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  • Name: Kim Min-Suk
  • Hangul: 김민석
  • Birthday: February 15, 1990
  • Born:
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height:
  • Blood Type:


  1. Contestant on TV talent show Superstar K3 (did not make it to televised portion).

Drama Series


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Julia im not the only one who recognized him on high school love on

lol infinite members really like to shoot with him first L now sungyeol and woohyun

Kang Soo Min @mima Yes, he is!! I'm glad you recognized him too! :) :) kekeke

mima Is he acting in High School Love On ?

park min soo min suk oppa....i love ur acting...saranghae oppa!!!!!

dada How tall is he?

Reesie He looks 18 in my opionion TToTT Kim Min Suk is so cute. Keep up the good work, Min Suk! <3 ^w^

Bob For anyone that doesn't know already, he is in a drama series called aftermath that just aired last January!

Abby OMG I love you!!!!! You were the best in Shut up flower boy band!!! Hope to see you in more!!!

destiny I love your voice!! and you're damn cute >.< Hope to see you in some more dramas. Love you. Wish you a bright future <3

Katie Please do more TV/Movies. Looking forward to it.

naochan he's the most cute in shut up flower boyband >..< he must take a part in dramas more often

Kara He was so cute in shut up and go C:

fiona Kim Min Suk oppa is so cute... >.<

Kim Min Suk Lover oppa min suk so cute :*

deydre he so cute in shut up and lets go drama .. he is the most CUTE !!!!!!! <3 <3 min suk

seo ha i bet you guys already listen to his song in the shut up flower boy word from me...BeAUtiFUL~~

Jenna Happy Birthday KIm min Suk!!!!!!!

Kish he failed at the Superstar K3 but he tried his best, and now he became an artist! Great spirit, oppa!! We love you! Saranghae!! :D

mollly He was my favorite character in the show, I can't wait for him to do more things in the future :)

Bex He ended up being my favorite character by the end of Shut up! He's just so lovable <3 I want to see him in more stuff, now.

SuperGirlInLove I love his BUSAN Accent... He's such a cutie.... =-D

elizaa How tall is he?? o:

MyRa i agree with BlackMon..he remind me so much with youngwon from dalmatian!! his smile, his accent and his quirkiness..hehe

cryssie I believe Choi Min Seok is Choi Minho's brother, not KIM Min Seok.

audri choi minho and kim min suk don't even really look alike. lol

Alia Minho is his brother and Minho is in SHINee the south korean band

BlackMon I remember youngwon of dalmatian on him ^^

Suki After 1stLook he is born on 24th January 1990 and bloodtype B! :)

sam he's such a good actor in shut up flower boy band! i wish he acts more often.. i'll keep watching him! and his busan accent is so lovable... i can't forget when he got 4 marks demerit by Shil Ba for heavy accents XDDDDD

Jessica Love his Busan accent in shut up flower boy band!!!! 민석 오빠 사랑해!!

Nnnnnnn I love this busan's cute guy. :D

shephatiah i enjoy watching him at shut up drama, he played his role real good,his voive nice too,i hope more drama for you,wish you luck, count me as you number one fan,i llive in u.s.a.

aina Love his voice so much :D How Come by Kim Min Seok saranghae oppa

anne Omg, can't believe he's 22! In the drama he looks 16! So cute!

suzana so cuteeeee....

suzana He's so cute.....

snooglebunch awww~ i love his acting in shut up flower boy band! <3 fighting!

indria how old is he?? he looks so cute ><

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