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  • Drama: Bread, Love and Dreams (English title) / King of Baking, Kim Tak-Goo (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Jeppangwang Kim Tak Goo
  • Hangul: 제빵왕 김탁구
  • Director: Lee Jung-Sub
  • Writer: Kang Eun-Kyung
  • Network: KBS2
  • Episodes: 30
  • Release Date: June 9 - September 16, 2010
  • Runtime: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


"Bread, Love and Dreams" covers the life of Kim Tak-Gu from the 1970's until the late 1980's as he becomes one of the most successful bakers in all of Korea.

The president of Geosung baking company Koo Il-joong (Jeon Kwang-Leol) loved Kim Mi-soon (Jeon Mi-Seon), but Koo Il-joong's mother was against their relationship. Because of this, and as a marriage of convenience, Koo Il-Joong instead married Suh In-sook (Jeon In-Hwa). They had two daughters, Ja-kyung and Ja-rim, but no sons. Sometime later, Il-joong has an extra-marital affair with his true love Mi-Soon and they conceive a son, who will later be named Tak-gu.

Meanwhile, In-sook is afraid that Tak-gu may one day become the heir to the Geosung baking company, In-Sook then seduces the company's Chief Secretary Han Seung-jae (Jeong Seong-Mo) and they conceive a son who will later be named Ma-joon (Ju Won). Years later, on a rainy evening, Koo Il-joong's mother overhears a conversation between Han Seung-Jae and In-sook. She collapses and dies. During this time In-sook loses her bracelet and her son Ma-joon is there to retrieve it. Ma-Joon now knows who his real father is.

Meanwhile to protect Kim Mi-Soon and Tak-gu, Koo Il-Joong orders a man named Jin-Goo (Park Seong-Woong) to kidnap them. Seo In-Suk and Han Seung-Jae attempts to kill Tak-gu, but he is fortunate enough to escape. Tak-gu then meets his lifelong mentor Pal-Bong (Jang Hang-Seon) , who runs Palbong Bakery.

Tak-gu first met Yoo-kyung (Yu Jin) when they were children. She lived through a difficult childhood, with an abusive father and having little money. Yoo-kyung learned to smile for the first time when they met, but when Tak-gu goes to Koo Il-joong's house as the first son they separated. 12 years later they meet again and their love is rekindled. Nevertheless, Yoo-kyung now believes that love is nothing when compared to money and power and because of this she leaves Tak-gu to marry Ma-joon instead.


  1. "Bread, Love and Dreams" takes over the KBS2 Wed. & Thurs 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "Cinderella's Sister" and will be followed by "The Fugitive: Plan B" on September 29, 2010.


Bread Love Dreams-Yoon Si-Yoon.jpg Bread Love Dreams-Ju Won.jpg Bread Love Dreams-Lee Young-A.jpg Bread Love Dreams-Eugene.jpg
Yoon Si-Yoon Joo Won Lee Young-Ah Eugene
Kim Tak-Goo Ku Ma-Joon Yang Mi-Soon Shin Yu-Kyung
Bread Love Dreams-Jeon Kwang-Leol.jpg Bread Love Dreams-Jeon In-Hwa.jpg Bread Love Dreams-Jeong Seong-Mo.jpg Bread Love Dreams-Jeong Hye-Seon.jpg
Jeon Kwang-Leol Jeon In-Hwa Jeong Seong-Mo Jung Hye-Sun
Koo Il-Joong Seo In-Suk Han Seung-Jae Mrs. Hong
Bread Love Dreams-Jeon Mi-Seon.jpg Bread Love Dreams-Jang Hang-Seon.jpg Bread Love Dreams-Park Sang-Myeon.jpg Bread Love and Dreams-Choi Ja-Hye.jpg
Jeon Mi-Sun Jang Hang-Seon Park Sang-Myeon Choi Ja-Hye
Kim Mi-Soon Pal-Bong Yang In-Mok Koo Ja-Kyung
Bread Love and Dreams-Choi Yoon-Young.jpg Bread Love and Dreams-Hwang Mi-Seon.jpg Bread Love and Dreams-Lee Han-Wi .jpg Bread Love and Dreams-Park Seong-Woong.jpg Bread Love and Dreams-Park Yong-Jin.jpg
Choi Yoon-Young Hwang Mi-Seon Lee Han-Wi Park Sung-Woong Park Yong-Jin
Koo Ja-Rim Oh Young-Ja Heo Kap-Soo Jo Jin-Goo Go Jae-Bok

Addditional Cast Members:


Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2010-06-09 1 15.7 (6th) 16.3 (6th)
2010-06-10 2 16.9 (5th) 18.4 (1st)
2010-06-16 3 28.5 (1st) 29.1 (1st)
2010-06-17 4 25.3 (2nd) 26.4 (2nd)
2010-06-23 5 28.5 (1st) 28.6 (2nd)
2010-06-24 6 32.2 (1st) 32.5 (1st)
2010-06-30 7 33.4 (1st) 33.6 (1st)
2010-07-01 8 33.4 (1st) 33.6 (1st)
2010-07-07 9 38.1 (1st) 38.6 (1st)
2010-07-08 10 34.5 (1st) 34.9 (1st)
2010-07-14 11 35.9 (1st) 35.2 (1st)
2010-07-15 12 36.9 (1st) 36.1 (1st)
2010-07-21 13 38.5 (1st) 37.7 (1st)
2010-07-22 14 38.4 (1st) 36.5 (1st)
2010-07-28 15 39.7 (1st) 39.2 (1st)
2010-07-29 16 39.9 (1st) 38.6 (1st)
2010-08-04 17 42.5 (1st) 42.3 (1st)
2010-08-05 18 44.4 (1st) 44.0 (1st)
2010-08-11 19 44.9 (1st) 44.0 (1st)
2010-08-12 20 44.6 (1st) 43.8 (1st)
2010-08-18 21 44.0 (1st) 42.6 (1st)
2010-08-19 22 43.7 (1st) 42.9 (1st)
2010-08-25 23 44.1 (1st) 44.1 (1st)
2010-08-26 24 44.7 (1st) 44.2 (1st)
2010-09-01 25 45.8 (1st) 44.9 (1st)
2010-09-02 26 48.4 (1st) 47.2 (1st)
2010-09-08 27 47.5 (1st) 47.0 (1st)
2010-09-09 28 48.2 (1st) 46.4 (1st)
2010-09-15 29 46.5 (1st) 45.5 (1st)
2010-09-16 30 50.8 (1st) 49.7 (1st)
Average - -

Source: TNS Media Korea


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Ashley Bread,Love and Dreams are one of my favourite soap opera.Hope there will be more episodes and new bread,love and dreams.......I love you Baker King!!!

sandy Will this soap opera be repeated on KBS this season? (2015) I saw it when it first aired and loved the story...Would love to watch it again/

shade This drama is one of the most exciting ive ever watched. It emphasizes what happens in real life. LIfe is not meant to be easy. For people that criticized the beginning part, i think they were wrong. i give kudos to the writer of this drama and the directors who turned it into a perfect fine drama..Every episode of the drama was intriguing and exciting. Its a must watch for korean drama viewers like me.It had a perfect ending. Kudos to yoon si yoon who i know as Enrique Keum from another drama, Eugene is another lovely actress i fell in love with from creating destiny/seeking love with the fact that she married the other main character from the drama, and another fascinating actor is Jeon kwang-leol, in other dramas ive seen he is always portrayed as a bad man but he did wonderfully well in this dramas. You all should keep it up. #hugs and kisses all the way from Nigeria..

christina Wah, feel like watching but after reading the plot, I think its gonna be a sad love story which I am scared of...especially when Si-Yoon is not going to end up happy. 9 months now since Si-Yoon joined the Marines...wonder if he's coping well.

Mr.Outsider Lol, some comments here are pretty funny. Especially the one made by ZOE, it’s a one-sided judgment man. Yeah you’re right about that, it’s not her fault, nor the chairman, nor the grandmother, In fact no one is at fault, it’s just how the world works. You’re human too and probably should understand how it feels. We humans are frail and imperfect. We are mostly driven by our emotions and reasons. For example, there are parents who are willing to do anything just to save their children, why is that? , it’s because they have a reason, and when emotions override it? Find the answer within you.

The first episode only hinted some but not everything. I’ll give you some tips, well the chairman doesn't care about her wife coz’ there's no love between them. They got married for the sake of prestige and money, all to fulfill the grandmother’s wish. I think you only look at the wife but not with the chairman’s best friend? Also manager han’s unconditional love for the wife of his bestfriend gone overboard, even betraying him. The chairman found the love that he needed on nurse kim’s side, not from his wife because his wife didn’t have any. Seriously, you didn’t noticed what’s the real deal between the protagonist and tak gu's mother? What about Majun, he knows that the chairman ain’t he’s father and yet still trying to win the chairman’s acceptance, why? His real parents brainwashed him, he even dumped his real father. And about Tak gu, they stripped him of the luxury of life. Events like this do happen in real life, and it roots from within each individual. Try thinking outside of the box and widen your mind, you might find out that there's an ocean of possibilities.

Don’t just look on one person, try to understand each and everyone's characters, only then you can start connecting the dots of “what, why, where, when and who”. You will never see the true meaning of the whole picture if you don’t look at the pieces that made it.

I’m not against you it’s just absurd to judge without knowing the whole story, if the show didn’t reach your understanding then I believe the show failed. You just contradicted yourself when you said you have not finished watching it. Haha. Anyway, this show has so much to offer. Finish it first and maybe watch it many times to clearly understand what it’s all about.

“Our very existence always comes with good and bad effect on others. Learn to handle them. “

Mr. Outsider

Michelle aka lilium3 When I found this program all seemed like The Tale of Two Cities because the Moon was Down. I was, am off hinged trying to purge love into life in a grey geographic area. It seemed impossible and then I met Bread, Love, and Dreams. This program has genuine innocence. I fell in love. I became very happy as if during a bad economy, a storm of Jupiter, I found the calm in the mist of it all, your program. I settled with this program as if it was a family awaiting my arrival, a family that I understand and tolerate because they lifted my heart with so much exhilaration. I find myself going home to them, seeing them again, sharing that which began and you know what? Our love, my love for them is real, strong, and seems to get better. I like that about dramas, programs. It would be nice if it was more accessible because Netflix is hiding it and YouTube doesn't have all of the episodes.

Great Job!

Unconditional Agape Love, Michelle aka Lillium3

Zoe What genuinely pissed me off was the entire beginning of the series, the lady was not at all at fault. Yeah I'm talking bout the so called antagonist, the ACTUAL wife of the man. Her mother in law is okay with her son cheating, but not okay with the wife doing it? And hence the wife is a witch. Of course i felt awful for the children in every way, poor tak gu and ma joon and the acting is done well. But its unfair to show the president as some magical father figure since he cheated first and drove his wife to the edge. She's no saint I agree, but she's not the only criminal. Yet that's all they seem too highlight.As for the mother in law, seriously you want a son so bad? And You let your son cheat, and then she scolds her daughter in law for not raising the kid right? I mean.... your son cheated man. You think that's some beautiful romance? It's the most vulgar thing in the world. Just imagine this in real life and put yourself in the position of the wife. Feels great? Id be a f*cking super villain if it was me. SO the first few episodes really made me furious. But as the kids grew, it was refreshing. I haven't finished it, but I want to. Nonetheless a horrible mixed and unrealistic beginning...not the acting or casting or anything, the story itself. But I'm hoping it gets better definitely. Sigh...

Vivian Hearon Love this Drama.. wish I could buy it!!!

chatrineevania i like this drama... i like the plot.... i like the actress and actor... i like the ost... it is excellent drama i hope there will be bread love and dreams 2 with same characters

sharonlee94 Totally agree with @marina

sharonlee94 I dont know why but i'm stanning the evil side,i think takguu's mom is hypocrite. He slept with someone's husband and then act like she was treated unfairly and innocent. All things she does was just crying and its so annoying. I m so pissed off over the beginning on the series. And then they switched to the adults and I'm tottaly fallen for majun,i do understand why he act like that,he's been rooting for his father's love since young but his father never give him his smile,instead his father gives all his love to a child that he was just meet,tak guu. Majun was treated unfairly. That why he is growing become a person like that. Majun's mom is also not all evil,the circumstance is the one who made her be. Her mother in law treated her like a shit,her husband doesnt look at her and cheat wiht a maid,she has a reason to turn that way.

And also,in my opinion,this drama is so far from 'realistic' feels. Takgu's character is too kind (well,its close to stupid imo), i mean,none of us human can live being so kind and humble and so forgiving and blah blah blah. He's not human and people like him feels so fake. I mean,where in the world can we find a person like him? Fortunately yoon shiyun's smile is just too great so I'm forvining that lol

Well,this is not the best dramas ever,in some part, i even think this drama is far from just 'okay'. But,still, this drama made my heart ache and i enjoy it. :D

park su-in i miss so much yoon shi yoon style in bread,love & dreams...really miss that ...n also i miss Kim Tak-Goo...Shi Yoon-shii bogoshipondeee <3

GaHo Kim Tak Gu ♥ daebak!! This drama is AWESOME!!!!

GaHo Kim Tak GU ♥ daebak! This drama is A W E S O M E !!!!

GaHo a "sly old fox" is what you meant? I totally agree! ~ I hate her too ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

callia one of the best dramas of all time ~!♥♥♥♥a must-watch♥♥ Kim Tak-Gu♥♥♥♥♥saranghae!!

Shin Yu-Kyung......grrrrrrrrrrrr... such a fox (me hates her!)

lee song tae Ending part sucks.......shin yu kyung an absurd..........wah wah tired of thingking this movie......Tak Gu role was great! Korean movie ending part was not satisfied at all

KyuNa i not watching bread love and dreams yet. but because i'm a joowon stan (who played well in good doctor as shion) i'm searching joowon's drama including bread, love, and dreams. seeing the super high viewer rating (it got me insane seeing 50,8% viewer rating) i would love to watch it! but since i have to finishing the drama i watch now (to the beautiful you), i'll finish it well and continue with bread love and dreams! maybe i'll watch bridal mask as well! thanks for the infos :)

maloosjoon It is the best drama I've ever seen. Really love Kim Tak Goo character played very well by my lovely Yoon Shi Yoon.

torborg Women who are that pretty playing evil, fallen that's a scary thought! Thank god I got to see both Eugene and Jeon In-hwa playing "good girls" in next drama that they did together... :)

P.S. Thank you, writers, for treating Lee Young-ah's character a whole lot better in this one than they did in 'Iljamie'! ;)

Lina I love this drama so much. I've watched it two times and I still haven't got tired. I love how takgu always remains to be humble and kind, even sO his life is full of trouble and loneliness. Life is really pain, but if we remain humble and strong, we'll manage to get the beat out of it.

0708julia_jj At first I don't like the first episode especially when husband cheating on his wife and then his wife trying to birth son with her husband's secretary.but when the adults appear in their first screen (in ep 6 I think), i completely hook. Kudos to Yoon shi-yoon and Joowon, they make this story more interesting and now I'm big fan of Joowon ^^ I'm happy this drama being broadcast for 3 times in my country & I never bored. I heard because of this drama make bread sales increase in S.Korea at that time.WOW

pissed #AF is this a joke? how in the world can this drama have such high ratings? probably the adutls or over 50s that watched helped raise the ratings? i mean seriously when has love ever justified cheating on your spouse? who put a gun to his head and forced him to marry jeon in hwa? i should just stop watching because i'll just get more and more pissed #kmt

Kalena This actor is very popular among popular dramas. His next drama is Good Doctor. Hope that his drama is a success as other dramas succeeded. Hwaiting!

critehypo excellent... hooked up already at episode 12

kikou After seeing 3 episod, the first minutes of this serie was intense but after that it was wasted by the relationship between the husband and nurse, how can she do that to the wife, she has assisted of humilation by her mother-in-law and what did she expect with her relation with the husband. Secondly, don't understand her caracter, such a detestable caracter but that's my opinion. The only things she can do is crying.

But that's only my opinion!

Largest Classifieds KIm Tak Goo, as a child and a grown up man, both are great actors.

e_love6 love this drama very much, i like how manager han got beaten by jin-goo hyungnim hahaa yoo si yoon his really good person,, i love that EVIL goo majun JOO WON, no matter how evil the character he lead, i can not hate him,,i just cant help but LOVE him, by the way this drama is airing in MIDDLE EAST this APRIL,, thougt i dont i dont understand the ARABIC SUB and KOREAN still keep watching..coz i watched w/eng sub before. I JUST LOVE KOREAN DRAMA 0_0

Carmen This Drama is one of the best. Excellent Actors. Yoo-Si-Yoon the best. Thanks to Netflix.

CVI Oh my God, this drama is so awesome. Made me cry several times. Love you Yoon Shi Yoon !

zilam the first food-based drama i watched was dae jang geum, and it was one of the few koreanovelas i've really loved (i loved lie to me). i love how koreans tend to feature food so gracefully in their shows. i love korean food!

and now this bread, love and dreams! swoooooon! i love the balance of old-school wisdom with young humor in this show. dae jang geum was so dramatic that it didnt have as much funny moments as in this show, granted the former was based on a true story. amazing subtitling too!

forever grateful to netflix for this!

Mike & Chand Dae Jang Guem opened our eyes and minds to Korean drama - it hooked us! We couldn't imagine anything coming close to comparing with this fabulous and unique series. But actually Bread, Love, and Dreams comes pretty close! We have to hand it to you koreans - you have a lot to be proud of. No one else makes dramas so captivating, absorbing, attractive, and exciting. No one else can match the passionate and realistic acting of your amazing actors and actresses, who are all very attractive in one way or another - even the baddies. Love all their unique and often subtle mannerisms. We are even fascinated with the language. A brilliant job by the director too, and the writer(s). There were several unexpected twists in this series - mostly coming at the end of each episode, leaving you feeling that you can't wait for the next episode. Very clever. We hope to be able to see this all over again, just like we we have been lucky to see Dae Jang Guem over and over again. Missing all the characters in Bread, Love, and Dreams already - love them all, (even Mr.Han). Cinderealla's step-sister was pretty good too. (From N.Z.)

mary2 this k-drama is one of the best k-drama I have ever seen. special the role" kim takgu". I really love it:)

marina I watched a lot of K-Drama to the point that I'm starting to get sick of the typical recipes: 2 girls, 2 boys, love triangle, the main character and his/her allies are super nice happy go lucky ppl that will endure and forgive everything, the bad guys are really bad but they turn to be good in the end. I was expecting the same thing with this drama, but I was somewhat wrong. You know this drama would be whacky when it was started with crazy grandmother torturing the poor wife about having a boy, then encourage the son to have an affair. And then we are expected to root for the evil grandma, the homewrecker, and the cheating husband! Haha. How twisted is that? And I love how they turned the boring goody two shoes Yu Kyun into an evil woman to get back at the mom. Woohoo! The plots are interesting, and they don't drag a problem for too long. Just a random cheesy moments expected from a K-Drama here and there. Some stupid moments too, when it comes down to Takgu. Seriously, can someone be nice and not being stupid about it? Charging into a house full of thugs without a plan except to get beaten to death hoping that that will move the hearts of the thugs who were ready to kill and do other bad things? That annoyed me beyond anything. Be realistic, man. And other 'supposedly-nice-but-idiotic' parts of Takgu. Thats why he's actually my least favorite character. Other than that, interesting feel good-feel bad drama.

Aika Is it weird that I've always wanted for Tak-Goo (Si-Yoon) and Mi-Soon (Young Ae) to be together? not like that I got anything against Yu-Kyung (Eugene) but Tak-Goo and Mi-Soon would make a very cute couple, otherwise it would be boring if he ended up with Yu-Kyung.

CikHan I just watch it @KBS World...what a great I watch it online..and every episode..I cried.. Love this drama

chuck this series made me waste my last week of winter holidays. I cant even have enough sleep coz of it. damn it. though I don't regret it even a bit.. haha

JuNe As much as i'm trying to despice MaJun, this bad guy is getting my heart smitten! Gosh, casting JooWon as MaJun is surely brilliant! Oh! Loving the part where he accidentally made Yu-Kyung's hat fall off her rolled-up hair while trying to pass the papers he reluctantly helped pick up after she bumps into him! Gosh!! Such obvious exchange facial -- from annoyed to attracted.. Hhaha.. Oh! & the way he walks out of the restaurant before the bumping?? That's so darn cool...!!! Gosh!!!

Penangite I really love to watch this Korean drama so much...can't sleep without watching it at midnight.

Missy I'm trying to hate Ma Jun as in I'm trying to hate Joo Won. Ah, this feels really awkward :|

Terry Everyone seems to LOVE this drama. I've been watching K-Dramas for a couple of years now and have loved almost all of them. I wished the story writers had done something different with Eugene's character. I don't have anything against Mi-Soon, but Yu-Kyung was Tak-Goo's first love and I hated what the writers did to her. I almost turned the series off but thought they would fix that stupid mess before the end. They just made it worse and worse. I've never felt that empty and angry at the end of any K-Drama as with this one. If that's what they wanted, it worked! Sorry.

EdieBlount This is a very good series. If Kim Takgoo was any nicer, he'd turn into a big pile of sugar, which makes you rise to your feet to cheer him on. Of the supporting characters, the subtle Yang In-Mok is my favorite. His stern, but kind, demeanor pulls you into his passionate and sensitive heart. Mr. Han is just a fool (in every sense), but that Seo In Suk is one of the best villainesses I've ever seen in K-Drama-- a true scoundrel. This is a drama I would not attempt to watch until the last episode was completed. I couldn't stand only being able to watch two episodes a week-- I'd go MAD with anticipation! LOL!!!

Orange Blossoms OMG i love this drama! The plot's amzing and the actors and actresses are great. i especially love Kim Takgu because he's nice and a good baker and is cool. also i like Ku Ma Jun because he's Joo Won in real life <3


indonesia Is drama manyies play in indonesia 3 KALI TAYANG in indonesia

              I LIKE IT.....

sissy i love this drama.. This drama is very touching to the point that brought to my dream .. amazing :)

maneki hobbang sparks between 2 generations of 2 families. learned more about bread. best bad-ass ending.

yhappy i loved this drama! but i still don't get something;; in the end, did Yu kyung (Eugene) finally love Ma Jun? I mean, I know she got married to him for power/revenge and all and she didn't go back to Tak she love him back after they married? O_O_O


denise hi this my favorite korean drama i really hate manager han and little madame

denise hi i already saw this movie its really nice i cried and laughed kim tak gu and yang mi sun your very cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee............................

SisterB I am up to episode 18, with only 2 hours sleep! This is a fantastic KDrama!! Yoon Si Yoon is playing this part!

Seng Vibol Bread, Love and Dream. My favorite drama. My family and me are really like to watch this story. Kim Tak Gu (Yoon Si-Yoon), I like ur performance. Wait 4 ur next drama from Cambodia.

Wiwie Lombok,Indonesia Bread love and dream,,,,my family is veru very like this drama

Wiwie Luv Lombok island i Love you Kim Tak Goo,,,,Yoon shi Yoon and Joo Won my favorite actor

Wiwie Luv Lombok island i Love Kim Tak Goo........Yoon shi Yoon, Joo Won, good Luck for you my faVorite artis

rifkhy saya sangat menyukai dramai ini tentang pengorbanan anak yg mencar ibunya itu sangat mengharukan

Ann I freaking LOVE this drama! No wonder it had a SUPER high rating! 50.8%! That is the highest rate Ive ever seen in my entire life for a korean drama like that! I absolutely love this drama! Wayyy more than BOF! I hope Yoon Shi Yoon will act in another drama soon! Bc he is a really really good actor!


bagyndha radiant andrew i'm wait is "bread love and dream's part 2"

bagyndha radiant andrew i'm very2 like to the drama of bread love and dream's ....  !!

and to yoon si yoon , joo won , and jeon kwang leol ... your's is the best , and is my favourite ....  !!

good luck to your's forever .... !

Afrina fauzhia Kim tak goo,I love u sooo,his acting is so natural I love it so,I love his passion for his life but I'm not really like the ending,yu kyung marry ma joon,ooooo I was hope that she marry kim tak goo. Eh banyak banget ye org indonesiah,hehehehehe inilah hobi kita nonton kdrama hahahaha

lorna g, castro everyone can learn so much the the good heart of kim tak gu.

DEVI Horee.............. Now the movie play again ...... ^_^

but, I can not watch it, because I work .. umm -,-

why not just Sunday, airing ?????? so everyone can see it ....

Can the fox time slot? Please!!!!!!

by: INDONESIA.. Thanks

yuuri awesome.....this drama really make me heartbreaking

DEVI This drama is very good, the plot to the point, I included a fan of this drama, but interesting, dramatic, but also touching. please publish more of this drama ..... but the day of the week, so everyone can watch it ... because if the days I usually work .....

I beg you publish again ..............

aeyn love this drama!!!!! so awesome!

Kpoplov3r OMG! I freaking love this drama. And I also love the songs in this drama too. Yoon Shi Yoon is an amazing actor!!! And the way they makes all of the breads always make my hungry :)

mike love this drama.. background music is what i love most in this drama.. the music itself gave a very good impact on the drama.. :)

quinn_dila really likes this drama... been a follower for last 2 weeks... eager to see the last episode...

wathnak vy Love Yoon Si Yoon!






rhiena haiii..... this film is my favourite, good for all actors and actress... i was cried when it finished.... sadness... from it i got new spirit and motivation in my live... sometimes i dream that i will find love like kim tak goo so sweet, kind, humble... my categories hehehehehehehehe love you full from me muach.

karlita i´m really catched with this drama, Joon Won is really manly and a such a good actor and Yoon Si-Yoon are cute, talented with a beautiful smile, love this drama, i´m gonna be sad when this finish.

Sesli KBS World! so far i watched on the episode tat kim takgoo is finally a man! :D but i think adult actor majun ...m... = =; wrong actor? but idk yet.

rekha WOOOOOOOWWW!!!!! I SO LIKE IT SO MUCH ! terutama sama yoon shi yoon, love you !전 윤 윤시 좋아해

tsion I really love this drama very very very much cuz

            Its so good I haven`t seen any korean drama like 
            that and it makes me cry ,,,,, I love it
            and I am so proud of every body in there...
            cuz they are so cool....they all did every thing
   I love it...!!!!

georgie I dun like the ending that much. I want more, really want much more. All episodes are very much high climax, but i think though there's something lack of it. It really drives me crazy on 3days watching non-stop. I dun go to school just to watch it because every single episode is heart-breaking. ><,

shitoe bread love n dreams so greet with me...

haleluana Have to agree w/ the rankings for this.....this was the best kdrama that i've seen in the last few years. Acting and casting were top rate and very well written, and wasn't stretched out as most dramas are.

My only regret is that Kim takgu and his half brother didn't win awards for best actor or new comer. I don't think the guy who played kim takgu was a newcomer, but i think majun was. I totally agree the Mickey did deserve is award, but since the station does give out multiple awards, i don't see why it couldn't have been shared w/ maljun.

I'm also glad that the "little" kim takgu won for his category.....his acting was were the child actors in "Giant" some ways i was disappointed when they grew up and i knew they'd be replaced by adult actors...

firda bread, love and dreams is the besh

firda bread, love and dreams is the besh......................................................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pingkan yoon shi yoon I Love Youuu !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

ichimaru I LOVE MA JOON-both the young and adult, especially the adult. He's very cute when he smiles.

friday aku pengen filmnya diulang lagi habisnya romantis si...... aku tunggu ya...

friday aku pengen filmnya diulang lagi habisnya romantis sih.......... aku tunngu ya

kidou lee young ah, i love your character in this series .. so cute, i wonder someday i can hug you, hold your hands and say .. "Nanen sarange hamida, young ah, saranghae .." love this series makes me never bored .. wanna watch again and again .. great job all ..

elline This is the best Korean drama I've ever watched. This drama is touching my heart. I like Kim Tak Goo character, perfect. Yoon Si-Yoon plays excellent for this character. The other's also had great job for this drama. Keep up the good work! Love

Noni Yoon si yoon nanen sarange hamida...

Noni Yoon si yoon saranghae..... Nanen sarange hamida

irwan it's cool i like player of kim tak goo...

zaenal its cool...alias bagus banget

Vandroe This is a great drama.

ROSE i likeeeeeeeeee this drama. bagus bgttttt.. I love YOO SI YOON very much. because YOO SI YOON cool, handsome, cute... and peRfeCtoooo.

natasya ileke to cinema love break dream

chemaramel i love bread so much. i want to know the taste of bread made by Tak Goo. it must be tasty. hmm..

Titi The story is so complicated, but i like it, it's very good story, so deep.


rolly I Like BREAD, LOVE, AND DREAM ^_^

I LovE YoOn sI-yOOn

kuykuy TAK GOO.... SARANGHE.... I'm so love for this drama..

shanty gilllaaaa! ini drama bikin gue ama temen2 gue triak2 histeris! gue kadnag mikir ta goo itu baik apa bego ya?? masa udh dijahatin masih aja baik!!!! hhmmmm,,,,

Ann Onymous I didn't use to like Korean drama. I thought sometimes it was such a fairy tale, too 'perfect', and clise.

But I LOVE this drama! It's different. It's not only about love, but also family, friendship, dreams, and life.. No wonder this drama has the highest rating in South Korea ;)

YOUNG_CHIKAH MY VERY LOVE !!!!!!!!! because movies are good and the players go into the acting.

vD waawww.. love it so so.. like majun kid and adult version.. take pity on him hope my son willl be handsome like him :D

Mita I like it :) i love yoon si yoon... hhoohho

Agito Burning payah... ini kan International site... pake bhs internasional donk.... Inggris maksudnya.. jgn bahasa indonesia...

Good drama.... Good Plot.... Good Cast... Good Story... make my eyes drop tears..

but bad ending.... why Yu Kyung didn't marry Tak Gu .... why marry Ma Jun..... .... Very Confusing...

della like this :))

miniko hahaha.... I love it so much..^^

ashley I love this drama,but one question in my mind:why does ill joong didn't love his son ma joon as much as he care tak goo,while ill joong hasn't knew that ma joon wasn't his son,sometimes its makes me fell sorry for ma joon,however he try to please his father that his father love tak goo more than him,I think its not fair for me too,but tak goo is always my fave he is so kind and having forgiveness heart,two tumbs up for all the actors,and drama creator,every episode never makes me bored,I feel sorry if I miss only 5 minutes

Amita Majoon oppaa.. Saranghae. Love you so much. Im crazy about you..

Ebi SUKA! LOVE it! semuanya pas... everything's well presented!the story fitted perfectly! I feel very glad about the ending, Tak Goo & Mi Soon coupling is the best condition for this drama... Mi soon Character is fitted perfectly with Tak goo's,it's like they have the missing pieces for each other missing pieces... Mi soon is always there whenever Tak goo need some help and support... and Tak goo definitely is Great man with a great heart,so a Great woman like mi soon is the one that perfect and suitable with him... like the wise said: "sometime what you want is not what you need" Ma joon and Yu Kyung coupling is the best because actually they need each other and fitted perfectly...

Roxie Bread love and dreams is a really great story! keep-up the good work!

 i love you yoon si-yoon! saranghae! HWAITING!!!!!!!!

Andin Sumpah! Kayaknya org Indonesia nya banyak banget! Harus gue akuin, this drama is so cool an I'm like thinking that Ma-Joon is hawt. Lebih jujur, eyang gue kecanduan banget kayak gue!

krizheart being crzy wid tak-gu, he's so cute,hope he wil c0me 2 d phil.s0on...

Ur so beautful yu-gin,i mis u s0 much...

I'm so exctd 4 dis drma..break d leg...wh0o

Putri I like this drama...

Putri flmx bgs bngettttttt.......

deva i like this drama.. a always watch it.. i never miss it... the story and the characters in the drama are really good.. love this so much...

Christiani I love this K.drama so of the best k.drama i've ever watched..^^ hope there'll be another like this, or maybe better.. Emm,,i like the songs so sounds so heart-touched..

uggie I really like this sad and touch my heart.

ilmyzigzaq Baking bread is amazing... so much of heart and soul involved in baking good bread for the people. The rich become richer and the poor become poorer... hrmmm Love this drama very much.

like . and i'm likerrrrrrr ...

intan I really like this drama, first my mother didn't like the Korean drama but after this drama came my mother fall in love. not only that, we can take lesson from this drama. i love very much Yoo si Yoon  :)

Wulan sarihidayat I like korean drama ...

keisya ran I love so much.... the movie give much experience and benefits

nisa anyong aseok...!! this is a good korean drama...i love it so much because the story is so different and this drama contains comedy and romance...i like dance and song by tak-goo...i love tak-goo in adult...

Indhira Rahmawan movie very exciting, not boring Really great players, just is the best .. I hope there next season yes in waiting ..

Nozomu Hoshi have you hate Manager Han? I'll be the First~

dian I love this story :)

Oka Love u kim tak gu

emass so sad cox not watch last episode

fritzly Wow...luv this drama!! The direction of the story and the actors were great! Often you see a good story script but the direction of the story is just average. Luv Tak-goo's character & thumbs up for both the actors!! Though Ma-joon's character is the kind-of-bad-guy in the drama, but i luv it. JuWon really took-on the charater well. Someparts when you look into his eyes you can feel his loneliness and scaredness which i think he did great! Thumbs up!! ^^

s I miss This drama so much :(. I miss you Tak gu. I like Ju Won but I don't like majun :p That's nice.

Bishoya I really like this drama.....m gonna crazy hmnnnnnnnnnn!!! the story have a moral idea and the actors act very well......incridrible perfomance.... Yoon Si-Yoon he is so handsome d way he style it matches well.......long live Yoon .....m looking forward to ur other drama......Take care of ur health....

Mich Unfortunately I missed episode 29, how did Kim Takgu & MaJun suddenly become good buddies? Thanks

shima watch it for the first time and enjoyed it so much...Kim Tak Gu soo cute too! bought the dvd as well...

teenee luv the story ...especially the song...

Nurul Ain One of the best Korean drama. Lots of moral lesson in this drama. Can never miss an eposide. Baking bread is amazing... so much of heart and soul involved in baking good bread for the people. The rich become richer and the poor become poorer... hrmmm Love this drama very much.

mira ahhhhhhh............ so sad this drama had ended....... this is really an incredible story.

p I'll never forget your best playing in Bread,Love & dreams. I hope we'll see you in new drama soon. Please accept only positive rules.

p I love this drama soooooooooooooooooo much :x I love Takgu. I love his charactor so much. I don't want to stop watching this drama. I'll miss Takgu

Nap Alemania Can anyone suggested to director to give subtitle to the song being used. I love the melody.

mandak18 this drama make me addicted to korean drama..i love this teach us many moral kim tak goo

Lily My family and I love this beautiful drama.

Nap Alemania I am Filipino working in Saudi Arabia. The first time i saw this drama (episode 2) i immediately fall in love with it. I stop whatever i am doing to glue myself on tv (i need to read the subtitle to understand what they are saying). I am always wishing for wed and thursday to come. All actors are good.

Bê Nguyen The story has been lively depicted by wonderful actors and actresses (all of them: big roles, small roles) as they have worked hard and fantastically matched themselves with their characters; but most of all I really admire the Director, Mr. Lee Jung-Sub, who has turned the story into a real-life-like masterpiece, and the story writer, Mr. Kang Eun-Kyung, who gave the initial idea and sparked the film making. The movie shows us true value of humans based on honesty, courage and dignity. The film, with high educational value, teaches us true love and behaviors. Messrs Lee and Kang, you are awesome. Wish you two all the best and await for your next masterpieces.

khat99 who end-upwid kim tak goo?

p I don't know why but I love this drama. It's make me excited. I Love Eugene & Yoon Si-Yoon. I don't like the way he's laughing in this drama but I love him. I love Kim Tak Goo's Charactor. I can't miss even 1 episode. Thanks to KBS WORLD.

agnes nadia i love this drama so much ! ju woon is verry handsome !!! i love him so muchh muchh mucchh !! <3 i like the story too ! its fun ! im really excited !

clara Story line, very good....two thumbs up!!!

clara Those who love to watch kbs drama, please watch this, so far this is the best drama for these 2 years...AWESOME and THUMBS UP!!!

dido like the show but can't wait for the ending! pls hurry Wed & Thurs....

tian xie ^^ arghhhh~ takgu ya!!!! he so cute! so to majun!! jo woon oppa!! si yun oppa!!! saranghaeyo~ ^^

sAnDrA I love this drama soo much.. I like Majun kids version and Shin yu Kyun. But I fallin love with Kim Takgo0 when he act adult version he, is very cutee.


il-leni KIM TAK GOOOOOOOOOOOOO ILU~!!!!!!!!!!!

SoulSister i like this drama so much than "Cinderella Stepsister" or "Becoming a Billionaire"!... woo hoo~ ... ^_^ i'm gonna watch this drama 24 hours! haha...

ailyn oh no way!!!

kim is gonna play a bad girl role???


kim takgu is sooo cute though..hehe

Kim-Tak-Guu~ i love this drama! im watching it on channel KBS World! so far i watched on the episode tat kim takgoo is finally a man! :D but i think adult actor majun ...m... = =; wrong actor? but idk yet XD !

sabrina naina i like this drama love at first sight i like the majun kid version but the tak gu adult version!!!! hhmmmm!!!

sasha i love this drama.,and i fallin love with majun kids version~ <3


Random LOL is Eugene playing a "bad" girl??

shidoka I liked this drama more but I hope it be available for all

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