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  • Drama: The Great Doctor / Faith
  • Revised romanization: Shinui
  • Hangul: 신의
  • Director: Kim Jong-Hak
  • Writer: Song Ji-Na
  • Network: SBS
  • Episodes: 24
  • Release Date: August 13, 2012 - October 30, 2012
  • Runtime: Monday & Tuesday 21:55
  • Genre: Medical / Fantasy / Romance / Time Travel / Period
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


"Faith" depicts the love between a warrior from the Goryeo Period and a female doctor from the present day, their love transcending time and space.


King Gongmin (Ryu Deok-Hwan), who was held as a hostage in Yuan (China) for an extended period of time, becomes the King of Goryeo (Korea). He married Princess Nogoog (Park Se-Young), who is the Princess of Yuan. Choi Young (Lee Min-Ho) and his men escort King Gongmin and Princess Nogoog from Yuan to Goryeo.

On the way to Goryeo, the group stays at an inn. Assassins then break into the inn and attack their group. During the struggle, Princess Nogoog's neck is slashed by an assassin's sword. Jang Bin (Phillip Lee), who is the most renown doctor in Goryeo, states that he can't save her. If Princess Nogoog dies, Yuan will takeover Goryeo completely. King Gongmin's vassal asks King Gongmin to go pray on a mountain near a mystical source of light. When they get there, they see the mysterious lights swirling around like an entrance to a vacuum. King Gongmin's vassal tells the King that the swirling lights is actually a portal where they can retrieve a great doctor from the heavens. King Gongmin then tasks Choi Young to enter the portal and retrieve the great doctor.

After entering the mystical swirling lights, Choi Young finds himself beneath a statute at a temple. When he leaves the grounds of the temple, Choi Young is confused by the strange sights. He sees modern buildings, contemporary people and automobiles. Choi Young goes back to the temple, which is actually a traditional village area in the middle of present day Seoul, and spots a monk walking by. Choi Young asks the monk where he can find the great doctor. The monk tells Choi Young that at the nearby COEX building, where a medical convention is taking place, he can find the best doctors there.

Choi Young makes his way to the COEX building and walks into the medical convention area. He then enters a seminar room and sees a woman speaking to a large audience. The woman is Dr. Yoo Eun-Soo (Kim Hee-Seon). Choi Young believes that she must be the great doctor. No sooner than he makes his conclusion, Choi Young is quickly dragged out of the conference room by security guards and taken to a room to be interrogated. Choi Young then sees Dr. Yoo Eun-Soo walking through the convention hall on the CCTV monitors placed on the wall in the interrogation room. Choi Young then knocks down the security guards and makes his way back onto the convention center floor.

After giving her seminar, Dr. Yoo Eun-Soo walked through the convention center floor, examining the latest surgical equipment that is on display. Choi Young then appears in front of her and asks her to go with him so she can treat someone that is gravely wounded. Yoo Eun-Soo refuses to go with the man that is dressed like a soldier from ancient times. Choi Young, not yet sure if she is the great doctor, takes out his sword and slashes the neck of a nearby man. Choi Young orders Yoo Eun-Soo to save the man. Yoo Eun-Soo is freaked out by Choi Young's actions, but her doctor instincts kicks in and she works to save the life of the man. Choi Young is now sure that Yoo Eun-Soo is indeed the great doctor and that she can save Princess Nogoog.

At this time, the police storm into the convention hall floor and surround Choi Young and Yoo Eun-Soo. Choi Young then summons his own mystical powers to completely obliterate the police officers surrounding them. Choi Young takes Dr. Yoo Eun-Soo back to the temple, where the time portal exists. On the way there, Yoo Eun-Soo begs Choi Young to let her go, but Choi Young swears on his life that if she saves Princess Nogoog he will let her go back.

When they exit the portal, Choi Young and Dr. Yoo Eun-Soo are standing in front of King Gongmin, his vassal and Choi Young's men. They all go to the inn where Princess Nogoog is nearing death.


  1. Lee Joon-Gi was initially cast for the male lead, but due to his impending mandatory military requirement he had to drop out of the project.
  2. "The Great Doctor" takes over the SBS Monday & Tuesday 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "The Chaser" and will be replaced by "The Lord of Dramas" November, 2012.
  3. Actress Kim Hee-Seon, visited a hospital in Gangnam, Seoul on May 8, 2012. She plays a doctor in the drama series and learned how doctors hold the scalpel and scissors and also how doctors move their hands while performing surgery.
  4. Filming for "The Great Doctor" began May 24, 2012. First scene took place at Bongeun Temple in Seoul, South Korea. The scene filmed involved main actor Lee Min-Ho playing Choi Young as he arrives in the present day from the Goryeo Period. His goal is to take Dr. Eun-Soo (Kim Hee-Seon) back to to the Goryeo Period.
  5. Actor Ahn Jae-Wook makes a cameo appearance in ep.1. and will play a doctor. Shooting for his scene took place August 10, 2012 at Hanyang University Guri Hospital in Guri, South Korea.
  6. Actor Choi Min-Su makes a cameo appearance in ep.4. Choi Min-Su will play Moon Chi-Hoo, master of main character Choi Young (Lee Min-Ho). Choi Min-Su's Moon Chi-Hoo is aware of Choi Young's secret past and why he doesn't have the will to live, which is revealed in ep.4.


Faith (Korean Drama)-Lee Min-Ho1.jpg Faith (Korean Drama)-Kim Hee-Seon1.jpg Faith (Korean Drama)-Yu Oh-Seong.jpg Faith (Korean Drama)-Phillip Lee.jpg Faith (Korean Drama)-Sung Hoon.jpg
Lee Min-Ho Kim Hee-Seon Yu Oh-Seong Phillip Lee Sung Hoon
Choi Young Yoo Eun-Soo Ki Cheol Jang Bin Cheon Eum-Ja
Faith (Korean Drama)-Shin Eun-Jung.jpg Faith (Korean Drama)-Ryu Deok-Hwan.jpg Faith (Korean Drama)-Park Se-Young.jpg Faith (Korean Drama)-Lee Byung-Joon.jpg Faith (Korean Drama)-Baek Gwang-Doo.jpg
Shin Eun-Jung Ryu Deok-Hwan Park Se-Young Lee Byung-Joon Baek Gwang-Doo
Hwa Soo-In King Gongmin Princess Nogoog Jo Il-Shin Bae Choong-Sik
Faith (Korean Drama)-Kim Jong-Moon.jpg Faith (Korean Drama)-Kang Chang-Mook.jpg Faith (Korean Drama)-Yoon Goon-Sang.jpg Faith (Korean Drama)-Kim Soo-Yeon.jpg
Kim Jong-Moon Kang Chang-Mook Yoon Gyun-Sang Kim Soo-Yeon
Oh Dae-Man Dol-Bae Deok-Man Deo-Gi

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Episode Ratings

Date Episode TNmS AGB
Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2012-08-13 1 12.2% (9th) 13.8% (5th) 9.4% (16th) 10.8% (10th)
2012-08-14 2 11.8% (9th) 13.1% (7th) 10.3% (9th) 11.4% (7th)
2012-08-20 3 13.4% (10th) 15.8% (5th) 10.3% (17th) 11.6% (10th)
2012-08-21 4 13.2% (8th) 15.5% (5th) 11.5% (12th) 12.8% (7th)
2012-08-27 5 12.9% (11th) 14.5% (6th) 10.6% (16th) 11.6% (13th)
2012-08-28 6 13.1% (10th) 14.8% (8th) 12.2% (14th) 13.5% (13th)
2012-09-03 7 12.3% (8th) 13.9% (7th) 9.8% (12th) 10.9% (8th)
2012-09-04 8 12.6% (11th) 13.9% (7th) 11.0% (12th) 12.4% (8th)
2012-09-10 9 11.6% (13th) 12.8% (6th) 11.8% (10th) 13.2% (6th)
2012-09-11 10 11.7% (14th) 13.0% (9th) 11.2% (10th) 11.4% (9th)
2012-09-17 11 11.8% (15th) 13.5% (9th) 10.4% (16th) 11.3% (13th)
2012-09-18 12 11.2% (13th) 12.2% (8th) 10.1% (13th) 11.0% (11th)
2012-09-24 13 10.7% (11th) 12.2% (7th) 9.7% (12th) 10.9% (10th)
2012-09-25 14 10.2% (17th) 11.6% (10th) 9.0% (17th) 9.7% (15th)
2012-10-01 15 11.1% (7th) 12.7% (7th) 9.3% (14th) 9.9% (11th)
2012-10-02 16 9.6% (17th) 10.2% (13th) 9.5% (18th) 9.7% (13th)
2012-10-08 17 13.2% (6th) 14.1% (6th) 10.5% (12th) 11.4% (9th)
2012-10-09 18 11.5% (15th) 13.0% (8th) 9.9% (13th) 10.6% (13th)
2012-10-15 19 9.2% (17th) 10.6% (13th) 8.8% (19th) 9.5% (17th)
2012-10-16 20 10.7% (11th) 11.9% (7th) 9.9% (8th) 10.9% (8th)
2012-10-22 21 10.2% (19th) 11.7% (9th) 9.3% (19th) 10.5% (12th)
2012-10-23 22 9.7% (17th) 11.6% (9th) 8.9% (17th) 10.0% (14th)
2012-10-29 23 9.1% (20th) 10.3% (13th) NR 9.7% (15th)
2012-10-30 24 10.5% (15th) 11.4% (11th) 10.1% (14th) 10.9% (13th)

Source: TNS Media Korea & AGB Nielson

  • NR denotes not ranked within the Top 20 daily shows according to TNS Media Korea and AGB Nielson.



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ness @zerah she is supposed to be a doctor, a plastic surgeon. I don't know where you are from, but most places don't allow teenagers to be a surgeon at their age... Maybe she is old and doesn't suit your tastes but that is life.

zerah why the heck they didn't find a cute korean actress close to Lee Min Ho's age? even if she is trying hard to act as a teenager, i can tell you she is much older than him. quite awful esp when they have tons of cute young actress. the plot is pathetical too! :(

TL Great drama. But why is the king so short? =P

Aiat OMG!!!! Great draaaaaaamaaaa!!!! great actors, plot, story everything was perfect!!! but why why why there is no more kiss scenes!!! there is so much love between them so why?!?

emaculate I love watching Korean drama

queen Why SBS directors can't deal with intimate romance? I mean every after ending is just staring . so sick of those ending! KBS and MBC directors are really good in terms of romance scene. Next time SBS Directors make it kissing scene or something please. :/

Weng Pejoro All praises to the writer and director of this Korean historical drama. The Cast has played their part very well. It was a very heart touching story. I admire LEE MIN HO and KIM HEE-SEON team-up. Korean dramas have made an impact on its viewers and now I am so interested to learn more about your country.

stephanie may faith 2... that would be epic to say tge least. Imagine Choi young and some of his guys follow yoo eun soo to her future???

Pratibha Limbu It seems they leave some issues so as to settle in faith part 2.. Eagerly waiting.. I can't help out but to remember n watch the dramma again n again. This dramma is making me crazy. Always for Lee min ho.

jo I am from Philippines! I have done watching the 24 episodes for 5 times maybe.I can't get over and too bad there is no part 2.Why at the end the lead stars stared only at each other? I really love Yoo Eun-Soo ang Choi Young. They are a PERFECT MATCH! The story is fantastic! PART 2 PLEASE!

angel So i read someone where that in real korean history that king Gongmin was low key gay and looked fondly towars his guards? Lol is that true. If so,awww thats totally cute.

Kai The chemistry,The acting, The story line, and Lee Min Ho....the drama is absolutely fantastic...though. I'm still confused on why his hair was curly in the first half but not the second half of the drama.....get your history wrong?

Anjalee Lee min ho is the best of best in this world...........sarang he oppa.................

Aderemi I real love lee min ho is my fovourite actor ! That's. My klim tan

sweetloveche love this drama...superb :)

Chanilsanya I am seriously in love with this drama it's one of the best historical drama I've watched so far!(: Too bad there's no part 2 to this drama!TT

cathy aragon I Love this drama series....can't get enough of it.....i really wish for a part 2 or if not they would change the last episode.....I LOVE LEE MIN HO'S CHARACTER is as if he is my night in shining armor....I WILL BE DREAMING OF HIM TONIGHT....SEE YOU IN GORYEO my CHOI YOUNG..

Vanessa I really like... I really love this drama. And the Imja couple, they look nice together as a love team.. . :-) .:-*

jaidee Such a perfect drama.. I enjoyed watching it. Lee Min Ho portrayed the role very well. This one of his best drama.

Thazin Win (Myanmar) I like this drama, Lee Min Ho is my favourite actor.

choi chul soo Love this drama,beautiful drama

wendilyn Feeeeelss~~ ^_^ . love this drama! Just wanna share, actually the director of this drama commit suicide and one of the reason is because of this drama too.. soo sad.

grace rafa im from the phil. And i had already done watching the 24 episodes. I really love the story. I just cant move on to the ending scene. It was disappointing after all they been through at the end they just stare at each other. Plese make a part 2 of this drama. I love to see more.

lhet I watch the movie twice and keep on watching the last episode for so many times still cant get connection to that last part where high dr ang general seen each other gen choi young remember eun soo?confusing.....

lhet I watch the movie twice and keep on so many times the last episode still cant get connection to that last part where high dr ang general seen each other gen choi young remember eun soo?confusing....

nick is there faith 2 ?

saihell Hi im Gil Rose From and my family watched this sembreak namin nun so we buy a korean tapes...syempre one of those is faith..i enjoy watching it..sana meron ulit na magagandang koreanDrama...okey lang if the characters is same...

GoodWork OPPA'S and UNNIE'S

Gabrielle I really love this drama, I am hoping for part 2... Lee Min Ho and Kim Hee Sun are amazing. They had a great chemistry together, you wont think that they had a very large gap in terms of age.

mary rose it is not my ideal ending but i will miss this drama ever more power

Hope already done watching... I i love the story.. Its like the same story of my favorute anime.. I cried in the last part when she gets back to where choi young was dying she came 100 years before that break my heart that they were separated by time but when the gate was open again she was brought back 5 years after the day she left and when she find out she went where she left choo young dying and she saw him waitng. So touching. I love it

carlo I don't understand the last part of the story, what happened to Yoo Eun-Soo's(Kim Hee-Seon) belongings in present? but I really like this korean drama this is so amazing , I LOVE IT !!!!! <3

jonna montero The story is nice. but then in i got confused on the later part when the past and present situation of the leading role the lady(the doctor) I can't understand in that scene? whats all about with the belongings and with the present. But it is nice then.. I enjoyed watching it. :)

toiz i love lee min ho..but i rather choose ji hyun woo " queen in hyuns man" than this drama...i think the story is missing something..."brain" the future should varies on the events that happened from the past..

Judy Hi! Faith is just really amazing asianovela: ) I just watched it recently and i cant stop watching when i started to watch. Hahaa pls make more koreanovela stories.  :)

Msaesthetic I love the plot twist in the drama, but I can't dismiss the thought that there is something wrong in it. The diary and all her belongings, she found when the doctor's future-self travelled to the past. It was said that those things were from 100 years ago. It means they are supposed to be dead by the time she arrives in the past. I mean all of them. Yet, when she comes, she faced the same bad guys, and falls in love with the same person. Yet how can that be? does that mean, after 100 years the new generation will just have the same faces. But then, if her future self came back to the best before their struggle was finished, then the diary and everything else shouldn't exist, because she placed it in the future after the struggle, not before. The confusing part is it got mixed up, both ways can't be anymore. think about it. hahah! anyway, i loved the drama even though it had plot mistakes. hahahah

grace min hi! I'm french I have 12 old this mini series is very very nice, there is some part that is very stupid. I do not know English very well I 'm sorry for the language I really love you and your drama.

Marvin This mini series is really nice. It made me study and reminisce from our class lesson (Goryeo, Korean History). Though the movie is fantastical (Note: the time travel part), it was able to somehow give information about the history of Korea. The plot is good, though some may caused confusion (like why does Yoo Eun-Soo was able to come in the past, what was really her purpose? Was it to correct the past? etc. etc). The actors have good chemistry with each other. :) I love how the king portrayed his role, as well as park se-young. Overall, I will not forget this drama-- I love this. Cheers.

joyce the plot in this drama is far from being flawless and the mean guys are so exaggerated it's almost comical, and yet this drama is by far one of my absolute favorite dramas. the chemistry between the main actors is wonderful and both do a wonderful job acting. both their characters are smart, have a strong personality and end up earning each other's respect on top of falling in love. absolutely all the "good" characters including the supporting ones are really loveable (the king did irritate me a little but oh well, they can't all be self-confident all the time) and it would break my heart every time something bad would happen to one of them. i wish the writers had done a better job with the plot (so many mistakes could have been easily avoided), because then I would be able to say the drama is perfect, but I guess still loving it doesn't need to be justified  :)

berry This drama is wonderful especially for the fact that I love action, fantasy,...someone was complaining about travelling through walls.. that a really absurd complaint, come to think of is it..most movies will have a component that doesn't make sense from the perspective of "real world" wats the fuss for, u wanna watch a movie.. first thing u know that its fiction....

Wanda I absolutely LOVE this drama! I just started watching this a few days ago and have been going on a marathon - it's one of the best period dramas. Then again ... there hasn't been a series I didn't like. :)

christina Hello Faith casts...especially Hee-Seon...Congratulations for winning the Japanese Best Korean Drama Award at the GyaO Entertainment Award 2014...Good job...

christina Sarah and Richelle, hi-5! I don't understand korean but love it so much just by reading subtitles and I did that 3 times...twice on internet and once on national tv. On tv, it was translated to chinese, so I can focus on the actors and actresses....Hee Seon is lovely. Can't believe she's 37. No wonder claim to be goddess of korean drama. You should look at her in Myth where she worked with Jackie Chan. And LMH, wow!! He sure look gorgeous as Choi Young. 3 years after Boys Over Flower, he is now so natural in his role. The story is complicated though and was like a chinese heavy, bottom light - very detail at the start but towards the end, just quickly wrapped up...especially the ending...I agree with Sarah, a little hug, a hold of hands, will make the ending more satisfying. I think maybe Koreans are very reserve people. However, Hee Seon did a wonderful expression...showing her surprise that Choi Young had aged or at last I'm back.

winter This drama is bad, seems like copy version from Dr.Jin and rooftop prince.. The scrips are similar. The story is impossible. How come they can go through time by just go through the wall. That does not make sense.

summer This drama is suck, no wonder it rate low. The most regreting drama I ever watch, the story dont make sense with all super power. The king n the queen dont have any strong character... this drama is diissapointing. I wonder why there is so many comment said this drama was good.

richelle i love this drama so much!! i wonder why it rated so low though the ending leaves me hanging and wish that they could be happy together woodalchi warrior and eu un soo!!! i love LMH!!!

richelle i love this drama so much!! i wonder why it rated so low though the ending leaves me hanging and wish that they could be happy together woodalchi warrior ang eu un soo!!! i love LMH!!!

richelle i love this drama so much!! i wonder why it rated so low though the ending leaves me hanging and wish that they could be happy together woodalchi warrior ang eu un soo!!! i love LMH!!!it will be aired in philippines through mobile i wish we could watch it on tv too!!! this coming oct. 27....

sammy @Joan. It`s at the end of episode #1. My fave part too :-) @Rosanne. The theme song name is Carry On.

sammy @Joan. It`s at the end of episode #1. My fave part too :-)

Rosanne I need to know the name of the musical theme for show ,love it.great drama.

Sarah I must say that the whole story is amazing. I was hooked every after episode wondering what's gonna happen next. It is full of excitement, suprises and adventures. The actors and actresses especially Choi Young and Eun Soo are really good. They have portrayed their characters very well. Not to mention the nice on-screen chemistry that they have. All the characters are very essential to the plot of the story. I really enjoyed watching it. I actually cried when Eun Soo came back in a wrong era from the tunnel. I'm glad that she was able to find Choi Young again. Yes, the ending might be a little blunt. I wish they hug each other or something. Though this is very minor. Overall, I was moved by this series. I congratulate the team behind this great show. Good job! Please continue to create more shows like this. Good job, Min Ho and Hee-Seon!

Joan Can anyone tell me what episode is the first meeting of wu dal chi and the captain pls..

dyah It very good ,the best drama ever for oppa lmh,he 's best and good looking with a warrior outfit and his character....hoooo lovly,match couple oppa & noona kim hee soen..

Jasmine Caroline I just finished watching this korean drama and I rate it 9/10 because I'm not satisfied with the ENDING! I wish it will be more like a romantic ending but not, they just MET AGAIN and FINISHED. -__-

I love how the characters are so good in their acting and the PLOT is so good! >.< Good Action especially Lee Min Ho!

If there will be a season 2 then surely I will watch it. SANA NGA MERON~ kyahahaha!

the two main character, for me has a good chemistry :D so I gave this a 9/10 VOTE1

Cathy L. Bryant We loved this series! 5 stars!

Ayanfenwa damilola philemon Lee min Ho.. You are too much, i like all the movie you parcitipated in.. You are too good. Keep it hunter, kang chi,faith.. And so on.. The drama faith is one of the best and stand out movie.where i wish the drama end is nt where it end. But the way it ends is very good

Morgan Alexander i loved this drama. i hope it comes back for another season. it totally deserves it. there is so much that could happen if it had another season and would just as great as any other season. The way it ended made me feel like there had to be something better coming in the future. This series was so amazing and had me hooked. I would like to see what the writers would come up with for another season of this show. I think there could be more twists and plots for power take overs.I would love to see what would become of Wu Dal Chi. I think it will be just as adventurous as the first season. I would love to see Choi's and Eun's relationship develop more. I hope that the writers of this show see this post and make a second season! P.S. please use the same actors and actresses.

Okoye Samuel Chukwuemeka This movie kept me awake the whole night today.The script writer did a wonderful job.I thought the two would have come to the modern days at least Lee Mi Ho would have gone back with something that change his country over there or the king sending like 5 people to their so-called heaven to gain more knowledge or learn technology through the help of Kim Hee-Seon..I must say this "I don't like how it ended because in this present world, it is difficult for someone to choose that wired world to Seoul..That should have take Lee Mi-Ho to Heaven as they said..Thanks to you all.You guys are too much!!! #DeGoldenRule

nikkijanean I found this show on Netflix it only give season 1. I want to know how many episode should there be and if there is season 2 on the great Doctor?

meera Le min Ho did amazingly as usual. that cute little simile that fits in with the warrior image. main actress was great, she was stuck in a period of time not her own and managed to adapt but still keep her moderness lol. But what amazed me the most was how much i enjoyed watching the evil or bad characters. the actors such as Yu Oh-Seong were great!!! He made you hate him, feel pity and also laugh. very well done. a must see drama.

jonah This drama has a good story, however it would be even better if they choose another female lead, one who's compatible w/ Min-ho. The story is good, it has nice plot but the ending is blunt. Lee Min-ho is a great actor. He played the role well. He is always my most favorite.

Mickey Great series, I am really enjoying the action and plots. I especially think Lee Min-Ho and Yu Oh-Seong are superb actors however for that matter, all the actors are really good.

I get a chuckle out of the English translation references to 'Punks and Rascals'

so then , I go first

shalom It is the best movie but the ending is not good at all it would have been better at list if they could hug each other or if the could go to the palace together and meet the woodalchis but is still the best movie ever i love it.

Natsu @Lily, your so funny watching it 10 time over! lol. hahahahaha.

Johne596 Great website! I am loving it!! Will be back later to read some more. I am taking your feeds also keabceecaebe

Jessica Sofia Arguilles Lee min ho is super adorable actor, he fit in every role that was assigned to him, his so handsome as a worrier... theres nothing he can do, that why i love him, i will always follow him via net, and im looking forward his next break through... Saranghae lee min ho, Godbless

Lily One of the best, love this drama so much, watched it 10 times!

shanekim Choi young was so handsome even in his long and messy hair. It suits him well :) with his personality and looks he can capture all the hearts of the viewers . Saranghae♥Hohoho

jennifer choi young really try for not leting the high doctor get hurt. for that choi young is a hero...... bravo lee min -ho

Shena I am so taken by this drama series. I am on my third watch and I'm still taken..I wish it could have continued .. Amazing performances by the actors ..

Liz I have been watching this series on Netflix and cannot think of when I have been so entranced by a television series. Not only is the story nuanced and gripping, it is also extremely well acted . The costumes and sets are exquisite.

It's interesting to see a bit of Korean history and I will probably have to go investigate further as a result.

I'm almost at the last episode and can barely stand it. Gonna have to watch it a second time .

Michelle I love it, watching it the 2nd time now.

I just realised Eun Su only disappeared in 2012 for a very short while. The news on the sun wave affecting the earth was showing when Choi 1st came to 2012 to kidnap Eun Su and it was still showing the same news when Eun Su returned to take the medical equipment. Those Japanese reporters were there to interview on the incident that Choi created earlier on. Nice story to keep me thinking about it.

iLoveJiyeon I really love this movie ^_^ My idol Lee Min Hoo is so romantic and sweet :) I think he will be my imaginary knight and shining armor .. And Kim Hee Seon and Him have chemistry to each other , i hope they will have a new movie soon ^______^V

Jim I am an American and watched Faith on Netflix (subtitled). I love historical fiction and this series was extremely well done. It was interesting to see history from the land of Korea, especially because we have a large Korean population in the Washington DC area where I live, and attend a Korean church. I'd love to see more of this kind of thing! One thing which would have been interesting is if the baddie Yu Oh-Seong could have gotten through to 2012 Korea and see what happened to him there!

buvana i am a indiani love ths drama awesome guys , i am really impressed koreans

KT Hope it will have part 2 with same group of actors, especially the 2 lead characters; Kim Hee Seon and Lee Min-Ho have an impeccable chemistry on screen.

kpopper This novel is romantic and enjoyable. Like it Lee Minho is there <3. :)

swastika this movie is really lovely and amazing

Luna Love this drama !!!! This is one of the best drama. Will watch it again. Really beautiful with very interesting plot . All the casts was perfect for their role with really good acting ~ especially Lee Min Ho and Kim Hee Seon. They are both amazing ! Beautiful sound track. What a wonderful drama !

bm I just love this drama!:) First I was so cofused about the ending and it took me a moment to understand, but then I just taught omg how amazing this drama is!<3 I really enjoyed it and I loved the acting of lee min ho and the female lead actrice, they did a great job! it's one of the best k-dramas I've ever watched faith& city hunter are for me the best dramas of lee min ho, love him<3

minoz:) I really love this drama so much<3 One of the best dramas I've ever watched! First I was really confused because of the ending and it took me a moment to understand it:P but then I just taught omg how amazing this drama is!:) I really loved it, lee min ho and the female lead actrice were great, they did very well!:) city hunter and faith are definitiv the best dramas of lee min ho, I really enjoyed them <3 great job!<3

Mr. Celemente The first half of this drama had potential but it was pointlessly ass dragging towards the end. There were loop holes in this plot. I was really unsatisfied with the ending because everything was killed(rushed) off in one shot, believe me. But I applaud Ms. Kim Hee Seon's return, look forward to her more where another production can make more of her talent. Lee Min Ho is okay.

sk It was okay, it was to unrealistic. Some of the scene was awesome, some was nah.. could be better.

olga malonza faith is a good movie,, lee min hoo the best actor and kim hee seon perfect actress,, please make the season 2

Lynda Faith is a very interesting movie.good actors.Lee Min hoo,the sky is ur limit.bravo.U did a great job.

Jeong Hae Choi The best drama, I have ever watched.

stephanie kalu lee min ho best hee seon perfect actress.Faith what a wonderful drama.This is the best korean drama I have ever watched.

Mics Good drama... still gave it 5 stars on Netflix.

I still wish that Korean dramas will really make their endings more dramatic in a sense that the viewer would feel "complete" after watching spending a lot of time watching the whole series.

This drama, Faith, didn't have a good ending. I saw in the comments below that the ending was somewhat rushed, and I would have to agree. They could have added more story to the ending that will explain a lot of things instead of cramming the meat in 7 mins or so. Also... I would like to know WTF happened to the uncle. He was such an annoying antagonist, yet he disappeared all of a sudden, and took the attention once again to the Prince of the Court. Oh well.

Anyways, this drama was good, nonetheless. I like the cast. Can't go wrong with the leading man... and the leading lady did great as well.

jackie BRAVO!!! Clap, clap, clap!!!! One of the best korean dramas!!! The story is so different, I love the twist and I really cant get over with it! Lee min ho is one of the best korean actor... I really really love him , he plays his role very well... and omg.. he is so handsome!!! I hope lee min ho can make another drama, as good as this!! Excellent!!!

Riz Excellent film! I am just a little confused on how the artifacts were recovered when she actually carried them, in her backpack, till the very end of the last episode. Thanks again. It took me two days to watch season 1.

jacque you guys......the songs in this series are......extremely good. it was interesting though.

kristine Well done five star are not enough bravo....i hope they continue the story of Choi young and imja.

Jana Kelly I so enjoy this show. Please consider more episodes!

Melinda Hughes Please create another season. This is a brilliant series..IT was riveting! I LOVE Lee Min ho. I'd follow him anywhere!

Even though it is a fantasy with magic, Is this partially historically accurate? I am very curious

mylene this drama rocks,,,, very good one,,, i already watched it for the 8th time and still the effect is the same,,,, tearful., the love story between the warrior and a doctor catches my attention. it is really a good drama though had so much flaws but still,,, what's important is that the drama really conveyed its story,,,, and it satisfied me through the end,,,

Lee Frankly, I didn't think this was vey good. Notwithstanding the fantastical elements, I found the political machinations to be improbable and unbelievable. As a comparison, in "The Great Queen Seondeok", I thought the political machinations there generally made pretty good sense and was fairly believable.

For example, the Prince of the Court is so insubordinate to the king, it's beyond the pale.

And the king uses the respectful form of dialog with his subordinates, which I think actually undermines his credulity.

Also, the king character seems to be generally lacking in gravitas and courage. He seems to be uptight and tense through most of the drama, which makes him seem like an average guy who's in over his head. I found this to be very off-putting and annoying. This was most likely due to poor direction and poor writing.

So, in sum, I thought most of the actors and acting was fairly strong, but the direction and writing was very weak.

sad fan Just got done reading the wiki. I absolutely loved this series and would hope for a season 2, but according to the wiki there were huge legal issues including embezzlement and unpaid wages. The original director was found dead by apparent suicide. I fervently hope that someone will pick this up for a second season, but highly doubt the possibility.

Anny Omg please make the season 2 of the great doctor i love the movie it was so interesting please cant wait to see the second season

amina hey i love this show, it made me cry i really love it when does it come back or episode 24 was the last episode? i dont went it to be the end i love it. their love is eternal .......... plus is their a book i could read i heard there was a book ??

Dee I was glued to the TV. Everyone did an Excellant job in making you feel what the character felt. It was like being there. The writers also did a great job. I hate it when you can predict what will happen next but this show had me on edge and in tears. I hated to see the show end and wish they would come out with another good story line.

Cory This is the first Korean drama that I have actually watched until the very end. I must say, that this is a series that I was disappointed to see coming to an end. From beginning to end, it was captivating, filled with action, romance, and political differences. I think anyone who watches this, will be enlightened into how culture was in Korea during the times of old. However, that aside, I think the acting was spot on, and the cast of characters were right for each role. It was lengthy in terms of it being 24 episodes, but it was worth the time. I wish that there were some sort of continuation with Choi Young and Eun-Soo, but because of the director's death, the show ended. In any case, this is a wonderful series, and well worth the time.

Christine I just finished watching "the great doctor" or faith and I would say that it was a really great story. The casts played so well that it made me feel my presence in their era! Choi young and eun soo got that made a perfect pair in this series also. It was so realistic that I forgot to sleep one night just to continue watching the drama. Lee min oh is a great actor and his charisma is so high that no matter who his partner is, his role always become successful. I also watched several other dramas of lee Minho like city hunter and boys before flowers and other series that is featured in Netflix here in America and I find them all great to watch! I'm looking forward to watch "heirs" since everybody is talking about it too. Thank you for giving us great entertainment lee min hoo! -a fan from America-

Jenn This is the second time I watched Faith, and I recently finished seeing The Heirs and City Hunter. Well I've watched all of Lee Min Ho's dramas... but definitely Faith is the one I love the most. A lot of people judge the dramas only based on the character's good looks, but although he is very handsome... in this drama he showed really good potential for great roles...the story was great!! I don't understand why Faith got bad reviews...I think they should give him serious and more according to his age roles, not that chaebol rich petty kid part he got in the Heirs. I would definitely watch another story by this writers (faith)

sammy I finished watching Faith since April, and before and after that I have watched many other K dramas including "The Heirs", but so far Faith is the only one that gives me the urge to go home from work and watch it again and again countless of times. The story plot is good and interesting, a love story of a modern woman and a warrior from 500 years ago, funny and heart wrenching, must see. A big fan from USA?

Ines Beautiful love story and interesting plot . Love all the casts, great acting ~ espescially Lee Min Ho and Kim Hee Seon . Amaizing sound track~ very touching. This is one of the best drama. Romantic and cool.

jeffrey for me both faith and city hunter are the BEST of lee min ho's drama, waiting for his movie gangnam blues. good luck *USA*

Faith The story line was unpredictable and creative in their own way. Mind puzzling. I laughed and cried watching this drama. The soundtrack also heart touching. Just because the rating was not up the expectation, do not let that deter you. Love all the casts. Great acting. Amazing drama. RIP director Kim.

Panda-Pin Cool plot. Lee Min Ho. Pretty main girl. Well, not just pretty. I like her flaws.

However though, throughout the story, it seems a little bit confusing. Well, the time travel I mean. I had to think there were 'parallel worlds' in this story so I wouldn't be confused about this. Time travel.... well time travel can be very confusing... in it's own way so I wouldn't go with its flaw on time travel.

The ending. Well not just the ending. The couple episodes near the end. It became so rushed whereas in the middle, it was sooooo slow. The powers should've been explained. It wasn't well explained in the story so I didn't think it was useful in the story. They should've made those characters with powers as geniuses in martial arts, etc. We all knew who the main villain is but they focused more on the 'uncle' it bored me almost in the end. The fire girl and the flute guy died in the foolish way. What I mean is they were strong, there should've been a cool fight with them including Mr. Jang though I think he was just out in the series so they were'nt able to show him. As I say, rushed. Pity ending. They should've at least showed the king and queen or the other characters.

Anyway, I like the humor and the love story of the queen and the king so yeah, it wasn't as bad.

Dusu500 like ya flows....y'all got it right...nice movie

Vengie This is the best ever!

Abi Its sad how such a good drama is actually considered the biggest flop of 2012 in korea:( . In my personal opinion this has bein one of the best dramas i have watched so far. I really loved the consept of the story line, loved all the caracters and the connection the main protaganist had.

Hanna This is the best korean drama I ever seen. Lee Min Hoo is good act as General. I love his character and his performance .Romantic and cool. I watch over and over .The song track really beautiful. They are match couple. Please make more good movies like that.

Toni leo Lee min ho has charisma, sex appeal and best of all is a terrific actor.He has that something extra. Keep those movies and series coming. I love watching this fine actor.

lmh Not the first drama I seen LMH in, but definitely the first conviction that had me drooling over his character which went on to him for the time being.

Lady wolverine Best drama. Watched it 3 times. Love it!

sara india Became one of my fav drama. As laila calle said, great things r always felt, such feeling s perfectly Evoked by this beautiful couple., loved it a lot:):):)

ratih yuniarti love looking at this faith korean drama lee min hoo really good role, so one favorite Korean dramas

RAJASHREE MISHRA Now all my doubts are cleared....thanx to "wolfgirl" ....awsm series...liked it a lot...lee min ho did a great job in this..loved it...

Laila Calle a great drama that i ever seen.the director the actors and actresses are great.although its not been aired here (Philippines) yet."The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart."thats how i felt on Choi Young (Lee Min-Ho) and Yoo Eun Soo (Kim Hee-Seon) on this drama. I Really Love It <3

Aziza This drama is an absolute indescribable work of art. To begin with all the actors have done an amazing job, made everything seem so real, so true. Lee Min ho is a very talented actor and I believe no one could have portraid his character the way he did. You could feel the worry, the pain and the love he was portraying, not only through his body language, but through the look in his eyes. Secondly, the idea is genius, to come up with something so out of the world, yet so believable. Lastly, through out the series, I was worried Eun Soo would have to go back as it is not get world or her time period. Even if it was perfectly understandable that in my opinion would have been a killer for everyone who watches it, yet if she stayed without any complications, that would not bring the satisfaction it brought. I believe the ending was perfect, unxepectable, breathtaking, heartbreaking, but in the end so logical and heart warming. Even though I did cry through the last two episodes worrying, then cried in the end from happiness! I plan to make all my friends watch it and rewatch it again with them, surely more than ones! ;) Unsure of what the second season could be about, but I would definitely want there to be one! It felt like my world fell apart when the series ended! Absolute masterpiece! From Russia with Love x

Ashe I love this drama but the ending is still abit restricted I think there should've been abit more, like showing them a few years later together or something but it is wtill a heartwarming and amazing program. I wish there was a way to have another season of it haha.

sirleemerh the drama really melt my heart but i do not comprehend the end as faith in their love was so strong if it ended well without any complications would be better

Wolfgirl Ok so since there were a few comments about ending I'll try to clarify it : obviously spoilers! :::

This is what happens, she goes back to her time, gathers some tools and comes back immediately before the door of heaven closes - thinking that she'll get back to Choi Young and cure him -. However, she doesn't get back to the same time period, instead she appears in a time period before that. So now all the hints that we've had through out the series makes sense, it was herself that left messages trying to help herself in the future to make the right decision. While she's stuck in the wrong time period she does a lot of work to figure out the dates that the door opens and each time she travels through a different time period ( I believe she traveled more than once, since we all know she had to have gone back 1000 years back first - for all the things that the prince of court had from her to make sense- , and the second time is when the great great grandfather of that yuan general had mentioned) then at the end when another time she travels she still thinks that she has not gotten back to the time period where Choi Young is there, so she's just sitting in a cafe but then she realizes that she has gotten back to the correct time period!!!!! If time has traveled the same way for her as if had been for Choi Young, that means she spent 5 years figuring out when the door's of heaven opens and going from one time to another all in for the hope that one day she might find Choi Young! which she did at the end!! AWESOME ENDING & AWESOME MOVIE!!  :D:D:D

novi napitupulu I love this drama especially lee min ho players but I am a little bit disappointed at the end of the film, when eun soo go to the gates of heaven and then young choi lost somewhere, but could meet with soo eun five years kemudian.saya not understand why five years that we do not know the way young choi, do not know what happened. bit disappointed when I watched it when it was the end of that I ended up waiting even though they could meet again.

RAJASHREE MISHRA I didn't get the ending of the story..i have a lot of questions to there anyone who can give me the answers?

ygar i love a great couple miss khs lmh , god loves you too

myraa choi young and eun soo couple is so sweet! Eun soo has such a great personality, very funny too :D the Woodalchi boys, vice general, dae man (he stutters a lot when he talks, so hilarious!), dol bae & deok man are so good-looking! They're pretty good at acting for a first timer. LOVE the drama, Faith daebak!

vivian padilla please put this dorama on netflix so we in the other side of the world can enjoy it. Puerto Rico

Wolfgirl This drama is awesome!!!! I LOVE this drama so much (* ^ *) !! yes, it has some plot holes, but the emotions and the great acting make up for it!! I loved Choi Young with Yoo Eun-Soo! I fell in love with them and started rooting for them so much! All in all this an amazing drama, don't let the negative comments affect you!

Sarah This drama is crap! Complete crap.. How many times can you kidnap someone.. Hold them hostage ... Poison them... Wtf... Even the antagonists with their supposedly special powers.. How is it that they get killed off so easily towards the last episode but prior to that, every single attempt failed.. Ridiculous drama and complete garbage.. I wish I could take back those hours I spent watching this and just hoping it would go somewhere.. Annoying, irritating, and I do not recommend!!

maede Sara"s answer that she asked the person with white dress and long black hair is Park Jin soo(Bak Jin su).He is actor and dancer.

anh faith is. the best korean drama I ever watched. I have been watching it over and over countless of time. The story plot's so well written, it has all the needed factors for a good movie including history facts, funny scenes, with the two wholed hearted love stories of the general and the doctor, n the king + the queen. both lee min ho and kim hee sun performed at their bests as well as their best looking ever. the whole faith team was also superb. I do not understand why during its aired time, the rating wasn't that good, just read the comments you can see how people loved it and almost everyone had the same feeling when they watched it. So sad to hear about director Kim's death, may he RIP. With my greatest respect for this wonderful work of art. From the USA.

Maham gotta watch moreeeeeee of faith and of lee min ho. cast was awesome... it is my best korean drama. it has beaten "You are Beautiful " to 2nd no. regards from PAKISTAN

ice fairy superbbbbbb. regards from PAKISTAN

Kunza i just loveeeeee this drama. it is superb, awesome and mind blowing. never loved lee min ho more ... i wish ending was a little more elaborate. 1st hair style of lee min ho suited him soooo much, afterwards , it looks like they didint bother to set his hair

Lisa Aiko Amazing movie!!I love this main title's song too....After I watching that movie,I love Korean History more than before....lee min hoo,kim hee sun,and all actres and actor have a great job!!!I never forget with this amazing movie..really....!!I hope they can make Faith 2.....sound great!!hehehehee...

mary Love this drama is better than belgims series. When i see it i wish it will happento me

Harshi Love this Story so much especially Lee Min-ho's character. He's so sweet! Wishing you Good Luck Brother!!!

sara i want to know the name of the man with the faminine look ... the one who always dress white clothes and has very long black hair .. please?? i searched alot and still can't find anything about him .. thanks

henderson Disappointing... annoying female main character... highly overrated.

Ngoc Please tell me this is not the end yet. This is not enough to stop. Their story is so beautiful.

julianna Oh man... so much comments.. my god... does this say that this drama is a fantastic one?!? Anyway I still didn't want try to watching it.. but nw I think I definitely should watch it.. hope this drama would take ma heart away.. love Korea.. love your dramas... umwhaaaaaaa

tini "FAITH" it's really make me Crazy. Very Good Acting, and Lee min Ho Love you so Much. Please Make Next Episode for this Drama, Please Make New Good Ending.

Joanna Sarangheyo FAITH. This is really awesome never seen any movie or drama like this before, HATS OFF to the entire cast, the settings, costumes, story , the twists everything is perfect, Lee Min Ho specially the way he portrays the exact expressions for the scenes. I love the way he looks into her eyes in the last scene <3. I like Min Ho ever since BOF, but after faith I've gone crazy for him. I wish to meet him once....... Greetings from India

Cristina ”Lee Joon-Gi was initially cast for the male lead, but due to his impending mandatory military requirement he had to drop out of the project.” ... I am glad that Lee Min Ho got the role. It is a very expressive actor, he plays great in this film. Producers are lucky that they have chosen him as the main actor. I got hooked on "Faith" is the 3rd time I watch the show and still not get enough. I don't remember a film that caught me so much that to make me see again the second time .... The only complaint I have ... the end, I wanted to be just a little more developed. Greetings from Romania.

Marilina Wow im short of words for this,faith its amazing,lee min ho potray the character excellently,i'm seriously addicted to this movie"HELP ME"lol,i really can't stop watching this movie, i luv lee min ho,so much love all the way from nigeria

Mayakho Min ho yaa... i love u since this FAITH. I remember how i love to hate ur "flowery-flowery boys" acting before. Come back with another Mane.of.Glory.!

Ashley Will there be a FAITH 2013?! I want to know what will happen after

bitten i love how the romance built over the drama. slowly but wholehearted. the chemistry between two leading casts are just so good!

flyingboat i like this drama and it is always a pleasure to hear corean language which is so alike music for me ( i'm french). The actors were up to it. The first episode was very funny, it reminds me of the moovie "les visiteurs". It could have been great to test the general longer in the "heaven world". The plot was well lead. But it is just a shame that we don't know anything of the life of the blank haired man and his red sister, except they are dangerous murderers. ^ Thanks to the team of faith: i had a good time looking at your work ^

hope Kaaba I so loved this drama could not stop watching it. I was so pleased that it was not a bad ending.

matthew-uk FAITH was soooo coool !!!!! seriously worth watchin!!!!! i really like your fight scenes!!!!!! man u are awesomeeee!!!! the storyline were fantastic!!!!! u are the only male actor from korea that i like!!!! thumbs up!!! fightin lee min ho!!!!

wandy I'm watching this 4th time, this is awesome, this is not like other flowery flowery toffee kind K-dramas, very attractive and all the characters are so matching, for the choi young lee min ho the best. he did it well, i like his serious acting than comedy. :D he always has serious look.

Reira forgot to mention. the traditional doctor, Jang Bin's character also stood out perfectly by Phillip Lee. so is Dae Man (Choi Young's friend), and the (killed) red moon master. so are all the other characters, too much to mention. again, kudos to casting selection and costume setting! ^^

Reira oh, and i forgot to mention, the traditional doctor Jang by Phillip Lee is another perfectly selected gesture, so is Dae Man (Choi Young's friend). kudos again to the casting selection and costume designer!

Reira the castings are perfect for all characters. the guy who acts as king although kinda babyface and not that tall, but his personality fits rightly to the character of young, wise king. so is the queen and the bad guy "Ki Cheol" who's evil yet beauty-conscious of his own self. this brings me to dynasty era in chinese movies/comics, so are "weirdo characters" in japanese mangas. i did expect some "thin face" for Choi Young, like what they earlier planned to cast"Lee-Jon Gi". when i saw Min Ho i at the drama ad, i was less interested; didn't fit the feeling of traditional warrior and more of selling face. but after watching it, he cosplayed and roleplayed it perfectly. he looks much better in this drama than he ever was. i wonder if he did some facial (surgery?) or maybe that i like him due to that traditional guy personality - shy, prideful, wise, clean and abstinent...idk.

Bela I love this drama.. Lee Min Ho is now my favorite actor. I love his acting!!! watching this drama for the third time now..

Marjan lee min ho,you are so likable!!!!! this drama,faith,is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! I have watched "faith" 3 times!!!!!!!!! you have acted brilliantly!!!!!!!!!! you are the best actor of all!!!!! U ARE THE ONLY actor by whom I am most fascinated by!!!!!! I am crazy about ALL YOUR DRAMAS!!!!!! I wish you the best!!!! thank you for this drama "faith" I have immensely enjoyed it! :)))))))))))

Fangsing quite draggy..u feel tired after awhile:/ hmm i give it a 3..

Shayne Wow! I love this drama.. So great, the switching and twist of the story was awesome. And of course I do love choi young! ❤❤❤lee min ho!

dechen i like this drama very much,it is a very fresh idea and also many cast are very charming and good in acting.LOL directer Kim Jong Hak and writer Song JI Na you all did a good job,hats off to the entire team. Respected director Kim jong hak you realy did a perfect direction All in all i loved your movies ps.i liked the young ,fresh talented Kim jong moon.


Vivien i have watched this drama twice so far... and twice i have loved it!!

beautiful actors +great acting + great story-line + = Faith

lots of love from Uganda!!

Fireball Top Movie - Awesome sets and costumes and every actor/actress was so compelling. I loved the traditional medicine scenes with the pots boiling, nice effect. There are plenty of emotionally charged scenes. The "villains" were great, kept me at the edge of my seat, they wanted something they went out and got it, although I don't agree with their methods. Why is it they always had the upper hand? Dr Jang was a sad exit, I enjoyed his character a lot. I liked the way he dealt with her weirdness. The GD was getting too comfortable with him and Choi would have had to duel for her later. If Choi wasn't around - Dr Jang was already her equal, he would be her match, that shone through when they argued over Choi's operation. Although, the female herbalist would have scratched her eyes out. Choi was a man burning with love for the GD, his actions said it all even the removal of his betroths bandanna. I expected a "I love you" when she returned to the Palace after the kidnapping, I expected it again when she was healed from the first lot of poison. Choi dude, you needed to put down your sword and sweep her off her feet, she's a modern woman and threw many hints. The flower scene was sweet and so bold, but it turned into a memory in a medicine bottle, eh? Their parting was heart matter, they found each other in the end. We humans are so funny, no matter which culture, it's amazing how people in love never admit it until it's too late. I suppose that's why it's called "Faith" - keep believing despite obstacles and even distances in time. Standing Ovation to Everyone!!!!

Ria I loved this drama SO much. I think its one of the best dramas I've watched till date, and thats a big thing since ive watched so many!! This drama really touched my heart, plus lee min ho's acting was superb!! The last episode actually pulled my strings, I really hope for more dramas like this!

kyuahin I love all the characters in this drama. The Woodalchi warriors had captured my heart. They'r all kind, with so much love and respect for their leader. Their funny moments actually helped ease the worry/tension i felt watching those unfortunate events,i.e. Lady Choi grabbed Asst general frm the back to give the King&Queen a bit of moment walking side by side & he was like 'watdaheck!ah,ok'; Young pushed the door open catching the Woodalchi kids eavesdropping on their convo and they like pretended to get busy,lol. Everyone's acting is great. The romance is so sweet, not too lovey-dovey. Saeguk dramas i'v seen are set on Joseaon era, bt this drama is set even before Joseon, the Goryeo era. Drama,action,educational, romantic with a bit of comedy. The OSTs are superb!esp Ali's Carry On, love it so much! Faith cast and crew, daebak!

kyuahin I love all the characters in this drama. The Woodalchi warriors had captured my heart. They'r all kind, with so much love and respect for their leader. Their funny moments actually helped ease the worry/tension i felt watching those unfortunate events,i.e. Lady Choi grabbed Asst general frm the back give the King&Queen a bit of moment walking side by side; Young pushed the door open catching the Woodalchi kids eavesdropping on their convo and they like pretended to get busy,lol. Everyone's acting is great. The romance is so sweet, not too lovey-dovey. Saeguk dramas i'v seen are set on Joseaon era, bt this drama is set even before Joseon, the Goryeo era. Drama,action,educational, romantic with a bit of comedy. The OSTs are superb!esp Ali's Carry On, love it so much! Faith cast and crew, daebak!

kyuahin OMG! This drama is sooo amazing! I kept worrying and only got relieved in the end. I've been wondering how it happened that there were relics frm the past (her surgical instruments,the notebook,etc.) when she said in the notebook 'i am u in the future'. So that's how it was. When she went back in from Seoul, she got into the period hundred years before that time Choi Young was dying. How painful that is. :( Good enough, GREAT DOCTOR is really wise. She sent messages for herself in the future (Goryeo period) since she's now in the past. And she has FAITH, that he will live and they'l meet again.

I was so worried this will turn out a tragedy. So glad it did not. :)

hamid very very nice. خیلی عالی بود

saroZ rana from nepal Sems like my coment is at no.218.wat to say i m js spechless both lee min ho n kim hee sun r gona be alwz my favourate.this drama has been my best drama ever n will be...even they r not real for couple bt looka like perfect matured couple...they have performed i m veey happy...the woman i alwz was searching n looking to b as my woman was kim heesun the maturity n feelings js touched my heart so deeply, i like n love her very much...cureently i m in breakup,bt still i m waiting the woman like kim hee sun, someday she will come n we can love each other till death..all the characters in this drama hav performed well n won every ones heart..songs r also very heart touching..very big respect tohis majesty... king and queen..even the generals n wudaallchis u all faith teamworkers and directors this drama will remain best drama forever n ever..많이 많이 사링 해요....fighting...

Marizza Great drama! Great story! and Excellent acting on behalf of everybody. Oh, and of course, loved loved loveed the Imja couple!

I gotta say that Yu Oh-Seong's acting was out of this world.. He's got a new fan... really really, good acting.

About Min-Ho being more suitable for modern dramas over historical.. well.. I'm not quite sure which I'd prefer, but I must say this... seeing Min- Ho in a historical drama, gave it a nice touch, overlapping modern and history in one person seemed to have worked.

I think his character was well built.. had a nice balance everywhere.. specially with Hee-Seon <3

Love it! XD

mina I love faith.I just watched it 1 week ago and it was so good.The actors are graet. Just watch to understand!

lisa i have to admit, the end was very scary and i thought the whole thing was going to start all over again, and also i reali didnt understand the significance of the end but thanks to reading some of the comments here, i think i grab the gist. though not fully. altogether i loved it. it was heart wrenching and soul yearning and i almost felt like becoming the characters. faith team, AJA!

tet Watched this twice and so love it. Hoping that there will be part two,breath holding upto The end, but not contented with the scene at the end huh,congrats lee min-ho!

sarah saranghaeyo, choi young! the sequel, please?!

melindaalmamento i bought a dvd tape of this movie called faith..its so great..indeed rightfully faith.... i watched every chapter continuously even when getting mother scolded me when she got awake at 4 am im still watching..i cnt stop myself from watching so i decided to leave from work for 3 days just to completely finish the movie, the whole chapter...great isn't it?

sixtofive I soooo love this drama! At first I only wanted to see it because it's Lee Min Ho's but then I just found myself hooked to every episodes. I even researched on Korea's history such as Goryeo Dynasty, General Choi Young, King KongMin, Queen Noguk and staff like that so I can better understand it and it's true they did really exist in history. Such an intelligent writers. Superb job Faith!

ocean I love the movie. Haven't seen it

Nia sorry but I hate the ending of this drama :/

Nithu Lee Min Ho did a good job in this drama!! just loved his action scene !! so cool!! THANKS!! <3

drama_fan this is the best drama of 2012~!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been very caught up with every single episode~!! There were no boring scenes at all~!! Lee Min Ho's acting was so good, not to speak about his actions~!! He protrays his martial art very well. The soundtrack was very impressive too.......Kim Hee Sun was also very pretty & cute, her character melted Choi Young's character very well into a warm person. Lee Min Ho implemented the captain Choi Young very well, as he was well built & tall. I just felt disappointed that Phillip Lee had to suddenly die in the drama because of his eye surgery as his charactor was also well presented. I love the ending as it summarized the whole mystery (although I had to think about it). The idea of having "faith" that Choi Young was alive & so waiting & travelling back & forth to the right time period to meet Lee Min Ho was just awesome~!! I am so absorbed into this drama~!!!

Yun I agree with ms Min Hoo is best for modern dramas. I watched all his drama and faith the worst acting drama i saw until now so all the best for choosing next project Mr. LMH, Love your acting but FAITH not just it....

I think FAITH should play by Lee Jun Ki, he suitable with historical drama. I watched his new drama Arang and the Magistrate and he just delivered a wonderful acting skill even though I just watched his only drama....I'm looking forward watch his other drama.

so sorry if i offended Mr.LMH fans....this is just my personal opinion.


Ms Critic I also want to comment about this drama...i really love korean dramas but this year best drama i think The Moon that Embraces the Sun...this is just my opinion but i think Mr Lee Min Ho is best for his modern dramas not for historical dramas...

asmahane i watched it i should say that's really great and i wanted to say to Mr lee minho and his co-star Ms Kim Hee-Seon you was really perfect thank you alot be happy

judanne i like this story.....never had i imagined this kind of story.......but FAITH is the justification that it exists.....loved it!!!!!! lee min ho ur the best among the rest..........

ghazal i like sooooooooooooo much this drama. i am watching for second times and i enjoy alot.

Mahin I've watched this TV show for 5 times and each time I enjoyed more...I loved the story and the chemistry of main characters relationship and the romance.., and of course the fascinating story in the background. It was GREAT.

mkhan only Lee Min-Ho & Kim Hee-Seon

Rhen Faith is a fantastic drama. I watch again and again and again...:D

Mischel FAITH is one of the most moving kdrama I ever watched. Till now, I'm so affected by it. And wanting to watch for more. So much curious how the two end up, how I wish there has been a more detailed ending coz I really really love them! Thank you for an excellent drama! LHM <3

Lee Eun_Soo Sorry for who says that there is a korean drama better then FAITH... FAITH will still be no1 in Kdrama...Really loved it... I think I can't watch any kind of other Kdrama because I'm addicted to FAITH...<3 Lee min ho and Kim hee sun still be the best actors in couple everrrr thanks for a lovely choosen actors and a lovely historical drama KIM JONG HAK... <3<3

emmageorge Try watching the drama on Blu-ray on a super big screen, it's so beautifully filmed and executed. It's the most unforgettable experience in High Definition and the actings are seamless. It deserves "GOLDEN GLOBE"S for many "BEST"S..

Alice Such a cute drama! And it has the most beautiful music of any drama I've scene yet! I love how many cute, sweet moments the couple had! And it didn't matter that they didn't kiss much, since, unless its Yoon Eun-Hye, most Korean kissing scenes are a let down in comparison to the awesome job they do building up the relationship. Can't wait to watch it again. This needs to be on iTunes or DVD, now!

Evelinne Faith is the best historical drama the others. I've done watching this drama but i want to watch it again.

Angelseyes I cant believe I`ve done watching it! Woooaaahhh! Congratulations to all the actors and actresses for their impressive acting skills and also to the people behind this... from writers to directors and to all the staff who had been working so hard just to come up with this kind of drama... A worth seeing one! Great job guys!!! ^^

----Lee Min it really your first time doing historical drama? Because you`ve done it so well dude!! Congrats!! ;)

nova joy i really love this drama....speciall lee min ho, he's so great. im looking forward to watch his new drama this coming 2013..lee min ho, your the best actor for me...

FeEllana Faith made me read Korean history..Try and search for fantasy. hahaha For me it's the best historical drama so far..

Rijarison Feb04blooberiful lol at the that's great, now i don't have to kill you ) i think asian parents in the west are much nicer in comrapison to the ones here in actual asia (well.. maybe not i have some pretty crazy aunts in the us XD)

maia surely difficult for lee min ho to be paired up with a married woman especially in the kissing scene part..poor boy..he can't kiss her well...

crissy12 omg..i fell in love with this drama! it's so captivating from the time i first saw it i never stopped 'till i finished made me sleepless for nights to the point i neglected doing my pupils' report card.hahaha /..but it's worth watching for!kudos to all the people behind this drama....i hope i could see lee min ho when he'll visit phils.again xoxo :)

Beverly Cabanero Hello Lee Min Ho! by the way I'm from the Philippines particulary in Cebu. With regards to this drama, I've just finished watching it, I super love it ! I think I'm beginning to like & admire lee min ho more after watching him in this drama. I love city hunter too but Faith for me is one of his best drama. Faith surely brings out the best of lee min ho the character he played suited him that much. I'm now looking forward to more project of you IDOL. Take Care!!!

I P.S Choi Young also showed their affection towards each other without acting all lovey-dovey unlike a typical romance drama

I It was an heartwarming and touching drama :). I loved how the Queen and King developed their relationship gradually. Choi Young and Eun Soo's relationship really made my heart flutter >\\w\\<. It has a sweet ending and I was hooked from the first episode, leaving me in suspense when an episode ends. It didnt have a predictable story line and Lee Min Ho acted well for his part. The other actors did well too, putting together an awesome drama! Good Job Min Ho Oppa and the Faith team <33! Saranghae yo :*

aleigna done watching this drama...i got a soaring eyes because i wasn't able to sleep for two nights just to finish watching this drama..

what can i say??the writer is really brilliant.. i really love the story..honestly i even done a brief research about Korean history particularly goryeo dynasty.,,,just for me to have a further idea of what is the real story behind the drama.. :) it is also isn't like those 'love-triangle or love against the world story' but i still felt the romance...

lee min ho '''my oppa general choi young"' did so great in this...i love him even more upon watching this drama...i also love the character yoo eun soo..though i wasnt familiar with the actress who portrayed...

im hoping that there would be part 2...maybe general choi young could also visit the modern year and some twist will happen...

Neri done watching this DRAMA! but still the happiness the sadness and the fear I felt in this drama still remains in my HEART :) this drama is indeed worth watching! so if you love to watch Korean drama please don't miss this! ok? Thanks Lee Min-Ho and Kim Hee-Seon for being such a good actress and actor in this DRAMA :) ♥♥♥

Tinaluphh i love this drama so much.. The end of the story is really touch my deepest heart, i learn that there is love that knows no time difference.. thank you for creating this beautiful drama <3 <3

Just Me.. GREAT work, GREAT crew, GREAT actors and of course GREAT directing.. thanx alot..

greetings from dubai

Faith4ever 0h Faith how will I foget you?Ottoke?This drama went straight to my heart. Bullseye. Imja and Daejang I will fovever love you. Kim Hee Sun- you are very radiant. You are just very beautiful and a very superb actress. PD-nim though there are flaws, thank you for finishing this drama. Writer Song Jina, I am excited for the novel to be published soon. Thank you for creating the characters I truly adore. To the Staff, Crew, and Actors - thank you for accepting your roles and making this drama come true. Lee Min Ho, Our Daejang, Our Choi Young, thank you very very much for reconsidering the role after not accepting it initially. I cannot see any actor that can portray the Great CY other than you. LMH is CY, CY is LMH. You never fail to amaze me. See you once again in another drama hopefuly called Faith 2.Faith Daebak! LMH and KHS jjjang!

Lacy Faith... Oh where do I start. Lets just say this drama is no joke, it's Timeless and beautiful. I never knew I would come to Love this drama so much. The storyline, the cast.... The romance, the romance, the romance gosh THE ROMANCE heck even the bromance in this drama was just so incredible. This isn't the kind of drama where you watch, probably enjoy it but forget about it as soon as the final episode airs. It's the kind that always lingers in the heart and mind and will stand the test of time. It's dramas like this that makes me really, really excited and glad that I started watching K-dramas The cast really outdid themselves on this one, superb acting across the board. I would definitely recommend this drama to anyone it's one not to be missed.

emmageorge Below is a comment I left for Kim and that goes to Lee too Faith will not be as good without him.

-  Faith will never be as good if you are not in it, full stop. I also quit my job after I got married and my ex boss has commented to this day that it is a waste of my talent not staying with him. I was a P.E. to the Company Director and Group Company Secretary of a listed Corporation. The Company has radio station and film production companies under its wings. Nowadays, a few super famous hollywood actors and actresses had once under its contracts. I have not seen any Korean actress to your calibar because I can only compare you with our western actors and actresses. I am not being humble here, I SHOULD KNOW. Very much like you, we could sit home or may be I can fly down to Korea or you coming over and we can have hi tea and go shopping but I have recently joined the work force and I will offer you this 'Do not waste your talent because you are so good at it and I am sure you know it.' All the best always, emma

Jess here I want to 're-comment' after completing this drama. As I expected before, this is a great drama to watch. I enjoy every moment, scene after scene. And I love not only Lee Min Ho but every actors and actresses in this drama. They really do a great job. And I thought right before to believe in Min Ho's acting skill. Some people said that his eyes is so expressive. That is true, I think. So I want to say, believe.. that when his face looks lack of emotions, then it is what it should be. That's the role that expected him to be emotionless. Just watch the transformation till the last part of the drama.

Ozzmo At first I watched this drama n follow it till episode 7 only coz I don't have time watching it. At 1st the story was abit slow but when the "love" starts to kick in between Eun Soo and Choi Young it starts to become interesting. I only managed to continue watching the drama like 3 days back and I just finished episode 7-24 in bout 3days. This is how good this drama is. Good job to the the casts and crews of this drama. U guys worked hard! If only there's Faith 2 bout their love story it would be awesome since Gi Cheol n the Prince Deokheung is still alive I think.. Anyway AWESOME DRAMA EVER!

ellis trisilia Waiting for so long to see this drama series, Min Ho just so fit with his role as General Choi, tall and tough, naive and sincere. Love this drama, love " the love scene" Almost heartbreaking to figure out what's gonna be at the ending, and then relief they finally met and assumed be together at all times.

haydee I so love this koreanovela! Watched it online and I can't stop myself from watching up to the last episode. Lee Min Ho is so handsome. I love him sooo! His scenes with Kim Hee-Seon are so romantic. My favorite are their scenes together, whether arguing or quietly passionate about for each other. But I would have preferred to see them kiss or at least hug towards the ending.

Adinda oh i love this drama :))

emmageorge Good on you, Slee, you should be the co-writer of Faith II. It will guarantee an interesting plot and a very happy ending. Cheers, emma

emmageorge I do not have the luxury of watching Faith on Korean Television but I have bought the blu-ray home with me and a far cry from watching on my ipad while travelling. With full knowledge of the plot I found it most pleasing to watch the drama second time around. Previously the on going guessing from episode to episode is a bit lost and exhausting when the drama is presented at intervals. It requires continuation without any interuptions to fully appreciate this drama. The connections from scene to scene. The plot is so ingenious and the superb handling and directions and filming of the drama is now evident on dvd. If possible to play the drama all over again in Korea now will definitely attract lst rank ratings time after time. It is so unjustify to have it rated when it is aired episode by episode. The very fine and the very best acting of both Lee and Kim are demonstrated so seamlessly and so beautifully on the big screen and so are the countless very good actors and actresses. This drama simply grows on people. It makes me want to watch it again and again. The ending are not that unfulfil if one is to watch the drama at one breath while the closeness and feelings of En Soon and Choi are still fresh and it will linger on towards the very end. This is probably why the writers and director believe that sort of ending is justified while we viewers hunger for more. Faith is true entertainment and deserves a 'golden globe' and will be a true classic for years to come. The dvd is now nestle amongst my carefully selected collection of the best movies and dramas, mostly from UK and US. I highly recommend everyone to watch the drama uninterupted from commercials on blu-ray before one can fully enjoy and appreciate Faith. Best still, own a copy and pick it up whenever. It's a truly unforgettable experience and congratulations to all from Faith. Many Thanks, emma

Achara Charnsethikul Hello, I like the story very much. They are all good performances. Perfect in every cuts. Lovers good eyes contacts. What I can say is I love this drama. Thanks for happy ending.

zahra wasim hey FAITH TEAM... superb job... all the behind-the-camera team and the actors, fantastic. i loved the plot, the acting and the story.. but not the ending.. i wish they would have met there and then and choi young didnt have to wait for her girl to come baq.. i wish there were more kissing and hugging scenes.. but i really appreciate that even without the physical interaction between the two the love and affection portrayed, the understanding, the eye contacts were superb... i want lee min hoo to work in more fabulous dramas... im his fan from Pakistan. i wish faith would not have ended too soon.. and yes i agree to one of the comments above that its sequel would be amazing... please make FAITH 2.. please =]

connie I loved this show, even if I had to read subtitles. lol. As I read, I didn't even notice that they were speaking another language. I also would have preferred that they hugged and kissed after reuniting. I took that as maybe different cultures do not demonstrate affection as we do. After all, Love is a heaven word that she had taught the Queen heavens language.

slee Thumbs-up for Faith! I'm a sucker for good ending - so, happy that Goryeo won the war and Choi Young and Eun Soo finally reunited! What's next?! Faith II - Choi Young travels to the future with Eun Soo for a "holiday/break" and to meet her parents. What is supposed to be a short break in the future becomes a longer stay when they find the structure with the time portal is demolished...throw in another lady character who looks like Choi Young's ex-gf in the 21st century Korea who pursues Choi Young relentlessly and gets him a bit confused and distracted...and here's where season 2 kicks off... :-)

marypuro Lee Min Ho's acting skill in boys over flower left the Naga fans wanting for more,and sure enough we got the better of him in personal taste and city hunter!too bad that we cant catch live of the Faith as it is not aired in this part of the world we call!..anyway keeping our fingers crossed with high expectations from min ho. Best wishes and regards all the way from Nagaland,India.

nana I love lee min ho, I have started 2 love him since i watched "boys over flowers" ATTENTION!!!!!! I know that lee min ho has 10 million friends in FACE BOOK,he became the best Korean actor in France and Russia,he won 5 awards in 2011,boys over flowers got selected for "Seoul international award". he is the best!!! SO WHY DO NOT YOU FANS SUPPORT HIM when it comes 2 voting for some festivals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! are you not his fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like voting for him coz he makes me smile, I want 2 do sth in return and make him smile!!!! pls support him!!!!!!!!!!

Rachel Iang I thought it would be sad ending and I was crying like crazy :-) but they met again. It turned out great. Good job Lee Min Ho and Kim Hee Sun !! You two were really amazing and love you guys a lot!!

Krysa Wow, I really started to belive that there will be no happy ending. But it came! Great! :-)

sandie lo I love this movie it's one of the best that lee min ho did... i love him in all his moives.. all the actors in this faith drama was so good too... i love how all the characters plays their role in this drama... i can't wait to see what lee min ho is going to do next. ugh how he just makes my heart skips every beat!!!

MelissaG Wow - This drama is amazing and my heart wrenches for the historical characters. I love the personality and life the writers gave to the real life, awe-inspiring Korean history hero of Choi Young. Thank you Lee Min-ho (and every other person who worked on Faith) for bringing so much respect and dedication to the Faith story!

Cintia I was loved this novel. I'm from Brazil and I see the novel with spanish subtitle. I didn't knew Lee and, I love him, this actor is very gooood, (besides handsome), great interpretation !!! So, this novel was wonderful and had the preocupation with the people that saw. I will watch more series with the Lee. Tks to serie, I love this Faith!!!

Lucy Omo!!!!!!!!! the ending was great!!!!!!!!! i cant believe it's over TT^TT im soo sad it's all finished but i loved every minute of it!!!!!!! <3 <3 I love LEE MIN HO!!!!!!!

Cindy SPooLier....sorry...

Alright, so I finally finished was GREAT!!!! Love the movie - love the ending, i wish they would've like hugged or something, but i'll settle for the love gaze with tears in their eyes ending.......but i was totally digging his facial hair at the end...*DrOoL* LOL :)

Lee MinHo - I have yet to be dissapointed in any of your movies/dramas.

emmageorge I manage to put my schedule aside and watch the ending of Faith again and am so very touch by the faultless acting of Lee and Kim and the seamless integration of love emotions from every angle. I never think that I will witness such fine world class acting. I must congratulate the ingenious directions of the director and the very skilful cameramen. The drama Faith is truly world calibre. The drama is truful to its name. As Fracken's comment, quote "Thats Faith:They both had Faith," It is so well said. Faith of his gang to him and his Faith to them. His loyalty and Faith to the King, the Queen's faith to the King and they to them... Faith, here, there, and everywhere... Faith will be a true classic of all times and ignore the ratings and shortsigtedness for now, people simply need to chew on and taste and linker with appreciation. Very much like fine vintage wine, it will continue to mature with age. Thank You for such a quality drama and will it be another Faith??? Will definitely keep my eye on everyone's future endeavour. With all my very best wishes, will cheer you all from my home country next. emma

Catherine I am from Australia and I rely on Eng sub to watch Korean dramas on internet. Thank you for giving us such a good show. Love LMH and KHS and all the casts and people behind the scenes. I hope not waiting too long for the next drama with LMH as the lead actor. I started loving Korean dramas since watching Personal Taste and City Hunter. Lee Min Ho, you gain more fans in Oz now.

FrackenMother Others must understand The ending all were great acting, She went to a longer time before left message,from earlier time, "I am Okay", time jumped, he was waitng 5 years,For her, "Thats Faith:They both had Faith,

Ana Lee Faith..... a masterpiece

emmageorge I too agree that the ending is too short and unfulfil but at least they meet again and is left to one's imagination. The way it ends it looks like the producer is making way for Faith II and again if they do not receive enough backing and support that might not happen. Let's keep our fingers crossed and good luck. emma

Cindy Aw man...from what i'm reading...i'll be disappointed in the ending? :(

sigh...i hate it when i watch 10 plus episodes, and at the end, they just look at each other, then it ends like that...i have a feeling it'll be like this for Faith?

Rae Don't hate me but this was not a very good drama. Lacked the fighting scene that I've been waiting for considering there were ppl with the 'inner power.' What happened to that Uncle prince??? Good thing they met again but can't they at least hug, kiss or something?

Mihiri is a great ending.thanks to all.I was afraid that this will end sadly.but it is not like that.Lee Min are the best actor that I have ever seen.Lee Min Ho you have the strength to turn everything the best.Your acting as Choi Young was amazing..though I don't know your language at all , I really love your acting.Now I'm interested in reading the history of Korea.Lee Min Ho, I wish you all the best for your future.And also I'm looking eagerly to watch another series of drama..

yourdad thank god! i was damn worried the ending was not going to make any sense and it doesn't. Her time travelling was destined until choi young lived(as in the actual history) so it wasn't a suprise but the writer did a decent job. A decent drama it is.

emmageorge Congratulations and thanks to the writer and producers, great ending and totally not disappoint. Hope the blue ray will be out in the market before I hit home. Thanks to the fabulous acting of Lee and Kim. Great cast and true entertainment. Last but not least, the subtitles team. THANK YOU! emma

Nathan FAITH

She saw him die, but it was not the end. He saw her separated from him forever, but it was not the end.

On earth, as Mercy and Love which are above our intelligence would have it, things may not fall out that way--as we would have it. But there is a Heaven-land that can fill the black holes of men's hearts, restore them forever to their TRUE love, and still the cup will overflow.

Reality Himself will be too good for us to fully take Him in, in all eternity.

Believe it!

For this,


wm The writer did a great job in pulling off suspense at the end every episode. The stronger cliff hanger at the end of every two episode is a very well written strategy in getting viewers to bite their nails as they have to wait another week for the next episode. It's the first kdrama that I came across as such.

The sub romance of the King and Queen added a very nice sweetness to the show as well. Supporting character are also an added entertainment.

Sad that Lee Phillip has to leave the drama due to eye injury and his character had to be killed off so abruptly.

Downside:- The bad guys never dies, especially near the end of the show. Cheom Eun Ja, Hwa Soo In and the king's uncle. It makes no sense that they always have an easy escape, and they can just walk in and out of the palace so freely when they are suppose to be the most threatening to the King.

hee_seon OMG!!! Today I m so sad because tomorrow the last episode of this drama will air!! I LOVE this drama SO much!!! Kim Hee Sun is amazing and the couple is just simply amazing!! :* will it really end tomorrow ? I wonder what will happn at the end. I hope Lee Min Ho comes to present with KHS, omg that'd be amazing;)

Jisoo Han I love the flow of this story! And hoping for the best end.. I am such a fanatic of travelling through time stories. I love the plot and whoever wrote this drama did a great job! Though people are saying that the end is gonna be sad or tragic.. I am still hoping for the best.. I really love Min Ho's character and he portrayed his role very well. I think he should also venture out on doing action stuffs. Hee Sun moreover, plays very well in her role as a sweet doctor. I've seen her drama "sad love song" with Kwon Sang Woo but this is the drama I enjoyed watching her the most.

By the way, I'm from the Philippines and I am also excited for Lee Min Ho's fun meet here for his Bench ad.

한지수 <3

Isabela i find extremely funny people asking for dubbed korean movies or korean songs in english.. i've learned to read subtitles since i was a kid and listened to songs in english and couldnt understand a thing.. i LOL whenever i see someone saying "even though i cant undestand the lyrics, it's a good song" or "wish this movie was dubbed" (ofc this not apply to every single english speaker)

sorry for this random comment, anyway.. i loooove faith, it's amazing! srsly! and the song :O Ali - Carry on, make me all teary :3

emmageorge Thanks Sarah, you have alerted me that Faith is actually based on the Korean history and their famous General.. As I am also from aboard except I am on the other side of the globe. How naive of me to think that it is only another Korean drama. I then searched the net for more clues. If ever the writer and the producer are serious about the past we are there to embrace a sad ending. It is already so very sad to learn that General Choi in real life was beheaded in the end. I could not bear for the separation of Lee and Kim, living or dead. Now knowing General Choi's tragic end in real, the ending of this drama appears obsolete. Looking at the making of this drama with elements of folklore and legends, just hope that it will have a fairytale ending and simply ignore histroy. And again with Korean film culture, its so 'wishful thinking'!!! cheers, emma

Sarah Smiles I have fallen in love with Faith. Though I am from the US and do not speak Korean, the story line and acting have been very enjoyable and kept my interests though I have to read subtitles (I wish they would redo it and have it dubbed in English!).

This is one of the sweetest love stories I have seen in film in ages. US films toss the characters together physically so quickly there is no build up and no has been alot of fun to watch Choi and Yoo together, and I so want them together

But history tells us Choi lived to be 70 ish, and was beheaded in his later days, though he was definitely a war hero. A prevailing theme in the series is that history can not be changed, and Choi is no where close to 70 so he has a lot of history left to make before he can die, so the star crossed lovers are destined to be parted I am afraid...I am not sure I can bear to watch it. And just like they do romance differently in Korean, as was stated above, their writiers and directors have no problem with sad endings as well...I know I am in for a tearful experience.

Regardless I am looking forward to #24 and #25

Cindy WOW - what great actors...I just started watching Korean Dramas this summer, and catching up to all the new stuff...but, Lee Min-Ho is a GREAT actor, loved him City Hunter!!! There's so much talent in all korean actors, especially their desire to learn different languages - all I can say!!!

emmageorge I just finished Episode 22 and is so heart clenching. The last episode is sad enough with the exit of Phillip Lee's character and this episode takes the cake.. We all unsure what's going to happen to the main characters next, good acting of Lee and Kim in true form but if it continue onto the next two episodes clouding with all these sadless of Kim might not survive from the poison and Lee's incapabilities with the use of his skilful hand for fighting and protection and then perhaps into tragedy. He has no way of fanning off the villains. Although it seems stimulating to some but it will be the Korean legendary film culture with not happy endings that I heard so much about. Are Korean viewers actually love tear jerking endings? I really could not comprehend the Asian film culture, whatever, just lead us back to the light and make something happy and cheerful for a change.. Really like to see how the writer gets away with this one if the ending is to be good. We shall see or should we prepare for the worse! I suppose the writer and the producer achieve that much so far and let us all hang in suspense... emma

Catherine The extension of Faith is a must for all desperate fans like I am!!! I have a feeling that the ending of Faith is sad (that one of the main role will die) hic hic..

emmageorge Happy ending is a must as I will be in asia/Hong Kong for the end of the drama and am ready to pick up a blu ray and head home with me, i.e. if ending is good! Bad ending I for one will not watch it again. The drama should be a classic and any time down the track people will pick it up and appreciate everything relate to it. True entertainment is entertainment that should leave a positive and pleasant note for generations to come, heart warming and enjoyable effect on the viewers are crucial not a very short vision of momentarily rating. People might not aware, a dose of happiness and out of reach feeling is antidote to todays natural and economic environment. I rely totally on the English subtitles this is why will be watching the Episode 22 tonite after all my engagements. It is the time for me to unwind, high expection as a result. Hope it would not disappoint. cheers, emma

Love faith I hope there will be a happy ending....the way it's going, I am expecting a tragedy....and that will make my days very bleak.

trish well, there you have it another fan pleading for the extension of the drama. I for one is all for it, however, you lost one of the more importantpart of the cast already to an injury almost to home stretch. if the drama were to be extended can the fans be assured of a well written extension that won't ruin the consistency and substance of the storyline. this early the whole cast and crew is to be congratulated for a job well done. We are all hoping for an awesome ending, with or without extension. .... well, hopefully with an extension ;D

rasha mohamed one of my favourite drama ever I am so in love with this drama specially lee min ho once again approve that he is the best actor in korea who know how to choose his roles very perfectly Oppa fighting ♥♥♥♥

bluelime No wonder this drama is so good the writer and director from The Story of the First King's Four Gods, Are the same and they bring the same style here in this drama as well, I love the writing and the show. I hope this show has a good strong ending seeing how it has gripped me from the beginning to now. I rarely have a show make me count the days tell the next one is about to air. Plus the chemistry between the couples make you want to melt I wish the show was going to be longer but all good thing have to come to a end :)

emmageorge Congratulations, Episode 21 is very gripping and make one want for more. As now when one is more familiarise with all the characters it refects the fine acting of the actors and the actressess. From the kIng, the Queen, Lady Choi, the gang of Lee min Ho, Dr Jang's assistant to the villains, Prince of Court and the character of Sin Eun Jung reminds one of the Superman II's one of the four Krypton criminals, Ursa (Sarah Douglas). Sadly we lost Phillip Lee and lets hope no more tragedies as that might totally ruin the drama, I, for one is bias of happy ending. The chemistry of General and High Doctor is totally captivating. It sure will fetch high ratings from here on if everything on track. Ever success, emma

malif I SOOOO LOVE this series. I don't usually think of watching a series twice, but if I were to watch one again, this would be the one. Such a great plot, always on the rise. What's going to happen? I hope it's not a tragedy though. It's also great that it's sweet while being appropriate for the most part. I don't believe in Buddha, reincarnation, or time travel though. SOOO GREAT! Can't wait to finish it next week. :)

lroe I am from the US and have watched all episodes thus far on Hulu. I absolutely LOVE this series and recommend it to anyone!! For me it is a combination of the book Shogun, by James Clavell and Diana Galbadon's "Outlander" books. Rich in history, beautiful scenery, great actors and story. I can't get enough of this! Thank goodness I have Hulu or I would never have gotten to see this. Thank you South Korea for making this wonderful drama!!!

emmageorge The series has gradually capture the essence of intimacy of the two main characters and the love between the two should remain focus. Lee Min Ho is tailored for his role. He has made his character adoreable and honorable. Kim Hee Seon is real mature in her acting skill and makes the character alive although she did babble a little bit too much in the earlier episodes under the director's directions. She is a natural and I have not seen many of the Korean actress that is to her category .With the plot, it is slow moving and when it trys to leave the viewers in suspense it better be not too long. The plot really need to spice up and require 'VOW' factors which is lack in Faith. There is no actual love triangle between characters and not much actions and clever plots which intregue the viewers. There are actually a lot of other characters that can make the drama outstanding and very interesting, for example , Kim Jong Moon's, Phillip Lee's, Sung Hoon's and Shin Eun Jung's but their parts are minimal and most of the time do not have too much relation to the main characters. Sadly it ends after four more episodes and this has gone a bit far to create more storylines for those characters. It has too much broken links. It is really too much graphic story telling and the graphic is not even good. The success of Çity Hunter is because it is very fast moving and action drama with lots ingenious happenings and justifciations among the good and the ugly. People overlook the bad ending I personally think because in real life Lee Min Ho and the heroine did get together and in turn save the drama. For my part I watch faith because of the acting of Lee and Kim and simply love the human bond and love and sacrifice of the two main characters so far. I sincerely hope the next four episodes would not disappoint and give better answers and solutions to numerous unfinished business. The contents of the notebook for one and it has become quite boring. All the best to all, emma

Adi this is one of the best dramas i`ve even seen so far... almost all the female characters are awesome, I can`t chose who I like more the main female lead, the queen or Lady Choi... we seldom see these type of strong women in a kdrama but here i had the chance of meeting 3. And not only that but this drama is so different from any other dramas... i mean, you won`t find an evil parent that decides that the couple shouldn`t be together, nor a nosy woman or man that tries to break them up or form a love triangle, the only thing truly staying between them is the time component of the story. Also this drama has the most shipers I`ve ever Almost all the friendly characters want to see the high doctor and the general together, especially his soldiers. Well, given the great chemistry they have together i`m not surprised And what`s best about it is that this drama is epic, each episode goes one level higher and higher and leaves you wanting more...hope it ends well I admit that this drama has flaws (especially in directing) but i guess it must be attributed to the rush they are filming it (yeah i`m biased a little but the characters and the story are so good that i`m willing to overlook some things) so, bottom line, i love this drama

yuni i like the story and lee min ho of course. but it bothers me so much that an elder lady plays the love interest of lee min ho. she really looks like in her forties and lee min ho in his 20's. sorry, the pairing just look awkward for me. i was hoping that they would also focus on the love story of the king and queen but i guess i'll be disappointed as well. they should opted for 16 episodes only. it's kinda dragging waiting for the heaven's door to open.

Jaztine wow! totally superb! this korean tv series keeps you at the edge of your seat... good story line.. excellent actors who know their characters well... soooo excited what'll the ending be...

Azel I love this drama. Their feelings are put in such a way that you are not sure if they even have feelings for each other but seeing the story like this isssss sooooo coooolll. Out of all the more serious dramas i watched this is the best one. And the actors were very well placed. The main male lead and female lead are doing a superb job. I can't wait for the next episodes, of course i barely sleep but it's so worth it to watch this

Natasha LOL Soo In and Eum Ja remind me so much of Team Rocket in Pokemon! Jesse... James...

Willow Upstate New York thanks the entire cast and crew of Faith for this amazing series!

Po Just watched epi 16. OMG! This drama is just getting better and better. Keep me wanting to know more what will happen next. I reckon the rating will be higher in no time. Love LMH as always. He's so adorable. The doctor lady is great too. I watched her film with Jackie Chan a couple of years ago. Her hair back then was long, straight and black. It suited her better than red brown and curly. Anyway, she's a talented actresses.

3aza Best drama and the acting of Lee Min Ho is the best as always, and the other actors are awesome too. Lee Min Ho keep going. You are my favorite korean drama actor :)))

emmageorge To make great rating of any dramas and have people falling head over heel for it the key is the chemistry of the hero and the heroine.The two need to be together more so people will pour their hearts out for them. Unless the drama is full of action and very clever plots otherwise everyone loves a good love story especially when people adore the main characters. In history any successful box office movies always involve great love stories, be it Twilight, Titanic, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Gone with the Wind, Pride and Prejudice and even Harry Potter. Humans are bias when come to the affair with the hearts. I was very taken by my first Korean drama during my business trip to Asia, My Princess. Hope faith would not end with a sour note like City Hunter!!!

GG Lee Min Ho is sexyyyyy!!!!!<3 I Love Him!!!! He's the BEST!!!

Iluvlee I swear I love this drama sooooooooooooo much... love the plot,love the characters. And I must say LEE MIN HO is doing an incredible job as a warrior ( not that am surprised since he has always been so damn good at his acting).

rei This drama is really good. Lee Min Ho and Kim Hee-Seon play their parts really well. I love the build-up of chemistry..It's not rushed and you can really feel the emotions. I especially liked ep. 13 and 14 where Choi Young and Eun Soo are starting to show their feelings for each other. They are adorable. The plot is also interesting. I'm glad that it's not just revolving around the romance of the characters. The supporting cast are also good esp. the villain Gi-cheol, he's really good. The action scenes of Choi Young are way too cool..I just hope they'll get their ratings up again and have a satisfying ending..

fira while waiting for ep 15, i am watching the previous episodes again and again!! i just love both Choi Young and the High Doctor!! they are very good in acting and match together...the whole drama is good and I could not imagine what will be on the next episode..and the ending..hope it is a happy ending..ngeeee~

shan ..can´t wait till the end of the drama: FAITH...expedite please...thank you:))

blob lee phillips is a robot, lol.

blob why did they pair up lee min ho with an older woman?

yani(philippines) I didn't expect this drama to be good but it really is, indeed! LMH never fails to make me proud. He is really good at acting. On the other hand, KHS, I only know her through this drama but I like her already. I hope they continue to get a good rating. I love watching LMH in tv. God Bless y'all! Faith Team, Fighting!

fn lee min ho is worst actor in the world

Jyam Can't wait to see episode 15. I just realize that this Kdrama really consuming my precious time in a good way. Now I've got a good reason to look forward on mondays and tuesdays. However, its ending is near. Hope it will be a happy one for Choi Young and Eun Su coz if not it will surely break my heart. It will really take time to heal it. For me,this saeguk drama is really good not because of anything else but for a reason that I have already learned to deeply love every characters in it.

Melody I do not understand why people hate the female doctor. I love her! Imagine if you're in her place traveling to an unknown place and you're so curious about many things but a warrior keeps on following you with his "scary" sword and emotions. And you're in a political war too, each second there means you're lucky for not being killed. How can you act normal then? even though you soon adapted there, you've lived in a modern life for almost all of your life! How can you expect people to be normal? Go and think logically dude! If her character was like Dr Jin I bet this drama is unworthy to watch. Trust me, even Dr Jin got low ratings because of that!

gara not as deep as other historical telenovelas. the doctor isn't really at par with other actress i've seen so far but shes pretty :) love the action part

Santy Tan I love this drama. Historical narrative spiced with romance between General Choi (Lee Minho) and High Doctor (Yoo Eun Soo). Love transcending time and space is interesting, different love story in general. Actresses and Actors are also pretty good playing the character of each. And specially because of Lee Minho, my idol. Love you...

mai (United States) This drama is not too bad... I agree, there's been quit a few time traveling dramas recently... But truthfully, I actually enjoy watching the historical dramas. LMH, is actually very handsome in here and he is getting better, I heard this is his first historical role... and so far, he's not bad. As for KHS, she's alright... I just think that her hair color and style does not compliment her face well. I am watching this to see how well/versatile LMH is and if he can portray his character.

dianne soo love this drama very much,..among all current dramas in 2012,..for me this is the BEST...actors and actresses play their role very well,.KEEP UP FAITH Team..!!

Faithlover i LOVE this drama. at first i didn't even know lee min hoo was in it when i decided to watch it. but the pproblem is that now i have to wait all the time. so if people are just watching this drama, i suggest you wait untill it is finished. then you wont have to go through the waiting. and to those people who keep on critisizing the female lead. she just got back into acting give her a break. if you don't like someting it is mostly the directors fault anyway. anyway love the drama it is making my mondays and tuesdays more exciting!

jay the actors and the actresses are all good but the story kind of slow and confusing. i dont like the role of the "high doctor" bec shes like some kind of stupid and no knowledge doc, sorry to say, the actess did well but it was wasted bec the story didnt compliment very well. i only watched this drama because of lee min ho and to my surprised lee phillip is also in here, i like him in secret garden. so eventhough i dont like the story, i still watch this because of this two good looking and very good actos!!!

Po Good drama! It was a bit slow at first but now i got stuck with it! Can't wait for more.

vicky I love the two main leads. I hope their relationship can build into something better. I have really high hopes for this drama. Can't wait to see the next episodes

A I Love Lee Min-ho,s acting in this drama, he,s courageous & supportive, he is COOL!!!!

I like the way he treats the doctor, if he acts 2 emotional we cant believe that he,s a warrior.

i,m really curious 2 know what will happen in next episode, NICE DRAMA! DEFINITLY RECOMMENDED!!!!

Ary WOW.........This drama is fabulous!!!!! i cant wait...... i wanna watch 13th episode! LEE MIN HO, u r the BEST,.........GO ON!!!!!!!!!!!

Courage Lee Min Ho is an amazing actor. I loved him in City Hunter, Boys before flower and Personal taste. Lee Min Ho is great at what he does. He's cute!!! love his laugh wow!! He's GREAT!! I wish they can make movies like this here in the U.S. Lee you go boy you ROCK!!

faran I didn't see other dramas that lee min ho act in them. but I like his act in this serial and I saw the cold act that some comments were appoint to, too. but I think his act must be like that. I think they chose a good guy for this case, since he seems to have potentials including his emotions, limited by he must to face it in film stream. and the rest of the film.. . but something that I think is cause of the view lee min ho act weak, is that the director didn't work good in making good back ground. the locations and situations based on the time are not covered good , then force of the way that lee min ho must act is not clear.

Jess The story has become more interesting now. Surely the plot is a little slow but overall, I like the storyline and it has a deeper meaning than I thought before. Think of it now, I agree with the title, Faith.. it has a great meaning. As for Lee Min Ho, give him some space.. IMHO his character supposed to be emotionless since he has lost his fiancee. It represent on his dream, I forgot which episode, that his world always snowy winter, but after he met the doctor it turn to spring. I'm expecting more emotion will be shown by him hereafter. Let's see... can't wait to watch next episode..

clara im getting bored with this drama since the first episode, like seriously. i love min ho in other dramas but NOT this one. His character is so boring and emotionaless. the main girl was loudsy and annoying too. probably because im tired of watching time traveling drama. Lee Min Ho better choose a good script that can match with his acting just like City Hunter.

Rhodalyn What?! Lee min ho is a lousy actor!!??? What the hell???!! If he is really a lousy actor why does he has a yearly drama??? Why does he has given awards?!! For me i adore him not just HiS LOOKS but also he is GOOD in his acting skills!! PERiOD!! To those who criticize him. Just go to hell..

HOSSANA Really am taking a liking to this drama but the acting by LMH is so plastic and robotic that its hilarious that all these girls are enamored with him not because of his acting skills but because of his good looks but Kim Hee-Seon is pretty good as she has that feistiness and curiousity and puzzled look in a new country but, I concur with some of the comments, that much of the acting in this series leaves much to be desired. Everybody, incl. the actor portraying the King, seems to be in a trance and just going through the motions. After watching The Chaser and having Faith take its place is a welcome relief as it brings lightness to a series whereas Chaser was so emotionally gripping but Faith is like watching Rooftop Prince in reverse. Oh, well, one must just accept Faith for what it is and enjoy it.

yourdad Really love the story(for now) and some of the cast but really disappointed with lee min ho as the main actor,dont know why the production team picked him thought. Seriously he's a lousy actor, lack expression and lack charisma. For the same production team who brought us The Legend of Four Gods(2007) this is somehow disappointing.At least the supporting cast are quite good. You dont need to be a director to know the difference between bae yong joon and lee min ho .Oh God Why.

mia What an amazing drama! love this drama so much. The cast are good too. Love Lee Min Ho *dying*

Ary Wow..... i Love this Drama, love LEE MIN HO,s character as a warrior, everything seems perfect with Lee Min Ho!!!!!

marry i very hate lee min ho because his acting is so bad,and for me lee min ho is the worst actor in korea.arang and the magistrate better than faith

maureen mccarthy bored of faith now the story is not very good

arjay so excited in episode 12 :(

vivi faith and dr. Jin maybe looks same, but the mean point is different, dr.Jin is most about the doctor achievement when he was in the past and how he cure the people cause there's no medicine over there, but faith telling about loyalty a warrior and the doctor to help the country and about magic also, so it's really fine to watch both of that than comparing the story.

for the actor, they're good I think, especially the doctor, she is more rational in express her emotion, imagine a woman doctor travel to the past, help people without asking what happen and act cool,but she show it really good with asking a lot and argued, that is more realistic and logic than acting cool just like you already know it will happen to you,

ueeeno damn! the story will become better if jungki is the king!

ueeeno I love minho. but i hate the female doctor. I wish they get a better actress than her. And i hate the king too because he can't act...!

Po I adore LMH. He looks great as ever in this series. And the seties itself looks like a good fun to watch except for one thing! The woman doctor, who supposed to be the main charactor ie. The great doctor, should learn to stop talking! She's babbling all the time and i mean ALL the time! I won't blame it on the actress because she's just doing her job. But the director should look into this fidgeting charactor of this female docto because it's atarting to spoil the good fun of the series.

atidgulagula I don't like boys over flower, I don't really like personal taste too, but when I saw Min Ho Oppa with the sword in Faith trailer, suddenly I FALL for him.. Min Ho oppa, saranghaeee <3 plis play more role in saeguk.

dayat i love this drama cuz he use lightning power like sasuke wow!

e Truth is not Sweet 사실은 귀엽지 않아요

niloofar min ho oppa sarange

maidenjhen Im starting to like the story although I dont like the role/acting role that is given to the Doctor, a Professional Doctor with that attitude? its a no no no.. wont even shut up! I hope more roles for Lee Phillip oh he is good! I even adore him in Secret Garden. LMH is perfect in his acting role, a good training from City Hunter to Faith.. of course an EYE CANDY! OH WOW! seeing his face in the screen is enough what more with the acting! so addictive to him!

Lola Min Ho Oppa Fighting !!! <3 I love this drama <3 <3

Nicoleta Hi, I'm from Romania. Gladly watch Korean movies.

Yani I'm from Mexico and I love LMH. Great drama.

Yani I'm from Mexico and i love LMH. great drama!!!

jacqueline This is like the best show ever!!! totally great!!!

Lucy WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O LOOVVEEE the drama ! especially Lee Min Ho he just makes everything great! I love seeing him act it just make the drama for me soo much better Gomabseubnida Oppa! Saranghaeyo! FIGHTING!!!

garima I like LMH drama but I liked the ealier dramas more (city hunter, bof, personal taste). I am from India and I am also the biggest fan of LMH. hopefully this drama will get more n more popularity..fighting~~~!! Lee Min Ho..!!

Irana Faith is MUCH BETTER than Arang and the Magistrate . LEE MIN-HO is showing that his acting is as good as his look, Love him.

griselle how can I find the music from the opening?

blob i don't like the actor who played the role of the king of goryeo. he looks irritating and annoying. his face doesn't fit the role.

Arezu Lee Min Ho is just perfect as always, main reason 4 me 2 watch this drama.i really adore his character as Choi Young, so supportive & also cute.

A Saudi fan. I never watched 'historical' drama except this one. this drama is really amazing. It's full of surprises and you cannot expect what will happen next unlike any other drama. It had a great mixture of comedy, romance and action which made me attached to it. the story was interesting and I hope that I see more works like this in the future.

Annie Ng The jibaro scenes in episode 1 were hilarious. How Choi Yong asked to get into the TV screens, how 'heaven" was like to him, and the only thing he brought back from the modern world...the police shield was both humorous and enchanting. I laughed SO HARD....

adi the only reason why i got past the second episode of this drama was the doctor lady and i don't get why people don't like her (just had to say it in view of the negative comments). maybe because i'm from Europe so i don't know how doctors are supposed to be in Korea but for me she painted a more than realistic portrait of a real, normal human being faced with being kidnapped, not to mention the rest of the supernatural stuff (and the lack of a real toilet :D). I'm loving her and by now i grew fond of the rest of the cast too, the general is better with every episode even quite awesome sometimes (didn't like him at first, he looked out of place in the show...i was favoring the male doctor) and the relationship between the king and queen is interesting. i'm curious to see what will happen next...

JKO I like this drama bcoz of the two main leads. I wonder how about the romantic scence between the two leads. I dun like action. So it is a bit boring for me.

abeer hi i love this drama verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry much its very interesting i love le min ho alot and i wait every work he do i am from Egypt and i hope you will be in a good health and be a successful man forever abeer , shosho

Sarah all the actors except Lee min ho are annoying, i can't handle it (>_<)

Lina Everything is good and interesting except the annoying doctor who happens to be the lead cast. Lee Joon Ki was first picked to be the general??? That would've been awesome but LeeMinHo is doing great so far.

sujini7 Lee Min Ho is one of the greatest Korean actors ever to walk this planet! EVERY role that he plays, he brings so much life to the characters.... His acting NEVER fails to make my heart thump so fast!!!! SUCH A TERRIFIC ACTOR!!!! Better than Hollywood anyday! Min Ho oppa SARANG HAE........ ^_^ <3 A Nepali from USA <3

Gee somehow I'm glad that Lee Min Ho got that role. He's very handsome talented. He captures my heart since the first episode ! I really love Lee min ho !!!! he's the best :)

lol The story line is pretty good, but the main girl is so annoying! The main girl should get a personality change. The actress who portrays her isn't bad in acting though. The main girl just annoys me.

vimbai Ok havent started watching this drama yet as its not yet available in Zimbabwe (southern africa) but I know I definitely will because somehow all Lee Minho dramas always make it this side even when other dramas dont (his face tends to sell dvds in my country). Actually cant wait,loved him in bof (even the hairstyle which only he could carry off),personal taste and OMG; city hunter! Hope this drama is as good as those three and does justice to his great acting skills and that face lol

MsGB I know everybody's watching this drama for LMH but after watching 4 episodes I'm actually tuning in more for KHS. I love her reaction to everything.I know a lot of people find her annoying but I like her. Who to say how you'll react in that situation? Who would care that you have a couple of hotties around at that point, when you just been (forcibly) taken a thousand+ yrs in the past. I think all things considered she's keeping her wits about her. I mean she asked the king if she can take a vase/painting with her when she goes back. If that's not wit I don't know what is.

Sa Keup Fan I think the Georyo King might be gay! Heh heh heh. Very Ssang Hua Jjom background.

lhez So happy to see Lee Minho once again! superb acting as expected! ur million fans missed u a lot! hope everyone out there will support him esp in this movie! let it be rank no.1 fighting!!! :-)

CiCi I hope that Lee Min-Ho is getting paid a lot of money to do this drama because he is the only reason that I am still watching it. As a fan of Korean dramas, there is nothing worse than putting cheap black and white graphics in a would-be Historical/fantasy series. Oh and BTW, are high school students writing the subtitles?? At least Timeslip Dr. Jin was consistent, kept to the historical period and had integrity in the writing. Also, air-head women as doctors are so hard to watch. I know she is coming from 2012, but give me a break.

mary melaku i looooove Minho oppa but it is bad i didnt get to see this drama, though i will make sure to support you and love you in any ways i can. fighting^_^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Tori I like this drama so far. Too soon to say if plot is strong but so far, so good. It's different and I like the twist of supernatural in it. I hope to see more tv drama's featuring Lee Min-Ho. Looks like he beefed up for this role. Nice. (^ ^)

butterfly disappointed with the second episode, the story is not that good... but the actors and actress are good esp Lee Min Ho :)

Diana M. A. Lee Min Ho again & Kim Hee-Sean, they're great actors <3 xD I guess this drama would be interesting. From it's summery, it seems like an outstanding idea! Can't wait until I finish it n_n weeeeeeeeeh! To Lee Min Ho, you've got such a great fans from Middle East, Saudi Arabia & Sudan xD Keep on fighting :3

Lore-an ♡ I absolutely like this drama:the story,the acting,the filming location.Can't wait to see what happens next! ^-^

Ki I'm not a huge drama series fan, but watched ep.1 of "The Great Doctor" and really enjoyed it. I'll definitely tune in tomorrow for the next one. Story had a nice combination of action, drama and even some comedy. Visuals also looked top notch. Once the main character travelled into the present day to get the doctor, it got really interesting. Can't wait to find out what will happen tomorrow. So far this looks really good!

P.S. - I live in Korea, so I recognized one area in ep.1. When Lee Min-Ho travels into present day, he lands in a traditional folk village area. That's "Namsangol Hanok Village" that's located in the central area of Seoul. Nice place to visit if you ever go to Seoul.

Daisney So happy they picked the right person to play the main character saranghaeyo Lee Minho <3

Aodhan Oh my gosh! I'm so excited! The last time I checked up on this no trailers had been released, but it looks awesomely exciting! Can't wait! I hope someone subs it pretty quick though.

Sonam pelden annyeong....LMH is my idol, my fav korean star & off al my best ever idol....nado saranghaeyo minho oppa <3 wish you all the sucess, health, wealth & off all happiness:D i am minoz who will support & luv u alys *fwating*

Vanessa who came here or is going to watch faith because of lee min ho?

zhia_aala wow...two of my favorite men is in this drama...Philip Lee (A Man Story) and Ryu Deok Hwan (God's Quiz)......but does this drama really worth to watch? mmmmmm.......maybe I'll just watch a few episode just to make sure.........

necha thanx producer for choosing my star:-)

necha i cant wait to see lee min ho and I had strong impression that this drama will be a hit drama. My superstar lee min ho is back. Can't wait to watch this drama:-)

Grace i like the drama. i hope it will rock the world, i admire u lee minho

Defne LEE MIN HO OPPA i love you soooooooooooooooooo much♥♥♥♥ Aigoooo a new Drama I will watch it... You are soooooooooooo cute, handsome and successfully I like you Dramas soooooo much LEE MIN HO OPPA And i like you Voice, you voice is soooooooooooooo amazing. I am realy crazyyyyyyyyy Oppa we fans from Eurrope (Turkey ,Germany) wish you all the best we love youuuuuuuuuuuuuu 4-ever OPPA PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSe Visit your Fans in Europe (Turkey Germany) pleaseeeee Oppa Saranghaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee♥♥♥♥

emerlyn lee min hoo is the best. Oh, the trailer is so short :(

Dee Not again I love this kind of dramas but they are overdoing it this is like the fourth Korean drama about travelling in time and romance :-P

siriwan jandacha 신의 ...this is very interesting plot. Back to the future love ^_^ How romantic drama!

coco Lee Min Ho is always a good actor ....i will wait until it will have a tagalog version though i love watching Korean series with their own language...

Jasmine I like how korean dramas have their periods of year is about love between classes, spirits that change bodies, hunters of crime, and so it is the time of love that conquers time and everything else....either way they are better than anything else on tv!!!!! I love korean dramas :)

Pie OMG I can't wait to see this I'm a HUGE Lee Min Ho fan! He was amazing in BBF, hysterical in Personal Taste and AMAZING, EPIC, and HOT in City Hunter! Keep up the good wor Lee Min Ho oppa can't wait to see you in Faith. FIGHTING!!

Bajlar I'm totally keen to see Lee Min Ho's acting!! It has been impressive since I remember, even in BBF. Although I didn't like that drama ,but at least his acting was the best among other actors.

Missy Omg. So many time traveling dramas lately. I'm starting to miss historical characters sageuks. But I hope for the best in this drama.

dellpage LEE Min Ho is a versatile actor. There is no dull moment for us my family watching his movies specially CITY HUNTER. So Perfect. He is too cute and handsome full of energy and charisma.Hopefully there is another CITY HUNTER part 2, 3 , 4 or 5. GO Lee Min HO. Good Luck in your Carrier.

keira damn ... what in the hell happens with korean dramas lately ?? after rooftop prince, queen inhyun's man, love rain, introduce to architecture, operation proposal and timeslip dr.jin ... now we'll face "faith" on tv ! 2012 drama full of time travel story .... even upcoming "faith" has the same story with dr.jin ??? i love korean drama, bcoz they always make great drama but ... right now ...?? where is the damn story idea ???

i'm so dissapointed ....

cowgirl Is requesting for CITY HUNTER 2!!!!!

pip this is like the combination of time slip dr jin and queen in hyun lol why dramas nowadays always focus on "love transcending time and space. "

nessa Aw, I can't wait for this drama now that it has Lee Min Ho in it!!! Now don't get me wrong, the reason I love LMH is because of his role on CITY HUNTER!! I really didn't like BOF all that much except for his character, but I loved him more in Personal Taste and City Hunter much more. He's just such a good actor - its scary how good he is!!! Hwaiting, Lee Min Ho!!

DO LMN is great! The very first drama i watched was Personal Taste and I looved his acting and then without knowing he was the lead on Boys Over Flowers I watched it and realized only on the second episode that it was his. In every role he can display all the kind of personalities i was amazed. fighting oppa!! <3

Stephanie he's such a great actor ..i can't wait to see this new drama..i'm sure it will be something GREAT

Chika It would be interesting seeing Lee Min Ho star in a sageuk wonder what he'll look like (smexy of course ;)) it's a shame that Jun Ki isnt doing this anymore - massive fan - but because of his military service it cant be helped :( still excited to see Min Ho in a sageuk!!!!! Both good actors both different as well so shouldnt compare them! Different actors!

Saurabh Only thing that I'm concerned about is that it has "LEE MIN HO" .. yippiee... who else is LMH fan here...?

wanniey malaysia can't wait!!!want to see a favourite actor in new excited!!!..

rochelle im so xcited to watch this drama here in the philippines.. lee minho.your super handsome .. :))

dahlia lacambra so xcited to watch faith...

jeziehlee santos i cant w8 to watch Faith here in the Phlippines, especially Lee Min Ho. I hope abs-cbn could get this film so that everyone could watch...

norikz don`t compared lee min ho and your love my dear ,,each of one has a good performance,,,don`t say that...

eu-an Lee Min Ho forever! me and my friends will surely watch it! Can't wait for the month August..

Mari Love you YEH and KJH more drama together ......

Mari please another drama with good plot and script to really do justice to KJH and YEH’s acting skills.i really want them again , i love the chemistry Who would'nt fall to his smile?

nikoru i hope Lee Philip gets a nice role here. I've had too much heartaches...because most of his roles does not give him enough justice. I KNOW he's a good a actor in the way he projects his face, the depth of his tone applicable for the line and the way he moves is so polished. HE DESERVES to be recognized. i may not know korean, maybe it's in how he speaks the language that he was not so good in acting in korean. BUT damn he's my dream man!

Third It's Song Seung Heon!!! Yaaaahoooooo!!!!

rosylove Junki oppa,fighting! I am forever your friend. No one can 't replace your role and acting. You are the best. Love you forever.

laarni I'm really very disappointed that Kang Ji Hwan can't do the role. I really like him very much as an actor. I hope everything will be settled between him and his previous agency which we really don't know what transpired between them to make him do such breach of contract. Really I'm sad and disappointed-- He's a very good effective versatile actor. And very handsome that is..... :-(

rina unfortunately Kang Ji Hwan was also resigned himself from being the lead in this drama due to his contract with his management, too bad..

sylvia I really like Kang Ji Hwan, I am happy that he will lead this drama. He's a great actor, I believe he will give justice on his role here.

sunu Kang Ji Hwan takes Jun-ki's role

macheryll What will Lee Philip's role be in this drama?

fairy I'll exactly watch it.Fighting Jun Ki Oppa . I always love You.

evilive òohh maby i'll watch it LEE JUNKIIIIII ♥♥♥♥

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