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  • Drama: The Moon Embracing The Sun (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Haereul Poomeun Dal
  • Hangul: 해를 품은 달
  • Director: Kim Do-Hoon, Lee Sung-Joon
  • Writer: Jung Eun-Gwol (novel), Jin Soo-Wan
  • Network: MBC
  • Episodes: 20
  • Release Date: January 4 - March 15, 2012
  • Runtime: Wed. & Thurs. 21:55-23:05
  • Genre: Period / Romance
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Historical drama "The Moon Embracing The Sun" tells a love story between King Lee Hwon (Kim Soo-Hyun) and a female shaman named Wol (Han Ga-In). Wol was born from a noble family and became the crown princess, but she was entrapped and faced execution. Finally, she lived as a shaman.


(ep.1) The Sun symbolises the fate which only a king or a future king possess.

Instructing that the sun must become one, Queen Yoon (Kim Young-Ae) orders Yoon Dae-Hyung (Kim Eung-Soo) to kill Prince Uisung (Kim Myeong-Su), who is the stepbrother of King Sungjo. At night, Yoon Dae-Hyung and his men breaks into Prince Uisung's home.

Meanwhile, shaman court ladies Ari (Jang Young-Nam) and Jang Nok-Young (Jeon Mi-Seon) prepare for a rite at the royal palace. Ari then senses that something horrific is about to happen at the home of Prince Uisung whom she lived at as a servant. Even though Ari's roommate, shaman Court Lady Nok-Young (Jeon Mi-Seon), tells her not to go she leaves for Prince Uisung's home. When Ari veers over the wall surrounding his home she sees Yoon Dae-Hyung kill Prince Uisung with his sword. Yoon Dae-Hyung then notices Ari looking over the wall and goes in pursuit of Ari. As Ari tries to escape the assassins, she falls from a cliff.

Yoon Dae-Hyung goes back to the palace and tells Queen Yoon about the shaman Court Lady Ari. Queen Yoon puts forth a plan to manipulate the evidence at Prince Uisung's home.

Shaman Court Lady Ari is now conscious again, but severely injured. She collapses on a trail where a gama (wheelless carriage) is being carried by four men. A noblewoman (Yang Mi-Kyeong), who is pregnant, gets out of the gama and tries to help Ari. The noblewoman hides the injured shaman Court Lady in her gama and has the men continue. They are able to get back into the city.

Before shaman Court Lady Ari leaves she thanks the pregnant noblewoman and tells her that she will have a girl. Ari also tells the pregnant noblewoman that her daughter will be born with noble fate. Ari also foresees the death of the baby and sees her future tomb, but Ari is unable to tell the pregnant noblewoman about this. Instead, Ari promises that she will protect the baby in the future.

Later, Ari is arrested and interrogated by torture. Shaman Court Lady Nok-Young bribes a guard to let her into the prison and talk to Ari. Ari, barely conscious at this time, asks Nok-Young to protect someone. Someone who should not come close to the sun, but should be near the sun. Nok-Young asks Ari who that person is, but Ari says she can't say.

The next day Ari is publically executed.

As Ari predicted, the noblewoman gives birth to a girl. Her father names her Yeon-Woo.

Years later, Yeon-Woo (later played by Han Ga-In) is now an inquisitive 13-year-old girl. Yeon-Woo and her mother goes to the royal palace to see a ceremony which her older brother Yeom (later played by Song Jae-Hee) will take part in and will be attended by King Sungjo (Ahn Nae-Sang). During the ceremony, while people bow to King Sungjo, Yeon-Woo sees a yellow butterfly and starts to follow the butterfly.

Meanwhile, a Crown Prince (later played by Kim Soo-Hyun) places some valuables into a small bag and sneaks out of the royal palace. While he is atop a ladder he sees Yeon-Woo walking towards him. The Crown Prince falls off the ladder and onto Yeon-Woo. They are both highly embarrassed.

Yeon-Woo then sees the bag carried by the Crown Prince on the ground. Yeon-Woo is certain that the man is a thief. Yeon-Woo calls for the palace guards. When the Crown Prince sees the palace guards coming, he grabs Yeon-Woo and runs. The Crown Prince and Yeon-Woo stop in front of a pavilion. Instead of revealing his identity, the Crown Prince tells Yeon-Woo that he is eunuch and is attempting to leave the palace to visit his brother. By this time, Yeon-Woo's mother is worried sick by Yeon-Woo's disappearance. Yeon-Woo's mother then sees Yeon-Woo walking with the Crown Prince. The Crown Prince walks off with a palace guard. When Yeon-Woo is about to leave the royal palace, a Court Lady gives her a piece of fabric with letters.

Prince Yangmyung (later played by Jung Il-Woo) is the older stepbrother of the Crown Prince. Because of King Sungjo's strict control, Prince Yangmyung can not see his stepbrother and is prohibited from entering the royal palace. Prince Yangmyung then sees a fortune teller's house with people waiting in line. Prince Yangmyung becomes curious also stands in line. At this time shaman Court Lady Nok-Young arrives to visit a little girl fortune teller. Shaman Court Lady Nok-Young sees Prince Yangmyung. Without knowing that he is a prince, Nok-Young feels that possesses the fate of sun, which only a king or future king has. Prince Yangmyung now sits in front of the little girl fortune teller. Prince Yangmyung senses that she is abused. He picks up the girl and begins to run. A bunch of men then blocks his path. One of the men snatches the girl and leaves. Then, Nok-Young stops the man and saves the little girl. Prince Yangmyung, meanwhile, defeats the other men.

At night, the Prince Yangmyung walks on a street and jumps atop the fence of someone's home. Meanwhile, Yeon-Woo can't figure out the letters on the piece of fabric she received at the royal palace. Yeon-Woo goes out of her room and then suddenly realizes what the letters mean. The letters represents the Crown Prince. She now realizes that the man she met is the Crown Prince. Sitting on top of the fence, Prince Yangmyung sees Yeon-Woo and smiles ...


  1. Based on the novel "Haereul Poomeun Dal" by Jung Eun-Gwol (first published December 29, 2005).
  2. Main characters King Lee Hwon & Wol are fictional characters.
  3. Actor Joo Won was originally cast as Prince Yangmyung, but dropped out of the show due to KBS2 drama series "Ojakgyo Family" being extended (by an additional 10-15 episodes).
  4. Kim Jeong-Hoon (John-Hoon) (scheduled to play Heo Yeom) dropped out the series prior to filming due to his album being released early 2012 in Japan.
  5. On December 25, 2011, the first adult characters' screenplay reading took place at MBC Ilsan Dream Center in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea (participating in the reading is Kim Soo-Hyun, Han Ga-In & Jung Il-Woo).
  6. "The Moon Embracing The Sun" takes over the MBC Wed. & Thurs. 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "Me Too, Flower!" and will be followed by "The King 2hearts" on March 21, 2012.
  7. Filming for "The Moon Embracing The Sun" takes place at the Korean Folk Village, located in Yongin (satellite city of Seoul), Gyeonggi Province, South Korea.
  8. From ep.6 (first airs January 19, 2012) the main leads appears as the adult characters.
  9. Ep.7 will have its runtime extended to 80 minutes from its usual 70 minutes length. This is due to a strike by news reporter at MBC where "The Moon Embracing The Sun" airs. Because of the strike, the news program that airs prior to "The Moon Embracing The Sun" will be shortened and the drama series extended.
  10. Final two episodes of "The Moon Embracing The Sun," ep.19 and ep.20 (originally scheduled to air March 7th and March 8th, 2012 ), will not air on its scheduled air dates and is postponed due to the MBC labor strike. Series director Kim Do-Hoon joined the labor strike at the request of his colleagues. The labor strike is in protest of the appointment of Kim Jae-Chul as the MBC president, which the news bureau claims to be a political appointment and negatively affects their ability to publish unbiased reports or unfavorable reports on the government.
  11. Final two episodes "The Moon Embracing The Sun" will air Wednesday March 14, 2012 (ep.19) and Thursday March 15, 2012 (ep.20). Series director Kim Do-Hoon came back to finish filming the last two episodes on March 6.
  12. Actor Kim Soo-Hyun finished filming his scenes for ep.19 and 20 on March 6th through March 8th. His scheduled was filled after March 8th and hence the need to finish his scenes by that date.
  13. Actor Kim Soo-Hyun sings the song "You Are The One" ("Geudae Han Saram") for the drama series' OST which will be released March 13th in Korea.
  14. Director version of drama series "The Moon Embracing The Sun" will be release on DVD in South Korea sometime in June, 2012. The DVD set will include footage edited out of the series due to time constraints, as well as interviews with cast and staff and a making of the series segment.


The Moon Embracing The Sun-Han Ga-In.jpg Kim Soo-Hyun The Moon Embracing The Sun-Jung Il-Woo.jpg
Han Ga-In Kim Soo-Hyun Jung Il-Woo
Heo Yeon-Woo/Wol Lee Hwon Prince Yangmyung
The Moon Embracing The Sun-Kim Min-Seo.jpg The Moon Embracing The Sun-Song Jae-Hee.jpg The Moon Embracing The Sun-Song Jae-Rim.jpg
Kim Min-Seo Song Jae-Hee Song Jae-Rim
Yoon Bo-Kyung Heo Yeom Woon
The Moon Embracing The Sun-Sun Woo Jae Duk.jpg The Moon Embracing The Sun-Yang Mi-Kyeong.jpg The Moon Embracing The Sun-Yoon Seung-Ah.jpg The Moon Embracing The Sun-Kim Young-Ae.jpg The Moon Embracing The Sun-Ahn Nae-Sang.jpg
Sun Woo Jae Duk Yang Mi-Kyeong Yoon Seung-Ah Kim Young-Ae Ahn Nae-Sang
Heo Young-Jae Yeon-Woo's mom Sul King's mom Yoon King Sungjo
The Moon Embracing The Sun-Kim Sun-Kyung.jpg The Moon Embracing The Sun-Nam Bo-Ra.jpg Kim Eung-Soo The Moon Embracing The Sun-Jeon Mi-Seon.jpg The Moon Embracing The Sun-Jeong Eun-Pyo.jpg
Kim Sun-Kyung Nam Bo-Ra Kim Eung-Soo Jeon Mi-Sun Jung Eun-Pyo
Queen Han Princess Minhwa Yoon Dae-Hyung Jang Nok-Young Eunuch Hyung-Sun
The Moon Embracing The Sun-Kim Ye-Ryeong.jpg The Moon Embracing The Sun-Jang Hee-Soo.jpg The Moon Embracing The Sun-Kim Seung-Wook.jpg The Moon Embracing The Sun-Kim Ik-Tae.jpg The Moon Embracing The Sun-Bae Noo-Ri.jpg
Kim Ye-Ryeong Jang Hee-Soo Kim Seung-Wook Kim Ik-Tae Bae Noo-Ri
Royal concubine Park Bo-Kyung's mom Yoon Soo-Chan Hye-Gag Jan-Sil
The Moon Embracing The Sun-Yoon Hee-Seok.jpg The Moon Embracing The Sun-Lee Seung-Hyeong.jpg The Moon Embracing The Sun-Seo Hyun-Chul.jpg The Moon Embracing The Sun-Chu Kwi-Jung.jpg Kim Min-Kyung
Yoon Hee-Seok Lee Seung-Hyeong Seo Hyun-Chul Chu Kwi-Jung Kim Min-Kyung
Hong Kyu-Tae Han Jae-Gil Sim San Court lady Jo Court lady Min
The Moon Embracing The Sun-Lee Jeong-Hun.jpg The Moon Embracing The Sun-Park Kil-Soo.jpg The Moon Embracing The Sun-Kim Myeong-Kuk.jpg The Moon Embracing The Sun-Jang Yeong-Nam.jpg
Lee Jeong-Hun Park Kil-Soo Kim Myeong-Kuk Jang Young-Nam
Oh Hye-Sung Moon Ji-Bang Na Dae-Gil Shaman court lady Ari
The Moon Embracing The Sun-Kim You-Jung.jpg The Moon Embracing The Sun-Yeo Jin-Ku.jpg Lee Min-Ho
Kim You-Jung Yeo Jin-Goo Lee Min-Ho
Heo Yeon-Woo/Wol Lee Hwon Prince Yangmyung
Kim So-Hyun The Moon Embracing The Sun-Siwan.jpg The Moon Embracing The Sun-Lee Won-Geun.jpg
Kim So-Hyun Siwan Lee Won-Geun
Yoon Bo-Kyung Heo Yeom Woon

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Episode Ratings

Date Episode TNmS AGB
Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2012-01-04 1 15.0% (3rd) 16.9% (3rd) 18.0% 19.7%
2012-01-05 2 17.3% (3rd) 20.8% (2nd) 19.9% 22.2%
2012-01-11 3 19.4% (2nd) 22.3% (1st) 23.2% 26.1%
2012-01-12 4 20.6% (2nd) 25.1% (1st) 23.4% 26.0%
2012-01-18 5 21.6% (2nd) 24.9% (1st) 24.9% 28.3%
2012-01-19 6 25.9% (1st) 28.6% (1st) 29.3% 32.9%
2012-01-25 7 25.5% (1st) 28.8% (1st) 29.7% 33.8%
2012-01-26 8 26.2% (1st) 29.4% (1st) 31.7% 35.3%
2012-02-01 9 28.4% (1st) 32.3% (1st) 34.5% 38.9%
2012-02-02 10 30.5% (1st) 35.1% (1st) 37.1% 40.5%
2012-02-08 11 34.3% (1st) 38.6% (1st) 37.1% 41.7%
2012-02-09 12 33.7% (1st) 37.8% (1st) 37.1% 40.8%
2012-02-15 13 34.6% (1st) 39.3% (1st) 38.4% 42.9%
2012-02-16 14 37.2% (1st) 42.0%(1st) 37.6% 42.1%
2012-02-22 15 37.7% (1st) 42.6% (1st) 39.1% 43.1%
2012-02-23 16 39.8% (1st) 45.5% (1st) 41.3% 46.1%
2012-02-29 17 33.3% (1st) 36.1% (1st) 36.0% 39.7%
2012-03-01 18 40.7% (1st) 47.0% (1st) 41.2% 45.8%
2012-03-14 19 38.9% (1st) 42.9% (1st) 38.7% 41.8%
2012-03-15 20 42.3% (1st) 46.5% (1st) 42.2% 45.8%

Source: TNS Media Korea& AGB Nielson

  • NR denotes not ranked within the Top 20 daily shows according to TNS Media Korea.



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Lorrein Kim Woow, unforgettable drama, Kim Soo Hyun is so adorable, i always send my spare time for watch this drama :D i really really never forget this drama :)

LeeAnn Kim Soo-hyun is so adorable. I like him especially in his recent drama, You who came from the star". He's awesome and handsome.

jo no comments about how great prince yangmyung's role is? definitely one of the best actor in this drama, successfully portrayed his loneliness through his eyes and a lot other details. double thumbs up for him.

Oneida Watching this movie on vacation, hoping it wouldn't end. Could not leave without just watching one episode, loved it.Tears in my eye, like a river . . . . . . pull out the box of tissue, love, and devotion so much to take in. Actors are awesome, the setting of the location great, costume and era of its time beautiful. Movie soundtrack is beautiful. Recommended.....strongly

Esther I just finished watching this drama continuously for 2 days because it was so full of suspense, dramatic and the plot was great. The cast of characters played very well, emoted their feelings well especially the young prince & the young king. The Korean actors & actress are very handsome & beautiful. Their costumes are elegant & colorful. The love story is very touching, the family kinship is very close, friendship bond is strong. I didn't know the kings & royalties during that time sleep on the floor. This is my 2nd Korean drama watched after Princess SeonSeok and I will strongly recommend it.

elly ~ I do love this drama. Love it till the moon and back. The original soundtrack has made it better <3

Per Harald How can ppl(like the king) in that time be in so good shape when they only eat and sat on their but al the time?

naked eye the leading lady in this drama.. due of her bright eyes , cannot project passion in her role...when she stared direct to the cam gazed cannot project emotions..dissapointed

christina Utterly wonderful drama. If Soo Hyun got an award for My love from the star, then I absolutely can see why he get Best Actor for this it crying, shouting, mumbling or being sarcastic, he did it soooo well. The story is fictional but surely viewers know that those scenario were very real during those era. I must applause the writer/s for the plot and the various casts...all did so very well in their act...I really mean it..Yeo Jin-Goo, I agree, acted super well especially in the episode where he told his father that he will rule differently...woah and then imagine he went to face Soo-Hyun and yelled at his senior...aiyo. Then Song Jae-Yim...that icy face...really good...Talking about face, Jung Eun-Pyo was totally delightful to look at, so cute whether being scolded or being sad and I think he must had had rubbed it off very well with Soo-Hyun in this drama. I must mention Kim Young-Ae, Jang Young-Nam, Jeon Mi-Sun & Jung II-Woo... Korea has many very good actors...they act well even when they play a small part...its very professional...really..All of you made me cry so much and my heart ached like mad, I need time to recover. Though it will soon be 3 years it was first released, I'll still recommend friends to watch and I'll be watching it again...

jaime just finished the drama and it was a pretty good watch. i will say that i am a little disappointed perhaps due to the high hopes for the drama seeing it's ratings cause the plot was mediocre and there were scenes which i thought should have been cut/elaborated more. the actors are on point though, but i was most blown away by yeo jin gu. oh god this boy CAN act. if they had found an average adult version of the king, it would have blown cause the young king acted so so well. kim soohyun's performance in this drama was great too. i don't know how he can cry so much hahaha!! han ga-in's acting was okay, nothing too fancy or bad about it. she portrayed well a calm. pure yet wise figure, just that i think she kinda lacks in her emotions.

in the mean time, song jae-rim LOL this dude is so cool and quiet here i always can't help but laugh when i think of the real life him

Kkb jencel eulalio i love this movie and i like it so much

Moon Am I the one hoping for a different sun? I feel like the prince is very pitiful and he needs something by his side. Anyway, Kim Soo-Hyun din a good job portraying the King but there is something missing in his acting skills. Joo Woon would have done a better job I guess.

kim min asy moon embracing ther sun is the best tv shows or movie to me for 2012 i wish i can see the cast especially kim soo hyun,jung ll woo,song jae rim in personal:)

Setta This was my start to k-drama. I watched it 3 times now and everytime I recommend it- I watch it again with that person. Cried and laughed that's how well-balanced it was.

daebak I never watched any historical drama but this one blew me away. All episodes are amazing and it deserves to have a higher rating.. all actors are amazing and even the kids portrayed their role really really well. I cried so much every episode especially when The King find out that Wol and Yeon Woon are the same.. wah I hope they would create another series that have the same passion and great acting. I think no one can top this.. !!

wenchungling I love more Yeo Jin Goo than Kim SoHyun.

JessStiles Personally I think Joo won would have been a better prince yangmyun but I still like the actor who played him. Such an amazing drama. KIM SOO HYUN FIGHTING! SARANGHE!

Noor Nice drama..was a bit annoyed with the kids characters (very over the top acting) but once it was over, really enjoyed the show. I like the queen (Kim Min-Seo)so much and really feel for her and for me she was the one that kept me going ......great show and fantastic soundtrack.

tp I just finished watching Rooftop Prince and came up with the conclusion that amongst all the historical dramas I've watched so far, Kim Soo-Hyun and Park Yoo-Chun are the most handsome and good looking kings. Also, they play their roles as kings so so well. Congrats! Would love to see them more and more and more.

Mia Mira love the costume,would like to travel to Korea one day.Also the heroin is very adorable and talented,hero is charm.I love this kind of drama :) xoxo.

Yuni When you get past the first episode this drama is addictive, Beautiful costumes, great actors and actresses and most of all a very intense plot. It was lacking on the political matter but compensated by the supernatural shamanism and the main love theme. I'm glad I gave this drama a chance, if you like historicial dramas this one is definetely recommended!

tp It is such a beautiful drama. One of the best KDs. Thank you for the hard work of all of whom who made this drama a worthy one to watch.

Bhagya Samarakoon one of the best korean dramas that i have ever watched....good work mbc,love ur drama!

Bhagya Samarakoon one of the best korean dramas that i have ever watched....good luck mbc....

lyla awesome. love this drama and love Kim soo hyun!

Lily One of the best, love this drama so much, watched it 6 times!

bolognese gurl it's really an amazing drama. i love kim soo hyun!!!!

Sissy Watched this drama the second time. Even though this was my second time, I cried so much. Yeo Jin-Goo and Kim Soo-Hyun... Both are too good. Kim You-Jung was so sweet too. Yeo Jin-Goo and Kim You-Jung's pair... I just can't describe how good they were in this drama. Their acting, their chemistry... I loved everything about this sweet couple. Best korean drama I have ever watched. I am sure I am going to watch this drama again. I can't stop thinking about how Yeo Jin-Goo and Kim Soo-Hyun cried... and how they loved the girl... It tore my heart. Thank you for making such a lovely drama with such lovely characters.

iman huda i love this drama very muchhh hehe

ema This drama made me cry like hell... it deserves continuous awards ..if possible oscar also

berez The best drama I`ve seen so far! Everything is perfect, the plot, the music, the cast and especially the young cast was really good!:) It made me laugh but also cry like stupid, the story was really good, I also liked the characters and the actors, especially kim soo hyun who was great here!:)

Panda AMAZING. Literally one of the best dramas I've watched. Great cast, acting, plot and I love how the story wraps up. Definitely worth a watch!

funmi I watched this drama a year ago but still my best drama. The king is awesome and strikingly too handsome. I have watched most of his films I think he is cool. For yeon u, what do u expects from a girl whose past was forcefully taken and replaced with a blank one. To be too lifely will be watering the drama. Weldone to d writer

drama_lover444 I love this drama!! the story plot was the most interesting and the love story between "King Lee Hwon & Heo Yeon Woo" was very cute!!!!!!!!

kdrama fan This drama is indeed a great fresh air to the world of kdramas. Kim soo hyun is a great actor the way he launched punchlines and his father in law was fun to watch, and this relationship with hyeong seon was even better and funny. I'm indifferent to opinions that say ha ga in and kim soo hyun don't have chemistry all I know is that they told and good story and portrayed romance in the best possible way. And this drama has a way of not focusing on the main lead there was also yeon u's family, the cute princess,the annoying shaman,the hateful father inlaw,the lonely queen and the wonderful seol not forgeting jang sil. This drama is a one stop for family veiwing very funny yet deep and refreshing. Please I urge u guys that comment to look at the hardwork that went into this drama and not badmouth any actors/actress. Thank you.

jonah Just done watching this drama..two nights only..friday 11pm-5:45am, 8pm-8am straight. That's how I watch Korean dramas, overnight. I love the story. I love the young lead female/male characters. I love Kim Soo-Hyun but I am not well impressed with Han Ga-In's acting. There's lacking. I don't feel any "kilig" between the two. I also like Song Jae-Rim and his younger character Lee Weon-Geun. Also I admire Yeom's younger version, Siwan of ZE:A. I am well impressed of the whole cast's acting and setting of the series. Overall, I Love it. Nice drama. I commend.

Kira Can someone tell Why they changed the original characters???

elena Such a good drama! I loved all about this drama, except Han Ga-In.She couldn't continue the job Kim You Jung started.Most of all I was impresed by Kim Soo Hyun and Song Jae Rim.Thank you for this drama.

elena such a good drama! The both , young and adult actors were so awesome,except Han Ga-In.Also., i liked the most how the adult Hwon and Woon resembled the young ones.great job!Congratulations!

elena such a good drama! The both , young and adult actors were so awesome,except Han Ga-In.Also., i liked the most how the adult Hwon and Woon resembled the young ones.great job!

LiYueru I started watching this drama because of the extremely high ratings and the cast but I’m really disappointed with Han Ga-In's acting. She’s trying to make Wol annoyingly innocent and calm! And that makes her quite a dull character and boring to watch. It was hard to see emotions in her face (but I liked her acting in Bad Guy).Kim You Jung gave more life to the character. Only the Bo Kyung's young and adult version had the same personality and the appearance. Well overall I like the story line, though. Plus I think the young cast did an amazingly great job!!! (y)

parkminhee i take back my words, i just finished it and found it awesome.

Kate I personally think this drama was a very creative one.. If I was a writer I wouldn't have thought of this story line. There's so many "typical" dramas out there about love, adultery, betrayal, and the normal Korean drama plots.. This one was different I guess some parts were typical like how the brothers fought for yeonwoo, and how the main girl loses her memory.. But how they used black magic and THE YOUNG ACTORS omg I loved them young actors and actresses <3 this drama was great overall

Nana I know many people like this drama and I respect that. However, the amount of high ratings and coverage this drama has just make it very overrated. the only good thing about this drama is the young cast. I havent seen such good acting from young actors/actresses from any other dramas so far. however, there grown up selves are such disappointment and the storyline was dragging and slow even though there's only 20 eps. The only thing I like and make me continue watching is Woon, I love him young or adult <3

parkminhee That's odd, i did not really like this drama. I guess everyone have his own taste.

ivettemv My God this one of the most amazing dramas I ever seen. The script, the actors I love it. I saw it in one week even thou I work 40 hours per week, I have a husband and a Child and I can't stop watching it. God bless all of you Koreans.

Wolverine Just finished epi 9, and I felt like my heart stopped beating. This drama is freakin amazing!

Hyolae really great drama!

Broken Youth I had really high expectations for this drama and for the first half of the drama all of them were met. The child cast, especially the main leads did such an incredible job. Those kids made me bawl my eyes out and I'm rarely impressed by children. At their young age they shared such great chemistry and you couldn't help but fall for the characters and the story. Sadly, they grew up and the adult cast took over. I was really disappointed with Han Ga-In's acting. Kim Soo-Hyun is cute, nothing special but you could tell he was trying. Maybe it was because the child cast left them big shoes to fill in but I felt they could've casted more suitable actors for the roles. I'm still debating whether or not to finish watching the drama or not since the story itself is very good, hence the reason why it received so many awards. I just hate it when stuff like this happens but oh well, more dramas will come in the future.

Sissy This drama was great. All the actors/actresses played their character so well. I couldn't stop crying when Kim Soo-Hyun and Yeo Jin-Goo cried. I really loved Kim Soo-Hyun from this drama. I am also currently watching his new drama You Who Came From the Stars. He's too good.

Jane Bestttt drama ever!!! So sad at the beginning but happy ending :D And all the actors including the young ones too are sooo good <3

chery The best K-drama Ever..but i hate the ending... whyyyy should prince yangmyun die??? *jung ilwoo biased* but at all.. i love this drama.. Kim soo hyun is really DAEBAK!!

Bella I totally loved this drama! I've watched it over and over and over again! just cant get enough of it. culture is awesome, really made me wanna know more about Korean culture. Amazing story-line. excellent acting especially with the child actors and actress', intriguing story. really love historical k-drama....kudos to the whole team and keep up the good work.

reygie the movie is so amazing i hope there will be moon embracing the sun part 2.

cecilia So amazing !! The actors and actresses are so good . I love this film so much , thankyou !

Annaliza This is the best drama I've ever seen.specially the part that the King and Wol met at a very strange place.The King's love for Wol was magic and true.when it comes to children they're good as well specially Lee Hwon the kid.i like he's facial know! i'd watch it twice already and now i'd still want it for the 3rd times.the selection of right character.the customs even the evil ones i love it.really great.^_^actually i downloaded a picture of the King in my phone to remind me this story until i get for those who haven't seen this drama.better watch it now.don't miss it guy's.

Jumong The most popular drama I've ever seen. the selection of the right character, although most people who slit .but it proved a lot to receive the award .no.1 rating

yumi Kim Soo Hyun and Han Ga In didn't have much chemistry, but their acting in general was very good. actually, all the actors were really good in this drama, while the plot and OST went along together very well. the drama is full of plot twists and heart-wrenching scenes which makes me highly anticipate for the next ep. watch this (esp if you're into the historical type of dramas) YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!

Eunhwa A year has passed, and i still don't understand why this drama got a really high rating. Story sucks, and i doubt Lee Hwon was a king, as the only thing he did was thinking about Hyun Wo. I expected a more balanced story in his role as a king. When the first time i knew that Jung Il Woo was in role as Prince, i already doubted it. And it was proven. They could actually make a better scene when Yangmyung's died. The only good things about this drama is only Kim Min-Seo and Jeon Mi-Sun's actings. They actually deserved awards for their role. This drama would never beat Dae Jang Geum and The Princess' Man as my most favourite Saeguk dramas. I was very excited to watch it at first, but it ended up disappointing me.

khaada Watched it and it was well worth it, really an enjoyable drama. I knew the drama was popular but the ratings are just crazy. Probably because it appeals to most audiences.

flore this drama is it sooo much

sman It is a great and excellent drama, is a pleasure to watch except quite disappointed in Ga In s acting, does not have facial expression , the kids acts really really well,it is really very touching in the first 6 episode,thanks to the Director and the writer for this beautiful piece of drama.

I love K-drama......

Eun Jung The Moon Embracing the Sun is a fascinating story with endearing characters. It was completely engaging from start to finish. I loved Kim Soo-Hyun in Dream High and he was fabulous in The Moon Embracing the Sun as well. I loved Jung Il-Woo in Flower Boy Ramen Shop and 49 Days and he was absolutely wonderful in The Moon Embracing the Sun. This was my first time to see both Han Ga-In and Kim You-Jung. They are both lovely and I enjoyed watching them. I recently saw Yeo-Jin-Goo in I Miss You and I think he is an outstanding actor. This was the second time for me to see Jeon Mi-Sun in a drama. I also saw her in East of Eden. She is a very talented actress. Jung Eun-Pyo’s role in this drama was delightful. He added warmth and humor. The Moon Embracing the Sun is an intriguing story which has stirred my interest to study more about Korean history. I love the historical dramas. I love seeing the way people dressed and I love learning about the culture and customs of that time period. The sword fighting scenes are impressive. I think The Moon Embracing the Sun is especially good because the story has a good balance of love, adventure, mystique, humor, peaceful moments, villainous opposition, and the resolutions to the character’s lives were very well done. I am constantly in awe of the beauty and talent of the actors in all the Korean dramas I see. Their work is a gift to the world. Thank you, South Korea!

Sara I REGRET watching this drama for some reasons!! I DO NOT CARE ABOUT episode ratings!!!

1-the adult actress,Han Ga In does NOT have good facial expressions,at times I couldn't get any impression!! 

2-the child actress has acted well,that was why I liked the drama at first!but Ga In has not acted well 3-I don't get it,why is "King's mom Yoon" this much evil and callous!! 4-the child actor and actress have chemistry BUT BUT 5-Han Ga In and Kim Soo-Hyun do not have chemistry AT ALL!! :S 6-The love triangle in this drama SUCKS!! 7-the second actor look so pathetic and I hated the crap dialogues between him and Ga In! 8-Han Ga In tried 2 portray an innocent character but it failed!! 9-Bravo 2 the children cast! specially the child actress but Han Ga In ruined everything!! 10-MBC year end award sucks and everyone knows it!! the drama which has the highest ratings will be given most awards!! this really sucks!!! On the whole MBC dramas are crap!!!

talented Korean actresses whom I admire and they leave no doubt about their talent: 1-Song Hye Kyo (that winter the wind blows) 2-Han Hyo Joo (Dong Yi ,Shining Inheritance)

Junior Kid I love the cast and the plot <3 also the evil ones, they are still great for their acting :3 love Bo Kyung (young and old) i think both actresses did very well

Luch I'm so addicted to this drama even after watching it for the 3rd time...the drama itself has such a deep meaning to it and i've really learnt a lot by watching it..and not to mention Kim Soo Hyun omg! His acting skills are superb and his good looks...sighhhh

jasmine Lovd d drama no matter wat others are saying all the actors and child counterparts were amazing so glad bought d dvd compilation I don't think I wud ave survived waiting. My current best saguek. By the way lee hwon and yeon hee both young and old had great chemistry. I'm gonna miss dis drama.

Joleen dh First of all i like the story....i love the characters..except one HAN GA not a basher...but I wish BAE SUZY played the role wol..cause o believed that she is a great actress..and she and KIM SOO HYUN are PERFECT COUPLE....BUT it doesn't mean that i dont like HAN GA IN I like in the tv series witch yoo hee..but for me KIM SOO HYUN AND HAN GA IN has NO CHEMISTRY...BAE SUZY AND KIM SOO HYUN HAS A VERY STRONG CHEMISTRY!!!!!!!

Again I'm not a basher of HAN GA IN..and I'm not critizising her..the true i love her she's pretty..THE ONLY I DON'T LIKE IS HER ROLE IN THE MOON EMBRACES THE SUN....

Sue Durai i watched this Korean drama and I just am so engrossed in the drama with each episode. I love the drama and enjoy each and every moment watching it. Fantastic and indeed an absorbing drama!

mariusz5692 I usually like period and fantasy dramas. In fact, they're the ones I watch the most. But I really didn't like this one. Except for Kim You-Jung, Kim Soo-Hyun and Jung Il-Woo, I didn't like the acting. Han Ga-In is beautiful and all, but her acting didn't convince me at all. I don't know... It may be the character's fault. I haven't read the novel (I don't believe it was translated in my language). I've watched 13 episodes so far and I have to say it sucks to watch more that 60 % of a drama and not be impressed at all. I had high expectations because of the plot, but I ended up being disappointed. Too bad. I really wanted to like "The Moon embracing the Sun". It may be cool, interesting or emotional from this point, but I don't care. It's too late, in my opinion.

mikeebawagan this korean drama? great :D Until now, i'm watching it. :)) <3

Canary Got a question - in the episode when they are doing the marriage eligibility trials, all the girls are walking through the gate and they step on that round thing with their right foot - why are they doing that?

It's a small detail but it's driven me crazy and I can't find out why they did that, or even anything about the process for eliminating candidates and it sounds really interesting!!

Any help would be awesome!!!

Jared I love this show soooooooo much... I still watch it...again and again.....and I still feel the love and warmth of the show. Because of this I got hooked with anything Korean especially Korean dramas...I love the lead stars Kim Soo Hyun and Han Ga In and their young counterparts... I hope it will have a part 2 with the same cast and additional cast like BYJ....

Ayten I will never forget this drama :(( I like tis so so so so so so muchhhhhhhhhhh :) Kim Soo Hyun <3 When I looked your cried \ everytime :) \ ı start to cry... You are so so so perfect about ths. All of the players was wasomeeeeeeee :)

kylie i love it ♥♥

Ann I can totally see why this drama was such a big hit. With the story line, the actors and actresses, the dresses, the sets and the music. All in all, it was a long-remembered drama. I totally can relate to the chemistry and longing desire of the characters best when the child actors were in the role. I had never enjoy pre-adult scenes in a drama and usually skipped them. But in this drama, it totally captivated me. I love Jin-Goo, You-Jung, So-hyun and all the child actors playing their part. I didnt feel such a feeling when seeing the adult actors, but they still were really great, though. One of fall down for me in this drama was, the lack part Queen Bo-Kyung in this drama. I think this drama was about two suns and two moons in the sky of Jeoseon, but all I could see was two suns and one moon in action. I think Bo-kyung should take part more in political and love issues. She was in the top 3 of Sejabin selection, it must explain how she was as bright as Yeon-woo, only lack the kind heart. I wish she would have play more a badass. She was her father's daughter after all. All things put aside, I totally love this drama. and Wish to see all the actors and actresses best of luck in their future and carreer. Hwaiting!!

Leeda Very interesting and unique drama. The mysteriousness of the shamans really draws you into the story. The child actors totally out-perfromed the adult actors. Especially kim yoo jung, her acting was awesome! A major downfall for this drama is that the chemistry between the two adult actors was really bad. Han ga in kinda ruined the drama for me and some other actress, like han hyo joo, would totally fit the character more. I find it weird how they chose han ga in b/c she's so much older than kim soo hyun. Loved the story line but the two adult leads had NO chemistry whatsoever!

BrySher The Moon Embracing the Sun is one of the excellent TV Drama Series I've watched. Though the story is usual but the actors made a great impact. They have portrayed their characters wonderful. They truly deserve their awards. Kim Soo Hyun, is an awesome actor. He blown me away whenever there is a crying scene. My heart melts. Not to mention that he is good looking. This drama series concluded last November 2012. But the fact that I love this series, I bought a compilation of the entire series. And I do watch it everyday! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!

GOOD JOB to the production of The Moon Embracing the Sun. More Power to you guys and more blessings to come. I hope you will produce another series that will touch our hearts and enriches our lives.

Regards from your Avid fan,

Bryan F. from the Philippines

emy inges The best one korean movie I watched ever,,,I hv watched it more than 10 times,,I love all the soundtrack too,,,really great,,love this one,,,saranghyo

Bonnie Lynn Katzell Muench This was so gut wrenching with some laughter.. Are you kidding me it is after 4 am now, it took me over 24 hrs to see it all but I did it, I couldn't stop.. Adding to my wish list to buy the DVD.. Great performances from all actors. Great Direction and great script.. Bravo to all who had a part in it....

geraldine anne solajes salonga the cast was so great! and i am sure many people is having fun and was very inspired by the love story of HEO YEON WOO and LEE HWON!!!it's very unique story i ever known./...:)

Keith Kim So Hyun deserves the Best Actor Award for this drama. He portrayed his Role very well.

Phong Wow. What can I say? This drama was amazing. I dare say that this may almost be as good as stairway to heaven! My #1 korean drama. I have to admit.... My favorite part was the part with the children and the last few episodes near the end. My biggest pet peeve was how the child actor did not grow up to look like the actors hahaha. However, it was still very good to say the least. I only wish it could have been longer. There were still several small unanswered details. Still one of the best dramas I've seen in a while!

Angelica I love moon embracing the sun!

Yanti I can't say more...seems like my feelings upon this drama has been incredibly compliment by the others so all I can say is... It's worth watching. I'm into an epic drama and this Moon that Embraces The Sun has delighted me.. I loves all the character especially Yeo Jin Goo and his lady partner seems so much in chemistry....they are so talented. Yeo Jin Goo surely going to have a long journey in his career...he is blessed to have all in one package! Till now I can't stop play the drama in my head! Congrats to every single person whom involved in the making. You all have done a great job!

Wanton I was just disappointed that Sul and Woon did not get together. According to the writer, they were supposed to but due to the worker strike in Korea, they had to cut the drama short and exclude the part where Sul and Woon fall in love. Shame, that was one of the things that I was really excited about. h

Dora The only thing I did NOT like is Han Ga-In, her acting was so poor and I couldn't connect to her or to her feelings. Too bad they chose her for this part .. </3

Thezar lustre This moon embracing the sun is my favorite korean drama of 2012 i really like this korean show!!!

Nomhel “It’s time that you let go of the one you keep in your heart. Empty a place in your heart for someone new. Don’t struggle to cover the truth with laughter anymore. Isn’t it too painful a thing to live your life in disguise while lying to your heart?” – Wol

I was there in Korea last September, and I was hoping to see some of the artist. Even if I wasn't lucky enough to see them, I had a feel of the country's culture. Same with this drama, it moved me and made me appreciate their culture and people. Great Koreanovela!!! More power to all the cast! A JOB WELL DONE!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!


Gene I love this show so much I can not contain myself when I talk about it to my friends.. I love the romantic cute and so full of love.. I really love the pair.. I am not really into watching series but this one is an exemption. I've only missed one episode coz of unavoidable circumstance...You see it's shown Mon to Fri here in the Philippines from 6:00 to 6:30 PM... It will end on Fri, Nov 2.. If shown again I will watch it again and again.. I am an avid fan..And it makes me sad that it the end of the series is near coz it's already a part of my night time TV sched... It's the only series I watch regularly...

ellis trisilia Watched it many times and never get bored ^^

yeddah marie i really like the movie so much...i love its histories.....the actors...the actresses....the story....Specially The persons who ruled Heo Yeon Woo (Han Ga In) and Lee Hwon(Kin Seo-Hyun) I love them so much..they are my favorite KOreans !!.. SarangHae !!! ..  :) more power <3

  1. rei_pijiih19

Moimoi---Dixon i love this historical, romantic, drama because the all cast of "moon embracing the sun" is very good, until the last episodes of this drama. if have a child someday i want like "Kim You-Jung" or "Han Ga-In"... why Kim You Jung because its so very pretty and why Han Ga In its so beautiful... i very thankful because i watch TV series of "moon embracing the sun" its so beautiful story its one of my best Korean TV series... Thank you and God bless... I Love You All...

Myra Campos I really love this drama ! it was a very successful drama ever in Korea , the whole cast is deserving in this drama they made a very well done effort . Actually,when I first watched the drama of Kim Soo Hyun in dream high I did not recognize him but then again when I watched Moon Embracing the Sun I don't know but I think Kim Soo Hyun is my new idol cause he was a very good actor in METS I can't believe cause everytime he cry I always feel the sadness of it and then when he was angry and then he shouts loudly he made it perfectly I also like the young soo hyun as well cause he really like soo hyun too ! oh my god I think I'm addicted to this drama .It has a very good intro and ending as well not like other korean dramas they only have a good intro but not an ending like this ! job well done to all the directors and to all the cast . Moon Embracing the Sun <3

jung il woo fans i love this drama and watch drama just becuse of jung il woo.all of the actor and actress in this drama are soo hyun is faild.his voice is very very you oppa ilwoo fighting

shara atieza ILOVEYOUALL ..! ♥♥♥ keep it up ...

Niqqy Lee I already finished watching this Korean drama. I really had a great time watching it. In fact, I am already addicted to it!!! This is not just an ordinary drama, its contents are deep, you have to analyze and dig deeper into your heart in order for you to contain the feelings and thoughts that the drama is supposed to inscribe into you. Aside from that, it is also romantic and the touch of suspense makes it more enticing! I really love this drama! This is the best! I really commend the directors, staff and of course the actors and actresses for doing a job well done=))))

dewi I think this is the best korean drama, whenever they said, but they are a perfect couple, oo.....h I wish they will be couple in the other drama again

gnib a heart breaking drama congratulation to all the cast.well done.perfect love story drama ever.:D

Kimora I couldn't contain myself while watching the Drama, in fact i have already watched it more than five times now and the excitement i felt from the first time i watched it did not ebb. I tagged it THE BEST KOREAN DRAMA i have ever watch here in West Africa (Nigeria). The story is so touching and the cast are awesome! in fact more grease to Kim Soo Hyun, Ha Ga-In, Jung II Woo and Kim min Seo's elbow (These cast deserves to be paid more for the way they relayed the story). I will not forget the input of Nam Bo-ra (who did not change at all from her enthusiastic, carefree and highly emotional nature as a child, unlike other actors that change from kids to adults, this one was the same character throughout except for the "Husband" part). I cannot forget to mention the way Jeon mi-Seon portrayed the Shaman (or should i say prophetess?) aspect of the drama (she acted as if she can actually see real visions of the future without changing her expression, but making it look more real than real life prophetesses. Lastly, i ask myself if all mothers passes through what Yang Mi-Kyeong passed through in this drama?, because she did not leave room for doubt as to how mothers do react to the trauma of losing one's child who is already in the peak of achieving what would have been a life changing experience for the family.

graceinne definitely love it from the start of the story

Lotlot i really love this series.. the child actress and child actor are awesome.. they make me fall in love.. i wish they will not grow up anymore.. i wish they are the main characters in this drama.. Kim Yoo Jung and Yeo Gin Joo!!Fight! From now on they are my number 1 Korean loveteam.. Hope the producers and directors give them breaks that they will have their own drama series.

More Power to Koreanovela!!!!!!

I hop

newgnihc Moon Embracing the Sun is one of the best...while watching these i was really touched..i can really feel the emotions of the characters...there are scenes that made me wonder its the no.1 koreanovela of 2012...two thumbs up..

ginger i think i might be the only one who really hates this drama...from the 1st ep i liked Yang-Myung character more an i really hate the main actress "Han Ga-In" she's annoying to the way they killed all the 2ry characters Seol , Yang-Myung and Bo-Kyung was more than horrible this drama sucks for me :S and sorry for all Kim Soo-Hyun fans i really loved him in Dream High but in this one he's truly horrible and non-fit

ainie i really love this korean drama.. thumbs up for all the casts .. ^_^

Gareth one of my favorite Korean TV show., Love them all, Can you have a part 2? Please!!!!!!!!!!!!

hellohnin My Ever Favorite Yeon-Hwon Couple...LOve their characters very much...they inspired me!!! thanks!

diana i'm always crying while watching this drama... love it... kim soo hyun is a good actor...

Rose i love it... very nice movie, i really like it much!

nancy 2 thumbs up! not tired of watching it over n over again...vey romantic! i agree, Kim So Yoong is awarded as best actor.

Ebb93VIP i really love this drama !! i smiled..laughed..cried..giggled .. etc - i will proudly recommend this k-drama to all my friends ..

Mary Jane Carreon @yeo jin goo @kim yoo jung

Mary Jane Carreon More power to all of the cast of moon embracing the sun, I really feel the fever here in the Philippines.... I love @Yeo jin goo@...@kim yoo jung@

Kimora this drama is what i call AWESOME!!!, all the way from Nigeria, i can't begin to tell Y'all in words what i learn from this simply SUPERB! made my heart ache, cry, love and laugh and even till now, am still watching it, the young king Kim soo Hyun is soooooooo Good (no that's an understatement) he is indescribable (he just an actor from another planet). Though i like Song Il Gook, Lee Minho, Park shi hoo... but i fell in love with Kim soo Hyun and i can't help it (he is simply irreplaceable in my list of actors, cos he will remain the BEST!!!)

Prince Yangmyung Prince Yangmyung your very beautiful.i love you you have beautiful smile.

rowena i really love this drama much...cant wait to watch it.:) <3

karell joy cabico dati hindi ako mahlig sa koreanvela but because of moon embracing the sun ayunn ang ganda pala...

yan this movie so good! i love Lee Whon and Yeon Woo.

Corabella Congratulations! You really embraced your viewers emotions and interest.The writer's intentions to see the political dinasty and corruption that leads to the fate of king's and female shaman pre-destined love was really exceptional. The director's motivation to each cast gave justice in portraying their roles, though Han Ga-In was lacked in expressions but over-all its good, especially to Kim Soo-Hyun whose acting was an outstanding performance. It is really highly recommended to for it.

sara i like this drama becuse of jung il woo.hes acting is great.i like him very lot

adele U.S.A Han Ga-in nearly ruined this show being so stone faced ...Kim Yoojung worked hard at developing a wonderful soft character & obviously Han Ga-in didnt study the role KY created or she didnt have the acting skills to stay on point Kim Soo-Hyun did w/ the character Yeo Jin-Ku created. She seemingly had difficulty inserting herself into the role & had no chemistry what-so-ever w/ Kim Soo-Hyun

rica xoo excited coz....just being curious does the moon can embrace the sun...?????

afrooz i looooooooooooooved this was perfect.i rely love the cast.they play wonderful.and also i love lee min ho oppppa.sarangheyooooo.fighting

susangutierrez finally the drama series will be aired next month here in. Manila ..kudos to you :p

Hana What a very touching story,i cried a lot because of these drama :D

khayie very much recommended to watch!:) with two thumbs -up!:0

marilyn the best illusions on this drama was the part of prince hyamyung and woon. The acting of song jae rim is really wonderful. The part that I cried was when Seol died. How I wish that she ended up with Woon or Prince Hyanyung. But I was not dissapointed with the acting of Kim Soo Hyung. I love him at Dream High 1 and I love him more on this drama. I bet, he's the best actor of his generation. I thought that syndrome will become the best drama for 2012, but i guess i will be in favor of this one. My best korean dramas are Hong Gil Dong, Princess Hours, and The Moon that Embraces the Sun.

Anne THe best drama that I have watched this year, Awesome story and dialogue ...and acting at its best..Kim Soo Hyun is great and so are the rest of the cast...and yes the child actors/actresses are really worth mentioning...they really started it well....and caught the audiences heart,,,

nersfuji love this drama,, absolutely good.. :-)

jujuju This is truly a very enjoyable series. Storylines, acting, comical & serious scenes are very well balanced overall. Very Shakespeare-ish too, the subtleties of the antagonists & all that. A very well done to all those involved this series. I learned a lot of cultural perspectives, such as court rituals, etc. in here too.

leony i think the story is similar with The Great Queen Seon Deok, which has two moons (two princess) too, which one kicked out from the palace and the other one (always) died haha.. and also the good man (always) die with unfairness, they are Prince Yang Myung (TMTETS) and Bi Dam (TGQSD) the difference is there are so many cute actor in TMTETS :D

dr_acid one of greatest drama that i've seen. a great plot, a great lead actor, the teen cast also had a great acting... love them all..

inas I really luv luv luv!!!! this drama ever! I watched it so many times! Very good story line and the actors were so good in their characters! The best suggested drama from me!

kira oh thank god joo won refused this drama for it will be a downfall to his career..yang myung's death sucks...can't he just die peacefully and no talks!!! it made the story corney..LOL..i love the love story though ..and kim soo hyun's the best here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!can't wait to see his upcoming projects...............

J I absolutely loved Ga-in in Witch Yoo Hee where she was sooo cute and innocent so I gave this series a watch but in Moon-Sun I felt the complete opposite. I rather kind of hated her character..her big round eyed annoyed the hell out of me... always crying in every situation ...and her character in general was so how do I put it... felt too fake to me.

keira Great drama ... Almost perfect, too bad yeon woo role played by han ga in. Besides she looked too old for soo hyun, her acting is very dissapointed. She should be more look suferring in case with yeon woo's life tragedy. But she lacks of tears.

imha chan Cant wait to see it... ^.^

aiko Love the theme song Back In Time...

some1 I think this drama has great actor and actress (esp. kim soo hyun and child actress for Yeon Woo) but this drama makes me disappointed with Han Ga In's acting Really good drama tho~

Orina Fazrina Wwwoooowwwww... I finally watch this drama. Omo! Really cool! Great! Amazing! How can this drama make me cry alot. The sad feeling of passed away, still in my heart. Lee Hwon young and Soo Hyun, your act is awesome!! I'll wait your next drama, ;D

cres NICE DRAMA!!! Han Ga In (Bad Guy & Witch Yoo Hee) now this drama, amazing! to the handsome and gorgeous Kim Soo Hyun & Jung ll-Woo really impressive acting!!! age is not an issue... congrats to the cast!..

mic sooo sad that this drama end... Han Ga In good actress, yes older but age doesnt matter! as long she portray her character amazingly. Kim Soo Hyun & Jung ll-Woo also great actor and was lucky to work with HAn Ga In... To the Producer, director and most of all to the writer congrats its a nice drama ever... God bless!!!

TMTETS DAEBAK!!! One of the best dramas I've seen! It will be dearly missed! Outstanding performance by the amazing actors and actresses! :)

Wol Goshhh it killed meeee.... why it is over ? man

i wanna watch it again and again

Jasmine13Yr HUA!!! It's already The End.... I can't wait for another saeguk drama!!!! TMETS is the best saeguk drama Ever!

Neda this Drama was very lovely and Effective؛ specially Kim Soo Hyun _ Kim Min Seo _ Kim You-Jung & Yeo Jin Ku Roles ! Jeong Eun Pyo role was very funny and i like his smile ^^

kpoplove This is the best . I MEAN BEST . Historical Drama Ever . I love this drama . I am going to watch this drama some time again (: Freakin love this drama so much , i wish there were more episodes ): Anyways its so good .

Kelvin This is the best historical drama for 2012.

Elle amazing korean drama. You'll love it.

Elle This Korean Drama serise is the BEST, no jokes. From the start till the end the acting was superb, the clothing is true to the era, and there is really limited amount of cliches used (which for any K.drama lover would know is super duper uncommon, but great as well). The only minor comment

nora Super drama.I felt the entense mixed emotions of the performers.My most sincere praise to the writer and directors.I've noticed several moves of the performers that i've never seen in any other movies.The romance portrays an innocent,extreme loyalty and decency kind of love to each other.Carry on the wonderfull job and God bless.

charmel a very memorable drama I really like it, simple but excellent one. thank you!

b xieng Excellent drama. Thumbs up for kim soo hyun. The two main actors were both excellent in their acting. Hope to see more drama like this one in the future.

b xieng Excellent drama. Thumbs for kim soo hyun. The two main actors were both excellent in their acting. Hope to see more drama like this one in the future.

b xieng Excellent drama. Thumbs for kim soo hyun. The two main actors were both excellent in their acting. Hope to see more drama like this one in the future.

Fely c thanks for the next 2epi I been waiting for this I love this drama I dont get tried watching iver and over...the story is very touching and theres comedy that you could laughing non stop and help you to removed your problem...i hope the nxt epu is coming soon im s excited to see the nxt one thanks to the director and all the cast and the sub. people to make us understand the story.......

stephanie wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! finally I'm gonna watch this last 2 episode...I'm sad:( I'm gonna miss kim soo hyun acting..

kdramafan I think that Han Ga In should NOT have played Yan Noo, they did not look anything alike! and the younger Yan Noo was so much better! Althought I gotta say that i liked the king both the young actor and the older one, but especially the older king, when the tears come from his eyes I just wanna sob with him. He's so believable! And so adorable. and looks so much younger than Han Ga In, but isn't she supposed to be like 6 or 8 years younger than him???!

anyway, i hope i don't have to wait for the ending!!! i thought they were going to extend it by 4 episodes too! what happened to that?

JangJangMyun lorh~i've been waiting since yesterday and didn't know it has been postpone TT TT

momo2012 OMG!! I had been waiting all week for this and they postpone due to labor strike... is that mean there is no set date for the last 2 eps? :(((

rls4311 EXCELLENT DRAMA, actors/actresses, music, costumes, scenery. I am very picky about dramas, and this one is in my "Top 5 Best Korean Dramas". Kim Soo-Hyun, who portrays the now grown-up King, is absolute wonderful for this part. His acting is excellent, and I really hope he wins an award for something. I cannot imagine anyone else, who would've been better for this part. I just wish they could've found "older kids" for the characters, that at least resemble the "younger kids". The 2 different groups (young kids vs. older kids) don't look anything like each other (yes, because in real life they aren't related to each other, so they won't look like each other). When the drama went from young kids to older kids (without a warning), I had no idea who they were supposed to be, because they didn't look anything like the younger kids. It's hard to believe that they are the "grown-up versions" of those young kids. The only one who resembles the younger version of herself, is the young Queen (same high forehead, same jawline, same mouth, same expressions).

tweetylorn No wonder, this drama hits number 1 in ratings...! So sad that it will end soon..:(

yeyy Final two episodes of "The Moon Embracing The Sun," ep.19 and ep.20 (originally scheduled to air March 7th and March 8th, 2012 ), will not air on its scheduled air dates and is postponed due to the MBC labor strike. Series director Kim Do-Hoon joined the labor strike at the request of his colleagues. The labor strike is in protest of the appointment of Kim Jae-Chul as the MBC president, which the news bureau claims to be a political appointment and negatively affects their ability to publish unbiased reports or unfavorable reports on the government

OMG!!! please, don't do that!!! i can't wait for this drama

ANGEL LOCSIN yes this is the best drama i've ever watched... though i do not know the ending yet.. so i hope my expectation is true..

ANGEL LOCSIN sad... this drama will end soon... im gonna miss kim soo hyun that much... i hope this drama has a very happy ending.. you know ive been following this drama.. often reading on the latest news... so please... it must be a happy ending..

iuaddiction i really love this drama..For me, this drama is the best of all the dramas i've seen. must watch!! they have the perfect actors and the plot is really good. wish too see more drama like this in the future.. soo hyun oppa! FIGHTING!

reabhara hope there will be more than 20 episodes..please^_^ or more dramas like this..thank you po^_@

daniiii i really want to see it, i heard is good:x

j-chan oh my gosh..!is this until episode 20 only...?!

megan its a great drama....the actor is very handsome great acting ability.. hoping for a happy ending. am waiting for next episode..i wish i could be the girl because i like the king so much. congratulations...

xyza can't wait for the eng sub of ep 18. after 3 sleepless nights just to reach ep 17.... kim soo hyun is really great. he is the only actor that can make me cry (even as sam dong) ...... i hope it will be a good ending.....

ina please i want a good ending...

ina its a very beautiful korean drama that i ever watched... one of the good actor in korea kim soo hyun...keep it up u have a good talent in singing and in sad it will end soon..congratulations you're no 1 .. miss you kim soo hyun.. sarangge.

ain OMG...i cant wait for ep 17....

Yra Naxia TMTETS!!! yes it is the best korean drama ever! with the super good actors n actresses. and kim soo-hyun have being a very good king character. i love every face expressions he has, everytime he cries, and everytime he smiles. and the story plot is the one that i'm never thought it would be like that.

espie ep15 really made me cry hope this drama will have a happy ending

lengskee cant wait for the encounter between the King and Yeon Woo! Love this drama!

samantha i love this drama so much..its really a nice drama. please make it a happy ending. i hope it will last for 24 episode..

samantha please i love this drama so much... please make it a happy ending..please make past the subtitle

ANGEL LOCSIN i have watched up to ep 16 but to my disappointment i have not seen a kissing scene yet.. this is a romance drama so i am expecting it...

shee lah i love this drama! i can't wait for episode 15 also! :) keep up .....

arie what a beautiful saeguk drama.... hopefully the final episode will at least reach 50% viewers mark. congrats!!!!

kaorukenshin ..can't wait for ep 15!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lengskee what a way to start the year with this series!! great cast. Kim Soo Hyun (aka Sam Dong) is such a revelation! cant wait to see the remaining episodes=)

DS base on the ratings i think this is the best korean series of 2012 , probably one of the best korean series of all time .

ANGEL LOCSIN hello... im an avid fan of the moon that embraces the sun.. i really love every episode of this drama... so please..... make it a happy ending.. PLS.............

Kristie I really really really felt in love with little Yeon Woo played by Kim Yoo Jung! She took my tears and made the film my first and most favorite Korean historical drama so far! And Yeo Jin Goo & Kim soo Huyn are so good acting, also! Love them & the film! Hope my life be back as usual when the film end! So emotional whenever thinking of it! T.T

Ah Rhyu This is great... I am looking forward of this.

yoonhye daebak!!Im already anticipating this drama!hwaiting Jung Il oppa..

yoonhye daebak!!really like this drama..hwaiting Jung Il oppa!!

buni such cute couple and amazing drama,I really like it.especially actor kim soo hyun and the young actress kim you jung.they have professional acting skill .looking forward it.fithingggg.

raiza ep 13 please can't wait nice drama keep up!!!!thx...

Merdekawati Addicted with this saeguk always waiting for next episode ^_^

Salie @anonymousdork - i'm with you! haha.. superb acting!

mich Can someone explain to me the reason why they cant be together? like this whole fate thing?!?!

moo_chan i just finished episode 4, form this far i think this drama more interesting then sungkyunhwan scandal. but still i'm big fan of yoochun...looking forward for next episode.

happyskates The Korean dramas are wonderful but so difficult to get with the English subbs. Lots of mixed up translations and broken episodes. It is unfortunate that I don't speak Korean!

myxalive OH! my!!!! i really can't wait.. my heart is aching everytime Yeon U denies her identity to the King!huhuhuuh

anonymousdork I never thought I would ever fall in love with the child actors/actresses... They did such an amazing job that I really didn't want them to grow up at all...!! Don't get me wrong.. I love Kim Soo Hyun, Jung Il Woo, And Han Ga In and can't wait to see their story, but I love love LOVED Kim Yoo Jung, Yeo Jin Goo, and Lee Min Ho... Wonderful job and I really do hope to see more drama staring them in the future..!! =D

bluee aaa sooo gooooddd^^ can't wait for the next episode,,kyaaa>,<

aisha This saeguk is so addicting! I'm so excited and always looking forward to every episode! I love it so much! A must watch! ♥

atina TMTETS..daebak!!a nice story,full with great actors&actresses,both funny& catch both my heart&eyes..hope the ending would be a happy end for yeon woo, lee hwon, and yang myung... ^^

ashney I can not wait for the next episode everyday.. It is touchable and great drama ever. . The best Korean drama.

kiRa arghhh can't wait for this drama !!!!

artyquet my biggest reason to watch this drama was because of Yeo Jin-Ku who played Lee Hwon, i've been his fan ever since giant and trust me he always impressed me with an outstanding performance, he's already a good actor. but then i realised that i already hooked with the stories and other actors. damn they sure good. when my fav actor yeo leave, i'm a bit hessitate to continue watching..but i did because the adults play their character pretty well, thou some of the casts are not as good as the young actors. adult woon looks pretty cool :)

maynda waaaaaaa...... this drama made me cry. so sad................ esp ep 5. wahhhhh daebak!!!!!!!!!

Alyssa Simply Amazing! Saranghe Jung Il Oppa... ^_^

valerie im so inlove touched by this drama,i used to cry for their love to each other really a very very beautiful story amazing cast amazing acting kim soo hyun i love you and jung ii woo i love you too...i love them all everything is great really anticipating i cant wait for the next episodes....

azurymint agree with iismomo. i'm kinda disappointed with Heo Yeom and Woon adult. especially heo yeom that really "shining" in the childhood (Heo Yeom had that aura for him and I don't see the "shine" in the adult cast) actually th jaw line and eyes of the Woon adult and childhood were similiar but the adult Woon is not cute at all. LOL. but overall, I really love this drama, Han Ga In is sooo pretty. She didn't look 6 years apart with Soo Hyun at all.

Ceechun this drama made me cry...but am really loving it. Its really nice! very nice!!!

momo i really cannot wait to see the rest of the drama, it's really such a amazing show. when i first read the synopsis i wasnt really into it but since i like the actors and historical dramas i general i thought, well give it a shot. i was awestruck on the first episode and now i can barely wait each day for the next episode to come out. the story has really began with a gong, you could feel the love story taking place, the happy and sad moments. it took 6 episodes and even though i wanted to quickly see what would happen with the older casts it was with regret that i saw the youngs actors go. they really made us excited as what is to come. btw did someone noticed that the young Heo Yeon-Woo and Lee Hwon are the same child actors in Iljimae? so it wasnt the first time they played together as a future couple^^.

3.1416 Anyone know the name of the orphan kid the head shaman rescued from swindlers a while back? She's sooo cute! I don't see her in the credits.

Anniejuzz Good drama worth watching especially episode 5 my eyes just can't stop busting out tears till i have to drink water to maintain my body's fluid!

icehearty just watched the preview for episode 7 and it was... UNBELIEVABLY AMAZING!(:

marini oh my god!!! love it

iismomo honestly speaking Heo Yeom and Woon grew up to be so not good looking like their child actor! hahaha but love this drama esp the kids! can't wait for new eps!

RoseIntheRain i have never seen korean historical drama befor,this is first time n so excited....n really liking it ...n curious about koraean history.....and kids acting is just super awesome .....

woelandyz I'm really excited with this korean drama...han ga in unnie so beautiful^^

monty there should be some corrections on the plot section. they are half-brothers not stepbrothers. yes, there is a difference.

MsRai OMGosh... i really can't wait for ep 7 now... bt really kudos to the child actors, they were gr8t... i really cried during ep 5 n 6... awww... nway i can't wait for the Adult scenes... Fighting TMoonTEmbracesTSun!!!

icehearty looking forward to the 6th episode of this drama.

sara LOVE this drama!!! great drama so far~ but gonna miss the child actors!!! They were AMAZING!! + CUTE!!^^ can't wait to see Jung Il Woo~!!^^ A must watch!

ugh! ugh!!!!! im soooo mad!!!! this drama would have been wayyyyy better if joowon had the role!

pichii! woot one of best saeguk drama i've ever watch so far~XDDD esp the cast,,they are perfect!!!! also many ikemen here <3333333333333

shin to me it looks like Yeon Woo is going to become a shaman? look at the poster, she is wearing the shaman type of cloth, isnt she? just guessing ^^ anw, i lv ths drama and lv the young cast, they bring out the so called real feeling here ^^ keep it uppppp ^^

Lily The child actors are AMAZING! The older actors have to maintain this high standard lol. So hooked on this film.....LOVE it! :)

Elize This was the first Period drama that i've EVER watched and i really love it !!!!

ifa OMG..THE KIDS ARE SO GOOD IN ACTING! in my life i've never been excited over a drama ..GOSH!! i've watched the trailer and ep 2 .. don't want to see wol get hurts... :(

yyfishleong Those children actors are so cute! Fighting!

tiara OMG SIWAN OF ZE:A Amazing!

Meryl omg? kim min seo and lee min ho from sungkyunhwan scandal?! wow! i'm so anticipated!!

NewKDramaAddict Looking forward to this!

jen_kim Finally.. another nice drama n 2012 from MBC!!! Anticipated!!! our Lee Hwon King...Kim Soo Hyun fighting!!!! can't wait to watch it already!!! countdown for it...will be show on 2012 January 4th.

miramihe Ah!Can't wait for it.Kyaaaaaaa! <3

dapinaymrs People. It's not Lee Min Ho (1987) from City Hunter or BOF. It's Lee Min Ho (1993) from Sungkyunkwan Scandal.

Sazky Yaay! Another Lee Min Ho drama!! (happy moment :3)

dodo oh my god soohyun oppa fighting love

dapinaymrs Oh my lawdie, if Kim Jeong Hoon will join this cast, this drama will be too hot to handle!

Metha jane in AHHHH... I m so excited to see this drama :D I can feel my hands are shaking now. hehehe well, I still can imagine if han ga in and so hyun will be a couple in that drama. That will be great. I wish I can watch it soon :) I LOVE BOTH OF THEM. the cute So hyun and the beautiful ga in . SARANGHEYOOOOOO.....^^

art How come the release date is 4 January when the filming haven't even started yet?

brule joo won is the original cast, but hey it's lucky he dropped out coz then i can see kim soo hyun..yay!

O.O Oops, clicked the Lee min ho thing wrong person.. :L

O.O Lee Min Ho, Kim soo Hyun and Jung Il Woo in the same drama.... are they trying to do something to us?! I had like a huge fangirl attack, haha X)

HANA Missed Han Ga In... I'm really , really happy to see her again..fighting Ga in. :D

koreandramaadik I'm so excited with this one...especially the concept of F4 in joseon dynasty...with my favorite korean actress han ga in...super excited...

jayno GAHHHHH CANT WAIT!!! I LIKE THE KIDS ACTORS AND THE MAIN ACTORRRRSSS!!! although i think ga in is a little old but oh wells, shes lucky!!!!! THIS IS AN AWESOME MASH UP!

suha When will the filming begin? Do anyone knows that? Please answer if you know. <3

dapinaymrs I'm already anticipating this!

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