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  • Name: Yoon Sang-Hyun
  • Hangul: 윤상현
  • Birthdate: September 21, 1973
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 180 cm.
  • Blood Type:
  • Occupation: Actor, Singer


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batman I've only watched my fair lady and secret garden so far and he's my least favourite actor. His acting is alright but he's really boring.

Marianne I love everything bout Yoon Sang Hyun! You're a great actor and singer. I'm officially a fan!

RanEunHae I saw for he i gay kiss from secret garden maybe when see thats kiss i just fell in love with he XD really before 3 years i saw secret garden on TV and i really love him And his style are sooooo sooooo great realy and his hair style so cute i am not a big fan but i love him seriously , i just now saw that kiss with hyun bin OMG so HOT XD

esra he is soooo cute <3

I can hear your voice, secret garden, my fair lady, gap dong, can't lose and love clinique is my favo

anneseyo oppah na saranghaeyoo oppah, fighting arason?

rena i loved your acting in secret garden.it was fantastic.all the best...........

Imelda Rose Henry i watched only two of your dramas so far ( Secret Garden & My Fair Lady), and i love both dramas, Fighting!

Imelda Rose Henry i watched only two of your dramas so far ( Secret Garden & My Fair Lady), and i love both dramas, i will keep on watching. Fighting!

Imelda Rose Henry I just started to love watching Korean dramas and movies since 2013. i was too busy to watch any entertainment on TV or Theatre. i watched only two of your dramas so far ( Secret Garden & My Fair Lady), and i love both. You act great, i will keep on watching. Fighting!

Lee He's the best in I Hear Your Voice. Such a sweetheart.

Marilyn Queen His scene by the bed, "Am I supposed to hide her when it rains?" was very gripping. I had never considered love stories to include other close family members. (Isn't that funny?) Really well done I thought, by all-writers,scenes, actors. Kudos.

Susan Kaneshiro Love the secret garden series. Thank you.

jayu07 for me KIMURA TAKUYA has a more sexier lips and looks..nonetheess i do find Yoon Sang-Hyun as a good looking man as well..maybe i just have few biases when it comes to being an IKEMEN..hehe..coz i really love Takuya-sama..:D

Salma Sherif Musalsaal secret garden hlw awee masha'allaah Hatfaraag 3l ba2ee 2urayeeb ensha'allaah


roseannBacani hellow... your such a professional korean actor...when i saw you in the tv drama.. my wife is a superwoman.. your so great.. muah, muah..Fighting. <3Philippines..

qtet Oh my GOD.. I love him,i love all the roles that he played.. Looking forward for your new drama..

lili late to know you but.......LIKE YOU..... A LOT

Zara does anyone see that YSH slighly (i mean quite) look like Kimura Takuya?? even their age just one year different..is he a lost twin of Kimura Takuya??kekeke..

Lee Jong Shin Wow. I think Yoon Sang Hyun just 20 years old until 25 years old. But, actually, you 39 years old.. Wow, you're so young if i see you at your Drama Series "I Can Hear Your Voice". So perfect if you be the Student in 19 years old at that Drama Series. Wow. So cool. Perfect..

Che17_johanseo:) Omg! I cant believe it that sang hyun yoon already 39? Hmmm hot and good looking! U just look 25 hehehe,,love you! I love so much ur musics!!


Che17_johanseo:) I love you sang hyun yoon! U r adorable so great!! I'v watched fair lady in many times,touching much,romantic comedy! I love it!!ur songs so beautiful and mades me recall my past haha,and im trying to download all ur songs! And im looking all ur dramas and much excited! Hope you and eun hyun hye will have together again in drama/movie :),love u both of you!

Darunifah Hi...your act is good enough..i hope i can see more skill in your future drama and your voice at romantic song...and you just like Takuya Kimura from japan

Milanais5 My granddaughter(9 years old) has learned the song from "My Fair Lady" phonetically. She has been studying Chinese since kindergarten and sings in a choir..so she has developed a great ear for music and languages. She has watched MFL several times and is now on "Secret Garden". It seems that she has a crush on Yoon Sang-Hyun. It's the cutest thing to watch.

Dianne Yoon Sang-Hyun ... I didn't know who you were before I began watching "Secret Garden"; but now, thanks to that fantastic movie and your fantastic acting, I will never forget you! I'm here on AsianWiki looking for more movies/dramas that you have been in so that I can see you in other roles. You have a fantastic acting ability -- an ability to make your character come alive on the screen and make him believable. I look forward to following your career in the future, and I wish you all the best in everything you do. Keep making more movies/dramas so that we can enjoy seeing you on the screen. From a new fan from the State of Alabama in the USA!!

learningKorean Seo chipsa! omg, the character and the way you acted it out. I started with Secret Garden and then I had to find something else with you in it! You are amazing. One day I hope to meet a guy just like the characters you have become on screen. I am unsure whether it is a part of your personality, but these roles have suited you very well! I am going to learn Korean just to visit there and see if I can meet you! IN LOVE!

net You rocked my world and is still rocking it, yoon sang hyun!! oppa saranghe! ;)

Paola Lopez annyeonghaseyo! i love you in secret garden and my fair lady! i plan to watch more dramas that star YOU! love you!!!! ^_^

Juliet Dear Actor! Yoon Sang Hyun /Oska/ simply adore you! Happy happy birthday to you! I wish you many years of happiness! Many,many greetings!

Shamsa that awkward moment when hes bigger than your dad

ilyn how will i forget this korean series? this is one of my favorite series ever....they brought me to heaven once they had their intimate moments haay...........kakilig tlga to the bones.....great korean series hoping for more series from u butler seo....saranghae........

ceka i didn't like this actor when he was in fireworks, i hate it, but after seeing him in secret garden he was funny, romantic i changed my mind go on oppa

jovelyns love my fair lady love u butler seo and hanah

giara i love ur movie my fair lady...ur so handsome.. u and hae na r cute love team...saranghe ...and i love ur voice 2....i love you....muah muah ..tsup tsup....

Lia Damayanti Your're funny,cute man (",) Kulo tresno karo kowe....

Tina One of the funniest Korean Drama Actor ever !!! Your smile is so cute ^_^ You are really one multi-talented actors. Love to see your Acting, Can't wait for your next drama

Yuli Endiar ..this is the first i wrote to a famous actor..i just want to say..i like your eyes..and we're waiting your next drama..and can come to Indonesia..

michelle alcantara "My Fair Lady" Drama is very exciting to watch ....I am really In Love with Butler SEO (Yoon Sang Hyun) ...I want to see him personally ..I want to be the Agashi character coz butler SEO loves her very much! I LOVE YOU Butler Seo (Yoon Sang Hyun).

jennywong em rất thích anh, anh rất gần, vui tính. xem anh đóng phim rất thất, giống như thật vậy. còn các bài hát anh hát em đều lưu làm nhạc chuông điện thoại, dù nghe không hiểu nhiều bài nhưng giai điệu và chất giọng của anh rất truyền cảm, rất tình đấy. anh cố lên nhé.

Judy belated happy b-day!!! i watched "my fair lady" and your acting is great... I hope you have more projects to come and more success in life.

isay022 'i super duper idolize you..start from secret garden..and now that your in fair lady...ur really cute..and u really made me amazed on every acting you do..you act naturaly...keep up the gud work.. just lyk what gil ra im said "ur my oppa."

evaagustine Yoon Sang Hyun....Know what??!! First time I watched Korean Drama was One Mom & Three Dads. Eventhough you were only appearing for 2 episodes only, but your acting here was great and stealing my heart successfully. I think that was the strong reason why now I'm so curious about your acting in another dramas. Since then, I always try very hard to get and watch your dramas, such as: Exhibitions of Fireworks ( good acting and good story line, eventhough your character is not so positive for women ), Marrying a Millionaire, Take Care of Aggasshi, Queen of Housewives. You are stealing my heart!!! Good job!! Love it so much!! Always Best Wishes for You Yoon Sang Hyun!!! I really really do hope you read my words...Thank You Oppa..

so kyun yoon sang hyun hyung was so cool in my fair lady.. i admires him because the character.so mean.so cool#


NAKA totally agree with all. you are so special. people said you are old... but to me you are attractive by your style and handsome.. Actually i did not like you since i watched the first scene in TAKE CARE OF TH YOUNG LADY and quited. But after watching SECRET GARDEN. im in love with your style and performance. So cute. Love you and Yoo Eun Hye. Wishing you and Yoon Eun Hye are a COUPLE forever. or KIM SA RANG

Chin I really love your character in " My fair Lady/ Take care of the young Lady". I watch the scenes over and over and listen to the songs as well. I'm hooked to this drama. You are incredibly handsome and hot. Love your smile. You and Eun Hye look good together. More power Yoon Sang Hyun. I'm looking forward to your upcoming dramas.

Anna Hi, I like you in Secret Garden and sure in Lady CAstel/My fairy Lady..You are cool and Sure I like your songs...I hope you will can read these lines...For now I am your fan...Good Luck..OSKA ^_^

sheila mar i like your act in SECRET GARDEN....

I lOvE yOOn sAnG hYuN.....:) pApA oSka,,,,hehehe

eva agustine Yoon Shang Hyun.......You have a special place in my heart.....You're My Baby and always be my Baby.....Oppa....

vivian just try to download your site to listen ur ost in secret garden then the site is stuck to here, i enjoy to read all the comment here , by the way what is meant by 'A SLIGHT LISP', his lips yes is rosy or may be it is just the effect of make up. However, in overall his performance not only acting; his talent in singing is superb too, I really enjoy every of his songs.

Realllyyyyyyy,,,,....... wish to looking forward for his next project sarangheo opps ysh KEEP UP A GOOD WORK ^.^

Kristine I really like Yoon Sang-Hyun. His acting was great in "My fair Lady" / "Take care of the Young Lady". Though his old, I find him very handsome. His one of my favorite actors.

092391 @Don't Misunderstand- You're not the only one who noticed! I thought I was crazy. His lisp is actually a lot "better" in Secret Garden- it was really obvious to me in Take Care of the Young Lady. I think it's really adorable though, I love it.

March He might be old but don't you know that Men are like wines, they improve with age, they taste better and even better. I love you oppa, you're the best charming and sexy!

joannel oppa anyeong hashimnikka i really love your voice and plss do secret garden 2 and i will miss you and please said to hyun bin and ha jiwon i really really love the sweetness of elevator scene is not yet posible to meet all of my favorite cast secret garden i really want to see you in personal please said to i love you to hyun bin because i am 100 percent in love with hyun bin that all sarangheyo kamsa hamnida che irumun imnida joannel ch’onun e so watsumnida philipines

fati oppa i love u so much ....keep going you have a beautyful voice & a very great performance PS: you were waw in secret garden oska sarangheayo @(^.^)@

jonaly lora age doesnt matter the leads seems they were completely 30 anios

jonaly lora i found you interesting cause ur good in acting.... el mas grande actor....

alliah i like the secret garden so much !!!! :) you so cute Yoon Sang hyun

demimora so handsome, so cute.....and please no one says he is old.he is in the sexiest age.from S.A.R

Don't Misunderstand I really do like his acting, especially in Secret Garden and find him good looking but.... am I the only one who noticed that he has a slight lisp?? doesn't change how good it is but I just wanted to know if anyone else heard it

omnya we share the same birthday!!!!

Iris YSH, hi from Puero Rico love your acting and singing

claire S.A. i love your acting in my fair lady and secret garden.. even your voice drives me crazy.. every time i listen to your song it makes me smile. you inspire me a lot.. keep it up and god bless you ^_^

bae ah rin What a talented and adorable actor! I wouldn't call him old at all, just amazing!

KdramaLover omg...... :o.. he's already that old? didn't notice coz he's cute.. :P

tupce I love youu................From Turkey  :)

diana sarangheyo yoon sang hyeon....i like your style...you are so cool

keeto I liked him in my fair lady at first, mostly just the character. In secret Garden, I like him more. He seem like the funny kind of actor that is charming and funny too. Definitely, didn't go wrong with having him in the awesome cast!

ika u r so cute and handsome.....

shahrzad darling i miss you so much

mimie Yoon Sang Hyun....

oppa...!!!! sarangheyo....^o^ after i see you in "my fair lady"...i like youuuuuuu so muchhhh...... love you full Yoon....^^

riri dear yoo sang hyun..i really love with u act in the my fair lady,i hope in every time you visite to indonesia,i'm promise i will be your guide in indonesia..

mhinia hha...nice....

made ani yoon sang hyun, do u know i realy2 love you and your acting, i work as a guide in Bali , every time if i show korean people i always say," please tell yoon sang hyun if i realy2 love him" please tell him, he succes make me falling in love with him, i dont care if u think me crazy, its no problem for me, i just want u know I LOVE U

farzaneh hi,i saw this tv drama in farsi 1.you are so cute .and i love you.kissss

shahrzad i turely love you .you are the best actor ,attractive man and too cute

eka witjayanti hai... i realy lke yor acting in my fair lady, i think is very natural, and it realy you. i hope you and yoon eun hye realy falling in love in real life. hi...hi...hi... wish you all the best and success.

from eka - BALI

shane do you have a wife????

cute mo DOY......

unsa man ka........

ben_asama i really really like ur syle and ur act in my fair lady my man! hahaha~ keep perform good

danie 여보세요 yun는 노래했다 hyeon. I♥u… 나는 다만 u를 i' 아는 원한다; phillippines에서 당신의 탐욕스러운 팬의 m 하나 여기에서.!!! 희망 I는 당신이 스스로 .hope 나 당신을 보기 위하여 거기 갈 다는 것을 볼 수 있다!!! 그리고 당신의 autograph.thanx로 사진이…… 함께 있으십시오!!!!! care.godbless를 가지고 가십시오!!! pls는 저에게 전자 우편을 당신 don' 보내는 경우에; t 마음.DANICA

vam I really like your acting in my fair lady and my wife is a superwoman... Im very addicted to it... I love you...

picapansol i really lyk ur character in my wife is a superwoman.. cool! *_*

shahrzad i love you you are best

wulan love uuuu so much YSH!!!

Sahar Dear Yoon Sang hun, your acting was good,we saw this film in farsi 1 channel. lucky you becuase of your fan, I think many girls love you. I hope you will be successfull in your life and work. Best Wishes, Sahar- from Iran

docalion Oh my golly!! I really fell in love with your acting!! You're so talented. I wish you're reading this. You're my reason for watching my fair lady!! Hopes for more dramas in the future!!

house dear yoon sang hyun..

i'm really like u..love to see your acting..your voice really superb..hope u will always sucess in your career..=)

DEVI ARSANTY " my fair lady ' i love yoon Eun Hye. your drama really - really good.ok/


Deivy Arsanty

qistina05 Dear Yoon Sang hun (YSH),

"My fair Lady 'drama really change the whole family channel to KBS world and we can't miss to watch all korean drama. We love the song and keep listening to your great voice. Really a great performance and acting . Keep it up and hope the gossip is true....in love with Yoon Eun Hye.

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