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Yoo In-Na @ opening ceremony for 2014 PiFan
(photo by AsianWiki CC BY-NC-ND 3.0)


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  • Name: Yoo In-Na
  • Hangul: 유인나
  • Birthdate: June 5, 1982
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 165cm.
  • Blood Type:


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marjorie You are one of tge best actresses of your time. There are alot of pretty faces but you stand out. I hope that you wil do more projects and you will be the lead actress. Fighting!

Deus Changus You can be amazed by the beauty of an actress, well Yo In Na amazed me in that way, that It'll be hard to be amazed even more ever again.

MayHi Rally I Love You You'Re my Best Actress. Fighting ^^

Walter Yoooo~!!! yeah~!

Leehyunwoo LOL I got so scared when I read the comment below mine. I thought he/she was talking about Lee Hyun Woo... when I searched it up and found that she dated Ji Hyun Woo I was so relieved lol.

Phot Why broke up with Hyun Woo???

cathlyn i love yoo YOO IN NA my one and only idol <3

abegail happy birthday unnie i love <3 <3 u :)

Anton Kurnia I love yoo in na, from indonesia

rose ann roncesballes hai you are the best actress for me of south korea

mitch your cute yoo-in na..""""

mitch your cute yoo-in na..heart heart..

maxseh i love yoo-in na in secret garden , quen and i , and my love from the star

girlcrush very pretty yoo in na..i really love u in queen in hyuns man..very great actress

girlcrush very pretty yoon in na..i really love u in queen in hyuns man..very great actress

WUTTTTTT I was shocked to know that she's in YG lol

Blenie Hornejas i really2x like and Love Yoo-In so much <3 specially in Queen Inhyuns Man .. Pretty and Cute <3 love it :D

sw yoo inna you are so cute !!!

Bina You are so cute, i love your role in secret garden................lots of loves,,,,,,keep it up.

justine annyong haseyo bogoshiepeoyo saranghamnida

adamcandance she is sooo beautiful !!!! <3

Monching love your acting from Love from another Star. your character is so believable.. take care and wish you all the best!

gdr i love her she's so great in her look,acting and spirit!..fighting!..wish all the best and i like all your dramas1

Anon I love you. You are so pretty!!

Etivise Sikei even though you're quite mean on "You Who Came From The Stars" but you seems like a very good actress in my opinion. You can act on any role that is given to you. I'm not actually a big fan of yours but you're talented on acting different roles on different dramas and movies. Keep up the good work. Fighting !

Aggie love this gurl

Haifouta Annyeonghaseyo! I want to tell u hw much I'm in love with ur well done acting ^^ really u're a shining actress that deserves all the best... BTW, Ji hyun woo may be sooo lucky to be ur BF .. I like him too much .. Both of u , u're making a perfect couple <3 He'll comeback soon .. Hope that he's doin well :D Waiting 4 ur new drama " You who came from the stars" Fighting !! ^_^

Destiny Hnn Yoo In Na, I watched " You are the best", then I felt in love with your acting. I decided to know you better, so I watched "Heroes" show , just for you. I liked your relationship with other guys and your pranks :D I want to see you more in variety shows and also dramas .Wish you all the best <3

Marjorie Annyeonghaseyo i love couple INHYUNS .it is the best couple

Me She is such a good actress omg. The cyring scene on the hospital bed in ''Queen in hyun's man'' was so good it really touched me :/ keep it up !

roseannBacani ---**annyeonghaseyo... your so nice and cute girl..!! your my favorite korean actress .. see you s00n,together with JI HYUN WOO...your a perfect couple..:) yehey yehey..fighting roseannheart the KPOP from:PILIPINAS<3

Elitsa She is very talented !! I loved her in ''Choegoda Lee Soon Shin''.

analyn you and ji hyun woo look so good with each other plz dont leave him I LOVE INHYUN love team

   .........I LOVE BOTH OF U.................i hope both of u are success

analyn i love her because shes beautiful,great actress,i hope shes kind in personal ,

4 Sir People should watch the variety show she was in called Heroes before judging her personality. Just type SBS Heroes in Google.

sanirabegi it seems to me that hers acting so unnatural and i think she has nothing except beauty

Thezar Lustre I love Yoo In Na coz you're so beautiful,cute,awesome and Yoo In Na & Ji Hyun Woo is lucky because they are meant to be :))

aimee yoo in na so beaUTiful.and very talented.loved the way u act.cute And charming.jihyun woo was so lucky to have you.hope to see u both much and more in love to each other.love the tandem of both.hope u both will work together in a comedy love drama.love you ji hyun woo.queen in hyuns man is the best movie ived watch.love the story and the characters.i was amazed and been cried because i felt the story.and feel those emotion.

jerayj I truly like yoo in na. She is so simple yet gorgeous and very pretty. I hope yoo in na and ji hyun woo will visit the Philippines because more fans here are expected to see them and many Filipinos love to watch their drama. I truly like and love Queen Inhyun's man. If I had a dream right now, I want to go to South Korea just to see this 2 couple together and had a picture with them also i want a picture with i and yoo in na. Yoo In na is also one of a kind and the best among korean actress. -QIHM for me is no. 1 and the best among the rest.

28lovely LOL i didn't know that they been sweetheart of Ji hyun Woo in real life i said what???haha

pauline gaoiran yoo in na + ji hyun woo <3 your a lovely couple. you two is my idol! i wish you two to have strong relationshp more than you had in QUEEN INHYUN’S MAN!!! :) i hope that you two will have vacation here in the philippines!  :D i love u both. spend happy ;)

Ynio saranghe...yoo in na..you so beautiful girl..crush kya kita ahha..i can see you in personal i love you <3 <3 <3

edman i love you yoo in na!! im your die hard fun ! i want to see u in personal! hahaha ur so cute talaga.nasayo na ang lahat! MAHAL KITA!!:-):-*

joshua heyy i love u so much Yoo in Naa ^_^ your so very beautiful

mheriam elly i really like yoo in na your so beautiful..i really your real couple ji hyun woo, your the best couple ever..hope you be forever cuople.queen inhyuns man 2 plssssssssssssssssssssss.

marklyn101 Grabi....I can't believe that yoo in na was 30yrs.old.. She's so pretty...and gorgeous beauty..I love them two... I want part 2....when ji hyun woo come back from military service I wish that they have another project together....

zieyeen (*_*) ur so cute and beautiful YOO IN NA

i luv ur acting and u are so so CUTE...

snow^_^ WOW! I saw her in "The Greatest Love", she looks so pretty, then I saw the "Queen In-Hyun's Man", she was there, she was so cute and pretty! Got interested and searched the net then I looked at her birth date and was surprised she was already 30! I was like O_O. She doesn't look 30 at all, she looks like in early 20's like 20 - 25.

Georgie I Really Love Yon In-Na !! <3 she is so cute !!!

angel eunhye you look like QRI of T ARA :D

neil maningas yoo inna your so beautiful and gorgeous ! :) you are so cute and lovely ! but youre so thin im sure you much beautiful if you eatwell and become chubby :) hehehe! i love you! :* i hope you are a good person ! take care always an always pray! godbless!! :)

Ana Unnie, loved your acting so much in Queen in hyun's man. You are so beautiful and cute. You and Ji hyun woo oppa look so good with each other. Plz don't leave him :)

Perxara Oh my gosh. The first thing I saw was your birthday and I was so shocked to see that you're already 31. You only look like 20. you have a pretty and charming face. wow! keep up the good work. I'm a beginner fan of yours, but I think I'm gonna love you always. :)

sayakahikaru Yoo In Na is such a natural beauty she is so freakin pretty and she looks like she is in her 20's (: I loved her in tvN'x Queen Inhyun's man it was one of my favorite drama's of 2012. I cant wait for her new upcoming drama in 'The Best Lee Soon Shin' where she and IU get to act together. Yoo In Na Hwaiting!!!

Thy Adha In-Na Oennie is so LUCKY to have Ji Hyun-Woo Oppa ^^

008chai unni ur so pretty...

Mary Before watching Queen In-Hyun's Man I wasn't fan of her, but after that I totally changed my mind about her. she acts so cute and unbelievably real in Queen In-Hyun's Man.Hope to see more dramas of her in leading role.

depestere she was already cute, funny and good looking but u cudnt see her charm and acting prowess till queen in hyun's man where she blows you away

saisai4u she is soo soo pretty n cute... she doesnt luk 30 at all..she look like around 24.. i like her best in Queen In Hyun's Man.. best! xD

Ann She's so pretty! And I cant believe she's 30


! She look so young, like 25!

FryingP Omg she's 30 wooow she looks so young and cuteee <3

lnnalover lol i love her she was funny in the variety show heroes sbs

Nia ssi good acting in secret garden, i love her... so cute as min ah young :)

angela .. is she really 29? o.o she looks more like in her early 20s o-o well i thought she was when i first saw her LOL but then i found out she was born in 1982 & i was like WUT there has got to be a mistake here... she's sooooo pretty (:

i loved her in secret garden & the greatest love xD & now that i found out she's under YG i love her even more hehe

najiha anyeong!!!i love when u actor at secret garden!!!!!!!!!..i saw you at strong heart is great...yoo in-naa...FIGHTING...^___^

Ajianne i like you.. chincha! haha.. I saw you on secret garden and I adore your round eyes! your so cute!! More power to you!

klarzs Best New Actress in 47th Paeksang! Congrats! Good luck to your career! I like you in Secret Garden! ♥

EGLC I love her more because of her personality rather than her appearance. She is cute, funny and very real. I wish u a big success Yoo In Na :D

kwon yuri i love her because she's so cute

dhylaXD i love her more because her personality and she make me addicted to her,,,,,,,(im a women!!) ckckckckckc

puffy^^ I <3 Her now because she's from YGE :D

Mikii she's so pretty^^ and I just found out that she's in YGE! That's so cool!!

Muriel i already loved her in high kick, and now i even love her more in secrt garden. i really hope you succeed yoo in na

toaster she is so pretty ^_^ even though her role was pretty minimal, ILOVEHER!!

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