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  • Name: Lee Jin-Wook
  • Hangul: 이진욱
  • Birthdate: September 16, 1981
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 183cm.
  • Blood Type:


  • Beauty Inside | Byooti Insaideu (2015) - Woo-Jin
  • Time Renegade | Shiganitalja (2015) - Detective Gun-Woo in 2015
  • The Target | Pyojeok (2014) - doctor
  • Miss Granny | Soosanghan Geunyeo (2014) - Seung-Woo (TV station PD who likes Doo-Ri)

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Hannah Its gonna be great drama in 2015! The Time That I Loved You,7000 Days!,I Watched its oroginal drama from Taiwan before. Lee JinWook suits to the character of the lead role, Li Da Ren which starred by Bolin Chen. Only one word for you,FIGHTING!

Sunny Jin Wook oppaaaa...... Wooaaaaa...... You got a very great new drama coming, and with Ha Ji Won eonni...... Its a very good news for me, I will love and support you till the end, YES! FIGHTING !

Lulu Miao Its SBS,not KBS2 ,so,thank you,SBS! LJW is my idol!:-)

Amel Wow! Lee Jin Wook got casted in The Time That I Loved You,7000 Days! Thanks to KBS2! Hwaiting!!!

Nono Sal Yeah……:-) Will definitely say YESSSS!Cannot wait for your new drama to be aired :-)

Jerico Hi , I am waiting for your new drama , and here is The Time I Loved You, 7000 Days. Glad to hear as I am looking forward for it!Thanks!

Ember M Well I liked his personality in the few episodes of Three Musketeers I watched. Not really sure about how suitable he is for Ha Ji won but I can't deny he's good looking and can act. Hope it's a winning combination.

Astrid Morano I am fan from Indonesia, congratz Lee Jin Wook, just checked it out your coming new drama The Time That I Loved You,7000 Days. So happy to see you pair up with Ha Ji Won,really waiting for it. .

widia best actor... keep spirit..

Scarlett Greetings from Thailand, I like he portras your role in I Need Romance 2 and Nine. He has a lot of flair,although if he does not speak, his eyes act well for him.

I like his acting, not just becoz he is good looking but his acting and outer performance, hair style so naturally.. he is the reason I watch Korean dramas.Fighting, Mr.Lee Jin Wook!

Dudd yuori Hello , Mr.Lee Jin Wook, I enjoyed Ms.Granny much, I found its a very interesting story :-D and I searched for your drama series , watched Three Musketeers and Nine Times Time Travel, wow!they are ur awesome performances there, now I think I am your fan :-D I will be waiting for your new drama or movies ,God bless you !

Menara adu Because of you I learned a few of Koreans, you are like an inspiratipn to me ... You deserves lead role more than anyone else. I wish you can make a fan-sign for me one day, hehehe:))))

Sui He has silent, humble, melancholic, romantic, sweet, adorable, innocent face!he is really my type;-) always wants to see him!always hope he got the good character as main role, wish him success and bright carreer;-)

Bonnieraid Congratulation, Lee Jin Wook!you are my best favorite K actor!fm Indonesia...

Nono Sal I really like LEE JIN WOOK now!

Safrina Congratz on your new project, oppaaaa......

Safrina Congratz on your new project,oppaaaaa......

Tommy Malaiho Good Day, Bro Lee Jin Wook, learn that you will have a new drama in this coming June, happy for you, but I would like to see you to star in thriller drama or mystery one, you are the best in such character. I red the synopsis of Hello Monster and I feel itust be you to tae the role , it suits you the most, but I also learned that you are offered another drama, I just really hope that you take the main role for Hello Monster , I really like to watch you star such detective for the thriller mystery drama , that is only my hope ,thanks ,bro Jin Wook.

Nandra Lee Jin Wook is a talented actor, I lovd the most his cry scenes, really looks like real, makes me wanna cry too, feel so touched and drowned to sad emotion,ohhhhh so excellent in that cry action ...and when he laugh or smile, looks so happy yet adorable, he is great!my good expectation for him in his new future works, congrats!

Jennnn Ahhhh so excited for your new drama with Ha Ji Won Congrats! ^^ Can't wait for it to premiere hehe.

Maureen Lin Dear Lee Jin Wook, I first saw you in your tv drama Nine, it was a very good one with a wonderful storyline, I really like your performance since that moment, I heard that you soon will have a good drama to take as a main role , I hope you confirm it surely , will always watch your act wirks, thanks.

Ms.Khoo I am happy to know you have new projects to come ahead, wish you good luck, from Indonesian fan in,China.

Abg He is just good in every angles, aza!

Vivian Congratulation LJW oppa!Will surely love you more and more。。。。。love uuuuuu。。。。 happy for you from Indonesian fans。。。:-P

Chloe Hi Lee Jin Wook, from the States congrats you on your new drama TTILY,7000 Days ! Know you can,do it! Its great, good job this time! Godbless!

Chloe Hi Lee Jin Wook, from the States congratz you on your new drama series TTILV,7000 Days , I know you can do it, good job!!! Wowwww!!!

Katherine Lew Good job!would like to congrat on your new drama project The Time I Loved You,7000 Days!can't wait to watch it. Ha Ji Won is my fav K actrees too, really a good pairing fir this drama, good luck, Lee Jin Wook!

Nie Ni Ni So excited !my wish come true, thank God!I always hope him to get the main role with big actrees coz his acting so natural, he deserved it, keep fighting,LJW oppa!

Zingdo Really? I am so happy to learn that Lee Jin Wook to become male lead for this Taiwan remake drama, I am big big fan of LJW, ohhhhh I am so happy:-D big congrats for you ,Mr.perfect!

Ian I am very happy to hear that its been confirmed the male lead is LJW Ssi , big congrats fior you , i am your big big fan :-D hope you would be a great star,you deserved it!

Emily IT has been CONFIRMED LJW To lead the male role of The Time I Loved You, 7,000 Days with Ha Ji Won as female lead role!!!!! To air in June 2015. WooooooHooooooo ❤️❤️❤️

Astrid Morano Lee Jin Wook's acting soulful and charming, love to see him , looking firward for his other new tv series. From Indonesian fan.

Nana Lee Jin Wook is smokingggg hot I love every feature of his face especially his eyes and his smile. >_< I personally didn't really notice him much from Three Musketeers, but in Nine Times Travel, dayum he's freaking handsome hehehe. Heard he's going to act in a new drama soon. Soo looking forward to it. :) Meanwhile I'll watch some of his other movies/drama. ^_^

Jojo Hi good day,Mr.Lee, I like your tv serial Nine Times Time Travel , your acting is superb there, I wish to see you again in such thriller mystery drama. By the way, I also just watched Myeong Wol The Spy, it is really awesome story, like character Choi Ryoo. I wish you make a visit to Thailand, Thailand has a very beautiful things to see, I do hope Korean krama will be set in Thailand one day like China filmindustry did. Wish you all the best , bravo!

Eka Lee Jin Wook oppaaaaa... Heard that you hv been offered new project from KBS2 , would you please accept the role, we would love watching you on screen ,really....really missing your comebak in dramaland in 2015. Love u fm deep of my heart, Eka fm Indonesia.

Demi Gosling LJW shi...how r u doin'??longing for your new tv series in 2015. we alll here are waiting , I am your big big fan from San Diego , CA. We are Chinese born America, love watching K drama here, and saranghayeeee:) May God bless you a happy life and successful carreer :)

Juanita Taslim Lee Jin Wook oppa... Please accept the leading role for your new drama .... Missing you always and always....

Ramsey Lazio Hello Mr.Lee Jin Wook , we are really waiting for your upcoming project, please ... Can't wait after Three Musketeers season 1^_- we hope you are a male lead in your new tv series, you deserved it! love you from Romania!

Nyima hello from New York... I am not familiar with Korean movies but my sister was watching a comedy movie... Miss Granny and there I saw you for the first time. Your face looks so familiar to me even though m seeing you for the first time. Just wanna say keep up the good work and good luck. Best regards Nyima

puan m.lee Lee jin wook is very cool and cute, and also so simple and natural that so many people can"t see. hope to see his new tv serie as main lead .

Irene77 Love his eyes too;-) and his smiles:-D his eyes looks so shaddy, his smiles really light up the day^_- I really wish he perform soon in the new drama series , I wish to see him in drama mystery or romcom drama ,LJW ssi.. you are a great actor, you light up my day :-P thank yooouuuuuu... Have a blessfull day , wish you a successfull life and carreer , #warmest regards from Indonesia #

ara I love his eyes, so ...... ah, can't find a word to describe those eyes.

Thomas Bridge Your character in Nine so excellent !I love your acting!

T.Nguyen Oppa saranghaeyo.....hahahaha...!! I love this guy, his smile made me love him more. I don't know, there is something on his smile which leave a mark in everyone's heart, I think. Actually I first saw him in Nine, then I have been able to accidentally watch him in I need Romance 2, ohhh.... I love him there.... then seeking for his other tv series , and happened to watch Three Musketeers , Myeong Wol The Spy,Formidable Rivals,Air City. He can act very well in every characters, his cute smile, bright eyes, and his voice really expressive. I am fan of Korean movie and drama, when i saw Lee Jin Wook, I find his role is better than many other famous K actors,

I wonder why he is not as famous as other Korean actors. he is great with excellent acting ! I will be totally looking forward for his new projects!:-D love yah,Jin Wook!luv...luv.... from Vietnamese fan in US.

Alviani Juwita His voice is very distinctive, he is my inspiration, love LJW!Hope he will have his new drama soon!aja!aja!

Chloe Hi Lee Jin Wook , I am from the States!Completely fell in love with you in your drama,Nine. By far, the drama series,Nine was your best performance ever!your character and acting skill touch my heart in every way possible. I really hope you go on to get the lead again in something truly spectacular. I really believe that you have it in you to do main and big roles. I see a serious actor in you.

I really hope your management coy will select some serious roles for you,.. if your management team is not out there promoting you then call me up,I will get out there and do it!! I BELIEVE in your talent and you as a person,I hope you will keep acting for long long time, thank you from the bottom of my heart,with lots of love,Chloe^_-

Kenneth Lee Jin Wook, I can see you can act, your melancholic face made me fall in love, and when you smile you are so adorable. I like your crying act , it looks like real, you are a talented actrees ! I found you awesome in your acting. I really miss your new tv series, wish you act more n moreY(^_^)Y

feysha annabelle annyeong oppa.....i love your works the most in Nine Times Travel and Myung Wol Spy. i am your number 1 big fan, i hope to see your more drama in the following years and hope you bag more awards!hope you visit Bali,Indonesia and do shooting here, sarangheyooooo,,,,, oppa....

amber this man can act,MORE PROJECTS! he is one of my fav actors, judging from his acting so far, i think he is good. he is charming and beautiful smile. I really enjoyed watching Nine , Three Musketeers season 1. can't afford to watch it all in a day.

if you read this, pls consider this advice from me as a fan: if you do modern drama, pls do a heartbreaking melodrama , you have countenance to pull off solemn,tragic act beautifully. as long as you pick up your roles wisely, you will shine. you are handsome and hv compelling presence on screen. as long as you engage to the audience, they will surely follow and anticipate your next performance.

I wish you a successful acting carreer!good luck and cheers^_^

christina velasquez he is so cool.. his acting also makes me happy :-D i hope to can enjoy more of his drama with him as first main lead. he is really awesome in Nine, so attractive in INR 2, so charming in Three Musketeers, so cool in Myeong Wol The Spy...please star in another drama soon,oppaaaa...fm Philippine with luv...

glenn halo Lee Jin Wook shi, when will you have your new series again? really waiting for your latest projects with you as leading role. wish you happy valentine's day !

gwyneth today i found out dvd of Spy Myeong Wol!i am so happy for that i have been looking for it everywhere here. its special ordered from Jakarta(capital city of Indonesia) . thanks to bring such amusing drama for ur fans to enjoy. Wish you the best and good luck always in your life and carreer:-*

merlin hi .. i hv just finished watching 3 Musketeers, found it a very worth watching drama,i am so impressed of the character of the crown prince. he is so humble as a prince and very handsome too ,hahaha...i just started noticing him and will be going to watch his other series. i am his fan from now on!!

elizavita besharova hi sir Lee Jin Wook,good day,how are you doing? i love watching your acting, you are a brilliant asian actor. keep acting and warm regards from Russia.

nuarlie i agree with the comment that oppa Lee Jin Wook acts are effortless. his acting very natural that let us nvr get bored to watch . I think he is an actor with talent. I really wait for her big drama where he get the challenged role cos he deserved it . I am your true fan from Indonesia .

sivan He is my favorite actor right now. He is so simple yet so manly, and his voice is so sexy. The way he act is so effortless but really moving I've watched him in Nine, and when his character is lonely I am lonely too. I mean he can really connects to viewers. He kissed passionately too, thats why I watched INR. I really wish I could meet you in person. Please don't get married yet.

curt Hi Sir,i am Curt from San Fransisco. I watched your drama Nine when I was in Hangzhou,China. I found it a good drama,I appreciated it . tks.

Xin Xiu I found Lee Jin Wook oppa is not only good looking,but also really talented. a good and versatile actor. his appearance just like a perfect model(^-^) we love him most at I Need Romance 2. I want to see him more in drama/movies ^_^

vivian I am vivian from Indonesia,who said LJW not well recognized or appreciated?he is really well known here,his drama NINE best known here . also the latest one Three Musketeers season 1. he is also well known among young people even teenagers. among ladies and elders too. among who watch K dramas know him for sure. so,I do not agree below comment said he is not. I myself love his acting much. he acts excellent and natural,body gesture also looks natural ,not look like pretending. he does good job really. very well known here in Indonesia and believe in other places too. wish him all the best!wish coming soon his new projects!:-D

sofia theresia I meant melodrama not melidrama. So sorry for my mistyping:-D

sofia theresia dearest Lee Jin Wook ,good day for you:-P I am really waiting for your new drama . It really makes me happy to see ur acting . i wanna see you play comedy romantic drama or melidrama also very okay. you r really match to it,trust me:-P I wish you a happy life and successful carreer:-*

k drams expert helloooooo.....Mr.Lee Jin Wook shi,,I saw you first in Nine Times Time Travel,then I started seeking for your other drama series and movies,I also enjoyed watching INR 2012,Spy Myeong Wol,Ms.Granny,The Target,City OfGlass,and just finishedwatching Three Musketeers. You stole my heart,hehehe.... I do not want to meet you in person,cozi t is impossible to happen,I know. But I just hope that youwill star in good drama with the strong role that will become big hits in all Asia,that is my big hope for you. I hope you would read all of your fans' comments here so that you will notice how desperately we want to see you ...sarangaye..:-*

goldwin just finish watching THREE MUSKETEERS season 1, it was soooo ... good!I am in love, hehehe.... you are a great actor :) i am now a huge fans of yours.. hope THREE MUSKETEERS season 2 will be aired this year 2015. God bless you always ! love youuuu.........^_-

ariesta no matter he is popular or not, whether his drama/movies got low rate or even zero, i will always like him and he is the best ever!pls keep healthy ,oppa!Y(^_^)Y

wei ying Nella, I totally agree with you, Lee Jin Wook is much better than many other poupular K actors, his facial expression is priceless, he has a peaceful look , but he is not well recpgnized and appreciated. his agency has to promote him more and yo find good script and female lead who fits him well. Lee Jin Wook ,you are the best ever!:-D

laura shu miss you,Jin Wook ssi....wishing to watch your more and more tv series in 2015. thank you so much !

marquerite came to know him in Three Musketeers, he is good! love his acting in Nine too. he portrays his roles very well. he is a very good looking person, his eyes and smiles are perfect ^_- hope to see more of his dramas in this year 2015. wish him all the best in his acting carreer!

freshdews i love him in I Need Romance 2 . He is so caring , charming. also love him the most in Three Musketeers season1 where he plays the role as crown prince . his smile is unforgetable, the sweetest smile among all actors, i think;-) I am looking forward for his new big drama soon, all the best for him ! From Taipei.

Shanel He is so sexy...

gwyneth i really want to watch Spy Myung Wol but failed finding its dvd::>_<:: i miss this drama before, Lee Jin Wook is my fav K actor always though many nice n great actors in Korea but I only adore n idolize him :-D i really look forward for more of his big projects soon, love yooooouuuuuuu~~

ella guillermo Hi sir, you are my favorite korean actor, i saw you first in spy myung wol and i fell jn love with your acting. I thought no way you are to play second lead actor, with your looks and excellent acting. True enough when i researched your work, you likewise have starred in wha soon to be my favorite kdramas. I need romance 2( i love your chemistry with jung yoo mi), three musketeers (wow blossoming sweet love with the crown princess) and of course Nine Time Travel. You always perform way beyond my expectations. Im glad that you are so busy and visible cause you have lots of upcoming projects. My wish is for you to pair up with my fave korean actress Yoon Eun Hye.. ..btw im from the philippines and my work is so stressfull that i feel relieved just by watching kdramas. Thank you and may you always be happy and healthy....

felix Love from India... first of all, congratulate on your superb acting in Nine, you captivated my eyes in there..

Lee Jin Wook,,,love you so much, you are the best! go go Lee Jin Wook!!! I lovs the way you act in Nine very much!!keep up doing good movies, wish you the best in life and carreer!

zein Aloha Jin Wook Lee, nice to know you:-D I just starting watching K drama after few years. I watched Nine Times Time Travel last year and started knowing you. I really like you, your performance and acting. then search for your other dramas and found Three Musketeers season 1, and also Ms.Granny. really enjoyed Three Musketeers as well,but its too short for only 12 episodes . also heard that its cancelled for season 2 and 3. is it true??very disappointed to hear that ~~o(>_<)o ~~ and your role in Ms.Granny so nice but only few scenesT_T hope to see you in a new drama with you as lead male soon, i wish u success always and more projects soon, good luck! best wishes, Zein from M'sia

shinta Lee Jin Wook oppa is definitely one of my favorite K actors. He is handsome and always play as a good guy, so manly . his smile is pure.. love him(=^_^=) Best of luck in 2015,oppa...(^ <^)

amel How are you doing Mr.Lee Jin Wook, I am from Indonesia, I really like Three Musketeers drama, i hope that the season 2 and 3 will be airing soon, I DO HOPE IT WOULD NOT BE CANCELLED. It is a good historical drama, and you are so great as a crown prince. I pray for your success ,good luck, wish you all the best!Love you from Indonesia└(^o^)┘

wild rose I am Chinese but living long in Germany. I love LJW in Nine but he is also great in Three Musketeers. awesome, i look forward to seeing him in new drama/movies in the future. I will be in Korea soon, hope to see LJW in real :)

tyas I only like to see two Korea actors, they are Lee Jin Wook and Jang Hyuk. but I love LJW the most, better than Jang Hyuk . Lee Jin Wook, i hope you will be in a great drama series with a great role soon . And last but not least, congratz to you and beloved wife, you both are real perfect couple,wish you happy 4ever and ever!

balqis mach hi Lee Jin Wook ssi)……I am.waiting for your nice drama jyst like Nine TTT,I falled in love with your role there……thank you so much……i will be waiting,hopefully you read my request here:-D

Hanna Louis Mr.Lee Jin Wook, good day!my teenage son likes to see your acting much. he said you are the coolest K actor . and he likes to see what you wear and like to have them. he is now 1.75 tall, and he thinks you are very stylish, fashionable. i myself like your drama Nine and Three Musketeers much. you r charming:) but some of your drama are too much kisses scenes, sometms just feel cannot watch together with teenagers:) wish you all the best, happy new year 2015.

sunny davies hello Jin Wook Lee.. i always like your appearance n performance. but i dun like your hair style in Ms.Granny^_^ it made you look thin with that hair style. i.am waiting for ur new drama soon. fighting!

wangchuk I am from Bhutan. still,i love this charming and inspiring Lee Jin Wook. he is awesome in Nine,I even bought the DVD.

angie hi Lee Jin Wook Ssi, just finished watching your drama Three Musketeers season 1. i like the last episode most when you found the crown princess still alive and you cried happily, your face expression that time was really natural just like in real, great ! and iwish to watch more and more of your tv series, you are great!my best regards to you!i wish you become a singer too, coz i can hear your voice sounds good and nice:) you are perfect, thanks!

Leong wei hoei lee jin wook ssi..when will three muskeeteers season 2 released?i am waiting for so long..:(

Sammy I am from Thailand,just wanna say helloooo and you are my idol ,love you much,good luck,happy new year,,

jay good day!i just finished watching Three Musketeers season 1 . and I am so impressed with your character there as crown prince Sohyeon , you are charming, kind,sweet , and protective. I fall in love with your smile:) waiting for your season2,,,saranghaye,,,

bonnieraid I am one of your fan from Indonesia,wishing you happy new year,God bless you, love to see your acting always,give us more n more drama,oppa....

edith hi good day!keep up improving your acting,i enjoyed your television drama Nine Times Time Travel,love all the casts too. just wait for your another new tv drama . thanks,and happy new year. from uzbekistan.

theresia lee aloha Lee... I am so in love with your role as the crown prince Sohyeon in Three Musketeers season 1. I heard that there will be season 2 & 3,but also heard that season 2 and 3 to be cancelled. why to be cancelled?I do hope that it wud not be cancelled, coz it is really good historical drama, I love it all!so, please, we are waiting for the season 2 and 3 here. Good luck for you,Happy New Year!

rose ann Wishing you a happy new year ,my dearest Lee Jin Woo,stay healthy,success always,take care n Godbless!

rose ann i am big fan of Lee Jin Wook. i feel like melting everytime i see he smiles. i really love his eyes and smile . his smiling is OMG ..:P it attracts anyone,so sweet,charming and innocent. great actor. hot and handsome. fall in love with him fir his great role as Park Sun Woo in Nine Times Time Travel. also in Three Musketeers. i know i may not able to see you,its impossible. but i do hope you would visit us here in philippines. more movis and drama to come,my dear...^_^ i will always support you here.. sarangaye..:-*

lea cabiasa good evening Mr.Lee Jin Wook, nice knowing you,really like your role in Nine. congratulation on your excellent performance in Nine. we love to see your face ,hear your sounds, see your sweet smile,so loveable:-D keep acting,happy new year 2015,May God bless you a successful acting carreer . we love yo see you in real here in Philippine..

kristanti hello Lee Jin Wook,its really not enuff for only 12 episodes of Three Musketeers season 1. too short:( please....we want more^_^

super duper i love your acting in Nine, and now like the crown prince Sohyeon in Three Musketters. you are a great actor,handsome, keep up good work, wishong you a happy new year 2015!success always!

vanessa hiii oppa LJW, i really like Three MUSKETEERS SEASON 1.. I am waiting for the season 2 , i like the chatacter of Park Dal Hyang and the romance between the crown prince and crown princess. tks to the director and the writer, and all the casts to make this series, i like it very much. God bless you all ..

yoshida he looks like Japanese ,love her eyes most and of course his killing smile :-D

alexandria Lee Jin Wook oppa...you are married with Choi Ji Woo..she is my fav K actrees. . happy for both of you. a perfect couple ever.. jealous with her,hahaha...you are great actor!always be my heart !keep acting,okay?!

geovanny he looks different with other K actors. so hot and sexy:)

huang jie good day ! wishing you a happy new year 2015..hope to see your new big projects soon in this new year . i am so in love with crown prince Sohyun in Three Musketeers season 1 and Park.Sun Woo in Nine. just start knowing you in.Nine,now going to watch Ms.Granny . btw,wishing u a happy wedding,God bless you and wife .

farida chandra Jin Wook oppa,,,, are you just married?so happy to hear that . we will always love you and idolized you whether you are single or married, you are always my nbr 1 Korean actor , may God bless you happiness always.. waiting for your new drama soon :)

Christy congratulation on your wedding!

nova zuanita annyong haseyo....hi Jin Wook oppa....come visit Indonesia, really want to meet you in person, you are a great actor,for me,you are the most handsome actor in Korea, k eep acting and smiling,i am currently staying in Canada, but will be back to Indonesia soon. so, i am your BIG fan from Indonesia.

geeta joshua after idolized you in NINE, now i am so in love with the crown prince So Yun in THREE MUSKETEERS , you are very gentle and kind prince there, also love all other casts there, thanks to all for played each role greatly , the storyline is interesting too, i am waiting for the season 2. Msy God bless you success and bright future . from Cambodia

felicia ong lee jin wook ssi.. how are you doing?i am so glad to find you in drama Three Musketeers season 1 after watching Nine. your actinv ij,Nine was impressive, and i hope Three Musketeers will be hit too. when will season 2 be teleased? hope to watch it soon. i love your eyes,really, very bright eyes^_- . I like much the romance and passion between the crown prince and crown princess in Three Musketeers. pls release the season 2, i am waiting,,,:-D good luck for you.

adrian Bro Lee Jin Wook , you are superb in Nine Times Time Travel. I am your teenage fan in Indonesia

deena an exceptional actor, i think he is the best of whole Korean industry, i watched most all of uour works, and will watch the remaining too. fighting !

khampee Three Musketeers is the best of yours , I really enjoyed it, thanks:)

Rio MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU,i watched NINE for more than ten times ,can you believe that? FROM INDONESIA .

H2O I enjoyed Nine Times Time Travel much,the main and all supporting casts are great. Lee Jin Wook,you are so adorable cutie :-D more power and blessing to you ,really enjoyed your drama NINE. from Thailand

tiffany LJW OPPA!i love you so much, you are amazing, you will stay as my first and only Korean male star forever!I like everything abt you so much (acting and appearsnce) . I hope to see you in your new drama or movie soon. God blessyou,LEE!take goodcare of yourself and good health. Btw,My favorite drama is Nine ,and now Three Musketeers Season 1. sarangeyo...:-P

natallyn OMG!Lee Jin Wook you are not only handsome but also very sweet,cute,make me always want to see you ,your face and character in every drama series or movies are very nice and kind. i love you more and more. i like SPY MYUNG WOL,NINE,THREE MUSKETEERS,and also all of your old drama series like CITY OF GLASS,AIR CITY,I NEED ROMANCE ,FORMIDABLE RIVALS,ALONE IN LUV. You are a great actor!

Rui Feng hey,good day for you,i am one of your fan from Singapore,i rarely watch K drama before, just finished watching Nine, and really fall in love with the character of Park Sun Woo. also really like the actrees Jo Yoon Hee , hope to see both of you again in another new drama series. you both are my favorite Korean stars now. warmest regards fm Spore .

olyvia you are great in NINE & THREE MUSKETEERS SEASON 1. I really wait for the season 2 . you are the kindest and the most charming prince i have ever seen in Korean drama , good luck always !love from your fan in Malaysia

hazel Three Muskeeteers is highly recommended!totally fall in love with the very charming prince starred by Lee Jin Wook. really love his sweetest smile ,keep acting and smiling,your smile really calms others'heart :-)

Pauline I am much older than you,cannot call you oppa,right?:-D NINE Times Time Travel is my fav K drama, i watched it for several times. besides the interesting plot ,the lead actor/actrees are great one. perfect!

lulu halo Lee Jin Wook ssi,,, happy to know that you are nominated at TVN AWARDS. wish you good luck and be a winner,btw,i am waiting for your new film projects, besy regards,Lulu .

kristy Lee Jin Wook is nominated at TVN GO AWARDS. I hope he wins the "Best Actor" award. He deserves it.

superlantern hello Lee Jin Wook oppa, just wanna ask when will the season 2 of Three Musketeers be released?i havevjust finished watching its season 1. waiting for the season 2 now. hope towatch it soon. good luck you ,my sweetheart

Surachai Good day,bro Lee Jin Wook,I like to see you in Nine series. i think you are very cool guy and suit to the character. wish you good luck,from me in Thailand

sarri i am one of your fan from India. I really like your series Nine, especially the shooting in Nepal with a very beautiful scenery. and the nine scents used to travel back to the past, it really a good series to watch and of coz its starred by Lee Jin Wook as a lead actor. you are really fit to be the character of Park Sun Woo. with love from India,pls keep in mind that you are a great star ;-)

kimmy srangaye..Lee Jin Wook oppa..,i love to see your acting, hope to see you in more more big projects ,more power to you, have a healthy and happy life,may success always be with you, i am gonna watch Beauty Insidd ,hope to find it out soon !

flo oiiiiii Lee Jin Wook oppaa.. saranghaye...i like the most your acting in Nine. how are you so cool and handsome ....???:-D but why i could not find your movie Ms.Granny here?i am so disapointed,really like to see it ::-( i have watched Three Musketeers season 1. nice ..great!

pinky i lived in Seoul for 6 months 2 yrs ago ,and often found film shooting on the streets or road sides or at the malls around in coincidence and i was very happy to ever saw the film making in real ..but unfortunately i i did not happen to see your film shooting ;-) really like your TV series Nine Times Time Travel and the soundtrack also a very nice song. I love it much. i think its the best soundtrack among all of K dramas i hv ever seen. And Nine also the best Korean TV series . and the last but not least,Lee Jin Wook,you are great actor too!i am your fan from Thailand

papilaya aishiteru ..... i am your fan in Hokkaido.

ricca tjan hiiiii Lee Jin Wook oppaaaa... i really like your act in Spy MyungWol,the story is very interesting too. never get bored to watch it. i hope you stay healthy and young foreverrr:-D stay cool also:-D good luck always:-D

harlson i love his face, so adorable ,take good care!

shaddyhut i can say he is really cool, face good, kind look, killing smile :-D^_-,you are real PERFECT!you have everything to be a star !

lea sahertian i feel very sorry to just know you in 2013 in Nine. wish i had known you earlier to cam enjoy more of your earlier tv series or movies. now its hard to find your earlier tv series here due to the dvd seller will not stock the old collection :( really looking forward for your more n more projects enable me to enjoy your acting,good luck for you,keep acting!love from Indonesia

raudhah hi how are you doing?good day,i like your acting ,and your face expression in every scenes. you are perfect!

millian you are excellent and charismatic in Nine, sorry to say that i do not like to see historical drama like Three Muskeeteers.so, really hope that you starring modern drama in the future ,warm rgds from Medan,INDONESIA

puspita would like to see you star in more drama n movies , you are my favorite korean actor^_-

maria valencia hi Lee Jin Wook oppa,i am always waiting to see you smile to me in real,hahaha!your smiling so sweet and comforting!keep smiling and waiting for yoour new drama series soon!fighting!

reinhart good day! I am so impressed with your acting in NINE. I like the story and your character of Park Sun Woo. you are really fit to the character. hoping to see you more in the future K drama. I seldom watch drama one,but found NINE is worth watching. success always for you. by the way,it is amazing that you can move your ears,love it:-D how you do that?:-D

siew lee i have watched Three Muskeeteers season 1. wow!you are so charming there as a prince ,great act,but ilike modern drama better;-) lookingforward for your another new modern drama':-D good luck,love from me in Dubai.

joyce i am from Penang,Malaysia. NINE now played in tv station here , but not yet ended. really like the lead actor Lee Jin Wook, he owns the sweetest smile that i hv ever seen :) it really killed me:) also love his acting and the story , perfect!wish you will shoot in malaysia one day . all the best ya!

Chan Just finish watching NINE in the Malaysia and started to know you from it. Really like with the character of Mr.Park Sunwoo. Love to see your sweet smile. Wish you good luck in the future. Keep acting, keep smiling. God bless you always...warmest regards from your Malaysia fan Chan

unni mimi lee jin wook oppa,,, i love you,,, i hope you play as a lead actors always ! you deserved it!

nie ni ni jin wook oppa...i always pray for you getting leading role in drama series and movies . i always miss your acting. you are very handsome and cute :-D i hope you act with a big actrees soon!warmest regardrs from your Indonesian fans

margareth i like your act in Three Muskeeteers season 1。i am gping to watch the season 2. you always act good , keep up on improving your good act talent。GBU!

jasmine just finish watching NINE,i'd never like drama series before as i found them quite bored to watch. but i do like NINE,its just not like other dramas which i will be sleepy after 30 mins watching.:-D so i can say this is an unique one n worth watching,really!thanks to all for representing such amazing drama and esp the lead actor LEE JIN WOOK,you are excellent!wish you good luck always ,be the best K actor!you deserved it!

belinda lee jin wook oppa.....could you star with the actrees Eugene in drama series?? coz i am a big fan of both of you,hahaha:-D love your cute face,oppa:-D fighting !aja!aja!

Amapola Manansala Good day! I just finish watching the Nine Finale thru Channel M here in the Philippines.... Fell in love with the character of Mr. Park Sunwoo!

jolene tee what to say, i am crazy of you ,,,please make more dramas, oppa, success always !

Jadz You have a great talent , I hope you keep on improving it and showing us more and more gorgeous dramas. Fighting

rina lo lee jin wook oppa....you are a great actor with a great look .. you are so.talented..thumbs up for you!you are so perfect !

christy I love the way you act in Nine. You have the coolest personality in that Korean drama. That is no moment that I miss the episode. I love to see your face and physique - very good looking and very appealing. You are really a complete package :) keep up good work, God bless you. From your Philippines.

Mr.Right I like your drama series Nine. It (the story)makes us think and think again, to analyze, to predict, really twisted ,also make me confused ,he he...but after all I got the point of the story in the end. And found it so good ! You are a great actor , wish you the best! And please star another new drama just like Nine ya,he he..

winnie I like everything about him.. The part of his face that I like the most is his sexy chin with beard. I think he is the most handsome when he smile.. my God, I really fall in love with this guy …

deborah Halo Lee JinWook oppa.... I heard that some parts of your seasonal drama Three Musketeers was set in China,right?? I am so happy coz now I am staying in China:) I still have not yet watch the drama. As I live in a small town in China and its a bit hard to find out the latest K dramas here. But I am sure it will be a worth watching one. You are my favorite Korean actor, good luck always, God bless you,sweetheart..

grace I like your role in Nine much. I think you have a great acting skills especially your face expression in every situation. I am one of your fan from capital city of Indonesia. Wish to see you in more projects. Good luck to you handsome oppa :)

lie min give us more dramas to watch with you as the lead actor, we really love you...saranghayeee...oppaaaa....

sri wijaya hiiii....you are so sweet...LEE JIN WOOK...i watch all your dramas and like them all esp Spy Myeong Wol ,Nine,Formidable Rivals,I Need Romance. Why you are so cuteeee ... please keep acting ,..i am your big big fan.

elena hi Lee Jin Wook.. i like your acting in NINE a lot. i am the one with the pain and tears . i have nobody loves me in this world even my family. NINE series really gave me inspiration and strength though its not happening in real life but your brave and strength role there really inspired me . you are a great actor ,the drama will be nothing without capable actor/actrees. i wanna say thank you for such great drama and great acting. wish you good luck always!fighting!

angela omg!your smile is killing me. your acting is really impressive. your smile n face make me happyhaha~ i hope you continue acting and be offered more projects soon. Sri Lanka fan.

deice you are amazing actor,admiring you,oppa....FIGHTING!

ehrie pls play more drama,oppa... i will be waiting .. i hope you will present sad ending drama again. i am different with others who like to see happy ending ones. i like drama or movies with the sad ending, i am melancholic one Y(^_^)Y you have a strong and brave character in NINE. the story inspired me a lot. btw, my mom likes you too:P she never praises K actors while accompanying me to watch the dramas but she said you are very OKAYY(^_^)Y keep fighting,oppa,saranghaye...success always.God bless!we are your Malaysian fans, PEACE:P

Jack i wish you continued success in your carreer ,bro Lee Jin Wook.. when will you be going to visit Indonesia?i really wanna see you in real. you are a very handsome and talented.

nuraini you are the best!love you ....wish you all the best ya!

beverly ong hello...Lee Jin Woo oppa.. you are always my idol(*^﹏^*) i watch NINE & INR for 3 times and still wanna to see it again :)of course it is becoz you are the lead actor of the both dramas. i am so impressed by your good acting and looking ^_^ i love your eyes, its just like you can talk by your eyes. Indonesia fan in Batam

mindayani i am your fan in India, i like to see your acting,i am just nailed on my chair to see every details of the story of Nine. the story and the actors/actrees act greatly . i really like the great friendship that the story tells about. wish i have had a true fren like you had in Nine. Anyway ,thanks for great drama ,you are the best to play the role of Park Sun Woo!wish you good luck!

hardy I like NINE a lot . waiting for more of your drama series soon. God bless you. Balinese fan

jessie i have watched Ms.Granny when i was in Korea. I love your acting much ..love to see your handsome face and your sweet smile. wish i had handsome baby boy like you..hehe...i keep seeing your face with the hope my coming baby boy would be alike you :) wish you good luck in the future. keep acting ,keep smiling:P. your Phillipine fan

katherine Lew I want to see him in another new drama, i am really going to support him in every way i could. Fighting,Lee Jin Wook!I really wish you act with Lee Da Hye (the lead actrees of Hotel King), she is my fav korean actrees and you are my fav K actor^_^

dewi wish you all the best ,i love you《aku cinta kamu》haha~ (*^﹏^*) you make me love KoreaY(^_^)Y (Indonesian fan)

anthony wish you get more projects and awards in the future. my precious girls(my wife & daughters) like you much :) and i am happy for them :)

nicesupper Hi Lee Jin Wook... wow you are so impressive,awesome for I never got addicted to Korean drama b4 . I will keep pressing forward to make it quick finish when i watch some Korean dramas. but always watch for details of every your drama series esp Nine. you did great there,excellent!

admira I like your drama City Of Glass the most though it has been an old one. your role was very nice there. But it was not happy ending to see you did not end up with the lead actrees at the story.. also got crazy of u in Nine Times Time Travel . in Nine i was really unclear abt the ending. however, you are the best K actor for me. you were not majoring acting or theatre or film but you do very excellent even much more than other actors whose education background majoring in acting / theatre . fighting,oppa!!!

kenjiro i love his smile and whole details of his face!!sarsnghayae oppa Lee Jin Wook!!with the bundles of luv from Singapore !

martini i am one of your fan, NINE is my favorite K drama and started to know you from it. i will look for more your other drama series or movies. coz its nvr boring to see your cutest smile. btw, are you genuine Korean?you look like western one :)

even you own a perfect face and acting skills. when will you make a trip to Indonesia?wish you make more drama series and i will surely watch and collect them all:)love you!

claudia i am your Indonesia fan. i think your series NINE should have its eps.21 and more,right?i do not think that it ends up at eps.20. i really like your act and your handsome face. i wish NINE still have its continuous episodes . God bless you always...

dixiejigger hi bro Lee Jin Wook ... you are very cool ,great look,great actor. wish you good luck always. Cambodia fan

rosemarry just wanna say :YOU ARE DAEBAK...OPPA :)

lanmei i am a mid-aged housewife. just finish watching your tv series NINE, i found this drama is quite different with other K-dramas. i was confused at the early story but the whole story was great,worth watching,made me shed tears. your acting there is very good ,you are fully succeed to bring the story worth watching,the director made the right choice for choosing Lee Jin Wook as the lead actor in NINE. Looking forward for your next tv series!

ida saranghaye oppa..i am totally in love with you , i wish your drama and movies become big hits !your philippine fan .

jerry you make my girls cannot get eyes off of you, hate yet envy you!

lutanjazzy i like to see your acts . but i would like to see you with tidy hair style like in NINE than you with cruel hair. though you look handsome in every style,hehehe

jerry damn! you are making my girls cannot get their eyes off of you. hate yet envy you:)

regine you are superb in Nine!so charismatic !

maggie evan oppa... you are daebak!please play more drama ,we are waiting always . take good care..

Ms.Khoo i am your Indonesia fan but now staying in China. sorry for double sending before. was not doing it in purpose. just really wanna watch ”THREE MUSKEETEERS” of yours soon. wish you all the best and hope you would make a visit to China or Indonesia one day :)

Michelle wowwww...you are awesome,handsome,so adorable,like so much your emotions in every character you potray in your drama. Man,you are the best! i have never like Korean actor before but Jin Wook! Keep up your good act work,wish you good luck,God bless you..i am your fan from Thai

spring lover hi oppa Lee Jin Wook..love your looking n acting . cannot wait for your coming dramas and movies. you act great and naturally , lots of love from your fan in China !

Chun Chun hungred for your coming dramas and movies, love your acting, you are not only handsome but your acting is great too!

Ms.Khoo after watching NINE, just look for your another drama,then got CITY OF GLASS. It was your much earlier drama than NINE, you acted great too in it. but its sad to find that u did not get the girl at the end of d drama. Just like in NINE, you also left us with sad.ending. Would you pls to get d girl at ur next drama so that we can be happy for u?:) coz we luv u so much, we really want u to get d girl at the end of d story.. keep acting n smiling coz we all always love to see ur cute smile :) your China fan

Ms.Kho after watching NINE, just look for another drama you r in, then got CITY OF GLASS, it was your earlier drama than NINE, and you acted great too in it. but it is sad that u did not get the girl in the end of drama of CITY GLASS. just like in NINE also leave us with sad ending. wud u pls to get d girl at the end of ur next drama so that we can be happy for u:) love ur drama always,keep acting ,keep smiling coz ur smile makes the day brighter..:) your fan in Indonesia

angelica tanesha i love his smile. His smile makes me calm when i'm mad. Saranghaeyo. Hwaiting.

yongie You're so handsome. Saranghaeyo ~ Miss Granny fighting! I will watch the three musketeers. <3

kai get crazy after watching Nine.. Just watched Miss Granny and get crazy again after a while just recognized him as an-actor-i-will-find-out-after-finished-watching-and-get-crazy-about-him..

ocean I want him to star in a drama where he and song ji hyo are the leads..i like both

Debbie I like your acting So much.You're really Charming ,Talented, Perfect You're very nice in this movie. You look very good in this Anchor Style(Hair Style) Hope to see you in A lot of Dramas ........

                                                   Always Be your Fan

gabriel He is the most favorite K-actors of mine. NINE is the best K-drama I've ever watched. While waiting for TARGET to be released, please comeback with a drama oppa!!! Love you much!!!!

Trucy Lee Jin Wook,i like you a lot. You´re so talented, funny and also very charming. I saw you in Family Outing and i started watching dramas that you are in since! I only love 2 Korean actors and a funny thing ia that they´re both Lee Wooks. It´s you and Lee Dong Wook! Return to dramas in 2014 and show us your talent as you always do, please

Jessie I love him so much.... I wish he will comeback drama land asap in a drama which is even more awesome than NINE!!! Wish his 2 new movies become really big hits!!

coolrepublica Lee Jin Wook is the best kisser in Korea and the world. Nine may have been on cable, but it is by far the best thing to happen to him. It allowed to discover his kissing abilities. He is like the superhero of kissers. I have seen many other good korean actors who can kiss, but he top this chart.

Mel He's awesome, handsome, talented, charming, perfect.... I am totally in love with you, Lee Jin Wook ssi!!! Hope Suspicious Woman & Target will be daebak!!

JaayRdr you're really awesome in NINE!! Great acting! Looking forward to seeing you more as a lead. :)) KUDOS!!! I agree with Luthfiyah. LOL great smile and that was one of the best kisses I've ever seen in my entire Kdrama watching history. Nine's kissing scene is my #1 xDD

Luthfiyah Oppa jin wook Saranghae. I'm falling in love at the first sight with your acting in INR 2012. N grazy about you in Nine. Best acting, best kisser, best smile ever !!! stay cool oppa. I will kitario your acting in next drama or film. But as a lead male ofcourse. Aza aza hwaiting ! Oppa jin wook saranghaeeeeeeee... Your Indonesia fans

Claire have just finished watching Nine Times Time Travel. really really enchanted and amazed by your performance, even though the drama didn't give satisfying ending... looking forward for much more of your drama/movie project!! Stay cool, keep up the good work, and forever be in my heart! Love you always!

Elena You are the best!!!)))l wish I could be your girlfriend;))) your Russian fan;))

sora Naturally handsome, good kisser, and good act. Love you in Nine!! hope to see you in alot of difference drama/movie.

inet I'm falling in love with you....


dahlia can't wait to watch your new drama......keep fighting oppa,,,,,,,,,

Lia Already finish watch I Need Romance and Nine..Good drama to watch,worth it.. wow oppa you are great kisser.. I hope can get boyfriend like you....kekeke

Jam Oppa saranghae..i like your acting..Fighting

Lssi So he is choi ji woo ex-boyfriend

emma Lee jin wook why you so handsome.. love you, love you.. Can't wait to watch your new drama.. fighting..

nekochan I knew I'd seen him somewhere, I was watching I Need Romance2 and couldn't figure out from where! That's the hot beast from Myung Wol the Spy!

Sachharine bro you were too cool in myung wol the spy. damn bro. i wish i am as cool as you

Choo Cha I love watching you in Spy Myung-Wol. You just got that charisma that attracted me. Btw, I'm a married Aunty that is 8 years older than you. Keep up the good work!

yukira Hi Lee Jin Wook ! First time i saw you in spy myeong wol.Your acting is great ! i really disappoint that kang woo got myeongwol not u. You should get either myeongwol or inNa. And,i hope you will be the lead actor in other drama k !

jenny hi lee jin wook! I first saw you in myung wol the spy. the moment I first saw you I immediately set my eyes only on you and leave eric behind! heard the news that you and cho ji woo separated. its ok! she is beautiful that even I adore her. but she is too old for you. I strongly recommend that you should date kim tae hee. hi hi. hope to see you two act in a drama as a lead actor/actress. I love you both <3

Ixara I love you in myung wol the spy! like others I wish it was you who ended up with myung wol. love you!!

mimi can't wait for your new drama!!.. all the best oppa!! ;D

Jenn Hi Lee Jin Wokk .. I really like your acting skills.. :D but i got disappointed because you don't have a good ending in the movie Spy Myung Wol.. It would be much better if you end up with Jin In Ah .. :) hope to see you in other movie.. Keep up the good work and SMILE :) LOVE LOVE LOVE .. Philippine Fan :D

Arm I really like your performed, Really hope to see more of your work, Thailand Fan

luv u choir u i had ended up crying when i saw myung wol last episode because of ur excellent acting i became so absorbed in it that i cried when u got neither myung wol nor in ah just for ur country.why dont u have a good ending in last at myung wol the spy??????????i luve u the most i bet u.u are very beautiful and a genuine actor.

Nirali Such a hot look you have Jin Wook! Hoping to see you in a new drama where you are the lead actor....you look sooooo cute when you smile.....keep smiling :) your indian fan :D

rynna i miss you!.. i want to watch more of your drama and of coz u as the lead.. please act more in drama.. miss your acting, cute smile and handsome face... hehee.. ^^

mirah he is really cool.................. i m looking forward to seeing u as the lead actor in next drama. i hope my wishes are fulfilled. "_"

Muyamoh agree with Jessica. Although when he is not smile his is handsome. When he smiles just adorable. He has very peaceful serene look. (Don't know his nature !!)

jessica he is far better than eric in movie .He is very cool !!! He help myung wol but eric get cher deep shit!!

Muhammad Bilal Your acting in Spy myung wol was awesome.

shortbread Like the others say, I hope you would have a new drama soon where you would be the lead actor and ends up with the lead actress next time. I watched Spy Myung Wool because you're in it but sad coz you didn't end up with Myung Wool. Lee Jin Wook deserves to be the lead actor. He's got the looks, and he's a good actor. He's way cuter than Eric Moon... :)

honeybeby aww my god!.. i luv u so much!.. i want to see more of ur drama please!!.. i already watch some of ur drama like someday, powerful opponent, before & after and recently spy myungwol!.. and i just fell in love with u and your acting.. such a good actor!.. can't wait for your upcoming drama.. i really wish also that u as the main lead and please make sure u get the girl ok!.. coz u just dont in some in your drama and it so frustrating to me.. hehee.. jin wook oppa fighting!! ^__^

bluetoothgirlz hum...i've read all plot for the drama that Jin Wook oppa act in...but most of the time u're not the lead male... how comeeeeeeeeeeee.... i wanna watch something that focus on you..not as in additional character...please advice me asap regarding this matter...which drama should i watch first...?? oh yes,b4 i forget, to all KDrama directors...please consider him as lead actor in your next drama...thank you!

bluetoothgirl such a great actor...and handsome..i just knew you through Spy Myung Wol... u look soo handsome, strong and super cool~ like your character in that drama so much..and i'm searching more info on your drama/movie to watch... gettin addicted to ya... :D~ btw, we're same star..virgo... n since u're 4years older than me, i call u Oppa... XD saranghanda oppa...aja2~ ^__^

ana lee you're very handsome in formidable rivals...hope to see more of you in tv series...saranghae suho :)

mia OMG!! i love this BAD BOY in Formidable Rivals...xoxo saranghee Jin Wook shi...

eli take care of ur cute face baby

blessy ohh my Gosh ur soo hot!!

karol anne louiz i really love u'r face.....

karol anne louiz hi....

ha your very handsome guy....

ruth oh my gosh!!!!so handsome..i like u being snob until u fell in love...so sweet;))))

MRP hi!!!! => nice actor!!! -

aica you're so cute.I love your role in Formidable Rivals.You are a great actor and a motor rider.And I love your stunts.You and Chae Rim are good couples whether in real life or not.

rachel reyes ue movie was great...ang ur so handsome..hhehehehe...so awesome! LOL

khaterine joy l. dacillo he was good in act and cute im your fan in phillippines

Nopi you look better with cruel hair

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