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  • Name: Oh Yeon-Seo
  • Hangul: 오연서
  • Birthdate: June 22, 1987
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 170 cm.
  • Blood Type: O
  • Me2day: @with_ysoh


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Jennifer hello my lovingly best actress I just wish that's how you are in nature because your character in the movie really change me and make me to kind a lot and lovingly unni ahjumma jang bo ri bye and wish you best of luck

zeenab I love you Gaebong from Gaebong you did well in shine or go crazy

peasy love u bori bori in jang bori keep it up even in shine or go crazy u are d best love uuuuuu

Krito Good actress, and gotta love the Shine and go Crazy movie,

kingsley Nice actress and very lovely too. wish I could speak korean, would have loved to meet her in person, perhaps she may light up my life.

LYMDA love you in shine or go crazy

LYMDA you are very beautiful and good actress. keep it up

kazeem onilogbo U are the best keep it up

Hagar your act are the best .. please keep on the good work and shining like star one of your Arab Fans we support you

Clarkdale44 Is it just me or does she really resembles to Kim Hee-Seon?

johnson damilola you're beautiful i love all your movies,u're so awesone.FIGHTING DO BO RI(JANG EUN BI)

knbaez Her acting is Awesome!!! I loved her in My husband got a family as Bang Mal Sook!!!! I love her even more as Bori Bori!!! I am such a huge fan would love to see alot more!!!

Melissa Her drama "Here Comes Oh Ja-Ryong" is currently airing on a Chinese channel hee in California, and my parents and I love it so mmuch. I personally love her scenes the most cause of her acting skills, she acts very natural as if she's not on set or something. One thing i don't like about her acting is the way she cries, that's the only thing I think she should work on.

Lisa I agree Jang bo ri is a wonder ful actor. Yun Min Jung is also a very wonderful actor. their is no over reacting and the plot seems to roll smoothly. I enjoy watching this drama series and look forward to up coming episodes.


Holl She talks like she's out of breath. Just notice next time you watch her. Listen to every word she says she breathes all heavy

Jeff I've watched a lot of korean dramas in the past four years, one thousand give or take. I don't see her over acting at all, she is a fine actress and I can't wait for the next episode of "Jang Bo Ri is Coming" and I'm looking forward to all her projects in the future. While I'm waiting for the next episode to come out I'll go back and watch her old dramas. New fan forever.

bevey Omg. Her as BoRi is my first drama I've seen her act in. I don't think she's over reacting at all I think she's just playing that lost little girl (EunBi) she never knew she was. Her acting like an ahjuma really puts the icing on the cake. 언니 화팅!!

Emma Who says she's over acting in jang bo ri is coming. She is a great actress if you compare her with snsd yoona in kove's rain. Jang bo ri is way more bettern than yoona

Emma This actress is great I didn't know her before jang bori Si coming she is a good actress. Who says she overacting? If u compare her with snsd yoona in rain's love she way more better than yoona

rskdrama such strong comments on both good n bad sides.. I liked her acting in Medical Team- drama was just ok. As for Jund Bo Ri... i can't stand her screamy voice and her over acting. To think a person can act like Choi Ae Jin and Jang Bo Ri... I am hoping your acting will soften so I can enjoy watching the new series. Now I just fast forward when you start screaming! Good Luck.

Genesis I love you as an actress, and I always enjoy the dramas that you are in. No matter what other people may say (hateful and mean-spirited commenters), you are truly great. With each drama I watch you in, you get better and better. I first became a fan when I say you in Here Comes Mr. Oh! (I really found you and Lee Jang Woo) so adorable and hoped for you two to become a true life couple (wishful thinking on the part of this fan!!! lol!)

I thought that Medical Top Team was to short lived, while it wasn't the best drama because the storyline was not put together well...I still thought you did a fantastic job portraying your part. And I loved the relationship that was developing between you and the main male lead actor...that is one reason I was disappointed Medical Top Team ended like it did.

However, I am really enjoying you in Jang Bo Ri...your expressions are so naive but it's good to see Eun Bi/Bo Ri has grown and become a strong woman who isn't running from her fate anymore...whose not allowing anyone to push her around. I am enjoying this drama....only wished it aired more that it does. I'm going to hate when this drama comes to an end...

Anyway, I really hope that in your next role it will be someone that shows her charm, and sex appeal...a real femme fatale but in a good way...not an evil nasty lady but a sexy lady who desires to get her man or maybe a thriller type role, now that would be spectacular...a deep mystery, a crime drama or espinoage type drama....

I wish you the best in your acting career and can't wait to see what's next from you.

guest she's over acting in jang bori i don't think i'll follow this actress too much acting

Prunskarv I think you are wonderful, Hae Nim. Mesmerizing and brilliant. Fighto!!

alexzia i like you and like your acting

ronaldo See is lovely and sexy...i enjoyed her act in baby-faced beauty...more success for her

Annie I really hate you L I think the Yoonseo couple was an amazing couple.

Alexandra Huge fan of the mesmerizingly beautiful Oh Yeon Seo. She's a gifted chameleon in every role.

beck I hate people commenting bad about her..shes a good actress..i started to lo love heriunexpected you..her character is the same in WGM..she always love generously but never loved in return..oh yeon seo fighting! Keep up your strong willed personality..

Sash Wei I like her style, serious and different from the rest, fighting!!!!

Neil Green Oh Yeon-Seo is so beautiful and if I were many, many, many years younger and not married I would seek her out. She is perfect in her part as Na Gong-Joo that you want to protect her against all these evil people. All the cast is just right for this story and her Sister is truly the one you have to feel for. She Married a bad dude and her love is away on a vacation somewhere. I dig Seo Hyun-Jin also she is a fantastic Actor ( In America she is called an Actor). I prefer Actress. It seems the story is getting close to the concussion and that is making us sad. Every time we think tomorrow is going to be Jin Yong-Suk day of reckoning. It seems he pulls out another magic trick. Maybe the writers could continue with this story as a family that goes on to have children and so on. Of course the bad guys need to get their day in hell. I am so glad we are able to get this program with sub-titles in English. Really enjoy this show. Lastly, there is something about these Actors and Actresses that at a drop of a hat they cry. I feel they are a part of my Family. Love it!

L I dont like the way she laugh in wgm.. noisy, sorry but this is how i feel.. I think wgm make a decision to stop airing joonseo couple was right

Estrellita @Geturcrayon. If you hate her why are you wasting you time checking her profile? Go waste your time on people you like and dont come here to only spread your hate on her just because of a stupid rumor that was made to a big scandal.

me GetUrCrayon how did you know that she really really were dating with her co-star. It unfair to Oh yeon Seo.Can you blame her without the trusting evidence?

GetUrCrayon I really hate that WGM staff decided to keep her on the show. After everything happened she really really were dating with her co-star. And after all she is a very good actress. On every episode of WGM she acts too well. HATE is a strong word, but I won't regret if I use it on her.

samira & parisa your role in my husband got a family is very funny.you are beautiful. fighting........

Ballsq she's beautiful.... i watching her drama baby faced beauty.... i hope she get more role play and success^_^

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