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  • Drama: The Lord of Dramas (English title) / The King of Dramas (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Deuramaui Jaewang
  • Hangul: 드라마의 제왕
  • Director: Hong Sung-Chang
  • Writer: Jang Hang-Jun, Lee Ji-Hyo
  • Network: SBS
  • Episodes: 18
  • Release Date: November 5, 2012 - January 7, 2013
  • Runtime: Monday & Tuesday 21:55
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Drama series "The King of Dramas" takes a revealing look into the world of drama series production. Anthony Kim (Kim Myung-Min) will do anything for success and money. He has the midas touch when it comes to subcontracting the productions in drama series and is extremely talented in running a business. There's also a top Korean actor who doesn't negotiate and a new screenwriter who holds a pure view of drama series in general.


Anthony Kim and the writer for drama series "Elegant Revenge" have an argument over product placement advertisements in the last episode of a drama series. Anthony made a contract with the juice company and he insists to the screenwriter to place the juice into one of the last scenes. The screenwriter insists that its impossible to place the juice into episode, due to the story line. After she hangs up, Lee Go-Eun (Jung Ryeo-Won) goes into the screenwriter's office. Lee Go-Eun is the screenwriter's assistant and has been working there for the past 5 years. The screenwriter completes the last episode and asks Go-Eun to proofread the script and then send it to the director. Lee Go-Eun asks about the product placement advertisement and her boss responds that an artist shouldn't compromise herself. She then takes the battery out of her phone and leaves her office.

At this time, Anthony Kim receives the script for the last episode. He can't see the juice placement in any of the scenes and tries to contact the screenwriter, but all of his calls goes unanswered. Anthony then goes to her office. As he enters, Go-Eun is about to leave the office. Anthony lies to her and tells her that her boss is in the hospital and she asked Go-Eun to place the juice into the last episode. Go-Eun believes him and tells him that she will make the necessary changes.

There isn't much time left. On the way to filming set, Go-Eun makes the necessary changes to the script. They get to the filming for the last scene. Now that everything is finished, everybody begins to freak out. The last episode is to air in just a few more hours. Anthony makes the suggestion to hire a motorcycle delivery guy to deliver the videotape to the broadcast station in Seoul. Anthony offers $10,000 dollars to the delivery man if he can deliver the videotape within 1 hour. It normally takes 3 hours to get to Seoul from their location. The delivery man accepts the deal and heads out. Anthony and Go-Eun follows the delivery man on a separate motorcycle. Along the way, the delivery man gets in an accident and is severely injured. Anthony takes the videotape from the injured motorcyclist. At this time, Anthony's gold ring that he calls his "absolute ring" slips off and rolls into a manhole. He drives off for the broadcasting station.

Anthony finally arrives at the station with the staff there waiting for him. The last episode is able to air as scheduled. While the episode airs, Anthony looks over the TV ratings and sees that the ratings has now climbed over 30% during the last episode. Everybody is ecstatic. Meanwhile, Go-Eun goes home and tries to contact her boss, but is unable to do so. Anthony hears that the delivery man on the motorbike died from his injuries. Anthony goes to the delivery man's funeral and explains to his wife how her husband died. He gives the widow $100,000.

The next day, Go-Eun visits Anthony to show him her own script "Morning of Keiyo". While they are talking, Go-Eun's boss barges into the office and screams at Anthony. Go-Eun is stunned and tells her that Anthony said she wanted the script changed, but Anthony denies having anything to do with the script change. He lies to the screenwriter and tells her that Go-Eun came to his office and suggested the changes under the condition that she can work as a screenwriter in another drama. The screenwriter believes Anthony and Go-Eun is fired from her job, as well as being exiled from the screenwriting industry.

Anthony also encounters troubles. On the internet, numerous articles covers the death of the motorcycle delivery man. Anthony tries to cover up the case, but nobody is on his side. It seems to Anthony that everyone is waiting to knock him down. The president of Jekook Production asks Anthony to resign. Anthony is now pissed off and decides to start his own production company. He tries to contact screenwriters right away, but he is all alone.

Three years later, Anthony is now almost broke. He runs a small production company, but he can't afford to pay his one employee. Anthony is now also receiving therapy. One day, he visits Oh Jin-Wan's (Jeong Man-Sik) at his old work place Jekook Production. Oh Jin-Wan used to be Anthony's secretary, but he is now a high level executive. While waiting for Oh Jin-Wan in his office, Anthony happens to see a paper discussing a $10,000,000 drama project. The project is to be funded by a Korea-Japanese man named Watanabe (Jeon Mu-Song) under the condition that the story deals with a man living under the Japanese colonial era. Anthony suddenly thinks back to Go-Eun's script "Morning of Keiyo," which is set during the Japanese colonial occupation of Korea. Anthony then goes to a restaurant where Go-Eun works and is owned by Go-Eun's mother. Anthony decides to go for his last chance ...


  1. "The King of Dramas" takes over the SBS Monday & Tuesday 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "Faith" and will be replaced by "Queen of Ambition" January, 2013
  2. First script reading took place on September 3, 2012 at SBS Production Studio in Ilsan, Gyeonggi-do.
  3. Filming begins September 10, 2012.


The King of Dramas-Kim Myung-Min.jpg The King of Dramas-Jung Ryeo-Won.jpg The King of Dramas-Choi Si-Won.jpg The King of Dramas-Oh Ji-Eun.jpg The King of Dramas-Jeong Man-Sik.jpg
Kim Myung-Min Jung Ryeo-Won Choi Si-Won Oh Ji-Eun Jeong Man-Sik
Anthony Kim Lee Go-Eun Kang Hyun-Min Sung Min-Ah Oh Jin-Wan
The King of Dramas-Jeon Mu-Song.jpg The King of Dramas-Kwon Hae-Hyo.jpg The King of Dramas-Song Min-Hyung.jpg The King of Dramas-Jeong Han-Heon.jpg The King of Dramas-Kim Seung-Hwan.jpg
Jeon Mu-Song Kwon Hae-Hyo Song Min-Hyung Jeong Han-Heon Kim Seung-Hwan
Watanabe Nam Woon-Hyung Deputy director Kim Deputy director Park Lee Sung-Jo
The King of Dramas-Yun Ju-Sang.jpg The King of Dramas-Seo Dong-Won.jpg The King of Dramas-Heo Joon-Seok.jpg The King of Dramas-Park Sang-Hun.jpg Yoon Yong-Jin
Yun Ju-Sang Seo Dong-Won Heo Joon-Seok Park Hwa-Sung Yoon Yong-Jin
Moon Sang-Il Joo Dong-Suk Han Kang-Wook Park Suk-Hyun Koo Hee-Jae
The King of Dramas-Seo Ju-Hee.jpg The King of Dramas-Kim Kyung-Bum.jpg The King of Dramas-Jang Won-Yeong.jpg Lee Hae-Woon The King of Dramas-Park Keun-Hyeong.jpg .jpg
Seo Ju-Hee Kim Kyung-Bum Jang Won-Young Lee Hae-Woon Park Geun-Hyung
Jung Hong-Joo Director Heo Drama director Hong PD Park President of Jaegoog Production
The King of Dramas-Choi Su-Eun.jpg The King of Dramas-Seong Byeong-Suk.jpg The King of Dramas-Mina Fujii.jpg The King of Dramas-Oh Hyun-Soo.jpg The King of Dramas-Park Kyu-Sun.jpg
Choi Su-Eun Sung Byoung-Sook Mina Fujii Oh Hyun-Soo Park Kyu-Sun
Yoon Bit-Na Park Kang-Ja Akiko Choi Do-Hyung Bae Kwang-Soo

Additional Cast Members:


Episode Ratings

Date Episode TNmS AGB
Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2012-11-05 1 NR NR NR NR
2012-11-06 2 NR NR NR 8.6% (19th)
2012-11-12 3 NR 10.8% (14th) NR NR
2012-11-13 4 9.2% (20th) 10.6% (15th) NR NR
2012-11-19 5 NR 9.7% (17th) NR 9.8% (15th)
2012-11-20 6 8.3% (20th) 10.5% (13th) NR 9.0% (16th)
2012-11-26 7 NR 10.7% (14th) NR NR
2012-11-27 8 8.6% (17th) 10.6% (15th) NR NR
2012-12-03 9 NR 10.1% (15th) NR NR
2012-12-04 10 8.8% (19th) 10.1% (15th) 8.9% (16th) 10.0% (14th)
2012-12-10 11 NR 10.9% (17th) NR NR
2012-12-11 12 NR 9.6% (20th) NR NR
2012-12-17 13 NR NR NR NR
2012-12-18 14 NR 8.9% (19th) NR NR
2012-12-24 15 NR NR NR NR
2012-12-25 16 NR NR NR NR
2013-01-01 17 NR 9.1% (20th) NR NR
2013-01-07 18 NR NR NR NR

Source: TNS Media Korea & AGB Nielson

  • NR denotes not ranked within the Top 20 daily shows according to TNS Media Korea and AGB Nielson.

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rina The best drama that i ever it

sulthanah Why did the dramas that I like always have a low rating? First, the king 2 hearts and now the king of drama...sighh.

n132 This is one of the best drama that i ever watched The actors and actress played their role's so good Anthony Kim aka Kim Bong Dal is so funny I love Kang Hyun Min and Sung Min Ah couple, they're so cute together

MarSiruS one of the best drama ever...critical, dramatic,exciting, awesome...

bananaaaaaa omg! how come this drama wasn't on the top 20? the episodes were absolutely riveting! it distracted my schedules and daily routine for two whole days because i was just too greedy to watch all the episodes at once!!! there was always something to look forward to in every turn..

I won't forget Kim Bong Dal for a very, very long time, bahahahahaa!!!

rumi Anthony Kim, I fall head over heels for you! Kim Myung Min, your acting is brilliant. I really look forward to your next project! This drama is awesome, I can't stop myself watching this till final episode (in fact i rarely finish watching drama because i easily feel bored).

liz best drama I've ever watched so much meaning and teaching love it !

adamcandance i love this drama.. the ending is nice.. and i love kang hyun min & sung minah

kuroneko this drama quite good but it kinda not very attractive... aside the main character... i actually more enjoying the side-story line about Kang Hyun-Min and Sung Min-Ah...

ahloon I like the theme of the drama and I like the song selection such as "Tuesday Song"~ Nothing much of romance, instead they focus on the passion of a drama producer. I like the acting and the character from Anthony Kim.. Why the rating is low? Because it is not a melo romance drama, people may not know Kim Myun Min... He is a good actor who always acted in Korean movies~~

SenDo The best comedy drama EVER! Can't stop laughing!

Lolo Somebody please tell me, who actor that had a birthday party in earlier episode in this drama as cameo??

steve Rival of this drama are school 2013 & horse doctor ... But I love king of drama...different,reality story,good cast. Especially Jung ryeo won <3

PATRICIA HAYDEN Siwon stole the show and I don't even like Super Junior at all...But he was hilarious, He should do a comedy with Park Si Hoo...ok back to the drama....I loved it. I had a great time watching it. I was entertained. They did the ups and downs really ended as Korean dramas end ei, the Princess' Man.....yes, we all hate that but it is what it is....they will all be in dramas in the future. All the characters actors were awesome...I liked that this drama was more true to life...I can't understand the low ratings...must have been up against some monster shows..

nally siwon was like the flavor of this drama .he was very funny,and made me laugh of my heart.also he is handsome.another scenes were funny to me are whin Anthony Kim want to cry but he stop it with a pill.

nally at the begging I was a little bored ,because I could expect what the next actions will be.not I saw it before but seems most dramas scenes flows are the same.first they suffer then everything are fixed in a minuet,and the first epi till anyhony kim was succeeded to git the top rating"obviously"were the same "rhythm" there's no astound moments .but then it became to get a little better .and i hope the coming epi will change my opinion of it.

Drama fan I don't like the ending... Korean drama always have someone die or sick at the end, I don't like the ending!

mint cherry really love this drama!! the story, character, acting..everything!! make me so curious & wait for the next episode really different with other k-drama...TWO THUMBS UP!!

me aww Anthony Kim! I'm 16 yo and i fall with your character >w<

lelie Great drama! i wish there were more episodes.

slee What a spellbinding and original story - kudos to the screenwriters! First half of the drama was full of action, while the 2nd half is more about the romance and both parts were beautifully written, although I was more intrigued with the first half...and it got a little draggy just before the end.

Actors were great too but I didn't think the two leads had that great of a chemistry together.

Holly And I agree with everyone else...the 'Tuesday Song" was beautiful and was perfect for this drama.

Holly I loved this drama. I loved every character. I don't understand the low ratings either. I think Mischievous Kiss also had low ratings and then it was revived in reruns in a huge way, I wonder if the same will happen for this drama. I think it was just bad timing for airing. I did a lot of laughing. Choi Si Won's laughters were hilarious, he really livened up the show (Brad Pitta). Oh Ji Eun was incredible. I can go on and on about the cast. I didn't fast forward anything...I only fast forward the guys' shower scenes, way too close and personal for me (call me old fashioned, it's ok :) ).

Davia I thought that the last episode was brilliant in that it showed us that his actions in the first episode were not because he was a jerk. As we see in the last episode he was willing to stake his all as well. To him it was more that the drama was the king rather than he was the king of the drama. All fanatics are blinded by their fanaticism.

Also we see him having a vision of the man who died in the first episode so maybe his hidden guilt over that manifested in him nearly dying in almost the same manner. But love brought him back. Thankfully.

Wonderfully original drama with really great characters and acting all around.

Moni Loved it!!

This drama is different from the typical k-dramas. Not only the story line was unique and interesting but you could see how the characters grow as people. Actors were perfect. Especially Choi Si-Won's character. OMG, so damn funny! Gonna miss his crazy laugh, haha.

bimvic ahhhh I'm gonna miss this show, Gosh I love it sooooo much. To me the ending was perfect, bitter sweet and realistic. I hope I could love the way Anthony and Go-Eun loves each other. This is definitely my favorite drama in all of Kdrama history, and yes I've seen a lot!!!! But this drama does it for me, great acting, writing, directing and combination of cast and most importantly GREAT CHEMISTRY!!!!! I will always love KOD and you will always be my no.1 no matter what else is to come!!!!!

Navchaa Director Goo recently starring in drama Cheongdamdong alice

Lala I love this drama! My top favorite korean drama ever but since the show was extended for an addional 2 episodes, the ending wasnt as good. I love all the casts!

putrihuanzhu great drama. great casts. good couple. good acting. pretty scenes. hope there will be any drama or movie to pair up kim myung min ssi and jung ryeo won ssi again, they both delivered the characters sooo well

Tori Just finished watching the final episode on viki. OMG...i loved this drama. I cried so much on the final episodes. I loved every awkward, funny and caring episode. Great work Jang Hang Jun. (^ ^)

punpit "Tuesday Song " by Big Baby Driver. It is the song!!!

femalesong If this is the one you mean, I finally found it today after searching for weeks.

jonathan deriada i can't wait for episode 18!!

jovido Anyone have all song of this dramas ?! I have just find out 4 of them ! If you have, please share ...

nacha Does anyone know who play Director Goo? Because i think i saw him in another drama as a father and i still curious about drama that he played before.

kodsuperfan Just had to say, I started watching this drama because of Myung Min. His acting skills intrigue me just like how he did with Bad Family. And of course what's not to love about Jung Ryeo Won and Choi Si Won? Wondering what Koreans were thinking, ignoring this awesome drama. Also learned to love the actress wo played Sung Min Ah, she's actually really pretty. I didn't realize until that she was Dong Hae's love interest in Smile Dong Hae until I googled it. Can't wait for episode 18! Hoping for a miracle <3

kodsuperfan Does anyone know the English background song they keep playing? I've searched for the drama's complete OST but it's not included. Can anyone please help? Thanks!

cikhanmy another kdrama that stole my heart...i thought i never cried..but ep 17 make my tears falls...thumbs up for actors and actress for good actings and so natural..

Ratri I love this drama. I even cannot leave one episode. On this drama, Siwon plays hilarious and Anthony Kim's characters played well by the actor. Salute!

navchaa i really love this drama. this is a must see. KMM is real deal. best casting ever. im not interested in ratings in Korea im sure , internationally ratings of this drama is highest!!!!!! Bravo to all crew!!!!!

May Does anyone know the English background song which sung by the female singer? I already search the lyrics on google but went no clue...

Pleaseee anyone who know it pls tell or email me..

diss I just love what Kang Myung Min doing at the drama, he's look so natural, I love the drama so much. Thank to the crew, cast, especially for the writer

Henri Manchu I don't know why HanGuk people prefer to watch Horse Doctor than this fabolous drama. This drama is a thousand, no, a million times better than MBC's Horse Doctor. I'm sure that International people think the same with me.

vaish Honestly, i was starting to think that i had no more dramas to watch but this drama is simply FABULOUS AND AMAZING. I love Kim Myung Min's acting a lot (he's so adorable at times) and Choi Si Won simply rocked it at being hilarious. Also Jung Ryeo Won (the writer) is great at acting. Honestly I can't imagine a different cast for the drama all of them top each other at acting. I'm dying to find out what happens at the end!!!:)

Kdramacraze I really enjoy this drama. Anthony Kim is a very good actor and Lee Go-Eun is so cuuuute. Very surprising to see such low ratings. The plot is also very great. It is one of a very few series that I watch again for the second time and perhaps the third time while waiting for the next episode.

yha Jing Anthony Kim - KKM is the best.......i forgot to mention him.

yha Jing the plot and acting is so compelling perfectly. The King of Dramas is the best one recently. In this drama - every second is fastening with my heart beats. Gosh, especially the last one as he knows his bad eye sights and he asked the Lee G N when she starts to like him. OMG my heart beats is just rushing into my brain. I'm so desperate to know what's her answer and what the next episode will be. BEST !!! BEST !!!...BEST!!!!

sf Will anyone know what is the English background song that always appear???by a female singer..

Christy i love this drama so much, its actually my favourite drama so far. Choi siwon you are so funny can't stop laughing at your character. And Anothy kim, i just fell in love with his character.

i don't want this drama to end......

Love this drama from down under

Sarah21 I like this drama soo much, I wish it wasn't only 18 episodes. They better do something good with the two main character romance relationship. I really really love it! Can't wait for episode 15.. *squeal*

Pipit This is probably one of the best korean dramas I've seen so far. It might end up as one of my favourite kdrama ever (I hope it'll succeed in maintaining its stellar performance till the end).

I know that Kim Myung Min is one of the best actors out there and I love his Master Kang in Bethoven Virus to pieces but Anthony Kim is GOD! Really really love him! This drama deserves it's title as King of Dramas although not King of ratings but I've given up trying to understand how Korean rating system works. As far as I know at the international stage King of Dramas has received the highest appreciation from international audience compare to other dramas and that's saying a lot.

Tina I'm afraid that Kim Myung Min will face almost same role in Beethoven Virus (almost no love story). Hopefully this drama won't dissapointing. Fighting !! :)

nareerat OMG! Just finished watching ep14 and the romance between the two main characters is done just right! This is really good and I can't wait for next week.

zyra i don't care about the ratings in korea.. for me this drama totally the best!!!! i hope they will extend the episode... love it sooo muchhhh!!!!

bimvic OMG I don't want this drama to end, I love it some much. Can't they increase the episodes?

catlovers this dramaaa is DAEBAK!!!... really2 love it... im so curious every week for the next stories... waa happy to watch it.. anthony is so great.. go eun and siwon too... love this drama

dfwkimchi Since this drama is the first time I have seen of actor KMM, I have been reading many articles on the net about him. One of the comments made by a fan in 2009 on another site suggested that KMM should play Mr. Darcy in the Korean version of "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen which is MY FAVORITE novel of all time. When I read that comment - it just clicked with me that this drama had shades of that novel in it. Lee Go-Eun being the idealistic female who 'hated' Anthony Kim, the arrogant man in the beginning episodes. And now in the later episodes, LGE's opinion of him is changing (PREJUDICE) and AK is showing his vulnerable side - breaking down his PRIDE.

This is the first time while watching a K-drama that I go back to watch certain episodes (like 10 and 12) a FEW times because the plot and acting is so compelling.

Love it when in ep 12 AK told LGE that "she was pawing the air like a turtle flipped on its side" after he caught her dreaming (about him kissing her). Laughed so hard! From that in the beginning to when he confessed that he "is a big coward" towards the end - such highs and lows - all in 1 episode!

Happy watching all - got 4 more episodes left. This drama is the only reason to look forward to a Monday (and Tuesday)!

Anso Im addicted to this drama. U did a perfect cast for the role of Anthony Kim. Kim Myung Min is totally suited for his role. Really love this drama!!! Choi Si Won is also doing great job. I love his laughter. Soooo cute. Again bravo KIM MYUNG MIN!!!!!!!!!!!

tofu Kim Myung Min is perfect for his role. This drama is just amazing, definitely one of the best. I don't understand why the rating aren't higher

dfwkimchi OST - "Blind for/in Love" - sung by SuJu member Yesung. U can find it on youtube ( Love this drama too. First time watching KMM and also JRW. Will be looking for their other dramas after this one is done. They are good and hope they get together in the end. They balance out each other. Siwon is funny in this but his laughter sets me on edge - just as bad as Bit Na's voice! Great show and am wondering about low ratings too. My friends and I watch this online too. Since they had added more twists to supporting casts (like Director Nam being son of Chairman) - wonder if this will go beyond planned 16 episodes.

jellaine Wow!!! so much addicted to this drama! this is one of a kind... hope for a happy ending!!

SonnetSocks This drama is fabulous. The character of Anthony Kim is stellar. I'm surprised the ratings aren't higher. I wish that could be counted in the viewership ratings. I'm sure that'd give it a boost. I've read there will be 16 episodes, but I want more! LOL

nareerat I seriously love this drama and the ost song. Anthony Kim is so sexy and compelling. The character Kang Hyun Min is so silly and funny at times. I can't wait for more romance to develop. I watched Beethoven Virus and Kim Myung Min didn't pair up with the girl that love him. I'm hoping that in this drama Anthony Kim and Lee Go-Eun will be a couple and not just really good colleagues. I hope she didn't get paired up with Kang Hyun Min. I know he's got Bit-na but he seems to be going the extra length to show his appreciation or thanks? to Lee Go-Eun.

wanda CORRECTIONS:who loves him. Even the middle class people in dramas do this (slurping what they eating).

mikachi One of the best dramas airing these days.I can giggle non stop whenever Kang Hyun Min's role appears on the screen. Choi Siwon has been a real bonus in this drama. Rating can go to hell.

bimvic I just fall in love with this drama each episode!

Yha Jing Zhou I'm riding a roll-coaster as I'm watching this drama. Gosh, everything is so intense and you hardly to guess what's gonna happen. great,,,,,I love it. KKM is a great actor even the rating is not too high. We, Most of my friends watch Korean dramas on line, so I have no clue if that rating is making sense any more.

AmalChan I really love this drama!!! 5 stars :D

Yha Jing I have seen the first 4 at the same time. Gosh, it was so great - funny, and tight. The man actor 1 is amazing. I haven't seen a black humorous drama for a long time. ha ha ha

ax Jung Ryeo Won, I love her so much!I wished so much to see her in another drama after Salaryman and I'm so glad she got casted. She's so incredibly talented,better than most of actressess!! I'm so glad!!

liliino I've seen the first 2 episodes, i've loved it!! I am looking forward to the next one ! I can't wait to see siwon!!

qw who is singing the ost ?

hazuki Kim Myung Min...the god of acting and Jung Ryeo-Won one of my favorite k-actresses...I am in heaven.

Ann This is a must watched drama. I can't wait until the 3rd episode come out. Really excited!

faith cordon I miss Siwon in Kdrama. Hope this will be a good one too. Fighting!

julie orpiano i have watched choi siwon previous drama,the" oh my lady",,i've searched hard to find a dvd copy of it.i've watch it several times and loving it,,i like the plot of the drama,,love the acting of the other casts,,hope this new drama of him will have an impact also,,,fighting choi siwon,,god bless your new drama

Rna Siwon returns to Korean Drama....I'm looking forward to it. I hope the drama will be successful. Siwon Fighting......!!!

ita Kim Myung Min And Choi Si Won... God... Its wonderful....

biankyflowers Si-won's really fortunate to be able to work with high-class Sunbaes such as Kim Myung-min. More power to the both of them!!!

julie orpiano wow,choi siwon again in a drama,looking forward to it,,,,

dow WOW!!! He's back to small screen after 4 years!!

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