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Lee Joon-Gi was born on April 17th, 1982 in Busan, South Korea. His immediate family consists of his parents and one younger brother. While growing up, Joon-Gi was a fairly normal kid who enjoyed sports & computers. He first became interested in the performing arts as a high school student after watching a play of “Hamlet.”[1] Lee Joon-Gi initially failed to get into college and, because of this, he moved to Seoul with almost nothing, but a dream to work in the entertainment field. For the next couple of years, Joon-Gi worked at various part time jobs, before gaining acceptance into the Seoul Institute of the Arts.

In 2001, Lee Joon-Gi made his debut as a model for fashion brand So Basic, appearing alongside actress Hee-seon Kim.[2] He would go on to appear in many more CF's and music videos. Joon-Gi continued to audition for various acting roles, but not did not find immediate success. In 2004, Joon-Gi landed his first substantive acting role in the TV drama "Star's Echo" - co-produced by MBC & Fuji TV. Joon-Gi would also make his acting debut on the big screen in the same year. Competing alongside 2000 other participants, Joon-Gi landed a role in the Japanese film "The Hotel Venus." During his time working on the set of "The Hotel Venus," Lee Joon-Gi found himself less than pleased with his management company & having to work part time jobs to support himself. "The Hotel Venus" would go on to become moderately successful in Japan selling 2.8 million tickets. Lee Joon-Gi would also start work on his first Korean film "Flying Boys" in 2004.

One year later, Lee Joon-Gi would land the role of "Gong-gil" in the 2005 film "The King and the Clown." The film was an unusual historical drama centered around the relationship between two male clown actors - one having traditional masculine traits and the other (played by Lee Joon-Gi) having highly effeminate traits. To land the role of Gong-gil, Joon-Gi endured four separate auditions. While filming "The King and the Clown," Joon-Gi spoke in a higher pitched voice and acted effeminate even when not in front of the camera to stay in the character of Gong-gil. The movie with little expectations upon its release, would then go on to become the highest grossing film of its time, selling 12.3 million tickets. Lee Joon-Gi also appeared concurrently on the small screen in the SBS drama series "My Girl," further boosting his popularity & making him one of the most popular actors in Asia.

After "The King and the Clown," Joon-Gi has usually taken on more masculine roles to avoid typecasting. He starred in two successful television series, "Time Between Dog And Wolf" & "Il Ji-Mae: The Phantom Thief," while appearing on the big screen in "Fly, Daddy, Fly," "Virgin Snow" (his second Japanese film), & the box office hit "May 18."

In 2009, Lee Joon-Gi worked primarily on his musical career, holding fan concerts in South Korea, China, and Japan, while releasing several digital download singles. Lee Joon-Gi was also appointed an ambassador for Korea tourism by the Korea Tourism Organization.[3] He is now set to star in the upcoming MBC drama "Hero" this November.


  1. Lee Joon-Gi began his two year mandatory military obligation starting on May 3rd, 2010. He tried to postpone his military requirements to finish filming the movie "Grand Prix" and SBS drama series "Faith," but was unable to get an extension. Because of this Lee Joon-Gi dropped out of both projects.
  2. Lee Joon-Gi was discharged from the military on February 16, 2012.
  3. Lee Joon-Gi will hold a comeback fan meeting tour titled "Coming Back" in Japan. The fan meetings will be held on March 16 in Nagoya, March 18 in Yokohama and March 19 in Osaka. During the tour Lee Joon-Gi will also promote songs from his new single "Deucer".
  4. Due to positive reception of his single "Deucer," released on March 16, Lee Joon-Gi will release a 9 track album titled "Deucer" on April 25, 2012.


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Miyu Lee Joon Ki acts so well in Time Between Dog and Wolf. It's a bit of a draggy drama but every time Lee Joon Ki appears on the screen, he lights it up, and his acting is superb. It's hard to believe he was still relatively a rookie actor then because he masters the character so well, he is like an experienced actor in this drama. I also saw Gunman in Joseon and didn't think it was a great drama because the direction was really poor and some of the characters weren't well-portrayed. I don't know how old Nam Sang Mi is but she looked like his mother in that drama although she was supposed to be acting the part of a young woman. Unlike Lee Joon Ki, she didn't age well. Lee Joon Ki has that eternally young look about him. I hope they find a better actress than Han Groo for the Scholar drama if LJK acts in that. It will be hard to find an actress that is compatible with him in terms of looks. It's not that he looks feminine, I only think he looked feminine in The King and the Clown, and actually not that feminine, he looked more like a man than a woman. I am so surprised at his wide range of acting. A lot of his roles have been action roles which he excels in, and this is so different from his role in The King and the Clown. He is not just a handsome face at all. Off-screen, I also like his personality as it comes across in interviews. I get the sense that he's a private person, and like others have said, there are two sides of him. Janus fits him well as a description. At times, he can be playful, funny and lighthearted, and at other times, he can be quiet and introspective. Like his eyes that can show different sides, sometimes cool and seductive, and at other times, open, warm-hearted and friendly, LJK's personality is multi-faceted, and that makes him all the more interesting.

brigita i'm very liked you in drama two weeks...my fav actorrr

Miyu I knew who Lee Jun Ki was since the time of the King and the Clown but I did not really take a liking to him then. I did not really find his character in the King and the Clown attractive from the short scenes I caught and I had no desire to see the full movie either as the story seemed not my taste. Also, I did not like his image. He gave a very cold and arrogant image. And I did not really like "pretty boys". And I thought he could be gay or bisexual which was a turn-off to me. I thought he was a one-hit wonder with the movie. And I forgot about him. I was surprised that he was still around doing dramas when he surfaced in Two Weeks. I did not end up watching the series because the storyline sounded a little maudlin and the story seemed to drag and be predictable. It was like that until one day I was bored and looking for an interesting drama to watch. I am not sure how I came across Iljimae but I did and read the synopsis and thought this is my type of drama, a sageuk with a masked mysterious figure and many fighting scenes so I watched it. And this was the first time I saw Lee Joon Ki in a drama. I had seen the King and the Clown a few years before but did not like it and only watched some bits of it, fast forwarding a lot of it.

And I got to be charmed Lee Joon Ki in his role as the Iljimae character, and enjoyed the drama series as well. I didn't know Lee Jun Ki's personality before this, and I discovered that he has a playful and cute side to him, something I like. And I was also surprised by his manliness in this drama. His physical acting was really superb. I had thought he was gay or bi before so this was a big revelation.

After watching Iljimae, I became a big fan and in fact, he has become my favorite actor, the one I enjoy watching the most. He is, like everyone says, beautiful, handsome, prettier than his leading ladies and cute. He is like a gorgeous anime character come alive. I must have been blind not to see his good looks before. Now I think he's the best looking actor in Asia. He just seems like someone I would like in real life. Contrary to what I thought he is not a pretentious person but simple and seems to be genuine about his appreciation for his fans. This is something you can't fake for very long, and I know he has many many fans in China, Japan and other places, and I guess a big part of the attraction would be his personality.

It just warms my heart that he was this gem of an actor that I had overlooked although he had been around for so long and was one of the earliest Hallyu stars. Now I just want him to continue, as there may be people like me who do not recognize his talent and his warm personality and have misconceptions about him, and if they see him act, they will change their minds about him I think. So I hope he does many more dramas. And as for the gay/bi part, I don't really care about it anymore. I don't think he is and he doesn't seem to care whether people speculate about it. He probably thought the speculation about it helps to sell more tickets by winning publicity for the movie, then it's good. And if he really is gay etc, that's his business, and it wouldn't change how I feel about him. Now that I know his personality better, I think he is one of the most modest and humble Hallyu stars around. All this stardom hasn't seem to affected him (I know he said for a short period of time it did affect him but he snapped out of that celebrity disease phase quickly). He seems like the same person he was before he got famous, able to fool around on the set putting everyone at ease. The only thing I regret is I didn't go past the marketing and didn't try to see what he really like was as a person for such a long time and therefore only belatedly became a fan of Lee Joon Ki. Now I know why he had so many fans back then when he first became popular and why he still has so many fans and why they're STILL growing in number even now. I'm looking forward to his future dramas.

Waffa Saranghe oppa I really like you so much

nezha hope to see you soon at another drama!! hope it romance comedy or romance action ^_^ of course u have to become male lead actor again ^_^

netty I love you in every drama you were in. You really great in hangguk drama with that traditional clothes. I think, you are perfectly original image of old korean prince.

Maya I'd love to see you in more dramas! I LOVED your role in Arang and the Magistrate and you blew me away in Joseon Gunman, literally!! Waiting for your new drama/movie 2015, I know it will be worth it. You're an unforgettable actor, with those amazing smiling eyes that makes everyone's day so much brighter. My best to you!!

josephinesofia Lee Joon Gi is certainly an excellent singer and dancer. You should watch and listen to his romantic and sexy songs on Youtube. He has also posted his ‘cute and adorable’ ‘We Wish You A Merry Christmas’ song recently. It is so joyful and ‘funny’ that your life will brighten up immediately. There will certainly be a ‘smile’ on your face after watching it!

            Did you notice Lee Joon Gi’s  ‘Phoenix’ eyes  and  ‘Cupid Bow’ lips? They are so beautiful!
            Lee Joon Gi  is best at acting. Few Korean actors have the stature to merit the praise of directors, cast, crew and viewers. Lee Joon Gi has won respect and accolades for his recent drama, ‘Gunman in Joseon’. He is lauded for attributes ranging from his passion and commitment to his craft to his intelligence in nailing the role as the Joseon gunman. One can’t help but gush over how talented Lee Joon Gi is as an actor and how cleverly he inhabits the character of the gunman, Pak Yung-gang.  He has heart, soul and talent. He makes us emotional: we smile, laugh and cry with him. 
             It’s almost impossible to imagine anyone else playing THAT Gunman in  ‘GUNMAN IN JOSEON’ because Lee Joon Gi  is about the only Korean actor who has THAT combination of those special skills needed for the role - hand combat skills, black belt taekwondo skills, physical flexibility skills (probably from his dancing & martial arts), the deft wielding of the sword, gun-spinning skills, gun-shooting skills, horse-riding skills, athletic skills (running fast, jumping and leaping high into the air) and great emotional depth. His high octane ‘tornado’ or ‘hurricane’ kicks knock the socks off the viewers. The jaw-dropping and incredible fight scenes and action sequences are loaded with amazing stunt work.  Lee Joon Gi might not be mentioned in the same breath as world famous action actors like Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Donnie Yen and Jet Li but some of the action stunts of Lee joon Gi can rival some of those performed by them.

Sofia ‘Gunman in Joseon’ has to be the Best Korean Drama in recent memory. It boasts an all-star cast including Korean drama heavyweight, the inimitable Lee Joon Gi, the beautiful and talented Nam Sang Mi and wonderful actor, Yu oh-seong. It has all the elements that make it the best drama of 2014 – strong casting, interesting script and story, fantastic action choreography, incredible cinematography, beautiful scenery and beautiful costumes. All these are the biggest popularity factors that have won the hearts of 400,000,000 viewers in China alone in 2014.

          Few Korean actors have the stature to merit the praise of directors, cast, crew and viewers. Lee Joon Gi has won respect and accolades in many aspects – from his passion and commitment to his craft to his intelligence in nailing the role as the Joseon gunman. One can’t help but gush over how talented Lee Joon Gi is and how he inhabits the character of Pak Yung-gang.  He has heart, soul and talent. He makes us emotional: we smile, laugh and cry with him. It’s almost impossible to imagine anyone else playing THAT GUNMAN in  ‘GUNMAN IN JOSEON’ because Lee Joon Gi  is about the only Korean actor who has THAT combination of those special skills needed for the role - hand combat skills, black belt taekwondo skills, physical flexibility skills (probably from his dancing & martial arts), the deft wielding of the sword, gun-twirling skills, gun-shooting skills, horse-riding skills, athletic skills (running fast, jumping and leaping high into the air) and great emotional depth. His high octane tornado kicks knock the socks off the viewers. The jaw-dropping and incredible fight scenes and action sequences are loaded with amazing stunt work.  It is also really impossible to forget that scene when Lee Joon Gi is straddling the stallion, and when the stallion rears in the air, with its hind legs standing up and its forelegs off the ground - we are left gobsmacked, stunned and breathless. There is no better feeling than to realise that Lee Joon Gi has incredible courage, skill and compatibility with the stallion in order to execute that particular dangerous stunt and other stunts. Well, Lee Joon Gi completely owns the role – he seems so comfortable and confident in being the gunman that we have no doubts that he, Lee Joon Gi,  is that GUNMAN, Park Yung-kang. He has executed the role of the gunman with great effectiveness and believability, and we are not surprised because we are reminded that he is really an action superstar. We cheer and whistle as we watch him. Lee Joon Gi might not be mentioned in the same breath as world famous action actors like Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Donnie Yen and Jet Li but some of the action stunts of Lee joon Gi can rival some of those performed by them.
          When it comes to expressing feelings, Lee Joon Gi has no emotional wall and he has a wide repertoire of rich emotions which he is able to genuinely display. We are intrigued and mesmerised by his face, eyes and lips that can tell all kinds of stories even without him moving his lips. He is just as impressive in expressing his emotions with his body gestures and impressive voice.  Lee Joon Gi plays the flawed hero. At the beginning, he is the worthless, insensitive, inconsiderate, playful and cynical son of a courageous Joseon swordsman.  He even has that arrogant smirk that makes you want to slap him. One hates to see the cad in him when he cuts the part of the clothing that holds up a young lady’s attire to entertain some wayward young men in his company. The flaws are central to his rascally character but later, he is able to redeem himself when his father died, which is the turning point in the story. Park Yung-gang subsequently emerges as the hero. The viewers then get emotionally invested in the drama because Lee Joon Gi makes us emotional and makes us care about the character and root for him.
           One interesting aspect of the drama is Lee Joon Gi wins over the viewers instantly with the way he projects his anger - his explosive or smouldering eyes, his expressive masculine voice, the slight twitching of his facial muscles and his incredible body language. Lee Joon Gi’s play with his unique eyes also helps us to understand the character better. When he snarls in anger, we are reminded of the eruption of a volcano – he is the volcano which is about to erupt and we see the rising fire in his eyes like the surfacing of the volcanic fire. The escaping molten anger that flows out when he confronts his nemesis, Yu oh-seong brings you the shivers.  Lee Joon Gi is like a panther about to spring. The temperature rises to an enormous degree - he looks like he wants to tear his rival to pieces during their aggressive confrontations. It is surprising to watch the complexity of the emotions being displayed and one gazes in fascination at his contorted face. But one is also surprised to see his calm and cool demeanour when at the end of the drama, he finally makes his decision not to kill but forgive his wicked enemy. Lee Joon Gi is a great actor and he makes a great difference to the drama. He towers over the other actors in the other dramas which were showcased in 2014. Bonus points to Lee Joon Gi for being so perfect in the astonishing and fascinating role of the gunman, and also some bonus points for his on-screen malevolent enemy, Yu oh-seong for being so eerily wicked!
          Now, don’t we also love to see Lee Joon Gi cry? Remember the lovers’ quarrel? Remember the moment he cries after he confronts Nam Sang Mi angrily and she seems so devastated that she finally walks away? When Nam Sang Mi steers away, we feel her great pain. We love his intensity - the way he clutches his chest (where his heart is) and the way he clenches his fist. His face completely captures all the emotions - angst, conflict, devastation and then remorse. It occurs to us that all his facial expressions and physical actions express the internal struggles that he is fighting against. It is interesting to note that Lee Joon Gi can move effortlessly from one emotion to the other and make a great impact. Watch with surprise, the rupture in his self-control and you see the tears welling up his eyes. It is emotionally overwhelming. His emotional vulnerability and the poignant and touching scene make the viewer feel connected to him in his pain and suffering, and share his anguish. He manages to reduce many viewers to tears. But love overcomes everything, and when he runs after and catches hold of her, we are so relieved.
              And then that Perfect Kiss comes. We are left speechless but the scene remains indelible in one’s mind. We love the chemistry between Park Yoon-kang and Jung so-in and the Perfect Kiss scene is incredible. The highly anticipated moment did not disappoint the viewers. The cinematographer is a real pro – he makes use of the camera to tell the love story. You have the feeling that the camera is being moved lovingly around the couple, Park Yung-kang and Jung Soo-in, seemingly caressing them as they kiss that ICONIC Kiss, the PERFECT kiss. Pak Yung Kang and Jung Soo-in cast a spell over us as we watch their embrace and the kiss being executed to perfection. We savour the moment as we anticipate with great excitement the beautiful moment as Park Yung-gang executes the kiss skilfully, lovingly, and with sensitivity and finesse. We are perfectly sure that Lee Joon Gi has or shows no inhibitions about the kiss, and his lovely lady love is definitely in sync with him. When their lips touch, the emotions gain momentum and we feel Jung so-in’s knees grow weak as she surrenders to him. The scene captures our attention and our imagination. It’s breathtaking! The CHEMISTRY is so great that everyone who watches it will swoon. And we LOVE it! Nobody kisses like Lee Joon Gi - he generates a lot of heat. The cameraman has got it right and caught their romantic moment spot on and to perfection. I think the director should also take credit for that perfect scene. But, without Lee Joon Gi and Nam Sang Mi, the perfect and adorable screen couple to show us the perfect on-screen kiss, we would probably not know how to kiss that properly. It is so unforgettable and it is really a free lesson in kissing! (but, it’s not for the young and innocent!) It prompts us to think what an incredible actor Lee Joon Gi is! It seems so romantic but too bad, it is not set in the sunset or in the moon-lit night.
             ‘Gunman In Joseon’ is definitely a winning drama. The actors have captivated us with their powerful performance.  The essence is, the drama haunts the mind. It boasts a plot that is so exciting and riveting from the beginning till the end that you want to watch it over and over again. It certainly engages the viewer. It rivals any great film or movie shown on the silver screen. The action scenes are incredible! Oh, the exciting music and romantics songs! It should have been made into a movie. All those involved - the director, scriptwriter, cinematographer, cameramen, editing staff, cast and crew etc. should be richly rewarded for their untiring efforts in bringing such a wonderful drama to the screen.  If you have watched it, you know what I mean. If you haven’t, then, watch it, and you’ll soon know what I mean. We have to coax Lee Joon Gi to do a sequel for the ‘Gunman in Joseon’!

sohaila your so handsome.. wahh.!! SARANGHAEYO oppahh..!1

bayan flores he is one of few actors that im looking forward to watch. he is simply one of his generations best actors. im a fan in deed, aJa LJk!

Esmeralda LEE JOON GI is, without a shadow of a doubt, the BEST ACTOR of 2014 for his portrayal as a gunman in 'GUNMAN IN JOSEON'. One will definitely be impressed by his superb action scenes, his superior fighting abilities and his athletic prowess. Just watch how he handles the guns and swords and you'll be amazed by his fantastic techniques and skills. Scrutinize his eyes and facial expressions and watch the tiny twitching of muscles. Study how he portrays anger, love and pain etc. and be amazed by how he seamlessly slides into the different aspects of his character. How can we not be moved and touched by such a sterling performance from him?

annabelle LEE JOON GI is the most gorgeous ASIAN (not just KOREAN) star. I'm so happy he very much appreciated and popular in Korea, Japan and China and elsewhere in the East and in the rest of the world. He is truly an international SUPERSTAR! He is such an AMAZING actor, singer and dancer. He shows such fantastic fighting skills in his dramas. He is a joy to watch. There are seldom Caucasian actors who are so multi-talented as him. He can even write songs! His acting skills are unparelled in "The King and the Clown", 'My Girl", "Iljimae", "Two Weeks", "The Joseon Gunman" etc. I love his sexy and provocative dancing in "J Style Cyworld (Official MV)", "Fiery Eyes" (original version), & his very sexy, fluid dance to Justin Timberlake's song "Sexy Back" and to Taeyang's song "Ringa Linga". His songs are so romantic - "The Rain" (Japanese version), "Tonight", "Fever", "Together", "For A While" and "Fiery Eyes" (new version). I also love his "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" song.

We, your fans, wish you all the BEST. LEE JOON GI!

lisa amazing actor...he is top on my list...i cannot get tired watching his dramas.....i watched Arang and the Magistrate countless time now...i even read the recaps...and i just finished watching GIJ for the third time. and read the recaps too...

MiRa Lee Joon-Gi ♥.. you are gorgeous and outstanding.. I watched 1st Arang and the Magistrate, and I justttttt finished watching Gunman in Joseon; it was an amazing drama and you were superb.. and I can swear now that you are one of the best Korean actors. you are the many-sided actor !! you can easily play any part. I've seen you in action, tragedy, romance, and comedy scenes.. you were flawless. you also have a handsome face and a pretty smile that makes you look friendly and intimate. Just keep up what you are doing and you will achieve all the success you wish for. Good Luck ♥ :D ♥

ika-cakep Jun Ki Oppa is a great actor .. Can't wait for your upcoming drama Fighting !

Junkie My journey as a Lee Joon Gi fan is unique. It took 9 long years for it to happen.

I first watched Lee Joon Gi in My Girkl (2005) but I didn't think much of him. Then I watched The King and Clown (2005) and was impressed by his acting.But his pretty face distracted me. In 2008, I watched Iljimae but had no deep impression of him. Thereafter I stopped watching his dramas.

Then last month ( Oct 2014 ), I was bored watched Time between Dog and Wolf. That completely changed my idea of him. I realised for the first time that he is NOT just a pretty face boy one associates with K pop singers. He is a talented actor once viewers put aside the effeminate image that was ingrained in us from his performance in The King and the Clown.

I immediately rewatched My Girl, the King and Clown and Iljimae and realised to my horror what I had missed. He is very versatile - he can act the comical clown, romantic lover, atheletic hero , sad character etc all in the same drama. He makes me laugh and he makes me cry. And he makes my heart beat fast in romantic scenes. I watched his 2 weeks, Joseon Gunman , Arang and the Magistrate which confirm for me that LJG is a great actor.

I have seen a few Best Newcomer awards winners in movies, and I dare say that the one that left me the deepest impression is Lee Joon Gi in The King and the Clown when he was only 23. He was practically perfect in his role.

I am glad I am a fan now although it took me 9 years. From now on, I will support him .

And I agree with all of you here that he is HANDSOME and not pretty as I was given to think , 9 years ago. In his own way, he is handsome and charming. And I love his high kicks in all his action shows.

Lee Joon Gi, you are such a talented actor and singer. I wish you more success in your work.

ira I think... I have already commented on this page a few months ago.. but, when I checked back.. the comment did not appear. it seems like I never gave a comment on this page. it makes me sad. So, I wanted to make a short comment .. I really like you Lee Joon Gi since I was 13 years old.. I do not really remember what exactly my age. but I strongly believe that among the earliest dramas that I have watched is My Girl, though in the drama Joon Gi is only a second hero, I love him much more than Lee Dong Wook.. Both of them handsome and has its own charm. before, it is very difficult for me to watch Korean dramas. but when I entered the university's life.. I have my own laptop and here I am now.. when semester break, I am free to enjoy myself watching any drama that I like.. and I've watched a several dramas and movies of yours. You're so good in acting and I just know you as an actor. But someday, surely I will hear all your songs.And finally, I wish you success in whatever you do. if there is a situation that make you feel down, just calm down. Take a deep breath and think rationally then smile.. every problem has it own solution. Fighting!

yoo rachel he is truly cute,the way he walk,smile,those seductive eyes...daebak...keep it up

Junki junkie Lee Joon Gi is the most Handsome South Korean actor-singer. Lee Joon Gi has the most unique, magical and beautiful 'PHOENIX EYES' that exude charm, sexiness and allure – the eyes of the mythical sacred firebird, the PHOENIX. His eyes are very expressive, lively and seductive. They seem to be smiling at times but most of the time his eyes seem to ‘talk’. His eyes are not 'Slanted Eyes'. The main difference between Slanted Eyes and 'PHOENIX EYES' is the degree of slant in the eye. Obviously, the 'Slanted Eye' has a greater slant but does not possess the slight curve at the outer corner of the eye as in the 'PHOENIX EYE'. The 'PHOENIX EYE' does not slant until the corner of the eye. In Chinese literature, men with 'PHOENIX EYES' have the X-FACTOR and are highly CHARISMATIC! Lee Joon Gi's 'eyes' is one UNIQUE aspect (Eastern Charm) that sets him apart from the other Korean actors! He is ABSOLUTELY bootylicious!

djassmini melody So cute and handsome,or acting is very good and or too smart,I like arrang & the magistrate,or so amazing.as I said or qwite uniqwe and for me or a righteous human being Mr Lee of course or definitely a briliant and famous ctor not only b'cse of or appearance and it seems that u have a great personality,or my favorite Korean actor,I like u the most b'cse u love the way u are I mean u have confidence u just keep it up,I'm waiting ur next project,good job & God bless u.

Bboo Perfection . So cute and handsome . His acting is daebak...... Not much to say . He is one of a kind.

The only " flower boy looking " that can act .

chal chal your acting is very good.He is so smart.i like time between dog and wolf and gumen in joseon is very good.i hope your next drama. jun ki fighting and happy

ema He is soo handsome. I first saw him in Fly Daddy Fly, he is such a good actor. He can comfortably play any role like role of a freedom fighter in Gunman Joseon, Fighting with ghost in Arang and the Magistrate while keeping romance side perfectly balanced..action + romantic hero..sir hats off!! ^_^

tp Almost finish watching the Joseon gunman in which you're so amazing. I also watched the interview of yours in Shanghai back in 2012, truly adored you. As I said before, you're quite UNIQUE and for me you're just a righteous human being despite being a well-known actor. Best wishes with your career!

Bboo Just finished Joseon Gunman. Mr Lee definitely brilliant actor. You are very talented , famous not only because of your good look . Seems you have great and warm personality too. I agree with other, you are so different and unique. I love the chemistry between Park Yoon Gang and So In . Keep up good work , waiting for your next project ( super hero role fit you just perfect ) , and God bless you, always :-)

Rashel Lee Joon Gi, you're like a fine wine as you age. I write this in a non-disrespect way. You're born to be an amazing actor! Your acting skills have grown as you- yourself have grown over the years. You have charisma and talent that it has always shone in all of your drama and movie. Over and over again, you've proven the audiences that you're one of the most talented korean actors anyone worth seeing. It's also a big plus in my opinion, that you're genuine and good looking too. I like that you do not have to change your look or bother with any plastic surgery. Like I've said, "You are like a fine wine". You are perfect with just the way you are. Keep up the amazing effort!

annie mae Wow! You are one of my favourite Korean actors. I actually, really like how you act and of course it was you that I like the most. ha-ha! So handsome and gwapo. Remain humble and more dramas to come :) good Job! KEEP IT UP.

LASeoulGirl MiA Mr. Lee Joon Gi...I AM in a current state of suspense for Hero..I am also in awe of your charismatic appeal of humbleness! Yes you definitely are the real deal...I adore actors and very fond of the craft...it is very rare to pull me in (I still wait for G'DRAGON to be an actor...then the whole world would lose me..lol) but you are definitely in my top 5 fave actors of all time...you pull people in..you are captivating in your craft(acting)..you're beautiful...u r very talented and the on screen level of art u possess is explosive. You give me a heart racing experience when I watch u on screen...I appreciate the way u can define ur roles...u have a way of setting a new element with every role...U r a true hearthrob...and u make me pound my chest Kdramatically as I think of u... (Aigoo...u r hypnotic too...and I plan to watch everything u come in) I AM going to draw a star on my walkway with ur name on it for u...because u totally deserving of one.☆Lee Joon Ki..I will tweet u the pic of it soon!!

Esha Joon Ki oppa!! Can you tell me how come you have such a decent and great personality?? How can you be so sweet, cute and handsome at the same time?? Why expressing your emotions in acting make me breathless?? How can your takwando skill keep me in awe all the time?? Why are you so awesome oppa?? Are you really human?? No one can be this perfect!!! Saranghe oppa!!! Jongmal jongmal saranghamnida!!!

Ebru He has got many awards from his dramas and movies. Not one award.

Anyn Joon gi oppa fighting!!neomu2 saranghae

Tarzkie(Philippines) .,Ahn-yong-hasaeyo!!! I'm a big fan of Mr.Lee :D

 he was such a multi-talented actor, intelligent, and has a wonderful personality.
 I love the way he treat us fans...like the way he talk, smile, act and dance! :DDD

sara He is one of the best looking actor ever! He has a very unique and handsome face especially his eyes, smile, and voice. his acting skills are amazing, love him soooo much

Babs Lee Joon Gi is an absolutely outstanding actor of all times, so handsome and adorable. I simply love him! I hope he will continue to play those wonderful heroic roles. I know he wants to play the role of an antagonist, but I hope that's much, much later in life. I along with his other fans are enjoying him play the role of the protagonist. He is truly a heroic icon. Thank God for Lee Jun Ki! Praying for his continued success on and off the screen. Saranghae Lee Joon Gi!

An American fan

Jen I love him soooo much he is amazing at what he does and deserves all the love and support because he is a pure-hearted, once in a lifetime actor. I loved him since iljimae/my girl, and will continue to love him more in the future. Saranghae~!

tony Lee Joon-Gi is a very good actor and brings life to his drama's I would like to see him in some action dramas with Bae Suzy, Han Hyo Joo (again), Im Yoon ah, Lee Da Hae;, Nam Sang Mi (Like now), Park Ha sun again) Son Yeh Jin. Sung Yu Ri and Yoon Eun Hye. The reason is any of these actresses would play fine witn Lee Joon Ki. Even Ha Ji Won. However Ha Ji Won might be too powerful an actress with him, she is the greatest although she would fit his style him., The others fit his technique. I have seen most of his dramas and even compare him to others that he was not in that he would have been just as good as the main clead. Like;: 3 days, Gu family Book, (:Lee Seung ki was very good here though), Miss Riply etc/ I think he was miss cast in My girl. In any case let see more of him and with some young and action stars.

Krysa Amy, amy - FU wrote about his awards, not his age. LOL :-D

rskdrama I always thought he looked girly. No wonder his debut was for such character! All said and said I enjoyed the dog and wolf drama. To me that was his best.

Amy FU, Lee Joon Ki is born in 17 April (same month as me) 1982 so he has 32 years (33 in Korea) not 40...LoL...However LJK is to beautiful, even beautiful than the youngest actors hehe ;)

FU Lee Joon Gi has about 40 (forty) awards now. He is very talented and versatile actor. My respect and admiration from Ukraine.

Amy Lee Joon Gi is one of the Most Beautiful Man from Korea and a Very Very Talented Actor. I start Loving him since the first moment I saw him in Hero. The Hero was my first drama of Lee Joong Ki...so is understandable. Best wishes from Romania, love u Joon Ki :)

darya waw you are really agood charecteristic some time funny some time serious

jessica i watched iljimae and i loved it ,, i love lee joon gi ,, good luck in your upcoming drama

Rose Love ya, you are so handsome

leila I love you so much lee joon gi. I cried when you cry in my girl. good luck

Bert Hayley Elmido OMG .... Lee joon Gi is the one of the Handsome ACtor in Korea . ! We All Love u :") here @ the Philippines  :") nice Shot .... i want to watch all of ure Movie :")

arreh i love you even more when you get mad in ur role...

Victor haha. waitng your drama day by day....

tp You're so UNIQUE!

joy lee joon gi is a very amazing actor, he's good not just in one thing but he's an all around performer. I'm a quite big fan of him. shin min ah and lee joon gi in Arang and the Magistrate is the best :)

zum i think, lee jon ki and nam sang mi is the beast couple,,,i hope the jooseon shooter will be sukses,,

wynechitt yes . right. Lee Jun Ki is the best. i like him n his acting. but the director and the procedure should think about the reunion of Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sang Mi couple in the coming drama 'The Joseon Shooter'. i want to give a little advise. this reunion is not so good and so boring. U should change the actress. But i also like Nam Sang Mi and i'm one of her fan. but i don't want to b the reunion of both of them.

raina Please dont cast park shin hye in jeoseon shooter Thank you

dila upcoming drama...lee jun ki...The Joseon Shooter.. hope lead actress Park Shin Hye...but she is very busy with thick schedule.. i hear, actress nam sang mi offered the role, but i hope no reuni agaain.. lee jun ki., he is...charming...nice and great actor... please...i hope his partner for new drama is adorable...like moon chae won, han ji min, han ga in...or.. yoo in na...??? please... thumbs up for nam sang mi decline...he..,

TZA So many comments!!! You may not have time to read all of them cos you are busy. But That's a good sign.Keep trying:) May you have so many chances to reveal your ability and quality!!!

Karen3235 ROHM Elec Phils Hello, JG. I don't even know if this message will ever reach you... but even so, I'd still write here so whoever might get the time to read them could understand how beautiful person you are... at least the way I see you. You are such an amazing actor... a talented singer... and a very good dancer, and I mean a "really, really" good dancer... But you know what? I was even more convinced that you are not just an actor with all the glitz and glamour when I saw your interviews particularly the ones when you were serving the military... You were answering the questions intelligently and so naturally at that. You can keep up with anybody... You must really be very smart... the very reason you are who you are... distinctively shining among everyone else in the industry. Keep it up, but please never change the kind of spirit you have in you... the "you" we love most! Take good care of yourself. May God bless you and may He grant your heart's wishes too.

carmen you are a good actor, gentleman and you have a good heart...keep up the good work...God Bless

Elle One of the best Korea has to offer. He's best in acting, maybe at par with Kim Nam Gil, excellent in dancing, and very multitalented. I love your acting in Iljimae, its incredible!

charmlee your my idol lee jun ki,your the one in my eyes:) oppa

Jhayshian (JhayJoon) Lee Joon Gi you is one in my favorite kpop .. you are so gentelman,cute and talented saranghae ♥♥

Gabby I love you Lee join Gi!!!!!!!!.......:)))))))saranghae...

From Ukraine My favorite actor. He has sunshine charisma.

caseysone plz act with park min young or park shin hye or jo yeo jeong

caseysone pair with park min young or park shin hye plz in your next movie/drama or jo yeo jeong

dech he is one of my favorite..he's humble and very talented

lyn Hi lee joon gi...i really like you among the korean actors, it is not just your are handsome and really acts good. but the character you shows in your drama. you are a type of person that didn't like girls(palyboy)...hehe. and i like the way you kiss, your so gentlemen..

ling ling First time watch the korean drama acted by you, I think you really acted very well, you look very man in this drama two weeks ! Waiting for more good drama by you....

catherine lee joon gi your the best korean actor..over all packaged..he's handsome and talented.i've listened his songs and no doubt he's very talented.i'm hoping that he can do more series soon.go.go.go

Vivian Majika He's so talented and very lovely in Time between dog and wolf and look very cute alongside the actress Nam sang mi and he's so good keep it up,fighting! Fighting!! Fighting!!!

Sanmex Best korean actor no doubt...

Valerie He's so talented. Good actor :)

shantel lee jun ki knw as ying in iljimae is very brave in all his film keep it up

Aradia I seldom gush at Korean actors, but Lee Jun ki is an exception. I think he's one of the most talented actors I've ever seen. He could be of different characters - blending with the story and in his elements very well. He is like a chameleon. I especially adore him in Iljimae. He was hilarious in Hero. I haven't seen Arang and the magistrate and Two weeks yet. I will definitely buy the dvds soon. Kudos, Lee Jun ki! Keep up the good work!

Licci plz, update the info. He just released a new mini-album 'My Dear'. You can find it on Youtube as Lee Jun Ki Mini Album My Dear... it's totally daebak!!! :D

Ju He doesn't have a younger brother... he has a younger sister.

ryuk very talented acting skills ...like the acting faces that he do..that make jun ki different from other actor....trust me when i say ..i like watching korean drama cause this actor lee jun ki acting skills is very excellent..keep it up..can't wait to u again after drama two week

Nita You look so cool, perfect in 2 weeks korean drama, love u oppa ^_^

bita i love youuuuuuuuuuu you are so handsome

jesica you made a great job on ur series TWOWEEKS. . . I don't like u back then in the My Girl series but this time, u showed how great u are in ur chosen field. can u do some shows or concerts in the philippines?

Jasmine Really good actor! On top of that he's the perfect combination of cute and sexy for me hahahaha. <3 Saranghae OPPA

yun Lee Jun Ki ' acting skill is amazing

Kathy Happy to see you back after Arang and Magistrate. Just started on Two Weeks and already am liking it. You are still tops. Wish you good health and happiness and hope to many more of your dramas.

Kompian Thank you so much for giving so much to your work. Really enjoyed your acting. Keep your passion going. Wishing you happiness and health always. Fighting!!

agres Don't be empty. Wish i was there and cheers u up. Keep fighting, i know u can. Have nice day, take care always and God bless u. Take time for u to keep u cool ! Always wait for u

Ameera06 Ahmed Lee jun ki, I think his acting so amazing especially recently drama series Two weeks his very confident about his role, and as a person like him that I feel hes very generous and kind I've always wacthing every drama that his doing and it is really great. I start admired Lee joon ki,since then when I wacth him in My Girl,he has charisma to be famous actor ever. We always waiting him to see more in series and movies hopefully and win for the awads as well.

amir اخه این یارو فارسی بلد نیست که :)) باید انگلسی بنویسی

zahra.l.p فارسی نده کسی نمیخونه مثل من انگیسی بده

زهرا سلام جون کی عزیزم من زهراهستم از ایران 20سال دارم ودانشجوی رشته حقوق هستم من عاشق بازی وچهره توهستم چهره توبسیار بچه گانه است ومن این ویژگی توراخیلی دوست دارم چون چهره من هم بچه گانه است خیلی دوست دارم یکبارتوراازنزدیک ببینم امیدوارم همیشه سالم وسلامت باشی وفیلم ها وسریال های قشنگی بازی کنی بهترین هارا برایت آرزودارم بی نهیت دووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووست دارم پیروزی

midoshi he is a great actor, i think he is the best actor among the others I'm watching all his movies and dramas these days. i am a big fan of him, but in south asia korean actors do not have much fans, so they never come to visit here. so sad. :( . thats ok. be healthy lee joon gi.

Elizabeth McCormick what an outstanding actor, first time to see him in Two Weeks, have been glued to the tv since first episode. His dramatics are so true to life and he finally appears to be so kind and caring after helping the lady give birth, that is when I really appreciated his character. Can't wait to see him in more dramas.

Moore i love his total work in each dramas: iljimae, my girl, Arang, and two weeks. keep fighting, Junki :)

bunni3 Chukhahae oppa, for winning in the recent Seoul International Awards.

agres Hi..Lee...U r the one and only... Best ever ... Wanna see u soon in person ...have nice day and take care. God Bless u always. Wish u read this msg and ill wait for ur reply ... :) "FIGHTING"

Mia Congratulations Lee Jun Ki for winnning Outstanding Korean Actor at Seoul International Drama Awards 2013. You deserve it sooo much.

maia Hello LJK. Im Maia your no. 1 fan in the Philippines. Im 34 yrs. old and happily married with a daughter of 7 yrs. old named Kim. I first saw you on “the king & the clown” which was aired here in our country January of 2012. From then on I started searching you on google and found out you were to be discharged on February, 2012. I downloaded your movie Virgin Snow then watched Arang & the Magistrate; Iljimae, Time Between Dog & Wolf and even variety shows you were guest in. I just loved how you act and it was great. Im a huge fan of yours and with that, I put your pictures on my smart phone as my home screen & lock screen wallpapers. Then told my daughter that you are my boyfriend (means a boy friend). But my daughter was wise enough to never believed my story. For her its impossible coz you’re far from our country. Then later on my daughter asked me, “mama, does he know that he is your boyfriend?” and that gave me burst of laughter. I told my husband about it and he just laughed. Now whenever my husband wants to watch his favorite show (because we do only have 1 TV in our bedroom), he’ll just say “Ma, you go watch your Korean soaps on your laptop. And I just love my husband. He’s just too considerate and understanding. Now I will just have to wait for TWO WEEKS. Fighting and God bless!

crescent Godbless you.. hope to see you in person.. (someday! lol! :) )

ryuk jun ki - good actor . make me wonder about the other movies and drama that how good and excellent he was in acting industries .he know how and when he need to make a feces while acting

juneunki Im so inlove with him in ILJIMAE since then he became my fav. Korean actor ever..he is good is everything acting, dancing and singing.. Hope to see more movies and drama series from you my junki..

100% agree with ur comment Radhika.....

ATHENA BEAR He's really sooo awesome! I love hiiim! I hope he gets to team up with Nam Gyu Ri! They would be the most beautiful couple ever! His long hair is sooo the best!

Lots of love JunKi Oppa! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Radhika OMG I just LOVE him!!! he is like my FAV actor ever!! his acting skills in "my girl", "illijimae" and "time btw wolf n dog" are just unbeatable! i've respect for this guy!!!

Please chooose great dramas in future and wish u the very best! love ur hair, skin, fighting skills, acting skills!! love everything abt u!!


aki i love his hair and his role in iljimae and time between dog and wolf.his acting is awesome!!!!! his fighting skill also the best!!!!!

Tina Yess!! Like comment #68 by Mia suggests that lee jun ki and moon chae won to team up!! MCW is my mosy favourite korean actress and I really like LJK! Would love to see them in a drama or movie tgt ^_^

Lizzy First, this guy's got the most sexy eyes ever, I could just drown in them !! Then, he's one heck of an actor ! :O his acting skills are superbe and he acts any role given to him PERFECTLY ! I like this guy soooo much <3

Mia After Two Weeks, can we request for a Lee Joon Gi and Moon Chae Won team-up please? That would be fantastic.

Ajele Ayodele Thomas Ha! i can't even imagine what i will use to qualify this my bros, u make me love korea even more than my country...if u are there i wish to here your voice this my number 08107090876.. U really impress me in that your movie 'iljimae' though have not been watching your films oo buth this as lead me to be searching and watching it good day Gob blessssss u deserve the best am thomas from lagos, Nigeria...

sahar sarangheyo oppa

nennymoore My LJK, please do stay well

Mona He is my favorite actor.actually he is the best in the world.

Mona he is my favorite actor in the world.he is very handsome.i love him.actually he is the best in the world.

PaToi I recently knew him from Arang and the Magistrate. Very much impressed with his acting skill as Satto. Now I have watched all of his past dramas. Love him in every one of them especially Time Between Dog and Wolf and Iljimae. I am now his big fan and will wait for his next drama and movie.

v One of the most brilliant ,talented and beautiful actors in S.Korea.He has great,loveable personality and his acting skills are amazing.Rookie actors should learn from him !He's the best.

Bonnie Lynn Katzell Muench Lee Jun ki is great I have seen him in several now just got done watching Iljamae and now watching time between dog and wolf.. wishing to see more of him in the future...

onnagaby i like this guy a lot. his acting performance impressed me and believe me am not that easily impressed. i was not surprised when he won Excellence Acting Award for Time Between Dog and Wolf in MBC 2007 Drama Awards. i say keep doing good drama oppa and i for one will definitely buy. cheers

Akinnayajojumoke lee joon gi i love your movies, infact you are the best, i wish to see you for real but i'm in nigeria, but i know i will see you one day for sure, i likes you alots keep it up

pari i like that he does martial arts and also he went to the melitary.u know like the attitude more than the look!

hannah we look forward that someday lee joon ki and yoon eun hye will have a project together... and we hope that our request will come true..

kuro long hair!!!!!!!!!!

Dianne Amazing actor! I wanted to watch Il Ji-Mae because I've been trying to watch all of Park Si-Hoo's movies/dramas; but what I found was Lee Joon-Gi in the lead role. Then, I realized that he had changed the spelling of his name to Lee Jun-Ki, who I had already seen in "Virgin Snow". I've said all of that to say that "amazing" doesn't begin to describe the actor that he is in these two movie/drama. I will be watching for more of him now that his army service is completed! Change the pictures of him on this page -- they don't even resemble the actor/person. Maybe he thinks it looks "cool", but natural hair makes your whole face light up with softness. The "cool" style makes you look hard and harsh... sorry, just my opinion from the State of Alabama in the USA!!! Best wishes in all you do in the future!!!

rohmah DAEBAK!!!! I love almost all your drama, especially ILJIMAE Lee Joon Ki Oppa... Will you marry me? hahahaha

ZanaLuvKoreA And Lee Jun Ki, welcome back!! Great to see you started acting again..

ZanaLuvKoreA Korean dramas is just too prefect!! Romantic and everything about korea is so cool>_< Love korean dramas!! I will support korean dramas forever!! Saranghae!! Arang And Magistrate is excellent!!

e clever boy (lyublyu_tebya)

vienn love you lee jun ki! :D you seem really friendly and cheerful but you're seriously good at acting the sad moments! made me cry, especially in iljimae.

منا wow....lee jun ki!ur new drama is exellent & I love it!but why the raiting is this much less???oh,It's disappointing!!

junki is love i love you junki you are the best actor in the world your new drama is very intresting and beutiful love you oppa junki

miley pls come oori junki..oori oppa..and oori Eun oh...i L.O.V.E u oppa ...

miley jun ki oppa fighting . . . . . f i g h t i n g

Sango Ehm... he doesn't have a younger brother, but a younger sister^^ Anyway, he's just the best^^

lee lee joon gi fighting...

maia didn't have anything to do yesterday so scanned tv channels & pause for a while at cinema 1 only to find out that it was a korean movie they're showing..don't know the title but eventually captivated by this gorgeous clown..a man who acts feminine..from that point ive searched everywhere for him in youtube & google..at last found lee jun ki..and he was only discharged from military service last feb. 16, 2012...can't wait to see him on korean soaps.

NewKDramaAddict Yes, we can now count the days!!!!! I've been watching Time Between Dog and Wolf over and over and over again!

mary to maria: he hasnt been in anything recently because he is in the army, I think his service is almost over now!

Maria I was just wondering why the last thig he was in is so long ago. I really hope that when he comes back he will be many many more films and shows :D

werra Nice guy ... but still ...Gloss on his lips???? bleaaah ... :P

sabrina l love you lee jun ki so much.men seni cooooooooooooox sevirem .Sizi AZERBAYCANA gozleyirik.

Carol1646 Happy new year, oppa!! ^^ Few more months for your military service to end.. Please please please amaze us with your acting skills and that cute smile of yours again!! ^^ Fighting!!! ^^

SisterB Great actor! I've bought my first whole series because of him! Can't wait until new works after military service!

Atina he came to Jakarta with his military uniform,,so cool!!he looks so different...but i hope you can come again to Jakarta as Hallyu star..amin!!!

wolfox 좋은 눈처럼 찔렀다-- 폭스 먹이를 찾고 있습니다. . 나는 저었습니다.

mosha i want you get out hurry & see more of ur dramas & ur movies agaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain ...luv ya LEE JUN KI oppa 나도보고 싶었어 ♥♪ :) :) we all missed yooooooooooooooooooooooooooou ..come on we want see you again brother

valentina God! There cannot be actors who don't sing, for God's sake ! :)) I've seen Iljimae. It was a nice series.

Carol1646 Junki oppa, i missed you! Just want to say that I've been in love with you for 4 years already, since I saw you as a model in my friends Japanese magazine, and then when I see you act in The King and the Clown... I <3 U!^^ You will forever be in my heart....!!^^ i cant wait for year 2012 to come, and hoping to see more of your work in the future...!^^

rajes The King and the Clown is a very nice movie!!!! you rock!!!! KEEP ROCKING!!!!!!

HebeDara he is the mossttttt hottest korean man ever!!! love hiss smileeeeeeeee

syahirah lee jun ki,you are the handsome!!!!fighting!!!

nina lee joongi i love u.................

utay woah...he's got cat eyes!

Thu Thu Swe jun ki oppa ! စစ္မွဳ ထမ္းရတာ ကို ဂုဏ္ျပဳပါတယ္ အရမ္းပင္ပန္းေနလား ? i miss you so much.....

dimple ashton is this really his site? I'm just curious if he really receive all comments here!!! Cause i 'am also a fan of him,,

Michi Don't change, Jun Ki~! ;A; Hope you come back safe.. and still sexy and sweet looking as ever! D':

Thu Thu Swe Jun Ki Oppa ....i waiting for 16.2.2012...i miss you.

Thu Thu Swe Jun Ki Oppa ...Fighting!! Fighting!! .... much be careful .

queensemra woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww OMG i love him so much <3<3<3<33<3<3

he looks sooooooooooooooooooooo good OMG he is a very good actor

Thu Thu Swe sein yi chu ka han ni da..sein yi chu ka han ni da..sarang hae jun ki oppa...sein yi chu ka han ni da...

Ai-yamapii Hi! Happy 28 th Birtday lee jun ki.... Funny with Il Ji-Mae: The Phantom Thief | Iljimae‎ a the most and the world. I like it

jstyle700 Jun Ki Oppa! Please! Do not smoke, I worry for you.

Yuling ...U rowks babe ! ;D Ur so hamsome...just wish so that i could meet u in person...(: Ur sure so hamsome. Can't stop looking at ur pics...><

jstyle700 Jun Ki Oppa! Fighting! Fighting! I very like J-style song.

jstyle700 I love Jun Ki oppa so much. I want to his girlfriend.I am forever fan of Lee Jun Ki.

dorothy,who loves JK Hi Jun ki oppa, you are the best in all fields such as singing, dancing, especially in acting, so cute and handsome. You are my favourite. May God Bless You. Love you so much.

KpopYO! oh wth o.o this guy is super duper hot...i thought hero jaejoong was the hottest but...*melt*

NightLizard ^___^ He was soooo cute in "Virgin Snow" and I was voting for him in "My Girl"! :))))

25warner99 I think Lee Jun Ki is the best, cutest and attractive K actor. When he smiles, my heart melt and really fall in love with him. When he cries, my heart break and cry together with him. When I watched the drama "My Girl", I am really angry with the female lead. Why did she make my pretty boy to cry? Lee Jun Ki also looks good when he cries. Lee Jun Ki, plz don't drink alcohol so much.

Tshering Tshomo Lee Joon Gi!!!! I am like sooo in love with you..... I love his songs, movies and dramas.... man! I think you are the best man plus the most beautiful guy in the world. And My one and only aim is to see you in person...... I love you, Lee Joon Gi!!!!!

evilive he looks like a vampire

loooovvveeeeee him. he is hoot.

the first time i saw him was his movie Fly Daddy Fly. he is cute. he has dans- and fighting skils. he has everyting.

he looks good too with long hair in the drama Iljimae. he has now short hair (sob).

i read at wikipedia that he is in the army. and when he comes back he wil make a movie cald Unseen WAR

Emine Happy Brthday Lee Joon Ki!U're a great actor…Wish u a great 27th Birthday..

Rin His new album isn't out yet. But when it is there are many fan sites u can check to download it.

Maggie Liem owh..lovely junki... i hope he would come to indonesia...and meet me...^^

ze I wish I could act like him...I envy him...

lee ll yea, i agree, so talented and so friendly, wish i cud meet him!!!

Emine Hey!!I think his song are beautiful.The most beautiful guy in The World.Lee Jun Ki are so cute & Sweet.Its so nice.