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74-year-old Oh Mal-Soon (Na Moon-Hee) regains her physical appearance from the age of 20. She then changes her name to Oh Doo-Ri (Shim Eun-Kyung)……


  1. Filming began July 10, 2013 in the suburbs of Seoul, South Korea and finished October 13, 2013.


Miss Granny-Shim Eun-Kyung2.jpg Miss Granny-Na Moon-Hee.jpg Miss Granny-Jin Young.jpg Miss Granny-Park In-Hwan.jpg Miss Granny-Sung Dong-Il.jpg
Shim Eun-Kyung Na Moon-Hee Jin Young Park In-Hwan Sung Dong-Il
Oh Doo-Ri Oh Mal-Soon Ji-Ha Mr Park Hyun-Chul
Hwang Jung-Min Miss Granny-Kim Hyun-Suk.jpg Miss Granny-Kim Seul-Gi.jpg Miss Granny-Lee Jin-Wook.jpg Miss Granny-Lim Hyun-Sung.jpg
Hwang Jung-Min Kim Hyun-Suk Kim Seul-Gi Lee Jin-Wook Lim Hyun-Sung
Ae-Ja Na-Young Ha-Na Seung-Woo bus passenger

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Ralin Shim Eun Kyung……you are amazing……you are stil very young, but your talent in acting so awesome, thums up for you!

Lee Jin Wook's smile is to die for...he is superb too;-)

Fia.M I just watched this movie on Red Channel! so much fun! and shim eun kyung is such a talented actress. the way she potrayed an old woman as a teen is so bloody good! and kim so hyun in the end tho hahaha make me jump with joy hahaha

Puput Shim Eun Kyung!!you are VERY TALENTED actrees!love youuu, go go fighting!

Galaxy2000 Love LJW and the young female lead SEK!

Elfrida This movie contains moral life lesson, so good!and all the casts act their roles very greatly!from young to old casts too good:-D

Escrava Just watched this movie too. Shim Eun Kyung a really talented young actrees , is that her real voice when she sang the song on this movie ?all are really nice songs.... Sometimes i feel like crying to listen to the songs. Also love the senior actrees Na Moon Hee, she is great!this movie brings the moral life lesson , a must watch!like actor Lee Jin Wook , very sweet ;-)

bluemarble just watched this movie. it was really good! :D and lee jin wook is so handsome *____*

arya OMG!this drama made me laugh :-D so amazed by the acting of Shim Eun Kyung ,she is very talented. also senior actrees Na Moon Hee,very great!:-D and last but not least, Lee Jin Wook ,my idol ,love you 4ever Y(^_^)Y

Dithaaaaaaaa I LOVE THIS MOVIE! XD 10/10! Shim Eun-Kyung is such a great actress. She made me laugh and cry. Jin Young is so cute too~! <3 Oh, and the best scene was the last when Kim Soo Hyun appeared hahahaha i was laugh so hardddddd

anggi alvina lee jin wook, you make me like you more and more...

vera kusuma I love Na Moon Hee oma and Lee Jin Wook acting in this movie. I watched this becoz they both are in. And this movie is a good one,thumbs up for all:-D

Am8 It's really good and funny movie and the best scene was the last when kim soo hyun appeared on , i really laughed a lot

gaby i like LJW here, but he appeared so less, very disappointed:(

Ozmo Hey! That was fun!! Always love Na Moon-Hee, she's wonderful. Kim Soo-Hyun a surprise bonus!!

restyhyuni I like the story ^-^ And when the final scene i was laugh so hardddddd LOL Gosh you should watch this wakkakakkaka

walkers38 Most people laughed while watching this film, but I cried buckets. I just finished watching the film and am still crying. I feel so sad and weird. Especially when the song Oh Doo Ri sang at the cafe repeats again at the end... my emotions bursted out. Am I only one feeling melancholy after watching this film? I loved this film. I wanted to see how Shim Eun Kyung acts because I know she will be in Cantabille Tomorrow. I must say I am very very very impressed. Can't wait to watch the drama now!!!

siri what a fun movie really enjoyed it :D

toodark It's the best korean movie I've ever watched. Shim Eun Kyung is so amazing!! + I fell in love with Lee Jin Wook again and again.

mei I loveeeeeee this movie! 10/10! Shim eum kyung is very grande. She is so beautiful with somany facial expression. All the others cast is also superb. The ending is brilliant hahaha....i laugh so hard for the ending (aish....thank you god it is not a sad one). Oh i should write something for jinwook oppa, "oppa, you have a good job and also good lookong so why have you not married yet?" Kkkk... 진욱 오빠 너무 반짝반짝이다 ♥

emodp You gotta love the ending! this has the best ending ever!!

Excalibunny As I was watching this, I felt that the plot is rather similar to 2006's "200 Pounds Beauty". One tackle on our superficial society and another is about the aging population. Both movies are hilarious and fun to watch, but at the same time delivers an important message to the audience. Love it! :)

leyley Finally, I was able to watch this! It was such a beautiful film. Shim-Eun Kyung is such a great actress. She made me laugh and cry. I might just start shipping Shim-ssi and Lee Jin-Wook :(((

fubukito i love the casts love Eun Kyung and Lee jin Wook

daebak9 I saw this at the CGV theater in LA (only Korean movie theater in California i think) by chance when my friend and I were walking around Koreatown. It was great seeing a Korean movie in a movie theater instead of just my computer screen. I t made me laugh and it made me cry and squeal(along with 1/2 the moviegoers) when Kim Soo Hyun showed up on screen. If anyone lives in Southern California you should definitely visit CGV theater.

Titi Adha Jin-Young, Jin-Young, Jin-Young <3

Micc Hahaha! This is the funniest movie ever! The casts of course were excellent! And the cameo at the end...Wow! I fully enjoyed it! You have to watch this if you haven't yet, seriously!!!

Ziffy Ohh Doori Hepburn :) Bursting into laughing

Miss S I just came back from watching the movie, and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT. I laughed most of the time, but there were some poignant, touching scenes as well. There were themes of family, old age, and modern culture running through the film, but it was hilarious. The main female cast was brilliant - Na Moon Hee as the foul-mouthed grandma and Shim Eun Kyung as her 20 year-old self. SO GOOD. You will laugh, and you might cry too.

P.S. Shim Eun Kyung has an excellent singing voice!

2fat looking forward...love Eun Kyung so much

Chris Lee Na Moon Hee is my favourite female actress. I hope the movie features her a lot instead of the younger version of herself.

Tori @HoboBroccoli OMG I was just thinking it reminded me of '17 Again'. Especially the part where it looks like the grandson will fall for her. LMAO Try to show just a tiny bit of care for a guy and he thinks it's love. hahaha

Definitely a MUST see. (~ ~)

Emma Ooooooooooooohhhhhhh!!! This is a must-watch movie for me this year!!! Lee Jin Wook, Shim Eun Kyung and totally hilarious stories... Lee Jin Wook!!!!!!!!!! Wanna see you on the big screen soon!!!

Linda Gotta watch drama when it's released in my country. Grandmaaaaa.. Egh hyo hyo hyo hyo hyo.... And Lee Jin Wook <33333

HoboBroccoli Can't wait to watch this movie. It will be interesting watching something like "17 Again", except Korean and old/young lady version :D also wanna see more of Jinyoung's acting ^^

ieka can,t wait for jin young acting...gonna love this movie...

kai anticipating..

송 유 Looking forward to this movie/drama with Lee Jin-Wook. He makes me smile. Love the characters he portrays...Fighting !!!!! ☻

betaplus Eeeeeeeeeeeeeegh hyo hyo hyo hyo.

Nabi OMG the trailer is soo freaking funny..i cant wait to see this movie... totally looking forward to it..

Vannessa Wowwwwwwwwww!! The teaser is freaking funny, interesting!! Love all the cast especially Mr Perfect Lee Jin Wook!!!!

jhiz good lord. I cannot wait for this movie. If that teaser is anything to go by

Miranda love the teaser, super funny!!! Can't wait to see Lee Jin Wook on big screen!!!!

Tammy can't wait to watch.

Lena Oohhh!!! Seems funny!! She looks like a younger Kim Sam-soon. Can't wait!!

mnkw Looks interesting, cant wait to watch it

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