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  • Name: Jang Hyuk
  • Hangul: 장혁
  • Birth Name: Jung Yong-Joon (정용준)
  • Birthdate: December 20, 1976
  • Birthplace: Busan, South Korea
  • Height: 177cm.
  • Blood Type: O


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Eun Jung I first saw Jang Hyuk in Fated to Love You and was impressed with him. Then I saw Chuno. There are no words good enough to describe how amazing his performance was in Chuno! After that, I started watching more of his work. I've seen Thank You, Deep Rooted Tree and Shine or Go Crazy. And I have started Midas. I saw his cameo in Love Cells. I hope to see all the films/dramas he has been in. He is a fantastic actor and he makes the dramas/films wonderful because of how talented he is.

Hyuk on you Loved the drama "Fated To ❤️ You"!!!! Laughed and cried a lot. You are very talented and gifted!

Onyamaya He is a great actor, My TOP 1 Korean Actor. Waiting for your new project, Keep figthing Oppa !! Jiayou!

Doris It have watched almost all of the drama and movies that you were in and I can say that every role you potrray action,comedy or drama..you have done it so well. Congratulations. You are such a great actor. With the last drama that I have seen was FATED TO LOVE YOU. I MUST SAY UNTIL NOW I CANNOT GET OVER.. I fell in love with the story. I cried and laughed a lot. You have such a great chemistry with Jang Nara how I wish you will be real snail couple in life. Jang hyuk.......sarangnye!

Ljance Fated To Love You makes me go crazy. I cried and i laughed so hard watching it. It was so romantic... Jang Hyuk is the Best!!!

nyuu Its so enjoyable watching this man acting, i could say addictive too. Each one of the characters he played none of them resemble the same person not even his laugh that i adore to death... his laugh oh my *smiles* its completly contagious and the joy i feel through his laugh its incredible., He is a genius he gives an soul to each character he plays. If he reads this one day.. lol i wish *prays* I frickin adore you.

amienah helen salic I love you for ever and ever hyuk jang,,,, am an avid fan of yours all your movies and series am watching all of it,,,, hope to see you in person

Maria I just finished watching fated to love you. I cried so much I had a headache. You are such a great actor I would love to watch more of your movies...

zeenab Lol he brought his laughter in fated to love you to shine or go crazy btw he is a wonderful actor

Dr. Jean Hickam For many years my favorite actor has been PETER O' TOOLE, "Lawrence of Arabia". In these past two years this writer has discovered Korean TV series, and with that a new favorite actor, JANG HJUK "Shine Or Go Crazy". Jang Hjuk certainly deserves the many accolades bestowed on him.

(For those disappointed with the ending of  "Shine Or Go Crazy", Check  the historical records for your happy ending).

Dr. Jean Hickam

joan I was very disappointed for the drama series shine or go crazy.jang hynk cannot end up happily with the actress.

Only4u2 Jang Hyuk is such a great actor...you believe he is the character he portrays.. If Jang Hyuk is in it, I am definitely watching it!

GG Deser Jang Hyuk. I believe he is one of the finest actors of this decade and that includes those from all over the world (and I am NOT Asian and I'm not a young Fangirl). He BECOMES every character he portrays and he wrenches every emotion possible from the viewer's hearts. I wish him a long, happy, prosperous and healthy life and look forward to watching many more of his awesome dramas and or comedies. Thank you JH ❤️ A true fan.

MAI Jang Hyuk is a veteran actor. The experience and the wisdom that come from being in his trade for some time already makes the nuances in Jang Hyuk's acting so palpable. He only needs to tilt his head a certain way...to make his brows knit together...to let the furrows in his forehead go deeper...to cast a certain glance...and so on. His body language and facial expressions have been honed by years in front of the camera. He can reach out without having to resort to dialogues. BUT WHY would he use that cackling laughter all the time?! It can become annoying. But hey, that might be his signature, his own brand...and that IS Jang Hyuk! If he intends to use that laughing sound and his booming voice to aim for hilarity then he should know that too much of a good thing is also bad. ...Hope this reaches him.

sharyll hope tanes hi jang hyuk your so handsome man..more movies here in the phillipnes i hope we meet you in personal here in the philippines...ur a good actor that i idolize..saranghai...godbless you

Maya If I was to get stuck on a deserted Island with just one person I choose youuuu Jang Hyuk!!

myriam georgous adorable he is the best lvuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

CWA Best of all actors... don't need other words to describe it. And btw I'm a man ;)

Hua Kim I'm your fan... You're such a great actor.. An ideal man to all women.. Don't ever change. I'm totally in love with you. Continue doing drama series and even a movie that can be shown here in Philippines.. Hope i can see you up close and personal because I want express how much you made my world upside-down though I can only see you in all your drama series... Oppa Jang Hyuk... I love you so much...:):):):):):):):):):):)::):):):):)::)

Karen Wow you did a wonderful job in Fated to Love you! Hope to see you in other movies like this one. You and your co-star were like magic together!

joto I just hope that I can also have a romantic partner just like Jang Hyuk in Fated to love you...

cherry rose iloveyooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Jang Hyukyour my ideal man.. the way youact itsmake me feltlike complete..pleaase domore new movie with jangnara..becos two of you are perfect couple and very perfect combination..

Hagar your act are the best .. please keep on the good work and shining like star one of your Arab Fans we support you

margie Fated to love you is now being shown in the Philippines. I don't usually watch Korean series but curiosity got me and watch the whole episodes in YouTube. I Super Love It!!!! Jang Hyuk is ❤️. I am now a certified Kang Hyuk fan.

Not Impressed I do not find his laugh adorable at all! More annoying and inappropriate (at times) than anything else. The only positive thing that comes from it, is that it is a signature of his in all the dramas/movies I've seen him in.

arabella Adorable = Jang Hyuk <3

Yunita Kristiena I really admire you oppa, you were quite different from the other actors, you have a special attractive, charismatic, seductive, handsome, and always look good in any movie or drama series. almost all Korean movies and dramas starring you I watch. you got me fascinated with everything that you show. you are one of the best actors, and I always wait for your latest k-movies or Korean drama. good luck always well and success . I love you oppa jang hyuk :*

kpopkitty He would be much more handsome if he shaved every once in a while

stephanie I love you oppa!!!! Hope can see your romantic drama much much moreee

mace fated to love you super love here in philippines, im not a korean fanatic but this drama got my attention. lee gun(jang hyuk) hes a good actor., all characters suited very well . my ratings for this 100% drama to watch.

rian i like the original version of Fated to Love You. but when I first saw you with jang nara spectacular in Bright girl, beautiful story. and now you are here again partner again with jang nara in fated to love you. your laughed is so funny.congrats.

roseann my 1st korean drama movie that i really love to watch ( fated to love you ) and untill now im so addicted to the movie... Congratulations to the wonderful movie and to the actors Ur all the best!!! Jang Hyuk and Jang Na Ra best couple on screen May the The Good Lord Bless U more movies. Hope to see you again in your next movie...fatedtoloveyoupart2

lou saranghae oppa.wish you to make another series or movie with jang nara I miss the snail couple. The 2 of you captured the heart of so many people you're the best Korean actor for me you nailed every character you portray hats off with you.

palestine you are the best korean actor saranghae <3 plz make more romcom tv shows

hamo i still cant watch you new drama because i see u as lee gun....sorry jang hyuk shii... give me one year to slowly pull away from addiction of fated to love you...and of course snail couple...you and jang nara make a good pair as onscreen couple...and i would like to see you and miss jang nara again...and again because u create MAGIC on screen...LIKE REAL COUPLE

Gbemi I so much love your personality it is the same in all the movies you starred and especially fated to love you I am addicted to that drama I don't think its a drama cos it looks so real you and actress Na ra fit perfectly..I adore you guys its sad u are married

katherine I loved it very much Gun the way he laugh..hahaha he looks cute to me..I am addicted with this romantic comedy korean drama..#awesome!!!!

lou JH you'r really a good looking and great actor seen your fated to love you series it made me fall in love with the 2 of you Jang nara ,You 2 are superb in your acting I cried when 2 of you cried I got carried away with the emotions you show to us viewers.You and Jang nara have a great chemistry I hook with this series 2 days i finished it thanks to you tube.Here in Philippines they just started to air here when I saw the ost i immediately look in you tube that's the time I cannot stop watching the show.Wishing you more success in your career kinda sad that knew that you're already married....hopeless romantic with you in Jang nara's arm notice also you like cry baby maybe that's the reason viewer carried away with your acting. Keep it up

Mia I miss Gun so much. he's the perfect guy!

leeya i like your laughing in fated to love you. perfect for your role. and its so funny.good job!

mai And I just viewed top actors in South Korea .... there it goes, the richest actors and most popular are the ones who couldn even. Same here, as well, the good looking gets the vote. The great actors are walking in public streets. Jang Hyuk should be there, voters who sees actor by their piece not by there appearance, accidentally, jang is good looking. Real life of entertaiment. so amazing Gun/Jang are so close to real. Just like Johnny Depp/Edward Scissorhands and So with Chris Kyle and Bradley Cooper. Kudos! ★

mai He has a very distinct and strong character. The way he carries himself, laughs, stares at others. Jang must chose a role which really suits him, because in a new different role. the same gestures.of the character left. he coudnt leave a character from character. But still his a very good actor and the increase of his age making him the best among the best. The way jang talks and mouth moves, his better than rain who got international films. Way to go Jang ★

Mia JH is definitely my favorite! I would love to see him with jang Nara. I don't care if he's married with kids. They are meant to be together...or with me. He's handsome, extremely talented, funny and don't forget that hot body. Damn. I would love to see him in another romcom or melodrama.

carebear Jang Hyuk...very talented,versatile and handsome... keep shining and fighting!!!

rian i know your the main cast of these drama mozart romance. why mozart romance is still postponed ? why mozart romance did not air on 2014? im so dissappointed to this drama. i hope mozart romance will be aired this year 2015.

sheann So sad to know that u're married. Well the chemistry in Fated to Love you is very nice. I hope that ull have another project with JNR in the future. Still hoping that you could be together in real life hehehe...

JH really is a hot Korean actor,,... sexy body... nice acting skills. I hope that he will have so many projects.

Trucly I'm really so sad when I know you got married, because I like a couple '' Jang Na Ra '' & '' Jang Hyuk '' so much and I hope they can become a nice couple in real life ! What a pity, but I hope you happy with your current life !!

FTLY no#1 fan Just finished watching Fated to Love You. Sad it ended but ending was very satisfying. Jang Hyuk's acting was amazing and unforgettable. Highly charged range of emotions, great OST, wonderful performance by JH ....my first time exposure to his superb acting. He is one manly, heart fluttering hot Korean male actor. But his character Lee Gun's crazy weird laugh drive me batty throughout the drama.

Gloria Stern Happy Birthday JH You have given me much. I want to take this occasion to congratulate you on what you have achieved. Your talent, dedication and skill bring joy and awareness to the world. I find your work inspiring. Thank you for what you do,

maggie Congratulations for superb acting in FATED TO LOVE YOU! You are really a fantastic actor to be able to draw intense and diverse emotions. I count you as the best among your league. I've seen the drama twice and can repeat it over again, it is such a classic performance! Please continue to entertain us and inspire coming new actors.I salute you Mr.Hyuk! YOU ARE FATED TO BE THE BRIGHTEST SHINING STAR!!

Mei We Want to see Jang Hyuk and Moon Chae Won Playing Drama Romantic comedy

Valerie Just finished watching FTLY...it was sooo good! It has become a classic for me! Love you're acting skills!

kpop_addict just finished watching FTLY & i'm in love hehe u're a great actor! <33333 Can't wait for ur next drama <333

MELBY I am now a huge fan of yours. I cant get over you. Your such an excellent actor!

Bonnie Ho Jang Hyuk, great actor, after watching FTLY, I am crazy about him, support him from now and ever!!!!

kupukupumu Just finished watching Fated to Love You and have to say, he is one great actor. Will catch his other movies for sure.

Trew If im not wrong, he plays in Love Cells. (Webserie)

shyam Your laughing style with behind acting is the highlighted part in every scenes. Excellent entertainer.

manila26 Great acting talent + charismatic good looks = JANG HYUK . Can't for your next drama

nohpl His acting on Fated to love you touches my heart <3 JANG HYUK IS AMAZING! SARANGHAE <3

Rlyn34 Jang Hyuk is love ♥♥♥

AnaSimon Great actor , after I watched Fated to love u .. I realize that u r an amazing actor , proud to u .. :-)

sotabaka I just noticed that the same guy played Lee Gun and Ko Myung-Woo. Nice.

elise. After watching Fated to Love You...... I am now your no.1 fan... You're such a greattttttttt actor!!! two thumps up! SUPERB acting! No one can compare!!!!

tp You're definitely an amazing & versatile actor. I'm currently watching fated to love you and you're such an amusing one. FIGHTING!

helendancer I loved JH in fated to love You but he was also great in A tree with deep roots. Awesome and versatile actor. Can't wait for his next drama.

CICI Dear Jang Hyuk, I am so happy to see you in a role you deserve again with "Fated To Love You" (Korean Version) showing your immense talent and range as the multi-talented actor you are. Your smile, great classic looks, perfect comedic timing and adorable laugh lit up the drama all the way to the end.( I LOVED the ending !!) I anxiously await your next drama and I'm looking forward to watch you perform some of your awesome martial arts moves as well. Jang Hyuk, you are truly a SUPER STAR!

GÜLNİHAL ÖZAKİS jang hyuk verry big STAR:)

snailgirl I have watched most of your tv show/movies..ect. about to fall in love with your characters indeed I am, but I am married. However, my husband does has yours character in someway of his owns.

on occasion I thought that were Jang huyk for a minute. 

but oh boy...my husband is as handsome as Jang Huyk! thanks to god!

CEO I just love your character Lee Gun and I think you are a very handsome (with shorter hair) and excellent actor. Can't wait to see new projects from you. Fated to love you is indeed best drama in 2014 !

dalal when i saw jang hyuk in fated to love you , i was surprised with his comedy skills acting and i thought it is his first time until i watched his drama( the robber) he was amazing and soo funny. jang hyuk is one of my favourite korean actors and actually he is in my top five list.. wish that he continue doing good dramas in the future..i really love him and respect him..good bless you hang hyuk nim

tetty lee gun make me like u more...very different....

risahamnida I don't care about your age, I love u Jang hyuk. . You are so cool actor! Fated to Love You was made me love u more. . . Keep spirit!!

viv Jang Hyuk, I am so happy to see that this actor displays such a comedic role, in all his other drama like Thank You and Midas he always play the serious type. I am having a ball with this drama thank you all for making an old lady happy. Good job!

paz Jang Hyuk is a great actor indeed! Looking forward for another heartwarming drama in the future.

cywrite Incredible ! This actor created a new comic character with unlimited range - from comic to tragic to comic again in Fated To Love You. A superb talent ready for new challenges. Break a leg! JH. Fans will be waiting to see more. Feed my addiction to K drama.

Cywrite Incredible ! This actor created a new comic character with unlimited range - from comic to tragic to comic again in Fated To Love You. A superb talent ready for new challenges. Break a leg! JH. Fans will be waiting to see more.

melisa ho I think jang hyuk is so gantle and warm.....you more popular now in my country

Inje one word for Jang Hyuk : HOT!!!

cynthia88 What an extraordinary actor. Plus his sex appeal always makes my heart beat faster whenever I watch him in dramas (movies). Aww!!

Nikka501 He is such a good actor. His acting in Fated To Love You made me cry so much. Love him so much <3

sara i like you...no! i really love you!

Tara G Jang Hyuk is am amazing actor. I am American but love Korean Dramas watch it daily. I will continue to follow his career. Looking foward to traveling to Korea this upcoming. Hoping to meet some of the Korean actors. Keep up the good work.

mykhele08 One of my favorite actor in S.Korea. Truly talented and amazing. Looking forward to see him more in dramas and movies. Stay healthy. :) :) :)

babe i love ur role in fated to love u, ur acting was awesome

Ally Jang Hyuk is among one of my favorite actors of all time. I am not from S. Korea (I am from USA) but I love to watch K-dramas. I am currently watching him in "Fated to Love You" in which he portrays the role of Lee Gun and I have to say that he is doing a mighty fine job at this character. Although there are a total of four lead characters, to me it seems like they are practically nonexistent because of the fact that the role of Gun is what makes the drama and this is all due to the phenomenal acting skills of Jang Hyuk. I wish him all the best in all of his future endeavors and I look forward to seeing him in more dramas/movies in the future :)

Chrisandra You are so funny especially in Fated to love you , lol ... My new Korean Crush Saranghae <3

tralala I saw him first in bright girl success with jang nara ..... it was my first Korean drama ever was 10 years old that time my childhood drama !!! to see him acting with jang na ra fated to love you after 12 years !!! i'm just really happy =D

Shosh IMHO you have never been better or as charismatic as in your role in "Fated to Love You." It really showcases the breadth of your acting ability. Who knew you were such a great comedic actor! This is definitely one drama that I will be watching more than once!

GabiGabi Jang Hyuk you are awesome! I really love you.

 "Chuno" and "Thank you" are such great dramas (they are in my top 15 best kdramas,top in wich every drama has the first place because they are great from all points of view),

and you,Jang Hyuk had such a great performance in those two dramas and not only in those,in every drama you are such a great actor! You are also handsome and sexy,you can be also very funny and this an important quality for a smart man.GOD BLESS YOU!

 I can't wait to watch this new drama "Fated to love you" and i am sure that i'll enjoy it very much because you are playing in it.
 Stay in good health and i wish with all my heart a long and happy life!

Maria Hi Jang hyuk, I'am a Korean Living Long Time in Germany. I Love your role in Fated to love You. You are the best actor, I have ever seen. You are so charismatic, intelligent , elegant and have a big Heart. I am happy when I see you acting. I'addicted to you. Take care of your Family. I would like to come to Korea to fiel near to you. You inspire me with your roles. I Love You as Gun Lee. Good Times for you!

amy Jang Hyuk, you are so adorable in FatedToLoveYou. You are soooo good. One of the best Korean actor. I am now a certified Fan from the Philippines.

elizabeth I am so happy to see you in a drama again.l fell in love with you when you were in Into the Sunlight. You are such a talented, handsome man.

Lisa Love your character in this drama! Great job!

camryrusaqoli He's one of the bestest actors around...good to see him back in the drama world..Love Love Love FATED TO LOVE Kversion...

JangHyuk'sWife Jang Hyuk Oppa! Saranghae! Fighting!

mimiya I love his eyes ! .... .... they are Mesmerising! ..... watch him in action....and get sucked into his eyes!

mimiya @lobna ....all of Jang Hyuk's dramas are excellent!!!..... really! ...... .... Amazing acting in "Slave Hunters/Chuno" , one of the best K-dramas , and they are alluding to it a lot in "Fated to Love you" by playing Chuno music (Ep. 1 & Ep. 8) ...... ...... "Robbers" is very much underrated , and you get comedy (even if his character is a jerk at first) ...... ...... "Tazza", "Thank You" are also great ... ..... ..... .....if you r looking for funny---> check out his early movies : "Windstruck" , "Please Teach me English" & "Jungle Juice" .... ...... ...... ...... ..... .... btw , his character now , Lee Gun in "FtLY" , is a very new style for him ---> he's a bit over-the-top here, especially w/ that laugh...yet, it's befitting of Lee Gun .... .... and although Jang Hyuk is always Energetic and Magnatic, he's not usually flamboyant as he is as 'Lee Gun' ....... ...... ..... P.S.. Jang Hyuk in "Slave Hunters" is what got me hooked on K-dramas..... I hope u enjoy watching!

lobna have only seen "fated to love you" what should i see next  ?

hajar i just can't believe how much a love your acting in fated to love you ^^ very funny and i enjoy it so much :D oppa fighting

Rebecca Such a Talented and great actor. You did great in iris 2 and made it my favorite action kdrama. Your performance in fated to love you is something that I've never seen before of you And for sure it's amazing, looking forward to it!

Dawn I have loved you every since I saw you in Midas. I specifically bought the movie Midas, after seeing a bit of it online...and I've enjoyed watching it every since...I've watched it 20 times to date.

That being said, I've enjoyed you in Real Men that airs on MBC, I loved watching you in this reality show...and now I am enjoying you in Fated To Love You....even though it's only been 2 episodes, I'm am a devoted fan and I pray the show has extremely high ratings and good comments from everyone.


tamarelle i LOVE me some Jang Hyuk! For me, he is the most talented actor I've ever seen. His performance in Chuno, and Tree with Deep Roots, those performances will never be forgotten.

Anthika My heart skips a beat every time I watch you on the screen. You are incredibly SEXY!!!!

inlove with him please more of JANG HYUK's movies and drama plsssss!

Teresa Ok. Jang Hyuk, you are my first LOVE!!! After watching one your drama series, I couldn't turn away from Kdrama!!! I love you Oppa!!!! You are sooooo hoooootttt!!!! lol..

karen7904 when i 1st saw you on "successfull story of a bright girl" i fell inlove with you,and until then..till now,youre still the one i love i ove you jangh yuk!!!!!!!

Christina Jang Hyuk + Christina = Perfect Couple!!!


tukyem Love u in midas oppa, you are so handsome, cute, and I love you very much.

wasim daigel is the best in the world

Hanan The most talented korean actor I have ever seen. And also very so handsome and hot

sarah happy birthday Hyuk OPPA.

sarah I love you oppa.

Kyung-eun A real man-- ACE!

Wanda He's a great actor - Beautiful on the outside as well as inside. I do follow him, as I am anxious for the next project he is working on. Stay healthy, and protect your family. :-) <3

Quan At first I thought you were just some show-off actor when I first saw you in Chuno. But seeing you in Tree with Deep Roots raised my respect for you into unprecedented heights  :-) Thank you for putting your heart into your work, Mr. Jang Hyuk. May the many people you inspire by the characters you play be blessings to you as well. I wish you the best.

Anthika Phanthip I'm sooo in love with you Jang Hyuk, I first notice Jang Hyuk in Maybe and been watching everything he's in. I love him best in historical role...rough guy with big heart. He melt my heart. He have a face and a body that's so irresistible. I love you!!!

Hanan Omer I love you Jang Hyuk, You are the most handsome and talented actor I have ever seen.I loved all your dramas and movies, I am looking forward to seeing you in a new ones.

PATRICIA HAYDEN This guy rocks with a sword....his voice and that body..his martial arts skills slay me...ouch....I prefer him to play in historicals...He's best as a bad boy with a heart...my mom loves him, he's the only Korean I can get her into...she's got great taste...baby is on my top 5 list...

behrooz you are one of best korean actors that i see.special in "chuno" and "tankyou" drama.very emotional.very good.tankyou.and i found out you sport very much in "chuno".realy tankyou.i hope see you much in action and emotional series.thanks

SeunP what can say. They have said it all. I cried so much in chuno like jumong and sea god. I love you as i love jumong and jong bogo. You are so good. Please don't stop producing interest films from korea we will continue buying them. Seun from Nigeria, we are watching your south korea films here like mad especially your culture. Thanks

hyunsang Omgee I really like u in slave hunter!!!! U were soo handsome when u were in there! U looked young and hot!!!! I liked u a lot in slave hunters!!!!♥ sarangehae

eLily A total package. Charismatic, attractive and brimming with talent. For me, the Korean equivalent of Benedict Cumberbatch.

Surusa Jang Hyuk Oppa !! You are one of my favorite actors. Loved you in all your movies/dramas. Recently watch "Thank you" great performance. Continued success!!

Dianne Jang Hyuk ... FANTASTIC performance in IRIS II ... Though Asianwiki only names one award you've received, I see on Drama Wiki that you've won highest awards in almost every drama you've ever made. Congratulations and all the best as you go forward! You have a gift that I'm sure you will use wisely :) God bless you!!!

CICI Dear Jang Hyuk, I just saw the last episode of IRIS 2 and only want to say..FIRE YOUR AGENT. The series was awful and you are better than that. You deserve to be the STAR. Please, don't play any more tragic characters that don't have someone who truly loves you, that always dies at the end and don't get the girl. Your fans can't take it anymore. We want to see you smile, hear your cool laugh, and watch you win at beating the "bad' guys..and have a happy ending.

Jeong Yugeon NSS agent, TF A-team leader..

Felix You are quite interesting actor, I liked the way you played in Chuno, but love the way you played in Deep rooted tree! Safi sana! (so nice).

palm_tree @mimiya Jang Hyuk is from Busan, so you're probably hearing his Busan accent. Good ear!

CICI Jang Hyuk, What happened here in Iris 2 ?? You are one of the top actors especially in action kdramas. I hope that the 2nd part of Iris 2 will do you justice and show off your great skills. You deserve so much better. I am a huge fan of yours. JH... Fighting!!

maryam I have watched "Thank you " series for 3 times. I like you Mr Jang and your act in this serie. You and your partner "Yung shin" were the best. Mr Jang I am from Iran, and i will be so grateful once to see you in Iran.we will be grateful to be your host in iran. I wish the best for you

mimiya Jang Hyuk is an amazing talent- very charismatic, brings every character to life. His Eyes speak volumes. I am not Korean, or Asian, so can someone please tell me if he has a special accent? I got hooked on Korean film/Drama due to him. So now I can recognize certain words in Korean, became familiar with some cultural manners- such as the various ways of addressing people, etc... So to a foreign ear, when Jang Hyuk speaks, he seems to drawl the vowels at the end of some words. Also, there is always an edge to him, whether he plays a street-wise kid or a doctor.

Can a native Korean please reply? Does he have a special accent? Does he have unique mannerisms? thnx.

CICI Jang Hyuk, Congratulations on IRIS 2! You are such a superb actor and this is the perfect role for you. Also, we get to see more of how great you are at martial arts. I have seen so many of your dramas now and you are always excellent, especially in Tree with Deep Roots and Slave Hunters being my favorites. Best of luck always.

JT To the comment a few below me.. What in the world is fishy mouth?

Blessings godfrey mnkhondya Dae -gil is my best actor..he is the best slave chaser and the most funny guy..i will always love his movies..

Rachel One of my fav. Korean Actors, Love him in Thank you, Slave hunters, penthouse elephnt and Midas. He's talented, so damn cute and has got fishy mouth, have you noticed? lol

Robin L. Berger I'm from the Hollywood Hills in California ,USA.. Living where I do with all the Hollywood celebrities around, I was kinda shocked to find how much I loved this show! You are an amazing actor and I will be on the look out for more of your endeavors! Best of luck to you!

Doug Hupp I watched Midas and that sparked my interest in Korean dramas. I am now watching you here in the U.S. in The Slave Hunters. Wonderful actor!

Lianne I am from Indonesia , love you Min Gi Seo / Janghyuk

Anne Lee dae-gil will always remains in my heart as the most patience, loyal and loveable person. Keep up doing good movies.

adriana you are the best actor!!!

slave Hi Jang hyuk, I have just watched the slave hunter repeat in kbs, wahh omg its been 3 years already , I have never see any korea movie or drama, but chuno is my first korean drama, and jang hyuk u make me cry! It was really hurt to see dae-gil like that, and u are such a talented actor, u make me like I'm in the fantasy in tht era. Keep up the good work and after this I'm going to get all your previous movies/drama dvd's. Love..... From malaysia

josie fienn rala you act so well-no doubt about you-your the best-i really like your character in CHUNO,you make me feel ten years younger in my age now hahahaha-i wanna see more of your movies-everytime i watched your picture it reminds me of my first boyfriend which is my ex now he look a like you,i love you Hyuk Jang-mua mua tsup tsup its my kiss for you lol-continue doing great movie

lor I luv u jang hyuk so much......

Airrr One of my favorite Korean actor. His acting skill was undoubtedly brilliant and his character was always surprising me <3

pinkcatymea hey..hi Jang Hyuk!!wink wink!!i really realy like u!!!hehe, but i hate chuno!!it made me cry so many times!!i always watch korean tv dramas yet chuno is the most painful.realy hurts me.thats y..but u r realy good!!ur my crush..kind of funny-cool-badboy-yet cute effect on me everytime..! i see u..i want to see more of you!!thank you for sharing ur great acting skills to the world!!

clarice I just see roots, just like ñ sentral more because the couple dies, I hate when that happens, but it cometar the talents of great actors, the king lee, man, amazing actor that he manages to make us see the first actor acting on it, very good. hope to see other dramas c / novamente.obrigao equipe.e it all that made this drama possible.

Thuyanh I like him since Robber,very much!!

behnaz first I wathed your acting in thank you drama as min Gi-seo. I love this drama and your acting. then I watch robber and bright girl success and tazza drama. none of them be satisfire for me. but chuno! chuno is the most wonderful drama and dae-gil is the most special character I have ever after seen. thank you for your brilliant performance.

Gasenadi Saw Thank You first, which led to Chuno (hasn't been surpassed yet as the movie that has most impacted me emotionally in my whole life) and then went on to see almost ALL of Jang Hyuk's dramas and movies. Jang Hyuk's the founding father of my newly acquired addiction to kdramas. This from a grandma who only watched documentaries and can't stand soap operas in Spanish or English. Please don't die in the next one. LOL. Saludos desde Puerto Rico.

Consus Jang Hyuk is the South Korean Marlon Brando. His acting is edgy and at times seems to be on the verge of totally losing it only to pull it together. But he can also be very funny. I am glad he never corrected his overbite that gives him character and voice. My favorite drama/movies of his so far are Volcano High, Thank You, S-Diaries, Bright Girl's Success, Chuno and Chasing the Elephant.

denny I can't watch this Chuno thing - it takes me more than year to reach only till 11-th episode. Same with Midas. But "Deep rooted tree" was great for me. I actually adore You in movies. Dance of the dragon was my first Korean movie and I was captivated mainly because of Your performance. I watched that elphant movie in this morning and I am soo happy about it- i never doubted You will be great in it. I laughet a lot watching "Please Teach me English". But i hardly disagree That they say Windstruck is a comedy. I like your intelgence and eqally with your acting skills. You fit for every role.Knowing more about the westrn cinema i only may say Jonnye Depp has the same arge spectrum of acting skills and and role chalenges. And some French actors like Vensan Cassel. I 'll really tray to watch Chuno - but it hurts that Your character suffers a lot in there, so I can't stand it for 24 hours. :))) You never disappoint me.

muna keep up the good work

hanni JANG HYUK... hmm... '_' as human you are not so perfect, may be you are not the best in Korea even in the world, some other time you just get your family members/friends/fans upset cause you have to get your point, ppssstt...my job partners even don't know about you at all...but I don't care and won't change my mind that you are my number one STAR ...of course after my mother and my father... ~.~, and I can't hardly wait for you next act...keep up the good work, go mab seub ni da/ terima kasih...

Sunny Dear Jang Hyuk,

You have all the things which an actor should have, absolutely talented, handsome, charismatic and even sensetive.

Wish you all the best in your life and acting.

elpak Jang Hyuk are really become popular in central asia

tari gosh...your acting in chuno was brilliant..i love this movie, and now im watching midas..hope get the same thing.. wish u always improve your act..

norah zahraney (@supernoney914) i really like all the drama i watch for him .. even i didn’t watch all of his drama , i saw Tazza Because of han yeseul then i start to like jang hyuk ..after that i heard about Chuno so i watched it .. it was really a good drama ..and i watch one movie for him (Please Teach me english ) he was cute in this movie ..am planing to watch Midas , dance of dragon and wind struck

chuno's lover I don't know what to say,first of all,you become my favorite actor since chuno,I saw you first time in please teach me english after that windstruck and after chuno I almost saw every work of yours(tazza is awwsome,thank you is heartbreaker,robbers is waw and so on),I just can't explain how much I love you and respect you,I can't wait to see you in deep rooted tree,I miss your acting even though I keep re-watching every work of yours(crazy hah^^),anyway pleaaase take care of yourself and family and don't tired yourself in working we need you to be healthy forever,I wish you can read those comments that shows how much you are loved,I am Moroccan by the way^^ and I love you again

eva MR jang hyuk you are really great actor, i love all your dramas and movie, good luck and have wonderful life with your wifey and son :) aja aja hwaiting !!!!

ajenk i love you so much oppa,, please come here in indonesia

ayyah first of all, congratulation because u have captivated my eyes in THE SLAVE HUNTER...u are acting such amazing,i hope hollywood can give u an offer to become the main actor for a great action film directed by awesome directors....love from malaysia~

roslina I liked your acting... It just about the cigerette that I disliked.. hopefully you'll stop smoking coz it's just ain't good 4 yr health... Luv U...

Alya Love from Malaysia....

Seeing u on screen make me think Korea must have produce a lot of actor with amazing talent and passion toward act. Congratulation on award wining @ KBS. May the new year began with sucess on your work and happiness with family. Thank you for entertaining us at home. Fighting!!!

Alya Love from Malaysia....

Seeing you on the screen making me thinking Korea must have produce a lot of actor with amazing talent, on acting. Congratulation on the winning award@ KBS. May the new year began with sucsess on your work and happiness with family. Thank you for entertaining us from home..Fingthing...!

Hoon Dear Jang Hyuk, You are a superb, fantastic, talented and very perfect actor. Thanks for the great entertainment. I am very impressed with your acting skills to play 'the part of that person in a play' so........well! Keep up the good work and continue to entertain us with all your BEST dramas and movies. Wish you & your family happy, healthy, lucky and prosperous in the coming years......................... LOVE YOU!!

Alen Jang hyuk i luv you, you are the best. Go jang hyuk..

dr. zeus I usually only watch American TV shows, but when i saw Chuno i thought it was just awesome specifically your acting. anyways this got me into watching Korean films and dramas and I'm starting it your movies. keep it up, man!

anie 생일축하합니다 Jang Hyuk oppa! Wish you all the very best! <3

rose what is feeling?


noor Congratulations Jang Hyuk for best actor and for Chuno best drama in Hallyu award , you deserve it, I love you

Ning ta As long I see the movie Korean I'm touched on your film "Robber ..." When U come down to Jakarta?....sarange

miley jang hyuk is one of the best character actor in korea.

Alx Jang Hyuk you are my idol


Evi OMG . . . jang hyuk oppa i luv you soooooo, im your big fan of you in indonesia i love your all dramas n movie, youre my favourite actor in korea u'r is the best n perfect actor in korea ... (^^) chuno, thank you and daemang my faourite drama ever T_T this drama awesome .....

wish u all d' best with ur career ... sarangheyyo oppa n always fighting ___________ (^o^)

jackey Hey daegil hi! I'm an Indian with mongoloid features and currently living in europe. Recently while surfing the tv channels i chanced upon to view Slave hunters in KBS TV and enjoyed the drama a great deal. especially your role and acting skills ...you simply rock man...keep it up...looking forward to see more of your movies/tv sereals...



ezamy wow... jang hyuk with beard!!!! i never thought that daegil is jang hyuk!!! so suprise!!!.. u become so matured!!!! compared to ur drama successful story of a bright girl!!! heheh.. awesome!!! keep up the good work!!!

Phina Hi, I am getting to know you better in The Slave Hunter! You are an excellent actor. I love your charactor. You are born to be the great actor. You deserve the best award this year. Phina, Cambodia.

Noon Ting Hi Jang Hyuk Oppa .. I am a big fan of you you are an excellent actor .. multi-talented actor actually we all love u and support you here in Arab Countries

in (Chuno/Thank u / Robber) and all your works .. u are amazing ^^ wish u all the best with your career and with your wife and children Sarangheyo oppa

FightinG ...

Miku I love you soooooooo much Jang Hyuk, you are my favorite actor in korea and the best i love your dramas (Chuno\Robber\ThankYou) and all your beautiful dramas and movies! my all love and support to you oppa! from Saudi Arabia K.S.A ^____^ Sarangheyo Oppa you are the BEST 4 EVERRRRRRR F i g h t i n g! ^o^

Ayame im one of Jang hyuk big fans!! i love him he is one of my favorite actor in asia i love ur Chuno is my favorite drama everr T__T, we loves you here in Middle East my support for you from Saudi Arabia ^____^

Sarangheyoo oppa! فــــايتنــــغ Fighting~

cris love you!!!!

ChibiTokki OMG I had no idea he was the main guy in Volcano High! I loved the heck out of that movie. Unfortunately MTV ruined it with their ridiculous editing. If you ever watch it, make sure it's not the mtv edited version with the rappers as voice actors.

Negin You are the most lovely and perfect actor in korea. I saw your intresting playing in Thank you(Min Gi so) Now I see The Slave Hunters in KBS WORLD. This drama is more intresting. You are the best.

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