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  • Name: Lee Jin-Wook
  • Hangul: 이진욱
  • Birthdate: September 16, 1981
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 183cm.
  • Blood Type:


  • Time Renegade | Shiganitalja (2015) - man in the present day
  • The Target | Pyojeok (2014) - doctor
  • Miss Granny | Soosanghan Geunyeo (2014) - Seung-Woo (TV station PD who likes Doo-Ri)

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yongie You're so handsome. Saranghaeyo ~ Miss Granny fighting! I will watch the three musketeers. <3

kai get crazy after watching Nine.. Just watched Miss Granny and get crazy again after a while just recognized him as an-actor-i-will-find-out-after-finished-watching-and-get-crazy-about-him..

ocean I want him to star in a drama where he and song ji hyo are the leads..i like both

Debbie I like your acting So much.You're really Charming ,Talented, Perfect You're very nice in this movie. You look very good in this Anchor Style(Hair Style) Hope to see you in A lot of Dramas ........

                                                   Always Be your Fan

gabriel He is the most favorite K-actors of mine. NINE is the best K-drama I've ever watched. While waiting for TARGET to be released, please comeback with a drama oppa!!! Love you much!!!!

Trucy Lee Jin Wook,i like you a lot. You´re so talented, funny and also very charming. I saw you in Family Outing and i started watching dramas that you are in since! I only love 2 Korean actors and a funny thing ia that they´re both Lee Wooks. It´s you and Lee Dong Wook! Return to dramas in 2014 and show us your talent as you always do, please

Jessie I love him so much.... I wish he will comeback drama land asap in a drama which is even more awesome than NINE!!! Wish his 2 new movies become really big hits!!

coolrepublica Lee Jin Wook is the best kisser in Korea and the world. Nine may have been on cable, but it is by far the best thing to happen to him. It allowed to discover his kissing abilities. He is like the superhero of kissers. I have seen many other good korean actors who can kiss, but he top this chart.

Mel He's awesome, handsome, talented, charming, perfect.... I am totally in love with you, Lee Jin Wook ssi!!! Hope Suspicious Woman & Target will be daebak!!

JaayRdr you're really awesome in NINE!! Great acting! Looking forward to seeing you more as a lead. :)) KUDOS!!! I agree with Luthfiyah. LOL great smile and that was one of the best kisses I've ever seen in my entire Kdrama watching history. Nine's kissing scene is my #1 xDD

Luthfiyah Oppa jin wook Saranghae. I'm falling in love at the first sight with your acting in INR 2012. N grazy about you in Nine. Best acting, best kisser, best smile ever !!! stay cool oppa. I will kitario your acting in next drama or film. But as a lead male ofcourse. Aza aza hwaiting ! Oppa jin wook saranghaeeeeeeee... Your Indonesia fans

Claire have just finished watching Nine Times Time Travel. really really enchanted and amazed by your performance, even though the drama didn't give satisfying ending... looking forward for much more of your drama/movie project!! Stay cool, keep up the good work, and forever be in my heart! Love you always!

Elena You are the best!!!)))l wish I could be your girlfriend;))) your Russian fan;))

sora Naturally handsome, good kisser, and good act. Love you in Nine!! hope to see you in alot of difference drama/movie.

inet I'm falling in love with you....


dahlia can't wait to watch your new drama......keep fighting oppa,,,,,,,,,

Lia Already finish watch I Need Romance and Nine..Good drama to watch,worth it.. wow oppa you are great kisser.. I hope can get boyfriend like you....kekeke

Jam Oppa saranghae..i like your acting..Fighting

Lssi So he is choi ji woo ex-boyfriend

emma Lee jin wook why you so handsome.. love you, love you.. Can't wait to watch your new drama.. fighting..

nekochan I knew I'd seen him somewhere, I was watching I Need Romance2 and couldn't figure out from where! That's the hot beast from Myung Wol the Spy!

Sachharine bro you were too cool in myung wol the spy. damn bro. i wish i am as cool as you

Choo Cha I love watching you in Spy Myung-Wol. You just got that charisma that attracted me. Btw, I'm a married Aunty that is 8 years older than you. Keep up the good work!

kannika First of all, I want to say that ur gud in performe spy myung wol. However I dnt feel good because u were given up on myung wol. Well, u still the best. From ur fan Cambodia :)

yukira Hi Lee Jin Wook ! First time i saw you in spy myeong wol.Your acting is great ! i really disappoint that kang woo got myeongwol not u. You should get either myeongwol or inNa. And,i hope you will be the lead actor in other drama k !

jenny hi lee jin wook! I first saw you in myung wol the spy. the moment I first saw you I immediately set my eyes only on you and leave eric behind! heard the news that you and cho ji woo separated. its ok! she is beautiful that even I adore her. but she is too old for you. I strongly recommend that you should date kim tae hee. hi hi. hope to see you two act in a drama as a lead actor/actress. I love you both <3

Ixara I love you in myung wol the spy! like others I wish it was you who ended up with myung wol. love you!!

mimi can't wait for your new drama!!.. all the best oppa!! ;D

Jenn Hi Lee Jin Wokk .. I really like your acting skills.. :D but i got disappointed because you don't have a good ending in the movie Spy Myung Wol.. It would be much better if you end up with Jin In Ah .. :) hope to see you in other movie.. Keep up the good work and SMILE :) LOVE LOVE LOVE .. Philippine Fan :D

Arm I really like your performed, Really hope to see more of your work, Thailand Fan

luv u choir u i had ended up crying when i saw myung wol last episode because of ur excellent acting i became so absorbed in it that i cried when u got neither myung wol nor in ah just for ur country.why dont u have a good ending in last at myung wol the spy??????????i luve u the most i bet u.u are very beautiful and a genuine actor.

Nirali Such a hot look you have Jin Wook! Hoping to see you in a new drama where you are the lead actor....you look sooooo cute when you smile.....keep smiling :) your indian fan :D

rynna i miss you!.. i want to watch more of your drama and of coz u as the lead.. please act more in drama.. miss your acting, cute smile and handsome face... hehee.. ^^

mirah he is really cool.................. i m looking forward to seeing u as the lead actor in next drama. i hope my wishes are fulfilled. "_"

Muyamoh agree with Jessica. Although when he is not smile his is handsome. When he smiles just adorable. He has very peaceful serene look. (Don't know his nature !!)

jessica he is far better than eric in movie .He is very cool !!! He help myung wol but eric get cher deep shit!!

Muhammad Bilal Your acting in Spy myung wol was awesome.

shortbread Like the others say, I hope you would have a new drama soon where you would be the lead actor and ends up with the lead actress next time. I watched Spy Myung Wool because you're in it but sad coz you didn't end up with Myung Wool. Lee Jin Wook deserves to be the lead actor. He's got the looks, and he's a good actor. He's way cuter than Eric Moon... :)

honeybeby aww my god!.. i luv u so much!.. i want to see more of ur drama please!!.. i already watch some of ur drama like someday, powerful opponent, before & after and recently spy myungwol!.. and i just fell in love with u and your acting.. such a good actor!.. can't wait for your upcoming drama.. i really wish also that u as the main lead and please make sure u get the girl ok!.. coz u just dont in some in your drama and it so frustrating to me.. hehee.. jin wook oppa fighting!! ^__^

bluetoothgirlz hum...i've read all plot for the drama that Jin Wook oppa act in...but most of the time u're not the lead male... how comeeeeeeeeeeee.... i wanna watch something that focus on you..not as in additional character...please advice me asap regarding this matter...which drama should i watch first...?? oh yes,b4 i forget, to all KDrama directors...please consider him as lead actor in your next drama...thank you!

bluetoothgirl such a great actor...and handsome..i just knew you through Spy Myung Wol... u look soo handsome, strong and super cool~ like your character in that drama so much..and i'm searching more info on your drama/movie to watch... gettin addicted to ya... :D~ btw, we're same star..virgo... n since u're 4years older than me, i call u Oppa... XD saranghanda oppa...aja2~ ^__^

ana lee you're very handsome in formidable rivals...hope to see more of you in tv series...saranghae suho :)

mia OMG!! i love this BAD BOY in Formidable Rivals...xoxo saranghee Jin Wook shi...

eli take care of ur cute face baby

blessy ohh my Gosh ur soo hot!!

karol anne louiz i really love u'r face.....

karol anne louiz hi....

ha your very handsome guy....

ruth oh my gosh!!!!so handsome..i like u being snob until u fell in love...so sweet;))))

MRP hi!!!! => nice actor!!! -

aica you're so cute.I love your role in Formidable Rivals.You are a great actor and a motor rider.And I love your stunts.You and Chae Rim are good couples whether in real life or not.

rachel reyes ue movie was great...ang ur so handsome..hhehehehe...so awesome! LOL

khaterine joy l. dacillo he was good in act and cute im your fan in phillippines

Nopi you look better with cruel hair

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