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  • Name: Daniel Choi
  • Hangul: 최다니엘
  • Birthdate: February 22, 1986
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 186cm.
  • Blood Type:


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karuna I love his eyes.. saranghae: *

Situs Belanja Online Terpercaya He's a good actor...


jual sketsel daniel so handsome, i watch every movie and tv off him..

ghost I'm watching ghost..though i love SJS I'm wishing Daniel's character had Daniel's face...

HYERIM i love the way he act . please make another drama for him . i like him ^^

jenny Pls make another drama for choi daniel...the lead role oppa... im an avid fan..I love ur smile..its very pure and innocent..I love ur character in baby faced beauty. . Keep up the good work.!!fighting!!

diaz i love this guy... he's so adorable...love him through Waiting of Love and Baby Face Beauty....

kae dee inlove with his smiling eyes ^_^

Yanni Hes a great actor....love hes acting in Baby Face beauty, He makes me laugh a lot :-D Hes awesome in Big Man too and He's other dramas! Daniel Choi FIGHTING!!!

Nkolika,Nigeria Evil and beauty. He came out well in Big man

Nkolika,Nigeria Evil and beauty. He was good in Big man/

cartriwa501 Choi Daniel hve done such a great job as Kang Dong Seok in Big Man.. loved him so much!Great Actor! Completely drown in Kang Dong Seok's perfect heir.. prince charming Kang Dong Seok! Go go go Choi Daniel!

CICI GREAT JOB, DANIEL in "Big Man". You were absolutely the BEST from beginning to end.

mina mahsa i am a big fan of choi daniel.espacielly in the drama big man.love you and hope you will be a succesfull actore......I LOVE YOU

Genesis I am an instant fan....I saw you in Phantom and now I want to watch everything you've ever acted in or been featured in....that might sound insane. I think you are extremely handsome and have brilliant on-screen charm.

I look forward to seeing all of your future television dramas and major movie screen films.

Continued success to you Mr. Choi in your acting career and in your life.

New American Fan!!!!

Somebody Choi Daniel is really adorable^_^. i wish him all the best and i hope his career will prosper:) He deserves millions and millions of fans. I hope his new drama will become a hit! I hope he stays cute and adorable just as he is now^^ Fighting!~^^

:) Choi Daniel is really adorable^_^. i wish him all the best and i hope his career will prosper:) Fighting^^

omg fell in love when watching school 2013... Another cute guy on my bias list I guess ❤

Vampy I am, most definitely, looking forward to Choi Daniel's new drama Why? Coz he's awesome and I do wish he'd get more roles in the future... Really...

On the other hand, I saw a picture of him in lab/doctor's coat, anyone remember from which show he played a doctor?

comnam i love your smile . good luck in ur life daniel oppa

Mimi First of all Happy Birthday!!! Wish you all the best especially happiness. I must say that even though i don't know you personally, i think you're a great person. I unanimously agree with the rest of the comments... you have a great smile :) May you keep being a blessing to the people that surround you everyday. Keep up the good work....Fighting.

Mebel Jati I smile everytime you helped and argue with Teacher

zarmeena same birthday as me!!!!! exactly 10 years older than me

saptha I really like you very much !!! of all anticipated male actors you are one of the lead who has amazing style !! please dont change your style or looks, stay how you like to be. You totally rock , really like your smile and voice they are amazing !!! :) Your image perfectly suits a lot of characters romance, action.thriller, melodrama ! wow multi talented !!! Anticipating your next drama/movie :) All the very best.

Kiara I don't know what to say... I really like your smile.It has something that I can't explain.you are really lucky to have it.I wish u very best..!!!

zana i love him in babyfaced beauty. cute , funny, adorable, ..his smile is so nice with his tough body. i love his personality and the way he talk...

woojungie Smile and eye-smile totally adorable. When he wears glasses he is a smiling Clark Kent. I am just totally drawn to the tall, handsome man who is a little quirky in a cute way. Did any of you see how he gazed at Hwang Jung Eum in the famous scarf kiss? Gaaaah, fangirling and swooning here. If by chance I get to meet him, my legs would buckle, for sure.

CICI I was so happy to see that Daniel Choi won an award for Expect Dating at the KBS Drama Awards for 2013. Whenever I see him whether it's in a drama or interviews he is so sweet, with the shyest cutest smile and is so down to earth for such an excellent actor that can do every acting style equally great. Although I am madly in love with Kim Jae Wook, the actor I would most like to meet if I ever could is Daniel Choi..well, wait a minute, Kim Jae Wook is sweet, shy, cute smile, excellent at all styles of acting too and down to earth..Oh, I do have to meet them both after all!! Love you Daniel Choi. Congratulations and I look forward to seeing you in many more leading roles now.

jati daniel so cute

kimberly woah!!! So cool in SCHOOL 2013:-) I smile everytime you helped and argue with Teacher Jung:-P

anisa Love for Daniel from the Jepara :)

pema He is cute. His smile is mesmerizing.

Indra really love his lips, his smile just keep smiling... and Fighting

Situs Jual Beli Online I really love his lips, his smile. all of it! :)

shin18 his smile.. 8-D

SuperGirlInLove I don't know why I couldn't stop smiling every time I see a photo of you or you smile on drama... I really love your smile... and Your one of the Best For me... just keep smiling... and Fighting... <3 :D :D :D Smiling is the best Medicine...

chanana i never had any idea he was the same person in within world and school 2013. never!

yenny One of Korean talented actor Love you more and more Fighting....

Annie Happy Birthday, Daniel! And many more!

CICI I first saw Daniel Choi in Babyfaced Beauty and really liked him a lot. After seeing him in School 2013, he is one of my favorite Korean actors. I hope he gets more leading roles with happy endings. All the best, Daniel.

Kathy Thacker I am a big fan. I am loving this new drama School2013. This drama has me hooked on it from the start. I can't wait to the next episode. I am going to watch the other dramas that I haven't seen you in yet. Please make many more.

nan he looks like a little bit like rain

Nicky Daniel...I really would like to see you pick a leading role in a very dramatic & romantic tv show, so you could show everyone how talented you are! I really liked you in baby-faced beauty, but the story is a little bit too light for me. I want an intense, heavily dramatic drama, but with HAPPY ending though, not twist ending like High Kick2.

Don't know if there will be any writer writing such play. Wish you best

Nicky Fighting! Want to see more of your shows! I've tried to watch every show you are in! Love xoxo

haku he is older than me but he's my ideal type.......

haku his smile so cute sweet hot everything haha..... i love you soooooooo much

Marzia Daniel,you are so good and cute...I like you , kiss from Italy

Rebecca Love for Daniel from the United States. =]]

zimi i just wanna say that i love you, hyungnim.... cant wait Ghost to see u again.

kanya owa....i'm not the only one who said he is likes rain, he...he...because that was my first thought when i saw him at first (at baby faced beauty) in my opinionㅋㅋㅋ he is not handsomeㅋㅋㅋmian (please take it easy) but..but...but...he has cute and warming smile ha..ha.. and look cheerful, lively, talkative and i don't know, somehow i think he has ability to makes people around him happy even they have problem (just my opinion he..he...)

after baby fced beauty, not intentionally, i watch him at KBS drama award 2011 when IU was singing U&I , and at Daejong film award 2010 when 2pm was singing I'll be back. He looked more enthusiastic than others,didn't act cool and look so so so humble (once again it's only my opinion he...he.... still don't know him in real life)

so oppa please still like this, don't change. FIGHTING

Chelsy He looks a bit like Rain!!! CUTE!!!

Rida Eka Hi daniel,I'm from indonesia,,,I want to meet you and I want to hold you,,when you come here prince,,,

Thanh Mai Hello all

I'm keen to watch his new dramas in ''Ghost'' coming soon


Fan of Daniel Choi


ching2 Daniel choi is very cute^^^^^. I like to watch his movies. I hope to see him in a next drama. U are the best one. Daniel choi acah acah fighting. keep going......

hanimasyi dangshin jebal miso obsoyo!

hanimasyi he 's smile super duper hot!!! arrrrrrrrrgggggggggg saranghanda!!

hanimasyi nega jongmal saranghanda!!!

Lee Bautista I really love his lips, his smile. all of it! :)

hasi I like him.Good luck....

hasi I like him. Good luck..........

Sa Rang Hae I'm in love with you oppa...

joanne vann On episode 12 of "Baby Faced Beauty" and After watching at least 40 korean dramas in the past 4 months. (10 to 20 episodes a day) I have to say This guy is fantastic and I've seen all the English, American and Austrailian series already so Daniel is one of the best. He is cute but can be totally serious and he makes you want to root for him to survive or get the job done or get the girl. Being an old lady I can still say he's good looking enough for Hollywood but hope he doesn't go there cause they would ruin him.

yu jin ah oh my god! he is doing such a good job in the musical! i loveeee the new drama! Daniel fighting! ~~

PuKa I really liked his character in Babyfaced Beauty! I saw in a interview that his parents gave him a Bible name (Daniel) because he was a miraculous blessing from God. His father had a vasectomy & Daniel was born after. & I believe he is born & raised in Korea.

anna Just wondering if "Daniel" is his real name? Or if he's from America or something (because his name's in English)? :)

chaimoon He was two different persons in Worlds Within and Babyfaced Beauty. In both cases he was crazy with the leading lady. And he was so wacky, crazy, childish sometimes irritating in both! I hope to see him in a better role in his next drama.

Jun-Yeon oh he's so adorable and sweet~! ^^ but is he rly married? i thought that was the man who plays ji seungil in baby-faced beauty. well anyway Daniel Choi is so cute~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!

Ann guys, let's be friends, do not write that you came to mind, and yet - if you do not like it, do not open the site in general ... and those who like - let them write ... but imagine if one of you will be known as he and you will be writing bad as you do? Of course it can affect you and ... thx

Ccan i heard from my cousin that he's married with 2 kids??? can someone pls tell me it's not true???

asdfghjkl he's so cute! :D

jane LOL look at these comments! No, he's not gay. Yes, someone was talking about the wrong Daniel Choi. That comment was from TWO YEARS AGO. someone should leave a nice comment here already.

jjang that person is an idiotic moron.

Roland A person makes an honest mistake, and right away he gets called an "idiot" or "morron"? Come on, guys, we're better than that. Who among us is perfect? And you wonder why our world is so messed up?

michelle Wrong daniel idiot

Lee I think he's cute especially in his role in Worlds Within as a j0logz admirer of s0ng hye kyo,hehe.. His face lo0ks so funNy, what m0re if he craCk his lines,haha.. Great j0b!

random guy its the other daniel choi u morons

bithy Hahahahaha! yeah, wrong daniel choi.

random wrong daniel choi.... idiot..

daniel Ive heard that hes a gay person. im so sorry to hear that owww....

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