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  • Drama: The Queen of Office (English title) / God of the Workplace (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Jikjangui Shin
  • Hangul: 직장의 신
  • Director: Jeon Chang-Geun, No Sang-Hoon
  • Writer: Yoon Nan-Joong
  • Network: KBS2
  • Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: April 1 - May 21, 2013
  • Runtime: Mon & Tue 21:55
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Temporary employee Ms. Kim (Kim Hye-Soo) is a remarkable woman. She possesses highly advanced skills in seemingly all work fields. She's also highly confident and always sticks to her ideals. Jang Kyu-Jik (Oh Ji-Ho) is a hot-shot foreign educated MBA, hired to turn around a flagging corporation. As they begin work together at their new jobs, can they ever co-exist?


To turn around their declining fortunes, Y-Jang Coporation hires Jang Kyu-Jik, who just finished his MBA course in America. Kyu-Jik will work as the team leader of the marketing sales division. On the airplane ride to Korea, Jang Kyu-Jik sits in business class and becomes curious about the offerings in the first class section. He finds an empty seat in the first class cabin and begins to munch on a rice cake that is available on a food tray. At that time, a hippyish dressed woman stands over him and tells him he is sitting in her seat. While Kyu-Jik leaves her seat, he begins to choke on a rice cake. The unusually dressed woman is able to save Kyu-Jik's life by using sudden force. Thankful for her help, all Kyu-Jik can glean from her is that she goes by the name of "Ms. Kim".

On his first day at work for Y-Jang Coporation, Kyu-Jik walks happily with his old friend and now co-worker Jung-Han (Lee Hee-Joon). Kyu-Jik then becomes startled when he sees Ms. Kim again, this time dressed in a business suit and walking towards them. Kyu-Jik runs up to Ms. Kim enthusiastically and assumes she is a high-level executive at a nearby company. Kyu-Jik becomes flabbergasted when the human resource guy informs Kyu-Jik that today is Ms. Kim's first day at Y-Jang Coporation as a temporary employee. Kyu-Jik is baffled by the dichotomy of Ms. Kim. In a conference room, the human resource guy hands Kyu-Jik and Jung-Han what looks like an instructional manual. The instructional manual is actually a detailed list of guidelines of what Ms. Kim will do and will not do. Some of those stipulations include working at Y-Jang Corporation for a period of 3 months only, working only from 9-6PM and never working on holidays. Kyu-Jik becomes furious when learning about all of these clauses from a mere temp worker and even more so that his company agreed to abide them. A highly volatile relationship begins between the headstrong Kyu-Jik and unflappable Ms. Kim.


  1. "The Queen of Office" takes over the KBS2 Mon & Tue 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "Ad Genius Lee Tae-Baek" and will be replaced by "Don't Look Back : The Legend of Orpheus" on May 27, 2013.
  2. Related titles:
    1. The Pride of the Temp | Haken no hinkaku (NTV / 2007)


The Queen of Office-Kim Hye-Soo.jpg The Queen of Office-Oh Ji-Ho.jpg Jung Yu-Mi Lee Hee-Joon The Queen of Office-Jeon Hye-Bin.jpg
Kim Hye-Soo Oh Ji-Ho Jung Yu-Mi Lee Hee-Joon Jeon Hye-Bin
Miss Kim Jang Kyu-Jik Jung Joo-Ri Moo Jung-Han Keum Bit-Na
The Queen of Office-Jo Kwon.jpg Kim Eung-Soo Lee Ji-Hoon The Queen of Office-Na Seung-Ho.jpg The Queen of Office-Lee Mi-Do.jpg
Jo Kwon Kim Eung-Soo Lee Ji-Hoon Na Seung-Ho Lee Mi-Do
Kye Kyung-Woo Hwang Kap-Deuk Koo Young-Sik Shin Min-Koo Park Bong-Hee
The Queen of Office-Song Ji-In.jpg The Queen of Office-Lee So-Yun.jpg The Queen of Office-Kim Ki-Cheon.jpg The Queen of Office-Kim Na-Woon.jpg The Queen of Office-Lee Deok-Hee.jpg
Song Ji-In Lee So-Yun Kim Ki-Cheon Kim Na-Woon Lee Deok-Hee
Oh Ji-Rang Yeon Da-Ra Ko Jung-Do Yeo Jang-Mi Jin Mi-Ja
The Queen of Office-Oh Yong.jpg Kim Bo-Mi The Queen of Office-Lee Hyun-Jae.jpg
Oh Yong Kim Bo-Mi Lee Hyun-Jae
An Jong-Chul Jo Ho-Boon Hoollisesa

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Episode Ratings

Date Episode TNmS AGB
Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2013-04-01 1 9.4% (18th) 9.8% (16th) NR 8.9% (19th)
2013-04-02 2 9.3% (16th) 9.9% (10th) 8.6% (16th) 9.0% (17th)
2013-04-08 3 10.6% (14th) 11.8% (8th) 12.3% (6th) 12.1% (8th)
2013-04-09 4 12.2% (9th) 13.5% (5th) 12.1% (8th) 12.1% (6th)
2013-04-15 5 12.0% (8th) 12.6% (7th) 13.4% (7th) 12.5% (8th)
2013-04-16 6 13.3% (7th) 13.4% (6th) 14.2% (6th) 14.6% (6th)
2013-04-22 7 13.6% (5th) 14.9% (6th) 14.0% (7th) 14.1% (6th)
2013-04-23 8 13.2% (7th) 14.6% (6th) 14.6% (6th) 13.9% (6th)
2013-04-29 9 12.6% (7th) 13.5% (6th) 13.5% (7th) 13.2% (7th)
2013-04-30 10 13.3% (6th) 14.3% (6th) 14.5% (6th) 14.8% (6th)
2013-05-06 11 12.2% (6th) 12.8% (5th) 13.6% (6th) 13.8% (5th)
2013-05-07 12 12.8% (5th) 13.4% (5th) 14.0% (6th) 13.9% (5th)
2013-05-13 13 11.6% (7th) 11.9% (6th) 13.1% (6th) 13.8% (6th)
2013-05-14 14 11.8% (6th) 13.0% (5th) 12.8% (6th) 13.2% (6th)
2013-05-20 15 11.8% (5th) 12.8% (5th) 14.4% (5th) 16.2% (4th)
2013-05-21 16 12.8% (5th) 13.6% (4th) 14.2% (5th) 14.9% (5th)

Source: TNS Media Korea & AGB Nielson

  • NR denotes not ranked within the Top 20 daily shows according to TNS Media Korea and AGB Nielson.



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nay So inspiring. never find something like this, so meaningful and funy at the same time. Kim Hye-Soo is the best actress, she played the role perfectly. All the cast were doing really great, i like Oh Ji-Hoo, Jung Yu-Mee and Lee Hee-Joon. Thank u for all Queen of Office's team.

andrew hii there, im andrew from Indonesia. its super duper cool dramas ever. all is just so perfect. i like when Mrs Kim dancing in every morning

marieruu read the comments... seems like this is a good one.

Next on my list. :) Can't wait to see this! :)

mitch808 Oh my garsh, The coffee scene LOL to the max (I'm laughing right now) Oh Ji Ho was really great, Whoa, the trouble and harass with Kim Hye Soo Ms.Kim! Juri's knockoff purse, LOL!! Mr. Ko LOL, Jo Kwon (2AM) What a natural, LOL!

alghina salma I Like The Queen Of Office because the drama is very funny and I Like Jung Yu Mi. I

Mitch I hope the queen of office will be recognized and awarded by this year end. This had everything, Alot of Laugh's, heartbreak, all put together. Of course this was because of great actors (everyone of them) Screen write, producer & director, crew. Thanks for letting me enjoy this!

ian i have been following all the dramas this year .. and i say this drama saved others from getting me disappointed in kdramas.. most hooking drama of this year as off gthe moment .. even better than of lee sung gi's gu family book because that drama got me me hooked only up to it's 2nd episode .. 3rd episode and the others succeeding were not as good as the first two the main reason why i stopped watching it..

CikHanmy previously ..i likes Ms Kim with Mr Jang...but now I more and more likes Ms Kim with Mr Moo

devie woooooo Ms Kim so beauty and sexy too.. i love this drama very much, so funny and i always laugh.. this drama very wonderful, i like caracther from Mas Kim.. she so full charismatic,and i'am so proud with her.. she acting so nice and the best,so an great. fantastic,i'am very liked... unnie figthing.... saranghae

Jonydanger BREAKING NEWS !!! Korean Reunification can take a back seat to the Obsession of Watching 직자의신 - the newest Korean drama guaranteed to shock, inspire, and traumatize you into involuntary laughters , ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Not since Charlie Chaplin's Modern Times, have I seen a equally poignant, touching and provoking movie/drama portraying a little guy fighting the system (in Chaplin's case it was the industrialization process).

Only this time, instead of The War of The Roses (a great film in its own right with Michael Douglas, Kathyleen Turner and Denny Devito starring), it is now the Great War between the contract workers and the permanent workers struggling for supremacy in the computer age - the director's version of Karl Max's dialectical materialism in the Korean society.

In this case, the very handsome and funny 오지호 is equivalent to the "Queen of Mean"(Leona Helmsley) in the male form terrorizing and bullying all the new recruits in his company in the name of streamlining and efficiency.

Except that, in this drama, he has met his match when he is pitted against the Queen of Office - a certain Ms Kim (the stone-faced and awe- inspiring 김혜수) , who is the unlikely professional contract worker underdog foe and nemesis, rising to the occasions and becoming a superwoman whenever she is challenged by the system.

The whole drama ( No, I haven't finished watching it yet ) is filled with many hilarious, slapstick comedic scenes , and with numerous classic, iconic one-liners and superb acting , especially on the part of the heroine ............... All I can say is this " 돌아와요, 미스김 " !!!! Aja, Aja, Fighting ! :@P

PS: Some memorable and classic one-liners ( This one is actually a one liner followed by an explanation) : " Who are Korea's top three thieves ? - "

"(Version one, in front of a marketing presentation) First is (the famous male star)Cha Chsu, the thief of women's heart. Second is Yeon Jung Hoon, the thief who stole the actress Han Ga In . And lastly, crabs marinated in soy sauce - the thieves of rice."

"(An even funnier version two, spoken in front of a crowd of 아줌마 by Ms Kim) First is the husband who stole your heart. Second are the children, who robbed you of your slender figure. Third are the soy sauced crabs, which will rob you of your rice. " ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ So funny , yet so sad for the female audience ...............박수 !!!!!

Sa.Ho It's hilarious I love it . It will be awsome if a woman like exists

rheyzhel11 omg... i so love the queen of office...cant wait whats more to come with ms kim and mr cabbage patch cute and funny.

Myles You won't regret watching it. It hilarious.... I like it very much coz' its so funny. Lead Characters are also portraying their roles with their best. They look good together too.

Whoa, those curly hair when it was straigthen.. hay!

dee2 i love this drama so much, very different with kdramas as usual. Comedy genre in this drama so entertaining but look natural. Hahahaaa..loves Kyu-Jik when he got so much trouble with Ms.Kim :)) Ah! and i see how sweet the relationship between Jung Joo-Ri and Moo Jung-Han >.< Really anticipated these two on next episod.

suriji In the original version, the curly one is the second lead, the friend. I wish they stayed true with the characters coz the boss (not the curly haired one) has a more charming role. And I hate guys with curly hair lol

albalicious the first episode was really funny, specially the pororo scene=) looks promising and the rating is steadily rising..

scarlet I really really enjoyed the first episod, thank you soo mach for your hard work. It mad me laugh a lot :-)

meath can't wait when miss kim get to close with Jang kyu-jik ,,, I really waiting to know why miss kim at work so cool ,,, but when at the machu pichu she's became different person ,,,,I really love this drama

Kim hye so unnie hwaiiting ^_^

IMAD I thought the actress is nam sang mi

aros Where is Lee Hyun Jae? I've been looking forward to seeing him in a new drama!

yuki the plot is same as style.

skrwitch This is a good drama so far. I would rate it 7.5/10 stars. But to be honest, the only reasons I am watching this is because Oh Ji-Ho and Jo Kwon, but I'm starting to like Jung Yu Mi.

mia Oh Ji Ho's Hair looks silly n weird. i will not watching it unless the sylist or staff of this drama change oh ji ho's hair style into a Better one or atleast he doesn't have this Curly hair anymore. !!

True2u Can't wait!!!. I hope it's funny, because i need some funny!!!

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