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  • Name: Lee Pil-Mo
  • Hangul: 이필모
  • Born: June 26, 1976
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 181 cm.
  • Blood Type:


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little xinni Looking foward for his leading role as a very gentle ment plus professional character in future drama, he has the potential and I really love his acting, he make alive the character of Chief Gook! And also cause me to love the character rom 0 to100 . Keep your work hard and hope to see your leading drama soon.

eligarf ..,,.lee pil mo he is very handsome...i like him as chief gook b tt i feel sad that he is not the one end up with jin hee...i hope next kdrama series he will be the lead star..

herfi I prefer chief gook and jin hee get together (emergency couple)

Daryl I like the way he acts. He is very cool and handsome. I like the way you smile. I want that you have a lot of drama series that you are the leading character. Keep up the good work and God Bless in your career.

baytea so cool.. so hot.. ur eyes make melt...

janet i think he should do a lead in a korean drama at least i have never seen him do a leading character in one... he is handsome enough and very talented to do one... i always enjoy his diferent characters in korean dramas

IKA Love him so much..good actor..and handsome..

shinta You are very handsome..i like see you♥♥♥lee pil-Mo

ohmygege I really like him.. the way he acts on his roles and his face.. gosh, he's cute.. that serious look.. from emergency couple to pinocchio and now and a new drama again, and i will watch it all because of this man!!! Lee Pil-mo

Manju I really started missing watching U aftr Pinochio is over but now I read u r in my heart twinkle twinkle so looking forward to watch U again.

He reminds me of someone...I don't know who though. Maybe someone I know, or someone from another drama. Either way, he's a great actor.

Tierzab What an amazing actor and has an incredible voice. Lee Pil Mo can sing to me anytime. Love him!!!!

naomi In pinocchio his role is not that much but it's affecting my heart enough! good job! ♡♡

duna Loveeeee him so muchh!! He is so cool! He is very great actor!! I hope i will meet him oneday!! I will come to korea for you!! You make me crazy!! Huaaaaaaaaaaa

Stephanie I thought he was a foreigner to lol ... but wow this man is my handsome and a great actor as well

charlotte Oh my God. God bless his existence. Amen. I'm falling for this guy.♥

Casey83 I first saw Lee Pil Mo in My Love, My Family and was totally mesmerized by his acting. Now after seeing him in Emergency Couple and My Too Perfect Sons, I am just a huge fan. I will watch anything he is in. I showed Emergency Couple to two other people without saying a word about him, and they both singled him out as being incredibly gorgeous and a great actor. Lee Pil Mo is, without a doubt, my favorite Korean actor/singer. Anyone who hasn't heard him sing should watch episode 8 of Still Marry Me. You will melt. I would definitely love to meet him someday.

Nana I saw him first in Emergency Couple and I found him absolutely adorable and now in Pinocchio he officially stole my heart. HE OOZES CHARISMA AND CHARM <3

Aysla American fan here.. What a wonderful Actor. I love watching dramas with him in it. Very sexy man.

Jomarie Ommo!!I really like him..he is really cool <3 does he have any drama series where he is a lead actor?comment please.

Twinks Kim I thought he's a foreigner because of his eyes, woaaw so handsome :D

Radhika OHMG I just loved him in "Emergency Couple"! He just ripped my heart and I cried so much for him. Just amazing actor~ Apart from Emergency Couple -- I loved his acting in "Still marry me" and now love watching him in "Pinocchio"! Great actor with great potential! UP on my list next is to watch his drama: "My too perfect sons!" Im excited! Please come in more dramas! You are an awesome actor. Dont change.

anju he has small lips

wnry watched pinocchio only because he's in it. :>

Shan He's got that lovely eyes!!!! Loved him on emergency couple!!

aiman You are so handsome.. I idolize you. You look so sweet with Song Jye Ho in emergency couple..I would to wacth more scene both of you.. I love u..

AMZING Just amazing in Pinocchio, I LOVE LOVE his character so much so much. GReat actor, I want him to have more scenes!!!!!

Amy I am from America, thought he was just awesome! A great Actor - Not a romantic interest but definitely admired his role and would love to see him in a leading role. My son (his age) turned me on to Korean Dramas. Im hooked! Hard to get anything done. Lol They are so addictive.

Elaine Fell for him in Emergency couple UGhhh he tore my heart apart I love him, he totally deserves a leading role! I hope to see many more sides of him in the future!! He has an amazing personality, and I have high expectations for him :)

Sofia you deserve leading role ...wish you see good dramas like emergency couple ...

VIVIAN you are the best!

heaven You'ro so cool i wish to see ur handsome face and good acting again just like in emergency couple ♥♥♥ wish to see u in person...

yasi ohhhhhhhh!!! he is so handsome! i watched him in kim su-ro and he was brilliant!! now im watching Emergency Couple! he is so serious there :)))))) but still lovely and handsome and magnificent!

mafel Lee Pil-MO your such a good actor.. i really like your personality as a doctor in emergency couple.. keep doing great movies/drama.. ;-) wish to meet u someday...

Beth He is a damn hot doctor in emergency couple series. he played it really cool. Wish theres a real one huft.

Ghai Oh i wish he will have a movie/drama series with Jin Hee/Song Ji-Hyo i love them both! :)

Ghai Oh i wish he will have a movie/drama series with Jin Hee i love them both! :)

Gabriella gosh he is so handsomee :3 i wish I will have a husband a doctor as handsome as him.. btw, why he didn't end up to marry with Jin Hee? why it must be ChangMin to be her husband? it would be so much great if this handsome doctor get married with JinHee :--) I LOVE HIM!!!!!!

susan Good looking actor !! I wish I had a doctor like him in real life ;-) Can't wait for more drama and hopefully he's the lead. Wish I could meet him someday !!

Kim pI was watching Channel M when the Monday couple (Jihyo n Gary)scene came up,and my mom was like "wow,the guy at the back(Lee Pil-mo) is handsome"

duudah you are the beeeeeeeeeeeeeeest in emergency couple :""(

Kia Tami Doromal I fell for him in emergency couple. Cute smile, good looks and hot body. I'd love to marry him :)))))

Emergincy man and women hater Why didn't he married Jin-hee and not other people. Who wants to marry each other (Jin-hee and Chang-min) again if they divorced and Jin-hee had a hard time during that period of time. BOO EMERGINCY MAN AND WOMEN!!!!!!! BOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Dukeruro I'm watching emergency couple and he is a great actor and he's too darn cute. I wish I could meet a guy like Chief Guk :(

Person I am watching emergency couple right now and he is there and gosh, he is good-looking. I really wish Oh Jin Hee would end up with him and not the other main guy. But alas, these k-dramas always leaves the second lead alone and sad.

Joey Great actor..... Looking forward for more drama. His mesmerizing eyes and smiles that can melt a heart are just some of his gifts that really makes him amazing!!!'

Shay Love this actor! Can't wait to see his next work. Hopefully it's the lead.

Shay Would LOVE to see more of this actor! I find his acting very refreshing... Sincere, not over done. Looking forward to his next work. Hopefully it's the lead!

Pheonix I LOVE this guy portraying chief Good in emergency couple, first impression "omg hot doctor" HAHA

Katarina I first saw him as chief Gook, and he portrayed that character beautifully. <3 Now I'm watching Still Marry Me (or Woman that still wants to marry) and I'm currently watching episode 8. Those eyes, shiny and warm. You should see what he looks like while falling in love at first sight. Priceless.

dinam You are sooo good in playing role as chief gook. Gentle eyes and smile is a plus!! Can't wait for ur next drama as a main role!

dinam You are sooo good in playing role as chief gook. Gentle eyes and smile is a plus!! Can't wait for ur next drama as a main actor!

mona I'm really attracted to the character of chief Gook in emergency couple by the way I have a brother that his appearance resembles Lee Pil-Mo soooo much

Rans I really love your role in "Emergency Couple" You play it really well and it really suits you. You get " the doctor's feeling" in the drama. I hope you will do even better in your next dramas. Fighting :)

Fiz Love this actor!!!! I prefer him with Jin Hee. can't wait for episode 16

bunny No words to express how attractive he is for me. GOSH! Can't wait for ep 16 .. finally, they're going to kiss. Omo omo! Honestly, i hope he and the main actress end up together. I prefer this couple a lot!

Nora he's a good actor.. i like this ajhussi gentle eyes & smile <3

Nora he's a good actor.. i like his gentle eyes & smile <3

Emmy Holy crap I love Chief Gook *.* <3333 He is so cute and really good looking ;) in his uniform :33

Tan yan ni I love him he is so handsome !

Anon Okay so he looks really and I mean REALLY good in the lab coat! ;))))))

happytots I'm so in love you. :) well I guess everyone here is. :D

CAMRY RUSAQOLI Love this guy Never recognised him before Love him so much especially being the DEVIL in emergency couple Muahhhhhh oppa

memo you are fabulous Spellbinding Enchanting Smile and sadness families hearts these serial and the heroes fabulous

aqmn i like him soooo much !!! hehehheh . but he already married or not?

nwe I like lee pil mo . I enjoy his character. wu jin. so nice

rose I am living chicago, If Lee pil mo is it. TV I'm waching it,,,, He is a very good actor.

Cho Cho I agree that he is the most underrated actor. He has his special way of presenting a charactor and can always touch the heart of audience. Very devoted and talented.

kittapea Lee Pil-Mo is a great comedic actor. I've enjoyed all of his work and love how he has perfect comedic timing. I did not see two brothers but will now as it seems he was again on spot.

Rebecca Most underrated actor. He is amazing in both comedies and dramas. I would love to see him in more roles. Very humble man.

KDA I saw this guy as the second brother in "My Too Perfect, Sons" and he was incredibly funny! I am looking forward to seeing him in more and I recommend that show to literally anyone and everyone.

rani I started love lee pil mo akting since in his role in 'Here comes ahjumma'. but fortunedly, i saw him in daughter in law, n still marry me. N now i really realy luv his 'Wo jin oppa' in My luv, my family. Keep your good work Lee pil mo shii!!!! N i ll allways keep my eyes on you!!! Oppa fighting!!!!!

Yvonne I like his character in my love my family. i like to see when he is sad and also happy action, his expresssion is touching especially he eyes really really look sad and down. i do like his cute & funny action shown in his face. Wish you all the best in you career and God Bless U.

Anita sharma nw-adys watching his tv drama-My Love,My Family (wid english subtitle)......awesum actor....love his acting...xpressions...kp it up....:-)

negin he is a wonderful.and he is a goog actor.....love

sigfreid We left out 'As the River Flows/I'll Meet You at the River' (2006) which was were I first met Lee Pilmo. I've since seen him in 'Here Comes Ajumma' (one of his best roles and one of the best daily dramas to date), 'You Are My Destiny', 'My Too Perfect Sons', and am currently exasperated by his character in 'My Love, My Family.' He is a multi-talented performer and nearly always the class of any production which features his presense. In short, If Lee Pilmo is in it, I'm watching it...

cary lim i love lee pil mo. he is a wonderful, very expressive and very good actor. i love watching all his dramas like ajuma, golden era of daughters in law. I think he is very talented and will go very far in his career. wish him all the best. I love his comedic timing.... keep us laughing.......

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