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  • Name: Kim Hee-Seon
  • Hangul: 김희선
  • Birthdate: February 25, 1977
  • Birthplace: Daegu, South Korea
  • Height: 168cm
  • Blood Type:
  • Twitter: @lovelykatiekim


  1. Kim Hee-Seon married business man Park Joo-Young on October 19, 2007 at Sheraton Grande Hotel, Seoul. She gave birth to her daughter Park Yeon-Ah on January 20, 2009.


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Audrey Gun Happy to hear that you accept the offer to act in "Angry Mom" this coming March. I am looking forward to your new show soon.

HandrA^^ Missed your sweet smiles. Hope you do comeback with great new drama this year. I give my full supports to you.

Selina wong My most admiring Korean actress. Can't wait for her new drama this year 2015.

Mark Anthony I'm waiting for your another drama with Lee min ho. I love the chemistry so much. #imja couple #yoo eun so #choi young


monique villa I'm waiting for your another drama with Lee min ho. I love the chemistry so much. #imja couple #yoo eun so #choi young

Gunawan 111 I've watched so many legendary Korean dramas that I lost count and among the different actresses that I came across, Kim Hee Sun was one of the most memorable for me. She 's ageless and gorgeous.

Steven Siah Can't wait to watch her next new drama, "Angry Mom" this year. Wish my favourite actress all the best.

Moonly I love this actress. She is very beautiful and funny in "Faith" and "Wonderful Days."

Icey Lee Are you confirm to act in "Angry Mom" 2015? Wish it is true, love to see you back again in another new drama.

Sri Rati Wish to see you acting again in new drama this year. Love your beautiful looks.

Chandra Susanto Love your youthful beauty, hope you will be act in another new drama for this year. I am waiting for it. Hope this link gives more complete details on you because it doesn't stated any awards that you won and I knew that you are a super-star with beauty. Had been acted in many movies and dramas with high ratings. Best of lucks, looking forward for your new shows.

ellyce i love kim hee seon and lee Min hoo.. tha chemistry of them are very amazing and lovingly.... Faith drama series is one of the beautiful creation... love it

Weng I Really Love Kim Hee Seon since i started watching her in Faith.i also like their chemistry with Lee Min Ho.Looking forward for another korean drama or movie for them.#imja

Stephenie Jie How I come to here? Yeap! Kim Hee Sun, I am searching for your profile and noticed that you are really a very beautiful Korean actress and very popular back then but I didn't notice over you. I came to know you after "Faith". You 're also co-star with Jacky Chan before in "Myth" and I really love that movie and wonder who is that beautiful princess? I am getting exciting to watch your new drama, "Crazy Mom" starring with Kim Joo-yeong. I love both of you. Aja! Fighting!

Bon angelo Her age 37 is so shocking because she look 10 year younger.

Lisa Wang Wish I can give you a million comments on your link but seems that you are now getting fewer dramas to appear. I always love your styles and looks. You are my mentor. Hope you act again in modern melodramas or better still in more elegant lady roles. Love you. "Happy New Year, 2015!"

Hangari Pawi Wish you and your family, Happy Prosperity New Year 2015!! Hope you act in more and nice movies and dramas in year 2015. Love your acting and your beautiful looks. Looking forward, fighting! Kim Hee Seon.

Kiki333isle I had seen Kim Hee Sun in many commercials and modelling photoshots. I was mistaken that she was a great model but she was also a great actress. I prefer her in modelling than acting, don't know why? She got that looks, anyway she is damn pretty lady. Hope she and Lee Min Ho act together again.

Cindy Leong I love this actress. She is a great actress. Her latest drama, "Wonderful Days" is so awesome and she is too. "Merry Christmas, Kim Hee Seon."

Iceywoon Oh, boy! I almost miss out to wish you, "Have a wonderful Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!" Hope to see you more in new dramas.

Iceywoon "Faith" is forever my favourite Korean historical drama because you are my most beautiful imja and Lee Min Ho, my handsome hero.

pinklily I love watching faith..your acting was really good..hope to see you and lee min ho acting again mybe with another drama..both of you really have good chemistry..

harshit I love the way you perform every move with your eyes. yes "the eyes", i like your eyes most HeeSeon and the Faith is the best drama i've ever seen, hope to see you and MinHo again with that chemistry soon. really a fan of your work in faith. <3

hera I love the chemistry between you and Lee Minho in faith.. Even though the age gap is 10years but still you portrayed it will..I love the way you laugh at its other on the set..I love the faith so much..hope to see you and Minho together again in drama..

Holly Tran Thank you for the beautiful love story. The story has brought back my past faith in love. Seon, you are talented and beautiful. And Minho is my dream figure from my youth. I love you both. I am too a mom of two children. When I saw the comments on internet about Seon's girl I feel bad for Seon. I hope Seon would know that a child will change every 3 months or so, physically and emotionally. I know your daughter will look beautiful as you are down the road. Please be courage for your daughter and your husband. Focus on your own family. Love you Seon!

Rachel Wilson Enjoyed faith sooo much!! you were really good .Kudos to you

Christine I was surprised by the comments made by mary shiera. But we have to respect freedom of speech and sometime it hurts. Faith is a beautiful story with an amazing plot. Kissing scenes can be very enchanting but they can never beat good directors and talented actors/actresses. The storyline is so well-written that I am lost in the story. Hi Hee-Seon, thanks for making me falling in love again. *-*

anand hi, you are so cute, I like your acting

Natsu I hope she has another drama!

I really literally can't wait for one of her drama again!

please, make anothe drama, calling all directors please cast Hee Sun in another good drama! pls!

although I think it is unlikely she has time for a drama right away cuz the drama wonderful days is still not finished.


Natsu after watching faith, I began to leally leally like Kim Hee Seon. the problem is, after faith he following drama is wonderful days which is drama but I prefer ROMCOM. But doesn't change the fact that I have started to like her as an actress!

Julie she was irritating in a charming way and good at what she was doing.

andi Wonderful days great drama but you look miserable and definitely not in love. The words don't match the action. You are doing a disservice to your fellow actors who are working so hard.

naomi raycelle d. dala I love how you act. Such a good actress..... My name is Naomi Raycelle D. Dala from Philippines

nice your smail my name is mirza sharukh frome India

lil tunny U such an good actress,I love u just keep it up,and wishin u best of luck in ur new film

Junnes I am so admired of your beautiful face. I love you so much and your new drama.

mary shiera I am really sorry and I hope you read this... as an actress you cannot choose not to take kissing scenes just because your personal life is affected by it.. you are an actress by profession so i guess you should take roles without being the lead or any romantic scenes... if you prefer not doing those and concentrating in acting then kissing scenes are part of acting how can you change the subject. why wont you star as a grandmother, or not a lead role like a teacher or a cameo.. or star in an action film and not a drama.. tahts crazy.. of you do not want to then change your profession.. that simple... i am not a Lee min ho fan . but I really love wonderful days and its such a waste of 50 episodes if you will have to avoid the scene that will make it a greaT DRAMA.. the cinematography, directing are defintely daebak.. but like episode 11 and avoiding the kiss by the beach with the director cutting it in angles, destroyed the entire realness of the drama.. it was all perfect until this... its so obvious that it was shot in a way that it looked like pre-school.. you should have been his mother if you did not want the role.. such a waste especially i consider you as one of the best actress THEN... you should just retire then

Marven Am in love with her . I hope to find someone like her one day .

kathy Truly Enjoyed "Faith" series-thru-Netflix. An outstanding actress..Great work ahead

Sonia Kim hee sun is a beautiful and talented actress.l love the drama "FAITH" she acted with actor lee min hoo(handsome oppa).her acting skills are impressive and natural,thats why she is one of my favorite actress.keep it from nigeria

Orelea I want to know more about your new drama, why there any new photos posted here.

Helen Chee I am going to watch your new upcoming drama, "Very Good Time" very soon. Wish you all the best in your new drama, I love you.

Desiree Kim Hee Sun is a very beautiful Korean actress that I known for long times. Seeing her in some of the Hit Korean Dramas, I just wonder why she is not as popular as other actresses? Actually, her acting is not so bad but maybe her selection of the dramas is not suit to her characters. What I like about her is her youthful beauty, it is a amazing. She is pretty, really pretty lady that why I always choose her as one of my favourite K-drama actress.

Yavan I was moved by the series "Faith" or as I found it "The Great Doctor." Thank you for being apart of this production. As a non Korean speaking American I found each character compelling, the sets amazing, and the storyline all consuming. In the final episode I found my self cheering for the outcome ( literally out loud) as I was walking on the streets of Seattle, Washington. Thank you!

Kim Macias I really enjoyed this show. I would like to know if there is a season 2 and if there is when will it debut. I am very pleased to have stumbled upon this series. Much enjoyed from Arizona, USA.

John Snyder Ms. Kim Hee-Seon, Happy New Year of 2014! First of all, my congratulations from the bottom of my heart to your super talent of acting in "The Greate Doctor|Faith" TV series!!! Your talent in this series is beyond words! For a drama movie type, I have never seen any actress with a such ability! Through your acting, your character Yoo Eun-Soo is so real. I can feel her feelings when she cries out of her anxiety for the General Choi-Young as he was in danger. Your smiles are so incredible. In brief, your tears (by the character Yoo Eun-Soo) can make the viewers cry and your smiles can make them feel in peace! There are not many actors/actresses can do it! I know it's a bit late for an email regarding this TV series which was broadcasted more than 1 year ago. However, let me explain a bit why. I was not really a fan of Korean movies before. I just happened to watch it by chance during the Christmas vacation last week (or fate as what happened in your TV series? :-)) Then it took me over completely! Then I did some research about you, Lee Min-Ho, the cast and also Korea's history. It's quite interesting and impressive! I never wrote such an email to any celebrity but this time, I can't help doing it. Your "hiatus" of 5 years is worthwhile for every second of it as you have your precious daughter and you built a beautiful and happy family with your husband. I am so happy for you about it. However, please keep giving us the unforgettable moments with your characters in the future. Your talent is the treasure of Korea and of the whole world! Happy New Year!!! John Snyder TX, USA

Lilian Kuan "Happy New Year 2014" my beautiful idol, Kim Hee Sun. Hope 2014 brings you new hopes, new beginning and a lot of lucks in your careers. I just love you be back in your new drama, wish you all the best and fighting!

Lilian Kuan "Happy New Year 2014",my beautiful idol, Kim Hee Sun. Hope 2014 brings you new beginning a

Uveen o I love your beautiful look, you are super. Hope you act in more movie and dramas.

teemishael Praise doesn't come many times from someone like me but goodness! I like your acting skills ma'am. You have a very good voice for making funny comments and I like how you matched Lee Min Ho's persona in #Faith. You made me laugh and cry. Thank you for the beautiful emotions u put into your acting. All the way from Nigeria, Africa. Aja!

Garfield Cat Such a long time since I watched Faith, in my opinion, you are the best looking Korean actress in your age. Your look impressed me a lot until now can't forget your beautiful look. Hope you act more good dramas and movies in the future. I love you.

ygar she is the one korean actress who has great acting and lovely face, hope you always great forever and where ever you are, fighting

Jenniffer Liew Kim Hee Sun is really official to declared as a "Korean No.1 Beauty Legend". No any Korean actresses can complete with her beauty at this age and when she was teenage, she had the perfect look and figure. Love her so much!

Yvenno Hewley After watch back all her previous movies and dramas, she is really a beautiful lady, her looks make you want to attached with her even some of her dramas are dull and sad but finally, I still had to finished them until end because I want to see her beautiful looks.

rose from Malaysia Faith is another kdrama I watched particularly for Lee Min Ho persona. He has such a strong aura that somehow may overshadow the leading lady ..this is not the case in Faith. Kim Hee Seon in Faith is tough yet vulnerable at times that makes her very loveable and pleasant in many ways..The only leading lady that compatible with charismatic Min Ho thus far, in acting skills and looks. I seldom praise ladies but I know beauty when I saw one..right there in Faith, when my heart cries for their struggle, I find beauty that made me feel calm and tender along the way..even for my favorite Min Ho, I approve this woman as his acting partner. How lovely to see them together in faith, like an old married couple..thank you the director and script writer to bring such a beautiful love story that make me feel to love someone even for 1000 years..

okoro lydia you are so beautiful. i like your acting...... lov ya!

Cameleon Ulsee You are so beautiful and gorgeous lady. I wish I can meet you in person.Nobody can beat you up until now for your unique beauty, hope you always stay healthy and pretty.

Rebecca Chang Now, I only know this beautiful actress. can't believe that she is already mid-thirties, she 's still look so attractive and youthful. What a lucky husband had married her? I 'm watching "Strong Heart 2" variety and saw her so beautiful and stylish in every episodes, so excited to look at her make me want to look like her. Really my favourite actress now.

Yoo Eun-Soo wooow , omo omo , even she is older , she seems so young , i really love this pretty butterfly , i like her acting , and i love her beauty , i watched faith , and i really like her there , but i wanna see a new korean drama of her , i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooove youuuuuuuuuuuuuu kim hee seon , muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

Kelvin I started to fall for her because she is a type of lady I like to be with. Her look, her eyes, her mouth and everthing about her is just too perfect for me, I love you, beautiful Kim Hee Sun.

vicky i hav watched faith twice now and i cant stop watching it over and over again. You are a great actress and a funny one at that pls keep up the good work.

alam jahangir I am so lately watched the tv drama ""SAD SONATA" recently (in this April 2013) and i cried a lot seeing her performance the way she did in the drama. She was excellent by her talent showing her ability to the audience of her untold sufferings as she expressed so naturally in her look in the story.

one of the shot so heart touching was when she first discovered her childhood sweetheart inside the tourist home at the sea side and she was running to face him that she found him finally and broke into teats.

secondly another was when the boy was hurt and injured and she was nursing and specially when she was feeding him in spoon with blowing mouth air to cool down the hot serving.....ohh my God, its so heart touching, soooo natural and pure.

she is very beautiful of course

rachel am kiki from Nigeria. i really enjoyed watching faith, very're a very gooood actress. keep it up.

sallyrocky666 Chrisitina : in case u read this at the end they show that she came back to the time hi lived in only it was after a while (5 years maybe) that's why he looked older whit the beard anyway at the end it's a happy ending

Christina I LOVE WATCHING YOU!! You are great! I wish I could understand the ending of faith i watched it twice and still dont understand what happened after you left the hospital with supplies.....anyone want to help?

jisuwon have watched 'faith', she is really beautiful like a heavenly being

Priscilla Banahene Am from Ghana n I really luv watching ur movies with my friends. Please u r younger than ur age.Tanx for taking care of r health. We luv u

Mahdi A prefect example of actress, i love the way she smiles

bricool High doctor from heaven you are the best.I realy like the way you act in Faith!!You look twice ypunger than your age,whats the tip??

Liliana KHS, you look younger and beautiful. I am like your acting in faith.

Rhen I like Kim Hee Seon from Faith. She is cute and smart.

Best Actress for me. I will follow up next movie and drama. >w<

Lee Eun_Soo I love you more then LEE MINHO because you are my favourite actress....<3 you...

Rachel Zaw KHS is one of my favorite Korean actresses.. I love her acting particularly in this drama... The chemistry between LMH and KHS made me longing for more dramas of these two actors...

teenya I like her acting in Faith, whether she acts silly and childishly during the first half of the drama or getting more serious and mature in the second half. I guess that is what we called "acting"...I just enjoyed the drama. And to me there was a great acting chemistry between KHS and LMH regardless of the huge differences in their age. Good job Miss Kim...hope to see your next project soon.

conney oni KHS gud job wit FAITH,I tink u did well,u wer jes urxlf n @evry act u knw wot 2do,its gr8,watched d flyn warriors,neva knew it was u,sullie n u quite gud wit dat sword of urs,keepup d beauty n ur talent u

Ayomide Faith is such a great movie. I actually cried when it ended,why did it have to be so short, I would have loved to get to see the characters a bit more. Such an emotional movie!!! Love it, love it. And I never would have guessed her age, she looks so young.kudos to you guys.

emmageorge Faith will never be as good if you are not in it, full stop. I also quit my job after I got married and my ex boss has commented to this day that it is a waste of my talent not staying with him. I was a P.E. to the Company Director and Group Company Secretary of a listed Corporation. The Company has radio station and film production companies under its wings. Nowadays, a few super famous hollywood actors and actresses had once under its contracts. I have not seen any Korean actress to your calibar because I can only compare you with our western actors and actresses. I am not being humble here, I SHOULD KNOW. Very much like you, we could sit home or may be I can fly down to Korea or you coming over and we can have hi tea and go shopping but I have recently joined the work force and I will offer you this 'Do not waste your talent because you are so good at it and I am sure you know it.' All the best always, emma

Kim Azolinamin After watched the Faith, I fall for this sweet cute actress. Frankly to say, if they don't published openly her actual age, I am thinking she had same age with LMH. Mostly girls around LMH ages are also won't looked younger than LMH b'cos girls easily look older than man. Don't kill me if I speak on my opinion, among all the 4 leading actresses that had been starring with LMH, I think KHS is the prettiest. From the BTS views, I think LMH had more funs to act with her, maybe of her friendly and simple characters. I knew KHS back then, she is one of the famous actress in Kdramas but I didn't know that she maintain so well of her beauty. I am proud of her as a Korean, she reborn again in part 2 as a great actress, hope to see more of her out-coming projects.

Dee I am so addicted to Faith I love this drama I love the actors and the characters they play. I am american and I love the comedy created by the actors. I cry at the depth of feelings portrayed. It makes me want to be in that era. Such chemistry between the actors and the roles they play. I am a fan of your work. You are too funny and your range is amazing.

Tomi Kim Hee-Seon and Moon Chae Won, half-sisters, no? The similarities are quite uncanny. =D

Farizz I also love to watch your acting with Lee Min Ho. I was unbelieve your real age, you look so young. In my opinion, you are the best actress among the other actress in another drama's i watched. Your smiling face to cover your fear and sad but really talkative, i like it. Your voice and your laugh are the best.

faith lover @YO:alam mo hindi ka siguro tao.....i mean man i think you're not human....WHY???it's nature to human to felt those things or maybe you want to keep your elegance in the middle of fight.Or killing.RIGHT????And,also she's a woman.....A fragile thing....don't you have a mother or a sister?If you have you can understand what i'm saying......SHE'S ALSO A HUMAN....DON'T YOU DARE CRITICIZE HER 'COZ YOU'RE NOTHING COMPARE TO HER....

t2ina Just got to know her in Faith, she's completely got me. I think it is only thanks to her acting that Lee Min-ho gets attention. His character mainly requires him to not smile at her jokes and attitudes, slash ennemies and villains, make two or three moves that make young girls hearts pound. But she in return has to give her all into realistically act as a woman completely lost in a world she's supposed to know from history books, but is far from all representation she had in 2012. It's quite a difficult role, and I get upset some times at her stupidity, or inability to cope to the situation (particularly in the beginning), now at the 20th episode, I think she did a really good job.

eiji Completely don't agree. I think her character is great in this new series.

liese i really like her acting in past dramas, but as for faith, she got a bit rusty after a 6 year hiatus.

Cari Loving this drama... I think it's strange people expect her to be "elegant" and poised just because she's a doctor. Speaking as someone who used to market to doctors all the time... they can definitely be annoying or jackasses just like everyone else.

Hiyo Watching Faith, she's really cute and I just rewatched running man's episode 100 and instantly recognized her voice haha

vivi @True2U I'm really agree with you, she is so realistic, we can't always calm and think who we are if we kidnapped to past time, cause everything we saw is just like a dream and it confused us

She is one of my fav character, cause beeing cool is not exactly how people react for the 1st time, so, she's cool when she's try to protest,

True2U I LOVE this girl, My first time seeing her is in "Faith" and she and the villain are the ONLY reason I'm willing to watch it to the end.

@Yo, comment below me. How would you reacted after seeing someone slice a man throat right in front of you, only to have them telling you to save him? Wouldn't you be shaking in your boots? another thing, How would you feel to be kidnapped and taken to an unknown place, not knowing where you are? She's from 2012 and it's not everyday you see people dying in front of you, It's just not that normal. Let's be real, her reaction was very realistic, I don't give one fine dime if it was LMH who had kidnapped me, It's quite one sided to hate her character, but it is fine with his just because he's LHM (Honestly his character bore me to tears)

Yo She's pretty and look pretty younger than her actual age. But in her recent drama, faith, i don't like her character at all. Doctor supposed to look more elegance than this. Whining, fidgeting and screaming all the time, especially in the scene that she's supposed to help the princess, she acted like no doctor at all.

anabela i love u kim hee sun and u are my favorite korean actress bc u are the best and i can't wait to see u again in kdrama faiht just keep going and smile like angel u are my princess good luck

purnimaa you look much younger than ur actual age.and i liked ur drama smile again

smart8228 AHA,watched her movie THE MYTH.Now sad that she is not filming anymore. :(

Jo young Really love u..espcly yr voice when yr singing L.O.V.E!!!..Good..very fluent..

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