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So-Ra (Yoon So-Yi) comes from an ordinary background, but she works very hard. She is then betrayed by her boyfriend and her dreams of becoming a professor fails. Byun So-Ra then joins a cosmetics company ...

So-Ra despises women who focuses only on their looks. She came out on top academically from elementary school all the way up to graduate school, but she hasn't had much luck with personal relationships. So-Ra tries to do everything for her boyfriend, including writing his thesis paper, but she catches him cheating on her with her friend Jin-Joo (Lee Soo-Kyung). So-Ra is filled with anger, thinking back to the time her boyfriend said he doesn't want to have sex with her, but he does with Jin-Joo. Those words brings back memories of a past experience. So-Ra becomes even angrier and starts to throw things at them, with her boyfriend covering up Jin-Joo to protect her. So-Ra leaves her boyfriend's apartment and Jin-Joo follows her. Jin-Joo explains that when she asked her boyfriend if he was in a relationship with So-Ra he replied they were just friends. Jin-Joo asks if they have had sex and So-Ra replies that it's none of her business. Jin-Joo criticizes So-Ra's attitude towards men. Jin-Joo tells So-Ra that she seems to have someone else on her mind and is pretending to love her current boyfriend.

So-Ra works as an instructor at a prestigious university. Due to her personal beliefs, she reports on a professor who has embezzled money from the university. Incredibly, So-Ra is the one who gets fired. So-Ra now tries to overcome the break up with her boyfriend and the loss of her job.

So-Ra meets her male friend Chan-Jin (Shim Ji-Ho), who works at a cosmetics company, at a cafe. In the past, So-Ra helped Chan-Jin get a promotion by writing a report for him. Chan-Jin attempts to comfort So-Ra. So-Ra suddenly announces that she will work at the cosmetics company and will work hard to be successful. She takes an interview from the company and is able to pass by the information she gleaned from writing Chan-Jin's report.

Meanwhile So-Ra asks Jin-Joo to leave her apartment. Jin-Joo, who works infrequently as a model, has nowhere to go. Jin-Joo begs to stay at her apartment. So-Ra is determined to kick Jin-Joo out. Jin-Joo's phone suddenly rings and she answers it. So-Ra, under the wrong assumption that it is her ex-boyfriend calling Jin-Joo, takes the cellphone from Jin-Joo and blurts out things on the phone. To So-Ra's horror the person on the other end is Jin-Joo's father. Because of this mistake, So-Ra allows Jin-Joo to stay for another week.

On the first day of work at the cosmetics company, So-Ra has difficulties with a colleague who appears to dislike her. While carrying a box at work she spots Joon-Soo (Jae Hee) who graduated from same university as her. So-Ra feeling uncomfortable tries to get away, but Joon-Soo blocks her and talks to her.

Later that night, Chan-Jin visit's So-Ra's apartment to have dinner even though he wasn't invited. Chan-Jin meets Jin-Joo. They all end up going to a cafe together. At that cafe, Chan-Jin receives a phone call and leaves. So-Ra and Jin-Joo begin to drink more alcohol. Chan-Jin then brings Joon-Soo to the cafe. Both of the women are drunk by this time. Jin-Joo quickly forms a crush on Joon-Soo and she hears that Joon-Soo is the successor to the company she starts to like him even more.

The next day at work, So-Ra left behind at home an apartment USB stick. Jin-Joo comes over to the cosmetics company to deliver the USB stick. At this time, a model failed to show up for work. The model was to introduce products to high ranking employees at the cosmetics company. Jin-Joo is quickly asked to fill in for her. When Jin-Joo appears in front of the executives she makes eye contact with Joon-Soo. After the modeling session, Jin-Joo bumps into a handsome man who asks her where he can submit a resume for a secretarial position. Jin-Joo says she doesn't know, but they should go find out together.

During this time, So-Ra works in a office alone. Suddenly, she remembers where from her past she remembered a man telling her that he didn't want to have sex with her. That man is Joon-Soo. The next day, So-Ra sees Jin-Joo in the lobby of her workplace. Jin-Joo tells So-Ra that she submitted a resume for a secretarial position and she's here to take an interview. So-Ra waits for Jin-Joo to get out of the interview, because So-Ra wants Jin-Joo's help in getting revenge on her ex-boyfriend. Jin-Joo helps So-Ra put on makeup and pick out a dress to wear. So-Ra then goes to a restaurant where her ex-boyfriend is meeting another woman. So-Ra pours a foul smelling chemical on his head and leaves.

When So-Ra and Jin-Joo return to their apartment, they find Joon-Soo waiting for them. Joon-Soo asks So-Ra to go with him and he needs to talk to her. After they leave, Jin-Joon catches a taxi and follows them. In Joon-Soo's car, as they drive, Joon-Soo tells So-Ra he is interested in buying a patent that So-Ra owns related to dying chemicals organically. They go to the cafe where they usually go. There, Joon-Soo asks to talk about the past, mentioning a misunderstanding. So-Ra tells him that she doesn't want to talk about that. When So-Ra is about to leave, Joon-Soo grabs her arm.

The past incident that So-Ra doesn't want to talk about took place when Joon-Soo and So-Ra were running and it started to rain. They went to a motel room. They both sat on the bed and, out of the blue, So-Ra kissed Joon-Soo's cheek. After that, So-Ra went into the bathroom to take a shower. When she came out of the bathroom she discovers that Joon-Soo has left. So-Ra looks out of the motel window and sees Joon-Soo running away. He turns around and yells to So-Ra that he doesn't want to have sex with her.


  1. Actress Eugene was originally cast for the leading role of Byun So-Ra. Her sister was then seriously injured in a car accident that occurred in Guam. Eugene then decided to withdraw from the drama series.
  2. "Color of Women" is followed by "The Strongest K-POP Survival" on March 19, 2012.


Color of Women-Yoon So-Yi.jpg Color of Women-Lee Su-Kyeong.jpg Color of Women-Jae Hee.jpg Color of Women-Shim Ji-Ho.jpg
Yoon So-Yi Lee Soo-Kyung Jae Hee Shim Ji-Ho
Byun So-Ra Wang Jin-Joo Yoon Joon-Soo Kang Chan-Jin
Color of Women-Park Keun-Hyeong.jpg Color of Women-Jeon Su-Kyeong.jpg Color of Women-Kim Byeong-Se.jpg Color of Women-Sung Dong-Il.jpg Color of Women-Ahn Sun-Young.jpg
Park Geun-Hyung Jeon Su-Kyeong Kim Byeong-Se Sung Dong-Il Ahn Sun-Young
Company president Yoon Sung Ae-Sim Nam Joong-Geun Park Chan-Ho Song Ye-Jin
Color of Women-Lee A-Hyeon.jpg Color of Women-Lee Hyun-Jae.jpg Color of Women-Ji Yoo.jpg Color of Women-Park Sang-Myeon.jpg Color of Women-Kim Joo-Young (1987).jpg
Lee Ah-Hyun Lee Hyun-Jae Ji Yoo Park Sang-Myeon Kim Joo-Young
Oh Mi-Rae Jason Heo Lee Mi-So Park Woo-Chul Lee Joon-Sang


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jinnborn I watched this drama until episode 5, it was so boring and uninteresting,so I stoped watching this drama

docster6 I love this drama series and I love the main female lead, Byun So Ra. So Ra is my king of woman: smart , beautiful and frugal. She prefers a pots and pans store over the stylish handbags and shoes stores. The plot was well-developed and the acting was excellent. I am glad I watched it.

Nina Why didnt you finish making the drama? There are supposed to be 20 episodes but there are only 16

anngeorge The lead actress is pretty. She just wears a too big glasses. Look how pretty her skin and smile are. She looks smart and pretty just as her role.

KC Sorry but this drama is kind of boring to me. The lead actress is so-so and I don't know why the two guys are fighting over her.

Lee Anita, I agree with you. Although I'm very frustrated at what's going on (ep. 13) I think that's what a good drama does, makes you laugh, cry, angry, happy and over all keep wanting to know what happens. I just hope it turns out the way I want it too, haha, even if it doesn't it was still a good drama.

Anita So, even though I have not finished warching the whole story, I can't understand why so many leave a bad critic. At the moment I am watching ep. 9 so I was quite surprised after reading the comment "after ep 10 I did not like it anymore" I hope that it will not turn out for me the same. On the other hand, it is true that there were some parts which (maybe) were a little lenghty ... but this is why the serial is so much fun because you get a lot more background information as well as additional info about the stories next to the "main" characters. Personally, I think that the story is elaborate (you have to watch minimum 9 ep to think like that). At first I thought "great, another so-so love story" but it'S not like that. The changing in the behaviour of the characters are very Na-Tu-Ra-L! That'S why the series seem to be more vivid. You feel annoyed, angry, sad, amused .... THAT's what a really GOOD serial should achieve: entertainment! Therefore I cannot accept the bad critics. And what about "why are they all still friends/together?" Surely, if they would break apart you would feel even more annoyed. The story resembles the problem you have when falling in love with one of yours colleagues. What will you do? Run away and never talk again to your best friend only because he seems to have fallen for you but only after realizing that he has a rival? Doesn't the story show that taking a freindship for granted and blindfold believing that it will last forever is wrong?? Women are women, even though some of them show it more than others. On the contrary: Why should you think that the director has an easy life? Just imagine: YOUR father values another MAN's opinion more than yours. How hard it must be for him ?!? After this, he realizes that the woman he has been in love with actually is this man's best friend .... and not only his best friend but he had the opportunity to learn more about the hidden feelings and desires of "your" woman. Moreover he's acting like a knight in shhining armour - saying he will cheer up on you. HOW?? Wouldn't it be better just to admit that he has fallen for her ?? What about her friend? At least she is more honest than the other ones ... SO, after these many things said I think that this drama is well made (humorous parts exist and are loved). Hopefully there will be more dramas like this one.

city man i still hesitate to watch this drama. many other sites said that this drama is not worth watch but here i saw mostly the comment is positive. my only reason to watch this drama is because jae hee but most of the recap i had read show that the second male lead has more scene than the first lead. recap were full with chanjin chanjin chanjin and less joon soo. is it true?? and most of the recap said that joon soo is like crap or something like that...

Davia Also all the other characters in this drama are really obnoxious.

Davia I am finding that at episode 10 I don't want to watch this drama anymore. Not only is Jin Joo a despicable person but Sa Ra is really stupid and self centered too. She doesn't have any compassion that her boyfriend is going through a hard time and only thinks of herself.

Also I am realizing that Chan Jin is being really self centered too. He acts like he wants the best for Joon Soo and Sa Ra but he doesn't give them the space they need and is all over Sa Ra all the time not caring how that is going to make Joon Soo feel. A good friend wouldn't do that. Chan Jin was friends with Sa Ra for almost a decade and didn't see her as girlfriend material really until Joon Soo started pursuing her again.

So I am finding that the only character I really like so far and respect here is Joon Soo. If he where a real person I would feel really sorry for him.

Michelle I think So Ra with Chan Jin are best couple! If they were together at the end,I really support them! (I meant in this drama!) Kamsamida for reading this comment!

WangWang I'm almost done with the drama and all I can say is the more I watch it, the more I feel empathetic towards Lee Soo Kyung's character. At first, she was really childish and full of herself, but I don't hate her because she didn't mean any harm. Later, at about episode 12, I started to like her more. She matured and she stayed true to Jae Hee's character, even to the extent of helping him selflessly. Many people mistake her as a gold digger but in fact she is very pure at heart.

Jessica I think the main couple are realy cute.

J Wish Sora ended up with the second lead. They were more natural. The main couple were so awkward.

jb this was one of the most frustrating dramas i've watched. why are so ra and joon su still hanging out with their so called 'friend' and 'brother' if they keep backstabbing them? Doesn't really make sense.

Chichi I love this drama but I wonder why they stopped subbing after episode 13. I wish someone can subbed episode 14 to 20 in English.

shan So-ra and joon-soo should end up together although I like ji-ho. I so hate Wang jin-joo

ash i love the drama. i hope the drama team wont feel discourage by the low ratings. the 4 lead actors are good, they fit into their roles like glove bt Lee Soo-kyung should stop messing up with her face, she can barely move her cheeks nowadays. and im a new fan of Shim Ji-ho! hot hot hot!

Mary I agree with you Philosophe, I think that Yoon So-Ywi is doing a great job. She knows how to emote the character's emotions without overacting - especially when she is projecting inner conflict. I've been hooked on this drama since day one. My only complaint is that there is no eng sub after episode 9 - looked everywhere - went crazy. I still watch the raw episodes and just recently found the recaps in eng. on a blog. It is getting very very intense right now. drama! drama! drama! dying to see next week.......... By the way, I'm rooting for the So-Ra/Joon-Soo coupling.  : )

Philosophe Oh honestly nothing's wrong with Yoon So-Yi! Her acting captures all the quirks of Byun So-Ra down to minute detail, from her owlish, know-it-all behavior to her delight when everything (even love) is systematized. (Personally, I think 'jjam-bong' is an awesome idea :)) What is wonderful is that her seemingly no-nonsense exterior belies a woman secretly hankering after love. Watch closely - Yoon So-Yi manages to bring out these flashes of emotion really well. She's perfect for this role! On the other hand, it's Wang Jin-Joo who's getting on my nerves. Also, I think there is still room for Jae Hee to utilize his full arsenal of emotions! Paiting!

fati I hate that they didnt specify the number of episodes =_= I watched four episodes so far and I like it soo much, I cant wait for the love to spark <3

Snoopylove I love the leading roles and story it interesting..

blossom like these far I've watched from ep1-7, and I do really enjoy this drama.. :)

I like both main actor and actress, also d'co-actor and co-actress, they did play well, Jin-Joo and So-Ra are cute as a couple, Joon-Soo really beatiful and annoying with her way to get Jin-Joo and So-Ra separated..and Chan-Jin, seems like he has some secret that's related with Jin-Joo and his Dad, but he's so nice and loyal with So-Ra..I hope he's really nice and those lovely loyal face not turn into something bad.. *hehe,justguessing*

Daisy I was so sad when Eugene withdrew from this drama & lost interest.

Today I decided to check it out because I became curious...and guess what? I am hooked! This show is so addicting...I managed to watch ep. 1-6 today in one sitting and can't wait to watch next week's episodes. This show is so good! I'm still sad about Eugene, but the actress who replaced her is good too and deserves a chance. Oh and Jae hee is looking FINE! So is Shim Ji-ho! Great man-candy!

Ann NOO!!! I love Eugene~ She's the best actress from "King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo"!!!! But I guess this drama is worth to watch at least :(

JJ i'm sorry, i think if eugene play this drama, it'll nice . but i like the story, so it'll be okay :3

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