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  • Drama: Shut Up Flower Boy Band
  • Revised romanization: Dagchigo Kkochminambaendeu
  • Hangul: 닥치고 꽃미남밴드
  • Director: Lee Kwon
  • Writer: Seo Yoon-Hee
  • Network: tvN
  • Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: January 30 - March 20, 2012
  • Runtime: Mon & Tue 23:00
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Shut Up Flower Boy Band is centered around a high school band known as "Eye Purification." The drama depicts their friendships, loves and passion for music.

Byung-Hee (Lee Min-Ki), Kwon Ji-Hyuk (Sung Joon), Lee Hyun-Soo (L (Kim Myung-Soo)), Jang Do-Il (Lee Hyun-Jae), Kim Ha-Jin (Yoo Min-Kyu) and Seo Kyung-Jong (Kim Min-Suk) are the members in "Eye Purification." They all attend Dong-Nae High School, a school set to close down due to redevelopment. The band members don't have much interest in studying. Byung-Hee keeps proposing that they all drop out of school, but the others take his comment as a joke. Byung-Hee is interested in finding a muse that will inspire him to write great music.

One evening, "Eye Purification" perform at a bar, but due to the loud volume from their show the police enter the bar. The band are able to escape. The next morning, Byung-Hee wakes up on a bed next to a girl. The girl's father knocks on the door, shouting "Open the door!" The girl tries to hold the door closed until Byung-Hee can leave the room, but her father breaks in. Byung-Hee is shocked to see her father. The girl's father is Byung-Hee's teacher! Byung-Hee escapes.

The band members meet and go to to school. A meeting takes place between students and faculty, to learn which schools they will transfer too. The band members of "Eye Purification" must transfer to Jung-Sang High School. Their new school features a sterling reputation, good facilities and kids from rich families unlike Dong-Nae High School.

Meanwhile, the band members go to Nakwon Shopping Center to buy a drum. At the shopping center, Byung-Hee see a girl Im Soo-Ah (Jo Bo-Ah). Byung-Hee feels a connection with her and believes she might be the muse he is looking for. While Byung-Hee starts a conversation with her, Kwon Ji-Hyuk walks up to them. Kwon Ji-Hyuk notices her name tag and her high school uniform. Kwon Ji-Hyuk drags Byung-Hee away. When Byung-Hee returns, the girl is no longer there. The band members sit on a bench in front of a crosswalk hoping to see the girl again. They spot the girl walking across the crosswalk. Right before she is about to fall down in front Kwon Ji-Hyuk, he is able to hold her up. The girl walks off and gets into a car.

The girl, Im Soo-Ah, is a student at Jung-Sang High School. She is a long time friend of Yoo Seung-Hoon (Jung Eui-Chul), fellow classmate and leader of the band "Strawberry Fields." Yoo Seung-Hoon has feelings for Im Soo-Ah. Yoo-Seung-Hoo is from a rich family, while Im Soo-Ah came from a rich family, but her father became bankrupt. Im Soo-Ah went to Nakwon Shopping Center to buy a present for Yoo Seung-Hoon. After she got into the car that her father is driving, he hands her a note with an adress where she is to live. Her father tells her that she won't have to stay there long and he will come for her. That night, she goes to the address. Her new apartment is a rooftop efficiency, directly adjacent to the rooftop efficiency where Kwon Ji-Hyuk lives.

At night, the band members goes out to perform on the street. At the same time, "Strawberry Fields" comes to perform nearby. Im Soo-Ah is there to watch Yoo Seung-Hoon perform. Byung-Hee sees her and gives her a hug. Yoo Seung-Hoon sees the hug and a fight quickly ensues between Byung-Hee from "Eye Purification" and Yoo Seung-Hoon from "Strawberry Fields." Bodyguards for Yoo Seung-Hoon quickly steps in and beats up the members of "Eye Purification."

The next day, the guys from "Eye Purification" go to their new school ... Jung-Sang High School.


  1. "Shut Up Flower Boy Band" takes over the tvN Monday & Tuesday 23:00 time slot previously occupied by "Flower Boy Ramen Shop" and will be replaced by "Marriage Plot" on April 2, 2012.
  2. Drama series is the second installment in the tvN "Flower Boy" series. The storylines & characters are unrelated in the respective series, but each series has a "Flower Boy" theme.
  3. Related titles:
    1. Flower Boy Ramen Shop | Ggotminam Ramyeongage (tvN / 2011)
    2. Shut Up Flower Boy Band | Kkochminambaendeu (tvN / 2012)
    3. Flower Boy Next Door | Yiutjib Ggotminam (tvN / 2013)


Shut Up Flower Boy Band-Sung Joon.jpg Shut Up Flower Boy Band-L (Kim Myung-Soo).jpg Shut Up Flower Boy Band-Lee Hyun-Jae.jpg Shut Up Flower Boy Band-Yoo Min-Kyu.jpg Shut Up Flower Boy Band-Kim Min-Suk.jpg
Sung Joon L (Kim Myung-Soo) Lee Hyun-Jae Yoo Min-Kyu Kim Min-Suk
Kwon Ji-Hyuk Lee Hyun-Soo Jang Do-Il Kim Ha-Jin Seo Kyung-Jong
(leader and vocals) (guitar) (drums) (bass) (keyboard)
Shut Up Flower Boy Band-Jung Eui-Chul.jpg Shut Up Flower Boy Band-Jo Bo-Ah.jpg Shut Up Flower Boy Band-Kim Ye-Rim.jpg Shut Up Flower Boy Band-Lee Min-Ki.jpg
Jung Eui-Chul Jo Bo-Ah Kim Ye-Rim Lee Min-Ki
Yoo Seung-Hoon Im Soo-Ah Ye-Rim Joo Byung-Hee
(band Strawberry Fields) (Muse) (Muse) (vocals - cameo)

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Carmen Hernandez I love this show this was the second show I saw last year and I couldn't go to sleep because it was so interesting. I never knew Korean movies and shows could be interesting that the United States, I hope there is another season of this Kdrama : )

eleanor jung One of the best kdrama! Nice story line and I feel a good chemistry among the casts. I hope theres a season 2 of this kdrama :)

alexa I love all the casts especially the members of eye candy. Byung hee, hyun soo and do il are my fave! :3

Aaliyah I absolutely adored this drama. Admittedly, I cried a few times... I loved Byung Hee in the beginning but my favourite character was Kim Ha Jin. Soo-ah's excitable best friends was also one of my favourites. I've re-watched this so many times.

Reen I really love this K-drama. Me and my siblings got hook by the portrayal of each character and were frustrated when Byung Hee died. Shocked? Well, hell, yeah. We didn't expect that our EYELINER BOY will face death at a very young age. I just don't like the fact that they've forgotten about Byung Hee that fast. And when they disbanded at the end, it was like, "What was Byung Hee's death then? A play that is just thrown to somewhere unknown?" I mean, c'mon, we expected too much from his drama. =_=

tenzinyangkyi I like it so much i love kim mYungsoo(l)

aneh hmmmm I liked this drama at first. even after the death. but when they started forgetting why they even started all of this it really pissed me off. only because it's usually the way it happens. I just mehh.. I haven't finished it yet but.. I was hoping it's be more surrounded around how the death of their friend would keep them going.. ?

DS66 I don't get it? Why do all of dramas about music end up like this? When u think they are going to end up with each other they brake up! (Just like dream high) what were they thinking when they were writing this drama? I don't know what kind of happy ending this is. They shouldn't have quited the band and byung hee shouldn't have died just like that. I think it was a waist of time.

Thomas Man, Byung Hee shouldn't have died. He was so charismatic and cool, he's my favorite dude after Hyun Soo. And I think the whole series just basically suck without him. I'd choose him over Ji Hyuk in a million years. And anyway, this story kinda lack romance. It's just about a group of bad boys being overly obsessed with music and being the leader and ruling the school but there's not much of a romance. Suits me though, because I dislike drama with too much romance. But for you guys out there who prefer full-time romance and comedy with mature guy or girl, watch The Heirs, Secret Garden or Playful Kiss. You should try Boys Over Flowers if you haven't already.

jaywalking I really love that cute little kyung jong. Ommo so cute. Well, i was sad at first when byung hee, the very nic leader and friend died, but i keep watching this story because i love how they deal with their friends and their passion for music. It's the best drama. I love their song, jaywalking and wake up. AWESOME. 10 out of 10 for me! A must watch drama.

swanlake I really love that cute little kyung jong. Ommo so cute. Well, i was sad at first when byung hee, the very nic leader and friend died, but i keep watching this story because i love how they deal with their friends and their passion for music. It's the best drama. I love their song, jaywalking and wake up. AWESOME. 10 out of 10 for me! A must watch drama.

Olivia Does anyone know why on Netflix this is called Shut Up & Lets Go?Also, why are their band names different when translated to English on Netflix?

Emma I just couldnt keep watching...i watched each second just to see Byung Hee - the fangirl within me was obsessed !!! so gorgeous but the moment he died i didnt enjoy the rest...I know it was well written and such but i honestly couldnt continue...He was just fantastic and made me excited to see what he would do next! Every drama needs a lead handsome man to lead the way and without Byung Hee it was lost for me! I miss you T.T

Liza jeez! the last few episodes made wanna bang my head against a wall repeatedly. As usual, the lead character becomes a lot more unbearable towards the end and its do-il and kyung-joong who kept things interesting. Even though, the ending was at a happy note, I still wanted to pull all my hair out.

Eliza I started watching this drama because of lee min ki and the moment I realised that he would die, I wanted to drop it but I thought it's over 3gb and thought of giving it a shot and boy I wasn't definitely disappointed. The actors are really good, there's never a dull moment and I enjoyed it thoroughly. It's main audience is students and it reminded of my school days. Loved it immensely and I'm still 5 episodes short of finishing it. Hopefully it's fun till the end.

marvz . . . . .frankly speaking, i didn't not enjoy watching this drama. well, aside from the pictures itself, the story is so boring . . .

wesse I love the really shows how to handle some sort of situation and i also got the idea of " friends are the best to be with," .. i really love hyungsoo.. :)

Choi Jiyoon i'm one of korean drama's friend. i like the story. i wish i can meet the actor and actres. i love korean drama!!!!

jellypop hyunsoo's little sister name surprisingly, is Kim Ye Rim too. I wasn't sure until i saw that L is following her on twitter, and i thought it was the singer but a click on the twitter account i realised it's that little girl. :)

Nana this was the best Korean drama I've seen it was the only one that made me cry at the beginning got to watch it it's soo awesome!

kira loved the frienship !realistic

Inoteca I thought this was a total teeny series until I finished the first episode then I was hooked. I am like a halmoni, and I usually prefer a different style of show :) I really appreciate this series and how the rich people didn't flaunt themselves and money like they do in the typical Korean shows. If you have a hard time watching this series, or cannot get hooked, all I as is you watch until episode 3, you will then be hooked, as you will be shocked. And it is too bad so many people post spoilers!


Nadya This is what we called BESTFRIEND!

persii i saw this in two days.. i fell in love !! aish !! <3

Arra-chan i loooooooooooove the drama...ji hyuk love himmm \

bethanie I decided to watch this tv show bc i thought the plot sounded intriguing, but honestly i had no idea it would be in Korean. Although it was a shock at first the plot soon sucked me in, and I found myself addicted to the series. Right now I'm trying to find out if there is a second season, and if so how to watch it. Bc of this series I think I'm going to look around at more oriental style tv shows and see if their just as addicting, bc before Shut Up And Lets Go the only oriental television i watched was anime. I'm excited to start the search!

Shin I'm on 13 ep and almost ending the drama. I can say that till now everything looks so vivid,so amazing. I love that drama. She become one of my favourite one. And honestly it would be cool if existed the band ''Eye Candy''

Mina I like this drama very much..i became upset for Byung-Hee but they are the best and if there was this band (Eye Purification) in real i really would like to go their concert...your Iranian fan...Hwaitinggg

Lore-an I like the music,plot,cast!~ Amazing drama!~

Kish okay, firstly, this is the first Korean cable TV drama I've ever watched, one of the best Korean drama I've ever seen so far :D. I really love every aspect and details of this drama! The plot, the cast (especially the Eye Candy boys X3), the music, the moral teaching, the ending (srsly, my tears are just in the corner of my eye when I see the ending.... but it didn't fall to my cheeks heheh), the chemistry between them, I also like how the antagonists can really annoyed you until you feel like you wanna punch your TV screen, and I also enjoyed every fangirl moments when I watch this drama.... OMG it's just..... SUPERB! AMAZING! AWESOME! All the young casts sure have a bright future in the drama industry. Gotta catch every updates from them soon :D

sufb oh my god ! thid drama is fraking AWESOME !!!!

L oppa, Myung Soo oppa, Hyun Soo oppa, you're so coooolll !! Your gaze melted me already ! And I like that moment how you become stutter in front of Ye Rim. It's so sweet and cute meehh.

And me kinda, doesn't like Ji Hyuk and Su Ah couple. Why ? I don't really like Ji Hyuk's style. His hair is so shabby. Sometimes I just feel like I wanna fast-forward the drama so that there's no need for me to watch the "sweet" moments of them. -.-'

Oh yeah. And Kyung Jong. You're so cute. You're just your childish-like. Always make me laugh so hard with your behaviour.

Anyway. This is the best drama ever !!!!

  1. Myungsoo !! Saranghae oppa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fighting !!!! <3

KZ Did someone just comment that Jihyuk should have died instead of Byunghee? Crazy ass! They needed Byunghee's death to for that push of motivation and maturation. Honestly if Jihyuk was the one that died, I'm pretty sure Byunghee would have killed that rich boy. Jihyuk and Byunghee are two very different leaders. Jihyuk thinks of others before him because they're his only family. Though it's the same for Byunghee, his impulsiveness is the difference. It causes him to do what he wants, when he wants without thinking of the future consequences. The story would have been very different if Byunghee was the one that lived and Jihyuk was killed.

harrydoc i just LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE BYUNG HEE character this drama would have been number one if they just continued with him....haaaaaa i miss him sooooooooooo much......i dont know whether i should continue watching it from ep 3 or not without him.....oh no really i m tooooooooo sad.......

Princess_Sunshine I have watching korean drama from this year and Shut Up Flower Boy Band was the 5th drama that I recently finished. And This drama has became my most fav drama.... I loved every thing about this drama. Story line, plot, cast members, song and everything.

When I started to watch this drama I didn't sure whether it would be good or would a waste of time. And also I was really annoyed with Byung-Hee aka Lee Min ki's character cuz his character was really wierd nd peculiar. But slowly slowy when story developed I fell in love with Byung-Hee. I loved all the things about Byung-Hee. His attitide, his song, his bad boy specialities and also his friendship whis his band made me fall in love with him and also made me guilty that I was annoyed by lee min ki's character. I thought that he was the main lead and thought there would be typical love triangle between Byung-Hee, Soo ah And Kwon Ji-Hyuk.I really enjoyed about the "MUSE" thing of him. But in the end of episode 2 it made me worng again. I couldn't believe that Byung-Hee died. I was really heart broken. It made me cry. Lee min made a cameo on this drama but the story writter made a strong character and lee min ki done an amazing job. Onli in 2 episode he made a big place in my heart. And for lee min ki...hats off to u to make this character too special.

Now talking about Kwon Ji-Hyuk aka Sung joon, I also loved his character also. In 1st 2 episodes we see the charm of Lee min ki all over so I didn't noticed him so much. But after Byung-Hee's dead he caught my eyes. Sung Joon did really a good jod and that reflects on this drama. I remeber in 13th episode when Ji-Hyuk cried I also cried with him.How he tackled all the problem for the sake of their was really amazing. And the relation between his and Soo ah was magical. Their every scene was magical. Though I didn't like the look of Sung Joon, but his capability of acting amazed me so much.

And also taking about Soo-ah aka Bo-Ah ahe made really good pair with both Byung Hee and Ji Hyuk. I loved her also.

And taking about another cast members I loved all of them. I had a huge crush on Lee Hyun Jae aka Do-II.Actually I started to see this drama because of Hyun Jae. I love the pair of him and Kim Jung-Min.

L and Kim ye Rim was good bt I really didnt like the character of Lee Hyun Soo. L should put a little more effot on character.

And last but not the least Kim Ha-Jin and Seo Kyung-Jong was most fav. I really liked pranked and their friendship.Kim Min-Suk was too cute on this drama them both so much <3 <3 <3

Now talking about songs...I am so attched with their song. Jaywalking and Wake up are my most fav song of this drama. Um never tired of listening that song.

And the plot of this drama I was really good. I cried with this drama, I laughed whis this drama. I also loved the Strawberry field's leader Seung Hoon aka Jung Eui-Chul. I first saw him in Boys over flowes and he looked really good in this drama. The rivality between Seung-Hoon and Ji-Hyuk was not very hateful. I really pity for the character of Seung-Hoon. I was really dishearted with the dission of Ji-Hyuk to disband 'eye candy'.In another drama we saw that the perfectly happy ending. but the this drama was not like that. It showed us the reality of our life. It showed us what is friendship. what is love and what is dream. Dream is not like that you should throw to someone. And thazz why Ji-Hyuk forced to his band to disband. And thatzz why It made this drama spcial.

I really liked the final perfomnance in the end of the last episode. Though their band was disbanded but they never stopped singing nd never broke their friendship. That was trully a beautiful happy ending.

So I suggest all of u to see just only 1st 2 episodes. And if u can do it um sure u gonna fall in love with this drama like me.

Last I wanna say 'Shut Up Flower Boy Band' \m/

sharmaine i like byung-hee so much. but i hate it when he got hit in episode 3, ugh!! he's so funny..

reeeat Why did they kill Byung hee??? Hate it, they should kill ji hyuk instead of him...

nicole tiu i'm in Phillippines myun-soo !! hahahhah LOL :D

nicole tiu Best drama ever !! :>

nicole tiu myun-soo ! <3 ... luv 8 so much

nicole tiu i love u so bad L <3 ! how i wish i can see you in person ? :''( huhuhu

vhic how i wish tvn will replay it coz i wasnt able to watch its last episode

MyRa seriously, this drama has very good ending!! i just really pissed at the strongest k-pop survival because their ending really sucks!! that's why im glad that this drama end glad..oh, btw, i really recommend this drama..but im a little bit sad because ha jin n kyung jong didnt have girlfriend..forever alone..haha..and i like the way L stutter in front of ye cute..hehe

jfreak i hope they make a sequel for this :D *hoping* :) FIGHTING!!!!!

C What is the name of the drum Do-il is playing on their first live concert?

rainfairy wow this drama is awesome. eye candy!!!!!i love it

chuzell I am really doing this because the drama is reaaaaaally awesome!!! HAHAHAHA I cried a lot :D

It still left me some kind of... I don't know... KEKEKEKEKE

Just that... I REALLY LIKE THIS!!!

I am recommending this to you guys!

If you love your friends. If you put friendship over other things. And if you know when to give it up for something more important. Because it's friendship. True friends will always be together again. No matter what they suffer. No matter what kind of misunderstandings they undergo.

'Cause true friendship is like Love. It's hard to find. Hard to maintain. But always been a treasure. :D :D :D

And oohh wait... There's something I want to confirm. Is that guy from strawberry fields who has black hair is called Kim Hyun-Joon? Because I really can't find his pictures in Google. I want to use him for my fanfic :(

rainfairy L im gonna watch it for you.sarang hae

Desiree Grace This drama is really worth watching for...the cast characters are really good,,,

Kirsten Mae i really, really love this show......... i really love Ji-Hyuk...........

Yhanie Rose i really love this show....!!!!i want to meet them(hopefully),.... every time i watch this i became emotional..the story touches my soul...the friendship that bind them really get my attention,my heart as well as it's give me an insight the beauty of having Real and True friends,,,,i will never forget this show. and when time comes that i will be going to Korea i want to meet those person behind this show>>.i really love Korea.... God bless you all...!!!keep up the good work...really looking forward to see you all.....(Diana Rose,19 from Philippines)..dreaming to be a K-POP Star!!!

angelli_simplegege love them! they look stupid but they have good sides and cute,good-looking faces,i mean..byeong hee's the craziest! him much! i admire they're love for each other! friends forever! i can relate..hehe. i'll be watching this show no matter what! I quite didn't recognized myung soo at first..but he hAs eyes and looks that can make girls hypnotized! go go go eye candy! saranghaeyo!

Belinda bell Watched the first episode. It looks stupid.

keira This is a beautiful drama with natural acting, i like the story and the cast was amazing, Music compare with friendships ... Two thumbs up

mahsa so this drama and l and min ki^^

DenUkisseli Ep2 broke my heart and made me cry T.T I can't accept the fact that their "Crazy Leader" Byung Hee died.

Alaine Felt sad when byung-hee died :( anyyy, myung soo's so cute :3 :'"""">

jackylyn lagrimas I really2x love this so funny..especially byung-hee...but the second episode is so byung hee die?..T_T...cant wait the 2nd episode..

MG After pulling myself together in ep 2 when the horrible happens and (spoiler alert)--> the incredible byunghee dies, i realized that even without him this drama was amazing. it has its down sides, but it was very touching and real- not like other kdramas it represented a lot of people from the sides of society, and it was very genuine.. and the cast was fenomenal. so you should definitely watch it..

Kitty Ep 2..... WHY??????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This drama is ruined for me T.T

LMYUNGSOO Anyone know what is L's on scene younger sister's real name?(: pls reply.... :D

LY I love this Drama :"> And those guys are so lovely and cool :xxx

secretfanz it's totally awesome if eye candy is a real band in real world...not just in drama..

dramafanzz this drama was totally daebak!!it makes me happy,cry and angry.. love them when they acted as one.. and it's really heartbreaking when they fight and split up..

Hana It's too bad this drama ended so soon.... Gonna miss them T^T

NewKDramaAddict A great show! Boy am I going to miss it!

sleepy eeee...i really like Jang Do-II (drummer) n Seo Kyung Jong (keyboard one) both of dem r such a cutie...:)

LaLa LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ;d  !! Saranghaeooo <33

mona Woooooow its very nices sung joon Arebain girl

Infinite Myungsoo L saranghaee <3<3 The only reason i'm watching this drama is YOU !!!! Youre so cool and handsome )) Fighting L !!!

soli94 L <3 <3 <3 infinite <3 I like his acting and also voice !!!!!!!!!!!! He's really cool in this drama , the only reason that I'm looking forward to see the end !

cl Love this! Totally addictive ...

Matsumoto Ran So far so good. But can someone do something about the cinematography?

callmejay at first, wow! i love byunghee character! but then...shock! he's die! hyunsoo (L infinite) stare is soooo freaking cool! i love his character then~ hate that Jung Sang two-timer (the girl), she is freaking annoying! :P Shut Up Flower Boy Band FIGHTING!!!!!

Riisa Yoo Min Kyu is good-looking with straight hair kekeke

sarah from the start i know jihyuk will be special, aiyaaa, i love jihyuk character so much, in grief and in love the character is soo messed up, but played so well by sung joon ;}

blahlbah I LOVE this drama so far!! YES, it is sad that Byunghee died. YES, he had an intriguing personality but you can't say the whole drama just now suck because of that. you can tell from the start that Byunghee wasn't the main anyways. HIS 'MUSE' FELL INTO THE ARMS OF HIS BEST FRIEND!! as cliche as it sounds: they were fated from the beginning..i love Sung Joon (Jihyuk) in this drama waaayyyyy better than Lie to Me. he is doing an awesome job being main. Sung Joon HWAITING!! Eye Candy HWAITING! ;D

Arwa I like the drama , I can't wait!!! ^^

JihyukIsmine Theres something about jihyuk aka sung joon that is sooo attractive, in this drama <3 LUHVV U SUNG JOON<3

Mary This drama is sooo great... ive definitely fell inlove with the previews and the more you watch it the more you will fall for each of the character and i really love the guys in here sooo hott ^^

ahlee I really love this drama, its so addicting^^ Even tho the guy was killed, i sort of understand why the director made it to that....they change after their leader's death, they all want to stay in scool and continue byung hee's song..... please dont be disappointed that he is dead, continue watching it because it dooes get interesting....makes my heart pound^^ cant wait for ep 5 to come out^^ whooohooo!!

ed i really love this drama!! they're awesome!! L~~ you're so coooo!!! X3

but why Byung Hee only play as a cameo?? i like his character in there~~ huhuhuhu why did they must make Byung Hee die?? that didn't make any sense.. i think Byung Hee's character is the main role in the band.. why did he only a cameo?? TT________________TT

saranghee I love this dramaaa<333 and all there characterss tho i miss Byung-Hee :( that was sad what happend to him...Well guys Hwaiting!!!!<3<3<3<3

shem dela cruz L (myungsoo) is the best!!! fighting!!!

indria i really like kim min sook!! he's so adorable <3<3 anyone please tell me how old is he?

anonymous they kill the character that could make the drama rating higher than secret garden.... soo stupid that they should knock their head offf

xxyz Best drama ever, I would recommend you to watch it for sure! At first, the teasers didn’t catch my attention at all But as i watched ep.1 and 2, i became totally obsess with it XD

Since it airs during the same period as Dream High 2 and I’m watching both of them at the same time, tbh, i would say that this is a better drama, wayyy better. I was totally looking forward to see Dream High 2 but it actually turned out very boring and it moves very slow +____=

xxyz Best drama ever, I would recommend you to watch it for sure! At first, the teasers didn't catch my attention at all But as i watched ep.1 and 2, i became totally obsess with it XD

Since it airs during the same period as Dream High 2 and I'm watching both of them at the same time, tbh, i would say that this is a better drama, wayyy better. I was totally looking forward to see Dream High 2 but it actually turned out very boring and it moves very slow +____=

Zinnobelle So pissed!

This was a rare and promising dorama, with an incredibly peculiar main character, but they kill him! What a waisted opportunity… I was really intrigue by Byung Hee's self. Totally uncalled as his amazing participation was nothing in the plot!

I really enjoyed the three episodes, but sadly I lost total interest in this dorama. Now it's just like any other…

I'm mad! worst decision. I wish they wouldn't had done it because the cast and their interaction was amazing…

efdi although i 'm a big fan of dream high,i also like this is a good drama,i think.the frist and second ep was so tragic.i liked this bcoz its different from other drama.i watch this and dream high 2.shut up flower boy band and dream high hwaiting !

nane L myungsoo saranghae <3 youre the reason that i watch this drama,,, ilyouuuuuuuuuuuu !!!!!!!!!!!!!! HWAITING .

ODZ Yeah.....Byunghee/Lee Minki was written down as a cameo for a reason

flyingpetals Meehhh, why did people stop watching just because Lee Minki is not in here anymore? So far the story have an interesting plot. And you stopped just because he wasn't here anymore. Geez, some people are really shallow

tara wth....i don't think i keep watching it anymore.......i really liked Byung-Hee.the worst thing the writer could do was killing him in 2nd ep...the funeral made me cry..i think the actors did a great job by now.

dodo i just realized lee minki aka byunghee is a cameo?? wth? i watched the story for him! and he had to die??!

Fellovia The first 2 episodes really, really, really something. Touchy dramatic and also fun. I hope the story will show brotherhood and friendship deeply. Can't wait.

LL.lies Ugh!!! Why did Byung-hee(Minki) die?!?!?! I wanted him to be with the girl. Damn those stupid guys who freaking tried to kill him.

M Byung-Hee die = i don't think i can watch this drama any more T_T he had the interesting role and he is gone now -_- it will be like any regular drama after he died ..

n When I wathed the 1st eps, kinda surprise when I saw Minki didn't know his cameo role, I miss watching him on drama. Too bad, sad ending for him.

Tika Episode 2 left me with a heartache. I actually liked that 'wacko's' character! He's different from what you'd expect. I do like the drama so far(apart from that last incident)!

Solansh Lee Min-Ki is like the coolest one in this drama. I hate what happens to him in episode 2. so sad =( Great drama though. Cant wait to watch the rest.

mmmm love this drama. <3

Sophie I love this drama but its makes me cry already at ep 2 ='(

Sherryl. L Myung-Soo Hwaiting !!!! Saranghaeee <3<3<3

Riisa Myungsoo sure does know how to make those "sexy" faces looks XD

whida Oh my God!! Lee Hyun-Jae is in this drama!! kyaaaaa~ wanna see!! <3 <3

LoVeL Kim myung soo Hwaiiting xD i can´t wait to see this drama!! LOve u Myungsoo ;D

Najia Princess Some how got lead here by mistake as i looking for dream high 2 and all i can say is IM NOT DISAPPOINTED!!!! I was reading into the backdrop of the story and it looks really interesting to watch. Cant wait!!!! will definitely spend my procrastination days watching this and dream high 2 back to back!

irly huuwwaaa...... SUNG JOON ^____^ This is going to be an exiting drama ...... CANT WAIT TO WATCH ^^

imah hyun ae woaaa... I can't wait this drama... XD

Kwan omg!! I'm so exited for L!! sure, he was good in Jiu but he didn't say anything except for few words on chinese... Now I can see L's real acting!!! :D:D:D:D Ö can't wait!! want to see more teasers!!

kpoplover89 sung joon/sang hee!~ definitely excited to watch this drama. shut up flower boy after flower boy ramyun shop.. omo! it's raining flower boys. :)

ed really wanna see L!! X3

HanisLee L Myungsoo hwaiting!!!! handsome boy... neomu chuwahae i can't wait to watch it.. ppyong!!~^^

kghurl it..cnt w8...

W OMG can't waitt >< I'm so excited for Myungsoo and Sung Joon!!!!! Sanghee, bogosipeoyoooo ♥

chanelle omg L is so hot x Sung Joon too x i love them x i can't wait to see them both in the same drama x L & Sung Joon iloveyouuuu ))) <3

Pika can't wait!!! I have crush on L!!!

yuya-x L and Sung Joon !!!!! xxx I can't wait for this drama Ö Two handsome and cute young guys <3<3 L and Sung Joon saranghaeeee and hwaiiting <3<3<3<3<3

Z I can't wait!!!! I believe it is definitely a must-watch!! L<3

rozeitt cant wait!! LLLLLLLLL..... haha

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