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  • Name Lim Ju-Hwan
  • Hangul: 임주환
  • Birthdate: May 18, 1982
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 186cm
  • Blood Type:


  1. Lim Ju-Hwan joined the Korean military, for his mandatory military service, on May 17, 2011 and was discharged on February 16, 2013.


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vida lalngaihsaki he is the most charming actor i've ever seen among the korean i just simply love him. realy love him.

Arahenryalee I love him..i hope there got another drama for him as lead role..i love him so much.

za chan i simply love him.....i got addicted to his smile!!!:)

needa I love this guy..he's so handsome and cool..I like his acting but it's sad that he has not been given big opportunity to prove himself.. I Hope he becomes famous

Alex Robert(Aung Sun) I really like the way u act in this Drama.

PeaceWon You guys need to use this young man in way more dramas. He is really cool. Does a great job on screen. lets not lose this jewel!! FIGHTING OPPPA!!!!!!!!!

Eiskalter Loved your acting in What's Up! Just saw you in A Frozen Flower and recognized you immediately! Oh, and I thought you were a lot younger until Kwang Soo oppa called you Hyung!

Mschaisy. Fell in love with this great actor, never heard of him before watching Ugly alert. I felt sorry for him after so many years of acting no big broadcast station willing to give him a chance to cast him as lead. He is handsome and with good acting skill but still cannot get fame after all these years or maybe simply no luck. During an interview he said SBS Ugly alert production team are strongly against director casting him as lead actor in Ugly alert,they said Juhwan is not famous. Thanks to the director he stand firm casting Juhwan as lead and we are able to see such a good drama. I am supporting his movie Technician where he act as villain, will be in cinema late 2014. I hope his future will be bright and many projects coming his way.

Wayne Wilson I'm a Theatre Professor and I can say that this guy will by someone to watch. If you told me 2 years ago that I would be hooked on KDrama...I wold have laughed in your face. There are many great actors in South Korea, and I would put Li Ju Hwan in that category.

Deeyun Luv u Lim Ju Hwan!♡♥...Watching u in 'Ugly Alert', makes me cry without fail...watching ur sufferings in that beautiful drama really breaks my heart;(... Ur acting was excellent together with Kang sora.....saranghae!!

mimi I love this actor...he acts excellently in tamra and ugly alert....he is very cute...

stiles omg i just saw him in the recent RM and Kwangsoo called him hyung so i immediately checked out his profile. he's 31 YEARS OLD??????????? he looks waaaaaaay younger than Kwangsoo!!!! *no offense Kwangsoo :P *

missqueenl You are such a great actor..You have made me cried so muchhh in the drama ugly alert...I LOVE YOUR ACTING SO MUCH..really looking forward to your next projects..Lim Juhwan fighting!!!! Love u ♥♥♥

tp Why are there not many of your movies/drama? You're quite handsome and tall. I'm always mistaken you with Kim Beom. Both of you look alike but really are good looking. Best wishes!

lou I loved your acting in that very beautiful drama UGLY ALERT,you touches my heart, gosh ,your the best with kang sora

lou I loved your acting in that very beautiful drama UGLY touches my heart...gosh...your the best with kang sora...

- he looks like chen from exo more

ia OMG. I thought he was lee ki woo, they looks so much alike.

nona Why didn't they give information that this lad was in the drama Magic together with Kang Dong Won back in 2004. He didn't get a big role though. However, he was there too. Check out Episode 7 of Magic

pearly I am so loving this guy, currently watching his movie what's sup and he is great

tifaimoana oh my gosh!!!! i'm just falling head over heals for Park Kyu!!i love him so much in his film tamra the island he is so handsome.i love the partts where he cries or gets upset because of Boe Jing asking for Willian the forreigner,its so cute hahahaha... i believe this film is one of the best Korean romantic movies ever. i wish the ending of the movie showed of boe jing and park kyu getting married. <3 i love the scene where she saves park kyu's life and she cries to him <333 inlove with the movie

Bobbie fell in love with this guy on Tamra the Island!

rowel galit hello idol...i really like ur movies so much

yuri I feel that he looks more like myungsoo...from infinite (also known as L).

Leah So... is he in any way related to Jang Geun Suk? Because they look very~ similar. Smile and facial features and everything.

Alos, I love him :D Currently watching What's Up and ugh, my heart

kimiko i'm really like him so much.... firts time i show drama tamra the island.... im really crazy.. so cute when he smile so sweet....... i always watch drama tamra island many2 time. lim ju hwan FITGHINHGGGGG

Effa He already comeback from military services... Love his acting.. cant wait for his next project.. Lim Ju Hwan.. Fighting!!!!

Loveya Love your acting! Especially in tamra the island! Hope you can have more main role romantic comedy dramas!!! Preferably sageuk ;)

jay ildaite Came across this man by accident. Looking for something else on Netflix, I fell upon a show that looked so ridiculous I wanted to at least try it. Five days later I was on episode 11 and realized I was super addicted. When that show ended, I went on to view another show that was slightly similar, and who ended up being in it? This lovely actor. I was thrilled and figured it was a sign to find out more about him.

I hope you continue to share your abilities with us for the remainder of your years on Earth. Your smile is breath-taking and warms my heart whenever I see it. Thank you for giving us the gift of you.

PolarizBlue I hope to see him in person. He's a good actor and the way he acts catches the viewers attention... I am a big fan of him and I am fond of watching Korean Drama and among those that I have watch he is one of the BEST!!! what captures my eye was his Character in Tamna/Tamra he is really a magnificent actor..

Melisa Saranghae oppaaaa......... I wish I lived on that time (Tamra the island) if there was a man like you, I'mma be the luckiest woman ever!!! I am goin to Korea next year and I hope I can see you even you won't see me :(

qhiit OMG!!!!! i love this guy so much..... he makes me crazy, everytime i remember tamra, oh my it seems like i'm dying...... adik amo.... ahahaha

gAle he is one of my favorite actor in Korea i <3 his VOICE especially his SMILE... <3 <3 <3 and i can't wait to see u in ur new movie or drama... <3 <3 <3

vest i love him so much.... the time n npanood ko sa ko smile nia....pati ung arte nia cute.....

vest napanood ko to sa singapore..sobrang ganda...and im so in love to his smile. ibang klase.. pati ung arte nia galing...kaya nung ipapalabas dito kinilig ako ahahahahah...

lhine tamra the island is tempted movie.. na cut sia kaya ung ending nya eps. 16 dapat hanggang 20 un ehh.. nakaroon cla nang prob kya hanggang 16 lang un.. sayang. ang ganda pa nman -.-''

take care always Lim Ju Hwan;* Saranghae<3 very good actor :) More Projects to come Mr.Cutie

heartly oMG!first time to watch TAMRA, d island(jeju island). I really impressed of pu kui (lim ju-hwan), I'm in love with him... i like him there in the TV DRAMA and i appreciate his acting and skills in terms of fighting... hope that drama gonna be known in TV7-GMA7... why it is in GMA7? hope it will be in ABS-CBN2.much better!

noraini im ju hwan very very cute...saranghae oppa^_^ <3<3

chel keep tramper

chel i like your smile and your you mr. tramper

Ovie Juhwan.. Youre so AMAZING in tamnaneun doda! I love ur acting, 4ever. Cant wait 4 ur upcoming drama

Nines 21 i like his acting in Tamra... super cute...

daemie Jang Jae Hun is cute~... ^^...

jimvietnam im joo hwan very cute anh he smile is perfec I like him so much he is my idol ever

jimvietnam im joo hwan is my idol ever

jimvietnam I love im joo hwan he so very cute and he smile is perfec

chechey I want u to be very popular in the future. u r so cute n good at acting. i m a fan of u at first sight!!!

nhung he is cute he act very good he will be successful

tara he look like a little cute!!!!lol

hannah OMG! he's the cutest guy, ever! i am very crazy over you!!! see you in my dream, Im Ju Hwan!!!!

marl like the way you smile...


keep up the good work..

godbless you always

Tintin Aigoooo.... Mr.park kyu u a so cuteeee


Erna Im Ju Hwan...! good luck n keep smile:))

deka I like you..... really...............really,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,good...........

ella Ƙα♏ц selain ganteng ζ‍‍uƍå cooL abis

nita cool guys, l u`r smile ......

esther i like him... cool and gentle, wish can see you Lim Juu Hwan :)

dr.fina I like you as a Park Kyu in tamra the island.

Windz Ju-Hwan Im... always nice and exciting watch you in movie or drama series...:) For me, You are the best...hihihi :)

Ann He looks like TOP (a bit)

dewi bali 1st see you, acting i like it, cool, now i wish i can found your other drama and movie. i am once of your fans in Bali island Indonesia

freiyanti hello lim ju hwan your face so cute and cool I like your acting (semangaaaat ........ya)

indah I love U Im Ju Hwan..very very very very very very love U so muchhhh...:)

Diko Lim Ju-Hwan Hyung look like a great actor he look so cute he born @ 1982 but his face like a baby make want to touch his face every time...

pizza94 he has a sweet smile light up my day !!!!! :XXXX

trinh(from Vietnam) anyone know oppa ju hwan 's email please tell me...tks...

trinh(from Vietnam) oh..i was wrong..see u in 2014..oppa ju hwan..:-*

trinh(from Vietnam) oohh..u r so kute..i'm trying to learn Korean besause of you..and when i finish my college entrance examination,i will come to korea to see u.So don't get married so soon :D..See u in 2013 because now i'm just 15..hope you always stay healthy...LOVE U..

bonice i like him much too in tamra the island...he so cute n adorable...2 tumbs up...

candypipi73 Hey!^^.....He......really.....cute......^^

teazze i know him in Tamra the island and im instantly fell in love with him ... i fell in love with his adorable smile..

i think you're too skinny on whats up.. but still i cant hardly wait for it.. !!!!!!!!

kims watch out for him in his upcoming tv drama What's Up with many promising young actors and actresses in korea (including Daesung of Bigbang)

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abigail yooooooooo amo a este actor y m casaria con el aunq m pase 12 años m encantaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Deborah Wonderful guy in Tamna the island!

Deborah He will be a great actor in the future. He was charming and noble in Tamna the island. I hope he will play main role.

addy good drama...

Shue Rei Im Ju-Hwan is simply the best! Looking forward to his upcoming roles.

Botan Im Ju Hwan, you act so well in Tamra the island, I love that drama

soffea HUGE FAN!!!!=]=]=]=] lurve ur acting thumbs up=]

Ice Princess Im Ju-Hwan is such a graceful and great! Good actor!!! Keep up a good job! I will follow all his projects! Wanna see yr new project too!

Wulan so cutee <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

hera your so cute.. i'll watch your other movies.. hope that you'll do more movies the you're the major character.. hope to see you soon :)) take a bunch of care

jenny a very beautiful face.... i just finished watching tamra and it was really good. ill be watching his other works...more on him please...

vanessa you have great potential! your acting is very natural..i really liked you in tamra the island!!! your cute too! hope you'll have more movies as

the lead role!

melly cool but cute...^_^

Sesy i really like see im ju hwan in tamna the island. I hope see im ju hwan soon, with the next drama... Good luck ☆^_^☆

jahlsmakino @lissy : I hope they will have a korean drama of ISWAK!!! it will be FABULOUS!

lissy I get to know him with TAMNA :) He is great, sweet...adorable. Fine acting, too From now on I will follow all his projects. I hope he will play the main role in the new korean version of It started with a kiss.

Good luck Ju-Hwan Im ^^

Emine You really are a good actor...Ju-hwan Im,u are such a hottie..♥♥JHI♣♣

angela!!!!!!!!! looking so sweet.....keep n touch

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