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  • TV Show: Boys Over Flowers
  • Revised romanization: Kkotboda Namja
  • Hangul: 꽃보다 남자
  • Director: Jeon Ki-Sang
  • Writer: Yoon Ji-Ryeon
  • Network: KBS2
  • Episodes: 25
  • Release Date: January 5, 2009 - March 31, 2009
  • Runtime: Mon. 21:55
  • Genre: Teen / Romance / School
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Set at a famous high school for the super-wealthy, this is a puppy love story centered on a poor girl and the F4 gang of rich kids headed by the rough and fearless Jun-pyo Koo.

Geum Jan-Di (Hye-seon Ku) is a girl from a poor family but has an unrivaled sense of optimism and drive and is by chance admitted to a prestigious private high school.

There she meets the infamous group of four astonishingly good looking and rich boys who are known as F4. The group's leader is Koo Jun-Pyo (Min-ho Lee), who is a spoiled heir to world-leading conglomerate Shinhwa. He is joined by mysterious and breathlessly handsome Yun Ji-Hu (Hyeon-jung Kim), So Lee-Jeong (Kim Beom), and Song Woo-Bin (Kim Jun). Their love story moves from Seoul to New Caledonia to Macau.


  1. Based on Yoko Kamio's Japanese shojo manga series "Hana yori Dango".
  2. The original Japanese title "Hana Yori Dango" or ""Boys Over Flowers" is a pun on the Japanese old saying "Dumplings over flowers," referring to people who attend Hanami (flower festival), but instead of enjoying flowers, focus more on the materialistic side of the event such as getting food and buying souvenirs.
  3. Character names have been changed to reflect Korean setting, although the male group will still be known as "F4".
  4. Supporting actress Jang Ja-Yeon, who played Sunny (one of the trio of Mean Girls), committed suicide on March 7, 2009.
  5. Episode 17. originally scheduled to air Monday - March 9th, aired instead on Tuesday March 10th. This was caused by a car accident involving main actressKu Hye-Seon. Ku Hye-Seon while returning from to Seoul from Changwon, South Gyeongsang province after a shoot early Friday morning was involved in a car accident. She received three stiches in her mouth after the accident. Ku Hye-Seon is expected to resume shooting next week and a "Boys Over Flowers" special aired instead on Monday March 9th.
  6. "Boys Over Flowers" takes over the KBS2 Mon. & Tues. 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "Worlds Within......" and will be replaced by "The Slingshot" on April 6, 2009.
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Boys Over Flowers-Lee Min-Ho1.jpg Boys Over Flowers-Ku Hye-Seon.jpg Boys Over Flowers-Kim Hyun-Joong.jpg Boys Over Flowers-Kim Beom.jpg Boys Over Flowers-Kim Jun.jpg
Lee Min-Ho Ku Hye-Seon Kim Hyun-Joong Kim Beom Kim Jun
Koo Jun-Pyo Geum Jan-Di Yun Ji-Hu So Lee-Jeong Song Woo-Bin
(Tsukasa Domyoji) (Tsukushi Makino) (Rui Hanazawa) (Sojiroh Nishikado) (Akira Mimasaka)
Boys Over Flowers-Ahn Seok-hwan.jpg Boys Over Flowers-Lim Ye-jin.jpg Boys Over Flowers-Ji-bin Park.jpg Boys Over Flowers-Lee Hye-yeong.jpg Boys Over Flowers-Kim Hyun-joo.jpg
Ahn Seok-Hwan Lim Ye-Jin Park Ji-Bin Lee Hye-Young Kim Hyun-Joo
Keum Il-Bong Na Kong-Ju Keum Kang-San Kang Hee-Su Ku Jun-Hee
Boys Over Flowers- Lee Min-jung.jpg Boys Over Flowers-Han Chae-Young.jpg Boys Over Flowers-Lee Jeong-Kil.jpg Boys Over Flowers-Kim So-Eun.jpg Boys Over Flowers-Lee Si-Young.jpg
Lee Min-Jung Han Chae-Young Lee Jeong-Kil Kim So-Eun Lee Si-Young
Ha Jae-Kyeong Min Seo-Hyeon Yun Seok-Yeong Choo Ga-Eul Oh Min-Ji
Boys Over Flowers-Kim Ki-Bang.jpg
Kim Ki-Bang
Bom Chun-Sik

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Neha Coolest youth show ever ! From the OST to Story to THE CAST! Everything is BEYOND PERFECT!!!! Can't help....but falling love with this drama all over again..... <3 Kudos to the director! BOF rocks ;) :D No doubt....that this is best drama ever!

lila does anyone know what is the name of Koo Jun-Pyo ringtone ?

Nikitha Acters are oasam

Nikitha Am an Indian it's one of the best drama that I have seen

sandra lee min hoo is such a cutie

mansi jaiswal i love this drama soooooooo much i love guem jan di,ji hoo, goo jun pyo and every one in this drama very cute romantic and comedy drama love it very much <3 :-D

Nishi I'm not really a fans of kdrama but this series is just nice. the characters was great n i totally in love with that cool bad boy Kim beom. he's cute. overall its worth to watch.

sweety i like this series soooooooooooooo much.

yayaya this is my first kdrama and i'm glad that i strt with this heartwarming drama. i really love it eventho it's kind of melo which is genre that i hate but this drama beats it. seriously. i love it up till now

aksa I think this drama is good for first time kdrama viewers for there are hundreds of dramas with much better stories and acting than this one..this drama does not have any plot and what could have been a 16 ep drama is dragged for 9 more..few things that keep the drama going are the beautiful cast, nice OST, luxury dresses and picturesque locations

Dilakshi I like mainly ji hoo (kim hyun joong ).he is sooo handsome n caring. All ways there for jandi.I like to see jan di end up with ji hoo.

I hate the stupid Director. I LOVE JI HOO EVER....

queenie you dont buy friends with money but with your heart.i realy enjoyed the movie even though i cant wait to act a movie with lee min hoo as my leading role, im so going crazy for him i blame him for been so cute.i still love him cause he is my "oppa"

Rumi India Hii F4 and our sweet gyum jan di...eventhough am and Indian (malabari) i used to sèe bof for 4 times which makes me a crazy girl..I love all the F4 and jan di..especially kim hyun joong and kim beom..both have an awsme smile which breaks a girls heart..i wish to see all of them together and capture a pic with me...

Oishi BOF!!!!!!!! <3 The cutest,craziest,saddest,sweetest Kdrama I've ever seen!!!!;) Although there were a handfuls of bitter momentsthey just made it...more thrilling and sweeter. Best out of the best ^^ I hhardly imagined that A nerd like me???? Would fantasize and dream about this drama throughout the whole series.... :P ....Gu Jun Pyo ( Lee Min Ho) his mind blowing coolness,selfishness but humble and soo caring ( that humble n caring personality really suits him much! ) he was adorably evil !;P He's soooooo cutee.... <3 <3 <3 And Geum Jandi (Ku Hye Sun) 's cute craziness and spunky nature brough enjoyable funny moments....She's so cute....that I want to pick her up and Put her in my pocket :P :P And she looks like a doll *_* This drama brought us the strongest romance in korean history !! million thumbs up! Geum Jan-Di & Gu Jun-Pyo- I really loved chemistry of this couple a lott. ^_^ They were BEYOND cute! <3 <3 BOF FOREVER !! <3 This drama has a separate corner in my heart ^__________^

BOF is always No 1 in my <3 None can beat the awesomenesssss BOF has \m/ I'm warning you guys....dont watch it....if u have work or u are a student....cause....once u see it... You wont be able to Resist !!!! :p BOF is irresistable ;) Highly Recomanded!!!! MUST WATCH!!!!! Best Drama In The World!

Oishi BOYS OVER FLOWERS!!!So this was the first K-Drama that I've ever watched.. And OMFG IT WAS AMAZING BEYOND WORDS!! So many emotions, I laughed, cried, and most importantly I loved :)

Seriously well written, great characters and storyline :) After finishing one episode, I would be so Hooked that I had to watch the next episode. :)

joanna really i like boys over flowers very much.. i like you lee min ho, i am a very big fan of you and a want to meet you please

Catherine I love boys over flower so much. I like F4 very much including ku hye-seon.i am biggest fan of this drama!:):):)

Misaki Love this drama very much. I wish there were more dramas with these characters and the same example of story line. I wish to see Lee Min Ho and all the other people who were in this drama. LOVED IT RECOMMEND TO ANYONE AND EVERYONE WHO LOVES KOREAN DRAMAS.♡♥♡♥♡

Judith thank you the entire F4 boys. It was a nice selection. You guys really matched in that movie. You were all handsame but i really liked ji hoo's sense of style, your calmness and the way you treated jin di. for jun pyo you really made the movie so interesting. i loved your acting and i couldn't help it but laugh. you really made it lovely. Once again thank you so much the intire crew of boys over flowers. Judith from Uganda.

pinky I love kim hyung joong ! Cuttie.

dishooon I love F4 ever.mainly ji hoo (kim hyun joong ).he is sooo handsome n cute. All ways there for jandi.I like to see jan di end up with ji hoo.

I hate the stupid Director and gu jun pyo. I LOVE JI HOO EVER....

gum jandi i love joon pyo very much

cuttie I love ji hyun joong is the handsome and greatest actor in korea.

shelly I really like kim hyun joong's acting. Bof is second drama i watched after PLAYFUL KISS. i think brown hair is most suitable for kim hyun joong more than yellow hair. i ♥ kim hyun joong.i like because i'm stupid song. Kim hyun joong you sing soooooo nice.

taeshini 태시니 I actually love this drama. I think sometime this drama is a fantacy. But I like the nice & cute dialogues. (I got some cute quotes of Gu Jun Pyo... love him.. ) I like Geum Jan Di . and also Ji Hu sunbae, Yi Jung sunbae and Woo Bin sunbae. I hurt Mrs. Gang.. (the worst wich) However I like the great love among the characters.. nice... waiting for BOF2.. (love u 민 호 씨...)

thnn Kim hyun joong is the most handsome and cuttest guy in korea .I love yoon ji hoo.I hate lee min ho ever.

Imran Usman Boys before the flower was among the most interesting film I have ever watch! All the characters has takes their cakes right from the beginning to end!

  This great drama has made my life more cheerful and lovable, because the dramatist are well competitive to there position specifically YUN JI HOO and GU JUN PYO and my lovely JAN DI,I can't count my smiles and laughter that you made me to do,that your leg you used to hit GU JUN PYO I wish its me! You wil have pay for it #wink

Thanks to all of you for adding more pleasure in my leisure times. once again YUN JI HOO I want see another drama of yours like for GU JUN PYO I had watch almost 4 + this...I need to see more of you..... #fight

Darshi I love this drama. It is really nice.

SP Good story line. Great acting. But didn't like "Jan-Di". The original manga "hana yori dango" the character "tsukushi" was a tomboy but she was appealing. This was captured perfectly in the Japanese drama series. But in this the character looked kinda dumb and awkward more than a tomboy who fights for the weak. Other than that loved the story.

rabella Caguia I may rate that this TV drama is 95.5 percent because all the performers performed very well. In fact the antagonists turned into protagonists. My husband watched the drama several times for it serves as a therapy for him especially when he is depressed. He is a cancer patient and under recovery. The Director did his best to make the scenes more realistic as well as the designer and the producer did their best. Actually, this is our first time to watch Korean movies but because it is not so much violent , My husband and I always watch this drama through Netflix )or there are good values that we learned from this drama like (good shoes will take you to good places, money can not buy everything like LOVE through heart and have faith, etc. )

Congrats to all staff who helped and assisted to ake this drama

Lerato Mosebo I'm so inlove with this series,love you all guys you are so cute,wish Jun-Pyo end up with Jan-Di,they really love each other except that Jun-Pyo is very arrogant but he's not that bad. Yun Ji-Hu i love your smile and you So Lee-Joang,All the best guys

christina BOF is the 2nd Korean drama I watched after 'Faith'. Emotion went roller-coaster while watching, because that's how the entire show minute it was fun and I laughed and next minute, it hurt so much. Before I continue, I must confess that I've not watched the Japanese or the Taiwanese version of the story. I don't know the Korean culture well but I believe the physical contacts of the couples were kind of conservatives or unnatural...maybe its the director's fault? LMH did well on the expression of frustration, helplessness and pain. Kim Hyun-Joong was very good too because the face of Ji-Hoo is suppose to be very cold and expressionless and yet he can bring out that kind of pain that I feel it....he was especially good when he cried over grandpa's shoulder after being rejected. I am going to watch one of his drama next. I feel the story should make use of Lee-Jeong to talk to Jae-Kyeong about his family to deter her from marrying Ju-Pyo. The story did not give much credit to Woo-Bin. All the girls on the show was very pretty except Hye-seon who is a little too short for the boys so much so that they got to bend. The best hug was when Hyun-Joong drew her to his chest to block her from seeing Jun-Pyo kissing Jae-Kyeong. I love this show overall.

sweety Ji hoo is my favourite character from this drama. He is sooo cute and very handsome.

 I would like to see ji hoo end up with jandi.

I hate gu jun pyo..

   I love youuuuuuui kim hyun joong (cuteeeeeee)

rahma Is a wonderfull drama with nice and good looking people. Thanks is sure a entertaining movie love you f4

shyanima The most beautiful drama i have watched in my life. and I wish Ku hye sun, Lee min Ho, Kim hyun joon, Kim so eun and also kim bum. All of you are succeeded. and all the best.

Diane Hope What is the location of the beach/coastal scenes used in Episode 23 of 'Boys Over Flowers'?

Thanks to anyone who can supply this info. Diane

pinky I love ji hoo oppa ever. He is the handsome and cuttest guy from f4.cuttie.

malisha BOF is the best Korean drama among dramas i have watched. goo jun pyo and Geum jan-di is very lucky couple. I am very love to them. i wish you all the best...............

madhu lee min ho, i like

carolin Julius very romantic awesome with a lot of theme especially struggle for love,poverty,humiliation,smart.cooperation in a society, respect,care, and more .thanks b cause i have got a new knowledge from Boys Over Flowers drama .super i like it. Not only that but also the people who are join to accomplish this drama there was serious and they mean when they act.there very smart ,very romantic,beautiful so good. congratulation all of them. a lady from Africa .Tanzania country. Boys Over Flowers whaooooooooooooooooooooooooo. asante swahili word,thanks ,korean ........................................

miss khj hi I like this story.f4 are awesome. Specially yoon ji hoo(kim hyun joong).I hate gu jun pyo and his acting.i love ji hoo because he is so cute in this drama.ji hoo-jan di cute together.

Mrs.Suarez Best drama ever, I still re-watch it like once a month, that's how much I love it and never get tired of it.

BOF was the first ever korean drama I've watched in 2009 and I'll never forget it.Thanks to BOF I have been a big fan of korean dramas ever since. <3

Shells LOVE THIS DRAMA!! But I felt it was a bit fake how the entire school

hated her... love Lee Min Ho!

s.udara Madusanka Silva I like it more than my life.

lovejaejoong My favourite KOREAN drama ( boys over flowers )... and i like kim hyun joong and Kim beom ...

Pathum BOF is a Super.....!!!!!!!!!!! I like it very much........! All the best ..!

Ruwi The story's very nice. I lyk ku hye sun the best. Her acting is very good.

shelly Lee min ho your acting perfect.i love BOF

jennifer bravo to korea drama, i really love dis movie. especially the main cast. cudos to all of you

tna I love you kim hyun joong(yoon ji hoo).you are awesome in this drama.i like your smile. Soooo cute.l hate lee min hoo.

ann this is the best drama i have ever watched. i mostly love Lee Min-Ho

sushma i loved this drama soo muchhhhhh

lou one of the best korean drama ever...yeah lee min ho was cute in this wonder all young and old people loves him...

yen I loved this drama so much...watching this kind of korean drama, makes me happy and alive...thanks korean drama...

priyanka I really like this Korean series I love very much Lee min ho

shelly I love boys over flowers and i love lee min ho.

princess A* The best korean drama.I love this.F4 is very cool.Best gu jun pyo and yi jung.Thank you.Sri lanka likes thes drama a lot....

nilushiika liyanage this drama is awsome...... the characters are perfect.. good luck for all of you

emmanuella david this is the best film ever

kaveesh i watched this drama. I like it

kavishki i like this drama

kithmi THIS IS THE BEST KOREAN DRAMA EVER....!!! at first time i hate that gun jun pyo but now he is my favourite... can anybody tell me.. are there how many seasons in this series????? FOR SURE THIS WILL INFLUENCE SRI LANKA... THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE TEAM..!!

Sneha This drama is very nice.and i love it.special kim hyun joong.i like him.can u give me a his email?plz.

Venora There was a time i used 2 think kdramas were corny but aftr i saw the BBF kdramas bcame my life source. And this was also my 1st lee min ho drama so it makes me nostalgic of the time whn it was being aired in Bangladesh. The way goo jun pyo makes us hate him & then turns in2 the loving hero eventually was breathtaking. LOVE LMH. BBF RULZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!XD

sandupama Sri Lanka is my country .Today telecast this teledrama in my country.But I watched this teladrama before one year ago. My favourite actor is Lee Min Ho and I love F4 too. This is my second Korean drama. I was awaiting to watch the next episode all is well.

jyothi Awesome drama

rose I realy loved this drama and the characters especially the F4 group all were perfect I loved the the moment when jandi kicked jompeo by her legs the funniest moment for me.a very awesome and modern drama just love it.

Deviant The protagonist is so off putting I can't enjoy the drama at all. Her and ji-hoo's hair; blergh! That said I'm really impressed by Lee Min Hoo, so he was worth it.

ema My first korean drama..... at the beginning I was reluctant to watch but when I started I didn't stop. Now I just love ALL korean dramas. ..I love their story,acting,songs...all are daebak. .Ghamsahmnida for this wonderful drama. .its my all my favourite drama

Madlisoul We badly need and awaits season 3 please

Daisy Minaya I enjoyed the series very much.I enjoyed the music On a personal level it took me back to specific times in my life, The actors were great . I especially enjoyed watching Lee Min Ho. I also loved the attires that were worn. I hope to see a follow-up with these great actors.

sofia Amazing..superb...wonderful...Awesome drama.... very well directed...very nice acting...each day i was awaiting to see the next episode... all is well ... Jun-Pyo & Jan-Di pair is very much apt.. both acted so well. of course the other crew members too did their wonderful job..F4 team is sooo goood... HATS OFF to all the BOF team members....

       The only person whom i don't like in this drama is Yun Ji-Hu.... He tries to come between Jun pyo & Jan di which i really HATE.. Few comments said Jan di should pair with Ji hu that's unfair...he is trying to steal his friend's girl.. so i HATE the character ji hu.
 This is the PERFECT DRAMA with PERFECT CLIMAX... Expecting the same team to team up for one more time..

Priya Superb love and romantic drama.I love Jun pyo and Jan di.They are really a perfect and romantic pair.Lovely drama. And I'm Priya from India.I love u Jun pyo and jan di 4ever.all actors are so handsome.we want season 2....

mahshid it was such a nice drama i enjoyed it very much all the actors were handsome specially Lee Min Ho

mahshid i think this movie is an emotional one and i enjoyed it very much and i have seen it many times . all the actors are handsome specially lee min ho and i just wanted to say " hey lee min ho i am one of your fans and i wish you were Go Jun Pyo in personality in the rael world...have fun all the time"

Longkiri Superb story love it :)

zubair Super very very nice

charul kainthola hav seen it so many times.....lov d songs .Also watched "city hunter" and "the heirs" of Lee min ho and "playful kiss" of Ji hoo... Realy nice.... Theses korean dramas realy r adorable n addictive......... My all tensions gets released by watchng them.......

kogi this is super love romentick story than in this new matter r mach to my life it super joy charter are perform well

Millie My first ever drama! Loved it, truly addictive. Jan Di annoys me, though I think I liked the ending though it was unrealistic to a degree. I'm disappointed that Ji Hoo doesn't get someone for himself. Goo Joon Pyo, I love you, when you smile! When you're pissed I kinda hate it. I'm gonna miss it.

ManjulaRaj Hello, It's nice to c tis lovely story. The director has delivered each character very realistic. I personally feel al tis characters r very wonderful. Only "Boys Over Flowers" really rocks. Hats off to overall team.

raksha i love that drama.and ji-hu.directer is a devil.i want to kill him. if iam a jan-di,i select ji-hu.i hate you jan-di.

charul kainthola ya of corse, real love n concern was showed up in the second half of d drama n all wer left in confusion whether wid whom jan di shud b paired....... But jun pyo's lov was also tru n faithful........ I hav seen ''The Cith hunter" and "the heirs" of Jun pyo aka Lee min ho n it was awesum. Lee min ho is really multi-talented n quite adorable. Lov him. Just saw Ji hoo's "Playful Kiss" is a nice drama n pretty impressive actng by Ji hoo. Kim bum n Kim jum was quite hansum too

charul kainthola ya of corse, real love n concern was showed up in the second half of d drama n all wer left in confusion whether wid whom jan di shud b paired....... But jun pyo's lov was also tru n faithful........ I hav seen ''The Cith hunter" and "the heirs" of Jun pyo aka Lee min ho n it was awesum. Lee min ho is really multi-talented n quite adorable. Lov him. Just saw Ji hoo's "Playful Kiss" is a nice drama n pretty impressive actng by Ji hoo.

Anu I'm really sorry for Yun Ji Hu and I cried 3 days for Yun Ji Hu... If it were me, I would have selected Yun Ji Hu to Gu Jun Pyo....

Kay Very childish and unrealistic. Didn't like the heroine. Meteor Garden still did it better. Sigh

tina I like the ending of drama stop it on Jun Pyo get accident and lost memory. Then, his mon lives in sad and sorry for all mistakes that she makes to Jandi.

bella I like beginning of drama (exp 1-6). It makes me laugh a lot for Jan Di & Gu Jun Pyo. However, I love this drama more if Jan Di marry with Ji Hu.

In real life, Jandi will marry with Ji Hu for sure because they are always together and study in college. Jun Pyo is more depend on family and carrier and did not care much for Jandi.

ronalyn pastor the story is beautiful.but end not so,both characters were performed well.

Tamal This drama is boring, and there is absolutely no chemistry between the actors. I really don't get all the hype of this drama. The main girl was so annoying and she was to old for the role. Sorry if anyone takes an offence to my comment, but this drama is NOT all that.

Sarah For some odd reason, I actually found the show quite hilarious. I don't know if that was the intention, though. Some parts of it were unbelievable. Like in beginning when both Gu Jun Pyo and Ji Hoo both fell for Jan Di. That was really unbelievable.

And also, considering the kind of person that Jun Pyo was, I think Jan Di should have ended up with Ji Hoo, and not Jun Pyo.

The only pair which seemed perfect was Ga Eoul and Li Jeong. I was actually pleased with that.

And lastly, I think Jan Di should have been played by a better actor. The person who acted as Ga Eoul was far better than Ku Hye Seon.

I wonder if there will be a second season. Or at least, a spin off. I certainly hope that there will be one!

bano its a really nice story. But the ending was quiet disappointing. i like yoon ji hu character. danji and yoon ji hu should have been together at end.

Lulu Can't stand jandi!! Horrible acting!! There are so many gr8 (not to mention prettier) Actress, why her? I only watch bc of F4 guys!! Even Ga eul is better than her!!!

cea nice story and i love it so much.But i can't understand why many korean dramas make the story with a one and two boys.Mostly i like yoon ji hu character he is the only one who suits to jan di. I'm not satisfied with the story is a really nice story but you should had to end the story by getting marry jandi and ji hu sumbea

Elly Yeah Yeah,the japanese is much better,who asked y'all if the korean wasn't up to par? Stop the comparison cuz nobody put a gun to your head to watch it. Anyways,Nice story,Loved the lead actor and the lead actress, the ji hoo guy looked so pathetic,hanging around waiting for scraps of love from Jandi.Hopefully she married jun pyo. I loved So Lee-Jeong and Song Woo-Bin,they had chemistry and you could tell that they're closest within the F4.

Mona I started learning Korean by watching this drama. I like this drama so much. But, I want to know the background music played for Guem jandi's intro in the episode one. I want to know the music name.

Colliers @amani All drama versions did a great job of Hana Yori Dango. I don't see why one should prefer one over the other. Some of y'all need to stop with all of these biased comments, this is coming from a person who loves both Japanese and the Korean version. I love the Taiwanese, Japanese, and Korean version.

hana Wow..... Kim hyun joong you are the best...!!

chibi may I know what is the title for the violin melody in the trailer?? :)

amani the best drama i've ever watched sorry to the Japanese version but the Korean version is the best by the way i already read the manga and iknow the story from the beginning so the Korean drama bof is the only version who touched my heart and all thanks to all cast in this drama because of your hard working in this drama till now there is many people around the world who watching this drama without getting boring im one of this fans so please stop this war about whose the best it's silly lee min hoo we love you you have agreat fans around the world we want to see you in Hollywood as soon as possible you deserve that

sherry the best drama forever if you are a korean film fan and you dont see this movie a half of your life is last..... ^_^

Stard Edna i love this movie and what kills me the most is the four main cast. Am looking 4ward to meeting all of you one on one and if possible staring in a movie with you all. I really like the intensed suspense and how the rich and poor lifed are portrayed. I also like how the friend cover up for each other. Itz was gr8t watching

Jin In my opinion, i liked princess hours better than BOF. Kim Beom is probably the reason this show was so popular.

moses chris This is the best drama ive ever watched the characters are supercute nd i loved the way they carried themselves thumbs up to the makers

LeeLevel I have a love hate relationship with this drama. I found the lead character to be very irritating. Her self-esteem was way too low through out this series, therefore, it made it unbelievable for me to believe that the other characters were attracted to her. But other than that, this series was ok.

Happiness Stan Enjoy the solitude out there on the back porch @Jenn, chain-smoking like a furnace and cursing everyone inside having the time of their lives at the party. I'm certain that you and your cats will have long and miserable time together... :(

Jenn OMG Worst drama plot ever, combined with terrible acting from goo hye sun. Definitely not worth the hype.

BornToBeNae Love, love this drama. It's very addictive, wish there was a season 2.

charul Loved everything about d show. especially jun pyo. I have seen the heirs also especially for him. Its my first ever korean show to be watched n i must say, it was really fantastic experience. Love to all.

a94 I heard there is season two in April could it be real ??? I hope sooo ^^

XoxoJenn All ya'll should just shut up and stop having this silly war on which drama version series is better. I personally think that all the drama versions including the Taiwanese, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese versions did a great job. And you really cannot compare them because all of them are different and they also have different story lines. But the truth and the fact is that people do favor the Korean version more than any other version is because of the "hot good looking" actors, and this is a really dumb reason to like one drama over the other. Anywho, all versions did a great job in their respectable way and I personally don't see a reason why one should prefer one over the other.

Natasha wallace This is the best movie I have ever watched,because it has no sex no nudity,I was able to sit with my teen daughter and enjoy it. Please give us a season two with another happy ending

Leann Tuckett Absolutely loved this series! I have never watched a series before where I became so immersed in the characters and the drama. Thank goodness that they ended up together. I am looking for continuations on this series - if you all have made a BOF 2, I would love to be able to purchase it! I really would like to see the wedding and 3 more seasons (1 for the remaining F4s). Thanks for making such a wonderful program.

teemafeena just re-watcing BOF an found it more intresting than when ah first watch it,feel sooo happy seeing d F4s again;KHJ with his whitetish dressing code; LMH with his curly hair style,KB-5sec killer nd KJ with his smile

Anni A wonderful drama with an amazing cast! The one that introduced me to Koren Dramas! And for the people who says that this drama is only good because the guys are hot,I should say shut it! For me,if i want to watch any movie, guys should look good.otherwise it would be boring! By the way Kim Hyun Joong is awesome!

Kristine So disagree! The Japanese or the Taiwanese version is better than this. This version splashes us w/ all about external stuffs like good-looking actors, fancy settings, etc. but it doesnt have a heart, the same experience you'll root from the earlier versions. That JanDi-girl's acting is so irritating, cant relate to her, and has zero (0) chemistry w/ LMH. This drama is lucky enough to have the prettyboy LMH!

Ashley I prefered the Korean version over the Japanese version. And no, its not because "the actors are hotter" or any of that crap. I think people are so quick to get pissed off if another person's opinion differs. That's the thing -- taste is subjective. So, yes, personally I loved the Kdrama version. And if you don't agree? Okay. Not going to change my opinion.

I love it so much that I'm on my third time watching it in these past few years, where I only watched the Japanese version once.

liza I've seen the japanese version and I found it was miles better than this one and I think it's the best one out. The only good thing about the korean one is that the guys are really good to look at, otherwise it was so painfully slow and long, like the plot was just stagnant not moving anywhere. I remember the drama lying in my hdd for 5 months and i finally finished watching the last 10 episodes by completing each in 15 mins or less.

stanzin lamo I luv this drama .i always used to watch this on youtube . story is very nice.

VanessaKimme Sandy I completely disagree with you. The main reason why people say that the Korean version is the best is because of the better looking actors. If people are saying that one drama version is better than the other because of the actors looks really needs to get a life. In the Korean drama, I couldn't get pass episode 11, because the connection and chemistry wasn't there between the actors. The Korean drama didn't grabbed me the way the Japanese drama did. The Japanese drama is the best out of all the versions, and even though the actors are not as good looking as the Korean actors, the acting, chemistry, story line and plot did it justice for me. The Korean drama is just all right and it is NOT camparable to the Japanese drama in my opinion.

Sandy Comparing all other versions, Korean version is Amazing and it's the best. Some people here said that Japanese version is best. I really don't get them and in my opinion japanese version script is very bad and acting, chemistry and all are worst. It is not even worth comparing to K version. Taiwanese version is better than Japanese. finally Lee Min Ho acting.. He is superb.. He is my first Korean crush.. :-) Love u oppa

NoName From what I've seen for the anime... Let's just say I hate the drawings. Not wanting to offend anyone or trying to me mean.. But they're just horrible. And for those who watched this as their K-dramas, i suggest you to watch: Love Rain Mischievous Kiss (playful kiss) And by their title you can guess its love stories, again :3 And DONT TOUCH KIM HYUN JOON HES MINEEE!!! <3 okay.. I can share c:

sarah i'll just say i'm happy that i saw was a-muter and cheesy but fun...more importantly i got to know lee min ho....the hottest korean actor...i didn't like the girl or the story line...the only reason was f4...even though they were too much...but i like them and i'm sure they are the reason for this drama's success ... again a cheap but like able teen series...

MissFlyNYChick The Korean drama of Hana Yori Dango was okay, I still say that the Japanese version is the best. The main reason why people say that the Korean drama is the best version out of all the drama versions of Hana Yori Dango is because of the cuter better looking actors, and this is one of the dumbest reasons why anyone would think that the one version is better than the other. Do people who prefer the Korean drama ever think about the acting, storyline/plot, and chemistry? Because a lot of people say "Lee Min Ho, Kim Bum, and Ki Hyoon-Joong are so hot, that's why the Korean drama is better!" The Japanese version is the best out of all of them because their acting, connection and chemistry was amazing, I did not feel that with the Korean version. I did not feel the love and connection between Jan Di and Gu Jun Pyo. The girl who played Jan Di was too mature looking, and she was annoying, because she was always yelling and she overreacted too much. The acting in the Korean drama was 2-dimensional, and they all butchered the characters from the manga. Not saying that the Korean drama version is horrible, (because it's not), but I just think that it didn't do Kamio Yoko's manga justice. Overall, the Korean drama was just all right.

Person I'm not the biggest fan of Korean entertainment (dramas, music, etc.) but I took a liking to this drama. After years of hearing about Boys Over Flowers on the internet and from friends, I decided this: "Why not see what all the hype is all about?" I started watching it today and so far my favorite character is Ji Hoo. What I heard about Boys Over Flowers: It's based off a popular manga adapted into anime, two seasons of J-drama, Taiwanese drama and later an American drama.) To sum it up, I get the hype and this drama is my favorite Korean drama thus far.

S. Didn't appreciate it much. Comparing this version to the japanese one is seriously offensive. The japanese version is amazing and more compelling. Not saying I don't like this version, it's just that it can't beat the japanese one. In the korean version, the female lead looks too old to be a high school student... Also, i can't feel any chemistry between the female lead and LMH's character. Some things in this version are very forced... And the storyline is quite different from the original version.

Anyway, it's "watchable", i guess.

Ahela The most amazing drama ever the f4are so cute and so handsome hyun joong and lee min ho too cute to be true I am in love with them.hilarious,amazing sound tracks and just perfect I watched it three times never get bored of it.i advise everyone to watch it.only people who are stupid and have some brain problems won't like it.

roya was the best film for me

kimberly kim kasonde Am so in love with. This seres the story itself touches me so deep I get so emotional cz am of goin thru something related to the story .. Love every thing the guys the lady herslf and the songs aswel <3

Lydia Miichelle I just started watching this show and I have to say, that this is amazing! lol! XD I'm a huge fan of Jun-Pyo! He's so bad lol! XD

laiza i Love kim hyun joong so much ..... i reaLLy wanted to see him in a Person ....

vivian I love you movie will be in turkey for my college will love to met . Hyun joong Kim thanks

Erica Aguero I REALLY OVE THIS KOREAN DRAMA... PURE GENIUS, I want to know if there will be having another boys over flower but with the main couple expecting a baby..

David i really love this drama,i also love the f4 groups,a super interesting drama :*

KdramaFANGIRL i love boys over flowers! <3 i have to say, this is the best korean drama i have watched so far. i really love the concept of the soul mate and lover being two different people as it is more interesting that way. the idea of the group 'f4' caught my attention in the first episode, it was very entertaining... with the daily crisis of the four boys and jan di. at first i thought that jan di and ji hoo were better as a couple but later i soon came to believe that jan di and jun pyo are meant to be and that jan di and ji hoo are better as soul mates. i really love ji hoo <3 he is my favorite character.... when i go to school i think maybe if i wander around i will hear the sound of violin! LOL JI HOO! fighting! LOVE YOU BOYS OVER FLOWERS!!! :)

Kay I'm really bummed out that Ji Hu ends up the lonely guy without the girl. Jan Di chooses the wrong mate, in my book. Why would you want to be related in any way with that vengeful mother-in-law? Could she just forgive and forget all that woman did to her and her family? Sorry, but the writer(s) got this all wrong!

lutchie never watched boy over flower before only recently when rewinded in kbs world...since then i been watching this for more than two times already...aside from watching in kbsworld i also bought dvd of this movie and watch too on online korean movie video. now i am a fanatic lee min ho fan and kim hyun joong...and i followed their updates. i love all about boys over flower because all the casts are amazing great in their performance, i love the songs and of course the story on love and friendship. looking forward to part2 of boys over flower with the same castings. warmest regards.

moji I love this series. I like lee min ho/koo hye sun/kim hyun joong and ........ I am Iranian girl and in iran every young people see it.good luke

niloofar It is great to show the whole film to us without any troubles

ayuzabyre My first favorite korean drama. The story is beautiful and fun. Im in love with the songs especially 'Starlight Tears' Good job all cast. Im looking forward for another successful korean drama.

Onalenna Mbambo My favourate drama eva

iridessa i got additive 2 korean shows, especialy lee min ho's fan.i hav watched it 1yr before but still i used 2 see the eps again.its amazing, romantic,...... i am very egar 2 watch heirs next. lee min ho simpily rocks!!! if they make season 2 i will the first 2 watch it.

Angel I just recently became additive to Korean shows, courtesy of Netflix..Thank you very much..This series was recommended by Netflix after watching several comedies and dramas..I finished the the whole series from the first episode to the finale, rewinding several times in one day..Although I discovered four years later after it was first aired this show, I must say it's one of my all time favorite...I've watched it everyday this week, my husband is not speaking to me at the moment :) that's how bad my additive has gotten.I am not sure how they would write a sequal, but I am interested in watching whatever storyline the writers come up with...With the success of Twilight, anything is possible..The leading man and the lead girl were awesome, I am fascinated by the tone of their voice whenever they had a shouting match..I kept thinking to myself, hmmm, how would the Americans sound like shouting, I guess the sound of their foreign dialect to my ears made it funnier..We can actually enjoy a great show minus the violence, obscenities and nudity and sex. I hope all the actors the best and thank them for an awesome job..

lulu I love this drama fron begi ning to end....aaaaaahhhhhhhhh....I LOVE IT!!!!!

han sangki hey you kassi!!! this drama is soo beautiful!!this is the most popular than the japanese version!!!!

Kassi This version totally sucks! Ruined the story!! the Jdrama is the best ever!!

samahath i just love Kim bum( yi jung). this is the best film i have ever seen in life.

sepideh i love this series so much.i watched it more than 5 time.i hope that u make season 2 for everyone that love this series.i love junpio's love,it was the real wishes for all acters in this series. BE HAPPY.

cathy hi i'm from Samoa, i love this series, i'm addicted to it, what an amazing movie, shoots to the directors and staff members for putting together the boys over flower, espcially the casts, i love Jandi's character, she's amazing, adorable, funniest person in the movie and beautiful in acting, i love the F4 Boys, they're were so amzing,handsome and love their hairs... the famous model, Jihoo's first love...i love her too, i remembered her from 'Only You" gosh she's amazing,i love Jandi's Best friend Gayle too, she's adorable,uhm even Junpyo finacee, the garl who became friends with Jandi, i love her too, she's beautiful, funny n amazing, i love all the casts they're all amazing i hope i can get season 2 lol...i watched boys over flower every night since the day i received the copy...super fantastic, funning, cry much and so much in love with it....i wish that Jandi and Junpyo are dating in real life hehehe...i love their kiss scene, esp Jandi's jump kick it....

Joelle Rassy Hi , I live in Lebanon and I watched boys over flowers season 1 on mbc4 and I really want to have the season 2 ,plz help me.

shashi this drama made me addicted to Korean this a lot .. im from sri Lanka there a many fans here, watching k dramas... love you all... ummmmwahhhhhhhhh

Violet There probably won't be a sequel. Some actors have chosen different careers and everyone is happy with how everything ended. I'd love for them to continue the series but i don't think they will

anuska anybody told me that boys before flowers sequal have made or not........i just want to see its second,tell this it or not

anuska anybody told me that boys before flowers sequal have made or not,or its just a romour..........plz tell me

oliviafongtom i wanted to know when is boys over flower really coming out .....i hope there is going to be season 2 ..i never ever seen a movie so good in my life was sad but i love it ...all i wanna say is have to make a season 2 for everyone to watch........BEST MOVIE EVER <3

@sadangregina Boys Over Flowers inspired me a lot, thet I can't move when I'm watching it. That korean novel has adicted me a lot. Almost I buy pictures all over my notebooks. I have many collection with it. Goo Jun Pyo and Geum Jan Di are really crazy couple. While Lee Jeong and Woo Bin were very busy with their girls. Such a very very fuunny novel. Since now, I'm downloading each episodes so I can Watch it even it's more than 4 years I guess. It's really amazing. I miss it a lot, super. I hope one day, another korean novels for them, the F4 and JanDi with Gail also and many other cast. Hope you will come back again here in Philippines. Thank you!

(Sorry if some are wrong grammar)

micha is watching boys over flowers encore again at kbs world tv..week end marathon.

Asenath The ending was good and at thesame time crap. Okey iam happy that they ended up together but what will happen to jahoo? You dont leave people that have rough past just like that your meant to find his smile or some he would love and would love him back! And the saying'THAT GIRL WOULD GIVE YOU A FAMILY" wats up with that.? And u made jandi and jahoo to into each other and we all thought it was cool but you spoilt it. So iam suggesting that you should make another part 2 that makes more sense and dosnt have to many unrelivant u guys u were great.

nwabueze chinedu lee min-ho my sister love you

sepide i can say it's most famous Korean series in my county but i refuse to watch it for a long time...i can only see dramas that lead actor or other actors are good looking but they all look so bad to me beside kim week ago in a lazy summer day i had nothing to do so i watch it with Arabic translation in an Arabian channel still all of them look so bad to me but i deiced to watch it and guess what if finished it in one day and half..fell in love with all of them and found my Korean love lee min ho in this really looks like a teen series all of these perfections ..good looking rich boys who easily fall in love with this unlikeable girl who even doesn't have a loveable she gets too troubles a lot and the boys all ways get there in time no matter where she is and do all of those karate stuff with their suits...all the events are teen-type too some times their laughable doesn't have a creative/deep script or great acts bad filming and not so great quality's too teeny!still love this drama because the charm of f4 even though their funny..the love of rich boy and a poor girl even though there's nothing too like about this girl and they don't have chemistry ..lee min ho as this rich self-center kid..and all of that perfection is makes so wanna fantasia you're life like it...but sometimes really touches your heart..i'm really happy that a i watch it..

Kim Please make season 2, I want to see what happens to Kim s eun and Kim bum, f they become a couple or not! They are just the cutest ever! I really also want to know what happens to jan di and jun pyo if they get married or not?! Please make a second one it wil be a dream come true to everyone who enjoys the drama, so much people do! The ending of episode 25 made me reall upset knowing that this is the last of boys over flowers I just wish there was more to the drama and what happens to the so eul couple. I did find the afterlife episodes but I was expecting abit more. If you could please make a second one, it can just be a few more episodes of them when they are a bit older and see what happens to Jane di and jun pyo and OFCOURSE the so eul couple. I wish that boys over flowers would do the same thing as mischievous kiss because they had extra episodes which were actual episodes that goes for like an hour. And I also really want to see what will happen to ji hoo? If he will find someone to love same with woo bin, please if it is possible please make more to the drama! I have waited 4 years hoping that boys over flowers season 2 will come out but I’m guessing it won’t but I truly hope that it will. As you can see many people are making fake posters that oys over flowers season 2 is coming out, the reason being is because they really want it to come out. Some people say that in 2015 boys over flowers 2 will come out but I’m not sure if it’s a rumor or not. I just hope it’s real. If anyone or any of the actress/ actors read this which I doubt though, if you do read this please find a way to make season 2 come true. Maybe by contacting the director or something and find a way to make season 2 come to life. Somewhere out there in the world season 2 of boys over flowers is hiding in a corner waiting to be found. Please make my dreams and everyone else’s come true. This drama has actually helped me through life in many different ways, Thankyou <3 please make my wish come true <3

yasaman Hey miss or mr who cares,it is non of your business that when others sleep.:P I love this drama.all of the actors acted as well as they could specially kim bum(my love)and kim so eun.I hope they be together in real. thanks for produce this lovely drama. ;)

Sarah I Like this drama.

princess Generally liked the drama but there were some silly parts (most of the fights) and the way Geum Jan di got with the f4 was a bit unrealistic and act of those mean girls from school was a bit too much.

floref this is the best among all other remakes or original

mary Hi this one of very good drama that i saw. thank you from all of this collection. I like yun ji ho in tis drama.he played very goog. I hope producte number2 of this drama.

xxheartxxbreakerxx I like your comment Who Cares. Cuz it's so true. I really don't get why people do that . I think it's to make the directors and stuff feel bad about their work... Or they're trying to pressure other people into doing the same thing. So thx for posting that.

Who cares Hey guys... I don't get you all ._. I mean, why take the time to post hateful comments if you just hate this? Just ignore this shit or whatever you call it Oh and by the way, whenever I hear BOF I don't think of "Boys Over Flowers" but so-so. By the way do you sleep? Because some comments is written at 6 o'clock in the morning or even 2! Unless you're not in America I would understand ^^ somebody knows where I can watch Hana Yori Dango? Since some says that it's good, I just wanna try it out!

Thanks for reading~ please answer~ ^^ thank you all :3

nesty i hope that this have a part two.. i realy miss all the scene and i want to see thier happy ending with thier love... part two please..

xxheartxxbreakerxx I luv that scene toooo!!!!! It's sooo cute!!!!! Nd thx for not saying anything bad.

OzFan4KDrama I am in episode 12 now and I am totally enjoying the movie. It is a Cinderella-type story and for dreamers like myself, I am hooked. I love Lee Min-Ho and Ku Hye-Seon. I also love the friendship shared among the F4 boys. In spite of the massive wealth surrounding them in the movie, there still exists in them the bond beyond words and they look out for one another discreetly. I particularly love the scene where Joon-Pyo came out of the car amidst the traffic to go back to Jan-Di who was selling rice cakes and they kissed. I love his attire on that scene. So good looking. Can't wait to watch the rest of the series.

xxheartxxbreakerxx I LUV LUV LUV LUV THIS DRAMA!!!!!... SERIES!!!!!... I think that the people who don't like it shouldn't even be watching it in the first place. I'm pretty sure this site is for people who actually like the drama... series... Soooo all you haters should keep your damn mouths shut. it's frickin annoying reading all these gay a$$ comments when you come on here to comment on a drama that you like. Like really you don't always have to say something just because you don't like it. I'ts not like someone's forcing you to. So shut up! Anyways I think the acting and the actors were amazing better than any american drama that i've ever seen. My favorite character is Geum Jan-Di. I actually cried but it was good crying. Sooooooo yeah it was awesome. :D

rupa i hav not seen japaneese version but the korean one i love love n love this program everything is present in this progam i m big big of of all rhe characters but specially kim boem . he is so cute even i hav kept his photo in my desktop

Francisca I love lee min ho so much(Gu jun pyo) and everybody that acted in boys over flowers

Didax Hi. It was just an Asian Magnus opus. Please continue Boys over Flowers, with the same actors and actresses. thanks.

matthew-uk it was sooo FUNNY...LMAO...long live jun pyo!!! thumbs up!!! fightin lee min ho!!!!

meme@a I love this drama. This was my first kdrama and this is the drama which made me love Korean dramas. I love you kim bum !

Marjan OH MY GOSH!! This drama is PERFECT!! This drama is BREATH TAKING! This drama has taken my breath away!! I am CRAZY ABOUT lee min ho!! Lee min ho has acted brilliantly!!

"LEE MIN HO" is the best actor of all time" "This drama has knocked me out"

jjlee This version of Hana Yori Dango is an utter letdown. The Korean actress for Makino is extremely annoying and far from the character that is from the manga. While the cast maybe handsome and prettier than the cast in the Japanese version, the acting cannot be compared. I can see why BOF has such a large following as it's readily available on Netflix and it is newer, but it will never replace Hana Yori Dango (Japanese version). There is no charm in the Korean remake. I had high hopes and unfortunately they were not met.

Sa.Ho 1th time that I watched this drama it was sweet and lovely . but if you watch it again and again you see the story line doesn't make any sense. some scenes in the drama was very bad mad . esplly ep11 . seriously it was really out of the blue and not very appealing . I have to admit the acting was poor but it was their 1th time acting as main roles . if you watch their dramas after BOF you can see how much they have progressed . But if you haven't watched it before i recommend it . it's worth it if you watch it ONLY ONE TIME . To people who said it was crap or i don't know bullshit and it's for fangirls to attract , well it wasn't that bad and come on if you are a girl you would fall in love with one of the guys .

prawesh well i watch first the japness boys over flower,and the korean was quite same.I luv the series and like mostly jun pyo and ji h00

neha this is fantastic tv drama i hav seen. I really dont know how many timesi have watched it n wl keep watching......

not only me but al my friends to whom i told about dis are also fan of dis ......

Nora Uff seriously I'm watching this drama since 20 minutes and the main lead Geum Jan-Di is already getting on my nerves. I mean it's one thing to be poor but why the hell does she have to eat so dowdy? Why for gods sake do they have to overdo it and let her look so ugly and unsavory?

Oh my I'm only watching this drama because of Kim Hyun-Joong.

Davia On the other hand I really do like the Jan Di character. She rocks.

Davia So the first time I watched this I really enjoyed it. But when I started watching it again I saw it in a different light.

So the three followers of the leader actually walk behind him. How embarrassing. They don't say anything when their leader abuses people. Real heroic types!

The premise that a person who has no empathy or love for others actually can change is misleading young girls and imprinting an unhealthy 'love map' in their psyche. People who don't have a conscience have been found to have a different nerve wiring in the brain that does not enable them to have empathy or love for others. They don't change. They just get good at fooling people that they have.

It is fun to watch these type of shows and characters like that are charming and enchanting. But they are narcissists and in reality narcissists don't change.

When young girls watch shows like that as they are developing this can form a 'love map' in their psyche that then might make them really feel attracted to this type of person. Which then invariably becomes a tragedy map.

eNeLrAd30 This is such a late post i know, but I just recently discovered Korean's BOF and I have to give my vote to the KOREAN VERSION. I have repeat watching this for i dont even remember how many times but I just really really enjoyed this drama. I also have a habit of getting people I know addicted to this drama as well.. I've seen MG and tried watching HYD but I just can't get myself to like it the way I like Junpyo's team......

Utsa I'm really tooo addicted towards boys over flower...I just love it... Want to watch it again and again...

SeolJi Annyeonghaseyo!Boys Over flowers(korean) is one of the best korean series!I love the boys and Jan Di and her friend Ga Eul..they are so sweet...Is an amazing show..Do not lose it if you can see it..Watch it and you don not have any bad opinion about it...

VK I'm live in Canada & started watching Korean dramas a few months ago. The 1st drama was Dong Yi & i enjoyed that very much. Ever since that I was hooked to Korean Dramas.

I like " Flowers before Boys" but I really don't like Koo Hye Sun, I found her acting needs to be polished. . I thought I was watching "Take Care Of Us Captain"  her acting was the same in both dramas. Her laughs were the same & her expressions were the same. Her acting is terrible compare to all the other actors and actresses. I don't see the sparks between her and lead actor Lee Min Ho. All the other casts were awesome. The drama would be a lot better without Koo Hye Sun.

mahdi i iove see lee min ho with web cam.pleas go jon piyo

Selembut Nafas I like Hana Yori Dango Korean Vrsion (Boy Before Flower) very much,,,, I like to watch again and again.... the Japanese versn also is okey but I like more the Korean.

martin fennell Does anybody know, who played Chen, the female bodyguard?

guest 1962 BOF was our 2nd K-Drama our household ever watched and that was in aug 2011 thanks to Netflix. Since then we've discovered three online sites that we enjoy watching the K-dramas. BOF is still our #1 favorite. Some have come close like SKKS, You're Beautiful or Rooftop Prince. We purchased the BOF dvd. That's how impressed I am with the acting, writing, directing and filming of this drama. Being in the spotlight is a lot of pressure. I wish all the actors and actresses the best. Go Fighting! :)

guest I haven't finished BOF but I love it. I've never seen the japanese version but personally I don't like Japanese dramas. They are too silly. I don't see how you could fit a plot line in 10 episodes. They feel choppy or rushed. I didn't really like Ikemen desu ne they flat out copied You're beautiful. Maybe I'll watch HYD after BOF just to compare. I probably won't like it since i've seen the korean one first.

If you liked the korean or japanese better that's fine but I don't think people should say others are fools or idiots for liking one over the other.

depestere not a bad show but why is there so much elevator music in it?

ciyala I am madly in love with this drama... all actors and actress were amazing... soundtracks were also good... after watching 1st time i couldn't help myself watching it again and again... I liked character 'gu jun pyo' played by lee min ho... he was just so cute... i have watched both korean version as well as original japanese version but there was something in this drama that kept me hooked till end.. it may be because of hot characters of F4 (-_*) LOL!!!!! plz don't call it jst a fake copy.... don't jst compare drama of two different country, obviously they may differ because of different culture... I watched it 'coz it jst made me happy and warm,, its worth a watch...!!!!!! love you gu jun pyo ;)

SoEul Well, I have been watching the Korean, the Taiwanese (a little) the Chinese (also a little, but then after the 10th episode there was no more episodes with English sub) and the Japanese one and what I think is that the korean was the best one :D (beside, I watched the Korean drama like 3 times already xD)

Also I total LOVE the SoEul Couple XD (So Yi Jung <3 Chu Ga Eul) in the Japanese drama there was not as meny moment between Soujiro and Yuuki as it was between Yi Jung and Ga Eul and to be honest, I loved this couple more then the mean couple ^^' Sorry if I made someone annoyed now ^^'

What I'm saying is that I have watch this "story" a lot and I think that the story is one of the best stories i have read or seen in a drama :D

Ritu Karn totally loved each and every episode of dis serial... have watched it 24 times till 3mnths..what more to say!! i hope its sequel also is made..showing gu jun pyo n geum jan di gettin married and also about others..

Jashom Just Enjoy the drama..... If you think that Japan version is better than the korean, then don't say that the korean version is bad or a fake copy. I hate it when people started to comment that korean drama is sucks!!!! Just enjoy it, okay?

Anne I'm a big fan of the original manga Hana Yori Dango. I've watched the anime, the live actions (minus the film) and i find this is the worse version of boys over flowers. It makes an ok cliche k-drama storyline (poor girl meets and falls in love with rich guy), but if you compare it to the original work then it is a horribly inferior product. The story in my opinion was always about a female character who was tough as nails, always stood up for what was right, and worked hard for everything. She was bullied alot in the story from a variety of people, but she never gave up - a true weed.

For some odd reason even though the korean drama tried to show some of this spunk, they ended up delegating their main character into some damsel in distresss who everytime she did anything, always end up needing rescuing from her batch of F4. *spoiler* i think the scene that most upsets me was when she was being chased, and instead of at least trying to fend off her attackers, she cowers in the corner and starts yelling for Jun Pyo's name....even though's he nowhere nearby, yelling police would've been smarter; coincidently enough the rest of F4 appears magically out of nowhere *end spoiler*.

I don't mind them changing the story line, since that would make it interesting, but the essence of the character should remain the same. In all honesty, i think they made the main female character kind of stupid and therefore everytime she tried to do something independently, she always ended up relying on f4. The original tsukushi was a strong beam of support for everyone, maybe not in a motherly way but she was always honest, reliable and independent - she rarely accepted any charity from the f4 guys even though they were close friends. I guess i'm easily offended by the korean version, because i've always found the tsukishi/jan di character to be a sort of inspiration, and seeing her degraded to some stock character upsets me.

shawn I watched this after a recommendation from watching City Hunter. While I liked City Hunter more, I did enjoy watching this.

Personally I like Ji-Hu character more than Jun-Pyo, I thought he had more charisma and depth to him. And also feel Hyeon-Jung did a great job at portraying the character. Min-Ho just seems obnoxious and sometimes mean in his roles that I've seen. Didn't really like Jan-Di that much, kind of annoying character. So I didn't much care if she ended up with Jun-Pyu or not, what bothered me is how painful it was for Ji-Hu to watch it all!

I'm not the biggest fan of High School drama, but for some reason this show drew me in. I think it had to do more with Hyeon-Jung performance than anything else.

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Crystal This is my second time watching this Drama on the Web. Happy 5 Years Anniversary Boys Over Flower! Just for the record! This drama smashingly, outstandingly phenomenal! From the beginning to the end all characters played so profound and highly defined. Does this ring a bell? Oh yeah! Sounds like English Disney story version – “Cinderella”. The 4 Prince – Junpyo, Jihu, Yjeong, and Wubin - their charms made everyone madly in love. Of course the enchanting adorable Princes Geum Jan-Di. I love every angle of the story - the romance, actions, sports, and comedy. The best site – Caledonia Beach, Macau Resort, and Jeju Island. The greatest songs of all – Stand by me and I wish you my love. I could imagine! Would it be great if all 5 Stars – Boys Over Flower will appear again on the show for the second time as Shinwa Class Reunion? Well that would be magical.

neleimoj i really don't know why people tend to compare things even if there's none to..taiwanese, japanese and koreans have different cultures..the shows were aired on different years and of different casts..way back in 2001 no one would dare say MG was a big Boo nor HYD was a bore..u wait years from now and you would here people say/read BOF is a total bore.. don't criticize the whole drama just because you think the casts are ugly or that the cast look gay..a hot guy could be someone with a hot body, 6 pack abs, bulging biceps and triceps, square jaw or he could be someone who's lean muscled, oval shaped face, tone biceps and triceps and wears skinny jeans..i mean it's there society, their culture their beliefs..a drama is consist of many things and not of the cast alone..and to think that these are remakes of a manga you honestly think the story writer would stick with the original one?c'mon, where did originality went.?they did it that way because it was their own script, their own story line, their own, i'm a fan..not just because of their nationality, their acting, their faces, their hot body, their oozing appeal and not because of the TREND..and i watch tv shows for fun by taking note of their pro's and con' cite it's faults because it made the show a bore and not because of your own prejudices..own prejudices are not healthy criticisms especially when it is over biased.. that's all..

  • note:

i love watching korean shows, taiwanese shows and japanese shows.. i even keep copies of their tv shows and movies.. i like artists from these countries.. i repeat i'm a fan but that doesn't mean i am oblivious to it's faults as a movie or a tv show..

Emsie To be honest, I have watched the Taiwanese version (Meteor Garden 1 and 2), the Japanese version (Hana Yori Dango seasons one and two) and this version of the Hana Yori Dango manga brought to life. And, while there are things in each drama that I adored, I have to say that the Korean version brings something a little different to the otherwise overdone plot. In Meteor Garden, the show is too long, things are drawn out far worse than people seem to think this version does. In Hana Yori Dango the shows seemed too short and too much was cramped into one episode. Of course, this is just my opinion and doesn't mean it's the end all of this discussion.

There are flaws in any production, original plots or based off a manga/manhwa/etc, in the Korean version they are simple, when watching them 'play' musical instruments, it's easy to see that it's faked and not even really a good fake, and there are times when the acting is exaggerated, especially by Lee Min-Ho. Fights are over dramatized and sometimes you have to wonder if they really thought they were supposed to act like that. But to say that it's horrible just because of those things is like hating a toy because it doesn't have that one special feature that you wanted on it and so you throw it in your parents' face that it's wrong. Really, it's a well done rendition over all with growth shown over the course of time from all characters. Even ones that do not appear so often you can see a growth in person. It doesn't seem as cheesy as some other versions of this story and it doesn't just focus on the couple itself. It goes into Jan Di's family life and Ga Eul's love life, Ji Hoo's growth of person and understanding is a huge focal point in this drama as well.

Yes, personally I find the Korean F4 more attractive than the others, I think they're better dressed for the most part (Skinny pants, though, really?) and they play the roles they were given fairly well all things considered. I think the Taiwanese and Japanese versions of the main girl are prettier, but something about having a not overly pretty girl for this main character just fits. Jan Di looks fantastic when she's done up and that's what is mentioned various times, but you wouldn't call her a beauty outright when she's dressed down. Cute, perhaps, but not overtly attractive. It also makes it just a little easier to relate to her as a person, if you ask me.

Really, calm down, it's just a show with acting that I personally found likeable even if not fan-freaking-tastic for some people. There is no need to bash everyone who enjoys the show just because you didn't. It's immature and pointless to argue over something so insignificant in the grand scheme of things. If you don't like the show, don't watch it, if you do, go ahead, it's that simple. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so leave it at that.

blanca .........i love ...boys over flower!!!! ..............i wish we have a part 2 .........i like it ......PROMISE!!!!!!!!!11

ayana04 I agree with Farah. Dont ever compare this two worlds. too much differences. Guys in this korean version are not that hot as they wanted to be seemed like. I didnt believe them while their acting, none feelings they didnt touch my heart as it was in HYD. Oh yes, why some of you think koreans boys are cuter, bullshit. First its clearly seen they have made a plastic surgery (i made this conclusion after comparing them with their childphotos), guys should behave themselves as real men not like a 10 year boys right? I am not an anti-korean. I just want to tell that I meet koreans everyday, so I know this nation very well. They are not that romantic like in this dramas believe me, not every korean keeps a dog, not every korean respect old people. And when it comes to a virgin girl who havent even kissed by the man is a lie too. Their females start their sexual experiences by the age 15. This is a true face of a korean people. I dont know may be the japanese culture attracts me more I rather go watching j-drama than this fake copy versions

Farah i'm so mad right now. why this version get so many responds and better rating than the stunning japanese version a.k.a Hana Yori Dango? seriously, this version is nothing compared with Hana Yori Dango. shortly, if you like korean BOF, you should watch the japanese version.

korean might have hotter f4 but for the chemistry and story, i swear japanese version 10 times way better

canj i love BOF never be replaced talaga?????

Bini no more words to say..I just love F4 and jD

awin(female) oh my GOD.I idolize them.they're so so soooo hot and cute specially kim hyun-hoong and kim beom

please do the season 2.please

mia u guuys r total bof freaks....i admit its awesome but i find ji hoo's was somewhat not well dressed..y d hell did he squeeze into those scary pants??

princess god bless guys........

jhonah rhivero hi guys...i like you all..i like the F4....your all cUte...and i like the story of boys over flowers....its cute...

Amazingforme I really enjoyed it. My first time watching Koren TV, and I lve it. Better then any American Drama I have ever watch! please consider a Vol 2. Their is still a lot of story to tell.

*Rocio* BOF is my best korean drama


me. Boys Over Flowers is an amazing show. It's my favourite korean drama (and probably always will be). BOF is the first k-drama that I've watched (if you don't count Autumn In My Heart - which is amazing too, btw - but that's a long time ago) and thanks to it, I am now sucked into the world of Korean Entertainment. I've tried watching other k-dramas (like Personal Taste, City Hunter, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Heartstrings, etc) but none of them can compare to BOF. This show has everything - comedy, drama (believe me, some scenes made me cry and I never really cried when watching shows/movies), and of course, incredibly handsome cast. Not just the guys, but girls too. My only complaint is that second part of the show focused too much on the drama that drags on too long. But all in all, it's an amazing show that everyone should watch, not just k-drama lovers.

ruth Actually,I have no words to express my happiness.Boys over flowers is the best drama that I ever saw.The character Jihu was the most adorable.

2puh I l0ve t0 watch BOF bEcauSe I likE H0w theY Act EspEciaLly Geum Jandi I LiKe Da WaY h0W shE d0 heR THanq...LOl...Well...dis is da ONlY Movie i LOvE It....I LIke Each CouPlEs EspeCiAllY Geum jandi and Koo Jun Pyo...

LOvE It :)......

HUN BOO love love f4 forever i love boys over flowers

Cecilia This drama was AMAZING! It had the best and most talented actors and actresses and taught me many things. It made me laugh and cry a lot as well. It really made me feel all the emotions that Gum Jan-Di was feeling. I haven't found a drama that is nearly as amazing as this one yet. You have no idea how much I loved this and how much I want a part 2!!!!!! XD

bella love to see boys over flower 2...hahaa hope soon....

bella love u...

Princess Boys Over the best drama i've ever watched..and until now i watched it again and again...this drama is my inspiration.Everytime that i watched it i can learn something from the story..thanks for inspiring me..i will never forget you all the cast and specially this drama..i hope that there would be part 2...

prajwal BOYS OVER FLOWERS is the best korean drama i've ever watched, it's so nice, good,and actors they r fabolous!!Though i'm not korean but i used to watch it with all my ,torned eyes.Keep it up!!!!good luck

Linda Everyone who with me for support Boys over Flowers to tell them to make season 2 xP

Linda I love Boys over Flowers its awesomeXP Please tell me if they have season 2 please really begging for season 2

Anusha ow.......i luv kim hyun joong....i mean he 's sooooooooooo cute n kim jun too...da film 's da bestttt !!

Dee I have been watching BOF for a few days now. It just started here, and I must admit, I was hooked from the start. Of course the boys are hooooot! One can't deny that. But to say that that is all this program has, is totally wrong. I mean its hilarious. My friends and I can't stop laughing when we watch BOF, and we think its the best Korean drama we have seen. And there are quite a number of them showing in Kenya now.

True, there might not be any chemistry between the lead actors, and yes, Jandi may be in love with Jihu. But the most captivating thing is in fact, this. I mean will Jandi finally fall in love with Junpyo, and if she does, how will it happen? (By the way, it was sooooo disappointing when she kissed Jihu with Junpyo watching.) And what will happen to Jihu then? And what about Gaeul and cute Kim Beum? Will the little sparks we are seeing now turn into a roaring flame or will they die out into nothingness? So, I cant wait for the next episode to find out whether Junpyo actually had Jandin and Jihu expelled from school. And when did they start talking again?

So, I don't really understand what the fuss is all about. I know i have watched a few soaps coz the actors were hot, even when I did not think the plot had anything going for it. If thats my only reason for watching the soap and I do it time and again, whats the issue with that? Its my decison and I am not forcing anyone to do what I am doing. I admit I haven't watched any of the other versions, but shouldn't we just appreciate the dramas the way they are, instead of needlessly comparing them?

karlita this is a really good drama, the cast, the story, is better than the other versions because the hansome guys jijiji, but ai think that in moments is a bit boring ¬_¬

xxjxmxcxx / kookie awww i really miss hana yori dango, you're beautiful and boys over flowers. my fav dramas, i wish they could make one more seasons for all of them :( ahh <3

sa It was amazing. I miss Boys Over Flowers. I miss these sweet guys. This drama was inspiring. I love it. Nice, funny & Romantic story. F4 & Geum Jan-Di wonderful personalities. I love all of them. They are very lovely. BOF in my heart :x

p All of F4 members & jan Di were so kind and amazing. I love them. I love them.

p BEST DRAMA IN THE WORLD :X I love love love love Boys Before Flowers. It's wonderful. You'll love it. It's worth to watch. I love Koo Jun-Py, Yun Ji-Hu, So Lee-Jeong, Song Woo-bin & Geum Jan-Di,. They were amazing. I love them so much. I miss F4 & Jan Di.

yyang0124 omg BOF was definitely the BEST out of all 3 for me!!! and BOF also falls on my top 3 favorite dramas of all time =)

Mayami @Martins, hoshi1111, euphoria, etc etc.

LOLOLOLOLOL!!!! Seeing you guys argued really makes me laugh! XD

Anyways, I should say I agree with Martins and those who support HYD. I mean, COME ON! BOF it's really crappy and it has no sense of romance, like they just FORCE it out, y'know. I love the characters more in HYD than this, like Tsukasa Domyoji is supposedly to be my fav character here, but because of this korean version, I just like, hate it SO MUCH! D:<

The one that produced this really destroy the real meaning of HYD. The characters development and personalities in BOF are so total opposites with HYD.


july hi my name.s july love you

devyani swain i really love this drama . specially f4 n jan di. I hope the next part will come soon.



ojaswi i love it ..........its better than japenese.......i hate japans act...........i just love korea....

anonymous Honestly, i’ve only watched Hana Yori Dango (Season 1, Season 2 and the Final) and Boys Over Flowers (Korean Remake). So i haven’t watched Meteor Garden. But i’ve got to say. I LOVED Hana Yori Dango! From the beginning to the end, it was superb! Eventhough i wouldv’e like her with Rui though. Eventhough i didn't like Jun, he's portrayal of Tsukasa was spot on! The korean remake made Tsukasa (a.k.a Jun Pyo) more charming and pretty rather than "mean" like he's suppose to. From the korean remake, i LOVED how there was an extra storyline for Lee-Jeong So (a.k.a Nishikado Soujiroh). It was so cute to see Kim Bum have a role of his own. =) But thats about it for the korean remake. So.. HANA YORI DANGO FOR THE WIN!

ROSE I WATCH this DRAMA N I LUV D story of this DRAMA.I LUV F4 , JAN DI N her FREN TOO MUCH.BT I have 1 problem that. is there next new episode came already in the market or not? PLZ IF U KNOW then tell ME whoever U R. (^_^)!! from NEPAL (TATA)

danielle13 WOW!!!!!hahaha JD and JP the kissing scene was so funny after director yelled cut!!!!!

danielle13 OMG!!!!!!!!! that was a beautiful love story. I wonder that if the next season is come this year?

raien BOF is the best!!!!!!!

korean drama!!!!!!

Wish all the best!!!!

for all of you!!!!!!

Wish cme to malaysia!!!!!

jenny is there other season of bof????

carol This was the worst live action of the manga Hana Yori Dango. I expected a lot more of this Kdrama.

mrs.choi loves to watch kim jun... and his english... hahahaha always makes me laugh

samaishi u all look like a gay arosso

yumi boys before flowers is the best korean (foreign)drama i have ever watched i love the f4 guys and especially the character of Geum jan di. i hoping to watch its next part soon by the way i am from darjeeling (INDIA).KHAMSAMIDA AND SARANGE


                                                                          oldo mistik


         sye-sye                          I LOVE YOU

RyuJai @Martins, @Scout, @euphoria, @anonymous (whoever u are), @Hyun, @hoshi1111

Seriously, what a conversation u guys have over here. To be honest, i enjoy reading it. :P I'm on whose side? Hmmm....why don't u judge it from what i have in my mind right now. Well, i read the manga, i even watched the anime. :) It's a great anime, or manga~ watching it in live-action somehow would make me thrilled. There's also 3 versions of it. WOW!!!

Firstly, I watched Meteor Garden (taiwanese version of course) till the end by the time it was aired in my country. It's great, and quite intimidating for me, for the first version that is out. [Off topic, since then, i fall for Vic Zhou (Hua Ze Lei) and watched all his dramas....haha, and honestly he was the one for me who did well as Hanazawa Rui's role]

At the moment Hana Yori Dango was aired in Japan, i do watched that to, till the final (i mean, both seasons and the movie). [Off topic again, i'm not even a fan of Matsumoto Jun (at least, he's not on the top list of favourite actor though i watched all his dramas), yet i like the way he portrayed Domyouji the most]

Then, during the airing time of Boys Over Flower, i watched Episode 1, and couldn't even finish it. I do try to watch it again and again...i fail though... Well, i manage to watch it till the last episode. Unfortunately, i only watched Episode 4 [Off topic, because of 'live stage' of SS501's Ur Man (i'm a fan of this group even before this drama, okay :) ....) and i don't watched a drama just because of cute hot actors or something...instead, i can fall for an actor because of his act, and though i'm a fan of SS501, only in singing, not acting], watched the last episode, and joined to watch whenever i saw my sis was watching it and don't know which episodes are those that i watched LOL.

Finally, from all those three i've fully watched till the end (Sorry for BoF since i skipped few episodes), i feel like HyD is the best, and MG came second, while BoF won't be on my list at all. I just couldn't stand the lack of soul in each character. Their personalities are not shown enough in each role they portrayed according to the real manga. I don't really care about the storyline, fortunately for each live action series. But, the character must have the same personalities. Something to add, i just couldn't accept the overreacted JanDi, and the way the series show how poor she is. That's too much for being a poor girl. They just made her being a rich commoner than a poor girl.

@kiya Your post is the ones that actually make me thought of reading all the comments from the beginning. ;) I appreciate for pointing that.

@Jennzy (so-called person who said she's actually knows her grammar and know to type properly)

Seriously, i really think u should think twice before said that (or type that)... There're few grammatical errors from what i've seen in your comment. Well, i'm not saying that my GRAMMAR is GREAT, but at least i know when, in your sentences that u have make those errors. :) Plus, aren't you the one who said capitalizing is only for nouns and at the beginning of the sentences. Huuu~ i doubt u did just like u said.

faditic ohhh bof is good but try to remember me guys u guys come to my party and many girl scream u guys is not so boring i am billgate daughter

evilive i miss it.

the others had 3 seasons wy not the korean BBF

clarisse palmes ♥♥♥Oh!!Im the no.1 fan of boys over flowers i love it,and i like it very much

luv yaaaaaaahhhhhh......♥♥♥


Jordy Ilyas that in Indonesia does not have this movie? please yes Play this movie in Indonesia, on television what was important I could watch this movie? because this film deeply touched me and I got to cry watching this movie? please?

kiya @hoshi1111 i couldn't agree with you more! now i can understand why i couldn't get into BOF, i really try, believe me, i try (and with a non-bias mind), but no matter how hard i try, i didn't like Jun Pyo and Domyoji is supposedly MY FAVORITE character in the manga!!! T^T as for HYD, i still think it's THE BEST! i have to admit, I watched HYD with a bias mind, in my head, I was like ‘this will not be as good as the Taiwanese drama,’ though i thought that MatsuJun wasn't at all hot in the beginning, i fell in love with him and his character and now i'm a crazy MatsuJun fan!! Because he IS THAT GOOD OF AN ACTOR!! It was hard to believe that Boys over Flowers is directed by the same guy as My Girl, because My Girl, you can see the development in both main characters. They both need each other to change, as for BOF… I’m sorry, but I can’t say much, instead of Jandi changing F4, it was like F4 was changing her. Though like MANY MANY of you all said, YES THEY ARE MORE HOTTER! (=__= not my type AT ALL) they couldn’t fulfill their role, and so to me, who was touched by the manga FIRST, Meteor Garden and HYD, I was not at all satisfy with BOF To those who don’t understand what I’m getting at, I really think you should read hoshi1111’s comment #151 and #156, because you’ll understand afterward!

missy demegillo Boys over Flowers really rocks!!!

ghaida matsu I think boys before flowers is the best than taiwan version a.k.a meteor garden. well, I was just realized when I watched jepun version. OHNOO! hana yori dango IS THE BEST THAN ALL.

Gigyaminhoswife The Only Version I hace seem is THe Korean one bcause i just see korean dramas but i noticed that all the comparisons comments on youtube were giving great credits to this BOF

pocoyo ;; super awesome n' inspired mee :boysoverflowers ftw <3

dionysialee we see the same sky..we see the same star..but diffrent souls live in one world..i like all.. manga,taiwans,japan n korea.. arashi,ss501..nicely done..

Nelo He everybody! i love this drama (boys over flowers) very much, i must metion im a girl from Afghanistan but i live abroad. i watched some parts of this drama and i really liked it. if any one can tell me what will happen at the cause im really curious about. waiting for any respond ;)

the korean version ofcours...

Joe sorry, but hana yori dango was far better then boys over flower. Domyoji acted superbly in the second season of hana yori dango. Just so happen that i watch bof side by side with HYD.

The korean direction seemed to be more of a light hearted and trying to be funnier, but it ended up with jokes being slapstick most of the time. The set and the camera works remind me so much of princess hours (goong).

I was hoping for a different interpretation of the manga (with perhaps more subtle but more in-depth of the characters which would bring realism closer to the drama) but so far I couldn't see it in boys over flower.

angelicacute hi kim bum you're so very cute and handsome...i wish that i will meet u in personal..i love ur commercial in RC cola w/ maja salvador,but i don't like maja as your partner cause i want that i will be ur partner.hehehe... mwahhh. KAMSAMNIDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

neji_sorariku @shikin

i know what you mean... the reason why i watched HYD the last even though it was released waayyy earlier than BOF was the fact that i didn't like any of the F4 that were cast in the drama. at first i thought that their domyouji (my matsujun-kun) was way to gay and little and kind of too thin to be domyouji. i thought rui was no match for vic zhou..and the other two...ummm.. no comment?? hahaha..but believe me try finishing the first season and then continue up to the second season which i think is better, and you will truly fall in love with the plot and the characters as well as the actors who portrayed them. hahahaha...after all the mocks and bad criticism that i've said about matsujun, it never crossed my mind that i would fall head over heels for that dork...hahaha :))...kyaa!!! matsujun!

oh and another thing after watching hyd why not try another drama by matsujun, gokusen 1..:)) here you will see the true meaning of hotness that is sawada, shin..:))

geeze I saw HYD recently for comparison only and I give my great thumb to BOF. The BOF more more better than HYD. Especially for the young people as a role model in faith and true love without an adult scenes that i saw a lot on HYD.

Go go Ji-ryeon Yun and Ki-sang Jeon

RamenLover Chee try and click the "Contact Us" link at the top of the page.

chee Where can I possibly request for the makers of this film (Boys over Flowers) to make a book 2 where it will focus on the life of Ji Hoo and others and gives us scenes which will feature Jun Pyo and Jan Di being married already?

dionne hi.. i just wanna say congratulation to the success of your movie. it really a fantastic movie, i learned many things like love that true love really waits and you must sacrifice before getting it. for me it is not just a movie, it is liketrue to life story.

          keep up the good work guys. hope you will have a new movie soon. i will be waiting,

go Jandi, you are a very inspiring woman hope you will never change. i am your no.1 fan. love you. hope will see you personal, i really wanna see you in personal, your very beautiful face.

to the four young gentleman, hope you will never change. i will always pray for all of you for a good show biz career. gogogogogogooggogoogogogo///////
                                                                              its me your no.1fan in the phillippines,

mari_df i love boys over flowers

rahel paciente hi.. i am rahel from Phillipnes,, i love boys over flowers especially when it comes to the scene of jun pyu and jan di i felt crazy for them!! all of them is good in acting.. i like them all.. how i wish to watch the part two.. hoping that all of the cast of boys over flowers will visit her in phil.. salamat..

deegii hi all my names degi im from mongolia i like this movie such as i jon sombe .......kk

Sutanuka Its a great funny romantic series i have seen.I just fall in love with this.

saisaranya hai.......jun.... how are you......well am saranya....from ur great fan......i love watching ur programme.... one more request y?cant u retelecaste again....

properties88 BOF Korean drama is very entertaining.. Hye Sun and Min-Ho have a very good chemistry on-screen. More projects together!

daisyre boys over flowers is really awesome...unlike the japanese manga is boring..!! i don't lyk the characters...Eww!!

NhoThinh I really moved by BOF, it gives me such a feelling that I've never had b'4, that's so... so... romantic that we need in this realistic life

shikin Well actually, I didn't know what the hype was all about either. I also didn't know wth is Hana Yori Dango before this. So I blindly bought the dvd and watched it. I loved it to say the least and not surprising, I am a female. At first I thought, whoa none of the F4 members were attractive with the exception of Kim Bum. But as the show progresses, I fell in love with them, especially Jun Pyo and Woo Bin. I thought Lee Min Ho was pretty good with his expressions because of the emotions he evoked in me. I do admit that the Ji Hu character was kinda overly blur/lacking of expressions but he's supposed to be autistic right? So I guess he did okay. Yi Jeong's story was kinda depressing for me because of all the drinking and I don't know why he walks so stiffly. Woo Bin, I loved. I know he had the least screen time but Kim Joon did his best as the "observer" of the group. In some ways, he keeps them together. I do wish they'd given him more screen time though. As for Jandi, I can't blame her for shouting at her parents sometimes. They force her into things and sometimes create problems for the family. Anyone would get mad. After reading most of the comments here, I guess I have to admit that I don't really feel that Jun Pyo and Jandi are in love. Although anyone who watched this would know for a fact that Jun Pyo really loves Jandi. As for Jandi, maybe she loves Jun Pyo too. I don't really know for sure. I have to say that this version is somewhat more believable. I think it was better planned in the sense that the Oh Min Ji character didn't try to kill Jandi and also that this version didn't make Jandi seem like a fickle fool who can't seem choose. I also feel that this version is less draggy, more fun, funnier and more light-hearted. I, personally, don't think that I watched this show because the actors looked good due to the fact that I wasn't attracted to any of them when I first started watching. I liked it because of Lee Min Ho's, I think, heartfelt acting and of course the whole "what would I do if I had loads of money" thing. Maybe I'm also a hopeless romantic at heart. However, I do wish to repeat that I really love this version of the show and have watched it twice. Maybe I'll watch it again, soon. To avoid being bias, I did try to watch Hana Yori Dango. Ok maybe I am abit biased because I watched BOF before HYD, or does that make me non-bias? Anyways,I think I managed to keep watching until episode 6. I haven't continued because I think its too draggy somehow. The Sakurako story and the supposedly autistic Hanazawa Rui being touchy-feely with Tsukushi threw me off as well. I did like the shop Tsukushi was working at though and seeing that Tsukushi always seems to be munching on something, Jandi eating like "she hasn't eaten in years" was nothing. I think the only F4 member I liked was Rui. There was something about him. Maybe his hair or his clothes? Akira was kinda cute but looked too old, I thought. Sojiro, he's ok I guess but he doesn't look like the cassanova type. Maybe I haven't watched enough episodes because so far, I haven't liked Domyoji. The boss of the shop Tsukushi was working at was kinda irritating too. Also, maybe its due to the fact that I haven't watched enough episodes, but I don't understand how Tsukushi ended up in that school. Its not just a school for the rich? She picked a brilliant time to get involved with the F4 though. Anyways, I might try to continue watching after reading some of the more enthusiastic comments on the greatness of the japanese version here. Other than that, not much motivation though, I'm sorry.

passer Hana yori dango is 1000000000x better, i don't get why pple like BOF so much. it's just that they use a lot of money and go a lot of places to film etc etc. the storyline is like -.-'', the show keep wasting so much time on little little stuffs and dun even make sense, srsly. not funny at all also. the acting was terrible. jandi can only make that few expressions and isn't she supposed to be poor? she always change clothes, and dun seem to be poor at all. and hyd is much more realistic and all, never beat ard the bush whatsoever.

btw, why pple keep saying the korean casts are hotter? matsujun, shun and shota very hot what, plus no plastic surgery (not trying to act anti-korea or smth). somemore arashi didn't become popular because of matsujun, but ss501 became much much popular just cause of KHJ (who didn't even look gd in my opinion) and in some youtube vids pple were like commenting what arashi surely lose to ss501 and supporting all those grps who sang in the bof ost.

don't u think pple are overreacting? can't stand those pple keep going on and on and on abt bof ><

angela chong i hope boy over flower 2 will out at kbsworld.i want to wacthing this drama

ashley ahhhhhhhhhhh can i will be the next geum jan di?

mamae i have watched the 3 versions and my stand is BOF is the best version followed by HYD then MG, i admit i like BOF coz of the handsome cast then the storyline though it is very unrealistic, but hey, it is from a comic series and if u want to watch some brain twisters switch to NATIONAL GEOGRAPHICS or DISCOVERY CHANNEL or better yet watch CNN or BBC news. This series really entertained me nonstop, made me forget even for an hour the daily problems of life, the hard times, and made me relax for a while.

hoshi1111 To Anna:

Sorry but I have to disagree with you. Since when this page became a place where only fans of the drama can read? This is an open source information page & people is free to express their opinions on what they have seen. And I don't think I bashed anyone here or the drama. Did I use cursed words or something? None. If stating opinions on a drama is counted as bashing & only ones who like the drama can say what they want about it, then there will always be praising & drama-criticism will die.

Anna Guys one question, for all those bashing this drama, why are you even here? If you truly didn't like it and wouldn't waste your time on it, then what do you guys call what your doing. I mean don't be a hypocrite. Like that old saying goes if you have nothing nice to say don't say it at all. Those are your opinions and if you go onto a site that are filled with obvious fans, why would you even bother going in and start bashing?

neji_sorariku oh i would like to add another just crossed my mind that the korean F4 are the wealthiest version i have seen so far.. I mean look at the cars and the wardrobes..WTH?! IT'S SO F@*#&$ EXPENSIVE! also the korean F4's manners or etiquette ( i don't know the right term; the way they walk and talk etc.) are more refined which really shows their class in the society.

neji_sorariku okay... at first when i watched the korean version the other version that i was able to watch was the taiwanese version or meteor garden so the difference could really be distinguished. i mean meteor garden was shown waaaaaaaay back in 2001? (in my country) so i was so awed and amazed with the production and the scenery actually by everything. but when i saw the japanese version my perspective changed. if you would cut the korean version according to how the japanese and the taiwanese version were cut i would say that the korean version is just average. for me the best execution of the first part of the story (before jun pyo/domyouji/dao ming si) left for new york or whatever was done by meteor garden they did tweaked the story line a little bit but i enjoyed it despite of the poor production quality. and for the second part of the story (the part when jun pyo/domyouji/dao ming is returned from new york or whatever) the best execution was no doubt the japanese version. the story was not dragging unlike mg2 and i liked the way tsukasa regained his memory although i do love the swimming pool part of the korean version.

as for acting wise, i'd go for the japanese version. if i would put them in order it would be Jap-korean-taiwanese. in the japanese version, the drastic change of attitude was very visible. you would really see that when tsukushi and tsukasa has quarrels or misunderstandings, tsukasa would go back to his violent self. and tsukasa is really violent. the most violent of all the versions i have seen so far. inoue's portrayal of tsukushi makino was outstanding. i hate her for that.she makes me cry. although, goo hye sun did very well as jan di. i actually had a hard time weighing who portrayed it better. so i considered the harmony between their physical appearance and how they portrayed their character. goo hye sun was too cute to be tough LOL! with san comment??? LOL!!!

Holly-Ann Ok...I'm in England, and i've just finished watching this series on you tube. Casting? Fabulous! Story? Of course, I love it! Acting...Good to fair....but you know what? Regardless of details, I was utterly captivated by this from start to finish...and I actually cried at the end. THAT alone makes this an absolute winner for me! I am deffinitely going to keep my eyes open in case they have the sense to make another series!!!!!

cattleya "don't charge someone as 'loser' just because they point out that the drama you like is actually a badly made one."

that's a really good point you made, hoshi1111

july i rily luv b o f!!!..nkkaklig talga!!i rily luv it!!

lina Well although , like many other girls, i am in love with the look of the guys plus love joong from star wedding, i have to admit that the Japanese v. is much more appealing. the korean has: 1) very good looking cast, which i honestly can not compare the japanese cast with 2) better setting 3) more comedy

the japanese: 1) a very nice leading actoress, which can not be said for the silly - and not funny - korean actoress 2) yes, like a lot of u has already said, the japanese v was more deep and emotional 3) the acting was more believable

honeslty i usually do not watch remakes, i only watch one V bec i cant go in watching a story that i know the end of . which might be the reason i prefer the japanese v. Also a better leading actress is neeeeeded,.,, i cant find her appealing,, the japanese actress was mmm decisive and assertive while the korean one just looks out of it and a bit retarded !

rillo i want to see BBf2 please make BBF 2 with same actor n actres in BBF...Thanks

cherry i wnt 2 see lee min ho???because im the #1 fan of boys over flowers in south korea so i decided 2 go 2 macau...with my family

Nikki BOF,BBF,hana yori dango, is an absolutely brilliant korean drama, I hope that they do make a season 2 but all of the f4 have to be the same ppl or I won't watch, lol!

                                         This show rocks....there are no other words to explain it!

Astralboy I'm a fan of Meteor Garden but hate to say this but Boys Over Flowers is better in terms of showing the lifestyle of the Wealthy. Clothes, Resorts, Cool cars, etc. I also love all the songs in OST.

Betchayda I think this is the best drama ever in Korea, I really love the team up of Lee Min ho and Hye sun they are so cute and has that X factor and the chemistry was so great, I hope that theres a SEASOn 2 for BOF with the same CAsting. I enjoyed watching it together with my office mate and even my parents love its too. We never get tired of watching it over and over again. The BOF is so relaxing that you can forget all your problems while watching.HAHAHAHA!

Martins @ hoshi1111

Thank You !! Thank you because you show korean maker destroyed HYD story (even trashly MG didn't do that) to make it a trash money-making-awful-drama. Thank You and Yes Korean BOF actors CAN't ACT FOR NUTS !

sp haii I love it very much. I want to see it one more time. where from I get BOYS OVER FLOWERS video.rply.

hoshi1111 .... - Is it really forgettable that a TRUE man doesn't hit his rival when he had already fallen, especially when the rival is his very closed childhood friend? Again, I don't think so. .....

Sorry, typo

hAil3Y the Korean ver. is the best among the three. Meteor Garden sucks, but I think that's cuz it was taken like... almost a decade ago. lolz. Hyun Joong portrayed the character, Ji Hoo, best among the F4, but he is a bit too... bright. n Hye Sun's character Jan Di is a bit too exaggerating. but she's cute. ^^ I'll rate it 7.5/10

victor my english is not that good as yours (yes,you^_^),so bear with me.Here it goes:


If you are a girl that says "OMG THIS KDRAMA IS SOO GOOD" only by looking at the "hot guys" that appear in it,then this series is for you. Yiiihaaa!!! If not,and you are looking for QUALITY in kdramas,then read below:

this is a very very bad drama.No quality at all.It's just another it true that this garbage was directed by the same man that directed My Girl? because it's really unbeleavable| ! How can the same man that made a pure masterpiece in the korean cinema (MY GIRL) could make such a thing like boys over flowers? LOL . acting was terrible...the casting is not made well !the story is so childish and unreal. The main characters have no chemistry at all ! there are so many bad aspects about this kdrama.Wasn't even funny.

Conclusion:I would not recommend AT ALL this s**t.It's a waste of time. For those that are looking for a good kdrama ,Here are some REALLY good titles

my girl i'm sorry i love you winter sonata (pure art) full house iljimae spring waltz

One more thing : girls, please stop watching kdramas "only because the dudes are hottttttttttt uuuyuuu",you are totally ridiculous. If u start to watch a show,at least learn to apreciatte the quality of that show (all the aspects;for ex: the acting,the image,the script,the continuity,etc etc ), not only the hot dudes,ok?IF U WANT HOT DUDES,WATCH FASHION, just leave the 7th art alone. leave it alone. end

hoshi1111 Dear inaudibility,

Your comment didn't direct to anyone but from your words, I made a guess that maybe it was for me. So I would like to clarify some of my opinions.

I never tried to act deep or be anti-korean. You don't know but I'm living in a country where Korean dramas really take over the broadcasting time: if you have cable TV here, by night, you may find more than 10 local channels that show Korean dramas and AT THE SAME TIME PERIOD, yet counting original Korean channels like KBS or MBC. While there's very few, very rare Japanese dramas to be showed. So, that means I'm much much more familiar to Korean dramas than Japanese ones.

I was not trying to put Korean BOF down, I was just stating my opinion about the drama. I DID recognize it as a successful idol drama, didn't I? But still, it's no way to call it a successful live-action.

Like I had said, making an adapted drama from a manga DOES NOT mean you have to follow every bits of the manga. You don't need to make an exact copy from the manga to have a good live-action, changes are necessary because manga is pure imagination, the characters are just images on paper while film is closer to life for there are actors & actors are human. BUT there's a very important matter about live-action & that is to keep the soul of the story and the characters.

I believed if the producers of Korean BOF had actually tried, they would have been able to make their version still carry the spirit of HYD manga and also have particular Korean own colors at the same time. It's not like Korea never makes good drama before. BUT, they didn't do that, WHY?

Because they chose the easy way and made a sparkling, attracting commercial product rather than a fine drama. You think that only the Japan HYD has/need the depth? I think every fine drama needs to have some kind of depth in it, regardless of types, even comedy (there are comedies that can make you laugh & also teach you profound lessons).

While with Korean BOF, what else does it have besides good-looking casts, fine costumes, nice settings & a superficial story? What are your other impressions, other memories about it besides its handsome actors and the high-and-rich life style their characters have in the dramas?

Sorry for having to call Korean BOF "a commercial product" but really, what is more about it? Below its shining cover, there are so many fault details, for example: the weak bond between F4 through the 2 scenes I had mentioned - Is it really hard to see the distance between JunPyo & F3 when they appeared? I don't think so (except you were too busy marveling at how hot/cool/cute... the boys looked at the time to notice it). - Is it really unforgettable that a TRUE man doesn't hit his rival when he had already fallen, especially when the rival is his very closed childhood friend? Again, I don't think so. Or how Geum JanDi acts: How will a normal guy react if he sees the way she eats? Will he be attracted & fall in love with her OR will he be scared & keep away from her?

Why are there so many fault details? I think the suitable answer is that the producers had never really paid attention to these aspects, all they wanted was a drama which could attract viewers right at the appearance and bring them the as much profits as possible. So, it's not unreasonable for Korean BOF to be called "a commercial product", a VERY successful one I must add. But that's what I hate about it.

You may be satisfied with this pretty commercial thing, but I'm not. You may think it's great, but I find it shallow & forgettable - that is my opinion. And I proved my opinion with reasons and facts from Korean BOF itself. So I don't think I should be called a loser. You may write down what is great about Korean BOF (besides the handsome actors, I have seen those comments countless time) to counter my opinions. But don't charge someone as 'loser' just because they point out that the drama you like is actually a badly made one.

inaudibility pls. korean version is much more better than the japanese version.

actually, the show does not have to be exactly the same as HYD. if it is the same, and dark and the characters have depth, then go watch the HYD jap version.

they changed the characters so that it will give the audience another type of f4 in this case. no point having the same plot, same personality. if it is tat case, it is jus like putting korean actors in the jap version.

anw, the actors are better-looking and it is more cheerful. dun try to act deep and be anti korean and pro japanese. if u jus like the korean version, jus admit it. no point acting as some poor losers trying to put korean BOF down. it is jus being loserish.


Anggalie i hope BBF actor n actres want to visit they fans in INDONESIA,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,pleaseeee

nguyen nhat le 22222222222 I love you I like Min Ho I am in Viet Nam My name is Le I am 14

nunni have watched the taiwanese version & few of the japanese. i think this is the shortest yet cutest version. i like the fancy cars, hi tech gagdets, cool places & most of all i believe the cutest cast. although HYD is the original one their series isnt that enticing as that of th BOF m aybe because the cast arent that appealing as that of the koreans. i just find the korean versions's ending kinda too quick. yet whatever version i watch, although most of the people go ga-ga over the junpyo-jandi/ dao mingsi-sancai team up, i still find sunbae jihoo/ wa zie lei character the most loved. for some apparent reason.. : )

hoshi1111 Even though I really can't stand this drama, I think I can sort of understand why there's lot of people like this drama despite its unreality, its lack of impact from the plot and acting.

If you view Korean BOF as a normal idol drama with Prince-Cinderella plot, an purely entertaining show, it's really a big success. It has any & every factors to achieve success for a drama that kind: good-looking actors (pretty enough for viewers to sometimes ignore how they act), fine costumes, nice settings, easy-to-follow storyline, sweet romantic OST, etc... But if judging it as a live-action adapted from a manga, it really has failed on most of the aspects. The failure which is easiest to see must be how their characters were built:

  • The female lead:

- Tsukushi is a normal teenage girl but with many valuable personalities. She's strong but not violent. She's consistent without being overly stubborn. She stands firmly when she knows she has to, but she still cries like any girls when painful feelings exceed her endurance. She knows to treasure family & friends. And most importantly she has the ability to change F4. - Geum JanDi is nothing of the above. She shouts loudly, acts stubbornly in front of the male lead but she promptly broke into tears when being bullied. She eats like she has been hungry for years. She yells at her family like they are her burden. There are times she seems so sad over one boy, next minute she's smiling brightly at another one. She can't stand on her own feet without F4 on her side. She's a girl who sings "I don't know anything but love", and even bet her life to try hanging on a tired & loose love with a guy who constantly disappointed her, while not caring about how other people who care about her may feel. She apparently can't change anything in F4 thorough the whole drama, while F4 may have pretty much changed her life from a poor girl to a fine-living young lady. Plus, I wonder if anyone here see the resemblance (in expressions, NOT in characters) between JanDi & Nodame-chan from Nodame Cantabile. I means, the way JanDi swells her cheeks & the way she acts over food, they are so strangely familiar to me.

  • F4:

- In short, Tsukasa is a lonely beast, while JunPyo is only a childish hot boy. Tsukasa appears to be cold towards his mom, while JunPyo appears to be scared by his mom. Tsukasa stands on fear, while JunPyo fears so many things, even little mostly girls fear. Tsukasa is a simple-minded idiot, while JunPyo can pour into the girl's ears honey-sweet words like comparing themselves to the moon & the star. JunPyo is a prince any girls dream of 'cause he's rich, handsome, romantic; but that means he's never Tsukasa. - Hanazawa Rui is like a cloud, leisurely floating in the sky. He gives off a vague feeling, it's hard to put hand on what he has in mind. On the other hand, JiHoo in Korean BOF is nothing more than another prince-type guy. He smiles so openly at the female lead & he's truly a knight in shining armour for he appears everytime the female lead gets into trouble, much to the point it even feels like JiHoo, himself, is the true match for her. There's only one character like Hanazawa Rui, but there are plenty of characters like JiHoo - the kind of perfect prince-like guy. - Soujirou is a true lady-killer, while So JiYung is just a cute, baby face boy-pretend-to-be-player. Soujirou is a master of tea ceremony, the tea room is his calm sanctuary & only persons he respects can enter it. JiYung is said to be a master of pottery art, but he lets the girls whom he flirts with enter his pottery workplace so easily, so it's no sanctuary but only a place which he uses to impress all those naive girls. I knows it's a small detail, but small detail like that has ability to show the fine aspect of a character. I means, in my opinion, JiYung lacks the depth in personality in comparison to Soujirou. - In case of Akira & WooBin, I don't have much to say about WooBin 'cause the times he appears can be counted using my fingers. He's too dull & has so little scenes. And even when he did show up, his character is too blurred, it's easy for people to dismiss him. While with Akira, people can feel his present within F4 anytime.

The bond between Korean F4 also can't convince me: - When F4 appear, JunPyo leads the way & there's a significant distance between him & F3, it doesn't feel like they're friends - childhood friends, of all thing - it feels like they're a gang, JunPyo is the boss while the other 3 are followers. - When JunPyo & JiHoo fight, the other 2 just stand motionlessly & watch helplessly. Again, I have to ask: Aren't they friends? Why not doing anything to stop the fight? And when JiHoo falls down but JunPyo keep on hitting him like JiHoo is his worst enemy, there's nothing able to prevent my belief of them being F4 totally cracked. Not to forget, a true man DOES NOT hit a person who already fell.

I know lots of people like Korean BOF for its originality, and I, too, fully understand that making a drama adapted from a manga doesn't mean you have to follow every bits of it. BUT, it's clearly that the Korean producers had purposely used the popularity of Hanayori Dango manga to boost their drama before it got released. They should have, at least, showed a bit of afford in keeping the soul of the characters; instead of just borrowing the shell, the plot and dismissed all of the source characters' personalities to make their version of BOF a typically romantic Korean idol drama, nothing more nothing less. I also realized that lots of people like BOF 'cause it provides them a break from the currently difficult reality (economics crisis, heavy school/work schedule, etc...). Watching Korean BOF doesn't make people ponder over anything since there's not a scene which require second thought to understand. Seeing all the handsome faces of the actors make people, especially female viewers, to feel dreamy & fluttery. But as a result, in the end, people mostly only able to remember all those beautiful faces and can only remark on how cool/hot/good-looking/etc... the actor A, B,C look, not what they have portrayed. Korean BOF is an intense wave. It comes and it will go, there will be other idol dramas with sweetly dramatic plots & shinning look casts to replace its role. It may stay one of the idol dramas with the most sparkling cast. But it never a drama which viewers can reflect on about love, friendship & the change in life.

SP Any One Can Help Me. I looooooooooooooved boys & the flower.But I cant watch anymore.Because the connection of KBSWORLD is gone from my dish service.Can U reply in INDIA which dish service have KBS WORLD channel. PLLLLLLLLLZZZZ Reply.

I Love it! Hey, can anyone reply me? i asked this before.. Is there really going to be Boys over flowers season2 of the Korean version one? and, will the cast be the same? as, i think they got the "Goodbye Yoon Ji Hoo fanmeeting" meaning, Kim Hyun Joong's not going to act on season 2? NOOO! can someone please reply? thanks! (:

meann kim bum does not know how to act???? i dont think soooo!!! from the expression of his eyes only, you can see if he is angry, happy, shocked lonely etc etc etc. from my point of view realy good actors must have this, the body language and the words can just follow. im not so sure but i think its de niro who wants to have a part with no dialogues just his pure expression, he feels thats how you can see how good an actor is with how he expresses his feelings without words. well ofcourse kim bum is no de niro, but i think given more dramatic characters can definitely put him in the map.

i commented last time defintely some actors did not acted that well, but the thing is they wer given that much part for good reason, if they all have excellent acting and evrybody wants to be the best, this might not be the BOF most of us love. I think they might not be that good but whatever the reason is for bringing that team, they have done one heck of a good job.

also, it might be that taiwan has their own which is meteor garden, wont you love whats locally made? so you cannot expect taiwan to have the same response to BOF as that of the other countries, i think the best market to see is the philippines because we are in the middle. so our comments will not be biased.

i really want to go to south korea, really want to go someday.

I love it! Is there really going to be Boys over flowers season2 of the Korean version one? and, will the cast be the same? as, i think they got the "Goodbye Yoon Ji Hoo fanmeeting" meaning, Kim Hyun Joong's not going to act on season 2? NOOO!

may elu!..!hehehe...8s nyc to watch boys over flowers!..!

aida I just watch japanese hana yori dango. I prefer korean version, as Lee Min Ho really do well with his charactor as Jun Pyo compare to Tsukasa which i didn't see his arrogant charactor and face expression does not really show. i can only see his gangster charactor in it.

lindberg macomb II its the best love story of all times....nakakakilig sobra...i love you mwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh tsuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuppppppppppppp.............keep up the good work.....

LOVELY AHM................... i don't know but i like boys over flowers it made me kilig

super................................. love yah!

sandy chavez it is fun seeing a korean version of meteor garden.. it is great and more more nakakakilig...dito mo lang mararamdaman ung feeling to full in love...hehehe

Mrbabydora I am in lov with the show and the characters!!!I read Hana yori dango and watch it too!When it came to those touching part i found myself crying.......But i kind of pity hanazawarui rui/ Ji-hu Yun he always there to help jandi and it always hurt when u see someone u like is offense but i kind of hope tat jandi and jun pyo 4get each other.....and when they remember each other they lov another ppl already...jandi with ji hu/ jun pyo with monkey.Like tat no one gets hurts.Even if ji hu wish jandi get happness he will sure feel a bit sad one ma.

Maria I've seen the 3 versions of it. I can say that Boys Over Flower of Korea is the best of all. You nailed it, guys. I'm in love with the story and the characters. I'm from New York and I get addicted to it. Thanks for having it in English subtitles. It's a brilliant story. They put more interesting twist on it. I love it. I hope there will be a Season 2. And hopefully we could see Jandi in a wedding gown. That would be a dream come true for the fans.

meann i really love this drama, i dont know why but when i first watch it i got so hooked. Yes there might be some issues in acting for some characters, youll be blind not to see it but the story and the ideas, the lines, the feelings i thought this really brought me back to one place i would love to be again... The story is very intelligently layed-out I think because of the circumstances and how they characterized the people, some may not know how to act well but the thing is they got the message across

i really like jan di and ji hoos relationship,but i also love jun pyo and jan di

MizAzianFlow94 This korean drama is really good because i watched it in youtube but im not finished yet with the of my favorite korean drama.

FiestyEmi* I heard that the korean version has season 2 coming out in feb 2010 is that true? can sum1 tell me if its true.. i really hope episode 25 wasnt the last.. =(

WTH i completely agree to WTF. Haha.. anyway,Though the Japanese version really won my heart over this, still, this is a hell of a good drama..;) And the comparisons could lead nowhere but let's end it all right here.

grace hello!!!!!! i love boys over flowers........and i love all the songs.........

bbf is the best..............i love u f4

grace hi!! i am the number one fun of BOF.

to the company of ABS-CBN pls. release a copy of boys over flowers in DVD.

jenny i love you ji hoo @ jun pyo

Peach guyz!!! what d heck r u arguing for?! it doesnt matter if which version is much better... we all has different views and opinions.. the only purpose of this is to entertain people....and!!! it is. It is its mundane purpose... So, leave this issue alone... cause some people love it, even some don't. stop arguing everyone! thats the reason why we dont have peace in this generation... cause even this small issue you dont get along... huhuhu...

cg This is not the best adaption of Hana Yori dango.

Mediocre acting, mediocre story and almost than zero chemistry between the characters. I am pretty disappointed with this version.

Martins @Redrose your message is laughable like BOF... I mean stated my mind on this crappy drama BOF blinded fans started to insult me personnally all I did is showed them how blinded they are and how trash this drama is !

That leads me to one of them "Great" or I mean "nothing". BOF acting SUCKS ! this is a fact (the director even stated he cared about look and not acting when he chose the cast) I mean Kim Bum "I-like-your-delicious-hand and akwardness" playboy a good actor ?? LMAO... Thank God he has chemistry with Ga Eul character. Kim joon homeless nonexistent character acting comment about the whithout any chemistry lead actors...EWW. People talk about Phillipines only but I heard the drama is a FLOP in Taiwan (Now I understand why they don't talk on Boys over Flowers ratings there. Talk about Media and BOF makers' manipulation on the whole "Asia" phenomenon) and some people in Korea call this drama is Failure ? LMAO. Even MG was not trashed like this in his own country.

maria this is a good series!! Not as great as HYD but i guess we can just remain peace if we stop all the comparisons. i watched both of them! And they're nice. i'm so glad that BOF is not entirely the same as HYD. i recommend this series as well as HYD! Hope you both enjoy these two amazing versions!:) and i agree with diane (Haha. Jun Pyo is HOT) ^_~

great dear martin, why don't you just replace the character of that drama to your self??? i think it will become a better (much much better) drama. since you r kept saying that the drama bad, the acting bad and bla2 bla2 bla2..... see if you as good as what u trying to show, or you just has a big mouth that u can't control. i think u r jealous because it famous. what a shame.

veronica hey jennifer do u know how 2 shut ur mouth? maybe ur the one who had no taste coz hana yori dango is not better than boys over flowers the f4 in this show is more handsome than hana yori dango think about it u jerk

jennifer i DON'T like boys over flowers!!! it's a desperate COPYCAT..! they just copied and mixed up all the scenes from hanadan and meteor garden and HANA YORI DANGO is WAY WAY WAY BETTER!!! those who love b.o.f. definitely has no taste!! haha!

Redrose For you ANONYMOUS and MARTIN!

If you have nothing GOOD to say, I guess you should stop criticizing and publishing it here. This website is for those who love this Korean version of Hana Yori Dango. So I don't think you guys should have a space in here! I may not really be a fan of this KF4 but at least, I don't criticize them. I just enjoyed reading their messages.

If you didn't like it, why did you finish watching it? In the very first place, if you really didn't like it, you should not have WATCHED it at all.

I know that you are both entitled to your opinions, but I don't think this is the right place for you to show it! EDUCATED people know how to react, when to react, and what to react. Do you? Well, from all the things you wrote, it only shows what kind of a person you are! We all pity you! You both seem to be very UNCONTENTED person. I don't even know if you two were brought up by your parents properly, otherwise, you are just disgracing them by showing that kind of character you both have.

And for you ANONYMOUS, you don't have to amaze us with your hi-falooting, fallacious words. WE ARE NOT IDIOTS!

Thank you and we look forward to not hearing from you EVER again.

diane personally my heart belongs to HYD. this is a really good series and if we stop all the comparisons, this could be stated as a great drama. But considering the previous versions, Hana Yori Dango is still the best by far. Regardless of the jaw-dropping looks, HYD had more chemistry behind the characters, and the acting was amazing. You just find yourself being swayed over to the events happening in the story that makes you sympathetic to the characters.

It's sad really, because in Boys Over Flowers, the friendship that F4 had wasn't really shown more. Remember, in Hana yori dango, when Rui left for paris to follow shizuka? Domyouji looked anxious, distressed, and you can feel that he really cared about his bestfriend. I guess friendship reallly sways that way. However, In boys over flowers, I never saw this in the relationship of Jihoo and Jun Pyo. I was quite frustrated that their friendship was nowhere near the relationship between Rui and Domyouji. It seems that the korean F4 looked like a group of rich kids who were only together because they were the richest. It's just sad, really.

And i never really had this gut to root for the love team of the jan di and jun pyo because there are way too many scenes between jihoo and jandi, and most of us who noticed really started to think that they really DO belong together.

And so we head on straight to the point. there was a huge amount of chemistry between all the cast members in HYD, and though the Korean version is okay, I can already see that it is not as good as Hana Yori Dango. Actually, there are some really good and funny moments in BOF, like the roofscene in the first episode, for example. But at the same time there are a lot of badly directed scenes and the time sequence is just confusing and messed up (*shrugs*).

Hana Yori Dango, hands down, i'd never expected that i'd be into this kind of drama but i did, all thanks to this. It is just perfect for me. There wasn't a single draggy moment in this series. Yes, it is not very realistic, but for me HanaDan is a modern fairytale and that's what makes it so special.

Overall, Boys over flowers is an enjoyable drama, which follows the storyline of Hana Yori Dango, but the good thing is that they're not entirely the same. And though it's sad that there isn't much korean that was integrated in the series (except the length and the cheesiness), it's still like the classical korean drama formula, although very typical.

At the end of the day, if we stop the comparisons, Boys over Flowers is really an enjoyable drama with gorgeous leads, and a great storyline. Have I mentioned that Jun Pyo is so eff'n Hooooot?xD

anne its really awesome.. they are all super cute.. i really admired the "KILLER SMILE PRINCE" BEOM KIM ,.his really cute,,

Sassy Girl The plot is very unrealistic! but still I find Boys Over Flowers enjoyable to watch. So many cute stuff there like the F4 especially sunbae Ji Hoo or Kim Hyun Joong, cookies that looks like Gu Jun Pyo, New Caledonia scene specifically the Maitre Island heart shape, the sports car of F4, extravagant fashion style of F4, sketching the face of Ji Hoo at the back of Vincent Van Gogh photo painting. Yeah! So cute! A rae so!...

geum jan lee its so fantastic !!!!!!!!!!!!oh my god im gonna die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

its so really amazing when i watching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Santia Rose Mangyao hellow to all viewers of BOF like you i love BOF hope they'l change the timeslot of it!!!! d na kc me mka watch ehhhh kya sa internet nlng thank god theres an internet heheheh!!! i love watching jandi and junpyo together!! they're sooo cute heheh also yi jeong and gaeul love them both

BOF is the best heeheh

heina anyeo haseyo!!

anonymous no offense pero i can’t stand the female lead in BOF…so annoying (the way she makes faces & the way she always shouts) patay gutom pa(the way she eats, parang baboy) can’t imagine kung pano nainlove dito ang male lead…ooopps sori sa mga fans…ang parati ko lang nababasa sa mga may gusto nito is gwapo ang f4 nila…un lng

in my opinion pinakamaganda is the japanese…sure hindi nga sila goodlooking pero they made it up on their acting…way better than their korean & taiwanese counter part na hindi mo na mapanpansin ung itsura nila

Julia I just finished watching the whole series. It definitely is the most visually pleasing HYD. The Koreans really did pull out all the stops. Over the top and glamorous settings - really pure fantasy. I'm sure that there will be a lot of acolytes especially tweens.

I loved the metaphors ... weed...lotus...plantain etc. I just wish that they gave more credibility to some of the characters. I mean I think that they could do better. The acting was not that bad. I liked the main character Jan-di, Koo Hye Sun did a great job. But the rest of the F4 - well... Jun Pyo is just OK, Ji Hoo looks perpetually spaced out, Yi Jeong shows no emotion at all and Woo Bin, it's like the guy didn't even exist. They should have developed these characters rather than just making them look like clothes-horses.

Sa akin lang yon. No offense to the others. Over all? Isa syang cute drama na nakaka-aliw. Cool na ba kayo doon?

Martins At yeah Fooled people still exist ??????????? I can't help but laugh when I see K-ent fanatics call a "Failure" drama (and I know a lot of korean people who think like this) like BOF a somewhat good drama and all they can say is the guys are "hot" (please read your own reviews and you will see this is 99,999999999999999999% of BOF fans' opinions to explain the so called qualities of this trash drama). I still wonder how may people use the title "boys OVER acting" for the parody of this "good" with a cheesy first part (the bad acting of the actors), an atrociouslly draggy second part (with a so called couple with no chemistry joondi) and a Bland ending with two LAUGHABLE 5 years after parts, drama ?

blair gwapo ni kim beom!:D:D

potterz guyz calm down ok?....u should not understimate the version of korea simply because they have a purpose in making that movie. y? if i were to ask u martin, can u do also a movie that will surely catch the attention of the whole wide world? oh i do't think so!sad to say u'r becoming a judgemental...

potterz such a wonderful movie! i felt in love every time i watched the full series.before it was aired on television i already finished watching the movie. i liked it very much lol.

klapertart OMG!.THis series will be played in Indonesia finally.. hope BOF's cast could come to my country Indonesia.. there's a lot of their fans here. Whoaaa!

(hope they read this post) ahahhaa

suzainnevhie OMG...! when i watched the first EP. up to last.. i first noticed the cutest K-f4 is KIM bum... but when u saw the next episode [ the middle] u will see the strong charismatic appeal of YOON-JI HOO...

he's so handsome and pretty cute boy.. I DO LOVE HIM W/all my heart...!!


[don't underestimate BOYS OVER FLOWERS]

must love them!!!!


chantal gabriel♥♥ it,so cool.......i lyk the way it is translated into korean version....... i just lyk to have the time slot transferred i love or we love to have the timeslot transfered after tv patrol

Fairydust Nice....Forum gone bad

Iki All the actor especially jihu really cool.everytime the pic of jihu appear it make me smile.... the best F4 is of course korean barvoooo

rizelg its really great...

i Love it..

can anyone tell if theres a part II..coz the ending is hunging...

melody .. i saw the 1st week episodes of boys over flower.... i therefore conclude that it is the kind of show which can release stress for working individuals like me.... i just hate the idea of transffering the time slot earlier... i have nothing against with pinoy bingo.... i am just a fan looking forward of seeing/viewing the entire episode. i would suggest to move the time slot 8:00pm above... hoping for a change....

GMA koreanovela "masyadong korny"....jejejeje......

guia beautoful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111111

fatima i laabbb jun pyo and lee jeong!!!

d@r After watching the whole series, "Boys Over Flowers" really hit the records Meteor Garden 1 and 2 , Hana Yori Dango 1 and 2.

1) In story line Boys Over Flowers the story really make me feel comfortable and look "real", Hana Yori Dango story more to the comics, and Meteor Garden story make me feel dragging and dragging with non stop.

2) Casts: "Boys Over Flowers" Very good looking for the Guys (F4), at first of few eps they may look blur, but after few eps they really getting better, "Hana Yotu Dango" casts average, can't bring up the story although the story good, quit a bit of disappointed when saw the casts, Meteor Garden well good looking casts but why the story line so suck.. parts 1 was not bad, part 2 more worst, only the portion of Rui is quit good another than that very very disappointed.

As above only is my own view of point.

And last do they will continue of part 2 for Boys over Flowers. :-)

jane shocks .. i luv this series .. go ji-hu ..

nms `of what private school are they in? `their uniform are so attractive..

ü p0ppymo0re ü °hana yori dango is better than boys over flowers....

°no offense...

ü p0ppy ü

yeah to martins: if you don't like boys over flowers, it's ok. but face it, hana yori dango korean version is better. not about the story, but the looks. I know, maybe boys over flowers is just repeating what hana yori dango created, but boys over flowers don't make hana yori dango suck, right? hope you understand and don't so tempermental with boys over flowers. :)

cuteyabby just finished watching this last weekend. and i say its worth it!

~liz~ i just finished watching the WHOLE series, i only slept 3 hours since yesterday!! (i'm soo exhausted ~.~) but it was worth it! the movie was absolutely ADORABLE! i just L-O-V-E kdramas!! I also like the other versions of hanna yori dango, the story is just amazing! even though they had lots of changes in the series, it's fine with me!

I must say, kF4 are so totally CUTE!! they're so irresistble! every one of them has there own uniqe twist in the story. I just love the cast!

and also....

I just fell in-love with BEOM KIM!! he's almost perfect! He plays the role Lee-jeong So so nicely! he's my ideal dream guy!! `well groomed `sweet `total cutie `charming

etc.... etc.... etc...

even though his a player or playboy, it doesn't matter 'cause in the end, he did learn to love he's soul mate (in the series of course)

(sigh..) i think i'm LOVESTRUCK! ♥.♥ oh! how I wish i could meet Beom Kim in person!!

i always keep track of Lee-jeong So and Ga-eul Ju's love story! i like it very much! they look so cute together!!

i also like Hyeon-jung Kim because he's cute!! well.. the four of them are cute and handsome but Beom Kim is the best!! ^^


[ BTW, is there gonna be a part two of the movie? i hope there will be because i'm really gonna watch how the love story of Lee-jeong So and Ga-eul Ju goes! = ]

~living in fantasy for minutes... ♥.♥

chibi_wg Do you like ending of this movie?

erika i love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GaRa What is with all the bashing? This is just a drama, show, fanfair , etc. This is like... extremism.

Yes the korean version was the worst thing ever to hit asia since the tsunami, yes KF4 will blind your judgement with their model-like hotness, yes Geum Jandi is depriving a village of an idiot somehwere.

The real problem causer is the adaptors of this show. They want to milk the cow that is HDY dry but they don't want to put any effort into it. They figured that the sexually-frustrated Ahjummas will lick this up in a man-crazy fervour and that they would not become the inconsistensies that drive this drama down.

I feel that the producers put their entire budget into filming locations (macau, new caledonia, etc) instead of hiring an actual script-writer. It's like the director, in a stroke of genius, thought up the 'swimming' thing for ep 1 and ep25 and then made sh$t ip in between.

Skip this drama - watch the Jversion and then Goong - that's real quality

nervi I just finished watch it today, and i love it. I've watched all three dramas and read the manga ( actually i owned the manga^^). My dream:p is there will be a new adaption played by f4 korea and inoue mao, that'd be perfect hehehe...

btw in my opinion, the guy who play jun pyo looks more like Mike he ( i think they're like twins lol) instead of jerry yan.

XoxO love it ~ all the guy very hot !! exspecially goo jyun pyoo ~ love u ! but 1 think hana yori dango is best than this ^^ soo #1 is hana yori dango

    # 2 boys over flower
   # 3 meteor garden ^^

Love Itt ^^

Martins Through everything I read : This drama shallowly SUCKS !

Hyun to the anonymous poster of comment #77:

of course i'm not here to bash.

as for the abuse, it represents the present hazing situation in korea perfectly. i believe that in watching this played out and the reactions of the F4 (coming to jandi's rescue and the like), the audience can gain some insight and benefit from the shock. it helps us evolve and it also helps us to perceive things differently. you come to understand that nothing can be gained from bullying and nothing can ever be achieved by force. you see this represented in so yi jung's words and through jun pyo's handling the gaming control. it also teaches us about karma: the more pure the intentions and actions of the heart and soul are, the more happiness the world gives. the situations illustrated are the lessons of life and by way of these illustrations how we should live -- with love, grace, and strength. and yes, i agree that it is not up to someone to change another as change can only come if the person is willing, but is it so wrong that we want the very best of our friends and fellow human beings to shine the way they are meant to shine?

we're all entitled to our opinions and i do not believe yours is wrong or inappropriate. we choose to see what we see and take from the past and present what we choose to take. no two people will ever look at things the same.

by the way, i liked beauty and the beast, too =)

..whoever... ....hey... ....dis is the BEST.....(don't u know???) .....whoever says dont have d TASTE.... .....korean version is really better than ever... .....I recommend you to watch.....

anonymous Hyun, I appreciate your response! To be truthful, I was afraid I was going to be bashed for disagreeing with the show.

That may be one way to look at the show, but I cannot see through the "Beauty and the Beast" syndrome, as I like to call it. The story may have undertones of redemption and hope, but it also does have undertones of abuse. It scares me that the pre-teen and teenage girls that the show is catered to may see this and adopt Jan-Di's behavior. I hope girls across Korea (and the rest of Asia watching this show, for that matter) understand that it is not okay to stay in a relationship where the partner is abusive. People may have the potential to change, but it is not your duty to change them. Do not take it upon yourself to change an abusive person, even if he may be nice on the "inside".

I remember I was watching one documentary, and the producer asked elementary school kids, "If Belle were your friend, what would you tell her to do?" Many responded that Belle should be nice and gentle to the Beast. One girl said, "I would tell her to be nice even if he's mean because that will make him nice. And that happens in the movie."

However, Beauty and the Beast is my favorite Disney movie and one of the top movies of all time. No matter what people will tell me, I will still love Beauty and the Beast. I guess I can see where you all are coming from. But I do understand with my fandom of Beauty and the Beast comes understanding of the implications of the story and the consequences they present.

vanilla shut up martin...if you think BOF is so damn boring or not as good as the other remake,make your own hana yori dango drama....they've worked they ass to make this movie....don't comment on KHJ 's acting....his character is suppose to be an emotionless boy with a sad first love story...i am not a fangirl...yeah, about jandi's charater..she is overeacting...but, so what?? it is menat to be like that to shows that she is not just a weed, but a strong what if you like MG or the japanese version...they both too have their pros and, in MG...the lead charater is nothing similar to the original...and isn't the F4 suppose to be so damn rich?? they didn't look like it.geez...stop being a pain in the neck have your own thoughts..KEEP IT TO YOURSELF!

Hyun to the person below:

the tale is about loyalty and strength, trust and hope. it's about change, forgiveness, and reconciliation. in essence, it's perestroika.

when the F4 come to jandi's rescue, that's loyalty. her relationship with jun pyo and the adversity they both face shapes character, forges the strength they eventually find within themselves, fosters the trust they have in each other, and builds hope for the future. it's about finding a spark of light in a bleak world. it's about change and growth. it's about forgiveness and reconciliation. it's about the cold thawing and giving way to life. it's about bad endings generating brighter beginnings. most of all, it's about finding the good in the future from a hopelessly dismal past.

jandi is the lotus flower that blooms in the murky waters of the F4 and by doing so, little by little, purifies and cleanses them all.

anonymous This is a bad show... if you're talking on terms of quality. If you're talking about its entertainment value, it's worth a good chuckle once in a while. But once you've done with an episode, you wonder WTF did you just watch?

From the view point of a teenage girl who recognizes the progress that women achieve over the last few centuries, I strongly believe that this is show has chauvinistic undertones. The girl constantly needs to be saved and falls easily under the hands of men. Typical situation: Jan-Di walks into a dark alley for little apparent reason. She realizes that there are bad men there who want to do bad things. She screams. F4 (or at least one of them) walks in and saves the day. Sometimes, F4 gets hurt. But they heal from injuries in a day that would take a normal person years to overcome.

And what the heck is the girl doing when she is flirting with a couple of boys? Her family is POOR. If I were she, I would be working my tail off to gain money from my own sweat and brow. What does she do? She goes and buys a ticket to see her boyfriend for two grand. She did not even raise the money herself (once again, F4 intervenes after she bats her eyes). Disgusting. Her family is working miserably and she constantly cries over her boyfriend.

And can someone tell me what is the problem with Junpyo? If you had a boyfriend who was constantly putting you down and insulting you, you would drop him immediately, I hope. When we are first introduced to him, we see that he has a horrible temper. He throws things and even threatens Jan-Di after verbally abusing her. But wait! She changes him... she brings out his good side. WHAT THE F**K? This is Beauty and the Beast all over again, this time sending bad messages to big kids everywhere. If you stay with an abusive man, you can change him! Sure she rejects him at first, but she loves him over time, forgetting all the cruel things he did to her. It's okay because she changed him! You can change abusive people, too, kids! See signs of domestic abuse and Battered Wife Syndrome.

However, I do not think that this show purposely tries to cater to female escapist fantasies; it just shows what the people want. Yet, can the media at least show some programs that has positive female empowerment? But one thing positive I do see from this program is the fact that the female character is unattractive. Now now kids, this is a good thing. It shows that girls do not have to be pretty to be wanted. Yeah.

I really do hope that the original is better.

angeli04 i just finished watching was really good.i think it's the best version.all the guys were really good looking or should i say hotter compared to the cast of the other versions.i'm going to miss them though especially yoon ji hoo/kim hyun joong.gawd.he's such a sweetheart.i hate jandi for saying no to yoon ji hoo.haha.but it's okay.i'm going to take jihoo anyway.haha the ending was nice but i expected something more like the japanese ending.

<3 jihoo's killer smile.*FAINT.

Ladyk3412 i love the korean version hope the i see them get together at end.

grandmasterk I'm a guy, heterosexual, and cool enough to get my share of pussy. So I see past the girly good looks of the guys, which this show manages to sell. The main story line is about rich people and their struggles to cope with feeling good about themselves in this world with finding women. Everyone else on the screen are wannabes and poor expendable insects. The economy is fucking everyone over and the K dramas are portraying rich people and their sports car driving, maid serving, clownish clothing, private jet flying, and blah blah blah freakn' blah, just bad influence to the young people.

The F4 cannot act. Period. They just can't. GJP kinda can but the other 3 guys are useless as the next door garbage. What I really can't stand is Kim Bum's character. His voice is always in the same tone, no emotions whatsoever. He talks like a god damn robot. KHJ's character IS a robot. I smiled like 2 times?

Ahh the hell with it. They're cute right? Isn't that why the girls are watching this? I just tuned in because I was curious what the hype was all about and maybe check out if any of the chicks were worth watching. Unfortuatenly, Korean actors are worthless. They can't act a damn. This whole series was like a long MV produced by MTV.

fait i'm on episode 23 now. there are times when i thought it was really good and times when i thought it was really bad, but now that the drama is coming to an end , i am beginning to realize how well crafted Group 8's version of HYD is. They adapt the storyline into the korean drama apparatus and korean culture very well. they know what kind of struggles their intended audience (korean youth) have, and they put it into the story artfully, and also commercially (cell phones, clothing styles, shoes, hair styles, cars, houses, etc.). ultimately they fashion the story to be like a catharsis for korean youth who struggle between traditional ideas vs modernization, and collectivism vs. capitalism. there's only two more episodes and i'm really curious what the ending will be, but i applaud because it is very very clearly not just a wishful tale for young women who have class struggles to watch. overall i'd say i like this one the best because, for those who can understand the metaphors, the story it is very intentionally metaphorical.

ivy hi!!!! i've already wathing this show!!!!

fellinlove I also found this BOF by accident on youtube(last week to be sure) and fell in love instantly, and then fished all the episods and watched every thing from the starting .....very nice drama but me too like other get emotional with the breakups and ppl getting hurt, but well I love how Junpyo's character transformed from some one he was to what he is in the latest Ep, I would really love JP and JD to get togther but I have this bad feeling something is going to change next week and I really dont wanna see it if JP and JD are going to set apart. every one was good but Jan di did some times over act but she is cute. Love Junpyo he is really handsome, Ji Hoo is cute but ok wears really wiered cloths sometimes .... GaEul was really cute too lover her too over all I loved this drama

Martins LOL at asdfghjkl I ask you some questions. I have left for some weeks but you has not yet replied to my questions. Instead of you attack me. I mean you are a BOF fan why am I suprised ? LMAO

asdfghjkl well if martin doesnt like the korean version then he should keep it to himelf. i dont see any other commentors here b**ching about which kind they didnt like.

Random I enjoyed every version of HYD, and I must admit the Japanese version the most, (Season I+II+final movie). I like the Korean one now, though not as much as the Japanese one. I think Martins should learn to be more polite. I must say I agree with some of your points on the korean version being a mediocre act, but I think you should express your opinion in a more respectable way. Fervent rants cannot convince people if you do not try to state your ideas calmly. The Korean version does fall apart on the plot. The F4 are not very well acted compared to the original manga. And the main female character over-acts a bit. On the whole, the Japanese version has more depth. But I agree with the other commentors that it is still a delightful drama to watch, though it is quite superficial, it still serves to entertain us, and that's the gist of drama-making.

I do not think any more arguments should be made here, since every one has his or her own stance on the quality of a drama or movie. It's simply personal taste, and one does not have to always resort to attacking each other.

asdfghjkl and that was for you the oh so mighty MARTIN.

asdfghjkl wtf. so now you think youre god? go get a life and stop criticizing like youre the director or something. if you dont like the drama just shush it.

Martins it's sad. Condolences to her family

aya Always love!!!!just a sentences for Haa yori dango in every version. Lee mi Hoo,huuu...sarange!!!!

RamenLover In more somber news Ja-yeon Jang, who played "Sunny" in Boys Over Flowers, killed herself on March 7, 2009, apparently caused by heavy depression. It seems since the death of her parents in a car accident 10 years ago, she has had trouble dealing with depression. Condolences to her family from AsianMediaWiki.

ryein 4 mE...haNa YoRi DaNg0 waS Aws0Me.....c0z i CaN fEel DoMyoJi fEel aBouT MaKiN0,Da WoMaN hE AckN0wledgE.... tHaT wAs Da liNe i l0Ve....huhuuhuhuhu..... mEtEoR GaRdEn 1 iS G0oD.... bUt AftEr tHaT iT RidiCul0uS..... n of CoUrSe i HopE 'BOF' (KOrEaN vEr) iS G0oD aS wEll...... Boy Over Flower .......HwAitHiNg..!!

Martins @ asdfghjkl HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! You love this drama and in my opinion you think this is the best thing HYD bla bla bla (like any ignorant fangirl think). But tell me can you contradict what I say ? When you see a supposed strong rebellious brat arrogant Domyoji with leadership who uses too much his sexuality (like any korean drama hero does), who cries every second in public areas, who goes all melodrama and sissy tell me do you think you are watching "I am sorry I love you" or "HYD" ? do you think, with all this fakeness, bad acting (especially GHS), nonsense, cheesy execution and the lead actors so called in love have ZERO CHEMISTRY (I mean people watch it for another cheesy "second couple"), if they did not say "BOF is a korean version of HYD" you will watch it and tell it's "good" ?

Korean dramas addicted fangirls may have pride and arrogance but if you can't contradict what I said, shut up. I voice my opinion whenever I want. You are not GOD. Simple BOF (blinded) fangirls.


jennyps omg...i really like this kind of so so lovely actor and actress....i really fall in love this korean drama....i can't wait for the next episode 17...

cHERRIE ahmmn .. i think that THIS VERSION OF HANAYORI DANGO IS JUST FINE...although some actor lack skills in acting unlike in previous version of MG and HYD . Goo Jun pYO ACTS AS IF slightly don\t care of Jandi ..give more affection .... and Hopefull that Jandi loses her memory instead of Goo Jun pyo ... For a changed!!! Pleaase .....let him suffer instead of jandi ... and Hopeful that Jandi was borned rich ... like in an accident and losses her memory buth due to some circumstances ..she recover but forgot Goo Jun pyo .. Muwahahaha !!! let us watch how tha almighty Goo Jun pyo takes the journey that Shan Cai in Meteor Garden 2 take thorugh ... I am not against about this version but a changed should thrilled many people like me.

Martins It's wonderful korean makers got millions persons. People say this drama follow the best the manga and it's original. But all I see is a rushely mix of MG and HYD but it doesn't follow the manga for me.

Mama Kang. Yes she looks scaring but not threatning. I see a woman who loves his son and it doesn't seem she is the one who deserted his son. She doesn't want to see him suffer. I mean some people say they don't like Kaede because she is mean blah blah blah. At the same time they are "HAPPY" because mama Kang looks scaring. Not too much talk about a supposed cruel woman. She anything but an "IRON WOMAN"! Overall she looks scaring. All about it. Kaede would completly kick her ass ! So the Jun Pyo act "I suffered because I was a lonely person deserted by his mother!!" or "you changed me..." Doesn't make sense for me.

Then Jun Pyo who cries in the drama...and people goes like he is the best actor, the best Domyoji blah blah blah [I mean even Jan-di (who ruined Makino for me) or a Yamapi who is an average actor can cry]. I don't think a arrogant, spoiled, lonely because of his mother, rebellious and harsly coldly educated DOMYOJI would cry in front of "Iron woman". Indeed If there is a thing Domyoji would never do it's show his weak side to her Because it means he lowers his guards in front of her, he somewhat hates this cold and mean so called mother, and he has to prove her he is a strong heir and futur businessman.

After the Fiance thing. One these two people have chemistry (not like the lead actors). But I don't think a DOMYOJI who only love Makino (even though he acts rude to her) would be playful with another girl when you supposed be a lonely, violent, brat person who can't accept any other girl expect Makino/Jan-di. What's strikes me with lee Min Ho acting is I really see he "acts". Even the rude to Jan-di looks forced for me.

Afterwards the Yi Joong punch WTH ? Do you think a Soujiro would start to punch Domyoji because of Makino? 1-Soujiro respects Makino but he doesn't found her so special and he has never considered her like Domyoji, Rui or Akira do! So he would never never start to punch Domyoji, his childhood bestfriend for a girl he newly knows (plus when Yi Joong helps Jan-di seems he does that because he has time to spend !) !Talk about supposed F4 (or F2 ?). Soujiro/Yi Joong is not Rui/Ji Hoo 2-Domyoji/Jun Pyo is the leader of F4. And with Domyoji character I don't think he would let Soujiro/Yi Joong punches him without he kick his ass back. Indeed he is an arrogant violent person and the leader of F4 ! So where is so called Jun Pyo leadership ? Oh I was about to forget, it's all about look. Whatever we say Soujiro is a bit intimidated by Domyoji !

That's why I said if the Domyoji F4 of the manga, Japanese (even MG) versions came in Shinwa, Jun Pyo would not even be a member of F4, He would straight his hair, wear his school uniform and he would clean the corridors with his schoolmates.

baxter01 one more thing, agreeing that rich High school/college age boys do not wear suits or tailor clothes- they do wear expensive name brand cool clothes but not tailor like the Korean's version-only when they start working in the business world that they wear business clothing-suits & ties...

baxter01 I'm agreeing & disagreeing with all of you here! let me elaborate on that note- 1. Agreeing that the set of Meteor garden did not showed wealth as the Korean's or Japan's, but remember MG was made in 2000 and it's the first one out, Japanese & Koreans have gone schooled on the Taiwanese on this matter, think about it, what if Hollywood decided to make this series? whoa, wealth, wealth, wealth here it comes!. 2. Agreeing, The Domioyi of Japan won handed-down out of the three leads. He was the most believable & acted his character to a T., volatility is his middle name, hence his character of a needy person inside. Jerry Yan of MG came second, he has the look of the character(menacing & intimidating) but not quite as arrogant & volatile as Domioyi, his voice is too gentle. Now, Goo Jun Pyo looks so much like Jerry Yan & smiles too much on the first 3 episodes. He didn't convinced me that he's scary at all, many fact he acted very sullenly & playfully like a little boy, bu wait give him a chance, he's starting to act his character in episode 13 & 14, hopefully he'll stays the course till the end. 3. The Rui character is a draw to me w/ MG & HYD, the Korean's Rui is very handsome(i think they all are very handsome, it's apples & oranges, can't compare the looks here) indeed but his expressions are wooden-Rui supposed to be strong & silent type not wooden-there's a big different. 4. The 3 females are equally well represented their character, though Korean's is overacted, the character came through accordingly to their culture- they all are lovable-someone here says that MG did not have good chemistry b/w leads, I've to beg to differ on that, I think they've the most chemistry out of the three couples-( Dao ming Si really convinced me that he loves Shan cai)-Well I want to analyze more but running out of room here to write. All in all, I've thoroughly enjoy the Korean's version, beautiful set, gorgeous actor & actresses, the story line has just enough difference for audience whom have seen all versions to be hooked, so what's not to like? Frankly, I can't wait to see the Philippines & China's versions-I'm sure it will be an instant success just like their previous 3 counterparts- it will catapult the F4 to stardom overnight.

cherrio That really suck how alot of you are criticzing this version. Just admitt that you love it, OKAY. (:

Martins Go Die CRAP FANGIRL, BOF is a big let down for me. Hate it or love. For me the only version which really followed HYD manga is Meteor Garden (expect the F4 who didn't look to rich) In BOF the way he tells "I am handsome ect..." to Jan-di he Doesn't look not intimidating, spoiled. You feel he is experienced to hit on a girl. Plus the strip scene when he takes his outfits in front of Jan-di to attract her...

Euphoria. Rui maybe emotionless but KHJ is stiff, he is Bland and he acts Bad (especially at episode 3 and caledonian ones when he's terrible) sorry.

Sorry but a drama when people don't care about the lead couple but the second one and fast forward the lead couple scenes to the second one...I mean there is a problem.

About Wo Bin character I am sorry but in MG and HYD japan for example, the character had charisme (especially Vaness Wu), he was mature (in BOF even Jun Pyo is more mature than him), he was not invisible (when Makino has some problems you sincerely feel he and Soujiro wants to help her but in BOF seems they just have time to waste). In the japanese version Abe Hiroshi had cute and funny scenes with Okami san (he helped her either in her business). You understand why he dates older women and you see the way he treats them (when he breaks up with this divorced woman who divorced to marry him). He played a real role concerning Makino friends, since he is the one who really informed the other F4 on their problems (for example about Yuki and Soujiro Disapearance in season 2. this was him who was giving the informations on them when makino and Domyoji looked for them.). He was not a Domyoji Follower and he was the F4's voice of reason.

Yes Euphoria I watched this episode and I don't think Domyoji would waste his time by wearing school uniform and rolling in mud with some people he looks down or he would even let anybody else (expect the F4 or Makino) to come closer to him. They only used the shower scene to attract fangirls.

euphoria And gawd, I hope the Chinese never makes a version. I've seen the actors they cast. Awful, should go back to the farms. Seriously, they look like hicks, and Domyoji doesn't even have the slightest resemblance to his character. Their sense of style looks appalling too. Does every country have to make their own version?

euphoria Euphoria (you deserve your username) - now there, I have no idea what you mean.

I think you read my posts and you felt hurted. I am sorry but it's my mind. - actually, I provided my thoughts on the matter too. That's all. Please don't be arrogant enough to assume your laughable rants would hurt me in any way whatsoever.

Gu Hye sun exxagerated expressions get on my nerves - okay, I agree with you on this point. Seriously, she looks like she wants to hit him most of the time.

emotionless Khj can't act for nuts - er hello, please pay attention. The character he is portraying SHOULD be emotionless and withdrawn.

Wo Bin's character - has always been neglected in the manga and all versions of the show.

He plays rugby with his schoolmates he supposed to look down - he's actually shoving them around and venting his anger on Jan-di's refusal out on them. Did you watch the episode properly?

he wear school uniform and act casually like to show he is not different of his schoolmates - only once. And only to please Jan-di who shouted at him about how arrogant he is not to wear it. To show that you know, he has a soft spot for Jan-di. Isn't that obvious?

Plus he is too much a playboy for a rude Domyoji who doesn't care about girls (the creators in almost each episode show him half nude and playful to attract audience). - ...he's never dated a woman, if you go by what he says when Jan-di told him to remove the furniture. And by the furniture act you can tell he doesn't know how to seduce a woman. The half-nudeness probably IS to attract the audience, but that doesn't make his character a playboy...because you know, a playboy is someone who fools around with women. He can't fool around with the audience. Thus, he is not a playboy, and it's a shrewd marketing scheme, that's all.

I can't relate to Jun Pyo love for annoying Jan-di at all. - ahaha. To be honest, I never totally got why Domyoji fell so deeply in love with Makino either.

Look, it's obvious you had your mind set on hating this drama. Fine, you have your thoughts, I have mine. Nothing wrong with that. We'll just agree to disagree. What's wrong, however, is that you kept incessantly flaming and ranting and cooking up a hatefest which is quite unnecessary. Move on, get over it.

Go Die Martins "I am attractive, I am handsome, I am rich... so why wouldn't you love me??" I was like WTH? This is what happened in the manga too, dumbass. Stop pretending you know everything about HYD when you don't. What the hell do you think you are? An expert on it? Goodness, you haven't even read the manga have you?! Or else you would've known he said those EXACT words to her too in the manga! Yeah, flame the Korean people for being ACCURATE. And stop thinking people give a shit about what you say. It's annoying. Personally, I don't think anyone gives a rat's ass about the shit that comes out of your mouth. And stop labeling us as "fangirls". Not all of us like this drama because of the actor's looks dumbmotherfucker.

jackie i feel bad for jan di and goo jun pyo because they are the best couple i mean even jan di and ji hoo. i cant believe in the preview of ep 13 and 14 was sad for jan di and goo jun pyo. i mean why would his mother interfere his life? she really should care that goo jun pyo is in love with someone not arranged marriage! i mean goo jun pyo has feelings for jan di!

Melissa Personally, I rather enjoyed the Korean version. Yes, I am female and no I did not enjoy it totally because of the male fanservice. I simply love Hana Yori Dango and I have read the manga, watched the anime, have seen every remake and I was anticipating the Korean version ever since it was announced. I am also a sucker for cheesy romantic dramas. I was first introduced to HYD when I saw Meteor Garden. Before that, I had never heard of HYD in my life. I loved Meteor Garden with a passion and I actually watched it about three times. Meteor Garden 2 was disappointing, in my opinion, but I watched it anyway. After completing the series, I looked into it more and found out that MG was a remake for the Japanese manga. While in the middle of watching MG2, I found out that there was a Japanese version of HYD. So I looked it up. I have to say, after I watched both the first and second season I wasn't as pleased with it as I was with MG. I even watched the movie... I'm sure lots of people will disagree but I'm just stating my opinion.

Afterwards, I looked up the anime and watched it. It was pretty good but something seemed a little different about it. Lastly, I looked up the manga, which is what I should have done all along. I read the entire thing, including the extra portion after the entire story was over. Nothing compares to the manga including the anime.

When I heard about the Korean version, the first thing I thought was, "Uh oh." I wanted to see it anyway just because I was curious. I wanted to know how the actors and actresses would do. I wanted to know how the story would different and stay the same. I have watched up to episode 12 of the Korean HYD and I have to admit, I am very pleased with the results. I was expecting something else entirely. Parts of the story are a tiny bit different but for the most part, the main story is still there. Makino Tsukushi's friend, Kazuya Aoike, was completely removed from the Korean drama but doesn't affect the story anyway. I was most disappointed with how some parts were removed but overall, I am anticipating the rest of the episodes!

Martins Euphoria (you deserve your username) what valid arguments?? I stated the arguments why (like someone tell) Bored over flowers is crap. I think you read my posts and you felt hurted. I am sorry but it's my mind. It's crap. About this drama: Please stop with the cheesy lighting thing. Gu Hye sun exxagerated expressions get on my nerves ; emotionless Khj can't act for nuts (I mean look at his expressions at episode 3 with Han chae young and so on...) ; Kim Baby Boom (another eye candy to attrack fangirl) is lucky to have a good chemistry with Ga-Eul I mean his playboy acting SUCKS!! [Watch episode 2 when he hit on women. I couldn't stop laughing, so embarrassing] ; Wo Bin who?? Joker Jun Pyo "Jerry yan looking man". Sometime I feel like he is tall for nothing. At least Jerry Yan was scaring. I mean Domyoji would kick his ass no matter how tall he is!! like I said no intimadating at all. Then you can't even feel the lonely vibe in him. He plays rugby with his schoolmates he supposed to look down, he wear school uniform and act casually like to show he is not different of his schoolmates. I see a normal person! So when he tries to act like "I am lonely That's why I am violent so I need you..." he falls short and it sounds fake. I can't relate to Jun Pyo love for annoying Jan-di at all. Plus he is too much a playboy for a rude Domyoji who doesn't care about girls (the creators in almost each episode show him half nude and playful to attract audience). Domyoji uses violence, his power, his money but not his look (he don't know how to do to seduce a woman). Even when he said to Jan-di at episode 6 something like "I am attractive, I am handsome, I am rich... so why wouldn't you love me??" I was like WTH?

In conclusion, I tried to rewatch episode 2. I told to myself maybe I will change my mind or I missed something! (since by this episode every fangirls has begun to sing "BOF is the best blah blah blah") but I couldn't finish it. The scenes are so rushed, Jun Pyo so called Domyoji kindness, cheesyness (with the unecessary shower scene only used to attrack wild fangirls), the mediocre acting of the other casts (Gu Hye sun, KHJ ect...)...It's "too much"


euphoria I noticed Martins never replied properly to my valid arguements, instead resorting to petty name-calling and thinking up idiotic scenarios. I just rewatched some of Hana Yori Dango, and it's certainly not as good as I remembered. Maybe that's because my standards rose. Or maybe I just bought the better packaging of the Korean version. Beside the better female lead and somewhat slower pacing I still don't see anything better than this version, including the plot (Jap version has TOJ, Korean version has ski trip which serves as a nice romantic moment). And face it, Domyoji looked weak (even if he acts well). Certainly weaker than how you imply Jun-pyo to act.

And to Jackie - Monday night.

Martins LMAO I think if Domyoji and the F4 (Manga/Jdrama) were in Shinwa, poor Jun Pyo the joker and his friends wouldn't even be members of F4 and he (Jun Pyo) would straight his hair, wear an uniform and cleans the corridors with his schoolmates and his annoying lover Jan-di who will bullies him. I mean they are not intimidating at all....

RamenLover "The drama is rubber, you are glue. Everything you say bounces off of it and sticks onto you. " <--- that cracked me up!!!

Martins And don't be too hurt or don't cry baby fangirls if I critized this piece of shit.

Martins LOL people (I guess I am not in the "Kim Joong Il" site). I stated my mind. THIS DRAMA SUCKS!! Hate or love it LMAO. And please Jackie is asking a question to you. Reply!!

Jennzy This drama rocks. Although I'm Korean, I did enjoy the Japanese version better. However, the scenery the cast is perfect in the Korean version, and it's an amazing show. Certainly better than Meteor Garden (which was horribly disgusting and the wealth of everyone was TERRIBLY portrayed- not to mention the cast made me want to barf) and although Hana Yori Dango had a better storyline, Boys Over Flowers definitely had the best cast & set.

Martin, please learn how to type proper English and stop capitalizing random words. If you're going to insult a wonderfully crafted piece of work, then go to grammar school first. Or, you know, go back to elementary school when you learn that you only capitalize nouns or the beginning of each sentence. You can not properly type, and yet you try so hard to insult a super popular Korean's quite pathetic. Do you think adding curse words and elementary insults mean anything to us? xD Then you are terribly mistaken dear. The drama is rubber, you are glue. Everything you say bounces off of it and sticks onto you. Overall, since I have no intentions of proving wrong every one of your terrible founded flaws, I will just say one thing: GET A LIFE MORON. And I know I said this before, but please learn how to type properly. I hate "basher"s like you the most. At least, if you are going to complain about something, make a LEGITIMATE excuse. That is all.


-- a person who actually knows their grammar and how to type properly.

skittles omgyeaaa, this drama rocks! wtf, martin, kind, mature, easy going? you call planting a cake in a girl's face easygoing? or forcing a girl to lick his shoes clean of ice cream kind and mature? he's less mean and cruel than the jap version, but that's it.

euphoria ahahahaha. roflmfao. I nearly died laughing reading some of Martins' rants. seriously, talk about obsessed. if this drama is as "shit-infested" as you say, stop bloody watching it, and stop us the agony of listening to your whining. it's a win-win situation, is it not?

honestly, I loved the korean version much more than the taiwanese or even japanese one. so alright, let's address your points one by one shall we? Shit acting - alright, I admit Lee Min Ho's portrayal is somewhat less violent (less beating up others) but seriously, he's still a cruel bully. being a sweetheart from ep 1? talk about exaggeration. and his childhood trauma? seriously - he can't swim. rowing around in a rubber boat-thing is not swimming. i dont see how his phobia of water and insects make him weaker and softer - actually it makes him a lot more likeable (easier for the audience to identify with) and provides comedy. and I thought kim bum pulled off the playboy act rather well - he's totally charming when he smiles, and the results speak for themselves, actually - he's the second most popular f4 character in this show after Domyoji. Jan-di's cute as hell, even though she's a bit...less likeable than the original.

you kept going on about clueless fanbase only drooling at the sight of eye-candy. well, face it - attractiveness is a big part of F4, so i dont see the problem. there's not a load of romantic moments, but the few that are short and few are sweet enough so i don't know where your complaints of no chemistry come from. shit storyline? may I remind you there's not too many noticable plot divergences from the jap version as of yet? and shit filiming - you must be kidding me. the awesome scenery and sets of the korean version wins, hands down. the houses and helicopters and the school and vacation (new caledonia!) is a LOT better-looking and more glamorous. maybe that's because koreans are a lot more generous in their budget than the other two.

bottom line, I LOVE THIS DRAMA <3 and i dont get where you're coming from. at all. (phew this is a bit long)

jackie dudes, i do love kkotboda namja but i dont have cable so i just see it online but i just wanted to know what the next episode is coming next and so i could enjoy it! i love goo jun pyo! and i love all the actors there!

Martins You said it Isabella. I mean it's not surprising that this drama is a success since it's a remake of Yoko Kamio manga Hana Yori Dango, obviously it attracts a lot of fangirls especially if the korean makers focuse on shallow things like so called "eye candy men" and people are thrilled to know if the next episode will be better than the previous one because maybe it did not satisfy them too much since there are a lot of flaws and cheesiness and bad execution ( notice most of thing people say after each episode is "it's getting better...." Still it means "I love Lee Min Ho....drools" Whatever.). But frankly the quality is really BAD. The way the scenes are put's a big nonsense and the romantic scenes don't spark at all and the acting can't help. It's a bit off topic but I know a lot of persons who at first was telling "Kversion is the best version of HYD or drama" who changed their minds Because they too saw This drama is "superfical". Even BOF fangirls know that and it can't even beat Hana Yori Dango japanese on any level, but they blindly attack whoever criticize BOF and insult them and tell the truth.

isabella Hana yori dango is the best by far. and yes, i agree they cant act. disapointed, i expected more.


Martins I meant "You can't contradict what I said..."

Martins @ Scout are what I said faulse?? You simply contradict what I said. Because you even know that's true!! Why can't I criticize a Bad and poorly done drama which only prove that the viewers are fool and the only thing they can say is "the guys are cute" ? I don't care if it's a damned drama or whatever. I only say this drama sucks! Plus I stated why. The more there are episodes the more the drama's nonsense will be really noticed.

Did you watched epi 11? (I watched it on viikii) This epi shows How much this bad drama only lied on shallow things like "cute guys". I am not suprised why this epi was so bad did not make sense. Indeed sometimes you wonder why Jan-di do this?? Or do That?? Why she do that to Jun Pyo??Or poor Jun Pyo???. Jun Pyo has never been really mean, violent he has always been a sweetheart since Epi 1!!! That's why People like Jun Pyo character whose the acts are sometimes very undomyoji. That's why you can't understand why Jan-di does mean things to him! At least in HYD or MG you understand why Makino/Shan Cai is sometimes mean to Min Si/Domyoji. The characters are been changed so much you can feel it in the script the characters development, their relationship and the romantic scenes don't spark!! I don't care if it's a dI know a lot of bad movies or dramas who are hits and get good ratings. For example BOF and even HYD final . I really loved HYD dramas they were very well and smartly done even though it's taken from a shojo manga!! But in the movie I only like the chemistry between the actors, the wedding scene and the pregnancy annoncement scene. The storyline was a disappointment. So good for them if they get good ratings but frankly dramas like "who are you" or "Iljimae the return" make more sense and the actors act better.

@ Jackie if you talk about Iljimae the return, I watched it on Mysoju.

Scout omg martins. what do u think this show is? a frickking grammy award movie? UHHH. NEWS FLASH. IT'S A DAMNED SERIES, WHICH MOST GIRLS LIKE TO WATCH, THEREFORE EXPLAINS THE GOOD LOOKING CAST AND sadly, not that superb actors.

this is the best bof so far. definitely one with the best script and BEST LOOKING CAST. stop repeating the same thing about joon pyo being quote, "weak and stupidly stupid", kim beum being bad at his play boy act and blahter blahter blah what not. you might as well go make your own show instead of watching this then. and what's with ur typing? you can't type SO with a single O?

if you don't like the show just don;t watch it, you dont have to criticize it like you're so much better? tons of people ADORE this show!

jackie where do you get to see what happened to the next episodes? please tell me!

Martins gina you suck sucksuck BIG TIME LIKE Crap Over flowers. Indeed this drama is CRAP you fooled viewer. Everything you can do is insult me because you can't contradict what I said. This drama is a BIG MESS. LOL People even are happy that Jan-di rival is coming because Jan-di herself is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO annoying and the actress can't act Makino for nuts. If it wasn't for Ga-Eul People would trash Kim Bum supposed playboy act because the guy can't hit on women for save his life. People like you are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ignorant and fooled that they can't see they like Jun Pyo simply because the guy is nice, weak (in Epi 1 seems it's Jan-di who bullies him), not violent, easy going, cheesy (with his so called passion for Gatya Jan-di), you even wonder what Jan-di can change about him since he has been already kind, mature, easy going since episode 1, Kim Hyung Joung can't act for nut (even though he improved a bit) and he looks plastic especially his nose, the yo yo yo laughable man is...the less is said the better is. The romantic scenes between the lead actor looks so forced??? You wonder since when Jan-di lhas been in love with Jun Pyo. Jun Pyo is stupidely stupid because he can't save the girl he loves so much drowning in four feet water because of bad memories but he follows KHJ in deeper water in a small boat because of jealousy and suddendly his "bad memories"....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Yeah people like you fall for this trash.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA APPLAUSE TO THE PRODUCERS TO PROVE HOW VIEWERS ARE SO FOOL!!! And it's upposed to be the best drama of this year. The crappiest yes lol. The "return of Ilimjae" is far better than this trash and overrated Lee Min HO;

gina HEYY MARTINS!!!!!!!!!! I JUST THINGKING THAT YOU ARE THE STUPID ONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YOU ARE THE SHIT ONES!!!!!!!!!! every body loves this drama n you are not!!!!!!!!!!! it's okay if you dont like this but just don't be silly, JERK!!!! n if you are not interested to this kind of drama so DONT WASTE YOUR TIME TO WRITE ON THIS SITE!!!!!

KKOTBODA NAMJA is the perfect ones.....perfect SOEULmate COUPLE!!!!!

Martins This drama sucks BIG BIG BIG BIG time. I mean it's sooooooooooooooooooo chessy the acting is mediocre and Jun Pyo looks soooooooooooooo weak and easy going compare to Domyoji of the actual version. Maybe he looks cute but it's all about it. He doesn't look skaring at all. His character is stupidly stupid like the scene when Jan-di was drowning in somewhat 4 FEET WATER!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH frankly people!!! Wake up! He was afraid to go to save the girl he "love so much!" because of some "bad memories" [You still wonder why he has so much passion for her, since when Jan-di loves him and it's clear the lead couple have zero chemistry with the ruined romantic scenes between them and people like more the supporting couple hahahahahahahahahah!! talk about the so called "best version of HYD"]. The F4 have zero chemistry with a Kim bum who can't pull a playboy act off a non existent and immature korean Akira a Rui who have no charisma portrayed by a bad actor, an annoying, stupid, with eating problem Jan-di/Makino, and a weak romantico so called Domyoji.

Yeah BOF's fans you can say you like this drama because of "cute actors" and I understand you. It's all about it the rest is all messed with a laughable soundtrack. Frankly I applause the korean makers to fool the various viewers especially the korean viewers with this mediocre overrated, overhyped piece.

Twilighter I love this version the best ! And in my opinion the leader here is far better than the previous ones ! I can't wait for the next episodes !

grace absolutely love this drama!!! only on ep 8 but i'm hooked already!!! ^^

flavour of life i think jan di does not have any cute character at all to play tsukushi.. even when the make over has been made on her she still looks the same. she is lousy compared to shanchai and tsukushi that are strong but still have the softness as a lady in their selves. don't u all think??

lyptika I've read the manga, watched the anime, the taiwanese version "Meteor Garden", also the japan version "Hana Yori Dango". And now I'm watching the korean one. And I must say I like it the best till now. The Cast, the scenery, the storyline - top. I've seen only 8 Episodes, but these 8 episodes got me all hooked up more than MG & HYD altogether. Lee Min Ho's portrayal of Tsukasa is so much more likeable than the original character. I'm falling for him because of his brilliant acting - plus, he is handsome! Jerry Yan for example was hot aswell but he couldn't act at all, always the same facial expression and when he tried something different you couldn't tell what feeling he was trying to portray. As for the japanese Tsukasa - well, I couldn't force myself to like this one, I only pitied him till the very last episode... If not for Oguri Shun, I wouldn't made it through the end at all. To sum it up: 1. Boys Over Flowers (kor.) -> 2. Meteor Garden (tai) -> 3. Hana Yori Dango (jap.)

sad angel i like the korean version of "hana yori dango", but i don't like the leader. Thukasa is more handsome than him

CRYSTAL Absolutly adore "Boys over flower"!!! I discovered it by accident just two weeks ago, and now I am addicted!! I m watching it in Korean, without understanding the speech, but still love it!! The cast is amazing! F4- are all sooooooo handsome...Jan Di is a cutie and great actress.. I cant wait till they have a DVD with english subs, i ll buy it immideatly!! Every time I see Kim Hyun Joong..i feel like to lick the screen of my laptop!!

Martins THIS DRAMA SUCHS BIG TIME. I wonder how people can like this SHIT! (Shit acting, Shit filming, Shit storyline, Off characterization, Ruined Key point situations and ridiculous scenes).

Gathia and overrated drama

jj most people's favourites are the original hana yori dango japanese version. i couldn't finish the drama due to the characters (surprise), i found almost no appeal on the main characters (F4+Tsukushi Makino). Maybe it's my different taste, but the storyline lost my interest as I stopped at seaso 1 episode 8. when the korean version was rumored about being released I was super excited (I never watched the taiwan version either, the characters didn't appeal to the super picky me -.-). I absolutely love all the cast that were chosen!! all the F4s are super attractive and i love jan-di's energy!



cereal box my fav. version has been hana yori dango, but im starting to like this one a lot too. i didnt really like meteor garden, the characters were not what i expected. so far the best ones that fit the manga are the koreans! the guy that plays tsukasa was perfect! he resembles him so much. i hope the chinese make their own version and maybe even americans!lol just a thought. that would be interesting, would it not?

if yall have any updates plz contact me @

vhealine hana yori dango has three versions: Meteor Garden in Taiwan Hana Yori Dango in Japan and Boys Over Flower in Korea

There are also humors that China will be doing its own version on Hana...

The Japanese version of Hana is somewhat similar to the manga... I heard that its korean version will focus on the part that were not shown in the two previous drama...

Hope to see much more relevant story to its manga and less revision of its episode...

Joan The way that they act are a little bit exaggerate, but i like it. I also like the songs

rochelle i love that show i watched it with my sis and laughed like crazy l love the mean girl when she speaks english hahaha :)

Yessy I can't wait for this one! I hope it's as good as Meteor Garden and HYD!!! The new Rui/Lei guy looks pretty handsome! WOOT! Hope they sub it fast! :D

Samantha I can't wait for this version to come out. I really did enjoy Meteor Garden 1 and HYD.

Cherio Yeah, hana yori dongo is still the best. I am looking forward to see the Korean version. Taiwan version really sucks, no chemistry between the leads. Their 2nd version is awful too.

xi02 [111808 1134pm] i hope it would be great as hana yori dango... for me... no offense... hana yori dango comapared to meteor garden... i would say that meteor garden sucks... well i am hoping that this korean made would be great...

japanese manga is really awsome... korea and taiwan are actually adopted it... wahahaha!!!!


itcha'z that'z BAD???

why ???