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  • Name: Kim You-Jung
  • Hangul: 김유정
  • Birthdate: September 22, 1999
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height:
  • Blood Type:


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mimiya Such a great talent at such a young age! WOW!!! She has it all: Mesmerizing Beauty...Amazing talent...Tons of charisma and screen presence....

I feel she will become the biggest star...

Korea only has one or two other actresses that have it all in such great quality & quantity...Love her!!!

asha97 i love her..because her face look pure..

pat w This is one goooood actress. i have seen her in several of her dramas, and she grabs me every time.

lavender13 she embrace my little sister

_from malaysia_

Aqilah I really like drama The Moon Embracing The Sun. She's very talented in acting. This girl is pretty I wanna meet her. Please come to Malaysia. :)

Nina She is such an amazing actress. LOVED her in May Queen and Golden Family, she had moved me to tears multiple times.. She is going to make an amazing actress when she gets older. I hope she continues to pursue this career.

   -A fan from the U.S.

critehypo She has been there as a child actress in many dramas and has been very good. Im just patiently waiting for her main role. She was really good in flames of desire and dongyi. Im watching tamra do right now at her very young age and she acts very well.

Abiola She is a good actress in moon embraces d sun and gumiho.....i love u girlie

Psam I love this young actress. She is the best child actor in the whole world. I'm watching every dramas that she is in and I found her acting as well as her look getting more beautiful as she grow up. Keep up the good job and hope to see a lot more from you. Your parent are very lucky to have you And they should be very proud. Love your work and all the best wishes

CiCI I LOVED Kim You Jung in Golden Rainbow and she is what kept me watching till the adults showed up. I've seen so many Kdramas she's been in and she is one of my favorite actresses. She just gets better and better + prettier and prettier. I look forward to watching her again soon AND enjoying her acting for a long time to come. Kim You Jung, you are as EXCELLENT as they come.

Maratrix Kim You-Jung's portrayal of Kim Baek-Won in Golden Rainbow is wonderful, so I truly believe that we have yet to see the best of this young actress. God bless!

Domino Kim Yoo Jung is such an awesome young actress and one of my favorites. Why she didn't get the award for Golden Rainbow is baffling. Anyway, she is a true shining star and whenever she's in a drama I know it's going to be good..

Broken Youth This young girl is so talented. I can't wait for her to mature into a young lady and take on more mature roles and prove to others what real acting is all about. She completely blew me away in the Moon Embracing the Sun. She's not only pretty but has the grace that an actress should have. She definitely deserved the awards that she won and I sincerely hope she wins more in the future.

dchang Your pretty , I hope some day i can come over to Korean some day ! # 1 FAN !

Gasenadi Just saw Kim You-Jung in My Beloved Sister, where she already exhibited her enormous talent and abilities. Hope she keeps getting the roles she deserves.

Ladybear i really like you. fighting ! ^_^

Prescelia you're the first korean child actress that caught my heart. and ur latest drama Golden rainbow made me shed tears. bravoooo

Genesis The Beyonce of Korean Drama's....what a title, I just made up for such a beautiful and brillant young actress. I hope your career keeps growing and growing and you never fade away from television, or the big screen. This young lady is a rare find...and I hope any casting director or director that may stumble upon this recognizes, this young lady has endless talent and such powerful acting range.

Good luck to you in your future endeavors and long, long, long success with your career.

tibetlover beautiful young girl! the next Song Hye Kyo!

san I just watched the "Running Man"-episode in which she appears (ep 170 including T.O.P^^) and randomly found JIN's "Gone"-MV (with EXO's Xiumin) on YouTube and recognized her!:-D She's reaaaallly an awesome 14-year-old girl. Our future generation seems to be saved, lol....xDD

Seohyun I hope you will have your own series and not just a teen part of any main cast.I really like your acting and watched all of your series but ended up just watching your part just like the Golden Rainbow.I will definitely stop watching this series when your character grows up to be UEE.

Shahou Probably one of THE best young actresses I've seen so far!

Jason She's so pretty Very Very Very PRETTY

sushi she's gettin prettier n prettier each time i see her... (:

Mekong Ahhh! You're so young and successful at a young age! I'm so envious of you, from now on you, Kim You Jung, are my idol. <3

sandani I love you kim you jung

ath Cute lovely and beautiful..

Kim you jung's no1 fan You are the best actress in the whole world !! I loved revolt of the gumiho and moon embraces the sun !! Hwaiting !! I hope you do more dramas !! And movies

MArsha She is talented actress and so pretty!

Lina The next Park Shin Hye / Moon Geun Yun (=

jungheehee I love you !!!! and i love the couple yeo jin goo and kim yoo jung. I hope you will play a new drama with him... I hope next year.. xxx

aysiput I like you kim you jung... You are a good child actrees Its amazing.... Saw you on tv with 'the moon that embracing the sun.... I like it.... I want to be with you.... When.....???

Hanee You might be young but I can tell that you have a very Bright future ahead of you... so Kim Yoo Jung Fighting and remember that Unni will always support you... Fighting :D ---Unnie..

loesje You are an incredibly amazing young actor. I am not sure I have ever seen so much emotion displayed in a young child. I know you are now probably 14,but still.... Keep up the wonderful work you are doing.You are a true rainbow child! Your heart comes through in everything you do.... So gifted...take care of the gift!

JaeMin Hands Down. . . =) I love how bright and awesome you are. ^^* I would love to watch you in a love triangle romantic drama someday with either Yeo Jin Goo, Lee Min Ho (1993), Or Park Geon Tae! Any of these handsome young actors would do. God Bless you and your career in the future. Fighting! ♥

SuperGirlInLove You did well... So do more good dramas and Fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

michelle Cant wait for you to have a new drama.....I'll watch it...every drama you'll be acting....<3

michelle Your the best kim you jung............Your so very talented...wish you the best.!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

tatakyut you are a great child actress....good luck and me the god bless and guide you all the way...

april joy lorenzo you are the bezzztt............ :)........^_^

april joy lorenzo she is the best young actress that i have been meet...i♥ her acting and delivering of her speech...she pronounce the word clearly..........♥ yah..

Mai She's one great young actress. Very superb acting in the Moon that Embraces the Sun. I cried a river with all the scenes you're at. Good luck girl.

MJ SARANGHAMNIDA....i love MOON EMBRACING THE SUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!luv u yeon woo..:3

mary grace your so cute and your so young .... were like sisters :)

alyka your excellent hope to meet you

Victoria You are an excellent actress. I have been impressed with your acting in all of your dramas. Keep striving for excellence. I believe you will be one of the best.

IvetaVi Even though I'm older than you, I think that you are very beautiful and talented. Also, my cousin looks a lot like you and she's younger exactly by one year ! What a coincidence,right? Anyway, I already can't wait to see you in other productions, sice you always do a really good job, especially in 'The Moon that embraces the Sun'. I also antisipate your growth as an actress when your older. And greetings from Lithuania ( I suggest to take out an atlas to find where this country is ;D).

abii lorenzo echavez you are so very beatiful


Oh Yumi i really like your acting your brilliant! keep it up... Ajah

Firdha Amalia N Finally your dreams come true.. to act with TOP your bias...

Sahara I love how you have the beautiful natural looking!!!!!!!!

 I also love your movies awesome you are one lucky one!!!
    Just keep it up! Fight!

Hana I really love these kid,and i love seeing her with Yeo Jin Goo :)

spader04 wow we have the same birthday though 10 years apart i love your acting keep up the good work and god luck

Xiao Jhin You're so pretty....

tanya p. You're naturally beautiful. Don't ever go under the knives! That certainly will ruin the nuance of your good looks.

Sean A promising young actress especially in her roles as young Dong Yi (DONG YI movie Series )and Princess Yeon in The Moon that Embraces the Sun.

maia shes pretty having no make up at all. just be yourself darling. act & dress according to your age. dont such in a hurry to grow up. and be natural.

wonnie i like her when i saw her at tooniverse when infinite as their guest while she is a MC..

rosdianica she is so beatiful, i like her when i saw in drama the moon embracing the sun..sarangheyoo..:D

Arvin ROnquillo I LOve You , You Are Beutiful SarangHae

PhanCast You are so awesome. Can i marry you? :D

inggie aileen Woww.. Beautifully girlzz Eunni Fighting..

Elija I must say she is so young ,cute and tallented!!!!..... Fighting!... Hope you do even more better in future!!...^_^

coffeetea she's beautiful! hope to watch her more in the future! xD she's so young! wow!

Alice I like you little girl fighting!!!You're the best kid actress I've ever seen ^_^

xander She's really good!

Rahma Devy Z. she will be a good actress in the future.

a.n.jell i can't believe she's just 12!!!...the depth she had shown in her acting in the moon embracing the sun is truly amazing...i really like her and am looking forward to more projects from her...she's really pretty

geegee @sabrina... yes, she is.

narru Isn't this girl also a cast in the Historical drama Gye Baek?

Roggy She practically a veteran in the film industry.

peerrrgghhh i remember watch her in iljimae....

BeeJayDee This child is co cute in Dong Yi series. I adore her!

Mia The first time I saw her was in Flames of Desire, she's a really good actress and then I spotted her again in Dong Yi. It's cool. Much success to her in her growth and career as an actress. :3

diajeng wow.. first time I saw her as Dong Yi, I fell in love with her acting ... so beautiful and charming

tara ahmad thank you veree mach donki i likefilm dong yi may naim is tara ilive in iraq

Sabrina Isn't she the girl who starred in Seungri's VVIP MV??

charlene gretchen li I want more latest pictures of Kim Yu Jeong

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