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  • Name: Lee Hyun-Jae
  • Hangul: 이현재
  • Born: April 12, 1988
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height:
  • Blood Type:


  1. Drummer for Korean indie band "Mate" (메이트).


  • Play | Peulreyi (2011) - Hyun-Jae

Drama Series


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Habung Yami Keep smiling yunnn ja...:-)

shiela mae i love u lee hyun jae,aistt,im done watching shut up flowerboyband and im fallin for you

mich hard to believe that you are korean.

denver david Bros u fine oh with your hair i think girls way like u planty o

yo he acted in Tiny Times 3.0, he's so cute in there... 180 degree different from Jang Do Il of flower boy band!!

Oksanochka The way he acts like he doesnt really know he's THIS attractive.. makes him even more attractive...!<3 And why does it matter if he is a quarter German?...yeah it does make him more attractive... but I feel he would rather people call him Korean rather than American-Korean mixture... as I am a quarter Chinese and was born in Ukraine.. and since I was born and raised there-- I prefered people to refer to me as a Ukrainian....! Plus he obviously enjoys Korea more...))))... anyway don't want to be the annoying person in the comments...LOL.... biut <3 him!!

oKSANA The way he acts like he doesnt know hes this attractive.. makes him even more attractive ..! ")

Lina He's not half European. His grandfather is German, but his parents are born and bred Korean. So in truth, he's only 1/4 white. The rest of him is Korean blood.

Wina yeah, he's half European.

Dee OMG HE IS SOO CUTE!!! >w< Next year I might visit my grandmother in South korea so if I magically ending up running into him somehow I WOULD DIE eue

Harchika Okay, someone tell me are both of his parents Korean? Doesn't he look like maybe there is Caucasian in his family? Does anyone know?

sully morgan mysterious and cool...

sully morgan mysterious and cool one...

Kaiko Lynn This sir is perfect and even though crushes tend to fade over time, it's been two years and I still love him!!

I also wish I knew how tall he is (not that it matters) I'm just curious < 3

kpopforever he looks white and hes so cute!!!

Wild Hawaiian I hope he comes in more dramas!

teemafeena woahhh like the way you acted in shut up flower boy and like the way you cntrl your drum stick....kip it up

Maricar omg. this is love <3

denise He's so cute and prefect especially in shut up flower boy band

Lido He's perfect.

Gloria Totally luv ur hairstyle.it's so unique and fits u

vim only 1/4 white. lol

michelle cool guy,got a Nice smile too,all the best champ.

Kae He has got the American blood.. His grandfather is an American~

exotic88 i thought he was half korean half american in SUFBB *.*

Kathryn I wish this talented young man nothing but the best in this industry (: Mad love from New Zealand xo

Someone he looks half korean half white. that is cool :)

dj pressley I agree with those of you saying he looks a bit like Tom Cruise, especially the long-haired Tom Cruise in Legend. Not so much in the picture on this site, but in Shut Up Flower Boy Band, when he would smile - the big, laughing smile, not the subdued smile - well you'd have to be blind to not see the resemblance. I promise it's meant as a compliment.

jazzmenfernandez Hi im ur big fan im from philippines.. Im so happy that i first saw u in korean drama the flower boyband. My wish is i saw you in one time on personal.. sorry on my gramar because i dont know how to speak english properly.. but i just know a little..my wish on u. Just..to be sucssesful in ur career and be happy.. and find a good inspiration.. thank you..

Mina Sulli Hyun Jae such a mysterious boy ! O,o ... I had my friends that love Hyun Jae so much ! For me, Hyun Jae is a great drummer !! <3

GIGO He looks half Korean half American

JaeMi Am I the only one that thinks he looks half Korean and Half something else?

hyunjaesmilekilleditalia Super cooool guy! Love your smile but you hardly does it in shut up flower boy band!!;(i felt for your smile smile harder oppa!!! From Nagaland Fan!

ItaliaLOVESleehyunjaeMYcrushLoveHisSmile I watch the movie Shut up flower boy band! And i find him real cooooool!!! His smile!wow!i felt for it but he hardly smile :( smile harder next time hyun jae oppa! Request froM Nagaland Fan!!

Bonnie Lynn Katzell Muench What a handsome Man I have seen him now in two dramas and would like to see more of him..

maria Wow he is so handsome, but he looks super mixed. He looks more white then korean, but oh well. He does look a tiny bit like Han Ga in though, but like a white version of her. lol

Nuqie Does anyone notice that he looks like actress Han Ga-In?? Am I the only one who notice that??

Ellie He looks like young Johnny Depp when he played in Benny&Joon. He is so cute. ^-^

beng @aros, i saw him in episode 5. I think he's the son of the owner of Machu Pichu bar. He spoke portugeese or some kind of spanish fluently.

Fanyxoxo You are SOOO Handsome! <3 Keep up the good work!

aros Has anyone seen him in the new drama, The Queen of Office? Which episode?

Skwonto He has the greatest smile! Totally Gorgeous!

unknown I agree with anyone said, He is good looking and seem different from other South Korean. That why I first notice him his tv show Shut Up Flower Boy Band. I thought have to be 100% South Korean drama fever but they aren't. Hollywood movie stars either actor or actress had lot of mix race, but very few of Asian. He look like little bit Ben Jelen is famous pop music in America but not very famous just say.

Toni He does remind me of Tom Cruise when he was 19 in the movie Legend. In fact, I kept saying that while I was watching this drama.

Ariyana He's so cool & perfect ! I think korean girls love this actor so much :p

Delilah R Okay, I'm about to ask Tom Cruise if he was in S. Korea in July of 1987. Did he cheat on Mimi Rogers with a Korean woman!? Lol he could totally pass as his son..Tom is even old enough to be his father.

notafangirl whats wrong with you people he looks nothing like tom cruise ewww tom is uuuuuuggggllllllyyyyyyy

pink pantpant yehey!! we have the same birth month:D i so love himm...

ohcheonsa just have to comment... This young man is GORGEOUS! My eyes were glued to him any time he was on screen. The only thing about him that looks like Tom Cruise is the nose. He's far better looking than Tom Cruise ever thought about! SUFBB did not give him much of a chance to show us what he's got...so, I 'm looking forward to seeing him in the future. Off to find MATE music and see what I think of that!  :D Thanks!

Kate We look exactly alike. Its creepy.

nadia I never believed in love at first site, until I saw this beauty.

Anonymous Omg carren!!! Your typing is atrocious!!! How the hell is anyone going to read your comment? You keep putting random capital letters in your words and it's annoying lol!!!!!!!

Angel Yes his grandfather is British.

jjleeon Just saw Shut Up and Let's Go and I'm a fan. I did wonder what his ancestry was. In the end of course it doesn't matter, he's a good actor. I agree with another poster, his face does resemble Tom Cruise, but also Freddie Highmore

christina Lol , I don't get the big deal about his race. There doesn't even need to be any speculation of his race. He is a hot mixed race actor - end of!

carren first i researh on g0oglE wh0 half koreAn & a halF ameRican,thEn i saw ur ph0to anD fine ur naMe. and then i f0unD oUt u haVe a banD namE matE and ur the druMmer. I really really like u.becausE of y0u n0w i'am believe, on they sayiNg l0ve at firstsi6ht.^____~ i l0vE y0u LEe hyun jae <3 <3 ^^

Teleri This very talented & handsome young man reminds me of a young Tom Cruise. People need to get over the mixed ancestry stuff - it will happen more & more world-wide. I grew up in the American South - w/prejudice against blacks & Native Americans all around. Very sad.

Anshu What is love? In math, it's a problem. In history, it's a battle. In science, it's a reaction. But in my heart, it's only you.

Anshu recently watchd "shut Up Flower Boy Band"... nd Lee HYun Jae is truly awesome .. he js rockd it .. u r super perfect fo me ehehhe

Michele personally, it's his nose and chin that set him apart. it's also his nose and chin that make him so sexy. BECAUSE he is different, he is sexy. :D

kim kwong I can relate and understand why he's Korean or Asian without looking like one. I'm full Asian and my husband is too as his white blood is from his great grandma who was half white and half Chinese. When I am out with my daughter, strangers will ask me if she is half white because her skin tone is white with a pink hue. Her lips are always pink and her cheeks, too. By the way, I have a Carmel complexion. As far as I know, she got her complexion from her great great grandma. Okay,that my two cents for the people who saying he's not Asian because he looks white.

ann if his grandfather is white then he is NOT 100% korean. Not that there's anything wrong with that. but if one of his parents is HALF WHITE then he is 75% korean and 25% white. Just saying.

Dez Im half Asian and Half white and it is Hard because My Last name is Asain and I look Mostly white but Partly Asain so People bug me about it all the time so Yeah its really Annoying. Lee Hyun Jae your an Amazing Drummer and Actor!!!!!! I love everything you do <3 Your also really really Hot!!!!

Dez Well when I read info about him It said that His grandfather was White and Both of his Parents are Korean... So I guess he got some of his looks from His Grandpa :) Hes a amzing Drummer and really Hot!!!!! Also his acting in Shut Up Flower Boy Band was Amazing!!!!!

Mary Oops lol I meant to say 'No one is denying that he's talented.'

Mary WOW. There are some really aggressive comments here. Touchy, touchy ... Two things need to be pointed out:

1. The curiosity over LHJ's ethnicity, from what I've read here, is a positive thing. What's wrong with that? The guy looks interesting, because he appears to be mixed race. Even if he's not mixed race, so what? What's wrong with wanting to know? No one here on the forum is suggesting that 'he's not Asian enough.' People are just fascinated that's all.

2. No one is denying that he's not talented. Most of the comments here are probably more focused on his ethnicity than his talent because all the people that have come to this page obviously like him for his talent. They already know he's talented, but what they are puzzled by is his ethnicity, so they just wanted to make comment about that.


to lifehapspns: Thanks for sharing the info. It's terrible to learn of the discrimination in Korea against people of mixed races.

Karen Lee Hyun Jae is freakin Hot. I haven't been this obsessed since the better days of Jared Leto before he became all emo. Honestly I think his hot because he is mixed. I'm from L.A. and it's pretty normal to have know someone of mixed race. It's not weird at all. I think it make you look attractive being mixed. I mean come look at Bruce lee's son Brandon Lee and Olympic swimmer Nathan Adrian, hot hot hot!

lifehapspns Guys, he's apparently not mixed race. he's stated that he's 100% korean. I dont know if this is true or not, but keep in mind that while the general situation has somewhat improved than say 10 years ago, korean society is still an extremely xenophobic and has a somewhat racist view of non-koreans. this is seen with the fact that children can only be registered as citizens under korean law if their father is korean. if the father is not korean, then they have to register under their mother's father's name (assuming he's also korean) which is sorta like saying that the child is also his mother's sibling (not that he is). that way, children of mixed race are ostracized in various ways so there is definitely good reason for him to not admit his race. it's just easier that way and brings less drama and attention so he can just keep doing what he likes without the media attention

fatima I love him very much.He is very handsome.Oppa I love u!

jeronia don't care if you are from a mixed races. and i don't need to stress the obvious. you're so guapo. so handsome. so just continue to inspire us, will you?;) thanks for making me crazy whenever i see your face on my PC...

Cinderella well it doesn't really matter to me if he's Korean, American, African, Indian etc.... all i know is that he is F.I.N.E!! as hell!!!

Julz Father is KOREAN******

Julz You guys are seriously in denial lol…he is half Korean (asian) half European..-_____- His mother is European his mother is Korean..

Joshua The guy is a Korean. He was born and raised in Korea. His parents are Korean and he only speaks Korean... It's gross how people just base assumptions on him through his appearance. Imagine how tough it is for him being considered 'foreign' by everyone when he isn't

His grandfather was an American. His parents were Korean. He's Korean. Let's enjoy him for his talent.

End of rant

minu lee hyun jae luv ya...

Haly Here's the thing. I love HIM!!!! He is so cute!!!!!! He went in my dreams and when I woke up my heart was beating really fast!!!! AAAHHHH!!!! He is just freaking HANDSOME and AWESOME!! I liked to play drums because of HIM!!! I just love him!!!!!!

jae Just a brief comment to the people making a big deal about his background based on his looks - looks mean next to nothing these days. My family is East Indian through and through yet my sister is mistaken for being Filipino or Spanish, I'm mistaken for being either Persian or half black, half white, and our dad looks like he's from Portugal or somewhere around there with an accent to match because of the friends he learned English from (brutally enough, even we can't recognize him as our dad when he winds up amongst a Caucasian crowd XP )

In the end, his looks don't matter - it's his talent. Yea, his looks are a little unique - that's admittedly what brought me here - I was curious - but sate your curiosity and move on. Stop making it seem as though he's not "Korean enough" or something - it's ridiculous -___-;

Cj M When did this become about ethnicity?! For shame!

Love him for him!

Beautiful <3

retinaknight last night i was dream, ohh god i come into my dream.. sarange hyun jae oppa <3

charlotte Oh my gosh,,,he's so handsome....you know. he does'nt look like a typical korean but i dont care about that ......I just like him.........i"m falling for him....ha ha ha ha

maria mae is he a half half because he doesn't really look like full Korean what is he's half but he's so cute i like him

Ryuuko_Chan He is absolutely good! He acts good, has good face! He is tall. But i wonder why he is so mind about he has a half white? That is a gift! That made he looks so great! Wish i have half white, Maybe i could be taller. haha

chan i have gone threw this issue all my life. i am half chinese half CANADIAN (white) and idiots always be judging on how i look half white .. all the full asians here think its so important to be full chinese.. or asian... but i was raised by my asian side and culture. i never even knew the white side of my heritage. i grew up with all the same up bringing as a full chinese. but people gota make it so hard to be ALIVE kause we are freakin HALF ASIAN!!!


  • ______* he is so handsome !!!! really handsome .....

novita wijaya he's definitely look like han ga in...^^

Ann He is so cute and have some kind of mysterious personality! I hope he gonna act in more drama!

Hana If you are his real fan b'cos of his skill then you'll love him no matter what. And as long as i see him, he's totally an Asian with gorgeous 'eye smile' eyes which can make you fall for his cute smile, and at the same time, make you in love by just looking his powerful and playful side while happily playing the drums. Well, if you really wanna see who he really is, just see him play that drums on stage, you'll see what i'm totally fall for from him ^^

polkadotdoor9 What an absolutely beautiful man.....aigoo....

I am really tired of people misusing the word "American." North and South America are CONTINENTS full of people of all colors, shapes, and sizes. If you're going to insult people, make sure you know what you're talking about. Otherwise, STFU!

Lee Hyun-Jae, you're PERFECT!!

Noona Um who gives a shit how american he looks, wow I could imagine how annoyed he gets when people ask what he is. What percentage of what! Who cares! His character was pretty awesome in Shut Up flower Boy Band, now go watch it!

NewKDramaAddict Look forward to more projects in the future. He was very good in SUFBB! At least he got his girl in the end!!

sbarina We get it guys, he doesnt look korean....

bell So what if he doesn't look fully Korean, that's what makes him unique and handsome.

Soo-Jung Just because Lee Hyun-Jae does not look fully Korean does not mean he isn't Korean. I am half Korean and people don't think I'm Asian and assume I'm from the middle east or Jewish. It doesn't matter, I see myself as Asian because I was born and raised in a Korean upbringing like my Korean mother who is a native to South Korea. People may look one way or the other despite what their actual nationality is but it doesn't matter what people assume by looks alone, because you can't judge a person by how they look, people will see themselves as whatever nationality they are according to their heritage. I met people who are mixed, one of them being half black and half white, but he saw himself as being black even though he looked very caucasian. Another person I met looks caucasian and she considers herself Hispanic, born and raised in Mexico. I date a guy who is half Philippino and half caucasian but people think he's Spanish. Either way, don't judge a book by its cover and respect people of whatever ethnicity they are with how THEY view themselves. To be honest, everyone is mixed and there is no one pure blooded race according to science based on DNA and genetics and anthropological evidence of homo sapiens, but most people don't see it that way....

2minnie Does it really matter what his background is made up of? I don't see anything wrong with his background. We should be thankful god has created such a beautiful talented man :) Just discovered the band "Mate" he is in and their music is incredible, if you like indie music this band is perfect :)

and some of these commenters are real idiots (what are you a 12 year old really...try and learn something from school and shut your insults about this gorgeous man), because the way one looks is based off of their genes and not all genes he could possibly get were korean, he's fortunate to pass on his grampa's genes

duh i don't know the big deal about him not look fully asian. it's called genes, and people take after different family members.

unopitah WOW !!! I think he's like Ricky Martin

sora his grandfather is american, he's 1/4 american but his parents are both born and raised in korea. he's frickin cute im so glad he's older than me, even if it is a year.

Tahmon I agree - even after watching a few episodes of 'Shut up Flower Boy Band' I still couldn't see the 'Asian' side in him, although I assumed that he must be 1/4 Korean, since he's a fluent Korean speaker. I'm surprised to learn from the comments here that he's actually only 1/4 American. I like his character in the drama. He's the sensible, nice guy, compared to the more hot-headed or otherwise silly band mates. What a talented guy - drummer and actor. I wish I could play the drums as well as him! I hope to see him as a lead character in future dramas/ films.

amara THANK YOU Roshogolla!!! finally someone else thinks he looks like han ga in...i've been going crazy over this

Hana He's totally gorgeous while playing drum, cause he's officially playing that on the band called MATE ^^ And the songs of MATE is awesome as well ^^ I do like the songs title Yearning and Go, totally recommended ^^

linda my life is forever in caps lock because of him. he's so hot i have officially lost the ability to can.

Kara He is SO American….he does not look Korean at all..and I should know as well..my cousins are half Korean…and they look Korean….so if he is only a quarter American he would look more like Korean instead of a white boy..lol

Kara He is SO American....he does not look Korean at all..and I should know as well..my cousins are half Korean...and they look Korean....so if he is only a quarter American he would look more like Korean instead of a white boy..lol

OMGGUISE guys he's a quarter american from his grandfather o.O

nabilah commenting on how he doesnt look korean isnt bad. coz im questioning it myself. not to judge, but just curious n interesting. he reminds me of kamen rider fourze actor. almost the same. ngeh. seeing him play the drums on the drama, at least we know he can actually play. hehe

wearenotpoets haha everytime he speaks i'm like who said that?? cuz he doesn't look like he can speak korean lol. but i like him, his hair is SO healthy!! ^_^

Dinz Yeah, right? He's totally not a full Korean guy. I see Caucasian and a little bit Hispanic on his face. But, whatever... He still looks good. I think it's a beautiful combination. I always like Oriental-Caucasion mixed, like him for example. :) Legit!

Roshogolla Is it me or in this picture he looks like Han Ga In?

Daeun im overly Obsessed with his smexii looks Lol ... &&& i dont Care if he was full white~ .-. aslong as he speaks korean & knows how to act; he is perfection

Huyen He is a quarter American. ^^ Although I don't care... It's about his acting and appearance, so why talking about his backgrounds?

amanieun hes damn cute!

Ella he looks very american...

bada his grandfather was an american.

Eh Apparently, his grandfather is white. Not sure which side.

ciro i dont think hes full korean. he definitely looks at the very least, quarter white. but i guess who cares right haha. im going to go check out his band, i hope its good

jenni first I thought he is white, later i found it out he is full korean. well, i guess he is good actor. he is different from others.

shannie He knows damn well he is not full Korean..lol..He looks like he belongs in So Cal. He looks straight up white.....I was about to ask who is this white man when I saw him O.o.....lol

b2st He doesn't look asian..

tara can't wait for shut Up Flower Boy Band to start.....

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