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  • Name: Seo Kang-Joon
  • Hangul: 서강준
  • Born: October 12, 1993
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 183 cm
  • Blood Type:


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infinite idk but he looks like henry from suju why do i think that way i too dont know

Kris Jagiya Oh my. He looks so handsome there. But he looks dumb and stupid in Roommate. Lots of love. Kang joon

Shin Hye I dont know why but he looks alot like Yonghwa <3

mae I like him so much <3 <3

pancake his so beautiful and i'm so in love with his eyes, oppa you're the best!

Smita Your eyes and lips >< are the best saranghae oppa

Madalina-Georgiana Your eyes is beautiful.

sughar30 pretty oppa!!!!! kangdash man...

mecakes i really like you on roommate., specially when you act so dumb with minwoo., you are cute at the same time ;-)

kangdash man fighting!!

Evon Kang dash man.... you r the best!!!

Htar My "Kang dash man"!!!

Hafizah Izzati I like you so much....I hope you will always success in your carrier...we will always support you, Kang Joon oppa...

Ronaldo Great acting in "Cunning Single Lady". He looks like the main actor in "The moon embraces the sun" and Lee Gi Kwang of K-Pop group "Beast"....more tv series to come....

sarah dear seo kang joon,you have the potential for success more than now ...keep it up....i'm starting to be your fan.

yuuki He's so attractive. He looks so mature. Noona suits you well instead of younger girls. My opinion only..

jonginnyuss waaa we have same age and 3 days different on birthdays, you are so cute on roommate hahaha your fool expression is the point :p

Dareen Alshehri Dear kang joon, you're at the top of the tender today, I wish you every success, you are amazing. With all my love Dareen alshehri of Saudi Arabia ♥♥♥

sam I like him .... so cute and pretty♡ Good luck seo kang joon

Sheena I actually had the biggest spaz attack when i saw that he had the same birthday as me XD we're fate!! i actually immediately feel in love with his character in Cunning single lady and i just love him in general, his cute and handsome personality and his eyes <3 especially on roomate, he's like the main reason why i'm watching it, along with EXO's chanyeol haha

Hiroko I have seen " the Sly and Single again " for the first time, and notice that you are quite talented! with your serene good looks, if only see you playing solo piano work from J.S. Bach, I will be in haven!

kangjoonie I love him so much <3 He's so handsome and pretty.

rosie Kang joon has the prettiest eyes :)

Cherry Oh my God! I really love your eyes!

Please have many dramas and movies since I think I'm in love with you Kang Joon oppa > <

AkosiHanee At first I did not like him but when I realize that he has a beautiful eye and I was mesmerize and Fall in Love with Him. Roommate is so fun because of You and Park Min Woo oppa :D Fighting !!!!!!

nita can't wait for your next drama. hope it will be as soon as possible!! :*

fiffy i love you in roomate. you're so cute. everyone loves you :DD

Jersey annyeong Oppa :*

charm you really caught my eye! very appealing! stay humble,you're almost there! good luck dude!

charm he really caught my eye! long way to go but you're almost there! so much potential,very appealing to the extent you want his face more! stay humble good luck!

Nima Waaaaaaah he 14 days older than .. I am lucky ~~ Love you

Nima Waaaaaaah he 14 days older than .. I am lucky ~~ Love you

ggdr he's a good young actor!..i don't why but in a moment in the drama i though he LOOKS LIKE TEEN TOP NIEL a bit!?

Noona I can't believe I'm like 15 days older than him!!!!! I feel like a noona, yet I can't help but keep falling for him, just finished watching the first ep. of Roomates if you haven't check it out. Youl fall for him if you haven't for already xD

Floanne HNNNNG is all i can say about him! ;D I was so shocked when i saw his age! Only 3 years older than me! Usually i crush on actors, look them up and they are in their 30's and then i cry :P! Hwad dayum i am going to be keeping my eyes on this fine young lad! :3

Rachel OMG SEO KANG JOON He caught on with the Second Male Lead Syndrome TT^TT. Why does this beautiful man have to be so heartbroken. Can't wait for Roommate to be subbed!

menna you just 6 years older than me .. i thought i'm young Hahahaha ... i hope you act in a new drama and take a hero role <3 ^_^

ja i just watched the cunning single lady, and... i love you already!!! <3

Emy Oh my...... He's so cute!!!

kimyori i saw him on cunning single lady HES SO CUTE i had to look him up ididnt even finish watching the drama yet lol hes 4 years older than me :p

Dona wow! I didn't think that he's too young :p

Theresa My new found crush

Tea Wew..looking for an information about you after watched cunning single lady and found out that you're younger than me by a year..hahah can't believe that, you look so mature in the drama..and what takes my interest is your lip..omg..can't stop looking at the lip in cunning single lady

janica I love you! I wish you and Na Ae Ra got together you are so cute and sweet I Love you! I really really wish you get a lead role soon! please let it beeee!

Sukari Wow such a great actor I just love how his eyes shine *_* absolutely hypnotized by beauty , anyways i was really upset that he played the bad guy sorta in the suspicious housekeeper but besides that saranghae seo Kang-Joon

massie I wish to die in you're in arms! really! a kiss from you can heal all these pain i have. LOL saranghae oppa!

Kim You're so handsome! :"> hope to see you as a main actor in the future! :)

Wendy Charming, handsome I love everything about you !

Wendy - you are amazing in every episode of cunning single day. - you have such a charming smile and I fall in love Everytime you smile. - stay amazing!

yura saranghanda!!

Sarah You are a very good looking man, your smile and laugh are so beautiful. I hope you can act in more dramas, because I really enjoy watching you and After School Bokbulbok is the funniest & cutest drama I’ve seen so far. I can’t wait to see you in “SBS Roommate” reality show with EXO Chanyeol…Kang joon oppa fighting^^

Diana OMG!! he has the same birthday as me but I'm older by 3 years. I love this guy. such a great actor

Kay OMG!! You are so handsome.❤️❤️

Kay OMG!! Love his sexy eyes you're so.....handsome.

Kay OMG!! Love his sexy eyes I watch the Cunning Single Lady & I love it. You're so..... Handsome.

Scarlett OMG YOU ARE AWESOME! i'm so in love with you i think u'r a great actor n u'r so handsome too

Xiaobae His eyes are like heaven. It's light brown under the sun I can't even start to describe how beautiful this boy is D; Btw, he's going to be on SBS Roommate I think?! Yush!

Natali I watched Cunning Single Lady and I've been love with u!!!

hg OMG! Such beautiful eyes!! I hope he gets lead role(s) soon!! Je-bal please please have lead roles!! Can't wait for it! :D

khrystine I watch cunning single ladies, and i was like "Whoa" Your so handsome I like you. <3 Looking forward to your projects. ;)

JukuDoll OMG you are so handsome! I love your eyes! I wish you great success and lead roles!

Eka I'm one of your fans Hope you always success and beter more beter Wish u all the best , keep fighting

Annonny He just had to be the second guy in Cunning Single Lady. & we all know that the second guy usually doesn't get the girl :(

Hellokitty Woah. I really didn't that he was the same dude from my suspicious housekeeper in Cunning Single Lady~ His eyes did look familiar but I seriously didn't notice it was the same person~ Gosh, you changed a LOT in a year~ You have become more mature and beautiful than ever~ Lovin' you more~ Hope too see you more in dramas and movies~

Lilia I love you <3 ... Love his eyes wanna see all your dramas and we need you in a bigger role hwaiting :* luv ya

Lilia I love you <3

--DaeTokki I loved you in The Suspicious Housekeeper and when I watched Sly and Single Again otherwise called Cunning Single Lady, I thought you looked really familiar... LOL. You're skinnier than before and grew more handsome ^^ You're acting is adorable and would love to see you continue prograssing in S&SA!! Hwaiting!! :)

Nufa i really loved his acting ^^ fighting handsome guy

Anadi You are my favorite actor.I like you.

soli I thought he was too younger than lee min-jung

anew Nice to watch you in cunning of single lady... fighting...

Zana How come I can't see the drama After School Bokbulbok? And also put there that he is in a boy band called 5urprise. ^_^

Krystal Your handsome <3 i feel bad for you in The suspicious housekeeper that you have to help your dad delivery food and you have to quit the band and etc. well your very at acting <3 FIGHTING ;)

Aylin he is really charismatic. he was blonde ones.but i think that hair looks better . love you

MinYayA you look very awesome!!!! fighting hyung kang joon....and i very love your acting in the strange housekeeper....=) G0od LuCk

Shali Gorgeous actor <3 Love his eyes~~ Hope he gets a bigger role soon ^^

Jwill Did anyone notice how much he looks like a younger version of Jung ji hoon #RAIN. STUNNING YOUNGMAN HOPE HE GETS MORE WORK

Gunn Indeed he is very dreamy especially his eyes

Ib3thtxx ohh thank gahd!!! I thought i was older ><

fei omg i love his eyes . he's so good looking !!

NikkiC He's so cute in The Mysterious Housekeeper!!! His eyes are beautiful!!!!!

shin min yeon he's so handsome and cute !!! i will vote 100 %

Ela_rose sooooooo cute. i hope that you'll succeed.

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