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  • Drama: The Greatest Love (English & literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Choigowei Sarang
  • Hangul: 최고의 사랑
  • Director: Park Hong-Kyun, Lee Dong-Yoon
  • Writer: Hong Mi-Ran, Hong Jung-Eun
  • Network: MBC
  • Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: May 4 - June 23, 2011
  • Runtime: Wed. & Thurs. 21:55
  • Genre:' Romance
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


"The Greatest Love" depicts a sometimes comical, sometimes sad, sometimes sweet and sometimes maddening love square between a popular actor, a washed up former pop idol, a successful former pop idol, and a doctor of traditional Asian medicine.

10 years ago, girl group "Kukbo Sonyeo (National Treasure Girls)" was the top girl group, but 18 months later the group held a press conference announcing their breakup--for unknown reasons. Since that time, lead vocalist Ku Ae-Jung (Kong Hyo-Jin) has gone through many difficulties; she released a solo album, but it flopped. Many negative rumors also swirled around her, but again, for unknown reasons, she never discussed them or explained them in any way. This led the public to develop a very negative image of her. Her father and brother lost all the money from her brief success on a string of failed business ventures. Now 10 years later, she is known to of the public only as a D-lister, the bottom of the celebrity pile, but she still struggles to maintain her career and take care of her family by appearing on any TV or radio programs that will have her.

Meanwhile, top actor Dok Ko-Jin (Cha Seung-Won) is considered by the public as the perfect man; he is an action movie star who is sexy, yet humble--to the public. In actuality, Dok Ko-Jin is arrogant, self absorbed, and downright mean to those who know him. By chance, Dok Ko-Jin and Ku Ae-Jung cross paths at a gas station. Ku Ae-Jung seems to be recognized by a young fan and, because she is flattered, stands next to Dok Ko-Jin's decked out van while he is still sitting inside--as if it is hers. After the fan leaves, she becomes curious who might be in the van and peers into the heavily tinted windows, but is unable to see anything. Dok Ko-Jin sees her trying to peer through the window and believing she is a fan of his, grabs her arm through a partially opened window and autographs his cyrptic signature onto her palm. He then has his driver drive off without identifying himself to her.

Later on, Dok Ko-Jin and Ku Ae-Jung meet again in the lobby of a TV broadcasting company. Through a series of mishaps, Ku Ae-Jung finds herself hiding in Dok Ko-Jin's dressing room and overhears a conversation between Dok Ko-Jin and his manager where she learns that Dok Ko-Jin had his eardrum ruptured during a shooting scene and he wasn't picked for a coveted movie role, even though he bribed the director with a very expensive bottle of wine. On her way out of his dressing room, she bumps into Dok Ko-Jin and when he autographs his name on her scarf she realizes that he was the arrogant star at the gas station in the van.

Ku Ae-Jung then appears on the variety TV show "Sebakwi" and lies to the staff that she can call the famous actor Dok Ko-Jin during the show's speed quiz segment. Before she goes on, she asks Dok Ko-Jin to take her call--but he refuses. However, for some reason when the show airs he changes his mind and actually takes her phone call. Unfortunately for both, Ku Ae-Jung, caught up in the excitement and pressure of the game, accidentally reveals one of the secrets that she overheard in his dressing room--that Dok Ko-Jin tried to bribe a movie director with a bottle of wine. This leads to the beginning of their tumultuous, often hilarious relationship...

We continue to see the ups and downs of their relationship and there are several surprising things that the storywriters let happen to both characters throughout the series as their relationship continues to build and develop.

Another wonderful Hong Sisters drama, arguably the best of their career, "The Greatest Love" carries a dual meaning. The most obvious is the love Ko-Jin grows to have for Ae-Jung, but just as important and poignant is the deep, sacrificial love Ae-Jung has for the people in her life. It's Ae-Jung's willingness to sacrifice herself that lies behind why she finds it so difficult to escape her bad image and the rumors that follow her.


  1. Early Korean title was "Aejungui Balgyun" (literal translation "The Discovery of Affection").
  2. "The Greatest Love" took over the MBC Wed. & Thurs. 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "Royal Family" and was followed by "Heartstrings" on June 29.


The Greatest Love-Cha Seung-Won.jpg The Greatest Love-Kong Hyo-Jin.jpg The Greatest Love-Yoon Kye-Sang.jpg The Greatest Love-Yoo In-Na.jpg
Cha Seung-Won Kong Hyo-Jin Yoon Kye-Sang Yoo In-Na
Dok Ko-Jin Ku Ae-Jung Yoon Pil-Joo Kang Se-Ri
The Greatest Love-Jeong Jun-Ha.jpg The Greatest Love-Lee Hee-Jin.jpg The Greatest Love-Han Jin-Hee.jpg The Greatest Love-Bae Seul-Gi.jpg The Greatest Love-Choi Hwa-Jung.jpg
Jeong Jun-Ha Lee Hee-Jin Han Jin-Hee Bae Seul-Ki Choi Hwa-Jung
Ku Ae-Hwan Jenney Ku Ja-Cheol Han Mi-Na president Moon
The Greatest Love-Im Ji-Kyu.jpg The Greatest Love-Park Won-Suk.jpg The Greatest Love-Ryu Hyo-Young.jpg The Greatest Love-Jung Man-Seok.jpg The Greatest Love-Choi Seong-Min.jpg
Im Ji-Kyu Park Won-Suk Ryu Hyo-Young Jeong Man-Sik Choi Seong-Min
Kim Jae-Seok Pil-Joo's mom Ha Ru-Mi Manager Jang pd Kim
The Greatest Love-Kim Mi-Jin.jpg The Greatest Love-5dolls.jpg The Greatest Love (Korean Drama)-Yang Han-Yol.jpg
Kim Mi-Jin 5dolls Yang Han-Yol
writer Han girl group Candies Ku Hyeong-Kyu

Additional Cast Members:


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Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2011-05-04 1 NR 8.6 (11th)
2011-05-05 2 7.1 (20th) 9.6 (9th)
2011-05-11 3 8.6 (14th) 11.2 (7th)
2011-05-12 4 9.7 (8th) 12.3 (5th)
2011-05-18 5 10.4 (5th) 13.9 (4th)
2011-05-19 6 10.2 (6th) 12.7 (6th)
2011-05-25 7 14.4 (3rd) 17.9 (1st)
2011-05-26 8 15.2 (2nd) 18.0 (1st)
2011-06-01 9 14.4 (3rd) 17.0 (1st)
2011-06-02 10 13.8 (3rd) 17.4 (1st)
2011-06-08 11 14.3 (3rd) 17.3 (1st)
2011-06-09 12 14.6 (2nd) 18.5 (1st)
2011-06-15 13 13.1 (4th) 17.7 (1st)
2011-06-16 14 14.5 (2nd) 18.1 (1st)
2011-06-22 15 15.9 (3rd) 19.3 (1st)
2011-06-23 16 17.4 (2nd) 21.2 (1st)

Source: TNS Media Korea



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juvy I felt like I have sinned of omitting to mention how I adore CHA SEUNG WON ;) Funny ajnd Very Manly CSW ;) GHJ <3 CSW perfect pair. :-)

juvy I felt like I have sinned of omitting to mention how I adore CHA SEUNG WON ;) Funny and Very Manly CSW ;) GHJ <3 CSW perfect pair! :-)

juvy Been keeping an eye on Gong Hyo Jin, I've watched all of her dramas and almost every movies. And I can't stop loving her even more. Im even admiring the lead actors because of her sparkling chemistry with every man. This is so far my number 2 of all GHJ's dramas because my number 1 is IT'S OK THAT'S LOVE :) with The Master's Sun on number 3, and I wud not mention the others but I've watched them all. So whoever her leading man I'll probably fall inlove with him. GONG HYO JIN UNNIE YOUR AMAZING!!! :)

panetz Nice and kilig much...i luv also the doctor...more kdrama like this...

julieann this is the very best for me ever!!! please hong sisters make another love story that will be them together cha seung won and and gong yho jin in a project. please..... thank you i' m from the philippines.

ash This serial is awesom my mom likes donial/Dok ko-jin, ku ae jung i like yoon pil-joo We have watched this drama in puthiya yugam tamil chennal we have watched every day it was so nice i liked so much.. thanks

Isabel I love this drama very much!! THE GREATEST LOVE 2 please!!!

Siva Hai friends this is siva from Tamil nadu, in India, here we watched this drama in tamil language me and my mom are the great fans for this "The greatest love" drama... and i called and requested to play again this drama with Puthuyugam channel. This greatest love drama makes me and mom into watch all the korean drama. i would like to say my hearty congrats to the director of this drama. And all the actors and actress are really did well job in this drama the director picked the correct persons for the all character. especially the hero and the heroine Dok Ko-Jin, Ku Ae-Jung.. Yoon Pil-Joo, Kang Se-Ri and Ku Ae-Jung's friend Jenney and there friendship are great... my point to this drama 10/10...

Naigambi paul the movie it is good to wacth

sowmiya it was very nice

Hyphuw One of the best among the kdrama i've watched.

graceous This has got to be one of my most fave kdrama to date. Its humorous yet romantic. The leads were just perfect for their specific roles. The story was not dragging and boring ..makes you want to watch for the next episode with much anticipation. Definitely a must-watch kdrama!

ChelseaS I absolutely love CSW but I really fell in love with the doctor...

malditina One of the best..10/10..

Candy Girl i really love the love story,and yeah,hate se ri.she's a b*tch who are jealous of Ae-Jung.easy to say she didn't deserve neither of the guys,but hey,even the evil witch have to be happy in the end lol

deepika hi team,

its amazing series, lovely n congratulation for the whole team, all have given their best n Mr. Cha Seung Won anybody will fell in love with u, so perfect i love uuuuuuuuu

jo gan hi. i am from india this is my fav show.............

PRIYADHARSINI.R hai i am from india i love this series very much hero cha seung won acting is amazing your acting comedy,expression so nice my whole family like this series.....

deepuchicklu I love this drama very much. I feel like falling in love by seeing this. Really superb drama I ever seen in my life. Thanks for creating a wonderful drama.

VIJI ANAND Hi The Greatest Love Drama Team....... That was a wonderful drama, that have ever seen before and congrats for for your awards. all the best for all your future assignment. Really I love this, Love You all.... if you can please send me the title song..... i like ding dong that was great and cool...

naveena shri Its really the greatest love ever

Zee-hwan I love this drama... I never get tired of watching this movie despite repeated several times, really happy with yoon kye sang, Cha Seung-won and Kong Hyo-jin .. love you :*

Frosty Cute drama. Seung Won was a complete "nut job" in his role. My only problem is the Doctor ending up with Se Ri. She doesn't deserve this great guy.

lovely fan The most amazing moment to me was when do go Jin kissed her thru the Window. I felt that was awesome. Loving u guys thumbs up.

xx @alex I think the main actor who played Dok Ko-Jin did his part pretty well. From his facial expressions to body movements and tone. It wasn't over the top, but rather perfect. Also, you're being biased by judging this drama based on the actresses' looks. Stop being shallow, please. Also, the drama You're Beautiful seemed rushed and the ending wasn't as fufilling as it should have been compared to The Greatest Love.

I highly recommend this drama because it's very enjoyable. The main actress' character may seem annoying at first but it'll get better later on!

xx @alex I think the lead playing Dok Ko-Jin did pretty well in his acting. From his tone to his facial expressions and body movements. You probably didn't even observe that carefully. He wasn't over the top; It was perfect. Also, you're so biased rating this drama on the actress' looks. Stop being so shallow. I honestly thought this drama ended well compared to You're Beautiful anyway. You're Beautiful seemed rushed and the ending wasn't as fufilling as it should have been.

I highly recommend this drama because it's very enjoyable to watch. At first, the main actress' character may seem annoying, but it'll get better throughout the show :).

ding dong fan The greatest love is a very comforting,beautiful and funny korea drama. I promise you its like no other drama u will ever watch. The developing love between dokko jin and gu ae jung is a beauty to behold and will keep u glued to ur screen. I'm a nigerian but this drama cuts between ethnic,culture,skin colour and tradition. The hong sisters' imagination was perfectly brought to screen by gong hyo jin and cha seung won. The story has a lot of depth yet so heartbreaking and so funny that u will probably throw urself to the grounds. I have watched a lot of korean drama but this is a big exception because from the story to casting,picture quality, and ost were a sight to behold. Funny scenes that kept me laughing include : when dokko jin first defended gu ae jung by flipping all the clothes on manager yang which he wanted to give to harumi, when dokko jin misunderstood gu ae jung for dancing when she was struggling to remove her foot from chewing gum and refrain a fly on her head at the karoke (that was so funny my mouth still hurts frm laughing) and so on. Scenes that made me cry were : when gu ae jung had a press conference and cried,when dokko jin confirmed his relationship on an interview aired on tv. The greatest love had a lot slangs which include thump thump, ding dong,there's only one answer,pil line, and so forth. Another thing I loved was the way the name gu ae jung used to save dokko jin's number kept on changing, from lump of bad luck,clear cut and smart,cammelia,recharge. Its just made me laugh and the ost was so amazing and thump thump and don't forget me won various awards not to forget iu's hold my hand. Loved the ost, it was icing on the cake. I just hope the hong sisters write another amazing story to air this 2014 with great actors that can interprete the story, master's sun was great to but THE GREATEST LOVE is an amazing drama. Please do watch it.

masters @alex how dare you , dont you see how perfect she is already? if you don't like her then leave with your hating ass bout she needs surgery you must be blind as a bat and how is look important? shes and actress not a model

Kpips I can't believe someone actually said that the lead actress needs plastic surgery. First off, DON'T compare your crappy taste to others. I think she looks pretty as she is, even though she had eyelid surgery done in the past, she doesn't have to do the chin and nose as you "suggested"...why don't you work on camera then! Anyway, this drama was funny, had touching moments, made your eyes get teary, all kinds of jokes that many should be able to understand and laugh to. As for the male lead being over-the-top, I think it's to make fun of those (actors) who are over-the-top. I think this was a great comedy that was light-hearted and quirky.

kim shy rye I hate the lead actor!! Doctor is way better.

dane Hong sisters should do another screenplay starring these two brilliant actors. Loving Cha seung won and Gong hyo jin. It was indeed The Greatest love :)

IreneGR Hahah this drama is hilarious and romantic one of the best!

alex Darama is ok. I did not like both lead. Even though actress acted well she need nose surgery chin surgery to make it likable. We are materialistic , look is important. Lead actor is good actor but kinda over the top. I felt the second lead in secret garden could have done lot better.

Its overall good drama. Not as good as you are beautiful simply because you need good looking actress to fantasize. :)

This drama is more grounded look because of that.

. By the way I'm watching this one after Master's which complete sure that Jisob copy charater of main actor here. But both done very good jobs though.

. I'm in the middle of this serie. It's so irritating that seem the sweet romantic good-heart herbal doctor might end up get along with queen od envious and mean like Kangseri if it like that I'm not sure i can bear to watch till it end.

Davia Greatest Love is possibly the most fun and enjoyable shows I have ever watched. Cha Seung-Won gives the most electric performance ever. I couldn't believe while I was watching this how exhilarating it was.

Ai Sheila Love love love gong hyo jin!!! In every drama that she starred in, she managed to make my heart flutter, every single time. And if I happen to have a crush on the lead actors later, it was all because of her. Because of GHJ, I developed stupid crushes on gong yoo, cha seung won and lately, so ji sub.

richelle i really love this drama.the lead male actor was so funny i love his personality here..i do laugh a lot and when he said "gu ae jeung it really hurts.i feel like im dying" waaahh it really hits me i feel pity on him at the same time annoys him.i watched this straight from start til ending in one day..the ending was so good..ding dong! for this drama gonna miss this..

richelle i really love this drama.the lead male actor was so funny... i laugh a lot..i watched this straight i really dont get rid of this drama til im not finish and its worth my time..

Vy This drama is so funny. The male lead is hilarious. I love it a lot. I laughed from the beginning to end especially when Cha Seung-Won appeared on screen. He is good in both comedy and action.

Leigh What guy sings the theme song to this drama?

lianne i love soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much this mini teleserye...its a great story..awesome, im sad coz i havent watch the last episode that's why im looking in the internet but to my dismay i can't find it...uhu..

nicole Gosh i miss greatest love ghj and csw you have a awesome chemistry .. I very very like the choigwei sarang i cried for that beacause i cant watch the episoled that u hug gu ae jung oww i cried for that :) and i wish u have a part 2 :)

df extremely good drama...just awesome...i became emotionally invested in the leads (and second male love interest) without realizing how much i was into them but then the end of episode goodness...i'm really into Che Seung Won (who is such a hottie mang) now because I'm watching Greatest Love and City Hall and they are both SO GOOD.

If you are THINKING of watching it, I highly, highly recommend it. Ding dong!

Shamaine I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this drama!!! I totally love it, I watched it just this time, from May 15-May 22, 2013... But after it ended, I felt I need to have an LVAD (artificial heart), too, because my heart burst from seeing it end. It has a VERY GOOD ending, but I don't want this drama to end... This is definitely the BEST, BEST, GREATEST DRAMA I've seen in my whole life! THE GREATEST birthday gift for me this May 25 ~~ I still can;t get over the my depression over its end. I think I'd re-watch it because I sooo miss Dok Go Jin and Gu Ae Jeong already!!!! I'm so depressed why this has to be 16 episodes only... I hope it has had 30 episodes!!! MY NUMBER ONE!!!

Definitely, I gove my GREATEST LOVE (more than I can say and think) for this drama!!! Cha Seung Won and Gong Hyo Jin, DAEBAK, SARANGHAMNIDA forever!!!

P.S. Dugeun-Dugeun!! Ding Dong! Mind-Control Time!

Aubrey Anne THE GREATEST LOVE is one of my favorite Korean Drama. Gong Hyo Jin and Cha Seung Won deserves to be the BEST COUPLE, for me and for the whole TGL adiks. Hope the Hong Sisters would made PART 2 because TGL is my life. Without TGL, is like a life without OXYGEN. A question, how can you live without OXYGEN. That's THE GREATEST LOVE for me, my OXYGEN. :)

hanaj I really love this drama. Collin and Angel here in the Philippines. I love you both. All the cast in this drama is superb. More power to all of you most specially Cha Seung Won. You're the best!

Anne Porley Hi Colin and Angel :) Gosh ?! you know what I can't sleep every night if I can't watch your movie. the best talaga !! :) your tandem made me feel so happy it always made me smile then laugh then cry if things go wrong between the two of you. COlin you know what I want to find a guy who had your personality and surely I will love him forever :)

Excellent job! Keep it up. More power !!

michelle its a big hit in philippine television i hope that this is not the end of the love team of kong hyojin and cha seung won cause they are loved of a lot of people :) nakaka adik ang THE GREATEST LOVE sana may part 2,.o kaya balik tambalan na lang sila please :( I loVE the GREATEST LOVE SUPER !!! DINGDONG :P \m/ ..

fekokracso when i saw this korean tv series i felt so in love.It make me laugh and to love..:))

for the cast you did the great job guys..keep it up:))

i hope it will have a part 2:))

suppeeeeer like it!..

two thumbs up:))

maricar i love the drama.. super addictive!!!! how i wish, everyone in the philippines got the chance to experience same feelings towards the show,, (kilig much)

hayst. gusto q tuloy magpunta ng korea dahil kay Dok go Jin.. more power to you guys!!!

love love love..

lojel God bless the greatest love casting..pls i hope this year 2013 another the greatest love part 2 and 3...

lojel Super enjoy the greatest love casting especially angel and dokko characters..pls..pls..i hope another korean drama with the same casting..this year 2013...pls..pls..pls..

chris i love the story especially the characters in it!how unique! hope to watch another kind of story with same castings.... great job!! ((: love it!

sarrahyas it really is a pleasure watching this show.. Ding Dong! every night i watch the greatest always laughing when i watched this drama because of Dok Ko-Jin and Ku Ae-Jung because this drama it is very funny, sweet, and touching.DING DONG

Marcia Greatest Love is indeed the GREATEST romantic comedy Korean novela I've ever watched so far. The lead actors Cha Seung-Won, Kong Hyo-Jin, Yoon Kye-Sang & Yoo In-Na are very very good. They are so perfect for their respective roles. Thumbs up to you guys and the rest of the casts and crew. Love it so much! I can't describe how how great it is.

aira08 i already watched the greatest love yesterday, i bought a CD,so that i can watch all the episodes,all over again and not to wait to air every night in GMA7 and i watched it all over night and until now i cant get you out of my mind :) i'm obsessed with you Cha Seung-Won, if i could only just be there in S.korea, i'll go find you even if you already had a family on ur own. Just to have a picture of us :D haha! Im really hoping that you can visit us here in the Philippines, so that we can see you personally and meet & greet your avid fans here ! :) So, till your next drama/romance project! Just take good care of yourself & God Bless, More projects to come ! :)) Saranghae <3

Samantha It is Awesome I really like it I watch it a few times in Internet and now here in the Philppines GMA 7 also broadcasting iot ang Filipinos really like it so much... Nice TV series

Aleeza ;** sorry I forgot to ask this..

whom here is team Collin? :DD (that is, Dok Ko Jin, but replaced with Collin Dok Gu when viewed here in Philippines)

anyway, whom here is team Collin? :DD Iloveyouguysss! XDD :DD :**

Dok Ko Jin fan EVER!  ;D

Aleeza ;** I love watching this korean drama. But it's the reason why I always sleep late. :D always excited to watch the next scene. And the time when I unexpectedly slept early because I'm very tired, I almost curse myself for not watching the episode. xDD I hope this would be very popular not only in Korea and Philippines but also be viewed in non-Asian countries. ^--^ good job guys! Iloveyouall! :DD :**

minima best drama series...i really luv it...DING DONG^_^

Ekelyn M. Anabe I really love this Drama!! Keep up the good work.. More power and success guys..!!

Iona I super LOVE this!!! Cha Seung Won is soooo damn HOT!! haha ♥♥♥

love kdrama can anyone tell me.. when did Choi Jae-Hwan be a cameo as fake Dok Go-Jin? in which episode? i can't find it eventhough i already watch TGL for more than 5 times..

micah23 This is the best korean drama. Greatest love, this drama is romantic and humurous. I love it

me-anne this is so amazing and crazy tv series! LOVE IT! SUPER! i wish they have part 2 or 2nd set of the tv series.. same cast.. WINNER! :-d

emerald this is the best and funniest drama i have ever watched i love you pil joo

Jeanelyn Romentic Comedy is what im looking for. And this show hooked me up!!! :DD cha Seung Won makes me laugh. He is the reason why Im watching this. :)))

jhigs i love watching the greatest love!! when i started watching it i got hooked by it. it makes me cry,laugh and get so kilig at the same time. chang seung won is so handsome....i love his role dok go jin. its so addictive i could watch it over and over again........:)

yrma celestine gonzales when i watch the greatest love, i feel i'm in heaven. so inlove.. this is the 2nd time na kinilig ako grabe....goodluck and more power..

sheryl love this drama comedy! cha seung won is great actor! he played the role perfectly in his cute and arrogant look! love him so much!

love kdrama love this drama so much!!! my tears can't stop from falling..:( nway, it is really a story about the greatest love!!! love cha seung won! love gong hyo jin!! :DD <3 <3

Jammy love this drama love cha seung won, kong hye jin :)))

M.Fauzi Rizal uughh! i dont like the story, bored!

rainfairy i cant find a word to express how perfect this drama is. i enjoyed every single sec of it. one of the best dramas ever

Siti The Best Drama Of This Year 2012....

Dea @Anya:

Couldn't agree with you more.... This drama deserves it !!! If "The Greatest Love" win over New York Festival in miniseries category (representative from all best miniseries in the world), South Korea will be very....very.... proud to present this award to "The Greatest Love". (in my opinion ..... ^-^)

Anya @Dea:

If this drama win "Silver World Medal" in miniseries category, means that this is one of best miniseries in the world ..... no wonder... The story and the casts are GREAT to bring life in the drama. This is drama with characteristic script and acting among all romantic-comedy drama in the world. The most important is the story bring "rainbow" to the viewers so we could laugh out loud after cry seconds before and then feel warm and then laugh, warm...It happened over and over again..... They deserve the best drama for this kind of emotion in watching. BTW, i checked that all the finalists outside South Korea in New York Festival, they had been awarded with best drama in their own country even drama with bronze medal. I think this drama deserve it. The Baeksang judges must be really proud to present this drama as best drama. Also the highest award for the cast .......

mar this drama already begins in malaysia ... when i watching this kdrama , WOW ! so best ..

Lisa This is a drama with magical touch in cast, script and director. People who are really "in love" with spouse, parents, family, friend, etc... will understand the magical points of the drama. The OST are also beautiful and touching heart..... Highly recommended !!!

Dea It's on the news that this drama wins Silver World Medal in New York TV and Film Festival 2012, one of the best festival in the world. The jury really have a good choice. This drama is genius in script, presented as a light cheerful touching and heartwarming story. A masterpiece in Romantic-Comedy genre all over the world. I can laugh and cry in to tears almost at the same moment. Change my heart suddenly like a rollercoater..... Never like this before. The casts are also BRILLIANT!... I will never ever forget the moment i spent to watch and rewatched this drama..... So classic and memorable....

rayhaan i really really really interested to dr yoon pil joo character.he are hansome,cool,intelligent,sweet(perfect man)...i dont know why,,,i usually like the second hero in korean drama..example boy over flower,he's beautiful, and others...

Daniela just finished watching this and all i have to say is that this is definitely in my top five favorite k dramas not one second felt wasted i just couldn't stop watching and the ending was simply spectacular. i highly recommend watching this drama u won't be disappointed

Gasenadi The first time I tried watching this drama, I had to stop. Didn't appeal to me at all and didn't understand what was happening. Frankly, I was new to kdrama. After viewing a LOT more dramas, I tried it again and was FLOORED by the satire of the whole industry. Not only that. The way this drama courageously confronts the tragic consequences of internet and media scandals on some actors and actresses is EPIC. As I watched actress Kong Hye Jin ace that press conference, I was sobbing for those "celebrities" who have fallen to the ravages of the media. Truly a valuable message.

Dionne I am so glad this drama is only 16 episodes long, my poor heart would burst from emotion!! Love it!

kirita I cann't believe it !!!.... "The Greatest Love" should be the best drama ever !. This is a romantic-comedy-melodrama genre that makes the viewer laugh, cry and dugeun2x. The same thing hapened when i watched "The Artist" recently. OUTSTANDING DRAMA!

keano V touching it!

Kezia Congratulation for "The Greatest Love" as The Best Drama in GUERIME Award 2011,an award that chosen by directors. This drama is deserves for that.

Julie Loveee this drama so much.. its hilarious and exciting. I Love kong hyo jin specifically. She’s a very talented actress and acting so natural.. love her. I’ve watched most of her dramas (pasta, let’s go to school sang doo, candy teacher) and found them all interesting and funny. Keep up the good work Kong Hyo JIn…

Julie Loveee this drama so much.. its hilarious and exciting. I Love kong hyo jin specifically. She's a very talented actress and acting so natural.. love her. I've watched most of her dramas (pasta, let's go to school sang doo, candy teacher) and found them all interesting and funny. Keep up the good work Kong Hyo JIn...

ibunyaken the best drama that i ever seen, congma daebak, awesome love them both...ding dong

LoonyLizard NOTE: The following review contains spoilers. I've tired to limit them to those that are the least revealing, but they may still prove upsetting to some readers. You have been warned.

At first, I wasn't sure I was going to like this drama. Between the ludicrous vanity of Dokko Jin and the amateurish, cheesy sound and visual effects used in the humor elements, I was initially put off and fully ready to write a scathing review expressing my disappointment. Once I got past these too-broad strokes, however, I found the characters themselves seem well-formed and memorable and the script to be a work of surprising depth and meaning.

The concept of romance developing through psychological conditioning is especially interesting to me. Repeatedly, Dokko Jin hears the old pop song "Thump, Thump" when he's near Ae-Jung, and it makes his heart beat faster. The fact that because of his LVAD (artificial heart), he always wears a pulse monitor to alert him to his racing heartbeat serves as reinforcement of the conditioning. The writers even included this theory as a monkey wrench in the developing relationship. This theory turns out to be a mask, however, as more and more, Dokko Jin realizes that this woman has a stronger, tougher, and braver heart than anything that could ever be implanted in his chest. What starts as pity grows to admiration, to a quiet awe, and to a fiercely protective love that's just shy of being a force of nature.

Gong Hyo-Jin is breathtaking and heart-wrenching in her portrayal of Goo Ae-Jung, a quietly stolid, long-suffering entertainment has-been struggling to make ends meet and support her family. I feel very safe in saying that if you don't cry for the plight of Ae-Jung, you're not human. While there are some similarities between Goo Ae-Jung of Greatest Love and the role of Seo Yoo-Kyung in Pasta, Ms. Gong's portrayal here is a step above and beyond that of Pasta's junior chef, and truly exemplifies the title, as she takes upon herself the troubles of all whom she loves, even those who have wronged her. The way she carries the role of media martyr with never a hint of smugness or superiority makes this performance a wonder to behold. Gong herself IS a wonder, an actress with talent that any director should feel honored to work with.

It says something when it takes 2 male leads to match up to the female lead. Such is the case with Ae-Jung's romantic interests, Dokko Jin and Dr. Yoon Pil-Joo (Cha Seung-Won and Yoon Kye-Sang). The former is a spoiled action film star at the height of his career while the other is a quietly brilliant doctor of Asian medicine. Both roles seem to suffer from overacting at first, from the good doctor's Buddy Holly image and apparently complete separation from all social rituals, to the awkward, forced feel of Dokko Jin's laughter. These are quickly taken care of as the characters become more developed by episode 3, but neither achieve the instant believability of Ms. Gong's heroine. This seems to be part of the overall design of the series, as truly, Jin & Yoon have the most character transformation in the series, and the development process itself is well-crafted. Mr. Yoon is perfect as the dejected yet loyal could-have-been prospect, and Mr. Cha, while still maintaining a robotic, wince-inducing laugh from beginning to end, still shines brightly as the scoundrel transformed by love. His buddy relationship with Ae-Jung's nephew, Goo Hyong-Kyu (Yang Han-Yol), nicknamed "Ding Dong," is exceptionally endearing, and prepares the audience for an ending that split my face in a grin so wide, my jaw still aches. Most believable are Dokko Jin's moments of insecurity, where his pride wrestles with the honesty of his love, and the moments where his love shines through him with a tender warmth so convincing, it very literally needs to be seen to be believed.

The only wasted space throughout Greatest Love comes in the form of Ae-Jung's Father and Pil-Joo's mother (Han Jin-Hee and Park Won-Suk). Both are roles filled by veteran actors with impressive resumes to their credit who are capable of so much more. It really is the shame of the Hong sisters for not scripting those parts with more depth and integral meaning to the larger story.

Aged parents aside, the supporting cast is a credit to both writing and acting. Yoo In-Na is very nearly perfect as Kang Se-Ri, Ae-Jung's narcissistic former band-mate and the only member of National Treasure Girls to still enjoy the spotlight. Lee Hee-Jin is similarly memorable as Jenney, another N.T. Girl and Ae-Jung's best friend, who now runs a quaint pizzeria and enjoys flirting (i.e., toying) with the different men that come into her life. The way Jenney blatantly plays the men's jealousy off each other without apology is one area where the comedy is done exactly right. The previously mentioned "Ding Dong" is adorable and flawless - Yang Han-Yol is a child star to watch for. Jeong Man-Sik is also on the mark as the slimy and bitter former manager of the N.T.G. who still has an axe to grind for Ae-Jung. His performance generates all the dislike you could ask for in a villain and is what makes the award show scene with Dokko so very satisfying. Also worthy of mention is Im Ji-Kyu as Kim Jae-Seok, Dokko Jin's manager and the closest thing he has to a best friend in a world where everybody has an agenda. The scene where he comes, drunk and upset, to Dokko Jin's home is one of the funniest and more disturbing scenes I've ever had the privilege to witness. I've laughed myself to tears through 4 viewings so far.

Perhaps the greatest surprise among the supporting roles is President Moon, played by Choi Hwa-Jung. A relative novice to the screen, the 50-year-old Choi plays the CEO of Ae-Jung's & Dokko's management company with amazing depth and complexity. Much like Jae-Seok, Moon is a manager who genuinely cares about her clients, but as a veteran of the business, she's too shrewd to fight battles that she knows cannot be won. A perfectly balanced combo of brains, ambition, and heart, the only thing I didn't like about this character was the bulky covers on her cell phone. Though late to the TV side of show biz, Ms. Choi proves that all good things are worth waiting for, and that she is among the best. Somebody needs to give this woman an award.

Two dramatic elements that make the series especially smart are the gradual role-reversal between Dokko and Ae-Jung and the recurring floral theme. All the embarrassing things that happen to Ae-Jung in the first part are revisited upon Dokko, and almost solely because of his love for Ae-Jung. It's truly a double dose of comedic hysteria every time the audience sees Dokko get into the exact same mess he previously yelled at Ae-Jung about, almost always making it worse by his inferior cover-up skills.

The floral theme is especially important, not only because flowers represent love in popular culture, but on a more cerebral level, they also represent sexual union, being both the male and female sex organs of the plant. Greatest Love certainly does not skimp on references to desire of the body, and the flirtation keeps the romantic tension humming without ever becoming crude. The Azaleas theme runs especially deep, in part because Dokko quotes it to Ae-Jung in a gender reversal of the poem's traditionally understood voice, but also because when the inevitable crisis looms, Ae-Jung finds herself using the Azaleas theme in response to Dokko's self-comparison to a race car. It makes both the crisis and the character of Ae-Jung all the more poignant, dear, and indelible. However, even more moving is the potato flower theme. Dokko raises a potato after "executing" two more from the same batch that Ae-Jung brought him. The two executed potatoes represent wasted chances he's had to be honest with Ae-Jung and to be in a relationship with her - namely, not being forthcoming about how he hired a crew to locate both a cherished pen and the shoe Ae-Jung lost looking for it, as well as obliquely accusing her of trying to seduce him just to further her own career. The surviving potato and the plant that sprouts from it are symbolic not only of Ae-Jung, but also of Dokko's last chance to win her heart, while the nurturing that Dokko gives to the potato plant runs parallel with the tender care he gives to Ae-Jung's feelings. All this culminates when Ae-Jung sees potato flowers in a finale that takes two episodes to cover and is among the most satisfying ending to any TV series I've seen to date.

Despite its initial shallowness, "Greatest Love" is a drama with sincerity of heart and a depth that seems all the richer because of the shallow start. In the very last scene, I found myself answering back, "I am indeed honored." (You'll need to watch the entire series to understand that.) A warm and beautiful story of the amazing transformational power of love, it's sure to become a classic, at least in my household.

Final Rating: 9 out of 10 stars. Brilliant and inspiring, without ever taking itself too seriously.

ayudya pratiwi 3 words for this drama : - Funny - Sweet - Touching and the greatest thing is ..HAPPY END ! ^.^ Love the actor ,and also the actress . although Kong Hyo Jin is not really pretty and innocent, but she's sweet and cute enough ,, I love her picture in some angles ,, and I think her acts in this drama is not same with her acts in "PASTA". in "PASTA", she acts as the girl who obedient with the guy character (Lee Sun Gyun). but in The Greatest Love, she's became the girl who pretended her feeling with Dok Ko Jin .. that'a a BIG DIFFERENCE for me. well, I think that's all my comment for this drama . So far, this drama is one of best drama that I ever watch . AZA ..!^o^

Karen The Best Drama i've ever seen. I loved and watched all RECOMMENDED Korea drama and THIS IS THE BEST. I NEVER SKIP (pppffff....) the episode since 1 to 16. Never did before. Cann't believe I spent more than 17 hours + rewatch hours. The Greatest Love.... never regret the moment i've already spent to watch you.

rahi it is very ridiculous and duplicate story. i hate it.the acting was truly mess.

yanti hye jin... ur my best idol... This drama,,, is so fantastic,, always make my heart get race....

ankur koirala this drama is just toooooooooo awesome.....better than anyone expected.i luv all the cast and crews who worked sao hard to launch of luck for future!!!!!!

blossom Laughing so much and feel hurt at the same time...this drama really awesome!!!

Dokko Jin really hillarious with his over confident of himself.."DingDong" always played in my mind,

and Gu Ae Jung with his plain make-up but still sweet to see really knows how to handle her man..

they're really in love no matter what happen, especiallny Dokko Jin..

what I know from this drama, whatever your age, even you're mature enough, still if you're in love with someone, you'll become crazy, sweet, and always want to protect them at the same're gonna look so selfish..but that's the way you said that you love your soulmate with action.. :)

one of my favorite drama!!! DAEBAK!!! :)

FK Love this drama. Can feel the heartbeat together with the story flows. :)

lia00027 BORING DRAMA EVER. Don't expect to much from this drama. As usual Cha Seung Won is a great actor and he was the only reason i could stand to watch this drama. The whole fault lays with Kong Hyo Jin (totally wrong cast of the heroine), her acting is so boring, dull, and plain. She cannot act at all she just brought same character like what she did in "Pasta". This drama actually has a good plot but Kong hyo jin ruin it by acting so terrible and her whole-plain face. She shouldn't be an actress at all at the 1st place, she's not that sweet and innocent. Gosh I really sorry to have bought this drama it ruined my mood I hate an actress who cannot act well but still acting, waste an effort of the production team. GET RID OF KONG HYO JIN IS A GOOD SOLUTION FOR HER.

e-Rheen Ding-Dong..!!!! I LUV THIS DRAMA SO MUCH.. Funny, Romantic, Happy Ending..

hanae yamashita Am I the only one who got annoyed to death watching this drama? -_- seems like it.. what a lonely feeling! haha

Dul It's so funny...ding-dong

evoy i love u cha she won

weng antonio This has officially become my favorite korean drama and CSW my most-loved korean actor!DingDong!

eyra melayu The story line is superb, The Greatest Love really made my day. Even my friend is hooked! Really love Kong Hyo-Jin and Cha Seung-Won. Really love their white-fairy-like daughter! I am going to watch again Pasta!

inat Best drama of the year! The writers created a hilarious larger than life character with Dokku Jin and CSW did an exceptional job bringing him to life. He should get a Best Actor award for this role. Overall solid interesting plot that keeps you glued to the screen and great cast with tremendous talent. This should be the best drama of the year.

Dok Ko Jin Fan I loved this! Dok Ko Jin is hilarious! I laughed a lot with him xD The scene when they're in the karaokê and he sing Heartbreaker LOL Ding Dong! OMG! i already miss this drama :(

Sanj Loved it!! I am gonna miss watching Dokko Jin and Gu ae jung...:(

ddolchu i <3 GONG HYO JIN! SO PRETTY! i hope they do end up togethr in real life LOL :D

ddolchu after watching SECRET GARDEN, other dramas got me bored (todeath =_=) UNTIL THIS ONE CAME ALONG :D had me LOLing my heart out! DOK GO JIN JJANG!

Sher I love this show!! OMO Cha Seung Won stole my heart when he shaved his mustache. He looks good either way, but it was nice to see him without the stache!! Oppa!!! So hot!!!!!!!!! And I love his acting... he keeps it tense when it needs to be and he makes it funny when it needs to be!! Love him!! And Kong Hyo Jin is awesome!! Every time she cries I am crying with her. She is an awesome actress!! She rocks!!! I am definitely buying this DVD when it is released here in the U.S.!! Keep up the great writing Hong Sisters!!!

areeba i loveeeee this drama i hope dok ko ji will be fine awwww can't wait for ep 15 loveeeee both of you

pCat i love this drama sooooooooooooooo much :) Dok ko Jin and Ae Jung mwahhhhhhhhhh

Ayi623 I love this drama. It made me laugh AND cry so hard at THE Same time. I hope dokogi Is going to live. Cant wait for episode 15 AND 16

dokkolove best drama ever. hilarious and makes me cry A LOT. i really really wish Dok Ko Jin would not die and Ae Jung image could be better. really really hoping for a beautiful ending.


Afaf best drama so far :)) .. hoping as u all said dat its not a sad ending

miki love this series so much. Great job hong sister Ding dong!!!!

Lulu OMG, I love Dok ko Jin character, he is the best.

nadoo Cha Seung Won love u <<<<<<<<<<<<<<*^^* and thes is the best drama this year<<<<<

skipkrow is he going to die..

QQ totally awesome drama!!!! humorous yet so romantic! You just fall in love with each character. BRAVO Hong Sisters!!!

ryeong8 THIS IS THE GREATEST DRAMA OF 2011 ^.^ Hong Sisters are THE BEST!

sara hi i think this amazing drama it's very funny dok ko jin & ku ae jung tow wonderful <3

yamara plsssss don't make a sad ending let Ku Ae-Jung be happy with Dok Ko-Jin...!

skipkrow this the most exciting drama i ever watch...make sad and happy...

Kpopmum62 I think this drama is one of the most original so far this year. Love the characters but at first i didnt like Dok-ko Jin as he seems rough around the edges and quite uncouth....however on closer inspection he is quite sweet. His new character is emerging as each episode passes. Hope it isnt a sad ending.

pheonix must watch drama! best drama after 49 days in 2011!

JIW_sobangnim this is awesome!! love the storyline, hilarious and addictive! show the love!

Ms.GB I sooo like the orginial title better but I'm still gonna watch it! :)

Edo Watching this just because Cha Seung Won!!! WWW Although his best drama is City Hall, in Athena he was very very good as So Hyuk. Lately is always the bad guy, I'm glad he's back with a sweet love Drama *^^*

itja kong hye jin became girlband :) :) :) 5dolls will be in this drama.. can't wait........

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