Min-ki first encounters the little boy ghost and doesn't know he is a ghost. What follows in the interaction is something so funny that I don't want to spoil it. So go watch it.

arini Lee Min Ki really handsome in this movie :) LIKE IT !

Matsumoto Ran Great balance between horror, romance and comedy! Both lead actors did a great job. This definitely goes on my list of favorite Asian movies!

Kinggofing Mwahahaha, this movie is 10/10 stars. Son Ye-Jin is too beautiful/adorable here, the main guy also did a good job with his character. Its not your typical rom com movie, it doesn't have those BS side stories. Really loved this, even the ending credits was hilarious! ^_^

Shweta I loved the movie! Something different, it was fun watching. Esp, the ending was hilarious. I think I just became a fan of lee min ki

Anonymus Just watched it , and this couple are cute together <3 <3

CognacGirl I finally found this on Hulu. Watching now!

dianne hey @Lily you can find it on asiatorrents or even on kickass torrents.. the size is huge but it is worth it

Lily I really wish i could see this movie :( but where do i find it online !?!?! I'm from PR and i cant find it anywhere... not even youtube :, (

min i just cant express what i feel now , i spent my all day to watching lee minki’s movies and i just fell n love with him . he looks really really really cool with eyeliner . i just changed my ideal type as Lee Minki . just dunno what to say and maybe this feeling can’t be expressed as a word . just want to meet him and tell him how great actor he are and his expression and that feeling that he gave me .., sorry for my bad english and i just wanted to post what i feel now.

Dara I totally loved this movie, it has a little of everything and is such a romantic comedy with a twist of horror. I think it'll be in my permanent collection. two thumbs up from me.

Franky I totally loved this movie! It has everything in it, that i liked. Really want to see more of these movies

tth I love the story and the cute couple. I really enjoyed the movie.

Sheng83 How can i watch this on ipad for free? Can somebody please send me a link.pls pls pls... Supah like this movie

acie i watch it last night and im falling in love in this movie..great!!

Chelly What a nice movie. I want to watch this again and again. :)

Remee cute movie, I enjoyed it ♥

movieholic oh my god i dont how to say how much i love this movie. Horror, comedy and romantic they all walks as a same way. Its totally great movie! I laughed, i smiled and i felt so excited of this movie. This is gonna be my best romcomhorror movie i've ever watched! Thank cj for made this movie

Horrorrrr!!! Oh my God...It really gave me creeps...Woww...Making me laugh and scaring the hell out of me, I really liked this movie...

Bee Chavez excited to watch this today at the Cebu City Korean Film Festival! ^__^

Jae i like this film very much! the horror scenes are effective and rom-com did not fail either. i don't generally love scary movies yet i find this one is so lovable. truly entertaining! kudos to the actors, director, writers and rest of the staff.

rere like the tittle's said: spellbound. i'm just spellbound to this horror-romance-comedy movie. the affair between Kang Yeo-Ri and Ma Jo-Goois are so funny romantic!! love it

Saah A romantic comedy with a bit of horror. Who thought this combination would work? This movie is so funny... Don't miss this one.

Lisa the movie is soo darn cute..i guess this is the first rom-com-horror ive seen in my life n lemme say ive seen quite a few.....its sooo so sooo adorable n id give it a full star rating...n its such an original story...loved Son Ye Jin and Lee Min Ki's chem!!!i highly recommend this movie to people whi enjoy light romcomhorrors ;)

monica park the part were lee min ki and his friend was watching a movie did it came up?...i didnt notice it coz i was covering my eyes...kinda scared hehehehehe

Sana Sai Lovely romantic comdey thriller movie

Christina I love the movieee~ It soo cute and scary hahaha :DD

vel i love the movie so much... it is romantic comedy and horror.. it is scary but it makes me laugh and feel in love... ahaizt  :)) two thumbs up...

pinboo just watched this.

To be honest, it lacks the usual 'spark' I often feel in Korean romance comedy, BUT everything else about this movie really makes up for it. I think the plot is fresh, the dialogues are cute, the characters are simply lovable. I love how the scenes are really sweetly surprising, so kudos to the production team. It's a really good movie

can you can download the movie from asiatorrents.com. there is not eng sub of it. lee min ki rocks. the first time i've watched him for the leading role and love him. she can see dead people, too but not like the boy at 'the sixth sense'. that's and horror romantic comedy and perfectly thrilling.

Jasmine Lee The movie is unique and full of fun. Highly recommended.

sassygirl989 i'll definitely watch this.. :)

Ki Watched SPELLBOUND on its opening day here in Korea and came away really impressed! The movie has a lot of originality & Son Ye-Jin scored her best role in eons. Highly enjoyable!

Movie does have some flaws, like some scenes having noticeably weak cgi or the uneven "mood" of the early portions of the film or the extraneous ending scenes, but the movie's awesome premise & the all around enjoyable performances by the leads (especially Son Ye-Jin!) makes it easy to forget whatever there is to nitpick. The premise involves a woman haunted by ghosts after being involved in a high school car accident. The ghosts that haunt the woman seem to attack those who get close to the woman. Then there's a charismatic magician who attempts to help the woman and also become closer to her.

The movie has equal amounts of horror and romance, with comedy sprinkled in here and there, which gives the movie a unique feel. I think a lot of people will enjoy this film. For comparison's sake, "Hello Ghost" (another Korean sleeper hit centered around ghosts) comes to mind when comparing the commercial appeal and general likability of "Spellbound," although the story lines are completely different. Definitely worth checking out!


Momo cant wait for it to come out especially eng sub

anyeeM229 a romantic comedy with a bit of horror is rare. i look forward to the execution of this unique plot.

Luki Interesting plot... Looking forward to watch this ^_^

rajes isn't this like the AMERICAN PSYCHOLOGICAL movie 1999 ''THE SIXTH SENSE''?

radlene poblete cant wait for this to watch

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