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  • Name: Sung Joon / Sung Jun
  • Hangul: 성준
  • Born: July 10, 1990
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 187cm
  • Blood Type: B
  • Twitter: @six2k


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mellisa chen Sung joon i cant believe that you was born in 1990... I thougt you born in 1986 or 1987....i thought you more old than kim woo bin....hehehe you look so mature

ahari First saw him in the drama Lie to me. The drama was mediocre, but I couldn't take my eyes away from Sung joon even if he was a secondary character. I decided to see all his works, just finished I need romance 3, and my heart is still fluttering like mad :P, He is so hot that he should be made illegal.

Ami It's been almost a week I'm searching about him throughout internet hahaha... I totally fell in love since he played as Dr. Yoon Tae in 'Hyde, Jekyll, I' despite of his character turned to be evil as the episode goes. But pleaseee!! Give him more male lead <333 lately I just finished his drama 'Can We Get Married?' and making me love him more and more <33 he played the leading role with Jung SoMin <333 he's a good kisser, indeed, kkkkk I recommend this drama to whom wanna see him played the leading role ^^ the story line is so good!!! I'll give him attention in the future, waiting his next drama project!

feel You're a good kisser. When you kiss the female lead in I need romance 3, my heart just beating so fast. Damn, I hope I can get that kind of romances.

nora You really reminds me of my first love, both of you share the same sweetest smile

marah You're so handsome oppa..ghose smilea is what im looking from a man...saranghae oppa!!

dolce I really really like him..i hope he will have more leading role in the future.

Lydia You deserve a lead role. Please give him a lead male role!

vany Hope to see more of him as a lead character. He's great in Hyde, Jekyll, Me though his role is a bit scary at first and sad at the last part. Good job Sung Joon-ah.

A Seriously... His acting is amazing! First saw him on White Christmas, I totally fell for him. His good looks, his charms and his acting skills. Man, he's what I call perfection. Though, I'd like to see the White Christmas casts (Lee Soohyuk, Kim Youngkwang, Kim Woobin, Hong Jonghyun, Baek Sunghyun, Kwok Jangwook and Esom) together again in a drama again! ^^ It would be awesome if they all did some kind of reunion ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Carol Amazing Actor!! he needs more main roles! Love him! Love from USA

Larissa *---* Lindoooooooooooooooo *_______________* I Love youuu!

Andrea Im just in love

pixie i really love his acting skills specially in i need romance 3...i fell in love with his character..keep it up sung joon

quai He is a very talented guy and good-looking too:-)

kpopkitty I love this guy, his acting is fantastic. :)

keurisel Shun Oguri of Gokusen Look a like.. i really like your voice.. Wish you to have more main role drama project.. Keep up the good work.. Saranghae.. <3 <3 =)

lor He's like the younger version of go soo, both are really hot and charismatic.

Dammy I just love him........words alone can't describe aw i feel about him....he's my ideal man

julie ampoloquio ur so handsome oozing w/ sex appeal very versitle actor

mfae hot and very handsome actor. i love you oppa <3 fighting!

lynn I saw u in I need Romance 3, Gu Family Book, Discovery of love.. Now in Hyde Jekyll me.. Love u more n more... ^_^ ♡♡♡

Unicorn Sung Joon is soooooo HOT. Can he get like a first lead, cause he gives me second lead syndrome too much. lol. so glad he's in the new drama hyde and jekyll. :DDD

Sereena I love Sung Joon in everything he's done, but why does he keep getting second lead positions? He should get more leading man roles. Keep up the good work Sung Joon!!

Anonymous Sung Joon is an amazing actor. I hope to see him in a lot more shows/movies.

Luhannah Just fall in love with this guy

jaliyahchell i love him after i watched shut up flower boy band he was good looking and he changed not a lot just so that the girls would love him even more than before.

Andra Omg I simply love you<3 besides you are born on July 10th 1990 and I was born on July 12 1990.So Cool.I love this Korean drama so much and your acting is wonderful

Helen I love you sung joon.

Psalm So cute!Guy,keep going;never stop rocking.

joylove so cute in gu family book

Cassidy OMG! Oppa is so good looking! Your smile is on point! ;)

pirena i love ur smile

lynn Love your acting in "I need romance 3"... great!! Saranghae.. ♡♡♡

young lady Hawt much love♡♡♡

Ji ha I love you. Saranghae oppa.. your eyes make me melt .. awww

Anu I love you <3

Anu :) I love your smile <3 <3 <3 <3

Anu I love your smile <3 <3 <3 <3 .

Anu I love your smile <3 <3 <3 <3

anu I Love youuuuu

Genesis I recently watched I Need Romance 3 and I enjoyed it. It was a drama that had a lot of lessons in it about love which I could look over my life and appreciate. The writers for this drama captured the human heart/emotions realistically and you did such an excellent job with your character Joo Wan/Allen Joo....I loved how the character really defined what it's like for a man to truly love a woman who doesn't quite know how to love herself or those around her.

I think you and the rest of the actors/actresses did a fantastic really was a drama that was more than the passionate moment displayed. Thanks for doing such a great drama...I think it's one I will comeback to at some later date in life.

Continue your wonderful work as an actor.

tp You look quite cute with short hair in lie to me. I really like it.

lynn2 I just watched your acting in I Need Romance 3.. Amazing....!! Good job bro...!! ^^

SUNGKI omg! My oppa is soo hot!!! i love you! FIGHTING!!!

Bakayeol Saranghae Sungjoon!! I hope to see you more in korean dramas as the lead role. I loved hearing you sing and acting in 'Shut Up Flower Boy Band'. <3 I'm going to watch 'I Need Romance 3' now. I bet it's going to be amazing!! <3

Bakayeol He's so hot! I love his deep voice and his acting in 'Shut Up Flower Boy Band'. Currently watching 'I Need Romance 3'. I bet it's going to be amazing! I hope we get to see him more in korean dramas as the lead role. <3

Shay Okay, Sung Joon, what's next? I'm anxiously waiting your next drama. You just keep getting better and better!

Minhheng In Personal Taste drama as a cameo also

Zennycat I love you on Gu Family Book ^^ i like the way you love YW

Vivian Jealous with Suzy dating with him..

Misa Well, first time I saw him was in Gu Family Book and I just loved him! He was so cool and crazy in White Christmas.

Meg Saranghae Allen Joo! I love you in INR3. Never thought how sweet you could be. :"> Lucky Joo Yeon. More dramas for you oppa! Fighting!

nhelle ahh im addicted to him first time I saw him on gu family book now I just done watching I need romance 3 nd I gave him a cridet hes good in kissing damn so hotttt :-)

Tenzin C. I really liked your character in " I need romace 3". I wish you are same in your real life. I know you are super famous now and have pretty fascinating girls dating you but sincerely I want to win your heart. If not I want to atleast be able to meet you. And want to show this message to you. I am saving it oppa!!! I am going to work hard!!! Fighting!!!

Saffire I loved you on Shut Up Flower Boy Band and loved you even more on I need Romace Continue doing more dramas sweet potato . Fighting OPPA .

Carmen. A Love your acting, can't wait to see more... =)

Granny Love your style. Develop your skills more take some real singing training and learn music try classical guitar. Take it from an old 35 year theater actress. Looks disappear but skills never do. Stay healthy in mind and body. Want to see you acting for many years and learn any style of theater you can. Hugs from granny

jina ur so sweet and handsome !! saranghae oppa !!

ivoynne sung joon... i luv ur korean dramas, ur really look amazing the way u are !!! i really like u !!!!


lovelabor I love you so much ! <3 saranghae

marjorie sotto .. its my first time noticing you :) and now , i only think of being your fan <3

i hope you'll have another drama series.

destiny You have an amazing voice. Keep up your work! Always shine bright. God bless you :)

Hansita Sung Joon es tan HOT! Me gusto su actuación en Can we get married y en sus peliculas. es un buen actor que merece mejores papeles lo estoy viendo en i need romance y me encanta!!! Oppa éxito!

Yakin sung joon ur really great actor and love ur drama !! hope u to see in action drama :) :D

dearcloud .perfect couple for lovely suzy..look sooooo cute together

deena I am stuck here ... I can't leave this page ... I love this person so sooo sooooo much :( <3

Deena You all saying you like him in lie to me ... Watch white christmas and see another sung joon!!! That role suits him the best .. I watched it aboit million times!!!

Deena Sung joon...... I havee maaaany maaany maany things to say about this person before I say anything about sung joon the actor!!! But really when I want to start talking I just dont know how to start.... So I will say // you're my idol \\ ... I looooooooove you and I hope I can visit korea one day and see you -- I know you are busy sooo its ok If i dont see you :p hahaha JK ..., love you Oppa

aisa i really love him.....

Indy Barends Sung Joon...? Bae Suzy's Boyfriend..? Omo!! Aigoo!! T_T

babibulma Omo, he's very pretty... I watched all works of him...

Jimmy OMG. Heard that he was dating Suzy. They're both BSJ (Bae Sue Ji and Bang Sung Joon) LOL.

leilei love his voice!!!

Lennya Sung joon oppa i love u :)

pavithra love u oppa... <3

Della He is very handsome and I Like him :) ......<3 <3 <3

Della He is very handsome :)..... I Love Him... <3 :D

micha i like #gon! he's funny..sweet..tough guy!

charm The first time he cried in Gu Family Book, my heart break. Not an over the top crying, quiet, but a lot of pain put through the screen so that viewers could feel it. He has such a potential to become a great actor, I wish he had more lead roles. I didn't expect him to be this good. A very good young actor indeed!

M So in love with the character Gon

alethea whoa he's so cool, no doubt!! anw he looks like taecyeon hahaha

somii I LOVE him in lie to me, he seem very nice and chill, I wish I have a friend like him lol. he a good actor also awesome and hooot. <3

wawaw He looks like japanese people

nava you are so hoottt!!! i love you in gu family book

cant wait to watche more dramas that you are acting at  :)

Ga Young Lee He is in my heart ;_; Why did he take my heart I want it back. i love him. I mean it.

ayubierachel ahhh i'm falling in love with sung joon since Lie To Me!!!

neomaiya i love his act in shut up and lets go

deydre sung joon almost like TOP .. they're tall .. but TOP can rap very well and sung joon can sing very well .. why dont he join bigbang .. huhuhuhu <3 Sung joon

Thumbs up!!! He is very talented and I wanna see him in a role which will bring out his full potential. I watched first 4 episodes of Gu Family Book and God, that role doesn't do justice to him. It is sooo obvious that he is bigger than that character. He is just suppressing himself to squeeze into that character. I hope I see him in better roles (not sidekicks) in good drama/movies.

yushi his voice is soooo deep i love it it makes me so emotional! he also is soooooooooooo cool & hot i love him much more than T.O.P

Moon T.o.p and Sung Joon both have deep voices, but T.o.p's is raspy while Sung Joon'd is a little more deep and soothing

sung ki he's hot..after reading the reviews about him..i kinda agree that he sounds like t.o.p. but t.o.p. is way hotter..but yeah..i live them both..he's kinda skinny..but he's so sexy:D saranghe oppa<3

angel eunhye u look so hot with yoon eun hye as couples !

roksana he is handsome and sexy. i love him.

Medina i like the White Christmas . You are there is the best one!!!I hope,you are as smart as in the drama!

thea he is so handsome .. he really looks like taecyeon .. saranghaeyo oppa ..

CLAUDIA girls,i advise you not to hurry in choosing of a have to know first what you want from life and how to make it better in the future...if someone would like to help with an advise i have a twitter address which is @LoVeAdamMLever where you can contact me...:D i'm waiting too for my real love and i will be more than happy to find my Romeo ;)

CLAUDIA a person is a human...a dog is a friend...i always try to make my life better and also making new friends...almost all guys i have met want more than a friendship with me...why people want to break a friendship in stad of a few moment of pleasure?....i have leart a lot of things about life...lie to me is an interesting serial which i understood that it shouldn't care more than a love which could come and go 'cause this can have unpleasant consequence...i have a lot of ideeas about new movies and i'd like to tell them to a person which could make some good when someone is "prepare";))for listening me...i will wait with the doors open:D

Iris omfg he looks like Taecyeon and sounds like t.o.p. so hot, meng. c:

GMae he looks like JUNG YONG HWA for me.

Mesh Happy Birthday Sung Joon... "Ethan Hyun" <3

eden i love you sung joon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!your'e the best!!!!!!!!!!

D He kinda looks like 2pm taecyeon

mirah@ i love SUNG JOON ..

ino i love his acting in White Christmas.. really great !!


HEISSO CUTE he is so charming in Lie To Me. i really liked him. so playful and whatnot. :)

shanty so cute, and handsome....

Karen He's so cute in "lie to me" especially after the haircut. He looks like a mix of T.O.P and Jung Eui-Chul.

xyzxyzxyz he sound like TOP! and sometimes he also look like him.

LeanneJD01 he's actually in one of the episodes for personal preference,about 25 mins into the first or second episode, he's one of the models her friend is photographing :)

akieko00 i thought he's bad in singing when he sungs in the series lie to me. lol. he's actually really good

NewKDramaAddict Very impressive acting and singing in SUFBB! Funny, I did not remember him in Lie to Me!

redfox He is excellent. Really makes me feel for his character in SU:FBB. He is so natural that I forget it is a drama. Hope to hear him sing more songs in the future! Very nice voice.

A LOVED him in "White Christmas" and I'm loving him on "Shut Up Flower Boy Band"! Fantastic actor!

DramaHolicxX Saranghaeyo Oppa you look soo sexy in SUFBB hwaiting!!!:) <3<3<3

Clowicious He is much much much hotter with his poofy hair in shut up flower boy band, his jaw is just calling me, I wanna bite it! Love him ...

Jaja SO So So handsome. Saranghaeyo oppa! omo..

jen LOL i loved him in Lie to Me! His smirks LOL!!!! I loved it im on episode 13 now...i feel so sorry for him!!

Lia Your smile is really overwhelming.. I'm going to melt... LOL

Roseli When I was watching Lie To Me I kept staring at him because he looked so familiar. Then I watched White Christmas again and I was like oh yeah he was the smart dude that I found extremely hot. Loved him in both dramas hope to see more of him.

fayette he is sooooo hooot!!!! super love his lopsided smiles and deep voice!

afife so cute, look good in last episode, really like it, muach.... bravo....

SJHwaiting! i first saw him in lie to me, and the was fckin hawt!! i found out he was in white christmas; i watched a few episodes, but i got way too scared... couldn't watch the whole thing. D; and then, while i was watching personal taste, he was in it! he cameo-ed as a model for Gae-In's friend.... i'm not sure the episode no. he was hot, but he didn't have abs... D; OPPA HWAITING!

Zainab oppa hwaitinggg !! :DD

yuxin @hara -- i also knew him from white christmas.... i already new him before he played in lie to me..keke...

i so love him in white christmas... <3 <3 <3 i even love him more in lie to me... :)

Francis he is soooooooo sexy!!! >.< especially on Lie To Me

Hara Am I the only one who knows this guy from White Christmas and not from Lie to Me ? xD

But I liked him in White Christmas. Even though at first I thought he acted somehow with no emotions at all but then I realized that it was required for him to act like that because of his role.

Well I wish him good luck in his career.

WTH u talkin bout? @Aquaela he looks like shin hye? u lk like donald trump :( thats insulting u knw. he doesn't lk like park shin hye, he's taller, skinnier, older and he is a MAN sry im overloading cuz what u said is mean.

angela He has talent but he needs to improve his acting skills.. He is so cute and his voice is really tempting :D

J-Ngoc~ he's sexyy!! <3 I love him in lie to me !! his voice is sooo wooww ^^

Aquaela He looks like Park Shin Hye xD and he sounds like T.O.P. from Bigbang! Seriously! :)

ouuuph Love his voice... hmmm

Rose He looks hot in Lie to Me, and with his new haircut..HE IS SMOKIN' HOT! Stay just the way you are Sung Joon and hope to see you in other Dramas!

cutie he looks like an idiot posing like that. His older brother in "lie to me" looks way cuter. He thinks he could control everything.

Ira i dunno why but i love his cunning smile :)

Luki Love him in Lie to Me, like I can feel a certain aura from him... Neway, I'm hoping to see him in action drama/ movie!! he's gonna look smokin hot in that kinda genre xDD All the best Sung Joon sshi!!

FansOfThisBoy-err he sure look hot in lie to me aww

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