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  • Movie: No Breathing
  • Revised romanization: Nobeureshing
  • Hangul: 노브레싱
  • Director: Jo Yong-Sun
  • Writer: Jo Yong-Sun, Yoo Young-A
  • Producer: Lee Song-Joon, Park Chang-Hyun, Jung Dae-Hoon
  • Cinematographer: Lee Joon-Gyu
  • Release Date: October 30, 2013
  • Runtime: 118 min.
  • Genre: Sports / Water Sports / Youth
  • Distributor: 9ers Entertainment
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Set in the world of competition swimming. Woo-Sang (Lee Jong-Suk) is a national swimmer. He pursues the number one spot. Won-Il (Seo In-Guk) is gifted swimmer, but stopped participating in the sport. He then makes a come back.


  1. Filming began May 19, 2013 and finishes in mid-August, 2013. For the overseas training scenes, movie was filmed on location in Davao City, Philippines in August, 2013.


No Breathing-Lee Jong-Suk.jpg No Breathing-Seo In-Guk.jpg Yuri
Lee Jong-Suk Seo In-Guk Yuri
Woo-Sang Won-Il Jung-Eun
No Breathing-Shin Min-Chul1.jpg Kim Jae-Young No Breathing-Park Chul-Min1.jpg No Breathing-Park Jung-Chul.jpg
Shin Min-Chul Kim Jae-Young Park Chul-Min Park Jung-Chul
Jung-Dong Dae-Chan Jae-Suk Coach Jang

Additional Cast Members:


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lwkbafi Cringed throughout the film...... trying to watch non swimmers swim is so painful. Legs go up when they dive, heads aren't down, all have overreach, basically all technique is just wrong... good and fun movie but wish they would portray the sport accurately... and its funny to watch them race in jammers because people rarely wear jammers nowadays at that level :P

vinabv I really like to watch it. It's my favorite (Seo In-Guk) and my sister's favorite (Lee Jong-Suk) actors.

SUPAHFAN OMO! Two of my most favorite Korean Actor in one movie!! Gotta watch this!! :>

kurly korean just watched the movie last night.... [no words can explain] a very unique and not-so-lovey-dovey and 'love wasn't the main plot' i liked it that way, there should be more movies like this!!!

) was THE MOST AWESOME MOVIE my cuzzie and i watched till 1:00 in the morning...

goosebumps when they became friends, and high-fived one another... a must watch... -kurly korean - :)

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Yhang_04 wow!! it was shoot at the PHilippines! I have to watch this =)

Danielle JUST finished the movie. I liked it! Love how Yuri's charactor is so unique! Good movie!

Danielle I really want to see this! I love stories about professional people in sports or the arts. I want to see Lee Jong-Suk and Yuri!

rinchan both seo in guk and lee jong suk are awesome!

kim Goshh I just LOVED lee jong suk ...loved his cool side in the movie and such a gentleman. ...I love you LEE JONG SUK and you were amazing in this drama and showed that hardworking pays. ..great movie

hann Soe In Guk is TOTALLY AWASOME!!! :* really love his acting here, especially when he eat!! LOL

darcee i love lee jong suk ayieeeh im gonna die and kwon yuri is so sexy girl

lalola la I really love it and seo in guk totally stole the screen he is really a good actor i really love him . even i don't find the story but it was really good to watch it !

Fayette Choi You can watch it here with English subs ;) Enjoy watching the movie!

dadz . . . . i wanted to watch this movie , because i'm curious especially because it was shot in davao city philippines . . . .

Skylar I just watched this movie and really.. Seo In Guk's acting was just a FLAWLESS AWESOMENESS! I know Lee Jong Suk was seriously amazing, too - but his acting was steady and the role Woo Sang had no considerable difference from his other ones. Seo In Guk left a good impression on me since Master's Sun. I totally forgot he's actually a singer.. KYAAAA! He's damn amazing at singing and now shows how talented he is through his great acting. A GENIUS, REALLY~ And I won't forget to say that, Yuri's acting skill improved ^^ But I think it would be better if an actress had got this role. I'm thinking of Kim Ji Won because her smile is stunning. But of course, Yuri did a great job!

  • claps claps*

Anyway, I love this duo so much. The ending was fine to me. I love how the PD didn't let Jung Eun made any particular choice between these two hotties! Both Woo Sang and Won Il were good guys <33 LOVE 'EM SOOOOOOOOOO BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD <3

kai OMG. I'm a competitive swimmer, and you have NO IDEA how happy it makes me that someone made a movie about competitive swimming. and not just someone. TWO OF MY FAVORITE ACTORS ARE IN IT. and its finally out, after a year of waiting. I can't contain my happiness.

nana Good movie! Seo In-guk stole the screen! :)

Anotgauronh Please, Where can i find this movie in english subtitles?

effiana I've seen this drama, and drama is very cool (y)

Alya IS THIS MOVIE ALREADY RELEASED IN KOREA? coz i can't find anyone who watched the movie !

xoxo I cant seem to find the movie.. Need some help anyone?? Please

Jeanny Does anyone know a website, where i can watch this movie? I have been searching for 3 hours and i still can't find a website :( Please help me, if anyone knows a website where i can watch, please tell me :)

Unknown Andini it's Lee Jong-suk not kim. Anyways where to watch the movie?????????

andini I'm so proud to kim jong suk.. I love him and I want he to be my love, but that just a dream... hahaha I like his best friend too, kim woo bin... thankyou all...

Jayz @JAS JANE Hehehe... I'm a Yuri's fan & a SONE so I was expecting at least like 25 mins of her in the middle since they announced she'll be joinig as a "female lead". I would give it a 8 or 9 if Jungeun (Yuri) was a bit more involve in the movie :)

JAS JANE we can't tell who ends with jungeun since it will spoil the drama :)

@Jayz im soo happy and im almost like your but my rate is 8/10 since i loved it (but less romance soo dont put much excitement on jungeun-wonil-woosang lve story) overall the movie is great few of k movies i've appreciated :) even im not into swimming but into Yuri's acting

dont know why but the movie makes me interested on watching it... the plot is good the theme is good maybe the release of the movie affects it or the Korea netizens don't love watching swimming related movie but since its a first movie to focus on swimming its a good start.. :)

PROMISE YOU'LL NEVER REGRET THE MOVIE its one of a kind and how it ends makes me conclude "they are hinting for a drama right? with too many cuts i think since some scenes that are fancam are not there i do believe there's a 75 percent of drama version and i know DRAMA will be a great hit ..and i know they will focus on the love story after.." lets pray a drama version will release... :) and more romance with this theme seems to be one of a kind and interesting

) thats for now ENJOY THE MOVIE

Jayz The movie is not bad but not perfect. I was expecting more of Yuri in here but well no, since it's a swimming theme movie, there's really nothing you can do. The story is pretty common. As stated in the plot, Wonil made his way back to be a swimmer. He is good at it but stop due to a personal reason. Woosang is a rich boy who is a bit elegant, so he got into fight with other swimmers and ended up starting as a newbie again. They knew each other when they were young and yea, Woosang liked Jungeun since he was young. While Wonil was like a soulmate with Jungeun since little. At the end, I don't even know who Jungeun ended up with (maybe it's a little confusing to me) but then I can't be spoiling you guys here either ^^

I view the movie little dif than the friend @Ki below. I would rate the movie 7 out of 10. It's an interesting movie to watch. It'd be a bigger hit if it was released back in the summer. The weather right now is all ready for Chrismas and cold so I don't think this is a good time to release it :)

You guys pretty much get the general idea right?

  • Pardon bad grammars...

Pprads I really want to watch this movie. Also I am curious about the ending. Whom will Yuri pair with? Anybody who has any idea? An really really curious

jas jane thanks a lot @Ki i really appreciated it o:)

Ki @jas jane Yuri was fine in the movie. She wasn't required to do all that much though. There's a subplot with her and some friends trying to make it as a rock/pop group, so she pretty much stayed within this comfortable range (smile, play nice girlfriend, aspire to become a singer etc).

About the movie. You'll just have to watch it whenever it's available to you. In general, story is pretty stupid. Lee Jong-Suk's character is very static - he plays this way too cool kid and doesn't or is not allowed to show more emotion. Seo In-Guk's character was downright nutty. Some of his characteristics is stuff you would see in the Three Stooges. But, of course, this is all subjective and you might really like it. Like I mentioned, there was a group of young teen girls and they really got into the film. A scene when Yuri hangs up laundry outside and Lee Jong-Suk suddenly appears from behind a bed sheet, I could hear the girls gasp and during a few heavy dramatic moments they were definitely wiping away tears.

luz Yuriii Fighting! I love your acting and your extremely beautiful don't let other get on your way their jobs in their life is to hate and nothing else, but you, you have a future. <3 unnie I am looking forward for your movie and I been waiting for its release long time. :)

jas jane why whats wrong with the movie @Ki ? uhm please tell me frankly.. do you love yuri's acting there pls @ki i want to know

Ki This is one of the worst movies I have watched this year. Strangely enough, I still had a good time watching it. After a few minutes, you can tell the movie's quality is aimed real low ... so I ended up just goofing around with the movie and had a good time (I watched it in the afternoon here in Korea and the theater was 3/4 empty). I did notice a group of young teen girls, about 13-15 years old. They were obvious Lee Jong-Suk fans and they seemed to enjoy it, even wiping away tears during some dramatic scenes.

Eliszje There's a webcomic with the name ''No Breathing'' and the names are the same...

febry is the story similar with an anime titled 'Free'?? ._. it's about swimming and jong suk oppa looks like nanase too~ kkkk well, i need to see this.

yuri my destiny I hope this film will be successful. Yuri fighting!

gdik OM is that SAMAL Island, Pearl Farm in Davao? OM! I can't wait to watch this. I really like Seo In Guk's acting skills and I also like SNSD, Yuri is there so... it's cool. So far, as for the plot, I have no expectations to it. But it may be full of inspiring words for people who have big dreams. Just sayin' it may not be that bad.

kizzy75 HOOOO MY GOD! In love... this looks wonderful... ;D

lalaland AHHHHH I really am looking forward to this movie!!! (partly cause of Yuri ^^) I LOVE the cast soooo much!!! wheee :) I think they all would do a great job in their acting and I hope they would receive much love and anticipation :) Hwaiting! Himnae~ Seo in-guk, lee jong suk and kwon yuri are really good actors/actresses! Fashion king was really nice :)

uwerther2 This looks really cute! CAN'T WAIT TO SEE SEO IN-GUK IN ANOTHER DRAMA!!!! Looks like he's finally gaining some popularity! haha! I'd like to see these two in a drama together! Finally a chance to! Can't wait! It's no. 1 on my list!!!!!!!

wertyuuk. yuri is there that's all i care so iam anticipating it,,

sharon I just got so shocked when during an interview with a co cast of 'no breathing', she said that Lee jong suk smokes still cant imagine it (she was talkin bout maybe they had a kiss scene, and he smelled like smooke cuz he smoked so much)

kate Woooh!!!DAVAO!!!!!,,,,i'm looking forward to watch this movie that's why i really read updates about the movie because of KWON YURI but upon reading the notes today i will surely watch this movie!!!Having a scene filmed in DAVAO really got my attention!!!

I'm from Philippines by the way!!!


  1. 1. Why are you all complaining about something you haven't seen yet?
  2. 2. If you all stopped complaining about the things these actors and actresses may be lacking and concentrated on your own faults maybe some of us could make sense of what you are saying. Worry about your own shortcomings and let these hard working people enjoy what they do. I don't understand why people think that because an actor or actress or singer is in the public eye you all have been granted the right to make judgments about them. They are all people too and when you say mean hurtful things about them it's just as hurtful to them as it would be to you if someone were saying some of these things to you or someone you love. There's a name for that kind of behavior. It's call BULLYING and just because they work in the public eye doesn't give you the right to do it.

kyn hey I'm just vote for Lee jung suk Im si Excited for I watching No breathing

So lee jung suk's acting very great the moist

Carrie i love Yuri and the cast. I rlly want 2 see the movie right now!!!!!

Shatti I feel so excited to watch this movie. It will definitely going to be a blast. It seems like most people are talking about this. But I would like to see the improvement of lee jong suk. From I hear your voice, to his new movie. He'll absolutely won this one again. I hope so. I'm amazed to see these 2 superstars. ;)))

christine blackpearl Yuri jang!!! I always support you onnie Himnae What a people say,i always with you onnie Figthing!!!

christine black pearl Yuri onnie is the best I always support you What people say,i alway with you annie Fighting onnie

JustWondering Dear viewers, why did you give a review, bad or god, if you haven't watch the movie? why did you bother to search or comment, if you not interesting with the movie?

Grow up.

EllaJane I'm excited to see this movie. Speciay because of the lead actors. I'm currently watching this Anime Iwatonobi swim club, I think partly this movie was from this manga/anime.

Kaki Is there a new trend for pretty boys in sport competitions these days??? Haha I guess it's to get both fangirls and fanboys! I would have definitely watched but I don't give a shit about competitions and those boys don't even have nice swimmer bodies to watch so bye

cuteme I don't hate Yuri,but I think there is more great actors that can give justice in that role. But if she have done a great job I will love her earnestly like Eugene, she's a singer turn actress right. But if the acting is so bad well just stick with commercials ahhmmmm Suzy....~~~~ piz


  • crosses fingers for a drama version of Free! Iwatobi swim club!*

SONE All actors are my favorite. Especially Jong Suk oppa. And also the actress is from my favorite kpop group. Luv them all... Can't wait for this movie... Hwaiting! No Breathing! <3

PS: When will this movie release to viewers?? :)

ashley1291 they are all handsome...and kind...its my pleasure to meet them and drinkk with them..i didnt expect i will them to be with them

yam oh knockz i'm proud to say that some part of it is being shoot here in davao city,my place.can't wait to watch it!

ralph i wish this movie releases to Philippines too. i really want to watch this. this coming October..

Adriene Gutierrez oppa jong-suk , in-guk and oppa shin minchul. thank you for making me happy this day because we saw you .. Saranghae . i'm very excited to watch this movie :)

Akiko To: Lee Jong Suk, i hope you will be the of the actor i ever love. You really have the talent on acting also MC. i like to see more of your good work in future. all the best. love ya. To: Yuri, You really a pretty girl i hope this movie can make you get more famous. fighting!!! To: So in-Guk, i really like you acting in reply 1997. but i really hope that your singing life will have more improve. you really a good singer^^

Yi Ying I can't bear to hear someone saying bad about the actors or actress. They are only acting...even though you don't like or like. it doesn't matter. No Need to say Something bad of Them... Look back to your self, Can you act or them? If so, u might be the pop star now. So please kindly.... not to say something unreasonable anymore. YURI, FIGHTING>>>>>> <3 There are many fans supporting you in Dramas and movies..... :) Never upset of those words.

reem Fighting yuri ..i think she is a good actress and the viewer will be increase because of her . Good choice :)

onlyforYUL LOL..what are these hatred comments and stupid remarks i'm's not like you can watch it in just STFU!! for God's sakes ..i don't want Yuri to get partner or have a love line with those two guys either ..but do i have a choice ? ***** PLEASE..NO I don't have...but i have to accept because i support YURI.. and my goodness ..Yuri got chosen bec.the director and the writer see that she fits to play the's a writer and director instinct and decision..if she don't end up or ended up with any of those guys..this doesn't have anything to do with any of you,'s scriptwriter's written story plot from the very start evn b4 the casting. SO CALM YOUR ****! and STOP WHINING!my freaking goodness.. this makes you look stupid and immature btw you make comments..just support the movie where your fave actors are in..FREAKS..i'm at my limit!! i can't believe i'm reading immature comments

Nessa Actually Yuri is actress, she studying it at Chung-ang univ, top university at korea.. so, she must do that thing, acting.. Why people got angry with her? She just do her job

yuuki To all the haters: You all know what? just STFU. No one cares if ur gonna watch the movie or not. No need to hate on idols acting, they CAN act and u don't. GTFO and go watch something else instead. Thank u :)

daisy Why Yuri in a movie.... A bad casting choice no offense. They should have used an "actress". You know, someone who can ACT. Asides from that, I love Lee Jong Suk and Seo In Guk!

jjang still deciding whether to watch this movie when it comes out or not.. i would watch it because of lee jong suk, but then again not watch it cause of yuri. not a fan of idols acting.. and please. no chemistry between jong suk and yuri..

kay i hope yuri gets a love line with in guk. Jong Sukkie is occupied by Bo Young unnie! <3

someone wahh ... yuri and lee jong suk act in a drama !? can't wait can't wait !! ^^

옥유연 When is it going to be released???!!! Cannot wait!!! Jong Suk and In Gook, it's times 2 of the show!!! Can't wait, can't wait!

flybreathing Lee Jong-Suk!!!~~ yay love him soooo much great actor loved i hear your voice

Chhivhung YURI.. M@ Super idol. Love Love Love. Plus, Jong suk,.... handsome oppa... it's almost fabulous one to watch...

Chhivhung YURI..... Ma super idol. :) Love Love Love! Plus, Jong Suk Oppa, It's almost fabulous Fighting

Kpoper Rana OMG SEO IN GUK WITH LEE JONGSUK IN ONE MOVIE!!! This is heaven <3 can't wait for it~

Jocelyn Lee Jong-Suk!!!~~

rachoco lee jong suk oppa ^^ u're a great actor :* ~~

Gita I wish that Jong Suk not ended up with Yuri. That's just look so weird. #nobash

Kim Hyun Jae I only love Lee Jong suk. I absolutely wait for this movie. Every movie or drama that has him in it, must be such a great drama because his acting is perfect!. Lee Jong Suk! Hwaiting! (~>_<~) I believe you'll be a great actor! :)

Rhianna Ramos Im a big fan of YURI! ♥YUL♥YUL♥YUL♥ Jjang .. Wish you all the best unnie.

Xoxo Who will Yuri paired up with? In GUk seems a better choice...Jong suk shud pair up wif Krystal!

mrm I heard that Kang Sora would be one of the cast on this movie. I don't like both of Yuri and Sora. Not because i hate them or anti-fans of them. I just don't like them if they coupled with Jongsuk and In Guk. Because both of the lead actor is my favorite actor.

JongYulGuk Yeay!! hope there'll be a romance between them.. hhee

YuRichan-- Yuri is Jjang can't wait. Hwaiting eonnie^^

danlovesYUL The gorgeous ,sexy and very talented SNSD member KWON YURI is finally an officially part of the cast..i'm so proud and happy..<3 <3 i want to see the movie poster where her face is also in there <3 this is surely going to be one of SK's all time top grosser caliber stars and engrossing movie perfect movie indeed...looking forward to see Yuri's acting again after a year of rest..YURI jjang..YURISISTABLE and SONE are here to support you...♥♥♥

danlovesYUL our YURI jjang! i'm sure you will do great in here..we're just here to support our actress Kwon no matter what..this will definitely bcme of SK's top grosser film in SK's history..<3 <3 We Love You Actress Kwon..looking forward for the release of the movie..

yuri yuri from the girl group girls generation will also play ^-^

LIttleCandle Lee Jong Suk and Seo In Guk should has a good chemistry as in School 5 and Reply 1997. Well, who's the lead actrees?

hyee This is a great duo I'm so excited to see it!

Vea Yeay! This should be fantastic. ;)

purplecalla Since school 2013 & reply me 97 I started keep my eyes on them both on the screen.....hope there is romance too....can't wait to see them. Hwaiting!!!!!

laras jong suk oppa fighting!!! hopefully this movie can be the best korean movie 2013 or called it boxoffice:) lol. Saranghae oppa:*. NB: jong suk oppa, what's your twitter name?? tell meee!:*;;)

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