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  • Name Lee Bo-Young
  • Hangul: 이보영
  • Birthdate: January 12, 1979
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 168cm
  • Blood Type: B


  1. Actress Lee Bo-Young married actor Ji Sung on September 27, 2013 at the W Seoul Walkerhill Hotel. The couple first began dating in late 2007.
  2. First portrayed a mother in 2014 SBS drama series "God's Gift - 14 Days".


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Mirza Apriliani Love bo young eonnie and jisung oppa. Haengbokhae ^^

razil gutierrez lee bo young unnie...hope that you can make another drama...the way you act it makes me cry..

wildfly i agree... a drama with ji sung would be so great. they're both very talented, capable of multi- layered performance.

umi masitoh Lee Bo young unnie i like your acting and your decision to marry ji sung oppa...hope you and your husband happy forever, success and all over is the best...this couple is jjang n daebak, i hope i can watch your drama with ji sung...^_^

lee jong suk i think her acting is the best, ihyv is a good drama from her. her age was 36 years old but i see she still look young and she is very georgeous. i love you unni lee bo young and i hope you can visit my country, indonesia.

Harry Jang If you've watched Pinocchio and I Can Hear Your Voice, then you will understand this. She plays the voice of Dal Po's car navigation. HE REALLY DOES HEAR HER VOICE.

honesu her and ji sung are both so talented!!

Delfina Paulin 이 보 영♡ What a great actress!! Love her very much!! You're very talented ♡ Fighting, Bo Young!!

Nicole I don't leave many comments on websites but wanted to say you are a very talented actor. I love God Gift even though at times it was hard to watch because of the content. Children are so special and it was scary to view some of the scenes. However, that only demonstrates your talent level as exceptional. I came to your page because I saw you were married to another one of my favorite actors. He is staring in Heal Me Kill me. His co actor is also so gifted. I guess is true that great talents have a string that connects them in life. I looked forward to your future projects. You are a blessed person. I don't know you are your spouse of course but he seems like a very fun guy to hang with. Enjoy and have a happy New Year. From your fan Nicole in United States Kentucky

lea Your natural beauty reflected your character..i really like the way you act..specially your dedication in helping other i want to be like you in that way..i hope i can see you personally. Have a bkessed family always.

khitz Your the best lee bo young ive been watching all your movies and tv shows, interview... i hope someday i can see you... Good health and long life to you...

Rid I ve just finished watching I can hear ur voice tonight. And this is my 1st time watching a Korean drama and I love it so so so so much. Really love lee Bo young so much..she beautiful n funny in this drama.....love so much

Aye Thandar Aung I like you sister.I like your drama series My Daughter Seoyeong.I wish you alway happy and have a beautiful life.I like you my sister:)

Venus P. Grueso Hi, Lee Bo Young, your character and personality in the I Hear Your Voice, hooked my heart, I got addicted following and watching your series, videos, interviews, biography and collecting your pictures. Your bubbly and cool. I just hope and pray that you can visit here in the Philippines. Godbless you and more power. <3

Norhannah "I Hear Your Voice "

 Very Best Drama Korea 

I Hoped That You Give Many Project With You In Philippines

 Your So Talented And Beautiful 

And Also Best Talented Girl For Me Bo Young Lee And Jong Suk Lee Your So Very Cute In The World

lbyforever been addicted to lee bo young since i watched i hear your voice... and ive been watching all her dramas ever since...

thorn Wow, watching gods gift.. and wow.. what an actress. I'm a huge fan now. Please share your magic more!

wynne I really love to watch I hear your voice..i love lee bo young's character..i just finished watching the whole episodes just for 2 days..hope to see you more on your next projects..you are really a talented and beautiful actress..God bless you more!..

shely pasaribu she is beautifull n' nice, acting good,, no why together lee tae sung.. hehe :D

lizzie I was so impressed by Lee Bo Young's talent in acting.. I first saw her in More Than Blue, which is an extremely emotional film, that made me cry so hard... then just few weeks ago, I watched I Hear Your Voice in 3days (just because I'm busy), but if not, I would've finished it within a day.. Her character was totally different from More Than Blue but because she did very well in being Hye Sung, I looked into her more differently and became more impressed. After I Hear Your Voice, I watched Seoyoung, My Daughter, and became a huge fan now. :) Hoping to see God's Gift - 14 Days in few days, and i'll definitely enjoy it. Thanks for your hard work dear!

Lagertha I love you LBY!!! I fell in love in your character in I Hear Your Voice. You are such a great actress. I hope to see you in many more dramas in the future. Please visit Philippines soon.

Jose "I hear your voice" was the first korean drama I've seen completely. And I extremely overjoyed that it was my first I intimately fell in love with her character.the character is cute but smart, fun but serious, childish but intelligent. Brilliant acting.

Sarah Really great actress! I love her! Especially since her excellent acting skills in "God's Gift/14 days"! & "I Hear Your Voice" (<-- The first drama I watched with this actress). Congrats for your wedding and I hope to see you in more movies & dramas like God's Gift!

Xoxo from France :)

maxcime perfect couple !! hope to see your kids in the near future !! nice drama congrats for the making of you dramas !! <3

csi las vegas hi lee bo young, you're a great actress. I just fell in love with you in your 2013 korean drama" I Hear Your Voice" with Soo Ha. You're so cute there. hope you visit Philippines soon.

rahel solomon onni i really love you and respect you i will be your no 1 fan i hope you will once come to visit our country ethiopia we will be rooting for you fighiting!!!

Hokaloh Miss you LBY in small screen...so bored after GG14D finished, Still not enough of you....2 months in the dark...I watched harvest Villa 3 times already ..You as yoon seo Rin is really pretty and kick a$$ too..

Cecilia Boyoung eonnie, love you sooo much. You are not just have beautiful look, also have a beautiful heart. I love yr acting skill. Omg~ such a great actress. ❤❤❤

remy dadula she is a great actress!hi!lee bo young i am one of your countless fans from the philippines.you are very beautiful

:) I love your acting and you are so pretty ^^

Molly Lee Bo Young is so pretty and good at acting!!! My mum and I both liked her after watching "I Hear Your Voice" it was a GREAT DRAMA and you were the best!!!!!!! Always supporting you~~your personality is great too. So kind funny and natural. Not like some who pretend in front of the camera.

DG LBY - you are my number one TOP korean best actress. Your acting so natural, you're brilliant, funny, cool and soooo... versatile. I love the way ...your fighting scenes in GOD's Gift just to save your daughter. Your actions so constant and simultanious. Im ONE BIG FAN of YOURS. 14344... LBY :-)

hadis hi.no question that you are best korean actress.do your best and hope you are the best for ever you are really talanted and evey good adjective that i don`t khow how to describe it...................... good luck

Eskimo Lee Bo Young noona is no doubt Korea's very own Audrey Hepburn. So beautiful and elegant!

tashya Lee bo young is one of my favorite people in the whole world,she's brave,funny,cool,smart,and also beautiful at the same time. I love her very much <3 :v :D

mj the second note at the top isn't correct because she played a mother in my daughter seo young

fashionista ....she acts very well i like her,God bless your marriage Lee bo young

wiina_eka Lee boyoung acting is very good and always pick good drama :D

Rina Lee Bo Young is the best actress .. I like to see in the drama My Daughter Seo Young with Lee Sang Yoon .. They are perfect together like a real married couple ..

hebeASKIM you are sooo beautifullll and soo cutee absolutely love youre acting gonna watch all of youre dramas

lita I love her very much..since Queen of the game. I am always waiting her drama. I wish for u, all the best in your life.

DY OMG.Love you in Seo Young and Voice. Used to dislike you years ago when I watched Save your last Dance For me.But now, completely love your character as Seo Young. Hope god's gift will excel.

Obvie obly You are such an amazing actress,you showed me in i hear your voice and save the last dance for me that uare for sure n actress and you & ji sung are my best couple.love it,cant wait for your new drama god's gift

Lia I'm currently watching I Hear Your Voice, and Lee Bo Young is amazing! She is such a great actress, and is extremely underrated!

yadanarsumon love u lee bo young. like ur acting in my daughter seo young & i hear ur voice. u r so match with lee sangyoon in my daughter seo young. look like a real husband & wife. u r so cute with lee jaung suk in I hear ur voice. really look like cute couple..charming nooba for su ha. i like ur acting in dirty carnival movie. really love ur smile & style. ji saung is so lucky to have u as a wife.be happy with ur husband &ur famiky forever.

abcd In " I Hear Your Voice ", I think Jang Hye Sung and Park Soo Ha is the best couples <3! Yeah +1

Stella " I Hear Your Voice " was the best seris ever and she was an awesome actress. In " I Hear Your Voice ", I think Jang Hye Sung and Park Soo Ha is the best couples <3!

Ferdy She's one of the most underrated actresses who excels well in her craft. She's beautiful and one of my few favorite actresses...Ji Sung is one lucky guy to have her. Good luck and continue to give us your fine and effective acting. You were great in Man from Equator and charmingly superb in I Can Hear Your Voice.

Jared You're such a good actress and very beautiful. I wish you happiness with your married life. I hope you and Ji sung will be together FOREVER...

virgi tia-romano congratulations! i'm just starting to watch ji sung's television series and i kind of loving it. so with lee bo-young, i just finished 'i hear your voice'... hope to see both of you in a movie or tele-drama series. Goodluck and more power!

Ghost Hee Lee Bo Young and Ji Sung got married today, 27 September. I hope they will continue to love and depend on each other through the rest of their lives. They are really a dream couple.

Cedric I wonder what will Park Soo Ha's feelings with her after she gets married.

ConMaRi Best wishes and congratulations to you and JiSung for your upcoming weeding... God bless...

roma lee bo-young, you're a very good actress. i love your drama series seo-young my daughter. i love your love team with lee sang yun. congratulations on your upcoming wedding.

Hye Rin She took on three projects each year in average.. She's really really hardworking and I'm glad that she's finally receiving all the recognition she deserved. I'm sad to know her only just recently and she's already getting married soon. I wish her the best!! She's soooo beautiful!

yetty i like all drama kip it up

anna She is now my favorite actress since I finished watching my daughter Seo Young. I believe she is an under rated actress since her talent is amazing. Love her more when I watched I hear your voice. Beauty,talent and good character in real life. I hope you would still continue to do dramas after you get married. Now I am watching your past dramas and they are all amazing. Ji Sung you are so lucky to have her. Congrats on your up coming wedding. Please post a lot of pics. I am new fan here.

Ryan Not sure if there's anything else positive I can say about you that hasn't already been mentioned by others in this forum. Your acting are startlingly amazing and your facial expressions are exquisitely charming, regardless of the roles you play. Looking forward to your next drama and certainly hope you sweep the major awards in 2013.

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, LBY!

the3maples New fan here.

I didn't know Lee Bo Young until watched "I Hear Your Voice", which was my first drama with her... I fell in love with her from head to toe in this drama  ;). Loved her cute expression, loved her smile... The more I looked at her, the more I was attracted by her elegant beauty.... Now I'm watching The Equator Man; oh,boy... she was so beautiful in this drama (even though she played a passive character in this drama). Just wondering whether Lee Bo Young can play both piano and guitar in real life?...

Love from Canada.

Sean I hear your voice is definitely in my top 5 kdramas of all time now and Lee Bo-Young is also up there in my top 5 kdrama actresses. Who does these ratings. 84??? How can that be??? She is definitely going to sweep all the awards this year...

Lala LOL..when I heard the news about LBY getting married to JS, what passed to my thought is "JS must be worried after seeing LBY n LJS play together as a couple and has a good chemistry??"

Well what ever the reason is finally, chukhae eonni for your married!!hope everything going well ^,^

Excalibunny All this time I've been anticipating her marriage with JS. I always thought it's about time and she should get married soon, especially when she has already been dating JS for so many years. I almost had my doubts when there isn't any news for so long. Finally! They announced their wedding right after her drama ended. As much as I thought I was prepared for the news, it kinda hit me hard. It was so unexpected! I've read LBY's hand written letter to her fans and the amount of thoughts put into it really touches me. She must have been very happy now. I wish the two love birds the best in their married life and sincerely hope that the two will continue be healthy and love each for eternity! They are the best couple in K-entertainment industry; never have I seen a couple who stayed low-key for so long and yet continued to be so devoted to one another. They have my respect! LBY noona fighting!

khaada Lee bo young is killing it, My daughter seo young and I can hear your voice have both been tops of the ratings and great dramas. Hopefully her next drama will be the same.

shane im started to like her...at first i dont find her beautiful but as i watch her drama series my daugther so yeong OMG she's beautiful and now i think i like her already,she's the best for me

Craig Hart Just love her in Becoming a Billionaire. Yes, another silly man from the States who has just fallen in love with a lovely South Korean Woman. Just a natural actress with beauty and the cutest pouty lips to boot!

cpfl55 Always your fan!. I like your look and enjoy all the dramas I have seen you acting. You really protray all the characters well. You are a very talented actress. Hope you see you in many many more dramas.

Ghost Hee I've finished watching so many of her projects! I'm almost done with all of her movies, except A Dirty Carnival, which I'm saving for a good time to enjoy. All of, my favorite is easily More Than Blue, due to the unique way of storytelling. Role wise I actually liked Once Upon A Time more since she's more cute and lively. It breaks my heart to see her in More Than Blue. For dramas, I'm watching the on going I Hear Your Voice and starting on Harvest Villa soon. I've recently finished My Daughter Seo Young and just finished The Birth of The Rich. Her character in The Birth of the Rich is so unique; her frugal trait and strong facade makes her character so fun to watch, and her chemistry with the male lead is the best. Seo Young is no doubt my favorite; cold, mean and prideful, but only to hides her soft and tender side.. I'm also taken aback by her guest appearance in Athena Goddess of War. I really love her as seen in variety programs that she really is a sweet and lovely "girl". I'm glad her new drama is doing very well! Take care, Noona!

Excalibunny I heard that she's been dating Ji Sung for 8 years.. That guy sure is damn lucky. If she's still single at her age I'd get a little worried. Hope they get married soon!

Ghost Hee Woah.. She definitely don't look like at 34 years old. She is damn pretty!! I'm gonna watch more of her projects now.

NERI LOVE your fashion is my daughter seo young !!! it was simply chic :)

Firoozeh Eskandary You are very talented talented actress .l am your fan and I love you.be successful .

felice Hi, LBY... Im a fan from the US. Ive always like your like your acting and fashion sense since watching 'Save the last dance for me.'.Ive been a fan since then .You are a versatile actress and can do any role assigned to you, Im currently in tune with my daughter seo young, although waiting for english sub is killing me...You and woo jae look good together.....Goodluck and the ratings are pretty good in Korea,

divina i admire Lee Bo Young's acting ability. She is really a good film material for lead roles. Whether she smile or frown or laugh nor cry and even serious role ...still she looks very pleasant and pretty. Very convincing as an actress. It is not enough that a drama has a good story. Good dialogue, good setting. but of course the leading lady has a lot of positive contribution to the show. Good Job on your role as Lee Seo Young.. Kudos

hewa I like your acting on this dram. As I have lived in asia and many girls love to be girl than strong. and you come out with more talent, smart and beautiful style. I am sure the best couple award came to you because of your hard work. I am your fan and wanted to watch more of your movies. love drama which shows the talent of women. smile. your fan from Ethiopia.

hamideh happy birthday lee bo young

Yume 내 딸 서영이 / Nae Ddal Seoyoungi My Daughter So Young is a drama that i will watch although sometimes sad sometimes happy.....

In this drama i like your calm and patient look, Lee Sang Yoon as Kang Woo Jae hope will treat you better in the rest of the coming episodes......

I have finished watching episodes 34, Lee Sang Yoon as Kang Woo Jae relationships still not yet get better with So Young , hope coming episodes got happy scenes......

Lee Bo Young is a nice paired up with Lee Sang Yoon good to watch...........

mary chua miss beauty i admire your look in the drama series seoyoung my daughter keep up your simplicity

Eddie Lee Bo-Young, now I know her name, that's why I arrived into this page. She's loveable and adorable always. Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuttte.

Ed "Most Beautiful Asian Actress"?? She's one of the most beautiful actresses period! Not to mention talented

Evan 'SHE' is the Most Beautiful Asian Actress... 'SHE' is just an 'Angel'.... 'Love without Limits' to HER...

Jenna I love all your dramas and movies. You are so beautiful and simple. I hope one day I will see you in real life. I always your loyalty fan. Keep up the good work Lee.

hanz hanun hello i wish you come to jakarta...

honey hai, lee bo young im your fan i jst want to say u really good in seo dong yo,,,take care always

ninaf Though I watched a few Korean movies and tv dramas in the past five years, I have never so attached to any until I saw LBY in the Birth of the Rich. Not only because she portrays a different kind of woman character from other Korean series, but also because her personality stands out. I like her role in the series that I decided to watch her other series. She is probably not the most beautiful Korean star nor the most talented one, but I found her naturally, effortlessly pretty and work hard in her acting. She does not seem to be an artificial person.

Sukijhjae I love watching the drama of Seo Dong Yo. Lee Bo Young looks so good wih Jo Hyun Jae. They are such as perfect match. I wish they're a couple in real life.

sandy I talked to her on facebook and god she is super modest and sweet miss her alot wana see her soon

hale Hi just wanna say im astonished and memerized by lee bo young's acting and overall personality he really is very pretty woman. I like her role in the birth of the rich. Funny i got so addicted on korean drama's because of her I actually watched the whole series episode on 1 full day only

ichya you very beautiful.... when u come to indonesia???

Charlie She is v ery prty and talented!

Manoucher Sabeti Dear Bo-young

      This is the first time for me watching Korean soft drama and i love it.  I am married to a Korean wife and we both watch your tv show Birth of the Rich.  You are so real and excelent style of playing your role in this show.  I like the way you play those romantic parts of the show.    Manoucher Sabeti, Guam

farahsmile hi lee bo young ssi i'm your fan from indonesia i find your so beautiful in Queen of the Game drama and Mr. Goodbye (which i have both dvd) haha i have watch your movie too More than Blue with Kwon sang woo and you have potential to be a starmovie and with jo in sung in A dirty Carnival hopefully the media give more attention to your work and become a "well known" actresses as a fan i will continue watching your drama and movie and support you! aja aja fighting!

solien omg I love heeeeeeeeeeer so much I dont care about any other korean I love her work but mostly I love her sweet personalty LBY fighting

kaye I really love Korean dramas and Korean movies. In fact, I'm one of your fan. one of your korean dramas which I love most is Song of the Prince. You are very suited with hyun-jae.

acie your soh cute tc luv yah

Iamson when i started watching Korean dramas in 2005, i thought she is one of the most beautiful (Rim Chae is the other one in "warriors of the Yang clan"). i have seen her in 2 other films. will she starred again? i hope she does. i'm assuming she's already married considering her age.

Korea is flooded with beautiful marriageable faithful women. i hope they always stay pure. but the population shows men outnumbered the women by about close to 800,000. i might be wrong by this figure.

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