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Jang Na-Ra @ 2102 PiFan
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  • Name: Jang Na-Ra
  • Hangul: 장나라
  • Birthdate: March 18, 1981
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 163 cm.
  • Blood Type: A


  1. Jang Na-Ra graduated from ChungAng University in February 2010, ten years after enrolling in the school. Her studies were delayed due to her entertainment career. On February 19 at her school's graduation ceremony Jang Na-Ra also received an alumni association award for her contributions to the school.


Drama Series

TV Movies


  • Jang Na Ra can speak Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese and English language.
  • She has worked in Chinese TV series, such a Mischievous Princess/My Bratty Princess.



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aljane mae larot Hi Jang Nara!! Do you know that I'm your number one fun because of your ability to act as actress.. I like you very much..god bless sister.. muah :)

aiman basir hope you can join running man soon.

beah Hi Jang Na-Ra your so beautiful! im in the philippines im one of your fan and i watch your fated to love you and it so beautiful and nice you and jang hyuk are so good together i hope you and jang hyuk will have more movies i hope you two are pair again! hahaha the snail couple! i really love the two of you

sharyll hope tanes ur so beautiful im in the philppines...im one of ur fan...i also watch ur fated to love u and its so nice...good pairing with jang hyuk godbless always ur career..ihope more movies and couple movie together ilove u

SnailCoupleHolic Really.. U are really good pairing with Jang Hyuk, i love u both to be together :( my snail couple jjang!!

Wishing! Wish you will find Mr Right this year and have a perfect baby next year!

shannah you look good with jang hyuk,

leanne Your so cute and you look good with Jang Hyuk =)

Ashley A really great actress and she is naturally pretty. I've seen Successful Story of a Bright Girl in which she also starred along side Jang Hyuk and it was also really good. I've enjoyed watching all of her dramas overall.

Karen You did a wonderful job in Fated to Love you! Hope to see you in other movies.

Dianiiiiism I just finished watching your kdrama, FATED TO LOVE YOU! <3 ^^,

Dianiiiiism This is one of my all time favorite K-Drama~ ^^, Applause to you, Jang Na-Ra!! I admire your simplicity. <3

Romeo Romeo Love her! She looks like a child lol very cute and so young looking for a 34 yr old woman!!!

kent jang nara is so very amazing through her attitude.... i love you jang nara

alexa I just finished watching fated to love. This one of korean movie I will never forget. Perfect chemistry of jang nara and jang hyuk. I hope will have another project together.

hamo you can do any drama every year... and i will watch it... because we never getting tired of you...we want to see you more in drama..of course kdrama...because i am not into cdrama...

sweet flower yeah noona come back hello monster

Issa Jang Nara is so AMAZING! I FELL INLOVE WITH THEIR LOVETEAM! (with Jang hyuk) I Hope You have another project with him, they have a good chemistry!!!! :"> make me crazzzyyyy!

toni I like the way you handle the Fated to love you as Kim Mi Yeong a perfect chemistry to Lee Gun.:) keep up the good Work mwa

cherry Jang Na-Ra were look a like hehe... i really like you muahhh...you really gave me an awesome ending and becoz of that your movie is my number 1 favorite:) :)

L.Y214 Jang Na-Ra you're my number 1 idol/actress.. I really really like your KDrama FTYL.. I hope there is Fated to Love You Part 2 :)

andock Really Really daebakkk.....thats it

Nery Hello! I soo love the drama Fated To Love You that even today i cant finally move on.. i love the twist in the movie. I always cry at the same time, I giggle... Fated to Love You part 2 Please....

Jay Just finished watching, again, the 20 episodes of Fated to Love You, and have really enjoyed them... much more the second time round than the first one. Am sorry that I don't speak Korean because I think am losing some details of the dialogue, that's why I enjoyed the reruns! Jang Na Ra is very good at playing her character, and how she made the 'Snail Princess' to mature as the series develop, without losing the core of what she is: a gentle and caring woman, with lots of love to give to the world. Never before have followed a Korean drama - it has not enough exposure in Canada - but FTLY has been the right introduction for me. Good job Jang Na Ra. Look forward to see more of your work around. And, yes, you are very pretty.

Mitch34 I really luv ur movie/drama fated to love you. At frst I thought it was not good but when I watched it I fell inlove with it. I now watch it everyday. I think u and Jang Hyuk are a perfect couple! :). And by the way ur very pretty. :) :)

yrrah annyeong haseyo jangnara or kim mi young on fated to love you this korean movies is the best for me .. im so inlove when i watch ur korean lovestory so plzz make part 2 of fated to love you sarangheyo kim mi young and lee gun two of you are da best for me :)

i hope that i met you in person someday together lee gun i love you :) i always watching fated to love i hope you visit here in phil. to saw u in person :)

ur so beautiful and very kind

minkhun wow...... that word only i can say

SEEO The moment I finished watching FTLY, I still cant stop myself from being too attached with it. The way they portrayed their characters was just so amazing... seriously i dont know how to move on, I even watched all of behind the scenes of this k-drama on youtube. I really hope that you will do a new project again with jang hyuk in the future. . . Your chemistry with him is PERFECT. ^^

Even though its my first time to see u in kdrama industry, u can already consider me as your FAN, Jang Nara... Best of luck in ur career -- a new fan from Philippines--

Gbemi Jang Nara you are a piece of beauty especially the way you portrayed your self in the drama fated to love you I will watch dat drama everyday if I can..I love you keep it up d sky will be your starting your starting point

Mia You are so beautiful and talented. You belong with jang hyuk. You guys are definitely soul mates!

cris im still hoping that ull have upcoming dramas with jang hyuk . Im youre number 1 fan . Keep up the good work miss jang nara .

cris Hi , im from phil , first of all , i really dont love kdramas , after my wofe endorsed it to me (the heirs) i started to like it . That was my favorite drama that time , but now . when FTLY was aired here in phil . I dont know how to say this but . I fell in love with jang nara . Im really obsessed into her . I cant stop laughing and crying with this drama . Hahaa . Well thats all . I just want to express my feelings . Hayyy , when can i meet u in person miss jang nara

lou I like your fated to love you series espcially your team up with Jang hyuk It really amazing story I fell in love with the 2 of you such good actors keep it up.

mhannah Hi ^^ I watched lots of Jang Nara's dramas and I love almost all of them, especially Fated To Love You, School 2013, Babyfaced Beauty, Wedding, Bright Girl, Nonstop 2 and Mischievous Princess. "Oh Happy Day" is also the funniest movie I've ever seen. JNR unnie is really a good singer, actress, and a great person who is kind, humble, honest and so good to fans. I think I've become a fan of JNR unnie :D Wish unnie all the best in your life ♥ saranghaeyo unnie, fighting!!

Student Assistant Ms. Jang Na-Ra! I really fell in love with the character of Kim Mi Young.. Well done playing that role! :) May I have a fansign from you plsssss! I'm Victor John :)


Jay I never thought I would be hooked to a Koreanovela like "Fated to love you". When it started airing here in the Philippines last week I thought it would be nice to lighten up my afternoon from a busy office work by watching it. Little did I know that it will be like a super glue that I didn't want to detach myself from it until the last episode. Thanks to youtube that i was able to finish the whole series in in 3 day. I thought it was light drama and comedy but I was wrong. Me and my wife were not able to hold back our tears. Great work on the part of the producers, great story, and wonderful cast that effectively portrayed the roles. I am not a fan of Koreanovela but the you've earned our respect specially Ms. Jang Nara. God bless and keep inspiring those people who believes in you. Don't be shocked when someday that you'll come in the Philippines and be greeted by the millions you've inspired. Stay humble.

Lg galvez Done watching the Korean version of fated to love you. I'm not a fan of any Korean or international actors/actresses but after I watched this movie. Omg! I really love it ! I just don't like the ending of the movie. Congratulation Jang Nara!

C. KL Hi Ms. Jang Nara, I hope you will be able to read all the comments from your fans, I just wanna congratulate you for having a wonderful and inspirational drama series, like fated to love you, I learnt how to believe in destiny because of this project, I just don't like you because you are a very good actress and singer but also you're a wonderful person, I know you have a charity foundation in china and in Korea. Keep up the good work and stay as what you are now. May god bless you more, CK, your fan from the Philippines!

justice90 its an absolute honour to see her act and sing.she is one of the very few celebrities who respect their fans so much. i have no clue what some other actress would have done to the role in ftly i believe every actor potrays a part of their personality in the characters they play which makes it beautiful she made the character likeable and not pitiable so kudos to her i know how everyone swooned over janghyuks potrayal of leegun but had it not been for the meek yet strong snail princess potryal by the lovely jangnara he would have appeared yet another crazy up in the air chaebol prick

Perly perez I liked Fated to love you korean version than the other one,,, especially ms. Jang nara she is a born actress.. Her smile is the best,,, congratulation and saranghae ms. Jang nara unnie,,;) keep smiling , more project to come.. from your simple fan from the philippines,,,,,,;) perly ;)

catfish I love jang nara ever since bright girl drama series..and im so very happy when they are reunited jang hyuk.. I think i'm gonna fall in love again. Hahahaha... Love you jang nara.. Catfish from Philippines.

qp21 Jang Nara-Ra was absolutely fantastic in Fated to Love...I enjoyed her role and her honesty throughout. I watch a lot of movies all around the world (have been to over 60 countries so far) and drama...She is amazing.

ill have to look at her other film and Drmas now

Thanks for making me believe.

ET Congratulations Nara uni! 2014 is year of Jangnara. Hope to see your new project soon!

xdf she is just toooo talented...... I really enjoyed your acting in fated to love you

ash she's soooooo adorable!!!! im a big fan of 'Fated to Love You'. totally addicted to it! been watching the whole drama three times already!!! XD

Awesome Watched most of her dramas. She gets better. Love the detailing in her acting, such as fidgeting It's so good that sometimes I don't even need sub-titles to understand what is going on. Looking forward to watching more of her dramas.

Droplets6 Awesome, kind and multi-talented actress. Lots of hard work are put into building the characters of each movie she is in. Looking forward for more great dramas of her and ost by her. Love her singing too. Fighting!

@cripehypo. Yes, she sang the ost of Dong Yi.

chipj Love Jangnara! She always has wisdom choices in dramas. Mr.Back will be successful one. Cant stop my tears after watching your "Old Goodbye" together with Jang Hyuk. 5ting Nara!

Amy Love your character in Mr.Back:). Nảra, fighting!

tp You're quite beautiful, adorable & talented. I always love watching you. Best wishes!

Shainna Mae She's so very much talented,amazing,and most especially adorable.....

  1. I love her....
  2. I hope I can see her personally.....

Trew She is amazing actress. Im now watching chinese spin-off of My Bratty Princess, Unruly Qiao (aka Royal Johnson Medical/Physician) and its Jang Na Ra gag comedy concerto :)

Jjang I really like Jang Nara she is my first Korean Idol... ^_^

Mija @Mony: She is not yet. She said on an article that she might get married at 37 age

mony Is she married ?? I love her :)

Jin noona jjang \o/ I just finished "Fated to love you", second drama I watched starring jang na-ra noona after watching Baby Faced Beauty back in 2011 \o/ my heart keeps skipping a beat every time noona smiles :) great actress :) noona hwaiting \o/

Mija I cant believe she is 33 years, still looks so young! is she alien??

jane Very great actress. whenever she cries in a scene i felt for her and and made me cry too...she never failed to give a tug at my heartstrings...so so amazing..

llerish wow!! amazing we have same birth month and date. I love "FATED TO LOVE YOU"

tunie Her performance in Fated to love you should get an award. She makes me crazy with each episode. What an amazing actress ever.. -from a FTLY addict-

sam she is fantastic .. she made me CRY in fated to love when her baby dies i love her ^^ Egyptian fan

A.S. Leithead I've watched many movies and tv shows (mostly while convalescing ) - helicopter accident on Maui. I enjoy American, British and Asian dramas/ comedies and rcs/. In all this time I, I have never seen as good a performance as that of Jang Na-Ra. It was like, what I can only imagine the best surgeon, painter and ball player share-in-common...when performing at their best...the perfect touch! Not too loud,Not too soft.Not too fast.Not too slow.Just perfect. This is the first message or comment I have ever written. I hope you like it..

amy Jang Nara really looks very young, she is really baby faced beauty.

susan siebenmark Love thtis drama but dont 2008 first one

Eugene Love Jang Nara! How I have always hoped for her reunion with Kim Jae Won ans Kim Rae Won! They shared a great chemistry back then.

dooly Innocent acctress hahaha i like see her in FTLY she is so baby face :D

tp She's a beautiful one.

AsaNoTamashi Thx JangNara and Jang Hyuk for Fated to Love You after 12 year you both still make me cry and laugh

Luu I don't why, but i think (in my opinion) she's looks like Luhan oppa from exo. Similar face, the older who looks younger, babyface. I love both of them.... Nara eonnie, hwaiting!

critehypo Just asking.. Is Jang Nara the one who also sang the OST of Dongyi 천애지아

Chelsea Anne Garen Dear Jang Na-ra,

I watched the TV show of Iron Masked Singer, and thank you so much ! You performed Hu Die-Hu Yinyin perfectly and I watched this TV program for several times.

I hope that you will be doing well in your career , especially in Chinese movie industrials !

Chelsea Anne Garen

Angela The best Tele drama I watched was The wedding where Jang Nara and Ryu Shi Won acted, I felt so sorry it ended so soon, I wished they had added another episode where they complete the family with a kid. As Sena Say "She would teach her kids to play the Piano". I hope very soon this drama will be on air for us to see again. I never get bored watching it.

nisak jang nara and ryu shi won are good couple in wedding,,i hope they will meet in a new drama in future,,,i always cry when i watching the drama even i never bored to watch it,,

liez byrne Jang nara is the best...cute singer and actress in the world....

shane such a very good actress..specially in wedding. with ryu si won..i love the acting and the whole story is good..even watching over and over still the drama makes me cry..i feel the hurt always specially lee se na who loved the guy even the guy dont love her back. hope the two lead star in the weddiong make a come back loveteam ...i love them both  :) sarangahe

L The way she talk also cute for her age. Such a baby face, she's cute :)

stephanie she is much older than i thought she was...

yossef keep going, I'm watching school2013 Now^^ · GOD BLESS YOU 장나라 "paiting" we are your fan and we support you ^^ <3

Livia i've just watched school 2013,and she is very cute!!

Kompian Your happy baby face just make me smile. Keep fighting.

bjharm lol like many of her profiles, it pretty much ignores her work in China with only her upcoming film Flying With You mentioned. When you consider she pretty much left the korean scene way back in 2004 and restarted her career in China, that is a huge gap, in which she made something like six Chinese Tv drama and four music albums and becoming the most well known Korean celebrity in China.

Ballsq she's very cute..... she's really baby face beauty..... hahahahahha

tran Jang Na Ra 's so cute. I 'm in Viet Nam. I just see the "Baby-faced Beauty". hope you got the baby face forever....:)))

nayluvnara omg nara you're so cute on ur all drama.im your fan from indonesia.your drama baby face beauty so nice.finally u came back to korea again.i cant wait to watch ur next korean drama again.i hope u will play on a same drama with jo in seong again or hyun bin n be a couple...it will be nice....sarangheyo....^^

danny powell I live in America and I only see the show on Monday but I love it and I really would like if u had a tour in Atlanta Georgia ...we love you★★★

Happy JANG NAAAARA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Xoxo I cant stop watching babyfaced beauty . But it came to an end D: DX So sadddd!

betty i love u so much z best drama

mazin i,m verey like you and you smatr girl you verey sweety

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