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  • Name: Oh Ji-Ho
  • Hangul: 오지호
  • Birthdate: April 14, 1976
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 183cm
  • Blood Type:


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Stephanie I like this guy and his acting. Reminds me so much of Kevin Sorbo!

SUNNY i just don't know what it is about oh ji ho that makes him so irresistably adorable. maybe its his dimples <3 <3 <3 apart from that i think his acting is really good especially in chuno and maids. the whole historical thing really suits him

Sandy Banig How much fun you were to watch I hope it continues thanks from Cleveland Ohio area

DEE DE CARLO I first saw Oh Ji-Ho in Chuno and really liked him. He has a great screen presence. There is a gentleness that comes through in the characters he plays. I currently am watching Maids and he is great in that drama. I would like to see all of his work. He is one of my favorite Korean Actors. I love the historical dramas and hope to see Oh Ji-Ho in more of them. He is the definition of tall, dark and handsome, a perfect leading man!

alex I do not think any male korean actors has this awesome look with beard and long hair. He got movie star , model face even for western society, forget korean.

Aisha I am head over heels w/ this guy.. I dont know, others say he's wooden in his acting but that doesn't disapppoint me.. There is Something in this guy (OH JI HO)that makes him lovable and I simply LOOOOOVVE HIM SOOOOO much.. Hoping for more great projects for HIM and a continuous rising-career..

Yada I watched you for the first time (Chuno) and you were AWESOME! In my opinion your character had swagger. The meaning is different than stated in the dictionary. When a man's statue goes beyond charisma, cool, sexy, mannerism,- then he has that sway. Credit goes to the director for creating an action pack series, Plus, IF you had a stunt person - he was Awesome. Looking forward to watching more of your talent. Oh and you were easy on the eyes.

azairi I love you Oh Ji Ho, i start loving him when I saw Karl-Su Jung and couple or trouble!!!! he's beautiful, really hot and good looking actor!

Mei Good! Surprised he looked very mature in the drama show.can do more comedy show as he got the look of a funny man. And also love story too, becos his eye can 'speaks'...thank you.

aznative I read that Oh-Ji-ho has been cast in a new sageuk to be shown on jTBC in November 2014. PD Jo Hyun-tak (Daemul) and written by Jo Hyun-kyung.

kha ware thee I love you so much.

PATRICIA HAYDEN Oh Ji Ho was awesome in Chuno but I just saw La Belle...my heart will not stop racing...I love the warrior and the lover...I am tore up from the floor up...if you like this guy, youtube has La Belle with subs

Marija You are so handsome!

mjs i liked your role in slave hunters very much ,it was my first time to see you in korean drama ,but i didnt like your projects and works ( after and before chuno) it seems to be very bad and ridiculous !

Ronaldo Such a great actor! Worth to watch him in Couple or Trouble, Single Daddy in Love, and last but not the least, Karl and Su-Jung....

Celisa Choo I was excited to get my first Korean DVD drama.  The Slave Hunters / Chuno was my first, I loved it! Oh Ji Ho, you are a good looking and that dimple smile, just light up the screen!!! I had no idea, Korean's had a guy like you floating around. Jang Huyk and you have a great chemistry on set. I hope  you two are good friend, off the set, too.  :)

Keep on smiling!

Q_CUTEZ you almost like my husband :> hope u always healty & have happy family (WISH ALL THE BEST FOR YOU ). INDONESIA

yuna ji ho,i liked your style.i'm intresting about your acting.i hope you always succes in carierr & your love.be your self guys.okeee my man.

yuna ji ho,i liked your style.you know,you handsome guy.i'm intresting about yours acting.i hope you always succes in carierr.be your self guys.okeee

laminsandar Hallo, oh ji ho when i watched your movie. I felt excited because you look like my lover.My lover left me. Now, I'm feeling,

Chona Just finished The Slaves Hunters on Netflix. Very good miniseries! When Oh Ji-Ho smiles, it's like heaven opened up and the angels began singing :-) From your #1 in the USA!!

DaDa What happened to him? His career seemed so promising. His projects after Chuno are terrible sad to say. I hope he gets some good projects soon.

Sage Oh Ji Ho is just all around good at what he does. Its been awesome to see how his acting skills have improved as well.

Adna143 I was able to see your interview with the cast of Sector7. If you have a minute of your pls reply even just to say hello!

Adna143 The first time I saw you is In Chuno. I was visiting my family in the Philippines. I'm actually an American citizen born in Phil. My family got me hooked on watching Korean TV series and I'm so crazy about it! Got even crazier when I saw you and you are definitely a high class actor and very unique . In Chuno you were serious as your character depicts but when you smiled for the first time, your dimples got me and you are so even a hunk with this feature, Please keep up the good work! I would to see you In a role as a king and historical films as warriors! I feel like a teenager!i sense you are a good natured man and kindhearted in real life! Kudos. I will be watching more of your films and drama! Love you kiddo!

Anna Just want to say hi... a compliment for your great job in Chuno K-Drama

slave Oh ji ho! I love you so much in slave hunter, anyway I prefer you and jang hyuk looks as a warriors, so sexy and masculin! Love frm malaysia mwahhhh!

meg all lead actors in slave hunters are handsome,my most prefered is oh ji-ho, i like his looks in the slave hunter it's appealing than wearing a neat attire.. haahahhaha

evaguitierrez me encanta I love him I love him in the queen of housewives

sweet innocent I loveeeeeeee you soooo much! I love the way you acted in couple or trouble!!! so cute and handsome! (♥_♥)

megan Definitely the most masculine korean actor ive seen. Which immediately caught my eyes ;-) Very good actor and unique style/intriguing look.. Stay the way you are dear haha :P Hoping to see more of him.

Naloj He is a very good, "natural" actor and also very handsome (the most "masculine" looking korean actor, even without beard). I would like to see him in more historical dramas.

michael i like your style bro

Eric Egesa I really like ur part in the slave hunters,u inspired me and every one in uganda who is watching this. PEACE brother.

farzaneh hi ji-hu ...you are handsome..and i like you...good luck boy

aziemsia i realy like oh ji-ho in the slave hunters. very cool man. i very like when u smile. very the hensommmmm.


edna Get Karl, Oh Su Jung and Couple or Trouble, I love this so much...funny n sweet...I really love ur character and your acting...I hope you do more movies in the near future...I know you can do it...just be yourself and be happy..I wish you well and happiness for always...


Pretty lady He is so hot! I hope i could find a guy like him! He is soooooOoooo husband material!

Lady VOus êtes très aimable. j'ai vu "'couple r trouble" plus de cinque fois. J'adore cette serie.

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