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  • Name: Jung Il-Woo
  • Hangul: 정일우
  • Birthdate: September 9, 1987
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 183cm
  • Twitter: @ActorJungilwoo


  1. Graduated from Hanyang University on February 20, 2014.


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nethya Jung il woo, in my country Malaysia, you're not popular, the public don't give a shit for you and many people do not really like you except for me and ur small fandom.

Regina pacis Jung il woo!!! same here in our countries Rwanda, they don't much about korean actor!! but l really like you! Plz play another drama!!! jo-a-hae-yo

lo ri il woo oppa i like your acting in night watchman journal with ko sung hee!! daebak ! hope you'll be a couple again

kovo il woo, even tho ur not popular in my country even tho ur a nugu actor here in Philippines, i suport u...small fanbase still give suport

yuan Running man brought me here... Good job oppa ^u^

ema606 omg he is sooooooo handsome ..cute smile.

bethari @damia same here in Indonesia, i realy wan na talk 'bout il woo oppa but i ask around and a lot people here don't know who he is. jung il woo's not famous in Indonesia but i still like him

alice Plis... have take a new drama again....

colleen He can act, but his popularity is just average. I know Kdrama fangirls who live in the Phillippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam. They told me Jung IL Woo is a NUGU actor because the general public in their countries does NOT care for him and his fan base is not that big. I admit that in Japan, he is NOT relevant to the general public and his Japanese fan base is small. He is a good actor, but he is NOT considered one of the best, especially in Korea.

rwoonah in high kick 1 you were my best :)

Shelley Wigham I love his smile and he is a wonderful actor! Makes me wish I was 25 again! Enjoyed the series The Moon Embracing the Sun so much watched it 3 times in a row. Even though I thought the subtitles weren't really well done and some mistakes with them, I really enjoyed the plot of the show. Thank you

mellisa ho Jung il woo i cant wait for watching you at running man.....im waiting for so long..

Choi Arvie I love him since My Fair Lady era. His smile really captured my heart! I hope his friendship with Sandara Park will turn into something special. I'll support both of you! Saranghae Il Woo oppa! I watched all your drama except Moon River. Soon, I'll be watching it.

Waffa Sarangheyo oppa your so handsome and ilike your smile <3

vangie you are the best actor ... i like your smile ...

DramAddict One of the best actors there is. I watched three of his dramas and his characters always end up to be my faves. He really knows how to pick his roles. I loved him the most in TMTETS. His role was epic and made me cry rivers. Such a good actor. INDEED! Please come back soon. I can't wait for your next peoject. Oh! Did I mention that he has a very very beautiful smile?!!!!

mimi your smile!!! It just melts my heart!!! I totally agree with you Suzuki Ryuu. I think he looks like Park Min Young,too. Especially their smiles!! Love you both <3

lili i love you and love your smile so much

rahmah he is a happy person who always puts a smile on me. good luck

bf this man can act, MORE PROJECTS!

vcbap He's not one of the best actors, but judging from his acting so far, I think he's good.

shefiu I like his acting role in night watchman i also cherish is smile a lot

fatema fayez he is really great actor and he is charming andd a beautiful smile i hope for him a sucessful life and acting career fighting :)

samuel gloria U ar too much.I really enjoy the night wacthman. I can't afford. To wacth it in a day.keep it up.

Suzuki Ryuu Is it just me or does anyone else think that he looks like Park Min Young?

Mee pu Fighting! Jang il woo sshi.And then take care your health.

Ann Love your smile a lot.

lor I like his acting

Fer Perfect acting with a cheerful smile. ^-^

Veronica Lazaro Is he married or in a relationship?

Kelly Is he married or in a relationship? Is the ring on his finger in this photo a couples ring?

hyo shin hi i love you il woo

kittyfarah Love his smile so much. just perfect. great actor (Y)

magangelo One of my best actors, quite cute and charming.

I wish you a successful acting career till the end.

elyas illwoo is the best actor

melisa ho Dear Jung I'll Woo.....first I want to say sorry....I said that you more handsome at modern drama.....I'm was wrong...I have been watching The nightman Journal......even at ancient story you so fashionable...you're so charming...its so different when you play at the moon embrasing the sun.....I like you...#indonesia...

darya I love your acting you are really agood actor hope you best

CreamCream OMG~ I Watched All Of Your Dramas and Movies (Except Goodbye Sadness) I SO LOVE YOU IlWoo Oppa<3 And I So Love You In 'The Night Watchman' YOU ARE JUST SO PERFECT<3

patricia hayden Love this guy....his comedic timing is perfect, along with that very cute lopsided smile...Loved Watchman Journal....want a sequel...49 days was awesome...hope to see a lot more of this great actor in the coming years...every time I think of him a big koolaid smile appears on my face and stays there for a long while...good job guy

Africa If you read this, I hope you consider my advice as a fan:

-If you have the opportunity to work alongside established female actresses, pick the older noona types over the young up and coming ones (unless they're seasoned former child actors).

-You are the best in period dramas, however dramas with supernatural elements should be left alone unless the writer has an abnormally great track record in writing (no repeat of 'The Night Watchmen' please).

^^ To add to that, don't just pick any period drama because you can be the main actor, but pick ones involving serious politics (think Yi San). You are great in action, but even cooler when your character is intelligent and powerful.

- If you do modern dramas, please do a heartbreaking melodrama. You have the countenance to pull off a solemn, tragic character beautifully.

- Consider doing movies again? It'd be nice to see you lead in a romcom or thriller.

- And finally, as long as you pick your roles wisely, you will shine. You're handsome and have a compelling presence on screen. No doubt you face a lot of competition for roles, but as long as you engage your audience (international fans are there and growing too), they will absolutely follow and anticipate your next performance.

lelimissyy Yur handsome oppa!!! Loved yu in 49 days series with the schedule thing. Keep it real oppa...cheers!!

Marianna Hello there Il-Woo! You are such a very handsome and very good actor. Ilove the way you portray a role and make the viewers relate to whatever your role is. I just wish that you'll have a lot of projects to come. Hoping tht I can come to Korea and visit you in the future. Lots of love and good luck! ♥

helendancer Love you in Golden Rainbow and Moon embracing the sun and currently enjoying the night watchman. Keep up the great work.

Congratulations on your graduation, fantastic accomplishment.

Queenie lopez castillo Hi....im number one fun of your movies.i hope their will be much2x movies 2 come...coz i dont want 2 miss it watching..

Jara Annyeong, Jung II Woo! You have an amazing acting talent you are a good actor. You captured my attention when I saw your Drama Series titled " Flower Boy Ramen Shop ". and honestly when I first saw you in FBRS I thought you are only 16 I mean a Senior student. You have that charm and talent. so Keep up the good work oppa and I'm here to support you always. Saranghaeyo ♥ and more movies and drama series to come wish you luck oppa xD

rose When I look at u I will be very happy. ♥♥

pabroa john lloyd Go Jung II Woo,the first time I saw you I remember my classmate to you....Your so very great actor and do you know many of my friends idolize you so......KEEP IT UP AND we are here to support your all movies<33333

Isabel Katy Jung II Woo, The first time I saw you,you caught my Heart because of your Charm and Your Eyes :) You are a great actor and Keep It UP!!We are here to support you :) <3

gentlyhi Bravo, your acting skills are above and beyond. Thank you for sharing your acting skills with us all !!

ailyn abubacar hi jung il woo!! im your number 1 fan i want to meet you in person and thats my dream: i wish to see you saranghaeyo!


saranghae jung II WOO

jp hi boy..we r really2 enjoy your acting keep it up n try your very best for da future..nite2

jp hello boy..im really2 enjoy your acting..plz dnt fall down try your very best for your fans hope to hear more news from you n so we can b still enjoy kdrama becos of u n all the actors n actresses all the time..n onemore thing try to be enjoy n hv a meaningful life today n plz dnt 4get nobody knows wht will be der tomoro..g'nite hv a blsd life in your future...

chieref toquero cool guys hot ramen GO!! GO!!... <3 <3

chieref toquero I LOVE YOU Jung il Woo . .. cool guys hot ramrn GO!! GO!!...

yuki kashiwagi ilove u jung il woo saranghae oppa keep working mwahhhhh....

loves jung il woo <3 saranghae oppa...

keep working through your dreams.. you'll get there eventually.. you've come so far and that's already an achieve menr and HEY! I think im inlove lol :)

moesha ouch!!!! no comment cos am blushing :)

Mihaela Hey :D .. Keep going on ! You're as awesome as Lee Jong-Suk , as Lee Min-Ho and as Kim Hyun-Joong too .. Oppas , sharanghamnida :* ! You're the best and never give up !

maeve jung il woo oppa should win more awards! he deserves it!

Mafae I love u jung il woo <3

grace diola hi oppa!congrats for the success of your latest tv show GOLDEN RAINBOW your the best!

cho i am really interesting this drama.fighting Lee Rin

toto I love you scheduler

grace diola Annyonghaseyo Oppa!Jung il woo...Kamsahameda for being such a great actor. And continue for being a good example to us.And before anything else just keep Smiling where ever you go,co'z that's your biggest asset.And Congralution for Graduating And for your drama Golden Rainbow!I wish you a good health and for your career. FIGHTING!:)Saranghae Oppa:):)

Ignatia Hiii Jung Il Woo... Congratulation Jung Il Woo. I'm proud your acting in "Golden Rainbow" is very amazing.. You create your smile makes other people very happy.. Be the best in the world of acting..

crisabelle Hello Jung Il-Woo.. im a fan of your drama series 49 days.. it make cry.. youre a good actor.. the first time i saw you i had a crush on you.. ^_^ i wish i could met ylu on my birthday.. your my only wish that i could have on my birthday.. ^_^ saranghae Jung Il-Woo

jan first of all. i want to congratulate you on your graduation.. at a young age, your acting has depth.. i have watched all your tv dramas.. from high kick to golden rainbow.. do young character, i could say, is the most profound role you have played so far.. do young is carefree and light spirited outside but possessed a deep personality.. he knows how to use his mind while being emotional. he plays around yet doesn't act without purpose.. you portrayed the role diligently and effectively and i congratulate you again for that.. i wish you more great projects to come and hope that the cafe you wish to put up will materialize in time.. good luck and hope to see more of you!!

mizuno kaede dear jung il woo.i love you drama.jung il woo i can wait your drama next.i hope we can be a best friend forever .i love you drama 49 days .you characters is song yi-soo.you so handsome .so may i be you friend .congratulation on graduating .ok....bye bye

CICI Dear Jung Il Woo, I agree with what Genesis said. GR isn't one of your best, (not your fault) but you are still LOVED a lot. I hope you are already in process of having a "better" new drama which you are the lead as well. Also. I have seen a couple of dramas at this time with "idol" singers in the lead, one of them sang in the drama (I'm pretty sure it was his voice). Anyway, I don't know if you have been told enough or realize that not only are you a "great" actor but "great" singer too..much better that the two guys above I mentioned IMO. "Scarecrow" and "Someone Like You" are amazing and I hope you do more of that in your upcoming dramas. You are my favorite singer and I hope you sing more as well as act. You are Sooooooo GOOD!! Please do more.

Khris Congratulation on graduating. Must have been a big week for you.

Genesis Oppa, I've been watching you in Golden Rainbow and I have to say that's the only reason I continue to comeback to watch this drama. It's not one of your best, and that's not your fault...I'm saying the script was poorly written but I can feel you and the remaining cast doing all you can with it.

I've had to go back and pull out some other dramas of your's that I own on DVD to make myself feel better about it all...like 49 days and Flower Boy Ramen Shop, My Fair Lady....I've even youtubed a few of your interviews, so I can breath much better.

On a more positive note, I loved you in Moon Embracing the Sun and really hope that you go on to get the lead again in something truly spectacular. I really believe that you have it in you to do more that these cutesy roles....I see a serious actor in you. I really hope that your management company will get behind you and start selecting some serious roles for you....when I think of you I think of you as an Asian Will Smith. That's right, everyone always saw Will Smith as only the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, but Will Smith movied into being a Box Office actor with films like Bad Boys I & II, Men in Black I, II and III, Ali, Pursuit of Happiness, After Earth...and a whole lot of other projects.

If your management team isn't out there promoting you then call me up, heck I'll get out there and do it....long of the short, I believe in your talent and you as a person....and wish sincerely for you to have to greatest of luck and success in life and in your career!!!!


Glaysa Your such a great actor:-)i really admire your talent ,.i such a huge fan of your im hoping that someday i can finally meet you. Even if im a filipino i really watch all your drama project. Keep being such a wonderful young man:-)

flowie I love watch Jung II Won drama. He acted very well in all the shows and has great charisma, his smile sparkle :)

katy <3 you're the best n you're smile is SPARKLE ur the best better that any1 kekek

ashley I knew he looked familiar when watching Golden Rainbow but it was a surprise to know he played the scheduler in 49 days. Oh he is dreamy

myriona from 3 comrade ( Lee-min-ho, Jung-il-wo, Yo-ah-in)... as far, only jung-il-wo the one who never get awards from korean tv about drama......I dont know why. maybe someone could tell me...

tp You're quite cute. I find it so amusing watching your dramas. Good luck!

joy i'm one of your avid fans !!! .. i'll watch all your projects now and in the future :)

Domino I'm watching Golden Rainbow because of Jung Il Woo. He's so funny and keeping the show alive. I'd like to see him again in a more serious drama with a better, real actress. I loved him the best in "Moon River" and "49 Days". I hope he's the lead actor again too.

BA Jung Il Woo is a great Actor and I really enjoy Watch his Work and I hope he will keep acting for a long long time! He always Work hard and the result is always great! I am happy when I Watch his Work :) Fighting :)

CICI Jung Il Woo, I am soooooo HAPPY to finally see you again in a lead role in this new drama "Golden Rainbow"! The first episodes were quit gloomy until you showed up. Your smile and personality has just brightened the whole show and you and UEE make a really cute couple. You're such a great, talented actor. I'm just so happy you are back!

Hanee Oppa you make me crazy everytime I see your smile... I LOVE YOU OPPA... I really like all of you drama... I wish I could see you more often... Ok... See you Oppa soon...

sandra i've watch you're drama ;hope to see you in philippines mahal ka namin

Dyah's I love jung il woo ;)

mhairen i really love jung il woo!! finally, he's doing a drama again. I think I'm gonna watch it (although it's a 50-episode drama), well, not every episode though.. The best actor for his character, the Scheduler.

lalala love him from flower boy ramen shop <3

mkl07 Hi Jung Il Woo, from the States!! I completely fell in love with you in your drama, 49 Days. By far, the drama series, 49 Days was your best performance EVER!!! You're character and acting skills touched my heart in every way possible. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! With lots of love! mkl

lynme balio hi jung ll woo love u yeah!!! i really like 49 days hope to see u here in philippines

Sunshine anecito You're great... Hope to see you here in Philippines

Sunshine anecito I've watch you're movies ... And I like how you act.. You're great.. Jung Il Woo oppa.. Hope to see you here in Philippines...


Erhyz16ever I hope that Jung il Woo and Choi Sulli have a movie tgether!!!:)..................................Jung Il woo......... Anyonghaseyo,,,sarang hamnida,,,,ur my second favorite star in korea especialy in drama,,,,,kamsahamnida for making me in love everyday when im seeing your picture:)

Wendy Flower boy Ramen shop stole my heart. Love the cast and love the show. Thank you guys so much for making my Netflix awesome! ☺

katy I LOVE YO SO MUCH Can't wait for u to come back and mAKE

roseannBacani annyeonghaseyo... your my favorite korean actor gatchi kim sang bum.. im so happy because you & kim bum is a great bestfriend together... both of you is my favorite korean actor ~*~.~*~.~*~ i like you the way you smile, you speak.. and i love the way you act.. i lo0ovVveeEEe Yyo0uU SO MUCH...

  • ^_^*....!!

i hope you and BAE SUZY..have a tv drama together.. and im just waiting until it come true.. .. and you have a lot of fans here in the philippines... see you soon..DAhahaah.. roseannheart is yours..^.^

anna hi.jung is my love.he is really cute.jung is my favorite acter.jung!please come to iran.he is very wellknown here.

Yuuta I Love Il Woo Oppa... Come to Kaliboto

CICI Hi Jung Il Woo! I love your acting and have seen many of the dramas you have been in. "49 Days" is my favorite, then again, you as Iljimae was awesome ..I love your speaking voice and your singing too. You are my favorite Korean singer. I want you to know that I have a white pigeon that loves to sing with you when she hears you sing "Someone Like You" (she sings right along) She loves you too! Soooo, not only do you make your fans happy, you make birds happy as well.  : ) Hope you're acting again soon in a leading role and I'd really like to see you in another Kdrama using martial arts cuz you're great at that too.Take care.

Eun Jung Hi Jung Il-woo, my family really likes you. We’ve seen four of your dramas so far: My Fair Lady, The Moon Embracing the Sun, Flower Boy Ramen Shop, and 49 Days. Now, every time my daughter sees a man on a motorcycle, she says; “It’s the Scheduler!” You’re very popular at our house! I like all the roles you have played. I was especially impressed with you in The Moon Embracing the Sun. You did such a fabulous job as Prince Yangmyung. I wish you the best and look forward to seeing you more. Take care!

tiffany Very Very Cute! Please See My Weblog... Tiffanykorea1.mihanblog.com I'm From Iran... I Love VIXX! Oh! Leo Is May Loooooooooooooooove!

anna il woo is the best actor i've ever seen. i've been crying 1 month because him in 49 days, and i've laugh more than a week because cha chi soo....

love him so much, wish him all the best in the future i wanna see him and jung so min as a couple, home this dream come true ^_^

Danielle i wish he and lee min ho would do a show together, also i wish he get more main roles. I loved both his roles in flower boy ramyun shop and 49 days. Though 49 days made me cry, currently watching moon embrace the sun, but i wish he was the main character there too.

day2x87 omo! i just found out that he and LMH are childhood friends! daebak! I'm a big fan of these two exceptionally good-looking and extremely talented actors!

day2x87 he's my newest crush!!! i just finished watching 49 days and i totally loved his character there. i've watched flower boy ramen shop as well and i didn't find it vety likeable. the story's too shalloe even for a rom com kind of drama. also, i didn't like the development of his character there. i have yet to watch the moon embracing the sun. i hope he has a better role there nd i hope he gets a lot more of better projects in the future. i hope he wouldn't just remain a pretty face but become the best actor that he can be. i would love to see him do an action drama and to work with Park Shin Hye!

Nikkaboo OMMGGG!! his SMILE it MELTS @_____@ <3

Anirvina i hope i get to meet him one day as well..hahh.. im in love! i hope to marry you :P even though it may be a distant dream :D

saranghae oppa (again) :D i cant stop looking at you! ur too handsome :*

Anirvina i love him so much. oh so much. everytime he smiles, my heart skips a beat. the best looking guy in the whole world, and the best actor to me.. and i'll be his fan forever. jung il woo oppa saranghae! ~ ur biggest fan from india!

huggable love the way he winks in Flower Boy Ramyun Shop♥♥ xD so cute and so talented♥♥

abolfazl very cute smile...

abolfazl very cute smile

Boo You were amazing in Flower Boy Ramen Shop and 49 Days. Your soo cute and adorable. Thank you for acting. Big fan. Cha Chi Soo!!

Bonnie Lynn Katzell Muench loved you in The moon embracing the sun

CatLove15 We share the same birthdays!!!!

Kayse Loved him in 49 Days. I held it together till he cried... then everytime he cried I cried!!!

Zaya really good and funny in his role i like the funny one, keep going forward and wish you all the best

ilwoo fan im fan of you your acting is very good in all your drama like return of iljimae my fair lady sun and the moon and flower boy ramyun shop 49days you have diffrent role in your all drama.ilwoo your one of the best actor in asia and you recieve the award for it.ilove you very much i wish all the best love you

ilwoo angel i like you in return of iljimae your very beautiful love you ilwoo your my iljimae love you beutiful angel

nioosha Jung Il Woo is very good actor He's always in the series is his happy faceAnd it will always be lovely Good Luck Jung Il Woo

samar your very good in your all drama but i thinkthe return of iljimae is the best.wish you all the best

jgaha i love you jung il woo your the best

illi happy birthday to you ilwoo

Nhung Happy birthday JIW! Love you!

gel zosimo Happy birthday,. :* :D Godbless... Goodluck.. <3 ^_^

samira happy birthday ilwoo oppa i wish all the best to you

rety i think your the best actor in korea love you oppa your have great acting

triple h i love him in my fair lady.hes very handsome.i want ilwoo kiss french yoon eun hye like flower boy ramyun shop.its very good man i love you.im american fan of you.i always support you your the best actor man.your the best

beautiful hes so cute i love him in the flower boys ramyun shop.fighting oppa ilwoo

sady your my king il woo.your the best actor in korea world.i love you

suzzy wow hes so beutiful in return of iljimae hes is pretty like girl.i love you ilwoo oppa

spain fan hey hi hello il woo.i love u and i like you from 3years when you play my fair lady.im from spain love you ilwoo your the best actor of the world.sarangh fighting

Sadia After watching FBRS you got me hooked on your acting. You were able to make Cha chi soo such a believable and lovable character, you were definitely the star of the show. After watching that I saw 49 days which I just finished. I loved the character of the scheduler and loved how the witty and charming traits were present in both. I would've liked more scenes with you in it but 49 days was a great drama. I loved how the scheduler answered her phone, was her "ringtone". It was a small but very cute touch :) I'm going to watch your other dramas now and I look forward to your next works. I'm American but currently study in Dubai. If I ever make it to South Korea I hope to meet you =]

jung il woo fan i love you il woo im your fan from iran.i love your smile.i see your all drama.please come to iran and see your fan

iljimae i love you jung il woo.im your fan becuse of your beautiful drama return of iljimae.saranghe

Kimberly Omg, I have just finished 49 days... I have realized the way you walk is so... SOOOO FREAKIN SEXY!!!! I have never felt this way before Just watching someone walk feeling for someone some attraction just because of the way he walks.. omgggggggggggg you walk so handsomely and attractevely please people agree with me!!! lol

Nhung I adore you!


Hana Oppa sarangheo:) i want to marry you..

Pat Waits Just finished watching 49 Days. I have not laughed and cried so much for any other series. I have scanned the previous comments, and forgive but at 60 i refuse to gush over a fictional character. I do want to compliment your acting, and i look forward to finding more of your work to watch.

Thank-you for the entertainment you were a part of.

PS even having to read subtitles did not distract or ruin my enjoyment.

ellen love you oppa!!!!!!

desirec21 Oppaaaaa!! Because of your really nice drama "flower boy ramyun shop," i became one of your biggest fans.. You're so cute and i really like your smile! :> i hope that i can see you in person so that i can get your autograph and take picture with you.. :)

yohiA hiiiiiiiiii i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee him:X:X:X:X:Xi can wait any more i want to see himmm :(((((jung il woo:X:X:X:Xso cuteeeeeeeeeee:X:X:X

min wish that you're a real scheduler

haku OMG!! his smile killing me... i love you i love you... sooo cute

missi i really liked in high kick but after seeing your other dramas i became really dissapointed!!! you are just cute!

Mustafa He is Nice Actor,But Not Strong Muscle For Action Movies , Example Song ill Gook Before A Man Called Of God.

rayne Oh my god. I just watched 49 days and can't help but notice the cutest scheduler with a beautiful smile and sexxxy body. I didn't like him in My first lady for being a little dull but I am now absolutely in love with him, In no time he will become great actor. LOVE YA!!!!!!!1

jiou He is one of the few actors in Korea who is a great kisser. Can't help myself to dream that those lips of him someday touch my lips even just a second. Omoh! Omoh! Oppa :*

Lula Oppaku yang ganteng! Oppa i Love you. Datang dong ke indo

ami wish someone look alike him in my place :-D Really adore him in FBRS and 49 days... like his cute smile.... :-)

sabrina i LOVE'D him in flower boy ramen shop he is so cute he is a very good acter and i bet he will be the next big star in korea <3 :)

BriBri He is sooo funny and cute in Flower Boy Ramyun Shop!! Best series with him lol

I also like him in My Fair Lady, 49 days, and The Moon Embracing The Sun.

Thuyet Jung Il Woo is very handsome and cute . He acts well . I like his smile and his hair in " High Kich " .I admire him very much .

Jennifer OMG!! this guy has sheer talent-looks.style,personality ect the list goes on ...Loved him in Flower boy Ramen shop totally loved him. Def will watch The moon Embracing the Sun!!

Ann Omg he has such a nice smile! His role on the drama "The Moon That Embraces the Sun" is amazing! OPPA SARANGHE!!!! <3

Gasenadi Where's the credit for Return of Iljimae?! He's great in it.

iamme his face and his smile is enough to brighten my day. i hope to see him more in the coming korean dramas.

Maria Gonna miss watching Unstoppable High Kick. In the second he is only in one episode, so gonna miss Min Ho and Yun Ho's fighting scenes. Loved him as Cha Chi Soo in Flower Boys Ramyun Shop.Hope to see him in lots and lots of more comedies ;D

angel029 Very wonderful good looking face (not to mention a sexy body) and excellent acting!! what more can u ask for??? It's Jung il woo alright?!!!... Scheduler and Flower Boy... every girls love you!!!

rhea jung il woo was very very cute he is also hot .... i hope more tv drama's to come .....

  • /chuwa-e

rhea jung il woo was very very cute he is also hot .... i hope more tv drama to come .....

  • /chuwa-e

jungilwoo-fan handsome,cool,cute,talented,funny,... !!!!! saranghaeeee <3


yani cakappp...banget oppa il wooo. love you always


BriiLee HAHA feel like I am part of the Il Woo fan club but yeh he is gorgeous but for me I believe his characters and his acting is always interesting. Love it :) Keep up the good work oppa..also read rumor you may come to US one day. I hope its true super excited!

mozhgan I love him so much,he is a great actor,he plays very fantastic roles,49 daye & flower boy ramyun shop is amazing,,,,he is my angel

Carol1646 His act in Flower Boy Ramyoen Shop is ah-mazing!!!! !" my heart would go "THUMP-THUMP!!" everytime he's being seductive to the female lead. OMG, you are so freakin' hot!!!!!!!!!! I love your acting too in 49days, and i love you pairing with Yoon Eun Hye in My fair lady. :D

He is like my version of perfect prince! I can help to stare at your picture and wondering if you are real. Hope to see more of your work in the future! :)

Christine Setiawan He is very handsome, and cool. I love him!

-.- Geez, so many comments XD Jung Il Woo FTW - Flower Boy Ramyun Shop (FBRS) FBRS is a great show! People who visits this site wondering if they should watch it's a definite YES! Be sure to check the NG's/BTS XD Oh and you can watch it on dramacrazy (speedy joe) or mysoju (not very good tho)

yuya jung il woo !! you're so handsome and hot xx i love all your drama's especially 49 days and flower boy ramen shop <3 saranghaee and hwaiting <3<3<3<3<3

luisa venice so handsome and so cute :)

luisa venice so cute :) talaga handsome

luisa venice so cute :) talaga pogi

kishniquin wow no wonder he's so famous he's a good actor no doubt about that and his charisma, charms & those looks what more can you ask for =)

dapinaymrs Jung Il Woo is to replace Joo-Won in The Moon Embracing The Sun...I hope he'll confirm! It'll be the saeguk to watch in 2012!

Diena from the first moment i saw il woo in the " moon river " i said :" this guy will kill me till the end of the last episode! " and he almost did it with his amazing smiles!

he is really really really handsome!

Daisy JIW the next big thing in KOREA. My opinion. Or he is already! ahaha So HANDSOME!


javee love to watch 49 days...your so handsome..^_^ keep up the good work..

Jen Dude in Flower Boy Ramen... he is amazing reminds me of a younger twist of lee minho !!! OMG fighting!! Watching the new drama on dramafever and omo cant wait!! Nice job man FIGHTING ,,,,,side note i wonder if he reads these comments on his spare time if so.정 령도자 우 안녕하세요, 당신은 대단한 재능과 정말로 일을 존중 있습니다. 직장을 예쁜 당신이 사랑하는 일을 계속. 성실, 사랑과 바위에 영원히하시기 바랍니다!.

marjan jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigar,,,,,jeong

marjan you are my love

Julia You are so cute and I like your drama, Flower boy ramyun shop

zyrelle_02 haIxT......, i cAnT sTop mYsElF fAlLiN iN loVe. i ReAllY lYk yOuRE KiLLeR SmILe......,

angel agcaoili hmmm...ur the cutest scheduler in the heaven(pure love)

Liz Nguyen OMG! ^^ he so handsome and cute. I Luv you~~~~oppa ^.^

shinmae he is super handsome.... super cool as scheduler and super hot as lee tae yun...

 love you li-woo jeong nang bonggang bonga.....

carol hellow mr.scheduler!

actioly im one of ur avid fan here in the phil.! i really love ur shows xo much!!!

hope to see u personaly 4 u 2 here the song which i wrote just for you...

jellie arca ... he's so handsome... .. i like all about him so much !!!

Gelyn Annyeong!!~~waah! Jeong Il Woo.. >..< I really like you as Lee Tae Yun ^^ But you're so cool as a scheduler!! Hope to see you more in movies!! Please make a lot of movies!~ neomu neomu neomu chowa! mwah! ♥

Sadra Woah. I can't forget ur face since I watched 'my fair lady'. U look like a baby. I really love u.u're handsom. I watched moon river although It wasn't good and I didn't like it but i watched it because of you.love U so much:*

san wint wint khine has been one of ur first greatest fans and it's sure to be like this in future*** Hwaiting!!!

lalin ur so hot.................can i hug you...........<3

Bernard I like his height. hahaha. Cool!!

evangelica SO COOL.,.,^ <3 ^

genz oppaaaaaaaaaaa ! :>

alyam i want to marry him someday!!!!!!!!

alyam i love him so much!!!!♥

Jamie Geez! He's so handsome and freakin' awesome! 49 Days is the best! I super duper love Scheduler. SCHE-DUH-LAH! ;D

amir you must get areligion

amir you must get a religion

Yui Il-Woo , you are so handsome and cool , i really like your drama's !!! Your acting in 49 days was really good :p I luv you <3

rodelia hi....jeong i like your smile and your good looking guy and talented!!!!

HOPE YOU HVE A KOREAN SOLO DRAMA!!!i watch pure love every nigth

Ying Ying hey jung il woo, annyong ha saeyou, I <3 anyong ha sim ni ka??? heh just to let you know you have fans from uk and china, im from china,beijing but i live in harrogate, uk babe <3

Tina Han He's really HOT ! I'd like him to know that , He has fans even in Moldova ~ I just like him ...

shiiela i love u jong you are my destiny hehehe

i hope i see u soon promise !!♥♥

shiiela i love u jong you are my destiny heehehe i hope i see u soon promise!!♥♥

kharen i'm a adicted fan of you jung il woo!!! i like your character in high kick and 49 days!!! your so COOL

elahe i love this movie specialy the actor iljima (il jung woo) he play romantic and perfect

mizciel jun woo hope i can see you in person.........saranghe.....

shae ornedo anyeonghasseo oppa!!! saranghamnida!!! :))))

joycelanne jung ill woo oppa im really3x happy dat uv'e grown a lot as actor, watching u in 49 days is really amazing to me..nohope sumday i will meet u..hehe

kathleen I like how he acted in 49 days.. I like their story.. specially the story of the scheduler and song lee-kyung.. I really liked their story wishing that I was the girl that he loved before he died.. he is so very caring and loving person even after he died still care for his girlfriend in the drama.. I wish I had a boyfriend like him.. who would really love and care about me.. :)

Alexandra he is so hot!!!! love him in 49 days!!! btw.. is it only me, or does he really reminds of No Min Woo in 49 days??? :DD

leszel he is so so so so hot!! I <3 you scheduler!

ashley hi !!Jeong Il-Woo i very miss you..!! i wish when i came back in korea.. we will meet again..!!

Hebe Hi! I'm glad to see your film

Isabella Hii!!! <3 i luv u soo much!!! ur acting is rlly good!! i luved ur character in 49 days!!!! ^-^

mon sunhi your hair in 49days really inspire me... you r so handsome in that drama.. i called you "naughty scheduller" hahah

alayne You are really good in acting... I like you in 49 days... I Hope you will have many more dramas in the future... Take Care and God Bless.... (^_^)

debbie Hi.... really love you're acting..... I'm a very distant fan... I'm from Puerto Rico... I leave in a tiny island and we speak spanish but since I know English and came to like Korean dramas I noticed your talent....God bless... hope you're career works out for you!

lyn scheduler ur soo hot and handsome i like u in 49 days u make my day when u appear!!!


jung il woo ,i like you very much ,,,,,,,,,, i always remember you

carissa anyoug seo^-^...cutie Il Woo..I'm glad i know about you..Im longing for someone as adorable and cute like you..I'm so thankful I've watch your very successful korean drama Unstoppable HIGH KICK!! and since then i saw your very cute smile and very good acting, I admire you so much and i search more about you..For me you're one of a kind and no one can take that away from you..I wish i can go everywhere you are to know more about you..Goodluck to your career..I know your a very good actor..I hope you do more projects and i will do anything to watch them all..Saranghe^-^,GODBLESS..

aSh20 jung il woo registers in all of his photoshoots.his charisma is undeniably oustanding.two thumbs up for Il Woo...

khane_reyes he's angelic face and smile makes me melt...!!!i hope more movies and dramas you will have..i will continue supporting you...^^...saranghae...

gerlie jardz hope u cud come here in d phil.

gerlie jardz simon! I like so much!.. High Rulez!. .. it's so fun!!

Zeynab Il Woo is very talented Korean actor. I love his movie The Return of Iljimae

Zeynab Hello, I am from Azerbaijan. My name is Zeynab. I love you Jeong Il Woo.

genalyn saranghang mida Il woo...i really really like you.especially in high kick,i also write in my notebook the whole story of high kick,and i have a lot of ur picture,actually i think i love you but i know it cant be...sarang he,,,

jesze you are very very handsome!!!!i cant stop saying waaaahhh!!!! wen i see u!!!!!!!waaaah!!!

Kamen Ur so nice, cool, handsome and funny in unstoppable Highkick.! The best..!Woo.!

annisa love u ....,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

lovely ilwoo I love you I am from thailand

angel hi!!!your so cute and handsome!!!!  :-D

sasha you're handsome, cool

i like your movie

risa i'm risa from indonesia.. i'm a fan of u.. u are so cute and cool.. hehe i hope u can to come indonesia and show in here..^^

Prilly I am Prilly.. I am from Indonesia I know you in korean drama I like you because you so very cute and handsome Please give me your email address

fina hoolaa i am from Indonesia.. i am very like like like like you......your so cute, and handsome....^_^

Wiwik Annyeong haseyo il woossi.. I like your smile a lot. I'm wiwik from Indonesia please email me when u read this..lots of love 4 u. Annyeong..

vinakio allo jeong lii iam so verry verry like you... please your change my comment to email me .... okayyyy yyyyyy

bubahiho very hard to get...haiyahhhh..(((

maryjoy hi,il-woo jeong your the best acting retun iljimae,i like your act the way u smile and laugh cuz of your innocent look,...

smile he is handsome & i like him so much.i wish him to get success in the future............

agoon u r so so cute

Lady Puspa Indonesia He have good smile n so hndsm..

J Omg he's like, so HOT and cute! Reminds me of my ex though. =/

cRUELLA dEvILLE Isn't he best friends with Lee MinHo? (^.^) I recall Lee MinHo saying this in an interview in Arirang Showbiz Extra. He is goodlooking like MinHo. I'd like to see more of him doing a lead male role.

Ahn Seungmi He's so cute~~ Adorable isnt he~~ huh~~

Yu-lie He's a very good actor with a good looking...i adore his acting in Iljimae...chiayo!

Chie Very talented actor. Good loking and good in acting either

Jenny He is a dashing actor, timid looking in Iljimae but very good acting. He definitely looks amazing and hot with long hair.

Jessica Ann Cowley Love the movies he acts in!

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