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  • Name: Chae Rim
  • Hangul: 채림
  • Full Name: Park Chae-Rim (박채림)
  • Birthdate: March 28, 1979
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • University: Seoul Institute of the Arts
  • Height: 168cm
  • Blood Type:
  • Family: Park Yoon-Jae (younger brother)



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yuni hi chae rim, im from indonesia. please come back chae rim. we really miss you... hopefully you will be act together with lee minki or JDG.. GBU and miss you Chae Rim...

olimpic hi chae rim, when will you act together with lee minki in new drama... same as like another fans, i,m falling in love when i watched dalja's spring.. your act awesome!!! GBU

eka Im eka from indonesian. And always waiting next drama which chae rim and lee min ki act. Oh my god. I addicted with them. Much love and bless to chae rim and lee min ki.

eka I love you chae rim. I really like you. When will you have one to joint act wih lee min ki? You and lee min ki are very nice and i want you together will be vouple in real life. Love chae rim and lee min ki

Pan Pan Dear chae rim, l always waiting for ur ..drama. I love the way u smile.l 'll be ur forever audience. Fighting...o nyie

Pan Pan Dear Chae rim, l'm always waiting for ur new drama. I love u so much. I feel your smile really lovely. Especially, I rewatched 'all about eve' drama whenever I feel down-hearted because you're so lovely in that drama & u make me happy every I see u. I'm yr forever audience ..Fighting. .....

best man You are the best my lady

Yusi. Fr Hi...

I like your acting, I hope you're right back to acting.

tina hi i love you chae rim i saw all your dramas plz come back to drama i miss you i am from iran and i really love you and your dramas

chaepenn happy birthday chae rim!!! wish u have more projects to come.

dee Happy Birthday Chae rim!!


Oop Come back .......

Su I love you much....You're no.1 in my heart....Saranghaeyo unnie..

Ngọc Điệp I like her so mục

chaera she has a new drama...The Lee Family in china....^_^

Su I love you , so much..I hope you will come back soon and hope you happy forever...........

dee i miss chae rim too..and like you guys, i rewatch her old dramas. Luckily she will have a new drama soon.. It's a chinese one and to know more about it you can visit the board forum at There are lots of info about her in there. Goodluck!

Margaretha Yes, i like her very much. Especially in all about eve, the chemistry with JDG is so perfect. Actually CR and JDG are perfect couple on earth. Really don,t understand why did they choose their own spouse


( until now no news from her. please come back soon Chae Rim.

Rosemary Ong Today is 11 August 2012. Where are you, Chae Rim? Missing you! Please come back to do more dramas. Lots of love.

erin any series...we miss you!!!

chaepenn hi chae rim, it's been 2 years since your last drama. i really miss watching you. to lessen your abscene in new drama i watching again your old series.

bao bao hope to see u soon in 2012.or some new photo of u in 2012 or some good news about u in 2012

bao bao hope to see u soon 2012.

juhee Me too I really really miss you take care.

juhee Me too I really miss you! take care...

chaepenn please come back chae rim. we really miss you.

erin really miss you...

erin always searching for your new drama series...hopefully w/jang dong gun or alec su...

hyekyoclara she is very lovey. i hope she come back in 2012 with good drama.

chaepenn merry christmas chae rim!!! hope to c u soon on a new drama:)

Pwint Gant Gaw Lwin My lovely cute chae rim I love you very very are my hero.I admire you a lot I want to be like you.wish you all the best in life

erlin I love formdable rivals and oh my lady. your so charming. you play your every role so well and it comes up so exciting and really i love and enjoyed watching it. when is the new drama pls....

erlin I hope chae rim will come up with a new drama project, another comedy/love story will definitely a hit!

chaepenn i hope after her show at shanghai china we expect her to see again in a new drama.

chaepenn please chae rim come back we really miss you. hopefully soon you have a new project.

rosemary Oops, by the way I am from Malaysia! Sorry I forgot to introduce myself :)

rosemary I am also waiting for more of her dramas, particularly Korean not Chinese. We want you, Chae Rim!!! We want you! We want you!

chaepenn why this the only year she didn't do a drama series since she started in showbiz? i'd love to seen her in a new project soon i hope before end of this year.

chaepenn i've seen her new commercial and i love it. she's so pretty!!!

chae rim fans i miss chae rim so muchhhh......

chaepenn please give us an update about chae rim. we really miss her.

c is there any news about chae rim please give us an update. i really miss her. i hope she had a new project.

eugene hi, i m french fan and i wait your new project !!! do you think visit Paris ? j'ai beaucoup apprecié et aimé les dramas dans les quelles vous avez joué et j'attend patiement vos prochain thank's, merci beaucoup

chaepenn today i started to watch again "all about eve" my all time favorite drama . it's almost a year since your last show was ended. until now we are still waiting for a new one.

karin Hi I'm Karin from Indonesia and i really adore you, you're so talented you've play in many different character, it's not easy, but you did well all the way. I wish you can potray unique charcacter, and i wish someday you can work together with Jang Dong Gun, coz you both are perfect couple all the way. you're best koraen actress i think. I will always waiting you're new series. Success for you, Saranghae......

ernest yah, hope she could get teamed up again with uhm ki joon(^_^), this is the 1st time i liked a drama series.. just because of Chae Rim :))

chaepenn oh i really miss her:) i hope she has new project.

linsey Chae Rim makes me happy, the way she smile, her facial expressions---the best :)

eli Hoe, there will be next drama project in 2011....

Chochay I love all her korean Drama.. Chae rim.

chaepenn chae rim's birthday is coming, i wish her more projects to come and a happy love life.

karo Well, several years ago chae rim divorced with her singer husband who is 14 years older than her. I didn't like her husband either. He was too old for chae rim. I don't understand how could she marry him...

junz7172 hye chae rim... i'm from malaysia... i never falling in love with women like this before... i really3 love chae rim in 'all about eve'.. her smile can make the mountain melt.. huh! really3 sweet.. i hope she will happy3 in her life... how about her life? i mean her family? i really3 want to know...

anne Oh, I 've waiting so long for some news of her projects? Or just for some more her new photos!

hesty ariestyani I like since I saw her in All About Eve. I think she is the best woman for Jang Dong Gun.It's so sad to know that JDG finally marry Ko So Young.I think she looks like Yong Mi. Chae and JDG is the best couple.

Bekspuma Hi Chae Rim. Love you so much Chae. I am from Uzbekistan

flame&flower I'm a really big fan of your, Chaerim! i like to watch all of your dramas, i love its all. I'm waiting and waiting for your new one. I've searching everywhere for news from you. So when can you public the new? Wish you are always lovely and succcess. F&F from French

Diane Chae Rim is one of my best actress. She did very good job with All about Eve and believe me or not I love Chae Rim and So Ji Sup in We Are Dating Now. I am from USA and will always wait for your drama and movie if any.

chaepenn hi chae rim, please may we know the latest project of yours? we really miss watching you in a new drama.

flame Me too, I like her - Chae rim so much, i like and watch almost of her dramas. But so long since after her last role on " Oh, My lady" does she have a new project? I hope see you soon in ever drama!

chaepenn is there any updates on your negotiation in China? were still waiting for your new projects.

joracel hi chae rim, may we know the latest about you. what happened to your negotiation in China about the series offered to you?

miz_u can't wait to see your cameo on China AAE CR......................I love all your dramas, hopefully will get to see you soon !!!

joracel i read in one article that she negotiating to China for a new series there. until now i'm still waiting for the latest update about her. but she had a cameo role in adaptation of "ALL ABOUT EVE" in China.

flower I like Chaerim for all of her dramas, now i 'm execting for her new serie. So, what is her new drama? Please, let me know!

kfan ur role in Oh my Lady was d best!!!! d smile dat captivates d heart of d viewers...

....... hoping 4 more more romantic comedy series... it suits u d most ♥♥♥

erin hope you do a movie w/ jang dong gun and alec su again.but please not heavy drama...comedy love story will be good...more power!!! what`s your next project after Oh!My Lady?hope will release soon...

joracel i really really like her......almost of her series i watched already and i had a copy too. she looks perfect to all the role given to her. the tandem of her w/ jang dong gun , alec su, lee min ki and to other of her leading man was very good. the chemistry was there, when they looks each other yuo feel the love between them. i hope someday they reunites again in a new series.

aver i love chae rim in all about eve..but, why she looks so different in formidable rivals? the glow and the spark in her eyes were gone? and wat happen to her nose and her nice cheeks?

am she's a good actress

aica She's cute,beautiful and gorgeous.I like her so much.

giya i like her so much...!!!!!

Wawa I'm so impressed by her beautiful warm smile. Hope her now play goes well!

Beccah The first Chae Rim show I saw was All About Eve. One heck of an actress - she played her role sol well....

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