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  • Drama: Formidable Rivals
  • Revised romanization: Kangcheok deul
  • Also known as: Powerful Opponents / Rivals / Adversaries
  • Hangul: 강적들
  • Director: Han Jun-Seo
  • Writer: Kang Eun-Kyung
  • Network: KBS2
  • Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: April 14 - June 3, 2008
  • Runtime: 21:55
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Young-Jin, a 27-old-lady with natural born pride and desire to succeed and be recognized is not backed up at all by her poor family; rather she needs to take care of all of messes and fusses that her grandfather, father, and younger brother committed. Having nothing to trust except for her own body and soul, she exerts herself to finally be appointed as a body gourd of the Blue House of Korea. At the Blue House, Young-Jin meets Kwanpil, a smart, excellent, cynical and charismatic colleague, who by instinct recognize each other as formidable rivals. They bump into each other at every course of training, extremely competing to beat the other, and what a mischievous fate! They end up being partner to protect Suho, the only son of Mr. President. Suho is an unstoppable rascal with high intelligence and violent nature. Suho is the key person who discloses the past of Kwanpil and realizes the true virtue of family and love. By describing two vivid characters Youn-Jin and Kwanpil, [Formidable Rivals] shows the life of body guards who by nature cannot be spotlighted. This is the story of the others, non-heros, who support protagonists. They also have their own way of life, own value of family and love.


  1. "Formidable Rivals" takes over the KBS2 Mon. & Tues. 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "Single Daddy in Love" and will be replaced by "Chilwu, the Mighty" on June 17, 2008


Formidable Rivals-Chae Rim.jpg Formidable Rivals-Lee Jin-Wook.jpg Formidable Rivals-Lee Jong-Hyeok.jpg Formidable Rivals-Lim Hyeon-Shik.jpg Formidable Rivals-Oh Gwang-Rok.jpg
Chae Rim Lee Jin-Wook Lee Jong-Hyeok Lim Hyeon-Shik Oh Gwang-Rok
Cha Yeong-Jin Kang Su-Ho Yu Kwan-Pil Cha Il-Sang Cha Kwang-Su
Formidable Rivals-Kim Shi-Hoo.jpg Formidable Rivals-Kim Hye-Ok.jpg Formidable Rivals-Lee Deok-Hwa.jpg Formidable Rivals-Lee Kyeong-Jin.jpg Formidable Rivals-Shin Eun-Jeong.jpg
Kim Shi-Hoo Kim Hye-Ok Lee Deok-Hwa Lee Kyeong-Jin Shin Eun-Jeong
Cha Yeong-Ku Oh Mi-Ja Kang Min-Kuk Shin Ok-Hee Kang Su-Ryeon
Formidable Rivals-Kim Kwang-Young.jpg Formidable Rivals-Choi Ja-Hye.jpg Formidable Rivals-Ma Dong-Seok.jpg Formidable Rivals-Ko Myeong-Hwan.jpg Formidable Rivals-Lee Keon.jpg
Kim Kwang-Young Choi Ja-Hye Ma Dong-Seok Ko Myeong-Hwan Lee Ji-Hoon
Park Jin-Ku Jeong Yu-Min Pyo Cheol-Ho Kim Byeong-Wook Nam Do-Woo
Formidable Rivals-Kim You-Jung.jpg
Kim You-Jung
Yu Kkot-Nim

Additional Cast Members:


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Satria I love this drama!

Noah This drama is my favorite one, I love character Su Ho, i wish to have a hyung like him:) Peace!

Sarinah This drama was my favorite one , one of the best K,drama ever!I love Chae Rim and Lee Jin Wook here. Wish them both will have another great tv series soom!

Herawaty I watched this few yrs ago, I like that Su Ho,the son of president. Now I find him in some tv dramas that I like a lot like Nine, Three Musketeers. I am gonna be his fan “”

Li an I love the character of KANG SU HO . PERFECT!This is my first favorite Korea drama!

catrina Lee Jin Wook is my favorite korean actor since i watched his series Nine. and now I had a chance to see this his old series. It was awesome drama too. and his acting was great when he was young too. thank youuu,waiting for your newest drama after Three Musketeers. yours,catrina fm Malaysia.

Ronaldo One of the interesting tv series that I had watched. Mixed action, melodrama, comedy and romance. The ending is still good even though they moved on separate ways because that's life, not all the time...we will be ended together with those people we like or love....the important is, we learned and experienced the happiness with them from the past...

Anggun M Larasati (@anggunism) lee jong hyuk?? lee jin wook??

omoooo.. it's a must to see this drama then..

christina escaros anytime waiting 4 da answer..

christina escaros pleasssssss.... GMA network ipalabas nyo ulet to xa GMA telebabad..

sana po mapanood pa po nmin ulet pleasssssssssssssssssssssssss

hihintayin poh nmin..

so much tnx..


Mitz wow.,......this series is soooo good.....

i love the three of them....

very much happy....

hoping for the sequel..........

kelvin.filipino It was an awesome korean series. But 16 episodes? WOW! I just can`t get enough of yeongjin an gwan pil`s dog and cat love story. :'( Too bad it didn`t last longer than i thought.

rhona i hope chae rim and jang dong gun will reunite in another tv drama... they look together.. like they used to be lover and got broken up for unknown reason and they've reach the age of like 30 something and they're still single and they both ended up hating each other and what a coincidence chae rim will work in the company where jang dong gun is the owner and there, another love hate relationship will rekindle.. it's kinda cheesy but i hope they can have this kind of drama..... PLS?

fati Hi.I really loved this story.....thankyou KBS2. You are the best

TY Lovely and sweet couple, , Chae Rim and Lee Jong Hyeok....Like their acting and characters very much.......

ana lee i super love this drama...hope may part 2...with yeongjin and suho as a couple so with kwanpil with a lovelife <3

syasya The last episode happen at 21 st April, that was my birthday (in Malaysia) and now im 15 years old, i cried at the end, i love 'Gwanpil' character the most, hope they made the sequel 'FORMIDABLE RIVALS 2' hahaha, saranghaeyo <3 miss the cast

ymt Hope they make a sequel to it...coz the ending was left open...maybe show what happens in a few years when she returns to work in her old job, as she told Mr. pyo she would return, when she has learned enough...Hope she ends up with Gwanpil, as they are a very compatible match for each other...

ayya Hmm.. This is the best story,, I like it and I like kwan-pil, because his heart very nice and always make her heart fine wether sad,, good job!!

Iman I really love Korean Drama and Music.I also watch every day.I'm addicted to it.I really like Formidable Rivals it is just unexpected it's comedy , family and you won't get tired of it. I liked it from first part upto now and I can surely say I'll like the next to. And I really want to thank KBS WORLD (KBS2) from the bottom of my heart for bring such fun and educaional Dramas, Musics and entertainments.

lovelyroses i love this movie!!! I think Chae Rim & Lee Jong hyeok most sweet not too showy couple but its the best!!!i already watched Lee Jong hyeok in green Rose he is also good in playing the bad guy!he is my ultimate HUNK!!! Lee Jong Hyeok mysterious but loving!

chaepenn i love this chae rim. i bought a copy of this because chae rim is my no. 1 korean actress. she's really cute and a great actress. i love also their tandem w/ lee jin wook. they look cute together.

intan i like this movie...but really excited if the end of this movie the character yeongjin couple with suho...nice couple.... but at all this story is very good...keep it up

isha many people like chae rim and lee jin wook's love team...but for me i like lee jong hyeok and chae rim's cute...maybe many people like Su ho because of his good looking appearance...but in yeong jin's case, i don't think she will fall in love with Su Ho, her personality fits best with Kwan Pil...mature enough, mysterious, and has a hidden soft side that only the kind of yeong jin can make it visible..

chae rim's love interest in the series is lee jong hyeok, but because of the king of work they have, she had to choose between them...chae rim already started developing her feeling for jong hyeok, you can see and feel it while watching the episodes especially the scene where she talked with jin wook about "her blind date" the first thing that came to her mind was jong hyeok..also the scene where chae rim aksed jong hyeok on what does he feel about matter how much he like jong hyeok to answer that he loves her, still it confuses her...making her to choose what's best for her as of the moment...and it's the job! :) :(

i'm happy but at the same time sad about the ending..

mary joyce i enjoyed watching it especially in channel 11 which is in tagalog version.super ganda nito. i love korean dramas!!

krisdh @kisa the title of the song is " I'll protect u"..=))

kisa ano po ba title ng song nito at sino kumanta?

emiden and emeron ang ganda tlga ng fr!we support russel and toni's loveteam!sana sila ang magkatuluyan!

dhiannah ...cno la love interest ni Toni?

caia I just like to know what happen to chae rim in the end because in the last part seen she was in hospital and nearly dead,but i dont know why in the last scene she was in the wheelchair beside her father>..and i dont understand korean...honestly

Neri Love to watch this!!!!!

kristine at first im not interested but when su ho kissed yeong jin at the party i feel KIlIG hahaha love so right now im watching it

Aikawa Yeah, I love Formidable Rivals! Especially the younger brother of Tony. HAHAH! :) He is so cute.

oan marie i love this story! ;)

Kristina Sino po nakatuluyan ni young-jin?

♥ Lezlyn ♥ █ I ♥ IT so much ..CONGRATS to aLL CAst .. !=) ♥

Aica11 At first,I didn't like to watch it ,but one day I tried after that,I can't stop watching it everyday.I always make sure that I will not miss every episode.I love the trio.

AzuraKira gnda n2.. knkilig aq hahaahahahaha ,,,,

michelle ............really loved diz..... how beautiful CHAE RIM ACTS!!!!

karylle Korean and Taiwan Movies are my favorites..ang ganda talaga neto , mas mganda kung c russell kang at toni cha ang magka-tuluyan .. wag na c darwin yu .. hehehe

aira sophia i love toni and russel....sna cla ang mgka2luyan...ehehehe....more power x korean drama....:)

zynca it's really good.,i like russel kang and tony cha so much.,love their love team.....,more power guys...panoorin nyo din

haneeka i really like the story...i hope na i palabas din toh sa gma 7 para mas maging popular pa toh....i really love this movie..lagi koh nga tong inaabangan eh...

cha its a really nice show!!!!!its cool and funny!!!i love it!!!

xen i like this !!!! very much toni was such an agressive woman....i am so excited who would be the right man who can win her heart :)

fatima joy The story is nice. I like the role of Toni. She's quite aggressive. I wish to be like her.

Chris Bryan first time i saw Chae Rim and Lee Jong-Hyeok joining up in one love-action movie, i have been excite because the story is so beautiful but i didn't really finished the story yet because here in phillipines, the story is just beginning but when i saw Chae Rim, i know it is a very very good story so just continue making movie ms. idol Chae Rim and guess what, i will always be your first "FAN." Take Care ^_^V

cherrie i never liked Korean drama...but guess what?i love the show...i enjoyed it..

mary leovic ..........i really like the story... more power to all of you guys..........

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