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  • Drama: Ugly Alert (English & literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Motnani Joouibo
  • Hangul: 못난이 주의보
  • Director: Shin Yoon-Sub, Min Yeon-Hong
  • Writer: Jung Ji-Woo
  • Network: SBS
  • Episodes: 133
  • Release Date: May 20 - November 29, 2013
  • Runtime: Monday - Friday 19:15
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


People, who have different lives, become a family because of their parents. They sometimes look down on other family members and jealous of other family members. Through all of this, they get to understand each other and cure their wounds. A man, in particular, goes through infinite sacrifices.


  1. "Ugly Alert" takes over the SBS Monday - Friday 19:15 time slot previously occupied by "The Birth of a Family" and will be followed by "One Well-Raised Daughter" December 2, 2013.
  2. "Ugly Alert" is the first project for actor Lim Ju-Hwan since his discharge from the South Korean military.
  3. Early working title for the drama series was "Bravo My Life" ("Beurabo Mai Raipeu").


Ugly Alert-Lim Ju-Hwan.jpg Ugly Alert-Kang So-Ra.jpg Ugly Alert-Kang Byul.jpg Choi Tae-Joon Ugly Alert-Seol Hyun.jpg
Lim Ju-Hwan Kang So-Ra Kang Byul Choi Tae-Joon Seol Hyun
Kong Joon-Soo Na Do-Hee Kong Jin-Joo Kong Hyun-Seok Kong Na-Ri
Ugly Alert-Shin So-Yul.jpg Kim Young-Hoon Ugly Alert-Hyun Woo.jpg Ugly Alert-Ahn Nae-Sang.jpg Ugly Alert-Shin Ae-Ra.jpg
Shin So-Yul Kim Young-Hoon Hyun Woo Ahn Nae-Sang Shin Ae-Ra
Shin Joo-Young Lee Han-Seo Kang Chul-Soo Kong Sang-Man Jin Sun-Hye
Ugly Alert-Lee Soon-Jae.jpg Ugly Alert-Cheon Ho-Jin.jpg Ugly Alert-Yun Son-Ha.jpg Ugly Alert-Lee Il-Hwa.jpg Ugly Alert-Kim Il-Woo.jpg
Lee Soon-Jae Cheon Ho-Jin Yoon Son-Ha Lee Il-Hwa Kim Il-Woo
Na Sang-Jin Na Il-Pyeong Yoo Jung-Yeon Na In-Sook Shin Tae-Il
Ugly Alert-Lim Sung-Min.jpg Ugly Alert-Song Ok-Suk.jpg Ugly Alert-Maya.jpg Ugly Alert-Kim Ha-Kyun.jpg Kim Dae-Hee
Lim Sung-Min Song Ok-Suk Maya Kim Ha-Kyun Kim Dae-Hee
Secretary Kim Bang Jung-Ja Kim In-Joo Choo Man-Dol Cha Dae-Ki

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superLUV All I can say is perfect drama, perfect casting!!~~ Just Brilliant!!~~

daimy Joo Young and Hyun Seok. :) great couple Choi tae joon & shin so yul. .i love ugly alert because of you guys :D

dem Joo Young and Hyun Seok. :D great couple Choi tae joon & shin so yul..i love ugly alert because of you guys

hmm Hope can see you Seolhyun.. you are very cute.. Can't wait for your next drama Orange Marmalade.. Fighting!!

adel Just finished watching this drama! Ugly Alert DAEBAK!!~truly amazing drama! LOVE this drama because of you Kang So-Ra... prefect acting! more drama in further.. will be miss this drama....

BeanDais I think the best actor in this drama is Kim Young Hoon (Lee Han Seo), he always make me angry when he appeared :D

ongsy Just finished watching this drama. I got to say it was really good. Love all the couples and they had such good chemistry with each other. Definitely worth my time watching it.

nyiung Ugly Alert taught me to be a Meaningful Person and How about enjoyed about life. maybe before he met with Na Do Hee, Gong Jun Su's life is all about Family and to be bored as Brother. but this drama made me realize how important brothers role for Family unity.

All of Character has good portion in each episode. Salute for Perfect Human Drama "Ugly Alert"

Sam I find Joo Young so irritating!!!! definitely a stalker and childish. I wish their was someone else for Hyun Seok.

other than this I really like the drama, first time i'm watching a drama this long =)

Ellen OMO!!! I don't even know how to explain this, but this show is amazing!!!! I cried and laugh in every episode. It shows you the world in a different light. I never have been so emotionally drained from watching an episode my whole entire life. But, omg this was daebak!!!!

Ozmo I truly enjoyed this absolutely wonderful drama, one of the best. The individually defined characters were played brilliantly by a talented cast. I loved them all, even Lawyer Lee at his devious best :) The journey taken by 'small oppa' couple tantalised with great chemistry between them. And what a loyal, loving and heartrending road Jun Su endured. Thanks to everyone involved.

amnos123 Ugly Alert DAEBAK!!~

Phewwwww~ This is my first 100+ episodes drama, and I am so in love with all the characters. They did very well and Lawyer Lee, OMG I really want to slap his face xD And Kang Sora, I adore you girl~ Such a beautiful, adorable and talented actress. I like her in Doctor Strangers which I watch before Ugly Alert and now she is one of my fav actress! I can't wait to watch her next project/dramas. Misaeng is coming soon, with Si-Wan as the main character, definitely gonna watch it.

And and and Ju-Hwan!! OMG, your smile is so addictive ^o^ I hope you would appear in more dramas after this :))

Helena_Efron I am a great fan of kpop…I like this drama…It is amazing!! :) All couples here are so cute!*_* My love from another star is my best drama! :)

feegiz Choi tae joon & shin so yul..i love ugly alert because of you guys...

Zahirah Jaafar I miss this story . (sorry my english so bad)

William Very, very good drama. Love all the stars especially Lim ju hwan & kang so ra....they're so cute together -best cast, soundtrack, and drama ever very touching and meaningful drama. Definitely a drama worth to watch. Great chemistry among all the cast members!

park sa jin The best cast, soundtrack, and drama ever! Ugly alert 2 please!! 10 stars drama!

Abraham Best drama ever, i felt really sad when it ended. Please please make ugly alert 2 (with the same cast members). I really miss all the members and also their story line. Never seen a drama this wonderful before.

Dania My favourite drama forever!! Love lim ju hwan & kang so ra..they're so cute together :)

Brandon Very touching and meaningful drama. Definitely a drama worth to watch. Great chemistry among all the cast members!

Almonda The first family drama with +100 episodes that made sense, where I never wanted to skip forward or which went into "crazy territory" and also was free of all the drama cliches. All characters were cast perfectly. Don´t miss out on this wonderful drama.

Debbie Lim An excellent family drama I've ever watched. Got hooked up & enjoying it a lot. The cast played their role very well

tya zulkefli Oh..I love choi tae joon so much..

Md Radzi Ahmad An excellent drama about family and love. Far better than than my love from the star. It contain a lot of lessons that could be drawn.

hannah love this drama ...

Hannah The next best drama after My daughter Seoyeong

widodo wow......... the best drama

Connie I watched the drama (ugly Alert) best and I love it, hope lim ju hwan and kang so ra can appear more romantic drama again.

Mnazrul THE best drama so fa!!

missqueenl the best drama ever!!!! totally hooked to the drama after watching its first episode..great storyline, fantastic actings from fantastic casts..great love line..JoonHee couple foreverrrr..there's nothing I hate about this drama..just AMAZING!!!

bkchan Both Lim Ju-Hwan and Kang So-Ra are outstanding cast, however Kang So Ra is up and coming actress, she is pretty cute and has an inborn talent in her as an actress.She has a very good body shape...We would love to see her acting more such kind of movies in future and she will be a big hit I guareenteed.

Secret Love I love this drama...Hwiting <3

lia i love this drama.......ugly alert fhitting

kaka I love this drama so much... im ju hwan and kang sora are both beautiful pair and they acted superbly..loving every episodes...this drama is brilliantly well can feel the love of parents, brothers and sisters...unconditional love no matter what...this drama reflects me and touches my heart...makes you cry and laugh...thanks to those who made this drama....the best of all korean drama ever played on screen...

arsenal best couple , full with drama.. watched all episodes.. amaze me really.. simple story but full with drama ..i love both kang sora and lim ju hwan..

syae i really like this job!

parkminhyun sarang lim ju hwan he the best.. jeongmal daebak..!!!!

Okay First time watching k-drama with 100+ ep. its really awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! RATING 11/10

kathy I find Chul Soo's proposed divorce just because of his mum is quite ridiculous. Also the character of Lawyer Lee is over played in his blind obsession. Could have been the best drama but anyway overall it is one of the best because of some of my favourite cast who are doing a great job.

HJ First time watching 100+ korean drama. This drama really touches your heart and I must say the actors/actresses bring out the best acting, especially the male lead. His acting is so natural and detailed with emotions. Im Joo hwan, he really makes the whole drama shine. Looking forward to his next project.

mimi wow, what a beautiful korean drama, number one and the best of the best korean drama I ever watched, it touches your heart, makes you cry , romantic and passionately done love scenes, lots of funny scenes, love of family, unconditional love...what can I say....super super excellent screen writing...different from all korean drama...the lead star kang sora and Lim Ju Hwan , they both amazingly beautiful pair of all korean stars...brilliant acting...thanks for this very awesome beautiful drama....

Nasyk What is the name of the song in episode 115 at 7 minutes, 50 seconds? I can't find it. Please help.

NWJ for the first time.. i watch drama with 133 episode.. really good drama :)..

lou one of the best korean drama, makes you cry a lot, makes you laugh, the love story/romances are cute, the lead stars are beautiful pair...loving each episodes, no boring moments, excellent acting...exceptionally great drama

lou this is one of the best korean drama, makes you cry, the love story/romances of the lead stars are cute, they both beautiful pair, loving every episodes, no boring moments..worth watching...

lou this is one of the best korean drama, makes you cry, makes you laugh and the love story/romances of the lead stars are cute...worth watching....

ringleader The potential this show had... man, I think the whole Mon-Fri 100+ episode thing killed this series. If only it had been a 16-20 episode drama.

Denise This is my favorite drama right now, I really enjoy this.

Alejandro Some episodes are too dragged out and boring. Series should've been shortened and more exciting.

luvallkorea My first time watching a korean drama without subs. Definitely not the usual crazy or far stretched k- plots. Love Kang Sora & ImJH!!

jojo had high hopes for this drama at first... but its getting really silly, to the point of me rolling my eyes everytime i watch this. and its just going around in circles over and over again. i've given up on this drama, hopefully i can find another drama thats not as horrible as this one

Sharlyn I was hooked from the very first epi.. How can i not when everytime GJS cries i wud end up crying watching him. Haha.. The best movie so far.. 2 thumbs up!

rogn This is a great drama, great actors and great plot. Each episode is a must-watch. The time flow is slower than other dramas but it is definitely never boring. A tearjerker but also full of warm funny moments. It will take you on an emotional roller coaster rides and will leave you satisfied and all fuzzy inside.

NewKDramaAddict I'm watching this absolutely great gem of a drama at!! So glad I found it and they have it there!! It is so fresh and different!!

zienov this drama is great...really not stereotype korean drama...eventhough i started watching this because of Kang Sora and Im Joo Hwan..but the storyline make me hook into this drama and I willing to watch it without subtitle...and later getting help from soompi members to understand it... daily drama tend to drag the issue in the storyplot but not this may even surprised when you watching how each issue being reveal and solved in this drama....

Greenluvs Hope they air this drama with subs. I like Im Joo Hwan.

punky kang sora i like you! i love your we got married with leetuek(super junior). Hopefully there will be a part two of kang sora and leetuek!!!!!

barbara I'm watching the drama without subs, but i can understand just a little. anyways, i love kang sora, and her acting is perfect. to all her haters, she has talent.

Is just me, or, i think the main actor is not really that pretty ? .

  1. Justmyopinion

fsdfsadfd im all in for kang sora!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LeeNaBi Oh my this look like its going to be a very deep heart felt drama but hey I'm going to give it a try..

HAfsa Want to watch this looks like a sad story... If someone knows where they will put it online tell me please Kang Sora fighting.. Beautiful as always

eun-bunny tsk.. tsk.. tsk.. oh my. can't wait..

hanhyosang I think they make a cute couple ! :)

whilda I love kang sora !!! Cant wait for the drama <3 Sora Fighting !!! ^^

Frankyy OMD! Can't wait!! Love Kang sora & Im Joo hwan <3 Fighting ^.^!!

pearl Choi Tae Joon Choi Tae Joon Choi Tae Joon!!!

sweety I'Ll watch it for kang so ra!

barbara i really love kang sora! *o* Since Dream High 2, she is perfect,love her in wgm.

NERI IM ju hwan is lead ! yeyyyyyyyyyyy :D I JUST LOVE HIM ;)

Lily I'm really anticipating to watch this drama! And I love both Kang Sora and Im Ju Hwan! So happy! :)

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